What Batteries Are Needed For A Screwdriver

Gas equipment is used to heat tap water in private and multi-apartment residential buildings. An automatic unit equipped with an individual power supply is used to ignite the burner. Replacing a geyser battery is one of the simple operations an owner does on his own.

Battery operated column

The alkaline battery or accumulator used in gas columns is designed to perform the following functions:

  • ensuring the formation of a stable spark for ignition of the burner;
  • support for the operation of the liquid crystal information display.
What Batteries Are Needed For A Screwdriver

Option for geyser batteries.

The user opens the faucet on the mixer, which is responsible for the supply of hot water. Fluid flows through the gearbox, acting on the elastic membrane. A metal or plastic rod is connected to the element, which opens the gas supply channel and simultaneously activates the ignition unit.

The electronic unit generates a spark that ignites the gas burner, the intensity of the fuel supply depends on the volume of water passing through.

The display (on parts of the product) shows the temperature of the liquid supplied to the mixer.

How long are the batteries and reasons for the frequent change

The life of a chemical power source depends on how often the column is turned on and the correct adjustment of equipment. Subject to regulatory conditions, the battery life reaches 6-8 months. Premature failure of elements is associated with problems during the operation of an electronic unit generating a spark.

An additional reason for the premature discharge of the power source is the poor quality of the device (typical for batteries manufactured by small or little-known Chinese manufacturers).

Signs of a decrease in voltage at the contacts of the current source:

  • drop in spark power; when the valve is opened, the burner does not ignite;
  • dimming or turning off the information display.

The increase in humidity in the room in which the heater is located adversely affects the battery life. If the control valves become clogged or the sensors break, a second spark is applied, which leads to the discharge of the power source. The ingress of water vapor on the contact pads leads to the formation of conductive paths causing a short circuit and accelerated battery degradation.

What batteries are needed for a gas water heater

In gas columns, several varieties of chemical current sources are used:

  1. Standard alkaline battery size LR20D. The product is one of the irreversible type of power sources, after reducing the voltage the element must be disposed of. When buying a product, you must pay attention to the manufacturer and the date of manufacture, since the shelf life does not exceed 4-5 years. The average life of a power source is 6 months.
  2. HR20D nickel-metal hydride battery, reusable after recharging. The cell is characterized by a voltage increased to 3.7 V (for alkaline batteries, the voltage is 1.5 V) and an increased capacity.
    The device is charged after 3-4 months of use, the service life reaches 5-6 years. For charging, a special unit is used, which is installed in a household AC network. The device is purchased separately, there are kits consisting of a charging unit and 2-4 batteries.

Another option for geyser batteries.

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If batteries were used in the construction of the geyser, then installing the battery without modifying the circuit will damage the electronic unit.

The problem is associated with increased voltage, the installation of a nickel-metal hydride battery is possible instead of two batteries that were connected in series.

If 1 battery was used in the design or the operating voltage of the ignition unit is 1.5 V, it is necessary to use nickel-cadmium batteries having an output voltage within 1.2 V.

There are special 1.5 V lithium-polymer batteries. Power supplies have an increased capacity, but a special adapter is required to restore it. If the charging conditions are violated, the case of the device overheats, which leads to a fire or explosion. The chemicals used in the battery provide a low self-discharge rate, which increases the operating time of the gas column without recharging the power source.

How to replace the battery

In flow heating equipment, the direct current source is located in a separate plastic housing. The casing is located on the bottom edge of the heater; to replace the battery, it is not necessary to turn off the water supply or gas. To do the job, you need a Phillips screwdriver, a plastic spatula and a piece of sandpaper (used to remove traces of oxidation from the contact plates).

Algorithm for installing new batteries in a gas heating column:

  1. Turn off the hot water supply and make sure that the gas supply is turned off.
  2. Loosen or unfasten the latch holding the compartment cover. Remove the protective cover by removing the pins from the holes.
  3. Remove empty batteries with a plastic spatula.
  4. Inspect the pads located inside the enclosure. If green plaque is detected on metal parts, the surface is cleaned with sandpaper. It is forbidden to exert any efforts during cleaning, as it is possible to deform or break parts. The resulting dust is removed with a brush or dry sponge.
  5. Install new batteries. During installation, polarity is observed, explanatory pictograms are on the cover or inside the battery niche.
  6. Close the compartment lid, tighten the fixing screws.
  7. Carry out a test run of the gas column.

There are heaters in which the unit with power supplies is located under the main metal casing.

To install new batteries, you will need to dismantle the screen, which is fastened with screws and spring clips. After removing the block cover, worn-out elements are removed. On the part of the speakers, the power sources are held by plastic clips, which are retracted to the sides with your fingers or an auxiliary tool.

Is it possible to transfer the column to the power supply

Instead of a chemical DC source, you can install a power supply. The disadvantages of this solution are the inability to light the column when the power is turned off and the gas heater is removed from warranty service. The probability of supplying an increased voltage to the power circuit (due to a breakdown of the transformer or rectifier) ​​should be taken into account, which will lead to failure of the electronic module responsible for igniting the gas burner.

For switching, a ready-made power adapter is used, designed to connect to a household network voltage of 220 V. The output voltage is selected according to the model of gas equipment, the most widely used speakers are designed for a voltage of 3 V. To ensure reliable operation, it is recommended to use an adapter that provides amperage in the external circuit at 500 mA.

The plug is cut off from the power supply, extension cords from a flexible multicore wire are soldered to the cables. Copper cables with longer life are recommended. The joints are protected by an insulating tape or a special tube that envelops the junction when heated by a flame of a gas lighter.

Batteries are removed from the standard unit, the ends of the wires are soldered to the contact plugs. The connection is carried out in polarity; a multimeter is used to determine the plus and minus.

It is allowed to disconnect the standard wires from the battery pack. The ends of the cables are output through standard or additional holes, and then connected to the output of the power supply. The transformer is connected to the AC mains, a test run of the equipment is performed.