What are the qualities of a chainsaw for home

Which Chainsaw Should I Buy? Best Chainsaw for Homeowners, Landowners, & Firewood STIHL & HUSQVARNA

A matter of choice

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Before deciding which chainsaw to choose, you need to think about where it will be used.

  • If we are only talking about small jobs in the garden, such as trimming shrubs or sawing wood for the stove, then you can take a simple low-power saw. In this case, work is meant for a very short period. Such a saw should not be overloaded for more than half an hour per day.
  • If, in addition to small work on the site, it also implies the construction or sawing of trees, then it is better to take a semi-professional unit.
  • If long work is meant, then it is better to take a high-quality professional chainsaw. This is especially important if you plan to cut large trees. The service life of such a tool is very large, which will allow to carry out work of high complexity.

How to choose a chainsaw

A chainsaw is a necessary tool, both in everyday life and in the country. It can be useful both for sawing firewood for a fireplace, and for felling and chopping branches. However, not everyone knows how to make a choice in terms of price and quality for a house and a summer residence. Which manufacturer’s brand to choose so that it serves for a long time and reliably.

Today the range of such instruments is very wide. If earlier the choice was limited to “Druzhba” and “Taiga”, now there are products from Western manufacturers on the market.

Possible problems


  • Headset incompatibility. Often, a saw set from one manufacturer does not match the saws of another company at all. The only exception is the fact that the Sturm chain is perfect for Partner saws. But this is due to the fact that the company deliberately releases such parts. In all other cases, purchasing a tool from one company, you will have to purchase a headset from the same manufacturer.
  • Power orientation. Power is not everything in the instrument. In fact, too much power of the chainsaw can make it extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous.
  • Cutting speed. If the cutting speed of the saw has decreased, then it makes sense to pay attention to the sharpness of the chain. The quality of the tool’s work depends on it. After a working day, the chain needs to be corrected, especially when it comes to a professional tool that has been operated for 10-15 hours. Otherwise, the cutting performance will drop, and very soon it will be impossible to work normally.
  • “Kickback”. Kickback is the moment when the saw bounces sharply towards the worker. This is dangerous and can be fatal. Therefore, in order to prevent such consequences, there are two mechanisms. The first is the handle brake. The second is special shields. Guards are not available on all saws. For example, Swedish-made tools are deprived of them. Therefore, the first defense mechanism has to be dispensed with. It is very important to ensure that it is always in good working order.
  • Anti-vibration protection. When buying a saw, you need to pay attention to the fact that the most modern anti-vibration system is installed there. Because vibrations from the instrument can lead to severe joint diseases. In addition, the work of a chainsaw, in which there is not very good “anti-vibration”, is very difficult. Hands get tired quickly and work becomes overwhelming.

Chain element Saw chains are different. Therefore, you need to choose them, focusing on the complexity of the work. So, simple low-profile chains are well suited for simple work in the country or at home. They have both advantages and disadvantages. Their plus is that such chains have a smooth running and almost do not create vibration. This is because their pitch is only 0.325 inches.

On heavy duty saws, the chains have a pitch of about 0.404 inches. The performance of the tool depends on the chain pitch. Low-profile performance is low.

In order to work in tough conditions, as well as with difficult materials, you will need a chain made of extra strong materials. For example, for cutting wet or frozen wood, a regular chain, even with high performance characteristics, will not work. Here you need a headset with carbide taps.

By the way, when choosing powerful saws, you need to pay attention to the fact that their power has a very wide range. It can range from 2 to 5-6 kW. Therefore, you will have to approach the purchase based on the complexity of the proposed work.

Types of chainsaws

All chainsaws can be divided into three main categories.

  • Household. These tools are not very powerful, they are designed to work in everyday life. The instrument can operate for no more than half an hour a day. The maximum is 40 minutes of continuous work. Operated monthly no more than 30 hours. If you load it more, then it will fail very soon. The main advantage of such a saw is its lightness, compactness and convenience. A household saw is purchased in order to be able to cut some firewood into a fireplace or touch up bushes. It is not intended for serious work.
  • Semi-professional tools, somewhat more powerful than household tools. They can be used for felling trees, but they are mainly used in construction. In felling, they can be used for delimbing. They combine power and relative lightness. They can work for about 5 hours a day. Do not load them for a longer period.
  • Chainsaws for felling. These are professional instruments that can function up to 15-16 hours a day. Some examples are able to work longer. These saws are characterized by increased power. Of course, they are much heavier and more complex in design.
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There are a lot of manufacturers on the market today. The choice depends only on the wallet and the buyer’s preferences. Between price and quality, it is best to prefer the latter option.

Chainsaws “STIHL” are distinguished by numbers. So, number 36 is ideal for felling, and for household work, you can choose a tool from the 18-21 series.


One of the most famous brands on the market is Sturm. The company produces chainsaws of various capacities, which can be useful both in everyday life and when felling wood.

A simple low-power saw of foreign production will cost 5-6 thousand. The average semi-professional will cost closer to 10 thousand. Therefore, before choosing a tool for a summer residence, you will have to calculate your budget well.

The advantage of Sturm saws is that they are comfortable, safe and have good chains made of wear-resistant materials. It is a pleasure to work with such a tool.

The analogue of “Sturm” is the Swedish manufacturer “Partner”. It is cheaper, has almost the same characteristics as the competitor, but has a number of weaknesses. So, it is better to immediately replace the chainsaw chain with the “assault” one. Another weak point is the saw body. It can melt quickly if not cleaned in time. The reason for this is that the muffler is too close to the body.

Husqvarna-357xp Another good option is the Husqvarna range of chainsaw. These saws are of good quality. For felling it is better to take the felling “Husqvarna”. These saws are also numbered. Number 357 is suitable for felling. The cost of such a tool is in the range of 30-35 thousand.

For the right choice, you need to reconsider all possible options. You also need to know the problems most often faced by owners of gas powered tools.

The following videos will help you choose a good chainsaw:

Hyundai chainsaws. reliability and ease of use

The tool of the popular South Korean manufacturer is in demand all over the world. It is easy to operate, reliable, efficient and has an acceptable cost.

The EASY. START starting system and the powerful engine of the unit will allow you to easily cope with work in a garden and park or a farm, on a personal plot or when building a house. And the light weight of the chainsaw will allow its owner to work with it tirelessly for quite a long time.

Tool power and weight

When choosing a chainsaw for your home, first of all, you should pay attention to its power, on which the speed and depth of cutting will depend:

  • for work on the garden plot, there will be enough power of 1.5-2 kW;
  • if heavy loads on the tool are expected, then it is better to choose a model with a power of 2-6 kW.

When choosing a saw, you should pay attention to the ratio of power and weight. This is very important for the comfortable and high-quality work of the tool.

Husqvarna. chainsaws from a Swedish manufacturer

A professional tool from a well-known manufacturer always tops the rating of the best chainsaws. The equipment produced under this brand has an economical engine and is adapted for operation in Russian conditions.

The models are manufactured using the latest technology, which significantly reduces exhaust emissions and saves up to 20% fuel. The powerful engine of the Husqvarna chainsaw is equipped with an air cleaning system that does not require maintenance for a long time.

Partner chainsaw. the perfect companion in the garden

This rating of worthy chainsaw models will help potential owners make the right choice of tool. Indeed, there is often a huge range of chainsaws on the market, which confuses buyers.

Popular STIHL chainsaws

The equipment produced by German manufacturers is suitable for work both on the site and at small logging sites. The tool is considered a model of reliability and occupies one of the first places in the rating. The lightweight and optimally balanced chainsaws are equipped with 14-16 “tires. With their help, you can cope with any work in the garden. Maximum comfort when using the tool is provided by a well-thought-out control system with only one lever.

Household chainsaws Oleo. Mac

Due to the reasonable price and excellent characteristics, the tool from the Italian manufacturer occupies high places in the rating. Manufactured for more than forty years, the equipment is small in size and light in weight. It is very convenient to use as a lopper. When developing models of this company, technologies were used that are used to produce tools of a higher class.

Makita chainsaws. optimal price-performance ratio

The equipment of this manufacturer has proven itself in many areas of activity, therefore it always has a high rating. The units equipped with an inertial brake have reduced vibration and are able to operate for a long time. A special electronic ignition system and a fuel pump of the latest modification allow you to start the engine of the tool even after a long idle period in the cold season.

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Saw motor and chain

All chainsaws are equipped with a two-stroke carburetor engine with two tanks. One tank for fuel has a volume of 0.3-1 liter, the other for oil. half as much. Due to this ratio, gasoline and oil in the engine runs out at the same time.

For tools from foreign manufacturers, high quality gasoline and branded oils are required. Domestic chainsaws can operate on ordinary motorcycle oil and seventy-sixth gasoline.

The chain pitch determines the distance between the saw teeth, so they pay special attention to it when buying.

  • Home models have a minimum pitch of 0.325 inches.
  • powerful saws are equipped with 0.404 inch chains. They are distinguished by their great performance, but at the same time, they also have great vibration. They are used for bucking and felling trees.
  • Only powerful devices with high torque can be equipped with wider pitch chains.

Saw headset. tire

The saw chain and bar affect a number of chainsaw capabilities. The length of the bar determines the depth of cut, but its use requires a powerful motor that can withstand the increased load and ensure sufficient cutting speed.

Short tires are good for applications where fast speed is required. Narrow and relatively thin are used on amateur models. These designs are distinguished by safety during operation, since during operation of the devices, reverse shock is excluded.

Size recommendations are indicated by the equipment manufacturer in the accompanying documentation. The use of suitable tires improves the durability of the tool.

Fuel tank and lube volume

The duration of the autonomous operation of a chainsaw depends on both its fuel consumption and the size of the fuel tank. So with a 0.5 liter tank and a power of 2000-3000 W, the average operating time on one full tank is 40-50 minutes. For economical models, this time may increase. The capacity of the oil tank should be approximately half the capacity of the fuel tank. In this case, the lubrication will run out simultaneously with gasoline.

We present the best models of chainsaws this year for different tasks and budgets, and also tell you what to look for when choosing a chainsaw.

Analysis of key characteristics when choosing a model for different tasks.

Overview of 16 models with a short description.

TOP-8 chainsaws for home and garden:

  • Husqvarna 135 16. Efficient, powerful, easy to operate.
  • STIHL MS 260. Versatile chainsaw with great functionality.
  • Echo CS-4200ES-15. High build quality, relatively low noise.
  • Huter BS-45. A versatile tool for daily work.
  • Makita EA3202S-40. Versatile, easy start.
  • Bison PBC-490 45dp. Good starting system, convenient operation.
  • Echo CS-260TES-10. The ideal saw for gardening.
  • Champion 241-16. Unique feature. heated air intakes.

TOP 5 professional chainsaws:

  • Husqvarna 365 SP 18. Specially developed based on advice from forestry experts.
  • Oleo-Mac GS 720-20. Advanced, lightweight design.
  • STIHL MS 361-16. Reliable design, easy-to-use saw.
  • Makita EA5000P-38. Good vibration damping system, excellent quality.
  • Husqvarna 450e. Thoughtful design, the saw is reliable in operation.

TOP 3 Chinese chainsaws:

  • Champion 125T-10. Small, easy to operate.
  • ALPINA A 4500. Reliable, with good ergonomics.
  • PATRIOT PT 385. Lightweight but powerful chainsaw.

Choosing the right Chainsaw for the job


A durable, robust chainsaw that can handle heavy loads well. Equipped with an easy start system, has excellent ergonomics. the device is comfortable to hold, and vibration protection reduces the load on the hands during operation.

There is a lubrication system that, without human intervention, through the operation of special pumps, supplies oil to the tire. The design provides the ability to adjust the intensity of lubrication.

Safety is ensured by such systems as a chain stopper, which instantly stops the drive sprocket in the event of a safety guard shifting, and an automatic throttle block. The set with the device is supplied with a protective cover, put on the bar, and a saw chain.

Husqvarna 365 SP 18

The saw could top any rating for quality and reliability. It has improved performance characteristics that allow it to be used in the most difficult conditions. Great for sawing large logs, felling, delimbing and other similar jobs. This model has been designed specifically for forestry applications.

The Swedish company involved leading forestry experts in the development of the saw and took into account all the wishes of the professionals. So the device works perfectly both on AI-95 and AI-92, instantly starts up, has high power and good reliability indicators. Includes a grease gun, winter kit.

Makita EA3203S-40

Another model of a chainsaw from a well-known brand that is suitable for performing a wide Spectra work in the garden and on a personal plot.

The chainsaw cannot be classified as a professional class, since its power is not enough for cutting thick logs or felling large trees. The device operates at only one speed, but this is enough for most user tasks.

A distinctive feature of the model is the increased volume of the fuel tank. It holds up to 400 ml of gasoline, and this amount of fuel is enough for several days of work.

Along with the tool itself, the owner receives a detailed instruction manual, a bar, a chain, a key for disassembling the saw and a convenient case for storing the tool.

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  • weight 4.1 kg;
  • bus length 40 cm;
  • power 1350 W.
  • very easy and quick start;
  • chain tensioning can be done without a key;
  • reliable proven manufacturer;
  • high-quality body assembly;
  • virtually no vibration.
  • many users complain about the increased noise of the chainsaw;
  • no spare chain included.


This model, too, cannot be called a budget model, but a trusted manufacturer is engaged in its production, which guarantees the excellent quality of its devices.

In addition, the tool is characterized by increased productivity, and with its help you can easily cut firewood, prune or cut old garden trees. Since the tool is powered by gasoline, the manufacturer has provided the device with a spacious 460 ml fuel tank.

It is sealed, so it does not leak even after long-term use.

To ensure that the owner is confident in his safety, the manufacturer has provided the device with a chain brake.

This design feature allows the engine to stop instantly. The chainsaw itself starts up very easily and quickly, even in the dark.


  • weight 4.8 kg;
  • power 2600 W;
  • bus length 50 cm.
  • high performance;
  • very easy to start;
  • sealed fuel tank;
  • simple and straightforward user manual;
  • performance independent of ambient temperature.
  • high price;
  • makes a lot of noise during operation.

Makita EA3202S-40

This chainsaw of a well-known Japanese manufacturer belongs to the mid-price category, but at the same time it allows you to perform a wide range of works in the garden and on the personal plot.

The increased cost is due to the fact that the Makita brand is very careful to monitor the quality of its tools and guarantees long-term operation. The device is equipped with the unique SafetyMatic system, which provides an instant engine stop.

Also, the manufacturer has equipped the tool with a unique Easy-Start system, which allows you to quickly and easily start the chainsaw.

Also, the device provides a unique vibration damping system, which significantly reduces discomfort during operation.


  • weight 4.1 kg;
  • power 1350 W;
  • bus length 40 cm.
  • reliable proven manufacturer;
  • very high quality and neat assembly;
  • ergonomically shaped handle is comfortable to hold;
  • suitable power for household use;
  • quick and easy to start.
  • sometimes oil drips;
  • not very convenient location of the switch: it is easy to touch it during operation.

TOP-4 of the best inexpensive chainsaws up to 5000 rubles

If you plan to use the chainsaw only a few times a year, there is no point in buying an expensive semi-professional and professional model. A budget household device will suffice,


The Kruger chainsaw is equipped with a 4.5 hp gasoline engine. and a volume of 52 cm3, which does not need frequent refueling.

The tire has a protective plastic cover that guarantees the safety of the operator and prevents tool breakage. The engine is equipped with a soft start option. It runs on a mixture of AI-92 gasoline and oil.

The fuel is mixed in the proportions indicated in the instructions. Despite the fact that the tool is produced by a German brand, for our country it comes with instructions in Russian.

There is also a 1 year warranty.

The Kruger chainsaw is equipped with a chain brake that stops the chain instantly if it gets stuck or hits a nail.

The tool also has a chain tension adjuster. The chain is automatically lubricated, which significantly reduces saw maintenance time.

To exclude premature failure of the gasoline saw, the manufacturer equipped it with thermal protection of the ignition system.


  • weight 6 kg;
  • chain pitch 3/8 inch;
  • bus length 45 cm.
  • the chain can be tightened without the use of a wrench;
  • there is thermal protection of the ignition system;
  • there is a soft start option;
  • high power;
  • anti-vibration protection.
  • slightly noisy due to increased power.

TOP-21 best chainsaws: rating of 2020-2021 by price / quality and which reliable model to choose for home

A high-quality chainsaw can significantly facilitate gardening and become a reliable household assistant.

But how do you choose a good model? First of all, you should decide on the class of the tool. household, professional or semi-professional.

Not only the performance of the device depends on this, but also its capabilities in general.

This rating in terms of price / quality ratio will help you choose the right chainsaw. It describes the best models of chainsaws from different manufacturers according to the 2021 version.

STIHL MS 180-14

Despite the fact that the power of this saw is not very high and is only 1500 W, it is equipped with a powerful motor that ensures long-term continuous operation of the device.

This allows the owner to perform a wide variety of tasks with a single tool.

Using this chainsaw, the user will be able to cut firewood, build a simple building on the site, and cut down an old tree.

The body of the device is made of durable quality materials, and the handle has an ergonomic shape that makes it easy to use.

For safe use, a chain brake is provided in the tool, which allows you to instantly stop the device.


  • weight 3.9 kg;
  • power 1500 W;
  • bus length 40 cm.
  • excellent quality materials and workmanship;
  • high productivity of work;
  • the chain and the bar are easy to remove and replace;
  • starts up quickly and easily;
  • acceptable cost.
  • fuel runs out quickly;
  • does not start very quickly on a cold.