What can be done at home. The technology of cutting a jigsaw

What can be done at home

Fiction from plywood is one of the types of amateur art. It allows you to create various artistic household artistic products. Material for

Another Christmas tree toy in the form of a tiger. Symbol of 2022. It can be cut out of plywood or any other sheet material. Can be assembled from two layers: the back substrate

Preparing for the New Year, cutting out of the plywood tiger. Symbol of 2022. precisely, not a tiger, but a small and pretty tiger. The drawing can be applied by burning, and

Army truck KrAZ. The rear balancer suspension works, the wheels are spinning, the spare wheel is removed. A voluminous cargo platform can be filled with “very necessary” things.

Another Christmas tree toy in the form of a cheerful bull of the symbol of 2021. Although it may not be Christmas. It all depends on your imagination. You can make it on a stand in the form

We continue to decorate the Christmas tree with our own hands. We cut out another symbol of 2021. a bull, but not a simple, but a cheerful and charming bull)) so that a year is so funny!

We already know that 2021. year of the bull and many want to celebrate the New Year with this symbol. The simplest option is to make a Christmas tree toy in the form of a cheerful bull. It can be cut out

Preparing for the celebration of the New Year! According to the eastern tradition, the next 2021. Year of the bull. If so, we will cut a fantasy-puzzle figure out of a plywood of an angry bull. Let’s hope,

Maybe such a console watch will come in handy. If yes. so saw, saw and hang. It will be pretty. You can do it in one layer, or you can do a few as you like.

Everything will change. the flour will be! All bad someday yes will end! And in order not to forget about it, make yourself such a table symbol of the mill. At a moment of despair, look at this

For lovers of the East, as well as the inhabitants of the East, who would like to make a small souvenir with their own hands. You can cut out of plywood such a yurt that you can still meet

Today, no master, regardless of specialization, can do without a computer. Do not be a computer and the Internet where we could find new schemes for cutting, scheme

Against the background of ecological boom and we will turn to face nature. We will cut the well. For citizens this is some kind of exotic structure, and for a huge number of population it

The fifth author’s album of Lyudmila Pelima “Artistic Drinking” was released. The album includes cutting out vases, wall shelves, caskets made with the author inherent

For fans of sawing a magnificent gift, the albums of the wonderful master Lyudmila Pelimskaya were the albums! It so happened that separate works often appeared on our pages

For lovers of crafts with their own hands, there is a scheme for cutting a lace cylindrical box. Such a box can be a gift to your mother, wife or daughter. The bride is unlikely,


A household electrolobian copes with the functions of an angular grinder in the cut of metal materials of a small thickness (up to 1 cm). For this, special metal files are used. Great for such purposes, a jigsaw with a built.in vacuum cleaner, but you can do without it. A feature of the cut of metal objects is becoming at low speeds. To facilitate the process, the spray site must be lubricated (mixed water and machine oil will be enough). In the process, you should change the files and regularly make pauses.

The nuances of work

When using the tool, you should remember important rules.

  • Select files and speed mode in accordance with the sawing material;
  • Use high.quality consumables, check the severity of the jelows of the files, replace them in time;
  • When working with thin materials, the substrates should be used, for example, a plywood sheet;
  • During a pause, the tool must be disconnected from the mains;
  • Use gloves and facial protection;
  • Do not use an electrician for sawing glass materials.

Thus, a household electrolobian is an indispensable tool for repair work that can perform many functions and tasks and saving efforts and time. With the right choice of consumables and compliance with the process technology, an electrician will help to cope with different repair tasks.

What is it needed for?

It is widely used in everyday life, construction, art, for example, for artistic carving. It is simple and easy to use, even a schoolboy can cope with it.

Its difference from ordinary saws is obviously. Saws make black cuts of a straight shape, and the jigsaws. a figure clipping. With the help of its constructive element, almost any complex cuts can be made, as well as direct accurate. The mechanism of its action is designed to cut the surface of any complexity. The convenient shape of the canvas provides a duoden, starting with the end, with a gradual deepening into the material.

A jigsaw is necessary for working on wood, stone, indispensable for laminate. It is used for incisions on a curve in drywall, faner, sheets of wood-brown stove and similar materials.

The jigsaw is convenient in the manufacture of miniatures. blanks, and due to the maneuverable passage of the tool, you can easily cut rounded elements in the product. With its help, carved furniture and decorative interior details are made, as well as all kinds of crafts. It is indispensable in construction and repair work. Each workshop has its own set of “running” tools, which necessarily includes a jigsaw.

Device and characteristics

Litzers are divided into classes of manual and electrical tools:

  • Hand lobby is used for accurate work to cut out small elements requiring special skills;
  • Electrics are used to create curly and straight sections, holes and openings.

A hand tool consists of several structural elements.

  • A metal frame made of durable steel, a feature of which is a working lumen between the cutting canvas and the surface of the frame itself. Therefore, she easily envelops the processed materials without resting and without touching them.
  • Working canvas consisting of a gear cutting element. It is attached and fixed on the frame. The canvas is quite fragile, has slight strength, in addition, it is quite difficult for them to saw in the middle of the product. But for cutting the edges there is no better tool than a jigsaw.
  • Handle elements designed to stop and hold the tool when working. They come in several types: wooden, plastic, rubber or metal.

An ordinary electrician consists of:

  • from the case with the handle and the key key, where the electric elements are located;
  • rod;
  • cutting saw;
  • engine and gearbox;
  • planar guide located at the bottom of the case.

Additionally, an electric jigsaw can be equipped with all kinds of add.ons: backlight, light pointer, a shift switch of the pendulum, as well as a multifunctional mechanism for adjusting the direction.

The basic principle of its operation is the quick and accurate operation of the seated cutter, which is fixed in a rod moving from the engine through the gearbox. The process is carried out strictly perpendicular to the working surface.

The dimensions and weight of the jigsaw can be very diverse, on average with a mass of 290 grams they have a canvas length 130 mm and a processing depth of 300 mm. Professional models are more overall: with a weight of 450 grams, the length of their canvas is 300 mm, cut deep. up to 400 mm.

Electric models weigh from one and a half kilograms and above. Some stationary tools have a weight of up to five kilograms.

Rating of the best models

Electrics are assistants when performing all kinds of construction and repair work. Small weight and compactness of the unit allow it to make labor productivity higher. A review of models of such tools indicates their diversity in the price category: there are inexpensive budget options, as well as professional at a high price. Popular manufacturing companies offer a wide range of goods that are different in reliability, characteristics, functionality.

Here are the top 10 best electrician.

  • Bosch GST 65B is characterized by a low vibration degree, reliability in the fasteners of the soles, it is quite compact and weighs little. This device is a worthy option for performing work processes in everyday life, in the country. When using a jigsaw, there is no fatigue of the hands, which is determined by a successful design and an ergonomic basis. Thanks to blowing, the user can monitor the correctness of the cutting line. Bosch GST 65B is favorably used in work with wood, plywood and metal material, which is why this electrician is universal.
  • Bosch Pst 10.8 LI stands out against the background of other models working using the battery. The tool weighs a little, characterized by smoothness when accelerating the engine, as well as an adjustable sole. Additional functions of this electrolobian include the presence of LED backlight. This model is capable of functioning in the dark due to the battery.
  • Makita 4329 stands out among other options with insignificant vibration. It is characterized by three modes of a pendulum pass, has a rubberized handle. Of the minuses, users distinguish only the duration in replacing the canvas.
  • AEG BST 18X ​​- a battery.type jigsaw, which is characterized by extensive functionality. As well as the model is equipped with a front protection screen, an electronic brake, a cast sole made of aluminum. With all its advantages, the tool has a low cost. The inconvenience can cause the severity of the electrician, so the additional use of the table during operation will be appropriate.
  • Dewalt DW 349 is considered a rather powerful device, it has a pen that promotes simple regulation of the platform. The speed of the electroolobesis easily switches. As well as the features of the device, the presence of LED backlight and the possibility of blowing sawdust can be called.

When buying this product, users receive a special overlap for protection in the kit, it prevents the formation of scratches on materials.

  • Dewalt 331k. This tool is characterized by special reliability, the presence of engines with a closed type. There are a huge number of settings in the electrician, and there is also the possibility of regulating the inclination of paintings. The soles are equipped with soft overlays.
  • Ryobi CJS 180L is a jigsaw that has extensive capabilities and low power. The unit weighs a little, has a laser type pointer and a fence for protection. Buying batteries and charging devices is carried out separately. Ryobi CJS 180L is often used as a desktop device.
  • Interskol MP-100E-one of the domestic models of electrician. Its main advantage is low price. The tool can easily withstands significant loads thanks to a special case on the gearbox. The device cover is hinged, so the jigsaw can be easily cleaned.
  • Bosch GST 14.4 V-Li Professional-one of the best representatives of the jigsaws with batteries. The design of this model allows the replacement of the sawmill with the help of one movement. The tool is equipped with a backlight, the function of blowing sawdust. This jigsaw is able to work for a long time without charging.
  • Makita JV100DWE is characterized by compactness and the ability to adjust the pendulum course. This jigsaw has a domestic purpose, so it is used for home needs. The tool is not too powerful, but quite effective.


In order for the use of electrolobsics to be as comfortable as possible, you can use various additional devices. Work using interchangeable plates, extension cord, desktop, guide tires becomes easier and faster.

Many models of electrolobsics are included with interchangeable plates, the main purpose of which is to improve the sliding of saw parts over the bodies of the workpieces. The purchase of a high.quality extension cord is possible in many stores and at an affordable price. Difficulties can occur when selecting a desktop. This item is able to facilitate the processing of small blanks, as well as increase the quality of sawing large details.

A table for an electrician can be mounted with your own hand. First you need to prepare a countertop using a sheet of a wood.fiber plate 0.8 cm thick. The optimal dimensions are 35 by 35 or 40 by 40 centimeters. After preparing the countertop in its center, it is worth making a hole with a diameter that would not interfere with the passage of a thick saw with long teeth. The optimal opening width is 20 by 25 centimeters.

It is these dimensions that contribute to the normal movement of the file.

Electrician is fixed to the table using slats. The latter, in turn, should cover part of the sole from three sides. Rheck fastening should contribute to the longitudinal movement of the sole. The legs of the table are made of multilayer plywood. At the bottom of the table, it is worth equipping a connection for which it is also worth using a plywood sheet.

The next step will be the installation and fixing of the tool. Under the handle of the jigsaw it is worth installing a small gasket, the best material for which will be plastic. Thanks to this gasket, fasteners will improve, and the function of the spacer will also be performed. The spacer performs the function of reducing the load on the fasteners, reduces the vibration level.

The guide tire for electrician is an ideal device that is necessary in order to carry out corner cuts on the edges. This addition promotes neat and even sections. The part, which is processed by a jigsaw with a guide tire, is protected from damage due to rubber pads. The device is easily installed and fixed.

Miracle Lobzik for artistic sawing

The electric jigsaw is used by home masters to create beautiful products from plywood and wood. Such crafts are used for a variety of purposes. They can be decorative or serve as household items. Each home master who is interested in this occupation should know the features of working with the tool.

How to use the “miracle-lobium”, and what can be cut out with it, you should find out more.

Subtleties of working with a jigsaw

The jigsaw is a universal device that is used to cut curly products from various materials. Everything that is required is to choose the right canvas. It is important to understand, and how to cut out figures of complex shapes.

Many novice masters need to figure out how bezes are made in boards and various constituent elements of crafts. Electric jigsaws work best when cutting coniferous woods.

However, the thickness of the elements from which the cutting is performed should not exceed 3.8 cm.

The canvases that will be inserted into the jigsaw, quite often bend and leave the mowed edges. A straight cut is usually obtained when using a well.sharpened blade. At the same time, you should not press too much on the tool during operation.

First you should start the saw at the largest speed, and then select the angle of inclination of the blade. This will allow you to get a smaller number of chips. In materials with increased fragility, it is necessary to drill holes. This will allow you to saw off the workpiece without unnecessary risk. As a result, chips of the part are not formed.

So that the cutting is performed quickly, gross blades should be used. However, it should be borne in mind that when choosing such consumable elements, it will subsequently be harder to go through. The blades for electric jigsaws are made so that the cut is performed during the course of the canvas up.

The right choice of blades

The choice of blades for an electric jigsaw is the main point in cutting wood and plywood. Often a jigsaw lies idle in the household of a home master. However, when it is necessary to perform a complex pattern, this tool is necessary than ever.

Quite often, an electric jigsaw is used as a tool for cutting the hole in the countertop or when installing a kitchen washing. Such a tool is used for metal cutting.

When using other saws, it is often impossible to complete the tasks. Lobzik is a universal device. Both a beginner and an experienced home master can work with him.

As a result, you can get excellent results using different materials. plastic, wood, plywood.

How to work with a tool

The jigsaw is used for many tasks. Its main function is the cutting of curves in wooden products. Getting smooth bends when using this tool is quite simple.

The base of the tool should be kept exactly on the workpiece. When the preparation is completed, you can start the main job.

Then the engine is turned on and the device is slowly move along the line marked in advance, at a distance of 2 mm from it. Thin grinding is performed later.

The saw should be moved at such a pace that the blade easily cuts the material without any deviations. The jigsaw works great with the transverse cut of the boards. The emphasis must be used if you need to get the perfect incision. Mowed cuts using a jigsaw to perform quite simple. Before work, it is necessary to tightly fix the workpiece.

If an inclined or vertical cut is performed, the distance between the blade and the emphasis is set as on the circular table.

If necessary, perform accurate and long rector to work with a jigsaw with difficulty. In this case, the circular saw is first used first. The final cutting of the element is carried out by the jigsaw.

It must be tightly pressed to the inside of the marked line.

Where to start

At first, the workplace is organized correctly. This condition is especially important for high.quality cutting. If the space is equipped correctly, it will be comfortable and comfortable. This condition is necessary to create a quality product.

Persistent design is a special machine. The people call it “Lastochkin tail”. Such a table is made of a rectangular board. It has a wedge.shaped incision that goes into the work area. Lastochkin tail is attached to the edge of the table.

Work by an electric jigsaw is carried out standing or sitting. The workpiece should be located at a distance from the eyes of 40 cm. It is necessary that the lighting lamp is installed in front of the master. It is placed at an angle to the surface.

Preparation of the tool

Drinking canvas in the jigsaw must be fixed in a strictly vertical position. Teeth should look down. Before work, it is necessary to pull the canvas well. The degree of tension must be adjusted by compressing the frame. The device must be rested on the edge of the table. Then the lambs should be tightened with pliers. When straightening the frame, the canvas will stretch.

To cut out a small part of a small size, or figures with sharp contours, you need to choose small files. At the same time, it is required to use canvases with a large number of patterns per inch.

When using them, the jigsaw does not jerk when performing turns. Saw a neat and thin. If large.sized plywood products are made, it is required to use canvases with large teeth.

How to cut a jigsaw

To obtain a neat saw, you must fulfill a number of conditions:

  • A hand that holds a jigsaw should only move vertically.
  • All movements must be done as smoothly as possible, without jerks. In addition, they must be performed with maximum amplitude. This is necessary to engage the entire canvas.
  • The second hand in the process of work, the smooth blank rotates.
  • Do not press too much with a file on the workpiece. The lateral pressure on the blade is unacceptable.
  • Artistic sawing is carried out only when the saw moves from top to bottom. For this reason, the reverse movement must be performed without pressure.

Characterization of plywood

Plywood is an affordable and inexpensive material for making crafts. Pieces of plywood, probably there are in your pantry or garage.

It can always be bought in specialized stores.

  • For crafts that will be used in the room, it is better to use FC category plywood.
  • For work that will be on the street, they recommend buying a plywood of FSK category, moisture resistant.
  • Plywood sheets have different thicknesses, so before starting work, decide which thickness of the material is better for you to use.
  • For small products, a 3-5 mm thick material is suitable., For volumetric work, a plywood is used 10-13 mm.

For beginners, it is better to use a plywood made of softer wood: pine, fir, spruce.

Sheets of plywood plywoods of harder trees: birch, oak and cedar are used for the manufacture of work intended to cover varnish.

Work tools

To work on crafts, you need to prepare the necessary tools and materials:

How to Use a Jigsaw: The Easiest Tutorial For Newbies!. Thrift Diving

  • Jigsaw or electrician, hacksaw,
  • The carpentry glue is transparent,
  • Self.tapping screws or screws,
  • Electric screwdriver,
  • Sandpaper,
  • Grinding machine,
  • A set of files,
  • Construction vise,
  • Paint or varnish,
  • A ruler or roulette,
  • Simple pencil.

If you plan to install or suspend your product, then the construction level is useful.


To work with a jigsaw, it is worth using a number of tools that were described earlier. But there are also a large number of devices for cutting elements. At the first stage, you will most likely get by with the necessary minimum set, then you can use special tools to equip the workplace. Their choice will depend on the initial set. You will understand in the process of working what you need. To make complex elements, use different types of files. But also special attention should be paid to the countertop. All figures are cut through one principle, but the smaller the details, the more difficult their performance.

Safety precautions

When working with a jigsaw, it is worth observing safety regulations.

  • To protect yourself from fine dust and chips, use glasses, gloves, robe.
  • When working, keep the distance between the hand and the blade. Carefully and calmly produce thread.
  • Carefully read the instruments for tools, study the parameters of the lobe. Use the instrument according to the instructions, this will avoid injuries and tools of tools associated with errors of use.
  • If you are a beginner, carefully read the instructions, understand how to use.
  • Use only completely working and serviceable tools. Before each use, check the jigsaw and other equipment for damage and integrity of the insulation.
  • Do not use spoiled blades.
  • When working with an electric tool, attach the workpiece using a clamp, hold the jigsaw with two hands. If it is impossible to fix it tightly, work with an assistant, who must also observe safety precautions by putting on the protective equipment.
  • Observe fire safety when working with easily ignited substances: open fire and electric heating elements and devices cannot be located closer than 5 meters from the workplace used.
  • Provide the correct ventilation to remove dust from thread and varnish varnishes from the working space.

Wood thread using an electrician should be neat, made with special attentiveness. Your health and the beauty of the finished product depends on it. Use glasses even in a manual method, since the file can easily break, and its fragments will fly around. This is an important condition for working with sawing tools.

Why they use plywood to create a thread

Choose this material made of wood for the following reasons:

  • moisture resistant;
  • temperature drops do not have a negative effect;
  • quite low cost;
  • simplicity in learning with a jigsaw;
  • Small weight of products.

It is also necessary for crafts to choose a plywood of the 1st and 2nd varieties. The rest are not suitable for creativity: there are cracks with knots and chips on the surfaces (unless, they can be used for internal substrates). Birch plywood is most suitable for cutting (3-10 mm thick).

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At the present time, this material is divided into a fairly large number of subspecies. each for specific purposes.

  • Specialists and folk masters advise using a sheet produced using urea formaldehyde composition. Such material is marked “FC”. This kind of plywood can be bought “clean” or. covered, for example, varnish. It is most convenient to endure the drawing to cut the drawing with a jigsaw on raw plywood sheets.
  • Plywood, marked “FOF”, is intended for furniture, and more often than 12 millimeters are produced in thickness.
  • The FB brand was originally designed as boat material, therefore its cost is high (but if it is possible to use it, it is suitable for cutting a jigsaw).
  • But the “FSF” masters do not recommend purchasing. Having an attractive appearance purely externally, it has toxicity, as it is made with the participation of a composition of phenolic resins.

Crafts with a jigsaw. 85 photos and videos how to cut beautiful jewelry and crafts like a jigsaw

A jigsaw is a miracle tool with which you can just do an incredible beauty of things. Products can be made of both wood and plywood.

Crafts sawed by a jigsaw can serve as an addition and decoration of the interior and be assistants in everyday life. Every craftsman who has this tool in his arsenal needs to know the features of working with him.

Let’s talk about how to use a jigsaw and what can be done with it.

Features of work by a jigsaw

Due to its versatility, the jigsaw can be used to make curly crafts from various materials. The main thing here is the correct selection of the canvas. It is also necessary to know the technique of working with complex products.

It is worth noting that the wood of coniferous wood is best to cut. It is also important that the thickness of the material should not exceed 380 millimeters.

The canvases used in work often bend and can leave behind oblique sections. To make the cut as even as possible, it is necessary to monitor the severity of the cutting edge.

When working, you do not need to press on the tool, but only hold it in the hand and monitor the evenness of the cut.

So that the crafts of plywood lobe are of high quality, first you need to start the tool at maximum speed and choose the right angle of inclination. So the edge will have much less chips.

We recommend reading:

If the material for work is chosen too fragile, then a few holes need to be done along the cutting line. So you will drink the element without risk to break it.

If you use rough canvases in the work, then the cut will be more even, but it will take much more time to clutch the edge. The design of the jigsaw is arranged so that the cut is performed when the canvas moves upward.

How to choose blades?

The quality of crafts made by a jigsaw and the convenience of work primarily depends on the blades. Most often, any owner has this power tool and is used only when it is necessary to make an even saw or a beautiful pattern.

The jigsaw is used both for cutting wood or plywood, and plastic or metal, so the choice of blades should be paid special attention.

The device, as a rule, is sold complete with a set of canvases intended for use on different surfaces.

Preparation of the tool

The canvas is fixed in the device strictly along the vertical line and is well pulled. The teeth of the blades should look down.

To cut out a small part, select small canvases, and for larger elements, choose a blade with large teeth. So the cut will be neat and thin.

Work always begins with the drawing of the drawing for the craft of the jigsaw. When working with a manual tool, the cut is made not along the drawing line, but according to the inside of the contour. Fakes made by a manual jigsaw are more accurate.

Crafts made using a jigsaw

Let’s try to make a light craft-jacket with a jigsaw yourself:

The first thing to do is prepare a working area and tool. Next, you need to choose the right material. plywood without visible defects.

Woodcarving with a jigsaw: stages of work, master class, examples of ready-made work, photo, video

Jewelry of interiors and exterior, carved shelves and photo frames, platbands on windows, decor elements and whole paintings can be created independently. cut it using tools.

Drill on wood with a jigsaw is available to everyone. you just need to attach a little patience. Below we will tell in detail about this type of art. about the tools that will be required for work, about stages, we will analyze the mistakes of novice masters.

We touch on safety precautions, as well as step by step, consider the stages of manufacturing a cutting board.

Description of the tool

According to the principle of action, the jigsaw can be compared with a regular saw. But it is intended to make curly and through sawings, and with the help of a saw only straight black cuts are performed. The frame of the jigsaw, reminiscent of the form of a beam saw, allows you to make accurate deep cuts from the end of the material.

The special design of this tool allows the cut and from the inside of the workpiece, makes it possible to perform through cutouts.

A vigor is treated with a jigsaw. wood, non.ferrous and soft metals, plastic, ceramic tiles.

There are two types of jigsaws. manual and electric.

Manual jigsaw

A hand.lobby is a sawdust cluttered in a bent in the shape of an arc. The tool is equipped with a handle. The saw reaches 130 mm in length and is attached to the handle with teeth down. The saw element should be tightly pulled. If the canvas is stretched and fixed correctly, when working, the tool will make a thin sound. Without proper tension, the saw will quickly break.

Despite the fact that many consider it outdated, because there are modern electric ones, has a number of advantages. However, like the shortcomings. The pros and cons of the tool are given in the table:

  • Suitable for beginners and children;
  • affordable, compared with an electric jigsaw, price;
  • compactness;
  • A hand jigsaw is indispensable when it is necessary to perform intricate wooden patterns. Only with its help can you, reaching a certain moment, radically;
  • change the cut angle;
  • develops fine motor skills and perseverance.

Thus, a hand tool has only three deficiencies and a lot of advantages.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing a hand.lobby, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • The material from which the frame is made. It should be durable, better metal. With effort, the material should bend just a little bit. Ideally, it should be steel or titanium.
  • When buying, try to compress the ends of the frame. if they almost agreed, it is better to refuse the purchase.
  • Choose a flat frame. But before that, check it for elasticity, as described in the previous paragraph.
  • It is important to pay attention to the handle. it should be comfortable, made of wood.
  • Fasteners that connects the file to the frame should be comfortable and fixed without the help of pliers.

Additional tools

For ease of work with an electrician, there are additional tools and devices:

  • guide line;
  • additional nozzles;
  • universal knock. it is convenient to cut the parquet on it, cut narrow rails, an aluminum profile;
  • parallel emphasis for parallel cut;
  • compass;
  • SPEL LED lighting.

A simple human task that’s insanely hard for a robot

Stages of work

Work on sawing a wood with a woods is held according to a certain scheme, several stages are observed.


We start by examination of plywood. it should be even, without knots and Zazubrin. It should be dry, without detachments and bloating.

Then create a sketch of work. stencils are attached with tape or buttons to the surface. In the principles and ends of the lines, at key points and intersections make punctures. Complex drawings and patterns are transferred to the plywood through copying.

When transferring the picture, the direction of the fibers should be taken into account. the propers should be perpendicular to them.

Drinking a manual jigsaw

The hand.lobby is held by the handle, straight, placing the file perpendicular to the surface. When working, you should not be strongly pressed on the surface to the surface. pressure should be minimal.

Movements should be smooth, without effort. the tool is immersed down almost under its own weight. When the jigsaw moves up, sawdust is released, so you cannot bring the surface close to the face.

The basic concepts necessary to start work by a manual jigsaw.

Drinking an electrician

The work takes place according to certain rules:

  • The saw canvas is attached to the tool turned off;
  • Before work, the tool is set up. choose the frequency and amplitude of the movement of the canvas;
  • Sketches are attached at eye level. The workplace should be equipped so that the hands and back do not flow during work;
  • cut out the outline of the product;
  • The jigsaw is moved smoothly, without severe pressure and jerks;
  • For end.to.end cuts, the holes are performed with a drill and then insert the jigs of the jigsaw there;
  • For cuts at an angle, the lobby platform is shifted to the desired angle;
  • To cut the circle, turn off the pendulum move, drill a hole for a file and work with a circulo-end.

Working with an electrician is injured. For novice masters, simple work from plywood is suitable.

Mistakes of novice masters

The mistake of novice masters is non.compliance with the stages of work:

  • Often chosen an unprepared tree, with nails and knots;
  • Do not check the tool, do not have spare saws at hand;
  • poorly fix the working surface or hold the part in the hands. Without a strong fixation of the part, the exact cut cannot be performed;
  • the choice of non.suitable files. the shank should approach the jigsaw;
  • Inexperienced masters, with difficulties, put pressure on the tool, instead of changing the file;
  • The saw is performed on the intended line, and you need to cut it off. so the saw will turn out accurate;
  • do not take breaks in work and allow overheating of the tool;
  • Do not select a jigsaw in accordance with the material. for solid materials, you should choose a more powerful tool.