We select the Trimmer For Nose And Ears: Features And Nuances

Not only cosmetics, but also special devices help people look after their appearance. A trimmer for nose and ears is in demand among men and women, because the device allows you to remove unwanted vegetation. The principle of its operation is similar to a professional hair clipper, but there are also differences.

The trimmer is practical and easy to use. Depending on the power and model of the miniature apparatus, you can perform eyebrow correction, remove hair from the ears, nose and even in the bikini area.

What is a nose and ear trimmer and how does it work

Trimmer is a small size hair clipper on the body. The set includes attachments with which you can process various parts of the body. Due to its small dimensions, the trimmer does not take up much space, which allows you to always have it at hand.

Today, the industry produces a number of models of devices with different capacities and equipment.

We select the Trimmer For Nose And Ears: Features And Nuances

Initially, the main task of the machine was a haircut in the ears and nose, but later it was improved. Now it is possible to adjust the shape of the beard, temples, trim lines, haircuts, mustaches and eyebrows. The only minus in the work of the trimmer is the fact that after shortening the hair, the vegetation grows after 1. 2 days.

The case of the device is miniature in size and fits easily in the palm of your hand. The trimmer is made of durable plastic, has a connector for the cord and a container for the battery. Releasing and battery devices, charging which is enough for an hour of work.

The machine has one operating mode, but more advanced models can have 2 speeds. On the case there is a button on and off the device.

Release models with a removable head. Various devices are worn on it. The main nozzle has a conical shape with a pronounced bending line. It is considered universal and makes it easy to remove vegetation in the bends of the auricle and nose.

The blade is located directly on the nozzle itself. It is made of titanium, ceramic or steel. In expensive models, the blade has a silver coating.

Trimmer models are presented in a wide variety. It can sometimes be difficult to choose, since they all perform the same function, but the quality and service life are sometimes very different. You need to find out what position the device for processing the ear is in the ranking of trimmers for nose, ears. Such information will allow you to get acquainted with the characteristics of the machine and make the right choice.

First you need to determine the required power of the device. If 1 or 2 people use the trimmer exclusively for cutting vegetation in the ears and nose, then a simple model with AA type finger batteries is enough. If desired, the device can be equipped with batteries.

powerful and advanced models have several nozzles, they work from the network or on the built-in battery, they additionally cut their beards, mustaches, eyebrows and temples. The trimmer blade is protected. It is almost impossible for them to get hurt. The main thing is to follow the operating rules during operation.

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Trimmers are divided into female and male models. The difference between them is the presence of an additional nozzle. For a haircut in the bikini area, it is a special shape. The device allows you to perform work efficiently and comfortably.

A female kit can have different capacities and several types of nozzles. Girls most often use a trimmer to cut hair in the intimate area. The machine allows you to safely and safely perform hair removal from a delicate area of ​​the body. And for the correction of eyebrows or hair cutting over the lip in the set are special devices.

A male trimmer must always be equipped with a rounded tip for cutting in the ears and nose. In some models, it is removable, and in machines with one function stationary. Sharp blades are located in the nozzle, which allow painless hair removal to be performed.

If the batteries in the machine run out, he does not cope with his work and causes pain during shortening of the hair. A special nozzle is also provided for cutting a mustache and beard.

Beauty parlors and beauty salons have in their arsenal professional trimmers to provide appropriate services. They have more power, there are all the necessary nozzles and removable blades.

How to choose a trimmer for nose and ears

If the trimmer is necessary for use at home, then you should choose a high-quality and high-quality device that will allow you to independently cut hair in hard to reach places.

Cheap appliances are made from low quality raw materials. Accordingly, their operation will be short-lived. The average price range will allow you to purchase a good car.

In a quality trimmer, the blade must be replaced or removed for disinfection and cleaning. Such machines are more durable and good, which is better to take an additional blade for the machine, it is worth asking immediately when buying. Ceramic and steel are on sale. But during the operation of the trimmer, more often than not just replacing the blade, but the entire nozzle.

If unwanted vegetation interferes in the ear, you need to choose the ear tips correctly, how to choose them correctly, tactile sensations will tell. Not every person agrees to stick a long device into the nasal or ear opening. A small and round nozzle will cause less anxiety and discomfort.

It is better to give preference to a device with two operating modes. This will allow you to adjust the speed and intensity of cutting in different parts of the body, which will make the procedure softer and more comfortable.

Machines with a cord, powered by a network, will run smoothly. Battery models hold a charge for about an hour.

When purchasing a trimmer, it is important that it is convenient and consistent with its functions. The case should not slip, the button will switch smoothly, and the weight of the device should be small.

Any trimmer should not cause irritation and even more so injure the skin. If you see that the nozzles do not sit tightly, the device vibrates strongly and smells when the mechanism is heated, then it is better to refuse such a device.

Rating of trimmers 5-7 models description pros and cons

The most popular trimmer models among consumers are as follows:

When choosing devices, it is important to consider the warranty period and the availability of service centers for their repair.


Nadezhda, 45 years old, Moscow

I bought the device as a gift to my husband. I chose Philips, which I have never regretted. The husband is satisfied and regularly uses a trimmer. Most of all I was delighted with the nozzle for the design of temples and the edging of the haircut. The price is justified by the quality.

Ilya, 28 years old, Izhevsk

The machine acquired inexpensive for the nose and ears. It works in one mode, but that’s enough. The main thing is to change the batteries on time. Otherwise, the blade does not cut, but pulls out a hair, which is unpleasant.

Marina, 55 years old, Sevastopol

It is a pity that there were no such devices before. Constantly suffering from excess vegetation over the upper lip. This post helped to forget about the problem and look well-groomed constantly. I bought a Maxwell typewriter. It is equipped with nozzles and a convenient storage case, which allows you to always carry the device in your purse. The hair grows back quickly, but a special nozzle close to the skin cuts it off.

Oleg, 38 years old, Kirov

Got a trimmer as a gift. I like that it works without noise and painlessly. It is powered by batteries, so I am storing them for the future. For a quality haircut, you need to work at least 10 minutes in front of the mirror. I am satisfied with the device, but I use only 2 nozzles: for the nose and eyebrows.