What Circular Saws Are Good For Home

What Circular Saws Are Good For Home

Circuit design of a circular saw.

Tool Overview and Specifications

An electric circular saw is an excellent and indispensable tool for a carpenter. It is usually used for longitudinal and transverse cutting of wood. It has a relatively light weight and is easy to carry, and this allows you to take the tool with you even to a distant work object. A circular saw is a steel blade with teeth for cutting. Saws can be divided into 3 categories: table, stationary and manual. The last option is worth paying attention to and discussing it in more detail: what is it, what is it intended for, and how to choose the right circular saw?

For an economic, business man seeking to maintain his home in perfect condition and perfect order, such a saw will become a great and faithful assistant. Without a circular saw, a house cannot be built, a roof cannot be erected, and it can be very useful in simple apartment repairs. For example, when laying a laminate or sawing panels for walls. The circular saw cuts perfectly even and accurate lines in seconds. It will help you cut not only straight lines, but also under the necessary slope. The saw consists of an electric motor, a casing for protection, a guide bar and a gearbox. The main indicators are:

Features of a circular saw.

  1. Power. Depth of cut and the force of rotation of the disk depend on power. But the more power, the heavier the tool. And this is not always easy and convenient.
  2. Speed ​​is one of the most important characteristics. It directly depends on whether the tool can cut dense material or not. Absorption of electricity is also important.
  3. Body material. Usually it is heat-resistant plastic, but there are metal models and, of course, plastic plus metal.
  4. Depth of cut. from 40 mm to 140 mm. For home use, 50-60 mm is enough.
  5. The presence or absence of autonomous power. This feature allows you to use the circular saw in places where it is not possible to connect to electricity. But the working time of the cordless saw is only 30 minutes-1 hour, and the charging time can last up to 3-4 hours. And this is not always appropriate and possible.
  6. Adjusting the tilt of the cut. Almost all modern models have this feature. But they use it extremely rarely.
  7. The presence of a soft start. Its presence will increase the life of the device. It will protect the device from unwanted and dangerous overloads and overheating. Protects the engine from power surges.
  8. Random start lock. Not always convenient, but it is a guarantee of your safety.
  9. Sawdust collection. connection to a dust extraction system or vacuum cleaners.
  10. The laser pointer will help you do the job without a long guide and with greater accuracy.
  11. Immersion function. Allows you to start cutting not only from the edge, but also from the middle of the workpiece. Which sometimes is simply necessary.

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Major modern manufacturers

Comparison of popular circular saw models.

The German company "HAMMER" offers the perfect balance of price and quality. Tentatively for beginners and home use saw helps to acquire the necessary skills.

MAKITA saws are an excellent option. All saws are of excellent quality. They have a lightweight construction. Very low noise and vibration. The work will be comfortable and convenient.

"PREMIUM" is a highly efficient circular saw. They are designed for heavy loads. Increased power and wear resistance. The characteristics are often not inferior to professional tools.

BOSCH circular saws have up to 5500 revolutions and are of good quality.

The price minimum stopped at around 3 thousand rubles.

How to choose a saw yourself?

Scheme of working with a circular saw.

Pay attention to the settings, the principle of work should be absolutely clear to you. Depth of cut for home use is enough. 60-65 mm. Devices with an electronic module are gaining popularity. This is a great solution. Such a "smart" saw will last you much longer. In the event of an overload, the motor is automatically switched off. The latest inventions are able to cope with such durable material as metal. Expensive devices will offer you a soft, smooth ride, reducing noise and vibration, high-quality cuts and maximum ease of use.

It should be remembered that they are not universal. Discs are selected for the type of work and saw. The most popular ones are from 125 mm to 350 mm. For home use, a larger diameter is not required. Disks are for wood and metal. The main thing is that such a tool should be reliable, therefore it is better to choose models in which the protective casing is made of aluminum alloy.

You should also pay attention to the tool handle. After all, the controllability of this device depends on it. Ideally, it should be rubber coated. This will prevent slipping and reduce vibration. Spherical handles are very convenient in management.

Practical tips for work

Circuit test performance of a circular saw.

Follow the recommendations for working with the saw:

  1. The workpiece must be locked in the most reliable way.
  2. There should not be any obstacles in the way of the saw.
  3. You need to lead the saw very gently and smoothly. If possible, let the instrument rest. If you make it work continuously for 2-3 hours, there is a risk that the motor will burn out (even with the best and most professional representative of circular saws).
  4. For work requiring precise execution, use a frequent tooth disc.
  5. Plastic and aluminum are cut using special discs. The speed of rotation should not exceed 4000 revolutions per minute.
  6. The saw should not work for more than half an hour. Every 30 minutes, a break is required.

What is the safety precaution?

Do not neglect to carefully study the instructions:

  1. Remember that a circular saw is one of the most traumatic tools.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to cut wood with metal inclusions (nails, screws, etc.).
  3. Saw cleaning must be done with a special brush, not with your hand.
  4. If the material intended for sawing exceeds 2 m², the use of special support frames and supports is necessary.
  5. Wear safety glasses to avoid contact with the eyes.
  6. Be carefull. Do not work with such a dangerous tool if you are tired.
  7. Carefully inspect workpieces for defects.
  8. Use only high-quality and serviceable tools. To do this, it is necessary to periodically check whether the nuts are tightened properly, if the disk is damaged, etc.
  9. Do not forget about the headphones; when working, the saw makes a loud, deafening sound.

Do not work with a malfunctioning saw:

  • the disk is not equipped with a casing;
  • missing guide ruler;
  • table blade gap wider than 15 cm;
  • there are no devices that protect against the ejection of the workpiece.

A circular saw is a very complex tool. It requires the most responsible approach, caution and accuracy in handling. Before you get such a saw, think carefully about the purpose for which you need it, what kind of load you will give it.

Based on this, choose a device that meets your individual needs and requirements.