What electric wrench is better Metabo or Bosch

TOP 13 of the best screwdrivers Metabo 2020-2021. Overview, characteristics, pros and cons

In the modern domestic market, you can find a lot of cordless and mains screwdrivers, designed for drilling and screwing.The leading manufacturer of professional equipment for minor repair work is Metabo, which produces functional devices with high-capacity batteries and high RPM.

Electric screwdriver is one of the most popular tools in construction, capable of easily screwing in and out various fasteners. Universal device is widely used at home and in big workshops, becoming a real helper for repair works.

If you have decided to purchase a functional unit, you should take a closer look at the models of the German brand Metabo, known for its high quality and reliability of its products.

Rating TOP 13 best screwdrivers Metabo

Cordless impact drills
#1 Metabo PowerMaxx BS 2014 2.0Ah x2 Case 34 N-m
#2 Metabo BS 18 10mm 2.0Ah x2 Case 48 N-m
#3 Metabo BS 14.4 10mm 2.0Ah x2 Case 40 N-m
#4 Metabo BS 18 L Quick 2.0Ah x2 case 50 N-m
#5 Metabo BS 18 L BL 2.0Ah x2 Case 60 N-m
Impact drills
#1 Metabo PowerMaxx SB 12 2.0Ah x2 40 Nm Case
#2 Metabo SB 18 LT BL 2.0Ah x2 Case 60 N-m
#3 Metabo SB 18 1.3Ah x2 Case 48 Nm
#4 Metabo PowerMaxx SB 12 BL 2.0Ah x2 case 45 Nm
#5 Metabo SB 18 LTX Impuls 2013 4.0Ah x2 Case 110 Nm
Mains models
#1 Metabo SE 4000 600 W 9 Nm
#2 Metabo USE 8 550 W 31 Nm
#3 Metabo SE 6000 600 W 7 Nm

Both companies use similar batteries from the lithium-ion range on their screwdrivers. 24V machines are only used by professionals. In the mid-priced segment, the battery voltage has been reduced and is 18V without load at 1.5Ah. Bosch torque is 20-30 % higher than comparable products due to the special features of the gearbox. Large fasteners can be driven much more easily and tightening at lower speeds is made easier. The battery of the “German” lasts a little longer, even taking into account the higher torque and has a charge indicator. When removing the Bosch battery is taken out to the side of the hand holding it, which is inconvenient.

The battery of the German manufacturer is universal and can be used with all handheld appliances of this brand.


The Metabo brand stands for German quality from the production facilities in Shanghai. Metabo‘s history began in 1924, and in 2015 the brand became part of the Japanese Hitachi Group. The company’s main slogan is a construction site without mains cables. Metabo’s product line includes tools for:

The German brand offers its products to ordinary people who are engaged in construction and repair, and also has equipment for production facilities in the field of metalworking.

Makita originated in Japan and celebrated its 100th anniversary a few years ago. The history of the corporation began with the repair of lighting fixtures, and in 1935 the company turned to the export of electric motors. Since 1970, Makita has been a global brand, officially sold in Russia since 2003.

Makita’s Russian catalog in 2021 is 400 pages long. There are construction, impact, garden tools with batteries from 3.6 to 18 V.

By the way, the range of the Japanese brand is not limited to tools only. From Makita you can buy coffee machines, radios, cordless flashlights and even jackets and vests with cooling, which run on 12-volt batteries.


The advantages of Metabo’s tools number 42 technologies, according to the brand’s Russian catalog, such as:

  • the Metabo Quick chuck change system,
  • patented blade stop system in 0.05 seconds,
  • MVT technology for vibration damping,
  • Soft-Star smooth start,
  • patented Marathon Motor dust protection,
  • Stop technology motor overheat protection,
  • Semiautomatic SelfClean function and t. ะด.

Makita posits the following “pluses” of its products:

  • availability of brushless motors,
  • dust protection and flags,
  • AVT anti-vibration technology and SJSll vibration damping system,
  • lower engine RPM at idle speed,
  • ADT and AFT technology for torque speed control and anti-jerk protection.

Manufacturer’s firm, electric screwdriver brand name.

Stopped at six possible brand name manufacturers:

AEG. something unfamiliar and kind of Swiss

Bosch is a German group of companies, of which there is no sense in talking about.

DeWALT. incomprehensible company, supposedly German and expensive. I first got to know its products when I was choosing an electric screwdriver. This is probably because before I had no power tools at all.

Hitachi is associated with Japanese VCRs and TV sets from the distant 90s.

Makita is a Japanese manufacturer, whose tools are assembled in China, but in spite of this many praise Makita tools.

Metabo is a German company that produces and sells professional power tools. The reviews of this company are only positive and often from professionals who work with Metabo tools every day.

Bosch screwdrivers

Bosch screwdrivers can be used for household and professional applications (green and blue). Most models are equipped with plastic, shockproof cases for easy storage. Technical features are the main criteria for choosing a tool. The devices with a battery voltage from 3.6 to 18 volts are suitable for home use, for construction and professional work more powerful. from 10 volts.

The size of screws affects the choice of torque: the highest values (75 Nm) are designed for large screws, a little smaller. for small nails or screws.

The number of revolutions determines the speed at which the job is done. The equipment in the screwdriver mode carries out from 400 to 500 revolutions, in the drill mode. 1300-1500 revolutions per minute.

  • thanks to its ergonomic design the tool is easy to hold while working;
  • quick accessory change;
  • Efficient drilling in wood, steel, concrete, metal.

Top 10 cordless screwdrivers 2021

Vihr DA-18L-2K

  • quick-action chuck type
  • 2 speeds
  • max. idle speed 1350 rpm
  • maximum torque 33 Nm
  • battery type Li-Ion
  • battery voltage 18 V
  • weight 2.1 kg

Our rating opens with a compact and inexpensive cordless screwdriver with a quick-action chuck, ideal for light repair work or for self-assembly of furniture. In spite of its moderate price, this tool is powerful for fastener applications and drilling holes in wood and metal.

VICHR DA-18L-2K 2015 has 2 speed modes, 19 steps regulating the torque and depth of screwing fasteners. Brushless motor features reliability and long service life. For drilling, a special mode with increased speed is provided. Additionally, you can adjust the rotation speed by yourself with the special button and the reversing option allows to quickly pull out a stuck bit or screw.

VICHR DA-18L-2K 2015 is equipped with a reliable lithium-ion battery, which quickly charges, and will ensure continuous operation in standalone mode. The detachable battery pack provides ease of use and can be easily disconnected if recharged.


  • bit chuck type
  • number of speeds 2
  • max. idle speed 1350 rpm
  • Maximum torque of 35 Nm
  • battery type Li-Ion
  • battery voltage 12 V
  • 1 weight.4 kg

A good cordless electric screwdriver for impact-free drilling, screwing in and unscrewing fasteners from the company Bort. Because of the simple chuck design, you can quickly change the drill bit for the bit.

The Bort BAB-12X2LI-FDK is wire-free, with a comfortable design and ergonomic handle. The user can easily perform work in remote and poorly lit areas.

Lithium-ion battery takes approximately 60 minutes to charge. Bort BAB-12X2LI-FDK has a 2-speed gearbox, reverse function, a bright working area light. Thanks to the presence of 2 removable batteries, you can quickly replace the discharged element, thereby reducing the time at work.

Zubr DSHL-121 KN

  • chuck type quick-change chuck
  • 2 speeds
  • max. idle speed 1300 rpm
  • maximum torque of 25 Nm
  • Li-Ion battery type
  • battery voltage 12 V
  • 1 kg weight

Budget electric screwdriver from a domestic manufacturer, which is distinguished by a well-thought-out design and wide functionality. Zubr DSHL-121 KN is equipped with a quick-change chuck for quick and comfortable bit replacement.

Additionally, a drilling mode, pulse mode and motor brake are available. For convenience and safety of use the safety clutch and strong spindle lock is provided. The developer has also provided the Zubr DSHL-121 KN with protection against overload and stepless adjustable speed modes.

The device is equipped with a reliable lithium-ion battery. The Zubr SSL-121 KN is extremely quickly charged, at the same time it keeps the charge for a long time, which guarantees the increased autonomous operation of the electric screwdriver. Includes 2 removable batteries, storage and carrying case, battery charger and bit.

Bosch GSR 120-LI Professional 06019G8020

  • quick-change chuck type
  • number of speeds 2
  • max. Idle speed of 1500 rpm
  • Maximum torque 30 Nm
  • Li-Ion battery type
  • 12 V battery voltage
  • weight 0.8 kg

This small, lightweight model from the German company Bosch continues our top of the best cordless screwdrivers. Bosch GSR 120-LI Li-Ion allows you to screw various fasteners and drill holes. In spite of its low price, it has all the options you need for repair work.

The Bosch GSR 120-LI Li-Ion has a quick-release chuck. That allows the user to change the bit in a minute, without using a screwdriver or other auxiliary tool. Securely locked spindle for safe use. The manufacturer has provided a reliable system of protection against overload and continuously adjustable rotation speed. In addition, the Bosch GSR 120-LI Li-Ion has a reverse function (the rotation is reversed, and the reverse will help you quickly remove a screwdriver or a stuck bit).

The user also has the option of changing the torque. With the Bosch GSR 120-LI Li-Ion, you can drill holes in wood up to 2 cm in diameter, in metal. 1 cm. It is definitely worth noting the backlighting of the working area. In addition to batteries, the kit includes a battery charger and storage case.

Metabo PowerMaxx BS 2014 Basic

  • quick-change chuck type
  • Number of speeds 2
  • max. idle speed 1400 rpm
  • max torque 34 Nm
  • Type of battery Li-Ion
  • battery voltage 12 V
  • weight 0.8 kg

One of the best models in the price/performance ratio. The Metabo PowerMaxx BS 2014 Basic is a compact housing, which still delivers high power and extensive functions for all kinds of construction and repair work. Can be used for conventional work with fasteners and for drilling holes in different materials (metal, wood, etc.).).

How to choose a good cordless electric screwdriver?

Before you buy a cordless electric screwdriver, you must decide what you want to get from the device. Otherwise, there is an increased risk that you will buy a tool that is not suitable for your requirements. Let’s look at the main characteristics:

Power supply voltage. The optimal value for a home tool. 10,8-14 V, for professional use the models with power of 18 V are better suited. This parameter determines the efficiency of functioning when making holes and tightening fasteners.

Power. This value is responsible for the speed of the tool. The greater the performance, the sooner you get to screw a fastener, make a hole for it. For repairs at home, products from 500 to 800 watts are suitable.

RPM. Many screwdrivers have a speed of 1300 rpm. Taking into account the purpose, the figures vary between 1200-2100 rpm.

Torque. The indicator that determines the power of a cordless electric screwdriver. The bigger it is, the easier it is to work with hard or viscous materials and make holes of large diameter.

Chuck design. For domestic use is suitable element with 1 clutch, which is characterized by simplicity and durability. The smaller the number of components, the easier it is to use an electric screwdriver.

Battery type. Lithium-ion batteries are considered the most popular lithium-ion batteries that do not fear self-discharge, they can be recharged up to 3000 times. Nickel-cadmium ones deteriorate when exposed to sub-zero temperatures, are prone to self-discharge. The nickel-metal hydride batteries are environmentally friendly and lightweight, but more expensive.

Accessories. Before you buy a cordless electric screwdriver, you should make an accent on the equipment of the device. Quality devices are equipped with a removable chuck for different sized bits. This option is very useful because you do not need to buy additional tools. It is important that the tool comes with a case that contains all the necessary elements so that the electric screwdriver can serve for a long time.

Additional functionality. The most useful auxiliary options in cordless screwdrivers are: impact mechanism. when it is necessary to work with stone and other hard materials; alarm indicator. an indicator that warns when you need to charge the tool; backlight. important when you need to work in poorly lit areas; the reverse option. will unscrew the drill (stuck) or fastener; locks. there are many different switches, pulse and other options, which imply additional costs. Here you have to decide how necessary they are in your operating conditions.

How to choose an electric trimmer

Screwdrivers are structurally very close to drills. Sometimes manufacturers even create both devices on the same base. There’s a reason they’re often called the “cordless drill-electric screwdriver”. In other words, you can make do with one drill and bit adapter at home. But is it really necessary?? Let’s talk about this class of power tools with Anatoly Grepkin, a sales consultant at a construction equipment store.

Wire or battery

Corded screwdrivers were increasingly rare in the early ’20s. The reason that cordless devices win is simple. Although they are more expensive, they are much more versatile in their application. Power-driven screwdrivers are often chosen, for example, for work in the car service. But for home and repair work, a battery-powered device is simply irreplaceable. Top of the line are chargers that can fully replenish the power supply in less than an hour.


Almost the main characteristic for the best electric screwdriver for the home is the torque that develops its electric motor. This figure indicates the rotational action of force on a solid body. In other words. the more torque, the easier it is to drive screws or self-tapping screws. Even in difficult materials such as concrete or metal.


Imagine. you need to drive more than a hundred self-tapping screws into the roof of your summer house. In such a situation, the electric screwdriver must be convenient to use, otherwise the hard work will turn into a hard labor. That’s what ergonomics is for. First is weight. The smaller the better. This includes the weight distribution, which in the best screwdrivers for home use should reach 50:50. Second, the comfort of the grip and the size of the body. Models that are too small don’t sit well in the hand. Finally, convenience is added by such little things as a latch for a belt mount or additional bit holders.


An electric screwdriver is not as simple as an electric screwdriver. And different models, depending on the level of performance, have many options. Reverse rotation, which is even more useful than for drills, is available in almost every model. It makes it much easier to unscrew screws. Often there is also an illuminated working area. But in some models, even inexpensive, it is so ineptly designed that it is useless for big screws. Very helpfull Motor brake that stops the torque immediately, just by releasing the button. Professional models have a fine-tuning torque control that allows you to adjust the tightening torque. It is also helpful to see how much charge is left on the battery.

With 18 volt lithium battery

Metabo BS 18 10mm Li-Ion 1.5 Ah 18 V x2 case 48 Nm

Metabo BS 18 is a compact version of the popular model without pulse mode. The device weight is 1.3 kg, 18 V battery with a capacity of 1.5 Ah provides a high autonomy and good performance indicators. 48 Nm and 1600 rpm. Equipped with two speeds, electronic speed control, backlight, and spindle lock.

Makita DDF083Z 40 Nm

Compact electric screwdriver for bits with a powerful 40 Nm and 1700 rpm battery life thanks to its brushless motor. Suitable for finishing work. The DDF083Z comes with no battery. a choice if you have another Makita tool with an 18-volt battery.

Interskol DA-18ER 536 Li-Ion 1.5 Ah 18 V x2 case 38 Nm

Model with 28 Nm of torque and 1400 rpm at a weight of 1.3 kg and compact size is suitable for household chores, but is also suitable for construction sites (with medium intensity).


Quality German brand with a long history, quality craftsmanship and a wide service network in many countries. Affordable make the company one of the best on the market.


Brand from Japan, aimed at home or semi-professional use. They are distinguished by quality assembly, interchangeability of components (that is why many tools are sold without batteries. you can borrow them from other devices), and also offer after-sales service.


German manufacturer with a focus on the professional tool market. High quality, reasonable and good service.


Russian company is distinguished by lower and high quality of assembly and materials. Russian origin of the brand guarantees excellent service commitment and availability of components.

Product comparison

In order to have an idea of how manufacturers are positioned in the market, and what features their products offer, let’s look separately at each manufacturer we are comparing.

The Bosch Corporation has been around for more than 120 years and today you can buy its products almost anywhere in the world. Bosch is the pioneer of many technologies, which are now widely used by many other manufacturers. It is worth noting that Bosch was the first in the world to produce such types of power tools as: peorator, jigsaw, cordless peorator, vario-sander, etc. Every year the manufacturer releases to the market the products in which it necessarily implements some innovations. For the convenience of choice, Bosch has clearly divided all variety into two categories: for professionals and for amateurs. At the same time professional products differ from household by greater durability and increased functionality, and, of course, have a higher price. Nowadays, these two categories from Bosch are quite easy to distinguish by the color scheme of the housing. green for household and blue for professionals. If you compare Bosch products with the products of two other manufacturers you can say that Bosch is more expensive than Makita, but cheaper than Metabo, in terms of quality and durability, Bosch is superior to Makita, but inferior to Metabo.


Metabo products are of German quality. a key factor here is that the majority of the assembly takes place in Germany. Most experts believe that Metabo is somewhat superior to its Makita and Bosch counterparts in terms of reliability, and that is why its price is always higher than the competition. It should be noted that the firm Metabo has in its account about five hundred patents in the manufacture of power tools, with all the innovations aimed at the embodiment of the principle. the reliability and durability of products above all. Metabo uses the highest quality parts and components. Those who buy Metabo know they don’t compromise, they get the best. and that’s why they never regret the money they spend. Professionals say that the products of this firm are “indestructible” and those who have tried Metabo products, will never betray this brand.

Production of Japanese manufacturer Makita is positioned in the market, as the best in terms of “price. quality” ratio. Weight and size, in many cases, make it better than its competitors. In spite of the fact that Makita assembly plants are scattered all over the world, there is no doubt in his high quality. At the moment there is a tendency of active growth of Makita power tools market share. And this fact is easy to explain. Thanks to the good quality and relatively low price of this brand is purchased equally well by professionals and amateurs.

Product comparison

In order to choose the screwdriver that best suits your personal requirements, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the types of work and the frequency with which this power tool will be used. Remember that quality and reliable tools are only made by well-known and well-established companies. Such a tool has a higher cost, but has a longer service life.

  • Power System. All three models have the same power system. equipped with NiCad batteries with a capacity of 2 A / h and a voltage of 12 V. This type of battery is quite reliable and durable if used properly
  • Frequency of rotation. Comparison models have two speeds. low and high, which enables two modes of operation. drilling and screwdriving. The higher the maximum possible rotational speed, the more efficient the drilling. The Metabo model has the highest maximum speed at 1350 rpm. The model from Makita and Bosch has this parameter is 1200 rpm, which, however, is quite enough for effective drilling.
  • Torque. Torque is a characteristic that shows the force exerted by the tool. The higher the maximum torque, the more versatile the tool. For most applications, a torque of 15 Nm is sufficient. High torque allows tight screws to be driven in and out. A special clutch is provided for torque adjustment, enabling the torque to be effectively matched to the particular application. There are three types of torque: hard, soft and pulse torque.
  • Maximum torque (soft) means maximum force of the tool at the highest clutch position before the ratchet is actuated. The smallest maximum torque is the soft torque of the Makita 18 Nm. The same value for Bosch and Metabo is 19 Nm and 22 Nm respectively.
  • Maximum torque (firm) means maximum power of the tool when the socket is locked. The Metabo model has the highest value of this parameter. 52 Nm. Bosch and Makita have 32 Nm and 30 Nm, respectively.
  • Maximum torque (impulse torque) means the maximum force the tool can develop during the operation of the ratchet. Impulse torque is only available on the Metabo. The screwdriver uses impulse technology similar to the impact wrenches, which makes it possible to screw in tight screws or unscrew “tight fit” screws.

As the comparison shows, the Metabo surpasses the competition in terms of torque. It is this model that will be the most convenient and productive to work with tight fasteners.

The Makita and Metabo models have 10 mm, and the Bosch model has 11 mm. Note that the given drilling diameters are the manufacturers’ recommendations for the optimum diameter. The fact is that with the help of these squeegees it is possible to make holes of larger diameter, but it is fraught with a rapid discharge of the battery and rapid tool wear, in addition, the productivity of such work will be low.

The Metabo is the heavyweight of the models in question. The Metabo BSZ 12 Impuls is equipped with two nickel cadmium batteries and weighs only 2 kg. The screwdriver models from Bosch and Makita weigh 1.7 kg and 1.6 kg respectively.

The Makita 6271 DWAE is compact and ergonomic. This model has a heavy duty metal gearbox. The Metabo BSZ 12 Impuls has high ergonomics, automatic speed control and a snap-stop function. The Bosch GSR 12 SD is equipped with a reliable fall protection system and has an excellent ergonomic design.

All three models have a convenient carrying case and battery charger. In addition, the models Makita 6271 DWAE and Metabo BSZ 12 Impuls equipped with two nickel-cadmium batteries. And the model

When comparing these products, it is worth noting that the model from Metabo has the highest performance specifications. The Makita model is lighter and more compact, and the model from Bosch is the best choice in terms of price-performance ratio.