What gasoline to fill in the Huter trimmer

Device and principle of operation

The Huter GGT-1500T petrol trimmer is compact, easy to use and does not create problems during storage. These qualities are due to the well-thought-out layout of its main components and assemblies, as well as controls. In fact, this is a piece of a strong metal tube (rod), at one end of which a working tool is mounted, and not at the other end. a power plant. A shaft runs inside the rod that connects both of these systems. On the bar itself, in a place convenient for the operator, a handle is mounted for control, as well as a hook for attaching a shoulder strap.

The power plant is represented by a two-stroke gasoline single-cylinder internal combustion engine with air cooling and electronic ignition, with a working volume of 42.7 cm3. Developing power up to 2 hp. (1500 W) and spinning up to 9500 rpm. It is started using a manual rope starter. The outer surface of the engine slave cylinder has a special ribbed surface. This makes it possible to artificially increase the surface area heated during engine operation, which contributes to its more intensive cooling and prevents overheating. The power plant is also equipped with a replaceable air filter and a small but effective muffler that keeps the noise level during unit operation within 96 dB. The motor is connected to the boom through an anti-vibration device. The engine is housed inside a durable plastic casing with slots for free air circulation.

The two-stroke mixture (AI-92 gasoline and special oil), on which the power plant operates, is contained in a 700 ml translucent plastic tank, compactly located outside the motor housing. This allows you to visually control the degree of filling.

The torque from the engine to the working tool is transmitted through a centrifugal automatic clutch. At idle, the clutch remains disengaged. The connection occurs when the engine speed increases.

The working unit of the petrol trimmer is a bevel gear on which the cutting tool is directly mounted. The angular gear is used to change the direction of the axis of rotation of the shaft of the rod in order to keep the cutting tool in a horizontal plane, when the position of the device is convenient for the operator. Depending on the task at hand, either a semi-automatic reel with a line or a rotating metal knife is installed on the gearbox.

The reel contains some line supply. If the bottom of the spinning reel is hit lightly on a hard surface, the line will unwind just enough to recover the worn or torn part. The line easily cuts young grass without damaging the bark of a tree or shrub. When you have to work with dry or hard grass and weeds, a metal knife takes the place of the fishing line, which can cut even young shrubs.

On the lower part of the boom, directly at the working tool, a protective cover is mounted.

The Huter GGT-1500T petrol trimmer is operated with a two-handed handle, assembled from two halves and placed in a convenient place on the boom using a special bracket. When assembled, it resembles a bicycle handlebar. Its left part ends with a comfortable handle, and the right one is at the same time a control panel, on which the ignition on / off button, the gas button and its blocking are concentrated. These elements are positioned so that you can use them without removing your hand or loosening your grip. The surfaces of both handles have a polymer ribbed coating to prevent unintentional slipping from the hands.

Spinned up by the engine to high revs, the cutting tool receives a significant amount of kinetic energy. With a small cross-sectional area, both the cutting line and the rotating knife have significant penetration under these conditions, which is necessary for the functionality of the trimmer.

Features and Benefits of GGT-1500T Trimmer

  • Autonomy. Compared to electric counterparts, the Huter GGT-1500T petrol trimmer has its own fuel supply and does not need an external power source.
  • Fuel tank made of translucent plastic allows you to visually monitor the two-stroke mixture stock.
  • Convenient handling, due to the handle designed for both hands, while the right side is at the same time the control panel.
  • Top-mounted power unit allows you to work even with wet grass.
  • Operator safety is ensured by a special cover.
  • Vibration damping device makes working with the unit more comfortable.
  • Thanks to the economical and reliable engine, you can work with the trimmer without stopping for quite a long time.

Huter GGT-1500T

Warranty and service
official warranty in the branded service center

General information

The Huter GGT-1500T petrol trimmer is a powerful and handy garden tool designed for cutting grass, weeds, etc. in relatively small areas. This motorized scythe is successfully used when caring for a garden, park, the area around a country house, etc. The tool allows you to process even areas that are inconvenient for access (along a fence or wall, in corners, around a flower bed or tree). Unlike electric counterparts, the petrol trimmer is completely autonomous and not connected to other energy sources.

The GGT-1500T petrol trimmer is equipped with a working unit, power plant and controls. The working part is presented in the form of a bevel gear, on which a semi-automatic reel with a cutting line for cutting fresh grass or a special rotating knife is installed, which is necessary for removing large or dry weeds, as well as young shrub growth. A special guard serves to protect the operator’s feet. The power plant consists of a 2 hp, air-cooled, 2-stroke, single-cylinder gasoline engine with manual start and electronic ignition. The fuel is a two-stroke mixture based on AI-92 gasoline, which is filled into a translucent plastic tank with a capacity of 0.7 liters. There is a vibration damping device. The trim control system is a two-handed handle that looks like a bicycle handlebar. The right handle is at the same time a control panel (ignition button, gas button and its blocking).

The worker and power units are located at different ends of the metal rod and are properly balanced in weight, which is convenient when holding the tool. For greater convenience and comfort, a special shoulder strap is included in the package to transfer the weight of the unit to the operator’s body and relieve the physical exertion of the arms.

Manufacturing the GGT-1500T petrol trimmer, Huter maintains strict quality control throughout most of the manufacturing process. This contributes to the fact that the finished products comply with strict quality and safety standards adopted not only in Europe, but also in Russia.

Preparation for work

Considering the fact that the operation of the power unit of the Huter GGT-1500T gasoline trimmer is associated with the emission of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, the unit should be used mainly in the open air. The upper position of the motor allows you to operate the device immediately after rain.

The design of the gas trimmer is easy to assemble, prepare for work and, directly, use as directed. This does not require any special knowledge or skills. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the simple technical documentation contained in the delivery set.

The assembled unit needs to be refueled. In this capacity, a specially prepared two-stroke mixture is used, consisting of AI-92 gasoline with the addition of the required amount of oil for two-stroke air-cooled gasoline engines. To prepare the mixture and conveniently pour it into the engine tank, a special container is used, which is available in the kit. After replenishing the fuel supply, the ignition is switched on and the engine is started using a manual starter. After a short warm-up, the engine is ready to go into operation.

gasoline, fill, huter, trimmer

Despite its simple design, the gasoline trimmer is a potential source of fire and injury hazards. Gasoline is highly flammable, its vapors are toxic and can be explosive. It follows that when starting to work with such a unit, you should carefully read the rules of fire and technical safety.

The manufacturer gives a warranty period for the Huter GGT-1500T gasoline trimmer 12 months from the date of official sale. But you can use all the advantages and capabilities of the unit for a much longer period, subject to the intended use, as well as timely and proper care.

Gasoline for lawn mowers: which to choose and how to dilute?

For those people who have a summer cottage or a country house, very often there are difficulties with the overgrown grass on the site. As a rule, it is necessary to mow it several times per season and get rid of thickets. Currently, there is a wide range of garden and vegetable garden equipment on the market. One of these assistants can be attributed to a lawn mower, in other words. a trimmer. For effective and long-term operation of such equipment, it is necessary to fill it with high-quality fuel or properly prepared fuel mixtures.

Fuel ratio

If the mixture is diluted correctly, for example, following the instructions below, then the equipment will serve you for more than one year without serious technical breakdowns. At the same time, fuel consumption will be low, and the result of work will be high. The fuel preparation process must always be the same and constant. It is better to use the same ingredients always, without changing the brand indicated by the manufacturer.

gasoline, fill, huter, trimmer

It is not worth adding a lot of oil, it can damage the operation of the engine, but you should not save on it either. To maintain the correct proportions, always use the same measuring container, so as not to be mistaken with the quantity. Medical syringes can be used to measure the oil, but some manufacturers, along with the oil, provide a measuring container with risks in the kit.

The most correct ratio of oil and gasoline is 1 to 50, where 50 is the amount of gasoline, and the amount of oil is 1. For a better understanding, let us explain that 1 liter is equal to 1000 ml. So, to get a ratio of 1 to 50, divide 1000 ml by 50, we get 20 ml. As a result, only 20 milliliters of oil need to be added to 1 liter of gasoline. To dilute 5 liters of gasoline, you need 100 ml of oil.

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In addition to maintaining the correct proportion, it is necessary to follow the mixing technology of the ingredients. In no case should you just add oil to the gas tank. It is better to follow the following step by step instructions.

  • To dilute the mixture, you must prepare in advance a container in which you will mix gasoline and oil. This can be a clean metal or plastic canister with a volume of 3, 5 or 10 liters to make it easier to calculate the amount of oil. Do not use drinking water bottles for this purpose. they are made of thin plastic that can dissolve from gasoline. Use a special measuring container to measure the oil. But if there is none, then, as already noted, medical syringes with a large dosage will do.
  • Pour gasoline into the canister, without adding a couple of centimeters to the full volume. In order not to spill gasoline, take a watering can or insert a funnel into the neck of the canister. Then take the required amount of oil into a syringe or measuring device and pour it into a container with gasoline. It is not recommended to do the opposite. pour gasoline into oil.
  • Close the bottle tightly and stir the mixture. If during the preparation of the mixture or its mixing, part of the fuel spills out, immediately wipe the canister with a dry cloth.
  • Be sure to follow fire safety measures. Dilute the mixture away from fire and never leave leftover fuel or used materials within easy reach of children.

And one more important point: it is better to prepare the mixture just enough to fit into the fuel tank of your lawn mower. It is undesirable to leave the remains of the mixture.

What gasoline can be poured into the trimmer?

Before determining which gasoline can be put into the trimmer, it is necessary to define some of the concepts used.

  • Trim tabs can be with four-stroke or two-stroke engines. Four-stroke trimmers are the most powerful and complex in design; the lubrication of parts of its engine is carried out by an oil pump. The engine runs on pure gasoline. For two-stroke units. simpler ones. preparation of a fuel mixture consisting of gasoline and oil is required. It is due to the amount of oil in the fuel that the rubbing parts in the cylinder of this engine are lubricated.
  • To prepare the mixture, you need a certain grade of gasoline AI-95 or AI-92. The brand of gasoline depends on its ignition speed. octane number. The lower this indicator, the faster gasoline burns and the greater its consumption.

Many models of lawn mowers have two-stroke engines running mainly on AI-92 gasoline. The fuel for them must be mixed independently. It is better to pour gasoline of the brand specified for it by the manufacturer into the lawn mower, otherwise the trimmer will fail faster. For example, with AI-95 gasoline, the engine will quickly overheat, and when choosing AI-80, the fuel mixture turns out to be of very low quality, therefore the engine operation will be unstable and with low power.

In addition to choosing a brand of gasoline, when preparing a fuel mixture for lawn mowers, you need to use a special oil designed specifically for two-stroke engines. Semi-synthetic and synthetic oils work well for lawn mowers. Semi-synthetic oils are in the middle price range, they are suitable for such equipment from any manufacturer, they lubricate the necessary engine elements well. Synthetic oils are more expensive, but they will keep the engine running longer. In any case, when buying equipment, you should carefully read the instructions, since sometimes the manufacturer gives recommendations on the use of specific brands of oil.

If you buy Russian-made oil, then it must be marked. 2T. For a long service life of your equipment and its good condition, you never need to use oils of unknown origin.

Features of refueling lawn mowers

When the mixture is prepared and ready for use, it must be carefully poured into the fuel tank. Since gasoline is a toxic liquid, safety precautions must be observed when working with it. Work must be carried out in calm weather and away from strangers. And also to pour fuel into the tank, you need to use a watering can or funnel with which you previously diluted the mixture. Otherwise, the mixture may spill, go unnoticed, and ignite when the engine heats up.

The fuel bank itself must be cleaned of external contaminants and only then unscrew its cap in order to refuel with the prepared fuel. Once the fuel has been filled, the tank should not be left open, as insects or soil can enter it and clog the fuel filter. Fuel must be poured into the tank up to the indicated mark or less, and then refilled during operation.

As noted above, you should not prepare the mixture more than is necessary for work, it is better to cook less and, if necessary, repeat the process, mixing gasoline with oil again. If there is still unused fuel left, then it must be used up within 2 weeks.

Whatever brand your equipment is, it requires careful attitude and high-quality fuel. If you follow all the recommendations and use fuel sparingly, your lawn mower will serve you for more than one season, and the land plot will always be in perfect order, without weeds and dense thickets of grass.

What gasoline to fill

Gasoline for the trimmer should be chosen unleaded with a stroke number of 92 or 95. As practice shows, AI-80 gasoline can lead to device breakdowns, which is a questionable economy.

Fuel must be fresh, that is, after purchase, it can be stored for no more than 60 days.

Other factors also affect the quality of the fuel, such as using a special lawn mower lubricant and diluting it in a separate container. It is also recommended to use special canisters designed for storing gasoline.

Which oil to choose

For effective trimmer operation, it is necessary to select oil for two-stroke engines. This is due to the lack of an oil sump in such a device. Depending on the chemical composition of the oil, the following classification is distinguished:

  • mineral. based on petroleum distillate, suitable for low-power and air-cooled equipment, but requires frequent replacement and can only be used in good weather during the warm season;
  • semi-synthetic. suitable for garden equipment with air and liquid cooling;
  • synthetic. based on esters, do not require frequent replacement and can be used at any time of the year.

Oil for 2-stroke engines is characterized by good solubility and complete combustion feature. It is recommended to use a lubricant for the trimmer that is suitable for air-cooled units. Most often, it is indicated on the packaging that the oil is intended for garden equipment and is marked TA, TB or TC. over, the last of them is the most preferable.

If the consumption of engine oil during the summer season is planned to be large due to the presence of a chainsaw, brush cutter, lawn mower in the garden arsenal, then it is advisable to buy 5 liters of oil at a more favorable price. If it is needed only to mix with gasoline and fill the only tool, then 1 liter will be enough.

Lawn mower manufacturers often produce the right oil, so you can make your choice easier if you choose the right brand fluid.

How to dilute gasoline with trimmer oil

Dilute the trimmer gasoline in the correct proportion. An insufficient amount of oil can lead to poor lubrication of the lawn mower components, which contributes to rapid wear. If the oil is more than the prescribed amount, carbon deposits will form on the pistons and spark plugs. Carbon deposits on the moving parts of the engine interfere with normal operation and lead to early engine damage.

What proportion is required for a particular trimmer model can be found in the attached instructions. Most often, for 2-stroke gasoline engines of lawn mowers, a fuel mixture is used in a ratio of 50: 1, where 50 is part of gasoline, 1 is part of oil. That is, 20 ml of oil should be added to 1 liter of gasoline. The table will help you choose the required ratio.

To correctly measure the proportions, use measuring containers with a milliliter scale. For these purposes, a special double-necked canister is perfect; it is designed for mixing and storing oil gasoline. For example, oil can be drawn with a medical syringe without a needle. Before mixing liquids, make sure that the container for the ready-made fuel mixture is free of water, dust and dirt particles.

It is unacceptable to dilute gasoline with lubricant directly in the fuel tank; moreover, the proportion of oil and gasoline must be strictly observed. If you ignore this rule, then the trimmer motor can be unstable, due to which it will quickly fail.

It is not recommended to use plastic bottles or canisters for this purpose. This is due to the fact that gasoline tends to dissolve plastic, which means that some of the plastic can get into the fuel tank, which can lead to a breakdown of the carburetor. Although there are special plastic canisters labeled “flame”.

This will require:

  • petrol;
  • oil suitable for air-cooled two-stroke engines;
  • canister, preferably metal;
  • mixing container, metal is also better;
  • gloves;
  • respirator.


In addition to protective equipment, do not forget about fire safety rules, because gasoline and engine oil are flammable:

  • it is better to carry out work outdoors in order to avoid the accumulation of gasoline vapors in the room;
  • do not smoke and create situations associated with the occurrence of a spark.

Make a mixture of gasoline and oil as follows:

  • Pour 1 liter of gasoline into a container, add half of the required portion of oil. Mix thoroughly, do it with extreme caution, away from sources of open fire.
  • Add the rest of the oil to the trimmer gasoline and mix thoroughly again. Fuel can now be poured into the trimmer fuel tank.

The mixture can be stored for no more than three months, so it is better to dilute gasoline in such an amount that it is enough for several uses.

The choice of oil and gasoline for preparing a fuel mixture for a trimmer: dilution ratio table

A trimmer, or lawn mower, is an indispensable tool in the household. over, its reliability, efficiency and long service life depend on many factors. For example, the quality of fuel. This means that you need to select the right trimmer oil, observe the proportions when added to gasoline and the rules for refueling the device.

How and how much to refuel

Filling the trimmer fuel tank is easy. To do this, place the tank so that the lid is on top. The amount of fuel depends on the trimmer model. This information is indicated in the instructions, there is also a mark directly on the tank.

It is strictly forbidden to overfill the tank.

Doing so can cause fuel to overflow into the intake manifold and fuel filter, which could cause engine damage or fuel ignition.

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When refueling the trimmer, you must follow the safety measures:

  • try to fill in the liquid so that it does not spill, you can use a watering can for this;
  • if gasoline still spills, then it must be wiped up immediately;
  • the start of the trimmer must be started after the container with fuel is removed to a safe and secure place, preferably at a distance of more than 10 meters;
  • when there is a long break between operations, drain the remaining fuel.

Correct proportion and adherence to mixing and filling techniques will help to extend the life of the trimmer. In this case, it is recommended to choose only a quality product of the corresponding brand.

Learning to dilute gasoline with trimmer oil if you overfill or overfill

If you bought a trimmer, lawn mower, lawn mower, chainsaw and other types of equipment, then you probably know that they use two-stroke motors as power units. These engines do not run on pure gasoline, like four-stroke engines, but on a mixture of gasoline and oil. In what proportion should gasoline be diluted with trimmer oil. every summer resident asks himself this question before preparing the tool for work. We will understand this issue in detail, since diluting gasoline with trimmer oil affects the service life of the tool, and improper preparation of the mixture will lead to rapid engine wear. What is the danger of excess or insufficient amount of oil in gasoline for a trimmer:

  • If gasoline is diluted with a large amount of oil (above the norm), then this will lead not only to the appearance of a large amount of smoke, but also to the formation of carbon deposits on the cylinder walls and a drop in power. This carbon deposit will cause piston wear, which will be diagnosed by a decrease in its performance.
  • If the gasoline does not contain enough trimmer oil, this is even more dangerous. After all, the working mechanisms of the engine will not be lubricated in sufficient quantities, which will eventually lead to their rapid wear (there is a rapid destruction of the piston rings and the engine jamming). With an insufficient amount of oil in gasoline, poured into the trimmer, engine wear will occur ten times faster

In order not to have to pay for mistakes with the cost of overhauling the engine or buying a new tool, it is necessary to fill the fuel of the correct consistency into the tank from the first day. You can find out the ratio in the instructions for the tool, since models from different manufacturers may give different recommendations. Usually this ratio is the following norms:

  • 1 in 25 or for 1 liter of gasoline 40 grams of two-stroke oil
  • 1 to 40 or 1 liter of gasoline 25-30 grams of lubricant
  • 1 to 50. this is 20 grams of oil per liter of gasoline

The standard value is considered to be 1 to 50 (indicated on cans of oil for two-stroke engines), but it is necessary to rely on it in the most extreme case, since the manufacturers indicate the recommended proportion value, and if it is not observed, then the service life of the two-stroke motor is reduced.

In addition to keeping the proportion, you also need to learn how to prepare the mixture. After all, the option of adding oil to the gas tank is categorically contraindicated, although some do so. If you bought a trimmer or lawn mower, you will need consumables that you will use to prepare the mixture. Instructions for preparing the fuel mixture in the trimmer are as follows:

  • Prepare gasoline and two-stroke oil based on the above recommendations for the selection of lubricant and fuel
  • Additionally, to prepare the mixture, you need to take a container or container. Usually a plastic bottle is used for this, to the selection of which an appropriate approach is needed. It must be clean inside. It is not recommended to use a container for milk, beer and other drinks. The best option is a container of mineral water.
  • It is very important that the container has a whole volume value, that is, 1 or 2 liters, so that you do not have to calculate how much oil to pour into a 1.5 liter, 1.3 or 1.25 liter bottle, because you can easily make a mistake
  • You will also need a syringe, which is used as a measuring device for dispensing oil. For such purposes, a conventional medical syringe for 10 or more cubes is suitable. It is desirable that the syringe has an accurate measuring scale
  • After preparing the necessary materials, you can start cooking

Instructions for preparing a fuel mixture in a lawn mower:

  • First you need to fill the plastic container. The container is not full 2 ​​fingers to fit the oil
  • The required amount of two-stroke oil is drawn into a syringe, and poured into a bottle with collected gasoline. You need to do it this way, and not vice versa.
  • After adding a lubricant to the bottle, it requires you to close it tightly with a cap and stir. However, keep in mind that oils labeled “pre mix” need stirring. If the container with oil has the designation “self mix”, then you do not need to shake the container, and after combining the substances, you can pour them into the tool tank

After preparing the fuel mixture for the trimmer, it remains to fill the tool and start working. How to properly refuel trimmers, lawn mowers, chainsaws and other types of motor vehicles, we will consider in detail.

Choosing a lawn mower oil useful tips from professionals

If the instructions for the tool have been lost, and there are difficulties with choosing the right oil, then it is recommended to stop your choice on the following two options:

  • Semi-synthetic. they are cheaper than synthetics, but more expensive than mineral water. Suitable for equipment, both Russian and foreign. They have low smoke parameters, and adequately “take care” of the structural elements of the motor. Manufactured by ferrying petroleum products and hydrocarbons
  • Synthetic. expensive types of lubricants that are suitable for all types of equipment. If you use synthetics for your trimmer, then the engine of the tool will work like a clock.

When choosing and buying oils for dilution with gasoline, you may come across the fact that some letter designations are indicated on the cans. These designations are an API classification, which will be useful to find out who wants to fill the tool with a lubricant that is suitable for the parameters. Let’s consider all types of oils according to API classification for two-stroke engines:

  • TA. intended for air-cooled units with a volume of up to 50 cm3. These include mopeds, lawn mowers, trimmers and lawn mowers. Optimal solution for lawn mowers and trimmers
  • TB. used for refueling engines of units such as mopeds, chainsaws, scooters and motorcycles. The engine displacement of such equipment ranges from 50 to 200 cm3. This type of oil is also suitable for trimmers
  • TC. intended for dilution with gasoline and filling in motorcycles, snowmobiles and other types of land equipment
  • TD. serves for refueling outboard motors, hydro scooters and boats

API classification is an American standard that is used in Europe. However, when choosing, there are additional designations on oil cans for two-stroke engines, for example, FA, FB, FC, FD and others. This is the smoke emission classification of oils developed by the Japanese JASO standard. If such designations are found on the selected oils for trimmers and chainsaws, then their decoding must be taken into account:

  • FA. used in countries where the legislation provides for the minimum emission of smoke into the atmosphere. Emits an imperceptible fog of smoke during operation
  • FB. Designed for use in countries where there are strict restrictions on the emission of smoke into the atmosphere. Virtually no white smoke
  • FC. smoke emitted into the atmosphere is transparent and invisible to humans
  • FD are smokeless oils for 2-stroke internal combustion engines that do not emit smoke, but still have improved chemical properties. They are usually used for mixing with gasoline and refueling boats, boats and yachts.

If the designation “self mix” and “pre mix” is present on the container with the lubricant, then they mean self-mixing with gasoline (the first option, which does not require shaking), and the need for forced dissolution (the second option).

Knowing the classification of oils by their types, it will not be difficult to choose the best option for your brand of lawn mowers. On the market you can find a variety of brands of oils for two-stroke engines, but it is better to pay special attention to such companies:

  • Stihl. produce mineral and synthetic, and semi-synthetic of this brand are rare
  • Shell Helix Ultra. Recommended by Specialists
  • Motul
  • Oleo-Mac
  • ECHO
  • Hammerflex
  • Lukoil is a Russian oil that costs 3 times cheaper than foreign analogues, but at the same time has excellent quality indicators

Product are not indicated as vary. There are many other brands, and if you still want to find the perfect trimmer lubricant for yourself, then it is recommended to watch the test in the video clip below.

From the video, we can conclude that it is not always useful to buy expensive oils, since they may turn out to be of unsatisfactory quality, which can be seen in a real example.

We deal with the choice of gasoline for lawn mowers AI-92 or AI-95

How many people, so many opinions, which applies not only to the choice of oil for the trimmer, but also gasoline. Similarly, in order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is recommended to use gasoline of the brand recommended by the manufacturer (indicated in the manual for the tool). However, everything is not so simple here, since at each gas station, the brands of gasoline are only called the same, but they have completely different composition. You need to figure it out and come to a common conclusion about which brand is better to pour gasoline into a two-stroke engine for your trimmer.

gasoline, fill, huter, trimmer

Manufacturers recommend using A-92 gasoline for their equipment, and some models require the use of A-95 grades, which do not contain ethyl alcohol. It is not recommended to use AI-90 and lower gasoline, as they will cause rapid wear of engine parts. When buying gasoline of one brand, you cannot be 100% sure that it corresponds to reality. The result is the following picture:

  • The manufacturer recommends pouring fuel into the AI-92 trimmer
  • The summer resident uses only gasoline of this brand, but buys it at gas stations, where the price is lower or where necessary
  • This negatively affects the internal parts of the engine, since at one gas station it is really high-quality AI-92 gasoline, and at the second. at best, if it is AI-80, not AI-76

As a result, the engine suffers, and after a couple of years of operation of the new trimmer, it becomes necessary to overhaul it. In order not to have to analyze the quality of fuel or buy only expensive gasoline, it is recommended to refuel at only one gas station. At filling stations, gasoline is only poured into metal cans, not plastic.

There are manufacturers producing special purified fuel for two-stroke engines. If this option is chosen, then you do not need to choose the best gas station, the brand of gasoline and control its shelf life.

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How to choose trimmer oil or types of lubricants

Trimmers and lawn mowers are powered by two-stroke engines, which have a simplified design. Rarely, there are trimmer models with 4-stroke engines that run on pure gasoline. Two-stroke power units do not have a compartment for filling engine oil (oil sump), thereby reducing the weight of the tool and reducing their cost. If the rotating parts of the motor are not lubricated, they will eventually fail quickly. To prevent this, the trimmer is not filled with pure gasoline, but with a mixture of oil. What oil to dilute with gasoline for a trimmer?

To begin with, let’s remember or find out what types of oils are produced in terms of chemical composition:

  • Mineral liquids. designed for low power equipment with air cooling. It is the cheapest type of engine lubricant.
  • Semi-synthetic substances. they are used for equipment that has air and water cooling
  • Synthetic. suitable for all types of motors with different types of cooling. They do not require frequent replacement, and this type of lubricant is several times more expensive than mineral and semi-synthetic

From the above it follows that oil with any composition is suitable for a trimmer. mineral water, synthetics and semi-synthetics. Oils with different chemical compositions differ in price, therefore, when buying, it is necessary to rely on the recommendations of the tool manufacturer. The instructions indicate advisory information on which types of oils are best to use. If this is the TC-W3 standard, then it is not so important what composition the substance should have. In this case, mineral water, semi-synthetics and synthetics can be diluted with gasoline.

How to properly fill the finished fuel into a two-stroke engine

Many do not follow some important recommendations for pouring fuel into the gas tank of a trimmer or lawn mowers, which ultimately leads to unpleasant consequences. Let’s consider important recommendations on how to properly fill the gas tank of lawn mowers with diluted fuel from gasoline and oil:

  • Prepare a funnel or watering can. Despite the large diameter of the hole in the gas tank, very often when trying to get into it, some part of the fuel is spilled, which gets on the body of the tool. Fuel trapped on the tool can cause a fire when heated, so it is very important to use a funnel or watering can.
  • Before unscrewing the plug, thoroughly clean the surface of the tank, as dirt can get inside, which will cause a quick clogging of the gas filter
  • Fuel filling operations must be carried out in calm weather or in a secluded place to exclude the possibility of dust and small grains of sand getting inside the tank.
  • Do not leave the tank hatch open for a long time, as not only small grains of sand and dust, but also insects can get into it
  • Do not inhale gasoline vapors while filling, as they are dangerous to humans. When working with a trimmer, the master must use protective glasses, earmuffs and a respirator
  • It is necessary to pour fuel into the tank up to the mark. If you fill the tank full, then when screwing the plug, some of it will pour out. wasteful use of fuel. In this case, it is better to underfill than overflow.

Given these recommendations, you can significantly extend the life of the gasoline tool in question.

How to dilute gasoline with trimmer oil instructions with a description

To cut grass in the country or in the field, you will need gasoline trimmers. They run on gasoline, unlike their electric counterparts. Far from many masters know how gasoline and oil for trimmers, petrol and lawn mowers are diluted. Step-by-step instructions for preparing the fuel mixture in the trimmer will be useful not only for beginners, but also for specialists who may be refueling chainsaws incorrectly.

Trimmer Ready Mixed Storage Tips

After refueling the trimmer, many put aside the mixture in the bottle until the next time. Sometimes this next time does not come soon, and stretches until the next year. It is impossible to store the finished mixture for so long, as the oil decomposes. After preparing the mixture, it must be consumed within 1-2 weeks. In addition, it is also impossible to store the tool for a long time with the fuel mixture poured into the tank, since the effect will be the same. To prevent unforeseen circumstances, it is recommended to take into account the following recommendations for storing a ready-made gasoline-oil mixture:

  • Prepare the fuel mixture in the amount that will be used. If you do not know how much fuel you use, then it is better to cook less.
  • If a fuel mixture remains in the trimmer tank (when the tool is hidden until the next season), then it must be completely used up or drained
  • Before adding the prepared mixture to the tank, stir it thoroughly
  • Store the prepared mixture in a tightly curled container, as well as in a place limited to exposure to sunlight

Subject to all recommendations, the service life of the trimmer will be no less than indicated in the instructions. The use of high-quality consumables in pairs, observing the recommendations for preparing the mixture in the trimmer, will entail a long and effective service of the gasoline tool.

Two-stroke petrol trimmers

Mototrimmers equipped with a two-stroke engine do not have a separate oil supply system for lubricating rubbing parts. Therefore, they need to be filled not with pure gasoline, but with its mixture with engine oil. Remember that the oil must be special, designed for two-stroke engines. Using automotive engine oil can damage the instrument.

Trimmers with a two-stroke engine should be filled with AI-92 gasoline. Of course, it will be able to run on gasoline with a higher octane number. But when refueling with AI-95 gasoline, the engine will overheat and run unevenly.

Mix oil and gasoline in the correct proportion. If there is too little lubricant, seizures will appear on the surface of the piston and cylinder walls, then the piston ring will collapse, and the engine will jam. An excess of oil is not so critical, but it will also lead to unpleasant consequences. Carbon deposits will form on the piston, and the piston ring will coke, which will lead to a drop in power.

Usually the proportions of gasoline and oil are indicated in the instructions for the tool. Many manufacturers prescribe a ratio of 50: 1. one part oil is poured into 50 parts of fuel. Therefore, there should be 20 ml of oil per liter of fuel. If the engine is worn out, or the tool is under high load, the amount of lubricant can be increased to 25: 1 by pouring 40 ml per liter of gasoline.

  • What gasoline is needed for a trimmer
  • How to choose a petrol trimmer
  • How to choose gasoline

The grade of gasoline suitable for a particular tool model is usually indicated in the operating instructions. If you ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations and fill the tank with fuel with the wrong octane number, over time, the device may simply fail. Trimmers are available with two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Their refueling and maintenance are significantly different.

What gasoline is needed for a trimmer

Petrol trimmers with four stroke engine

The trim tabs, powered by a four-stroke engine, are more complex. Gasoline and oil are poured into different containers, from where they are then fed to the engine. In such models, you cannot use a lubricant designed for two-stroke engines.
Gasoline for a trimmer with such a motor must be of the AI-92 or AI-95 brands. It is not recommended to use fuel with a lower octane number. this will lead to unstable engine operation.

Many trimmer manufacturers strongly advise the use of fuels and lubricants produced under their own logo. They are often more expensive than analogs sold under other names. Is it worth overpaying for branded oil?
Gasoline tool companies do not manufacture fuels and lubricants. They buy these products from firms that produce oils, and then pack the grease in containers with their own symbols. Therefore, you can safely buy the right oil from any manufacturer. The main thing is that it matches the parameters of the engine.

Need a trimmer

Reviews of the main features and advantages of the model

  • vibration damping system;
  • structural strength;
  • long service life;
  • the location of the controls on the handle;
  • easy start.

The trimmer “Huter 1900″ has a fairly impressive power, which is 1.9 kW. A knife or fishing line is used as a cutting element. The tank capacity is 0.7L and the line thickness is 2mm. Before purchasing this equipment, you should take into account that its weight is quite impressive. This is stated by many novice users. Equipment weight is 7 kg.

Model operating instructions

The above gasoline trimmer “Huter” should be used taking into account the safety rules that are prescribed in the instructions. From them you can learn that it is unacceptable to use the equipment for people who are under the influence of alcohol or physically tired. Before starting work, you must equip yourself with special protective equipment, among them you should highlight the appropriate clothing, goggles, mittens or gloves, a helmet and headphones. The equipment should not be used near flammable and explosive substances. This also applies to conditions under which high humidity remains.

A lawn is quite an attractive element of the site today. However, it will look good if you take good care of it. To do this, you should regularly water the area, feed it with fertilizers and cut the grass weekly. If we neglect the last condition, then rather quickly the territory will turn into dense thickets.

secrets of 2 stroke engines oil x gas mixture

The cost of spare parts for a trimmer

Regardless of the quality of the tool, you may need spare parts for the Huter trimmer. Some of them will be discussed below. For example, a drum for clutching with a housing will cost the consumer 860 rubles, while the bolt for attaching the clutch housing costs only 5 rubles. A flexible shaft for a trimmer costs 600 rubles, but a container for preparing a fuel mixture will cost a symbolic amount. 50 rubles.

Reviews of the GET 1200SL electric trimmer

If you want to buy the Huter electric trimmer, then you can pay attention to the model that was mentioned in the subheading. Its cost is not so high and amounts to 5,000 rubles. The equipment, according to buyers, can be used for processing the lawn on the personal plot, as well as processing small areas. You can use the tool to cut grass even in hard-to-reach places such as along a fence or under benches.

The power of the unit is sufficient to perform tasks in everyday life and is 1.2 kW. The bar is collapsible, this, as buyers emphasize, simplifies not only storage, but also transportation. This example is ideal for women and the elderly, as the equipment is lightweight. weight is 4.5 kg.