What does an angle grinder key look like?

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These bits are thin (1 to 3.2 mm) and have a cutting edge.

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Material classification

Depending on the purpose, the material of the attachments for the angle grinder also differs. Each species has characteristics that make it most suitable for a particular job. The arsenal of grinding and polishing wheels is quite impressive.

Cutting discs for an angle grinder are also divided into several varieties, depending on the material:

  • For metalworking. steel options with alumina or electro-ore abrasive surfaces.
  • Working with a stone is carried out using a cutting element made of silicon carbide abrasive. They can be whole and divided into segments. The first option is used for dolomite, limestone, and the second for tiles and other hard surfaces.
  • Saw wheels are used for wood. They differ in the shape of the teeth. So, there are variable-beveled and straight models. The former are universal, while the latter are intended for needles and other soft wood. There are also trapezoid-shaped teeth. They are suitable for medium to high density materials.

We should also talk about diamond accessories. They are made of steel interspersed with diamond chips. The peculiarity of such wheels is increased wear resistance.

5 types of discs for angle grinder and their purpose

With an angle grinder you can cut, sharpen, grind a wide variety of materials and surfaces. But for each of them you need a suitable disc. About what circles are for an angle grinder and what they are for. in this guide. There are also instructions for replacing the nozzle and tips to help you deal with a jammed accessory.

Roughing and stripping

The working part of the circles looks like two discs fastened to each other or made in the form of a cup. The edge often looks like a brush or wire. Such circles are needed to remove rust, varnish or paint from the surface. This is a great option for performing repair work related to the body part of a car. Roughing nozzles will also help to clean off plaster, get rid of traces of concrete.


Classic wheels that are also used in grinding machines. They are not as thick as cut-off ones: their cross-section is at least 5 mm. With these attachments, you can not only sharpen tools, but also clean weld seams. They are also suitable for rough grinding of metal surfaces.

How to change a disc to an angle grinder

Angle grinder wheels are essentially consumables. Over time, they wear out, and then it is necessary to replace the worn out nozzle with a new one.

How to do it:

  • Make sure the tool is not plugged into a power source and disconnect power if necessary.
  • Lock the spindle using the lock button on the front of the body.
  • Insert key.
  • You need to hold the lock with one hand, and with the other hand, twist the nut until it gives in. After that, it can be removed.
  • Install the new nozzle and do the same in reverse order to secure it securely.

Note: the disc is always installed outward with the side on which it is written.

Change your account password and active Trade URL regularly

This is a great way to make sure no one is tracking your actions and transactions. Thus, you minimize the risks of receiving offers from fraudulent bots. You can change your password by clicking on the “Forgot password” or “Change my password” button. The first option is more convenient, as it will avoid blocking the exchange of skins for a certain period.

3 ways to protect your Steam account

To make the process of trading CS GO skins as pleasant and efficient as possible for you, we have prepared three more recommendations. Of course, no one can 100% guarantee that in the future, third parties will not resort to trying to get your Steam account data. But, as the well-known proverb says, forewarned is forearmed. Arm yourself with knowledge and you!

What Steam Web API Key Scams Usually Look Like?

A Steam Web API Key is a specific combination of letters and numbers that allows you to control your Steam account. With its help, you can easily receive information about a trade offer, which is sent by a bot of a reliable trade service to a user when he wants to sell his CS: GO skins. Divorce of users on a Steam account with web API keys looks like this in general terms:

  • Scammers use the identity of popular marketplaces, where a Steam account is listed as one of the authorization methods. Then, users are lured to a fake site with an almost identical web address, interface design, etc. and a fake login form. Sometimes, they don’t even skimp on advertising fake pages.
  • A gullible user who doesn’t recognize the trick in time and navigate to a fake web address ends up on a fake website. It is authorized on it using the Steam login and password. This is where the interception of personal data takes place. Having taken over the data to the client’s account, hackers can easily bypass the Steam Guard function and can safely monitor user actions using a web API key.
  • As soon as a compromised user initiates or receives a trade offer, the fraudulent bot will automatically cancel the trade and send its own fake offer. Fraudsters make sure that their bots have the same name and / or avatar as the trading service bots.
  • Since the fake offer cannot be distinguished from the real one (the message contains the same deal number), and the real deal has already been canceled, the user voluntarily agrees to the scam and permanently loses control over those CS: GO skins that they just tried to exchange or sell for real money.
  • If a deceived trader wants to get acquainted with the history of the received trade offers, he will be surprised to see two almost identical offers, and the original one will be counted as rejected.

Is there a way to get out of the water if you have already swallowed the bait??

Perhaps the answer will upset you, but, unfortunately, this is not possible. Time cannot be turned back. If during the sale of skins in our or any other service, you voluntarily accepted a fake offer from a fake bot, then you and only you are responsible for this. Please remember that by accepting a trade offer, you agree to the terms of use of the Steam Marketplace or other trusted services. Unfortunately, the fact that you had the carelessness to transfer data to your account to scammers is your fault. Of course, losing valuable skins can be very painful for you. But this is a valuable lesson. From now on, think twice before logging into suspicious sites.

Useful Angle Grinder Secret

Use your unique exchange link (Steam URL) only for authorization on verified trading platforms

If the website requires you to sign in with your Steam account, make sure that the authorization goes through a pop-up window or Steam widget, and not through any custom address. Steam always sends a notification when a user is about to use their account to log into a third party website.

Taking back control of our account

Above, we have demonstrated in sufficient detail what a scam script looks like using a web API key. It should be added that this method is not new. But effective enough. Therefore, if the user is not ready to adhere to the basic safety recommendations, he has nothing to do in the CS GO in-game items trading market. For those who want to learn how to independently calculate the risks of such manipulations with API keys, we have prepared some practical tips. Here they are:

Tip When you suspect that your personal data could fall into the wrong hands, immediately change your Steam account password.

Tip Follow the link: http://store.steampowered.com/twofactor/manage and unbind all devices by selecting the “Logout on all other devices” option. This is another measure that will save your account from logging into your profile without your knowledge.

Tip Get in the habit of regularly changing your Steam Web API key. To do this, go to the Steam API Key page and click Revoke My Steam Web API Key. The new key will be generated by the system automatically.

Tip Reset your current Steam Trade URL. Thus, scammers will no longer be able to send you a false trade offer.

Double check the number and other details of the trade offer before agreeing to the deal

What does an angle grinder key look like?

Almost immediately after the emergence of the Steam platform and the in-game item exchange market, user accounts began to be subjected to fraudulent attacks and hacking attempts. And this is not surprising, since virtual gold in the form of CS: GO skins is a tasty morsel for many lovers of easy money. The cost of CS GO coloring pages on the Stream market can even reach several thousand dollars. For example, for the M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web “Minimal Wear” today you have to pay about a thousand US dollars. A Karambit | Waves of the same level of wear will cost at least 620. If the contents of your CS GO inventory at a stretch reaches ten dollars, you still need to take care of its protection. Every year the tricks of the scammers become more sophisticated. You will be surprised, but even experienced traders sometimes fall for the tricks of scammers. Therefore, in this guide, we will talk about one of the most popular and advanced scam methods in 2020. It’s about a scam with web API keys.


Scam using WEB API keys is a real disaster for the sphere of circulation of virtual items from Valve Corporation games. It is difficult to detect and, as a result, get rid of it. The only thing that can really save you is your own caution and consistent observance of the privacy policy and user agreement of Steam and other services. Thanks to this guide, you can independently secure your Steam account if you had the negligence to allow scammers to steal your CS: GO skins.

How to find the OEM key from UEFI in PowerShell

If your computer or laptop was preinstalled with Windows 10 and you want to view the OEM key (which is stored in the UEFI of the motherboard), you can use a simple command that you need to run in the command line as administrator.

wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey

As a result, you will receive a preinstalled system key if it is present in the system (it may differ from the key used by the current OS, but at the same time it can be used to return the original version of Windows).

Another variant of the same command, but for Windows PowerShell

Two more programs to find your Windows 10 product key

If, for one reason or another, ShowKeyPlus is not the right option for you, you can use the following two programs:

  • NeoSmart OEMKey. shows, if there is one, the key from UEFI, that is, the OEM key of the licensed system preinstalled by the manufacturer of your computer or laptop. If there is no such key, then you will see a message as in the screenshot below. You can download the program for free from the official website https://neosmart.net/OemKey/
  • NirSoft ProduKey is a free utility that displays the keys of installed Microsoft products, including Windows 10. The program is available for download from the official website https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/product_cd_key_viewer.html
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View installed Windows 10 key using PowerShell

Where you can do without third-party programs, I prefer to do without them. Viewing your Windows 10 product key is one such task. If you find it easier to use a free program to do this, scroll down the guide below. (By the way, some key viewers send them to interested parties)

A simple PowerShell command or command line is not provided to find out the key of the currently installed system (there is such a command showing the key from UEFI, I will show below. But usually it is the key of the current system that is different from the preinstalled one). But you can use a ready-made PowerShell script that displays the necessary information (script author Jakob Bindslet).

Here’s what you need to do. First of all, run notepad and copy the code below into it.

Save the file with the extension.ps1. In order to do this in notepad, when saving, in the “File type” field, specify “All files” instead of “Text documents”. You can save, for example, under the name win10key.ps1

After that, start Windows PowerShell as Administrator. To do this, you can start typing PowerShell in the search field, then right-click on it and select the appropriate item.

In PowerShell, enter the following command: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned and confirm execution (type Y and press Enter when prompted).

The next step, enter the command: C: \ win10key.ps1 (this command specifies the path to the saved script file).

As a result of executing the command, you will see information about the key of the installed Windows 10 (in the Installed Key item) and a proposal to save it to a text file. Once you know the product key, you can return the PowerShell script execution policy to the default using the Set-ExecutionPolicy restricted command

How to find your Windows 10 product key

Immediately after the release of the new OS, everyone began to wonder how to find out the key of the installed Windows 10, although in most cases it is not required. Nevertheless, if you still need a key for certain purposes, it is relatively easy to determine it, both for the installed OS, and the product key wired into the UEFI by the manufacturer (they may differ).

This guide describes easy ways to find your Windows 10 product key using the Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell, and third-party programs. At the same time, I will mention why different programs show different data, how to separately view the OEM key in UEFI (for the OS that was originally on the computer) and the key of the currently installed system.

  • View Windows 10 Product Key in ShowKeyPlus (Installed System Key and Key from UEFI)
  • Two more programs to find your Windows 10 product key
  • How to find out the key using PowerShell
  • Using a VBS script

Note: if you upgraded to Windows 10 for free, and now want to find out the activation key for a clean installation on the same computer, you can do this, but this is not necessary (in addition, you will have the same key as other people who received the top ten by updating). When installing Windows 10 from a USB flash drive or disk, you will be asked to enter a product key, but you can skip this step by clicking in the request window “I do not have a product key” (and Microsoft says that this is the way to do it).

After installation and connection to the Internet, the system will be automatically activated, since the activation is “tied” to your computer after the update. That is, the field for entering a key in the Windows 10 setup program is present only for customers of Retail-versions of the system. Optional: For a clean install of Windows 10, you can use a product key from Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 previously installed on the same computer. Read more about such activation: Activating Windows 10. And if you wish, you can use Windows 10 without activation.

How to Find Windows 10 Product Key in ShowKeyPlus. video

View product key of installed Windows 10 and OEM key in ShowKeyPlus

There are many programs for the purposes described here, many of which I wrote about in the article How to find out the product key of Windows 8 (8.1) (suitable for Windows 10 as well), but I liked the recently found ShowKeyPlus more than others, which does not require installation and separately shows immediately two keys: the currently installed system and the OEM key in UEFI. At the same time, it informs which version of Windows the key from UEFI is suitable for. Also, using this program, you can find out the key from another folder with Windows 10 (on another hard drive, in the Windows.old folder), and at the same time check the key for validity (item Check Product Key).

All you need to do is run the program and see the displayed data:

  • Installed Key. the key of the installed system.
  • OEM Key (Original Key). the key of the preinstalled OS, if it was on the computer, i.e. key from UEFI.

Also, this data can be saved to a text file for future use or archival storage by clicking the “Save” button. By the way, the problem with the fact that sometimes different programs show different product keys for Windows just appears due to the fact that some of them watch it in the installed system, others in UEFI.

How to view the key of the installed Windows 10 using the VBS script

And one more script, no longer for PowerShell, but in VBS (Visual Basic Script) format, which displays the product key installed on a Windows 10 computer or laptop and, perhaps, is more convenient to use.

Copy the lines below to notepad.

It should look like the screenshot below.

After that, save the document with the.vbs extension (for this, in the save dialog in the File type field, select “All files”.

Go to the folder where the file was saved and run it. after execution you will see a window in which the product key and the version of Windows 10 installed will be displayed.

As I already noted, there are many programs for viewing the key. for example, in Speccy, as well as other utilities for viewing the characteristics of a computer, you can find out this information. But I am sure that the methods described here will be enough in almost any situation.

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  • Configuring the router
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  • Bootable USB stick
  • Virus treatment
  • Data recovery
  • Installing from a USB stick
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10/29/2019 at 18:31

Help me figure it out. I re-read all of the above, but still did not fully understand.
From the organization we buy computers for objects, without preinstalled Windows. Separately bought keys for Windows 10 pro.
I activate the operating system, then with the patch I look at the license key (you never know. it will be lost). it coincides with what you have in the pictures, but does not coincide with the key on the sticker. that were sold to us. What can be wrong?

I need to reinstall Windows 7 on my work computer. the license key is lost there, so I think if I can pull out this key on it or not?

11/22/2019 at 13:36

This means that the license keys you purchased are subject to digital activation. All the details are here support.microsoft.com/ru-ru/help/12440/windows-10-activate Expand items show everything and carefully read what they write in the signs for each method of purchasing Windows 10

11/08/2019 at 23:54

I have not licensed windows 8.1, is it possible to somehow find out the keys?

09.11.2019 at 13:41

If a licensed system from the manufacturer was once preinstalled, then you can look at OemKey. And if there is no OEM key, and there is only an unlicensed 8.1 on board, then in general there is nothing to watch (and the key that you can be shown for the installed OS will be unlicensed).

11/23/2019 at 18:29

For Windows 10, the current activation key is in the registry

in text form REG_SZ. It is observed that all activated Windows 10 Pro digital activation has it exactly the same as in the first picture, namely the default key for installing this edition. We can safely assume that the same will be observed for other editions, i.e., the default key for installation. If the system has not yet been activated, the value of the key that was entered during installation is also listed there. If activated by the activator, there will be a key entered by the activator. We do not have digital activations and I will not state what will happen in the registry.

09/02/2020 at 20:48

Thank you Fedor. My Windows is automatically activated with a poppy key when upgrading from version 1909 to 2004. And I did not find out which key was activated, only the last one was visible, I wanted to backup using Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.4.
All actions above gave BBBB-BBBB keys. But I found the key according to your hint in the registry and backed up the activation of Windows.

09.12.2019 at 23:43

Lost the sticker with the windows 10 home activation key. I tried all the methods you showed to find out the key and they all give out the same key that does not work. help me please.

10.12.2019 at 11:55

And on the same computer where the system was previously installed? In this case, it is generally not necessary to enter the key: when you connect to the Internet, activation should go through automatically.

06.03.2020 at 21:11

all these key reading programs give different information x-3V66T or x-HCFC6, where is the truth?

03/07/2020 at 09:09

Does ShowKeyPlus show both at once? If yes, then one is OEM, the other is the current system.

03/07/2020 at 19:39

ShowKeyPlus shows one key, another program shows another key, although there is only one, the programs just read with an error (with a shift)

03/29/2020 at 10:26 pm

Hello, they say that you have keys here, they could not give you a key for Windows 10 Home

03/30/2020 at 09:45

Do not give) But if you had a licensed system on a laptop or PC, then you can simply install the home system without a key and it will activate itself after connecting to the Internet.

09/19/2020 at 10:44

Hello, I installed Windows 10 using MediaTool, went to the update center and it says that the product key is not activated. What to do?

09/19/2020 at 10:53

Did you have a license on this computer (legal)? The version was the same (if it was home. then home, if about. then professional).

09/22/2020 at 19:12

Pavershel offered to choose a program to open the file, chose to open the same with pavershel and nothing happened.
Solved the problem by stupidly copying the code from the example into the paverschel line.

09/26/2020 at 10:44 PM

Thank you very much) Everything worked out!

11/14/2020 at 02:09

11/15/2020 at 14:40

If you have installed an OEM license for a laptop, then you generally do not need a key. Whenever you install the same (I mean Home or Pro) version of the system on the same laptop, it will activate itself after connecting to the Internet. And during installation, it will be enough to click “I do not have a product key”.

10.12.2020 at 22:18

Hello, I looked through everything, read it, but I did not understand how I learned the key I updated to Windows 10 Pro, now it is not activated, the key is necessary, it is impossible to work on some programs without activation, the key is the same for everyone in 10 Pro. Can someone will give

12/11/2020 at 16:58

Hello. How exactly did you upgrade to Windows 10 Pro?

16.12.2020 at 15:50

Thank! Received keys via ShowKeyPlus quickly and easily!

02/18/2021 at 13:29

Please tell me how to find out the installed Office 2019 key?

02/18/2021 at 15:28

This program seems to be able to do it: nirsoft produkey

Activation keys for windows 8.1 pro

Frankly speaking, windws 8, 8.1 I don’t recognize. But, nevertheless, I continue to replenish my collection of keys and activators. First of all, I do this for myself, and not for the sake of attendance and rating. What does this mean? This means that these keys are 100% working and you will no longer see “enter your windows 8.1 product key”

Fresh keys for windows 8.1 pro

All friends, congratulations. Your windows 8 is activated! If you are a unique person who is constantly unlucky and for some reason more than one license key has not approached you, there are still options for solving the problem:

In this video, the author shows how to activate windows 8.1 without a key. To be more precise, it uses an activator that can be downloaded from this link. Now your Windows is activated.))

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I use a key activator, poured it on ya.Disk.

UPD on 03.11.2017 Yandukh banned the file. I post it on my hosting just available at the link.

Attention, chrome or another browser can ban the file. thinks that it is a virus. 100% virus free.

UPD from 01/06/2018 Another activator

UPD dated 02/05/2021 The site has dropped sanctions that viruses (due to activators) =) I am deleting links to them, soryan.

Thank! God grant you health.

Thank you so much your video helped!

Thank you very much, only you helped, for a long time I could not activate, the video is super. Respect. I wish you all the best!

You are a genius. If you knew where you live, I have a whiskey. thanks a lot.

I never wrote comments, but now I want to tell you a big THANK YOU for your activation program, activated both Windows and office. But when I downloaded it, I was afraid that I would again install all sorts of things like the Amega browser or an even worse virus, but not everything is clear again THANKS

Thanks for the comment! I’ll post another activator, also fully working. A little bit later.

Thank you very much friend, good luck and good mood to you.

Thank you, the activator downloaded from the link worked, just like in the video.

God bless you! Thank you 1st podol

All perfectly.
Holiday greetings.

Well, as always, none of them came up to me, and the program is not installed.

Try to download this https://werstey.ru/windows7.rar if it doesn’t fit, I have another one. I’ll post it too, but on the weekend)

can you post another key !? Thanks

Try this activator https://werstey.ru/aktivator.zip I recently uploaded it, it is 100% working. Only 3-5 days ago I ran it at home.

launched all the activators, only the inscription appeared that the Windows was activated, and the functions were the same as those of the inactive

Very strange. He puts a task in my scheduler, and he activates it every month)

Thanks for your help! Good program! Good luck to you!

Not 1 did not fit

in the last activator writes unsupported operating systen? (((

Another activator https://werstey.ru/aktivator.zip

Thank you so much.
God bless you!

Thank you very much!

bitch none came up

I downloaded a program for myself to find out my entire AIDA64 key, like the norms, the key is shown in full (the first in your list), but I will enter it for the asset, the wrong key is written, etc.

fucking author, you have a trojan link

No, there is no trojan in the archive. Infa weaving.

Rather, you have already caught the Trojan but it did not manifest itself, but installed the extension using this source

Thank you so much bro!)) I did it!) I was also afraid to grab everything, but everything is clean).

There are no viruses, I myself archived what I use. Contact!

Thank you very much, everything went well, I could not find the key for so long, but with your help everything turned out to be simple, THANKS.

Skkzhite pzh the most recent activator?


Damn there is so much written

God grant you health))

Which one suits you ?

Use the activator that I last filled in. He is a 100% worker. You can just forget about the keys.

You see, my Windows flew off and I can’t go further than the start-up, there is a blue screen, that’s why I need a key, because besides the window where you need to enter the key, there is nothing

Very strange. I always clicked “later” and started the activator.

There is no such button, only a line, and further, but then no password is entered

Thanks a lot. Everything worked out))))

Thank you very much. The first key worked.

Thank you very much, I activated it through your last link, and everything worked out)))

Thanks buddy! Everything works! I downloaded Windu 8.1pro from the site’s office, the key came up one of the above list. Activated with the activator you gave from the last comments. There are no viruses or slag. Thanks, helped!

Thank you buddy. You are a very smart person. A real cheater and hacker)))
I think you can hack the Pentagon! I am very grateful to you. You are the coolest, there are few such people in our time.

Hey! but not a single key came up to me, judging by the program, I have the following edition: Windows 8.1 Pro Preview. since the keys fit to it, but they are all locked, the program also cannot activate.

Hello. Use an activator, it definitely works)

I used the activator, since the keys did not fit (either not correct, or not of my release). Writes that Windows is activated =)

Hmm. I am such a unique person that not a single key came up to me. over, they slipped the defective thermal paste 2 times, the new laptop heats up all the time. Does anyone know why I am so unique?

You are not the only one, only with the keys all the rules.

! And good luck to you.

Thank you, activated through the program KMSAuto Net 2014 v1.2.3 Portable RU

Firstly, the node did not ban the site. I was already lucky.
Secondly, the key came up first.
The question is, what is the divorce? ))

He’s not there)) Everything is according to Feng Shui))

Disable update after activation?
braumer, etc.

In general, after activation by the activator, you can not turn it off. Everything will work.

downloaded the original version of window 8.1 pro on the official website
entered the first serial on the list (activated not by activator)
as I understand it is better to disable, and only disable?

You know, there is one update that says for the activation check. The rest are needed, they are for safety, etc. I haven’t done this for a long time, I can’t tell you which update it is. But I would not disconnect, and would update.

OK! we will create an image in case if they are banned, I will quickly screw on a new OS at any time.
Bratetko, health to you hacker and tears of the pentagon
I would donate without flinching so there are no coins on Yandex. but karma is guaranteed

Thank you! Activated with an activator. Everything works.

It is very nice that you help people for free, but for some reason your activator https://werstey.ru/aktivator.zip did not help. Windows Defender swore at it for a long time, I had to turn it off. no problem, but the file with the activator does not work. Problem and why ?

well, I turn off the defender and antivirus, everything starts fine)

did not work for me. but when I turned off anivirus everything worked out THANKS VERY DEVELOPER !
turn off the antivirus before starting the program

HEAD. Thank you so much. And then I put one “pepper” Windows 8.1, and after 10 months kirdyk. give me the key. Search for a master. and Natu disappeared. Here I found you. While downloading. one ban after another. Well about Bosch. When opening the program on behalf of the administrator, for some reason the window “CONTROL OF USER ACCOUNTS” did not pop up about the permission to make changes on the PC from unknown publishers with a guess (YES / NO). I had to drop everything and upload it again. And the third time everything worked out. And the window never popped up (left without a vote :-). It’s a sin not to give thanks for a just cause

Thank you very much. I have a buggy Windows 8.1 which was installed by the manufacturer on the laptop. I could not roll back or restore it in any way, and then I accidentally stumbled upon your site and everything worked out, just not with the help of keys, but the activator helped.

at first I thought that there would be viruses, and I was afraid, but after I installed it, I pressed a couple of buttons, and everything was activated, thank you very much

the avp, sewn into vin8, swore, but I kept silent. I downloaded it, turned it on at my own peril and risk and activated Windows without unnecessary gestures. everything went well, at least the program from the MS website that did not want to update Windows to 10 stopped cursing about problems with activation. and started downloading the file for this very update. in general, what will be there further. time will tell, but the activator is somehow working.

God bless you, how glad I am. I wish you all the best: with the money. with family. with everything. all the best, everything works)))))

Thank you, dude, I suffered for a year

the program is running, thanks a lot

Krasava is all in color)))

fucking author thanks for the activator! you are the best

Thank you very much. Everything turned out through the activator when the defender was turned off in real time.

THANKS FOR THE KEY! Everything works.

Thanks, the key came up))))

None came up ((

Thank you, the second key has already arrived!

not one did not fit, sadness

Guys, good hour! ! ! I checked a bunch of activation keys, everything is useless What to do, tell me ? ? ? ! ! !

Dear colleague, good day. I downloaded myself Windows 8.1 PRO from the official Microsoft website! I burned it to DVD and started installing it, and after choosing the language on the OS and on the keyboard, the following window appears and asks for the key !? And then neither here nor there. I thought I would boot this OS and then activate it with an activator. She doesn’t let me go any further. Until I enter this key! Help, I will be extremely grateful.
Best regards, Boris Sergeevich
I already have a 4.re Windows 8.1 PRO DVD disc but they are all very unfortunate. Constantly buggy. So I decided to record the OS from the official site. But here’s the catch, there’s no real key!

There was a similar situation, this key GCRJD-8NW9H-F2CDX-CCM8D-9D6T9 came up and Windows 8.1 continued the installation. The image was downloaded 32-bit from the office. Microsoft website.

Method 3

Tapping with a chisel. You need to machine the spindle shaft with a regular WD 40 and wait 15 minutes to make the job easier. Then you need to put the chisel at an inclined surface into the hole of the flange and gradually unscrew the mount with tapping movements. This method also has a drawback. you can damage the hole or spoil the flange of the angle grinder.

How to change a disc to an angle grinder without a key

How to change a disc to an angle grinder without a key?

Method 1. Use a gas wrench. Grasp the nut with an adjustable pipe wrench and loosen it carefully, without applying great force. Disadvantage: you can crush the nut, break the rotation lock.

Method 2. Make a homemade wrench for an angle grinder. To do this, you need a long nail (at least 100 mm). It is necessary to cut off the head, the point and give the nail a U-shape. It should be bent in such a way that the stands of the “tool” fall into the holes of the flange. If the nut is tightened tightly, insert any metal bar between the posts of the nail and, grasping it with both hands, rotate the structure in the direction of the circle’s movement. At this time, you need to press and hold the spindle lock button. The method is safe, but it takes time and additional tools. a hacksaw, a vice, a hammer.

Method 3. Tapping with a chisel. Before changing the disc, you can treat the spindle shaft with WD-40 fluid and wait at least 15 minutes. Then put the tip of a thin chisel at an angle to the hole of the flange nut and gently tap it over the entire surface of the hole with a metal hammer. Sooner or later, thanks to gentle tapping, the nut will come off, and it will be possible to unscrew it manually. The disadvantage of this method is that you can damage the holes and spoil the flange.

Method 4. Heat the nut. If it is difficult to unscrew the nut of the angle grinder by hand, you can heat it up a little with a gas burner or autogenous machine. Unscrew the flange with gloves so as not to burn yourself. This is the most risky of the proposed methods. Can overheat bearings and oil in the gearbox of an angle grinder.

Finally, I would like to mention a few important points regarding replacing the disc with an angle grinder.

The main thing is that when changing a disc to an angle grinder, do not violate safety precautions and perform all manipulations with the tool turned off from the network.

A universal element for any builder is an angle grinder or, more simply, an angle grinder. With an angle grinder, you can cut steel, wood or work stone or concrete, as well as grind or sharpen workpieces. Each operation has its own nozzle and it is impossible to work on the material in a circle that is not intended for this. For example, surfaces cannot be sanded with a thin cut-off wheel. In order to replace the nozzle, you need a special key, but how to do it without the help of a key?

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Method 4

You can heat the nut with a gas burner. In this case, you should be able to unscrew it by hand. Be sure to use heat resistant gloves after heating the workpiece. This method is the most risky, as you can overheat the oil in the tool or damage the gearbox by heating.

Important points to remember when working with an angle grinder

We are for safety and therefore once again remind you of the simple rules when working with this tool:

  • Use only wheels of the correct size on your angle grinder. Based on the characteristics of the tool and set the wheels smaller or the same size as specified by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you risk losing your arms or other limbs.
  • The protective disc is hardened over time due to constant work. It definitely needs to be cleaned from time to time.
  • Remember, if the circle rotates clockwise, then the nut must also be unscrewed clockwise.
  • Always unplug the power tool before attempting to remove the blade from the angle grinder.!

Well, for those who know about safety techniques and already know how to work with a large number of tools, we recommend reading an article on how to make

Modern angle grinders (angle grinders) are equipped with a variety of attachments. The designers are trying to ensure in this way the successful application of their developments for grinding, cutting and polishing dissimilar materials. But the nozzles are not changed manually, but with the use of special devices.

We will talk about the features of choosing keys for an angle grinder in our article.

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Application features

The use of a wrench for an angle grinder is most often necessary when removing and replacing the disc. And such a need arises mainly due to the appearance of cracks in the disk itself. Before using the key, it is necessary to stop the operation of the equipment and disconnect it from power. Failure to comply with this rule threatens with big trouble.

After de-energizing the device, twist the lock nut with a key. Sometimes it happens that the disc is jammed to the limit, and the standard tool does not help. Then a powerful gas wrench can be used. The rest of the disc can be cut with an ordinary hacksaw for metal; the locking nut after replacing the disc element is returned to its original position.

What to do to prevent this from happening again?

Cut stones or discs are now not always of the proper quality and therefore breaking them becomes a frequent problem. Of course, the human factor of misuse is not excluded. But now if you get into a similar story. You know what to do. Until next time!

Angle grinder is a universal power tool. It can be used to cut steel profiles and wood, process concrete and stones, perform grinding and roughing work, sharpen hacksaws. And for each operation, a certain circle is provided. For example, you cannot grind surfaces with a thin angle grinder cut-off wheel. it will quickly break. How to properly place a disc on an angle grinder when grinding and breaking a wheel or switching to another type of work?

According to the instruction manual, replacing the disc with an angle grinder should be done as follows.

The angle grinder must be supplied with an open-end wrench. Cheap angle grinders often go with poor quality wrenches. It can quickly break (however, this also happens with tools from leading manufacturers). In the end, the key can simply be lost. How to properly install a disc on an angle grinder in this case, without having the right tool at hand?

Tips for choosing a wrench for an angle grinder

Modern angle grinders (angle grinders) are equipped with a variety of attachments. The designers are trying to ensure in this way the successful application of their developments for grinding, cutting and polishing dissimilar materials. But the nozzles are not changed manually, but with the use of special devices.

We will talk about the features of choosing keys for an angle grinder in our article.

Application features

The use of a wrench for an angle grinder is most often necessary when removing and replacing the disc. And such a need arises mainly due to the appearance of cracks in the disk itself. Before using the key, it is necessary to stop the operation of the equipment and de-energize it. Failure to comply with this rule threatens with big trouble.

After de-energizing the device, twist the lock nut with a key. Sometimes it happens that the disc is jammed to the limit, and the standard tool does not help. Then a powerful gas wrench can be used. The rest of the disc can be cut with an ordinary hacksaw for metal; the locking nut after replacing the disc element is returned to its original position.

How to choose?

The key used during work must provide a quick and reliable clamping of the disk, therefore the tool is made of high-strength steel, only under this condition it will work for a long time.

When choosing a key, it is recommended to pay attention to:

  • the presence of a soft start function (prevention of jerks during start-up);
  • the ability to block the brushes in case of voltage surges;
  • option for automatic spindle balancing (reduction of runout during use);
  • the ability to hold the start button, this is a very useful function for long-term operation.

Some craftsmen prefer to use a universal wrench to work with an angle grinder. This device can tighten and loosen the threaded flanges not only on an angle grinder, but also on a wall chaser, and even on a circular saw.

The main part of the key is made of tool steel. It is very good if the handle has a polymer coating. The universal device has a movable working part, the dimensions are adjusted very smoothly. Their range can vary over a fairly wide range.

And a few more recommendations for choosing.

  • It is undesirable to purchase a mechanism even with a weak backlash.
  • The diameter of the nuts (in millimeters) that can be unscrewed by the factory key is indicated after the letters “КР”.
  • Before buying, it is worth checking the tool in your hand. does it slip.

You will learn how to make a universal wrench for an angle grinder in the video below.

Important points to remember when working with an angle grinder

We are for safety and therefore once again remind you of the simple rules when working with this tool:

  • Use only wheels of the correct size on your angle grinder. Based on the characteristics of the tool and set the wheels smaller or the same size as specified by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you risk losing your arms or other limbs.
  • The protective disc is hardened over time due to constant work. It definitely needs to be cleaned from time to time.
  • Remember, if the circle rotates clockwise, then the nut must also be unscrewed clockwise.
  • Always unplug the power tool before attempting to remove the blade from the angle grinder.!

A fairly common problem for those who use an angle grinder, an angle grinder, the cutting disc has broken and the clamping nut is tightly clamped. And the most interesting thing is that sometimes it is practically impossible to unscrew the nut either with a special angle grinder, or with a gas key, or something else. And if it is possible to do this, then it takes enormous efforts and wasted time. I will show you an easy way to save your time and effort to unscrew this nut of an angle grinder without unnecessary complications.

Discs for angle grinder for metal: what are

Most often, even a small angle grinder is used to work on metal, for example, on: sheets, pipes, corners and more. A nozzle or cutting disc for metal is made of electrocorundum, the grade of which should be 13A and 15A, white corundum. 23A and 25A, black silicon carbide 53C and 55C, as well as green silicon carbide. 63C and 64 C. Each of these materials is present in such product as a cutting disc for metal. The material is bound by formaldehyde resin and a filler called pyrite.

Abrasive discs on an angle grinder are usually designed for cutting metal

To make the wheel more durable, reinforcement with a fiberglass mesh is carried out, due to which the disc rotates at a speed of 90 m / s, which sometimes exceeds the permissible speed level indicated on the angle grinder, depending on the type of equipment.

The reinforcing mesh does not fit over the entire canvas, but does not reach the upper edge a little. The thin-type attachments have one mesh, and the thick ones have two. For those who work an angle grinder as an amateur, or in other words, not too often and only at home, a circle with a diameter of 125-230 mm is sufficient. They are capable of withstanding a speed of 80 m / s and have a landing diameter of 22.2 mm.

The production of such disks is carried out by means of black and white fused alumina and in two configurations:

  • Flat;
  • Convex center.

The latter type of product is used to make a corner cut next to walls. The circle, the diameter of which exceeds 230 mm, is used mainly in industry and on special machines to cut metal and sharpen chainsaws. The seats for such canvases vary within 32-100 mm. Regardless of which disc the cut will be carried out, in particular large or small, you need to learn how to set and select it correctly. All data about the webs are present on a paper sticker located on the surface of the disc. In particular, these are: the type of material from which the circle is made; level of permissible linear speed; product thickness; the hardness and size of the seat; what type of bonding element was used in the manufacture; presence or absence of reinforcing mesh.

WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH AN angle grinder?

  • cut profiles, corners, pipes, fittings, rods, metal sheets
  • cut ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware
  • make grooves in the wall for electrical wiring
  • make punches for laying pipes
  • cut asphalt and paving slabs
  • sand wood, plastic, metal
  • clean weld seams
  • remove the scale
  • clean up the rust
  • remove the paint
  • polish a product made of wood or metal
  • use as a grinder

GAZ 24 Volga, 1987

Angle grinder wrench and other equipment selection criteria

Regardless of which disc will be used for an angle grinder, for example, a sharpening or with a Velcro, you need to select a high-quality tool before work, which by itself during work will not be able to change direction and will not cause serious injury to the upper limbs. A competent choice of equipment will allow you to use it for a long time without problems.

The wrench is designed for quick and reliable clamping of the working disc used in the construction of an angle grinder, the wrench is made of high-strength material for long-term use

In addition to the standard criteria, you need to pay attention to the presence of additional features:

  • The presence of a soft start (special button), which will eliminate jerks when starting;
  • Automatic locking of the brushes to the angle grinder if power surges occur;
  • It will not be superfluous to have an automatic balancing of the disk spindle, due to which the runout during operation is reduced (work like plastic);
  • It is imperative to have the ability to fix the start button if long-term work is required;
  • You need the ability to replace the casing without using additional devices;
  • Stator and armature protection;
  • Presence of a key to unscrew the lock nut.

Tips for choosing a wrench for an angle grinder

In this article, we will consider the parameters that should be considered when choosing an angle grinder: diameter, power, speed, additional functions. Let’s list the areas of application of this multifunctional tool. Now you will know what to buy for your purposes.

Among power tools, there are two things that a man must have in his arsenal. a drill and an angle grinder. These versatile devices allow you to solve a huge range of tasks.

The angle grinder is used for repair work in the house and in the country, it is widely used in construction, in workshops and in industries. It was invented in the 1950s in Germany, and in the 1970s it was supplied to our country from an angle grinder (hence its colloquial name). The principle of operation of an angle grinder consists in the rotation of a special disc or nozzle at high speeds, which allows cutting, grinding, polishing, cleaning products from various materials.

Depending on the nozzle disc, the tool allows you to work with various metals and alloys, natural and artificial stone, brick, concrete, cement, asphalt, ceramic tiles, slate, wood and plastic.