What gasoline for the lawn mower is elitech. The difference in engines

Trimmers for Elitech grass (elitech): features, overview of popular models

ELITECH Electrocouses and Motokos have earned popularity due to the simplicity of the device, ergonomics, good factory balancing and high suitability for repair. Another important advantage of the technique of this brand is the relatively modest consumption of fuel. This makes it possible to use the garden tools of the Elitech brand in fairly large garden and adjoining plots.

Elitech. manufacturer of gasoline and electrical appliances of household and professional purpose. The official owner of the brand is Lit Trading. Under the brand of this company in the country, the equipment of such manufacturers as Makita, Bosch, Ryobi, BlackDecker, Elitech is being implemented in the country. Elitek brand appeared on the market in 2008. Elitech branded equipment is sold both in online stores and in supermarkets of household and construction equipment.

The most famous types of technology are cultivators, trimmers for grass, lawn mowers, chainsaws, electric cars, generators, blower, compressors, voltage stabilizers. The company also produces equipment such as metal processing and concrete work equipment.

Elitech seeks to conduct its activities according to the following principles:

  • constant quality control;
  • the availability of goods, first of all, price control, flexible price range;
  • Service service after purchase.

Elitech production capacities are located in China, there is also production in Belarus and Italy. All technique undergoes quality control according to international standards (certificates GS TUV Rheinland, ISO 9001). Service service of goods is produced by service centers located in Ukraine, Belarus.

To characterize the Elitech trademark can be the following characteristics:

It is also not worthwhile to release the reliability and high productivity of Elitech products.

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Fuel mixture for two.stroke engines

Trammers for grass that are equipped with a two.stroke engine do not have a separate system designed to supply oil in order to lubricate the rubbing parts. For this reason, such devices should not be refueled with clean gasoline, but a mixture of fuel with engine oil. The latter should be specially designed for two.stroke engines. The use of automotive motor fluid will lead to the premature failure of the engine.

Preparation of fuel mixture for two.roll engines

Refueling the lawn mower with a two-stroke engine needs gasoline AI-92 brand. When using AI-95, engine overheating and uneven operation of the unit may be observed. Mix gasoline with butter in a ratio of 50: 1, where 50 is fuel, and 1 is oil. It turns out that 20 ml of oil will need 1 liter of fuel.

If the motor is worn or the tool works with a high load, then the proportion is 25: 1. If there is little lubrication, then on the walls of the cylinder and the surface of the piston will appear. Then the piston ring will be destroyed, as a result of which the engine will jam. An excess is not so critical, but it can lead to the formation of a carbon. The piston ring is overwhelmed, which will reduce the power of the device.

Oil and gasoline proportions for the fuel mixture

Gasoline for a four.stroke engine

Devices with a four.stroke engine have a more complex device. Oil and gasoline are poured into different containers, from where they are then supplied to the engine. For a mower with such a motor, you need gasoline of the AI-92 and AI-95 brands. Applying a fuel with a lower octane number is better not worth.to. This will lead to unstable engine operation. In addition, you can not use a lubricant intended for two.stroke models.

The finished mixture of gasoline with butter can be stored for no more than 3 months (clean gasoline is stored less). Dilute the fuel in the quantity that is enough for several applications of the trimmer for the grass. In general, prepare:

  • gasoline and oil, which is suitable for two.stroke engines with an air cooling system;
  • metal canister and a mixture container;
  • respirator;
  • gloves.
  • Pour 1 l of gasoline into a suitable volume of 1 l of gasoline and add 1/2 of the desired amount of oil.
  • Mix carefully, being at a decent distance from the sources of open fire.
  • Add the rest of the oil to combustible and mix everything again.

General recommendations for refueling a trimmer for grass with a two-or four-stroke engine:

We deal with the choice of gasoline for the AI-92 or AI-95 lawn mower

How many people, so many opinions, which applies not only to the choice of oil for a trimmer for grass, but also gasoline. Similarly, in order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is recommended to use gasoline of the brand that the manufacturer recommends (indicated in the manual to the tool). However, not everything is so simple here, since at each gas station of the gasoline brand they are only called the same, but have a completely different composition. It is required to figure it out, and come to a single conclusion about which brand it is better to pour gasoline into a two.stroke engine for your trimmer for grass.

Manufacturers recommend using A-92 gasoline for their technique, and some models require the use of the A-95 brand that do not contain ethyl alcohol. It is not recommended to use gasoline of the AI-90 brand and below, as they will entail the rapid wear of engine parts. Buying gasoline of one brand, one cannot be 100% sure that it is true. The result is the following picture:

  • The manufacturer recommends pouring fuel into a trimmer for the grass of the AI-92 brand
  • The summer resident uses only gasoline of this brand, but buys it at gas stations, where the price is lower or where you have to
  • This negatively affects the internal details of the motor, since at one gas station it is really high-quality AI-92 gasoline, and at the second, at best, if it is AI-80, not AI-76

As a result, the engine suffers, and after a couple of years of operation a new trimmer for the grass, it is necessary. In order not to analyze the quality of fuel or buy only expensive gasoline, it is recommended to refuel only at one gas station. At gas stations, gasoline is poured only into metal canists, not plastic.

There are manufacturers that produce special cleaned fuel for two.stroke engines. If this option is selected, then you will not need to choose the best gas station, a brand of gasoline and control its storage periods.

Conclusion on the choice of gasoline for a trimmer for grass! In a trimmer for the grass, you need to pour gasoline of the brand that is recommended by the manufacturer. If you pour A-95 gasoline in a trimmer for grass, instead of A-92 (which is recommended by the manufacturer), then the engine will warm up faster and work unstable. It is also better to choose gasoline A-92 ECTO, which has improved characteristics in terms of environmental friendliness.

Learning to dilute gasoline with oil for a trimmer for grass if you do not have or pour oil

If you bought a trimmer for grass, a lawn mower, a motorcycle, a chainsaw and other types of equipment, then you probably know that two.stroke engines are used as power units on them. These motors do not work on pure gasoline, like four.stroke, but on a mixture of gasoline with butter. In what proportion should be diluted gasoline with oil for a trimmer for grass. this question asks for himself every summer resident before preparing the tool for work. We will figure out in detail in this matter, since the dilution of gasoline with oil for a trimmer for grass affects the life of the tool, and improper preparation of the mixture will lead to rapid engine wear. What is the dangerous or insufficient amount of oil in gasoline for a trimmer for grass:

  • If gasoline is diluted with a large amount of oil (above the norm), this will lead not only to a large amount of smoke, but also to the formation of a carbon on the walls of the cylinder and a drop in power. This incapacitance will cause wear of the piston, which will be diagnosed to reduce its performance
  • If gasoline contains an insufficient amount of oil poured into a trimmer for grass, then this is even more dangerous. After all, the working mechanisms of the engine will not be lubricated in sufficient quantities, which will ultimately lead to their rapid wear (rapid destruction of the piston rings and jamming of the motor occurs). With an insufficient amount of oil in gasoline, poured into a trimmer for grass, the wear of the motor will occur ten times faster

So that you do not have to pay for errors at the cost of overhaul of the engine or buying a new tool, it is necessary to fill the fuel of the correct consistency into the tank from the first day. You can find out the ratio in the instructions for the tool, since models of different manufacturers can give different recommendations. Usually this ratio is the following norms:

  • 1 to 25 or 1 liter of gasoline 40 grams of two.stroke oil
  • 1 to 40 or 1 liter of gasoline 25-30 grams of grease
  • 1 to 50. this is added to a liter of gasoline 20 grams of oil

Which mower will run longer on only 8 oz. of gasoline?

The value of 1 to 50 is considered standard (indicated on canister with butter for two.stroke engines), but it is necessary to rely on it in the most extreme case, since the manufacturers indicate the recommended value of the proportion, and if it is not observed, the operational resource of a two.stroke motor decreases.

In addition to observing the proportion, you must also learn to prepare the mixture. After all, the option of adding oil to the gas tank is categorically contraindicated, although some do so. If you bought a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower, you will need the consumables that you will use to prepare the mixture. Instructions for the preparation of the fuel mixture in a trimmer for grass have the following view:

  • Prepare gasoline and two.stroke oil, based on the above recommendations for choosing a lubricant and fuel
  • Additionally, to prepare the mixture, you need to take a container or container. Typically, a plastic bottle is used for this, the choice of which needs an appropriate approach. It should be clean inside. Using a milk container and other drinks is not recommended. The best option is a mineral water container
  • It is very important that the capacity has a whole value of volume, that is, 1 or 2 liters, so that you do not have to calculate how much oil is pouring into a bottle per 1.5 liters, 1.3 or 1.25 liters, because you can easily make a mistake so easily
  • You will also need a syringe that is used as a measured device for dosing. For such purposes, a regular medical syringe for 10 cubes is suitable. It is desirable that the syringe has an exact measuring scale
  • After preparing the necessary materials, you can proceed to prepare

Instructions for the preparation of the fuel mixture in the lawn mower:

  • First you should fill a plastic container. The container is filled with 2 fingers not supplemented to fit the oil
  • The required amount of two.stroke oil is typed in a syringe, and poured into a bottle with gasoline. You need to do just that, and not vice versa
  • After adding a lubricant to the bottle, it requires to close it tightly with a lid and stir. However, take into account that the streaming needs oil with the designation “Pre mix”. If the container “Self mix” is on the container with oil, then you do not need to shake the container, and after connecting the substances, you can pour them into the tool tank

After preparing a fuel mixture for a trimmer for grass, it remains to season the tool, and start work. How to correctly refuel trimmers for grass, lawn mowers, chainsaws and other types of motorcycles, consider in detail.

Oil selection rules

Motor oil depending on the chemical composition:

  • mineral. made of oil distillates and is intended for low.power air.cooled equipment;
  • semi.synthetic. is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oils and is suitable for 2T and 4T, as well as for air and liquid cooling;
  • synthetic. produced on the basis of complex ethers and can be used in powerful equipment, as well as for work in difficult climatic conditions.

Important! Oils for two.stroke and four.stroke engines differ among themselves the ability to dissolve, burn and evaporate. At the same time, so that liquid lubricant differs from gasoline, it is painted in different colors: blue, green, red.

Depending on the classification of the API, the following groups of oils for trimmer engines can be distinguished:

  • That. for low.power equipment with an engine volume up to 50 cm³ and air cooling;
  • TV-for powerful equipment with a motor volume of 50-200 cm³ and an air cooling system;
  • TS. for a powerful two.stroke equipment (motorcycles, chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc.) with a engine volume 50-200 cm³;
  • TD. for motors of boats with liquid cooling.

To choose the optimal oil for a specific trimmer model for grass, it is better to take into account the recommendations specified in the instructions. For motos 2t, API-TV class oil and API-TS is usually used.

On a note! In addition, there is a JASO classification for two.stroke engines, and SAE30 is also used for four.strokes.

Leading manufacturers of garden equipment themselves develop and produce oils for their equipment. Such lubricants most fully satisfy all the technical and operational characteristics of specific series of trimmers. For example, for STIHL (STIHL) FS 5 motorcycles, it is best to use the STIHL HP or Stihl HP Super oil, for Husqvarna 143R, Husqvarna HP or Husqvarna LS oil is suitable. But the usual M-8V mineral oil is also suitable for the Patriot brand.

Types of motorcycle

Today on liquid profile trading floors there is a large selection of mechanisms for mowing grass, small shrubs. For example, law mowers with an electric engine, with gasoline power plants are offered. Motokos equipped with diesel engines are not produced, since they are low.cost.

Liquid statistics show the advantage of motorcycle with internal combustion engines, before electric analogues. Elektokos is used in places where there is a stationary electric network.

Fuel consumption and on what it depends?

The fuel consumption of gasoline lawn mowers is measured in l/h, that is, the number of liters of gasoline that the engine consumes during mowing grass per hour.

This parameter depends on:

The more powerful the motor, the more fuel it consumes, because the energy of rotation of its shaft is formed as a result of combustion of gasoline and the appearance of exhaust gases that pushing the piston, which through the connecting rod turning the crankshaft of the engine.

The larger the width of the mowing, the more energy you need to produce the engine in order to effectively shake the grass. The self.propelled drive takes part of the energy manufactured by the engine for the movement of the lawn mower, which means that to maintain the same efficiency of mowing, the production of additional energy is necessary, which leads to an increase in fuel consumption.

The thicker the grass, the higher the load on the knife, which means that the more energy it is necessary to develop the engine to maintain the efficiency of mowing.

The mowing modes are of considerable importance, because in the mulching mode, as well as with untimely emptying of the grass collector, the fuel consumption increases.

Manufacturers sometimes indicate fuel consumption for a particular model, but these data are averaged, so the permissible error is ± 30%. You can more accurately determine this parameter using a field test, for which exactly 1 liter of gasoline is poured into the tank and the grass is mowed until the engine is stalled, and then this data is transferred to the necessary (l/h) format.

Periodic measurement of fuel consumption will help to track the condition of the engine and its systems, because if the consumption under the same operating conditions has increased, then the motor needs to be maintained.

How to refuel a gasoline lawn?

For refueling, pure unhealthy gasoline is used, which was stored for no more than a week in a clean container without oil residue.

It is necessary to pour fuel using a watering can or a special tip worn on the canister to avoid spilling gasoline.

After all, the spilled fuel is a serious fire hazard, and also makes an unpleasant odor and stains hands or clothes.

You can not pour a full fuel tank, because during operation the engine releases a lot of heat, some of which reaches a gas tank of the lawn mower and at least a little, but heats its contents. This leads to increased fuel evaporation and an increase in pressure inside the gas tank, which also leads to an increase in pressure inside the fuel system.

If this happens, then the fuel mixture entering the cylinder will be richer, which means that the fuel contained in it will not burn completely, but will burn out in the engine head and its silencer, which will reduce the resource of these parts.

Before pouring fuel, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions for the operation of a gasoline lawn mower, because there is the maximum level of fuel, which cannot be exceeded.

In order to fill the fuel, you need to do the following:

  • stop the engine if the grass was mowed before this, then wait 5-10 minutes so that the motor and the surrounding space are cooled (if the mower is only delivered to the place of work, then this item is not required);
  • clean a cloth to clean the fuel tank cover, as well as the space adjacent to it from beveled grass or dust;
  • unscrew the lid and remove it to the side;
  • Using a watering can or a special nozzle on the canister, pour fuel into the tank;
  • put on, then wrap the lid;
  • Wipe the lid, pouring neck and tank with a clean dry rag.

To care for lawns is easier than it seems

Different manufacturers offer all kinds of models of gasoline trimmers, many buyers opt for Elitech braids: they are manufacturing, reliable and durable.

A few advantages of the benzotrimermarmer:

  • He does not need to be connected to the mains;
  • You can mow grass on any landscape, even if it is not the most even;
  • The device has complete autonomy during operation.

The manufacturer equips the models presented on the market with two.stroke engines with a capacity of one to two and a half horsepower. Volume. an average of fifty cubic centimeters. At the same time, it is also worth looking at the knives, fishing fishing. cutting details, which are equipped with braids for grass. So, with a knife, it is more convenient to cut small branches, low shrub or wood shoots; fishing line is more likely to mow grass.

The manufacturer offers a wide range of models. Some of them extinguish vibrations, are equipped with a backroot suspension, a disk mill, glasses and other accessories. There are also motorcycles with collapsible rods and other features.

Elitech and their advantages in demand

To evaluate the variety of assortment, just look at several models that are popular among buyers.

With the help of this device, you can easily, without unnecessary expenses of time to mow grass on the site. The spit for grass itself is characterized by reliability and has high technical parameters. In addition, it is affordable and does not create excessive fuel costs. From the model designated as t 43, the presented device is distinguished by a collapsible rod.

Using such a motorcycle, you can mow the grass in a short time even in a relatively large section. The user has no difficulties, as the manufacturer has made sure that the design was easy to handle. If you use the knife, then the area of ​​beveled grass will have a diameter of 0.25 meters; If a fishing line is for a trimmer. this value will increase to 0.44 meters.

A few advantages that this model possesses:

  • It is equipped with a shoulder belt, thanks to which the user spends a minimum of energy and does not get tired, even when it works for a long time;
  • vibrations that occur during operation are effectively extinguished;
  • The bar has a collapsible design, so it is easy to store the unit and transport it from place to place;
  • protective casing increases the level of security.

It is worth supplementing this by the fact that the user will reliably hold the device for the U-shaped handle. The model is relatively economical: with a tank volume of 0.9 liters, it consumes 1.4 liters per hour.

With this trimmer for grass, you can quickly put the site in order, save it from randomly growing grass and small shoots. The device has high characteristics and therefore is in demand on the market. The presented unit is exclusively with the design of the bar with a similar model T 52R, otherwise these two braids for grass are identical.

With the help of such a benzotrimmer, plants of different species are mowed. both herbaceous and shrubby. The user does not need to spend a lot of time to process the site. At the same time, if you use the knife, the beveled area will have a diameter of 0.25 meters; If the fishing line is for a trimmer, then the diameter increases to 0.44 meters. The motor has a power of two and a half horsepower. At the same time, a gasoline braid for grass, being quite powerful, does not create discomfort to the user.

A few advantages that this model of a trimmer for grass possesses:

  • It is equipped with a shoulder belt that greatly simplifies the work;
  • protective casing increases safety;
  • vibrations are extinguished, thereby riding the user from inconvenience.

You can hold the device by the U-shaped handle. This allows, working on the site, always keep a trimmer for the grass firmly and not lose control over it. The unit has a spacious 0.9-liter tank and spends up to 1.8 liters per hour.

Using such a device, they clear a variety of areas from the grass. both personal and social, and corporate. Possessing quite high characteristics and affordable price, a trimmer for grass is popular. A similar model T 26R is characterized in that her handle is versed. Otherwise, these two devices are identical.

With the help of this motorcycles, they ennoble quite large territories in area. You can mow both soft grass and rather rigid shrubs. there will be no difficulties, and there will be no efforts from above the norm either. The user is spent on discomfort and can cope, even if he is a beginner.

A few advantages that this trimmer has for grass has:

  • It is equipped with a shoulder belt, so you can work without tired for a long time;
  • The fishing line for the trimmer is supplied half automatically;
  • protective casing increases safety;
  • vibrations are extinguished, getting rid of discomfort in the process of labor.

The design is equipped with a comfortable U-shaped handle, so, holding this trimmer for grass, you can not be afraid to lose control over it. Having a 0.65-liter tank, the unit spends in an hour within a liter of fuel.

Such a lawn mower is used to quickly and effectively remove the most different vegetation. The presented model from Elitek will help to ennoble the territory within the quarter, square or park lawn, sports ground and much more. If you use a knife, then the beveled area will have a 25-centimeter diameter, and if a fishing line is for a trimmer, then it is already 44-centimeter.

A few advantages that this model possesses:

  • The shoulder belt reduces the load and simplifies the work with the unit;
  • The shaft, unlike many models, is forged;
  • The protective casing eliminates unnecessary risks that are possible in the process of work;
  • vibrations are extinguished, so you will not have to fear discomfort either.

The user will keep Motokos without much difficulty and will not lose control over it due to the presence of a convenient U-shaped handle. The model has a 0.65-liter tank and spends up to 0.9 liters per hour.

gasoline, lawn, mower, elitech

A trimmer does not start for the grass for cold reasons

To begin with, we will analyze the situation when it is impossible to start the engine of the lawn mower to the cold. What does this mean? Surely Kosari came across a situation where a trimmer for grass starts on hot just perfectly, but you just have to make a short break, as the problem arises. This problem with the start of the engine after it cools. What could be the reason? Of course, no one excluded all the above factors, but if the situation is constantly found, then there is no need to check them. If a hot lawn mower starts well, and problems arise on the cold, then you should look for the reasons inside the CPH (cylinder-piston group).

To identify a malfunction, you will need to use a compressometer. We screw the compressometer into the hole instead of a candle, and after that we drive the starter handle. Measure the pressure inside the cylinder. compression. The amount of compression should be at the level of about 8-12 atmospheres. After the tool has warmed up (it is enough to work for 15-20 minutes), you should repeat the verification procedure. If the compression on the hot engine is below 8 atmospheres, then the CPH fault is appropriate. This means that the rings, the piston and the walls of the cylinder are worn out.

You can fix the situation by replacing CPG. When replacing it, it is important to take into account such a recommendation as abundant smearing of parts with motor oil inside the cylinder. This is necessary so that in the first minutes of starting a new cylinder with the piston, no formation of.

With a decrease in engine compression, fuel consumption increases, and the productivity of the tool falls. You can work with such a tool, however, with each subsequent hour of work, wear increases. One day, the lawn mower will not be completely launched even with warming up.

It is interesting! You can warm up the engine of the lawn mower with low compression by pulling the starter handle. When warming up, the metal is expanded, thereby the compression increases.

The lawn mowing engine does not want to start after winter

Often, with the onset of spring, most owners of benzos complain about the inability to launch the motor of this grass.shocked tool. With what it can be connected? So that the trimmer for grass in the spring after winter storage is well started, you must learn to care for it correctly. How to properly store the lawn mower in winter is described in detail at the very end of the material. Now we will figure out why it is impossible to start the tool engine after winter.

One of the main reasons that after winter the lawn mower is not started. stagnation of fuel in a gas tank. If you do not drain the fuel from the tank, and leave the tool to store for a long time, then it will naturally be impossible to start the lawn mower. The properties of a mixture of gasoline with oil fall, so as a fact we get a tool malfunction. Even if the fuel mixture has remained in the trimmer last year, it is recommended to drain it, and pour freshly prepared. After that, start the tool.

Another cause may be a malfunction of the air damper. When closing it manually, the valve itself may not work, so you start the lawn mower with a completely open air damper. In this case, the tool will not start the cold, as there is a large air leak. The video below tells why a trimmer does not start for grass for cold.

In addition to these reasons for the impossibility of starting the gas mowing engine, there are others, which are also important to mention:

  • Disciplings of the Electrodes of the candle. before starting the trimmer for the grass after winter, you should twist the spark plug, inspect it, clean, dry and set the gap
  • Damage to the high.voltage wire. During the storage of the tool, the high.voltage wire could crack, damage or could gnaw the mice. Make sure the integrity of the armored pipeline if the trimmer for the grass does not start after winter
  • Oxidation of wire contacts. This usually happens if the tool is stored in a room with high humidity
  • Check the serviceability of the ignition coil. During the winter, this detail could fail, and cause a difficult to launch the tool
  • Carburetor adjustment. it is recommended to configure the carburetor after the winter. To implement this, the tool should start, therefore, if it is impossible to start, it is recommended to pour 20 grams of fuel mixture into the candle hole, and launch the motor
  • To perform all the above actions, since during a long.term storage the hole of the saapoon, filters, as well as corrosion on the walls of the exhaust system could form

Diagnose the tool, and only after that resort to a more serious repair. cleaning the carburetor.

trimmer for grass gasoline Elitech t 52 promo. review

We chose a trimmer for the grass for work on the site for a long time. The site is small. acres 16. A budget option was needed, with a power above average to combat nettle and burdock.

The choice fell on this 2-clock apparatus. This means that it is necessary to refuel this trimmer for grass with a mixture of oil with gasoline. At first this is unusual and causes fears for the correct preparation of the mixture, but this is a working moment and overpaying for a 4-hobby, we did not agree.

An important characteristic when choosing a trimmer for grass is a bar.

It is solid (one tube) and composite. Here the bar is whole.

Here the logic focused on physics enters: a cast rod gives less fluctuations, since there are no connections, which means it must last longer and not distract the consumer for his connection. But, the disadvantage of such a bar is inconvenience during transportation. For us, the first is the priority, so. solid.

Power. 2.4 liters. This indicator is slightly higher than the average for the models presented on the market.

Manufacturer, manufacturer. And China. I don’t know what sequence!

We will analyze the package of this apparatus.

What is the BEST Fuel to Use in Your Car or Truck and WHY

So, starting to assemble a trimmer for the grass, you need to read the instructions until the end. I don’t know for what reason, but the sequence there is a little violated and if you do step by step, you can encounter questions that open on the following pages. I don’t remember exactly what I was faced with, but that was. Most likely this was due to the refueling of the mechanism. By the way, you need to buy oil for 2 strokes and gasoline, do not forget!

Gathering easily. There are no extra details! ))

Well, let’s go to mow. The belt is very easier. The handle is also adjusted to growth and individually. Handles are adjusted separately, do not stand on one axis. Comfortable.

The trimmer itself is heavy for the grass, but due to the location and distribution by weight. Quite convenient.

The management is simple: the power button, the start cable and the speed adjustment lever.

There is nothing to compare with the consumption, but I think that a small. The tank is enough for 2 continuous work on working with ordinary grass.

By the way, do not overload the device. Let’s relax every 30 minutes. And at the beginning of operation, spare the turnover. In principle, everything is written in the instructions and is regulated by the basic laws of mechanics.

In general, here is such a trimmer for grass. Good. Even the fair sex can cope if he correctly distributes him in her hands and selects the right belt correctly. I tried. But you get tired of noise quickly.

Elitech T 52 lawn mower

A powerful trimmer for grass works even in areas of increased complexity. It is designed to mow very large thickets, young shoots of trees and bushes. Equipped with a shoulder belt and comfortable handles.

Elitech lawn mower operates without a break for several hours. It is not noisy and equipped with a protective casing.

Elitech T 43 lawn mower

Productive tool for effective mowing of weeds and grass. It works on a powerful engine and has a belt included for uniform distribution of the load on the back.

  • productivity is 1.8 liters. With;
  • Fuel tank. 0.9 l;
  • work with fishing line and knife;
  • bevel on width 25-44 cm;
  • Weight. 9 kg.

Elitech lawn mower has a lightweight system. The tool handle is tuned to a convenient position. A protective casing is provided for a safer tool for the tool.