What a good electric chain saw

Electric Saw Chain Brake

A very essential function capable of protecting the worker. The thing is that when cutting hard trees or other materials, when the rotating chain comes into contact with the material, there is often a sharp throwing of the tool up, towards the person who is cutting.

The presence of the function of stopping the chain, which is made in the form of a plastic shield and located near the tool handle, allows an involuntary hand movement at the time of the saw rebound.

This movement will move the safety guard forward and stop the chain momentarily. The chain stops instantly, so the possibility of injury to a person is completely excluded.

Overheat protection. This function is a relay that regulates the temperature of the device. When the maximum load is reached, the relay automatically switches off the engine, thereby preventing its overheating or ignition.

Engine heating can occur for various reasons, but the most common are situations where the chain gets stuck during operation or when the oil level in the tool reaches a critical level.

How to choose a chain saw

When choosing a saw, it is necessary to build on the technical characteristics. There are a large number of models of the presented power tool, but each of them is designed for different purposes and different amounts of work.

In addition to individual indicators, a manufacturer of high-quality electric chain saws is of great importance in choosing a saw.

The choice in favor of a well-known and time-tested manufacturer, despite the often higher price, guarantees high quality and reliability of the tool.

The most famous foreign firms producing high quality electric tools are:

  • Bosch.
  • Stihl.
  • Foresta.
  • Partner.
  • Sparky.

Cheaper, but no less reliable analogues of foreign chain saws are domestic models from manufacturers such as Zenit, Interskol and others. the saw is not the tool to save on.

By purchasing cheap counterparts from dubious manufacturers, you can get a low-quality, heavy, noisy or power tool that does not have proper protective devices.

How the saw works

The saw works as follows. After connecting the tool to the 220 V electrical network and pressing the power button, the electric motor starts.

The running motor drives the gearbox, which makes the tire rotate on which the metal chain is fixed.

Actually, with the help of a rapidly rotating chain, the sawing is carried out. Saw-mounted oil pump ensures that oil gets into the chain cutting elements.

This process lubricates the chain. This improves the efficiency of the saw and increases its service life.

How to choose a good chain saw: the nuances of choosing

The saw is indispensable in a country house. Since the manual version of this tool requires considerable effort from its owner, the advent of automatic chain saws was received with enthusiasm.

The source of energy for work can be gasoline or electricity, with the latter option being more popular among non-professionals. Therefore, the question of how to choose the right chain saw is of great importance. But first, you need to figure out what technical elements the saw consists of and what the principle of its operation is based on.

Engine power indicators

The choice of a chain saw for this indicator should be carried out based on the conditions of use of the device. To cut old branches in the garden, it will be enough to choose saws with minimum power indicators.

In the case of regular and long-term use of the tool, say for sawing thick trees, it is worth focusing on more powerful units. In the first case, it will be quite enough to choose a saw with an operating power in the range of 1.5–2 kW.

The power of the tool, which will be used often and will do a large amount of work, should be in the range from 2.5 to 4 kW. In the case of using the device in country houses or in summer cottages, experts advise buying a lower power tool or additionally purchasing a voltage stabilizer in the power grid.

The fact is that the voltage in the electrical network in suburban settlements is extremely unstable and the tool often simply does not have enough incoming voltage for normal operation.

Oregon electric chainsaw CS1500. quick overview.

In order to minimize the shortage of voltage, the current increase function is activated in the electric motor. This puts additional stress on the engine, which reduces its overall running time.

Electric chain saw design

The tool discussed in this article consists of the following elements:

  • Electrical engine.
  • Metal chain.
  • Guide rail.
  • Oil reservoir.
  • Oil pump.
  • Power cable from the 220 V network.
  • Ergonomic plastic housing.
  • Power and lock buttons.
  • Tire retainer.
  • Chain tension adjuster.
  • Overheating fuse.
  • Safety shield.
  • Lever.

Location of the electric motor

Actually, in modern saws there are two options for location, longitudinal and transverse. Cross-motor saws are great for vertical cuts.

It is convenient to use such a saw to cut felled trees or to harvest firewood. The disadvantage of this arrangement is the disturbed balance of the instrument, which causes significant discomfort when holding it in the hands for a long time.

The lateral position of the motor on the chain saw also makes it difficult to cut trees horizontally. The cuts with such a saw are not quite even. But it is worth noting that the price of saws with this engine arrangement is cheaper than models with a longitudinal electric motor.

A chain saw with a motor, which is placed along the body of the device, will help to cut the tree more comfortably. The cost of units with a longitudinal arrangement of the electric motor is higher, but by overpaying you can become the owner of a universal tool.

Thanks to the longitudinal positioning, the chain saw is perfectly balanced and comfortable to hold in your hands. With such a saw, it is efficient to cut at any angle and the process itself will be more comfortable.

Blade length. Depending on the purpose for which you use the tool, the length of the cutting part (tire) also varies.

Small tires with a length of 30 to 40 centimeters are quite suitable for working on personal plots, trimming branches and preparing firewood. If you need to cut on an industrial scale, you will need a longer bar.

Blocking function

This locking device is found in all modern chain saws. If this button is not present in some electric tool, then such a unit is a low-quality fake.

The ability to lock the saw is an extremely useful function that guarantees safety, eliminates the possibility of accidental and untimely switching on of the tool and the occurrence of accidents.

In order to quickly and efficiently cut wood, you must use a chain saw. This tool is indispensable when it comes to working with wood.

There are many models of domestic and foreign manufacturers on the market. Unlike gasoline counterparts, electric models are more unpretentious in operation, but they are also less mobile and dependent on the presence of a stable voltage.

Choosing a suitable saw model is quite difficult, but guided by the points described above and taking into account the advice of professionals, it will be much easier to make the right choice.


The most complex work is performed by professional grade equipment. For foam blocks and when cutting on aerated concrete, you can use saber saws and structures of the “alligator” type. A special saw designed to process aerated concrete must always be powerful and high-performance, otherwise it will not cope.

For cutting blocks directly on the construction site, it is advised to use battery models. But it is worth remembering that constant recharging of the battery will greatly reduce the useful operating time.

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The best reciprocating saws for processing stone materials of natural and artificial origin are equipped with victorious solders and specially hardened cutters.

If it is required to subject the tool to the highest possible load, saws are preferred, the cutting surfaces of which are made of cermet.

This cermet formulation includes hard metals such as cobalt and tungsten. The total power of the reciprocating saw ranges from 400 to 1600 W, in its design it resembles an improved hand hacksaw. The undisputed market leader is Bosch reciprocating saws, which are distinguished by their impeccable workmanship.

But the saber tool can be improved even more. We are talking about “alligators”. The grooves made in the bar are fitted with a pair of parallel blades. The cut occurs simultaneously in two opposite directions at the highest possible speed.

The alligator scheme has the following advantages:

  • maintaining an even mowing line even with excessive heating of the working part;
  • elimination of the reactive effect;
  • ability to work in confined spaces;
  • balancing a pair of canvases (they mutually damp vibration).

Small reciprocating saws can also be used for metal work. This is most likely a hybrid of a chain apparatus and a jigsaw.

Compared to the latter, the tool fits much better. But even when working on wood, saber-shaped units are quite in demand. after all, they give a very neat cut line. By changing the blades, you can adapt the tool to work on a variety of materials.


A dedicated tool lasts much longer despite increased uptime. When you have to work 3 or 4 hours a day, you can safely give preference to a home apparatus, because in this case, special wear resistance from structural materials is not required.

The main purposes of using such a tool are as follows:

  • cutting down trees;
  • sawing firewood;
  • trimming boards during the construction of a fence and other work;
  • cutting chipboard, laminate and similar tasks.

At home, electric mini-saws are often used, which help save space. Ideal if the stationary circular saw is redundant.

Such a device will be able to perform the following actions:

  • cut the tree along and across the fibers;
  • cut plywood, chipboard and so on;
  • to process soft grades of metal.

The mini-saw, along with its compact dimensions, stands out for its low weight. it does not exceed 2 kg. Low power and small blade size result in limited cutting depths. Most often, the saw blade is placed in the front. The steel grade and the geometry of the teeth of the disc are selected according to the material to be processed.

If it is very hard, hard alloys are needed, but the acceleration of work turns into a deterioration in the geometry of the cut.

It is recommended when buying a miniature sawing device to give preference to products from leading companies that have proven themselves well on the market.

If the power is 400 W, it will only be possible to cut plywood and thin strips. A fast-spinning blade denies hopes of sawing plastic.

Popular models rating

Features of the

A quality electric chain saw does an excellent job of tackling small jobs. It is impossible to use such a device in the field or simply for large trees. However, if you have to work in confined spaces or in hard-to-reach areas, the situation changes.

The inherent advantages of the saw are as follows:

  • efficiency in work;
  • the lightness of the instrument itself;
  • no environmental damage.

Since a saw with an electric motor weighs an average of 3 to 5 kg, even women and teenagers can use it. There are many models of sawing devices on the Russian market. To deal with them correctly, you need to take into account what value each parameter has.

It should be checked whether a stable power supply can be provided. Due to the specifics of the electric saw, it is necessary to abandon its use in damp places.

By reliability

  • An example of a truly reliable machine is the Husqvarna 436 Li chain saw. It operates at a constant speed, with a tire length of 35 cm. The noise level reaches 100 dB. A chain braking device is provided to protect users.
  • Similar devices include the Karcher CS 330 BP. The sound volume of such a device is 99 dB. 1 charge is enough for 108-405 minutes depending on the specific conditions. The dry weight is 3.76 kg. A 50 V battery is optional. As in the previous case, the chain brake is installed.

Device and principle of operation

The structure of an electric chain saw differs only in the type of power plant.

The main components are as follows:

  • electric motor;
  • reservoir for lubricant;
  • oil pump;
  • tire;
  • chain element with cutting parts.

The electric motor can be installed transversely or longitudinally. In the first case, the rotation from the motor shaft is broadcast directly, and in the second, a gearbox is used. Thanks to the sprocket located in the same plane with the aggregate tire, the chain can be easily tensioned.

Since the saw blades are wider than the main tires, jamming in the material is excluded. An additional advantage of such a solution is an increase in the speed of work.

Since the saw chain and bar can easily wear out, a lubrication system must be used.

Its nuances differ for individual models, but in any case, oil must be supplied to the entire saw set. To achieve this, a special pump is used that works without interruption.

The chain spreads the grease collected from the bar, and as a result both drive and guide sprockets are processed. Of course, all these components must be carefully coordinated with each other.

The electric saw can be used for both small and large jobs. The chain tool is deservedly considered a compromise between garden and construction tools.

It can be used for the following purposes:

  • sanitary pruning;
  • forming scraps;
  • preparation of furniture;
  • preparation of firewood for the winter.

the saw is more durable than the gasoline counterpart. But only with strict adherence to the basic rules of operation. Since the coupling of the armature with the gearbox is carried out according to a rigid scheme, the slightest overload can lead to damage to the motor.

Maximum attention should be paid to lubricating the saw. It is not only about the regularity of this procedure, but also about the use of first-class lubricating oils.

good, electric, chain

The subtleties of the choice and operation of electric chain saws

An electric saw is a valuable household tool. However, choosing and operating it is not easy. It is required to carefully study all the nuances.

AL-KO EKI 2200/40

The German brand AL-KO has been on the Ukrainian market for over 10 years. The service network covers 50 cities in Ukraine, and the warranty is 2 years. AL-KO products are always at the top of the ratings, because this is a deliberate premium quality with almost complete absence of defects.
EKI 2200/40 is a versatile model suitable for most sawing tasks. Tire size and motor power are the most popular.

TOP 10. Best saws of 2019

If the buyer is wondering which electric saw to choose so that it is ideally suited for power and technical parameters, then it is best to focus on the sales rating. We have selected for you the ten most popular saws today. Which saw is better is up to you. But, of course, if the saw sells well, then it is the most reliable. In addition to the indicator of the number of sales, when forming the rating, we took into account:

Iron Angel ECS 2400

A small saw from the Netherlands is the ideal tool for doing household chores in the household, cleaning the garden. It is considered the best among competitors in terms of a combination of technical characteristics and prices. Equipped with an economical 2.4 kW motor, it is compact, the level of noise and vibration is reduced. The engine is placed transversely, among the dense branches it is not very convenient, but you get excellent balance and productive work with increased efficiency. The tool is very popular due to its affordable cost and ease of use. It is comfortable to hold in your hands as it weighs only 4.6 kg. The device starts without jerking, very smoothly, it works stably. Cutting equipment. the best in the world, from the American company Oregon. The chain is tensioned without keys, lubrication occurs automatically when needed, an oil level indicator in the crankcase is installed. The length of the bus is also convenient, 40 cm. This is the most demanded size for household work. The safety of the Dutch brand is, as always, top notch. You have a brake flap close at hand, as well as a safety button to prevent accidental activation. The inertial brake will stop the system in 0.12 seconds, it works instantly when it hits a knot, protects against loss of control and the effect of kickback.

good, electric, chain
  • The branded motor has good power and a well-thought-out overheating and overload protection system;
  • The transverse positioning of the motor guarantees almost 100% power transfer to the cutting head;
  • Lightning-fast operation of the brake and safety system makes it possible to work without fear of losing control of the saw;
  • The slack chain can be tensioned or replaced quickly and easily without the use of wrenches;
  • Smooth start technology protects against jump at start, increases cutting accuracy at the very beginning of the process;
  • The tool is locked for reclosing, which is safe and eliminates the possibility of accidental start-up.
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An electric motor is always easy, simple and understandable, but a gasoline one is undoubtedly more reliable. The very design of the internal combustion engine is such that its endurance and reliability is higher in all existing parameters. It has high revs, for the manufacture of a gasoline engine, durable and wear-resistant materials are used, which allow you to work with a saw in rain, heat and cold.

Gasoline engines have more advanced cooling and overheating protection systems, there is an air filter, all kinds of fuel and oil level control sensors are built in, so its service life is greatly increased compared to an electric motor of the same power. With proper operation, an internal combustion engine works well for a dozen years, withstanding longer and more complex loads that are beyond the power of an electric motor. That is: to build a bathhouse and sawing thick logs, buy a chainsaw, and for household repair work near the house and inside it or to prepare firewood for a fireplace. an electric one.

It should be borne in mind that all the above evidence is relevant only when comparing saws from well-known brands that have proven themselves in the market for high-quality technology. Therefore, a good German electric saw is a priori more reliable than a cheap Chinese chainsaw.

What is better than a chainsaw or a saw?

The thesis that a saw is a necessary tool for every owner of a private house or summer resident no longer requires proof. A comfortable and high-quality saw is one of those tools that you should always keep close at hand. It is needed to cut branches in the garden, shape the crown of trees or bushes with a saw, it is indispensable for repair and construction work: installing a frame on the roof, erecting gazebos, verandas, not to mention preparing firewood for a stove, fireplace or even for a barbecue. Since hand saws and hacksaws have long been a thing of the past, the question remains today: Which chain saw to choose, gasoline or electric-?

The main selection criteria:

The main difference between a gasoline and an electric drive is obvious: the gasoline engine works autonomously, and the electric motor is tied to the mains, and the radius of its operation is limited by the length of the power cable. Based on this, even an inexperienced user understands that it is possible to go deeper into the forest in order to cut down a tree only with a chainsaw. An electric saw will also be a useless toy on a construction site where there is no electricity or when cleaning trees in a remote garden area. But all these are extremes, and in the case when there are no problems with electricity, and the proposed work is being carried out near the house, then why not choose a light and low-noise electric saw, which, moreover, does not smoke and does not smell like fumes?

The question of choosing a saw drive always remains relevant, therefore, in order to make the right choice, it is worth determining the range of your needs and capabilities. Try to sort out in your head the main tasks and loads that you plan to perform with the saw. What is the expected rate of use of the tool? Will it be periodic work or daily workload? Will you be able to carry out maintenance in a timely manner? Do you have enough money to constantly refuel your chainsaw with expensive gasoline? And finally. what is the price of a saw that is acceptable for you personally? After answering these questions, the choice of the tool is yours, and we propose to compare the five main parameters of gasoline and electric saws.


The performance of the saw is determined by the amount of work done in a certain period of time. The performance of a saw is mainly influenced by two factors: the power of its motor and the quality of the cutting attachment. If you are choosing a saw for your garden needs and do not plan to use it every day, then opt for low-power household chainsaws or non-professional grade saws. power up to 2 kW. For a small construction site and other summer cottage works, semi-professional units are suitable. from 2 to 3 kW.

In this case, an important nuance should be taken into account: with the same engine power declared, gasoline engines are much more efficient than electric ones. The gasoline engine has a much higher efficiency, that is, the engine power is almost completely transferred to the cutting part, but the electrical efficiency is much lower. Thus, an electric saw with a power of 2.5 kW will give the same result and effect when working as a gasoline saw with a power of up to 2 kW. In addition, electric saws are mainly equipped with motors up to 2 kW (less often up to 2.5 kW), that is, they are always positioned by the manufacturer as amateur. The lower performance of the saws is compensated by their low weight and ease of use.

But gasoline saws can have a built-in engine of very high power. even up to 6 kW, but this is already a professional type, used mainly for felling. Powerful chainsaws are mostly heavy and oversized, they are difficult to handle, so they are completely unnecessary for a summer resident and an amateur gardener.

If we compare the cutting parts of saws with different types of drives, then chainsaws often have a longer bar. It is convenient to cut thick trees or logs with a dyno tire. it can make a deeper cut, but an electric saw with a short bar runs faster and puts less stress on your hands. If there is a choice between two saws (gasoline and electric) with the same performance, then for small boards and cutting branches it is better to take a saw with a shorter tire. This will increase your cutting speed and make your job easier.


With today’s record gasoline price hike, electric and cordless saws will undoubtedly be cheaper to operate because they do not require constant filling of gasoline, oil changes and periodic maintenance or replacement of engine parts. long-term operation The savings are explained by the fact that gasoline engines have an increased service life, that is, they can work for several years without forcing you to buy a new saw.

Electric chain saw which is better

Review: Which Electric Chainsaw Is Right For You?

There are many manufacturers of chainsaws and chainsaws: domestic and foreign, luxury and budget, with a large and small assortment of products. But when choosing, you need to pay attention not to this. There are no “good” and “bad” products: the best saw is designed to do the work you need.

Some devices are capable of recklessly felling forests for days (oaks and acacias along with pines), the lot of others. humble gardening and construction work. Of course, the price of these saws will differ dramatically: professional models are several times more expensive than household ones. Here it is important for the buyer to decide on the purpose of the purchase: why does he choose an electric chain saw? For homework, an expensive, heavy, powerful unit with large teeth is completely unnecessary. At the same time, household saws are also used for felling. only discarded funds. Now we will review tools such as electric chain saws: what to look for for the buyer?

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How to choose the best chain saw for a summer residence

Modern saws have few characteristics: motor power, bar length and chain pitch. But it is they who determine the purpose of use and the class of the device. An electric chain saw may or may not be able to perform the desired functions, starting from them: it is the characteristics that you need to look at when choosing.

Engine power. fundamental parameter. It is he who determines the class of the product. household, semi-professional and professional (industrial) model.

  • From 1.5 to 2 kW. household. This motor is rather weak, it will not be able to take a strong wood, work more than an hour a day and even cope with a 50-90 cm long tire. It is not suitable for industrial purposes, but for a summer residence. just right. The saw is quite light, does not vibrate in the hands, easily starts up and is completely safe even for an inexperienced sawyer. Easily cut unnecessary knots and prepare firewood.
  • 2 to 3 kW. semi-professional. This motor allows you to use longer tires: 40-50 cm. Such products can also work with problematic tree species: large trunks of acacia, oak, ash. But, like household ones, for a short time: after an hour of work, it is worth releasing the device from operation on that day.
  • From 3 to 9 kW. industrial. They are powerful motors capable of handling the heaviest tires and thickest trunks. Working day and night: professional lumberjacks use them to fell trees.

options for choosing an electric chain saw

Tire. this is the name of the “blade” of the saw on which the chain is wound. The longer the length, the more practical the device. Each electric chain saw has its own recommended bar length range: you can only choose within this range. What are the varieties?

  • Tire 25-40 cm. Lopper: Ideal for cutting branches in the garden on overgrown trees. The garden will be neat and tidy, but thick trunks will be problematic to cut. Also suitable for minor construction work: fence repair, flooring, etc.
  • The 40-60 cm tire is the best option for most devices: does not require a powerful motor, but at the same time it is able to cope with thick tree trunks. You can fit this bar on most household, semi-professional or industrial saws.
  • Tire 60-90 cm. Tires that will cope with absolutely any task. Even a huge oak tree or a 10-meter poplar will be cut down with a powerful engine and a large chain. But only industrial products can work with such tires: a weak motor will not pull it out.

Chain step. the distance between the teeth and their size. You should not look for logic in the numbers of this parameter: you just need to remember. it determines how large the chain is. The chain is bought separately: the choice of a chain saw is practically independent of this parameter.

  • Step 0.325. Low profile chain with miniature teeth. Characterized by a very smooth, neat, precise cut: ideal for delimbing and cutting boards for renovation work.
  • Step 1 \ 4. almost identical to the previous parameter: the chain is convenient for carpentry repairs, but too weak for firewood.
  • Pitch 0.375 (3 \ 8). a chain with large teeth, which is installed on products of any class. It differs in not the most accurate cut (practically unsuitable for point cutting), but it takes large logs and tree branches without any problems. This chain is the best choice for most garden work.

So, the electric chain saw. this product is for strictly defined needs: it is not always appropriate to arrange a rating for them. Which chain saw is right for you. not suitable for a neighbor, and vice versa.

esco.ua: saws and other tools for you

saws (chain saw)

  • Don’t overpay for the battery: the model is compatible with the One series

Battery type: Li-ion

Bus length: 30cm

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 10 m / s

  • Supplied without battery and charger. you don’t overpay

Battery type: Li-ion

Bus length: 30cm

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 10 m / s

Bus length: 40cm

�� Best Corded Electric Chainsaw. Review Of 5 Strong & Lightweight Saws

Power: 2000 W

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

good, electric, chain

Chain speed: 13.6 m / s

Tire length: 40.6cm

Power: 2300 W

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 16 m / s

  • Mechanical brake. instant chain stop to protect operator

Bus length: 35.5cm

Power: 1800 W

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Tire length: 35.6cm

Power: 1900 W

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 15 m / s

  • Keyless chain tension adjustment. for quick set-up

Bus length: 40cm

Power: 2500 W

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 13 m / s

  • Brushless motor. not inferior in performance to chainsaws

Battery type: Li-ion

Tire length: 35.6cm

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 21 m / s

Battery type: Li-ion

Bus length: 35cm

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 21 m / s

  • Supplied without battery and charger. You don’t overpay

Battery type: Li-ion

Bus length: 35cm

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 21 m / s

Bus length: 45cm

Power: 2700 W

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 14.5 m / s

Bus length: 45cm

Power: 2400 W

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 14 m / s

Battery type: Li-ion

Bus length: 35cm

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 21 m / s

Bus length: 40.5cm

Power: 2000 W

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 12.1 m / s

Bus length: 35cm

Power: 2000 W

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Bus length: 40cm

Power: 2200 W

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 12 m / s

  • Inertial chain brake. reliable protection for the operator at the moment of kickback

Bus length: 40cm

Power: 1800 W

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Bus length: 36cm

Power: 1800 W

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 11.2 m / s

Bus length: 35cm

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Bus length: 40.5cm

Power: 2000 W

Chain pitch: 3/8 (0.375) inch

Chain speed: 13.5 m / s

The chain saw is an irreplaceable tool in construction, private farming, woodworking workshop. It was invented in Germany in 1925 by Stihl engineers. Combines the performance of a fast cutting chain saw with the eco-friendliness of a power tool.

Saw device and features

Chainsaws for wood look like gasoline-powered ones, but instead of an internal combustion engine, they have an electric one. For network models, power is supplied from a single-phase mains: the tool is connected to the outlet via an electrical cord. Such a saw can work for a long time. this is an excellent option for working in a workshop or harvesting firewood at home. However, the wire limits freedom of movement. Whether you need to travel with the tool around the site or carry out demolition work at a height, the cordless saw is handy. It is also irreplaceable in the field. However, its operating time is limited by the battery charge, so it will not be possible to work continuously all day.

Apart from the type of power supply, the saws differ in the location of the motor. Models with a longitudinal arrangement are distinguished by good balancing, with transverse ones. they are convenient when working in a vertical position of the tool. An important design feature of the saw is the chain brake, which is triggered when the chain is jammed and the threat of kickback. Maintenance is facilitated by the automatic chain tensioning and automatic lubrication systems of the saw head.

What are the advantages of a saw

  • Lightness and small dimensions due to the absence of a fuel tank and an internal combustion engine.
  • Absence of harmful emissions and noise makes it possible to use the tool indoors.
  • Serviceability is ensured by the fact that the saws do not need fuel, oil, replacement of spark plugs.

Saw tips

Choose the right power tool depending on the area of ​​use and the tasks ahead. Electric models for household use are equipped with motors up to 1000. 1500 W. A professional saw can be powered up to 2000. 2500 watts. For cordless tools, the analogue of power is the battery voltage: 18 V. for light loads, 36 V. for intensive.

The length of the bar determines how large the workpieces can be cut. For small boards and logs, a model with a tire up to 30. 35 cm is suitable.For large wood materials, for example, a felling, stumps, it is better to choose a tool with a saw set up to 40. 45 cm.