What good screwdrivers of firms are considered. The best budget batteries

The best battery screwdriver in price and quality

It is now difficult to present home repair or professional construction without a screwdriver. The universal and functional instrument has become a reliable assistant to a specialist and amateur. This article will tell you how to choose the best battery screwdriver by price and quality.

Before choosing a wireless tool, you should pay attention to the following characteristics of the screwdriver.


In household tools and for home use, the size of the torque is small and is from 8 to 27 nm. Slaurules with an indicator are considered semi.Professional 30 to 80 nm. Professional options have a torque from 100 nm And reach 200 Nm.

Rotational speed

Spindle revolutions per unit time are called speed of rotation. It also depends on the models. The screwdriver for domestic use has a rotation speed from 100 to 300 rpm. Professional go with an indicator from 400 to 1000 rpm.

Type of cartridge

Cartridges in a screwdriver are divided into several types:

There are several additional parameters that cannot be bypassed:

Squads which company is better to choose

In a broad sense, when buying an instrument, one cannot unequivocally say which is better and which is worse. Everyone has its own strengths and weaknesses. If we talk about choosing a brand, you need to take into account:

  • The presence of service centers in the walking distance.
  • Type of equipment and the ability to purchase analogues, not just branded consumables.
  • Brands make universal batteries that are suitable for both screwdrivers and other wireless units (drills, lobe, grinding machines and others).
  • The class of technology, as a rule, is conditionally divided into household and professional. If you take the “pros” for the house, it is quite acceptable, then household models can serve on the system only as a backup, auxiliary tool.

In conclusion, you need to add: to choose the best screwdriver at an affordable price, you need to correctly evaluate the specifics of work. This is what determines what characteristics the tool should have.

The best battery screwdrivers

Battery screwdrivers are ideal for construction and production. The same devices are used by repair teams and home masters. However, when buying, you need to determine how often the screwdriver will be in work. Long.Term simple will lead to damage to batteries, so for rare or one.Time use, we recommend that we look after the network models discussed in the next category.

Screwdrivers can be equipped with three types of batteries:

good, screwdrivers, firms, considered, best

Nickel-cadmium and nickel-metallological batteries developed on their basis are not very much in demand today, since they have many minuses that are unlikely to be outweighed for an ordinary user. The lithium-ion batteries have a low indicator of self-discharge, so a small simple simple one is not terrible for him, and the “effect of memory” in them is completely absent, which allows you to charge it at any time.

One. Rokodil Twist Max

Reliable and powerful battery screwdriver to solve all types of installation work. Given the low cost and excellent technical characteristics, this model is rightfully occupied by the leading position in the electrical tool market.

The screwdriver is equipped with a fast.Packed type of cartridge, reverse, backlight, speed control, engine brake, spindle locking. The maximum torque is 48 nm. The screwdriver is supplied with two batteries of 2 a/h, case and charger. The device lies perfectly in the hand thanks to an ergonomic handle equipped with rubberized inserts and weight, which is only 1.25 kg.

Makita DF331DWYE

Inexpensive battery screwdriver of excellent quality. Makita worked both on durability and convenience, so the device does not cause any of these paragraphs of claims. The device weighs only 1.1 kg, so working with it is very convenient.

To ensure safety on the device, a lock button is provided. Ease of work in poorly lit areas of rooms is facilitated by point illumination. The maximum idle speed of the DF331DWYE is 1700 rpm.

  • Complete suitcase;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Good backlight;
  • Two batteries;
  • Convenience and reliability in work;
  • Japanese quality.

AEG BS 12G3 LI-152C

The solution from the popular German brand, acting as an alternative to Makita model both in price and in functionality. A convenient screwdriver is supplied in a high.Quality company case, where in addition to the device itself, a spare battery, charger and documentation is located on it itself.

By the number of revolutions, AEG BS 12G3 is slightly inferior to a competitor (1,500 rpm), but this popular screwdriver model can boast of a large diameter of the cartridge (from 0.8 up to 10 mm) and the possibility of drilling in a tree of holes with a diameter of 3 cm inclusive. The device also provides for illumination and protection against overload.

  • Excellent ergonomics;
  • Low weight;
  • Suitable for professional activity;
  • Good power;
  • German quality;
  • Resilient batteries;
  • Elaborate cooling system;
  • The presence of a case for transportation;
  • Cracking protection.

Bosch GSR 12V-15

Next in line is one of the best battery screws in the reliability of the battery type-Bosch GSR 12V-15. It is equipped with a rapidly packed cartridge that allows you to quickly change the equipment (with a diameter of not more than 10 mm) and a variator of the degree of clamping (20 steps and separate for drilling).

The speed switch is installed on the top of the Bosch screwdriver. In the first mode, the user receives 400 rpm, which is enough to tighten the screws. At the second speed (1300 revolutions), holes in size of not more than 19 and 10 mm for wood and metal can be drilled, respectively.

  • Battery charge indicator;
  • Illumination of the working area;
  • Resilient batteries;
  • Convenient reverse button;
  • Charging batteries in just half an hour;
  • Holster for mounting on a belt.

Dewalt DCD791D2

The most powerful screwdriver in this category. Dewalt DCD791D2 boasts a torque of 70 Nm, which will come in handy when tightening large screws and working with large sovers, as well as the maximum number of idle speeds of 2000 per minute. The permissible diameter of the drill and metal for this model is 40 and 13 mm, respectively. The device is equipped with a pair of batteries with a capacity of 2 ah. It takes 60 minutes to charge the battery with a voltage of 18 V. Among the features of the device, you can distinguish electronic adjustment of the rotation frequency, lamp for point illumination and a beast engine.

  • Reliable and hardy;
  • Convenient;
  • Powerful;
  • A wide range of selection of torque (15 positions);
  • Gorgeously supports the specified turns;
  • With backlight;
  • Quickly charges;
  • Low weight;
  • 3 years warranty.

Which company is better to buy a screwdriver

Many companies that produce a construction tool offer decent and high.Quality goods. And among this variety it is not easy to choose something deserving. This article will show the best manufacturers of screwdrivers who produce household and professional models.

Below will be presented the TOP of companies showing which brands of screwdrivers are offered by each of them.

Construction tools and other equipment from Germany have long proved their reliability, durability and quality of their products to the world. AEG company is no exception. The company began its activities back in 1883. The name of the brand translates as “universal electric company”.

AEG developers began with irons, vacuum cleaners and washing machines. Thanks to hard work for many years, German industrialists have earned the trust of buyers around the world. All AEG products, without exception, are made of environmentally friendly materials and using high technologies.

Factory lines for the production of screwdrivers and other equipment are located in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Italy.


The Russian company Sturm began to conquer the market in 2003. Now this is the largest manufacturer of building tools for home and professional environment. A huge assortment of products provided. More than 1,400 items.

good, screwdrivers, firms, considered, best

Than 40 production areas are located in China. A feature of the company is that each plant produces its own certain line of products. This allows you to control the process from beginning to end.

Sometimes the user is faced with a choice of which screwdriver to take, Hyundai or assault. All tools are made taking into account the Russian climate and operating conditions. STURM products are developed by high.Class specialists from Japan and the USA. This means that the assembly and power of the acquired tool will not fail.


The American company, which developed in 1991 its first models of equipment under the Patriot brand. They work closely with Russian experts in the oil and gas industry. In 1999, the first sales in Russia and the CIS began.

The advantage of the brand is the presence of own components and savings in fuel consumption of produced gasoline models. Some types of products have a patent, All products from Patriot have a certificate.

good, screwdrivers, firms, considered, best

340 points of service centers, hot lines of customer support, positive consumer reviews. All this sets up for a working mood and a desire to purchase products of the company Patriot.

Domestic company that recently appeared on the construction market. Despite youth, it is considered a brand producing the best brands of screwdrivers. Assessments of Russian users confirm this. The difference from all other manufacturers will be a low price, reliability and durability of products.

In their own laboratory, employees of the company Zubyr conduct tests on goods samples. This allows you to put ergonomic, hardy models with maximum comfort into production. All Zubr tools are valid expanded 5-year warranty period.


A young company from Russia producing battery and network models of a construction tool. There is its own production area, except for those located in China, Italy and Spain. Interscol products are serious competition to foreign brands.

The combination in quality products and affordable allows customers to carefully look at the assortment. Than 460 service departments only in the Russian Federation. Than 5 million is produced per year. Names of goods. All tools have a two.Year guarantee.

Black Decker

Another company from the USA specializing in the production of construction tools. Black Decker developers were the first in the world to release a small size for homework. In 1991, the company established the production of batteries own nutrition elements.

Dexer experts are constantly working on updating the product range. Every year they promote their goods to different markets of construction and household appliances. Russian buyers attract low price tags, compact devices and their reliability in Black Decker screwdrivers.


Japanese concern, which knows the answer to the question well: a screwdriver of which company is better to buy and why. At the beginning of its career, Ryobi was engaged in technologies related to foundry production. At the end of the 20th century, the capabilities of the company allowed drills and other building tools.

All Ryobi specialists are supporters of environmentally friendly materials. All products strictly comply with international standards to combat air pollution. The screwdrivers of the Japanese company are coming with lithium-ion batteries, which is considered compliance with strict security standards of the European level.


A company not very well.Known to the Russian consumer, but quite popular in the world. Hilti’s homeland. Liechtenstein, where the company was founded. At the time of its formation, it was a small workshop for the production of lighters and small household appliances.

Today, Hilti is a world.Famous concern, its equipment and its own technological developments. The company has its branches in more than 120 countries of the world, including Russia. The range of products contains wireless and network tools, fasteners and consumables.

Chinese trading sign of electric tools and garden equipment. Someone may relate to the purchase of Chinese technology cautiously, but this is not so. A few years ago, they established the production of gas.Motor equipment, screwdrivers, drills and equipment for welding production. In the production of tools p.I.T. The materials of high technologies and modern combined parameters are used.

The use of light alloys reduces the weight of the manufactured equipment, but its power is not lost. Strong plastic plots of screwdrivers reliably protect units from falls and shocks. Rubbed handles provide convenient conditions for operation.

Battering Drill Survuroet Disa-18er Promo Li-Ion 2 Ah 18 in x2

Compact drill-shuruvret for home use with a 2-speed gearbox that guarantees the effectiveness of work. The limiting coupling prevents the breakdown of the slot. Point lighting will allow installation in poorly lit and limited spaces. The kit has a spare battery, a fast-packed cartridge and a screwdriver with a diameter 50 mm.

Battle Drum-shuruvret Zubr Dshl-121

Light tool for different tasks. Convenient rubber pen guarantees. Your hands will not feel fatigue when working with a screwdriver. The electronic system protects the device from overheating and overload. A non.Clock cartridge allows you to easily change the equipment. For the bit, a magnetic holder is provided. The kit includes 1 bit additional.

Patriot BR 201Us Li-ion 2 battery.0 ah 20 in x2 case

Drill-shuruvret for installing threaded joints and drilling holes. Accurate setting For a certain type of fastener or material, it is provided thanks to the switch of the moment of power and the 2-speed gearbox. Fast.Sounding cartridge provides light fixation of equipment. LED backlighting will help when working in insufficiently lit places.

Battery Drill-Shuruvret Resanta DA-14-2L

Household screwdriver for screwing screws and drilling holes in a tree, plastic, metal. The rubberized handle provides a reliable grip. In case the drill or fasteners stuck, a reverse mechanism is provided. The device case allows you to tighten the screws with the lowest costs and work in hard.To.Reach places. The engine brake functions are provided and Spindle lock, as well as protection of batteries from shorts and overloads. The battery and the set of bit are included.

Makita DF330DWLE

Screwdriver for those who prefer quality, time.Tested. The best option for both domestic needs and more active operation. Everything you need in the kit. From the case to the spare battery, works great both as a screwdriver and as an unstressed drill. With the Makita DF330Dwle drill, there will be not only quality, but also comfort.


  • The presence of a shift battery (while one works. The second is charged).
  • Pointed with a lantern.
  • Blocking function of the power button.
  • The rubberized handle does not slide in the hand.


  • Gears in the gearbox are plastic, so that the screwdriver is easier, but with sloppy operation, a replacement may be required.
  • The cartridge shades slightly in the place of drilling.

Which screwdriver to buy: criteria for choosing a good tool

When choosing an instrument, the cost does not play the main role, technical characteristics.


The maximum torque determines the force with which the cartridge rotates. It depends on it what diameter and to what depth you can tighten the self.Tapping screw. For different types of screwdrivers, different meanings are important.

Screwdriver greatly facilitates housework

  • On drywall Enough. 10 N m;
  • For household Applications-10-25 H m;
  • For work with large diameter drills and metal screws. Up to 100 N m.

Power consumption

Network tools are equipped with power engines from 100 to 900 watts. For everyday use, you should choose a model with an indicator of about 500 watts.

Bruste or best

Brush screwdriver You can work regularly and for a long time. However, if high loads come, constant and long.Term work is desirable to purchase a brilliant option. The weight is less than reduces the load on the hand, makes the operation easier.

Type of cartridge

  • Quickly joke. The drill and the bit holder are easily inserted.
  • Key. For the clamp, you need a special toothed key.


The top of the 2022 screwdrivers includes models of companies, leaders in the production of power tools.

I have proven myself well products of firms:

Source of power

Screwdrivers can work from the network and battery. Electric ones have a significant weight, they work with them only next to the outlet or through the extension cord. Batteries are easier, allocated by autonomous work. It is better to buy a kit with 2 batteries: while one is in a screwdriver, the other is on charging.

The screwdriver uses a quick.And.Packed or key type of cartridge

Which battery for a screwdriver is the best

Since this material is discussed precisely about the battery screwdrivers, before proceeding with the comparison and reviews of the tool, it is necessary to clarify what types of batteries are, what positive and negative sides they have and which of them is preferred.

Varieties of batteries

Nickel-cadmium (nicd). The largest dimensions, which is not always convenient for compact reasons, have batteries called nickel-cadmium and designated “Nicd”. They are quite cheap and work as a clock. Without failures, both at high temperatures and at minus. You can charge them an impressive number of times. But the effect of memory present here can serve as an unkind service, in order to avoid what such a storage battery is sent completely, to zero, to zero. Charging is also carried out only when the battery is finally sitting.

The memory effect is the loss of the battery capacity and, as a result, it is less prolonged to use it in the intervals between recharging. If you do not wait for the complete discharge of this battery, it will become recharge again, it “remembers” that he was not fully spent and in the next will not give all the energy, but only the amount that reaches this boundary. You have to constantly monitor the battery charge level. Owners of the tool with such batteries often ignore the moment, as a result, part of the container is gradually lost.

good, screwdrivers, firms, considered, best

Nickel-metal-gidrid (nimh). Battery, called nickel-metall-hydride, are marked with the letters “NIMH”. They are one hundred percent environmentally friendly and weigh very little. Another significant plus is their ability to work for a long time, without requiring recharging. The memory effect of these batteries is present, but not as clearly expressed as the previous type. Alas, they have a significant minus. This is the inability to withstand frosts. Even when there is only minus two degrees outside, such a battery begins to discharge on its own. It is impossible to store a screwdriver in a garage without heating or in a car trunk. For storage, this type of batteries, it is also necessary to charge.

Litius-ion (Li-Ion). The third type of batteries is lithium-ionic. Marking “Li-Ion”. They appeared later. In 1991, in the mass issue, becoming the brainchild of the Japanese corporation Sony. Differ in the absolute lack of memory effect, large capacity and long.Term charge of charge. Weigh forty percent less than the analogues described above. They can be charged in any condition. At any charge level. Such batteries are often placed on professional models, especially with screwdrivers combined with a drill.

Basic concepts

One. What the battery capacity is talking about. A capacity, the unit of measurement of which is called ampere-hour (a/h), determines the duration of the tool without recharging. Accordingly, domestic tools are distinguished (the capacity of which is from 1.3 to 2 a/h) and professional with a container exceeding 2 a/h.

Charging speed. It is important when you need to do work quickly. For a household, not too expensive tool, this characteristic varies from 2 to 12 hours. But the models in a professional performance can be charged in an hour, or even in half an hour. As a rule, such tools have lithium batteries and a pulse charger.

Battery voltage. The voltage of the battery may make a value from 3 to 36 volts. At the same time, the torque of the model of 14.4 V and on 12 V may be the same. In turn, torque determines the power of the screwdriver and you might think that buying a tool with high voltage is not appropriate. In fact, the 14.4 B battery is capable of maintaining the maximum power of the tool and, as a result, is able to work for a longer time until the moment when the battery drop in the outbreak to reduce the power of the screwdriver.

Comparison of batteries of various types:

Li-Ion NIMH Nicd
Memory effect Not Yes Yes
Storage conditions Fully charged Partially discharged Completely discharged
Charging conditions In some moment Only after complete discharge Only after complete discharge
Number of cycles/discharge 600 300. 500
Makita DF 030 DWE Bosch GSR 10.8-Li L-BOXX DeWALT DCD710S2
Type of cartridge Under the bit Under the bit Quickly joke
Maximum torque, (n m) 24 thirty 24
Stages of torque 181 211 141
Battery capacity, (ah) 1.3 2.0 1.5
Type of battery Li-Ion Li-Ion Li-Ion
The number of batteries included 2 2 2
Number of speeds 2 2 2
Maximum speed, (rpm) 1300 1300 1500
Diameter of drilling in a tree, (Max. Mm) 21 nineteen nineteen
Diameter of drilling in a metala, (Max. Mm) ten ten ten

TOP-22 best screwdrivers: rating of 2020-2021 budget and professional models

Without a good screwdriver, it is impossible to quickly and efficiently fix the details with self.Tapping screws or screws.

Some tools help drill wooden, metal, plastic, concrete, brick bases.

The market is replete with various samples, among which you can find network, battery, domestic, professional, with a drill regime or a construction mixer, as well as many other models in a different price segment.

This article is devoted to a separate category. Rating of reliable screw vests.

Tips for the choice, characteristics of each device, advantages and disadvantages are described.

Rating of the best battery screwdrivers

Place Model
one. Metabo PowerMax Bs 2014, 10.8 V, 2.0a h x2, case Prices Review
2. DEKO GCD12DU3 Li-Ion 1.5 A h 12 in x1 box Prices Review
3. Makita DF333DWYE4, 12 V, 1.5 A h x2, case, set bit Prices Review
4. Dewalt DCD791D2 Prices Review
5. Bosch GSR 120-Li, 12 V, 2.0a h x2, case Prices Review
6. Hitachi DS10DAL Prices Review
7. Interskol DA-12ER-02 595 Li-Ion 1.5 A h 12 in x2 case Prices Review
eight. Bort BAB-10.8-p Prices Review
nine. WHILE DA-18L-2K 2015 Prices Review
ten. Military CD12 Prices Review

Before choosing a wireless screwdriver for a home or professional repair, you should pay attention to some technical points.


For household chores or small repair in the country, models with a torque from 10 to 20 nm are suitable. They are inexpensive, compact, which attract users. Screwdrivers with an indicator of up to 50 nm are optimal for twisting long and thick fasteners. Indispensable when working with roofing material.

There are powerful devices with the size of torque from 110 nm and above. On such modifications, in addition to the drilling mode, there is also a shock function. Professionals will appreciate such an instrument.

Rotational speed

The stronger the user will press the start button, the higher the speed will be higher. For household work, 500 rpm will be enough. For the drilling mode, 1000 rpm may be needed.


In wireless screwdrivers, voltage is issued batteries. This value is measured in volts. Household models work well with a capacity of 9-14 V, and professional requires a higher indicator-18 V.


There are several types of cartridges for a screwdriver. Some are used often, and some are suitable only for certain purposes.

  • Fasted cartridge. Looks like a steel, corrugated sleeve. For tightening, you do not need a key, everything is done by hand.
  • Selfless cartridge. When working modes alternate with each other, a regular change of nozzles is required. To tighten, you need to turn a slightly mobile clutch a little.
  • Bit patron. It is used only for bit and fasteners with carvings (bolts, screws, self.Tapping screws).

Type of battery

Lithuanian-ion batteries (Li-ion) They are considered the most popular. High power, while the battery itself is small. They are quickly charged at any time and do not suffer from the “memory effect”. Lack of harmful substances and long life. One of the main disadvantages is the sensitivity to cold.

Nickel-cadmium version (Ni-CD). Resistant to low temperatures. Unpretentious and durable. With proper operation, work up to 10 years. Of the shortcomings, a large weight and toxicity can be noted.

Nickel-metall-hydride batteries. Quite new type, designed as a replacement of nickel-cadmium batteries. But of the advantages only less toxicity and compactness. Of the minuses. Long charging and fast discharge. The price is an order of order higher than that of the rest of the battery.

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TOP. 7. The best battery screwdrivers. Rating!

The most powerful screwdriver of 12 voltes / DeWALT DCD701, Makita DF332D, Metabo BS 12 BL Q

Unique battery screwdriver Makita DTP 141, no analogues

The best battery screwdrivers Ni-CD


Drill-shuruvret with a fast-packed cartridge, two-speed gearbox, drilling mode. Nickel-cadmium technology guarantees the reliability of the battery system even in extreme operating conditions.

The tool showed worthy results in drilling holes in a tree, plastic, metal, as well as when twisting and twisting fasteners.

Equipped with a rubberized handle for convenient retention of the device. The reverse mechanism helps to instantly extract a drill from the material or weaken the fasteners.

  • The diameter of the cartridge is 1-13 mm;
  • Max. Speed. 1 250 rpm;
  • The diameter of the hole on the tree is 30 mm, metal. 12 mm;
  • Voltage. 18 V;
  • The compartment includes for mounting bit, case, charging, 2 batteries.

Interskol DA-10/12M3

Drill-shurubound is designed to perform construction and installation work-drilling holes, twisting fasteners.

Ifu D1 Precision Electric Screwdriver Set with 18 Bits. White

Equipped with a fast.Packed cartridge, a two.Speed gearbox, a torque regulator.

Reverse allows you to quickly and carefully twist screws, screws.

Stable, prolonged work is achieved due to two nickel-cadmium batteries. They quickly charge, do not deteriorate from intense loads.

LED lighting high.Quality illuminates the working area, even in the absence of electricity.

  • The diameter of the cartridge. 0.8-10 mm;
  • Max. Speed. 1,400 rpm;
  • The diameter of the hole on the tree is 20 mm, the metal is 10 mm;
  • Voltage. 12 V;
  • The box includes, two batteries, charging;
  • Dimensions. 20x24x8.1 cm;
  • Weight. 1.58 kg.
  • Convenient speed switching;
  • Bright backlight;
  • Rubberized handle;
  • Lightness, compactness;
  • Durable case with metal locks.

Hammer ACD142

This is a compact drill-shuruvret in a solid plastic case, protection against dust and moisture penetration. Equipped with a fast.Packed cartridge, a two.Speed gearbox, a reverse.

Differs in the presence of a magnetic holder on the case, which holds drill and bats.

The rubberized handle and built.In illumination facilitate the implementation of measures in hard.To.Reach, low.Lit areas.

The device works on batteries created using nickel-cadmium technology.

The user receives an effective, reliable, high.Performance screwdriver with indispensable capabilities.

  • The diameter of the cartridge. 10 mm;
  • Max. Speed. 1,200 rpm;
  • The diameter of the hole on the tree is 18 mm, the metal is 7 mm;
  • Stress. 14.4 V;
  • Duration of recharging. 3 hours;
  • The case includes, charging, two batteries;
  • Weight. 1.5 kg.
  • Built.In level;
  • Magnetic holder;
  • Drilling mode;
  • Neon lights;
  • Convenient grip;
  • Lightness and compactness;
  • A roomy case.

The best professional browned screwdrivers

Dewalt DCD701D2 Li-Ion

Battery screw with an unstressed drill, fast.Packed cartridge. Operates on the DeWALT 12V Max system with lithium-ion technology.

Best Batteries for Off Grid Living. Van Life, Tiny Home. Lithium vs AGM

Bright representative of the Xtreme Sub-Compact Series series. Has a shortened design for a more reliable grip, convenient use.

Thanks to a bronveted two.Speed engine, the life of the tool increases.

Screwdrivers Top 5 Need to Know Before You Buy

The dynamic brake allows you to get more accurate results with prolonged work with fasteners. Torque is enough to process soft and hard surfaces.

  • The diameter of the cartridge. 10 mm;
  • Torque. 57.5 nm;
  • The diameter of the holes on the tree is 20 mm, metal. 10 mm;
  • Battery capacity. 2 A h, voltage. 12 V;
  • There is a reverse, spindle fixation, lamp, block button block.;
  • The TSTAK company case, two batteries, charging includes.
  • Compactness and ergonomics;
  • Magnificent weightlifting;
  • Reliable grip;
  • Bright backlight;
  • Clip for suspension to the belt;
  • High assembly quality.

Makita DDF485Z

Battery screwdriver with an unstressed drill, fast.Fastened cartridge. Operates on the Makita 18V LXT system with lithium-ion technology.

The model is distinguished by a long service life, and a brilliant engine, a metallic two-speed gearbox, a system protection against overload and overheating, hRT-technology, ventilation holes on the case help to increase it.

Thanks to compact dimensions and backlight, it is convenient to perform work in narrow spaces, especially when assembling furniture.

  • Torque-50 nm;
  • The diameter of the holes on the tree is 38 mm, metal. 13 mm;
  • Battery voltage. 18 V;
  • There is a reverse, spindle fixation, lamp, block button block.;
  • The length is 18.2 cm;
  • Weight. 1.1 kg.
  • High performance;
  • Strength and wear resistance;
  • Simple change of equipment;
  • Dynamic brake;
  • Metal bracket for wearing on the belt;
  • Effective protection against dust and moisture.

Bosch GSR 12V-30 Li-Ion

Battery screwdriver with unstressed drill. Representative of the Professional series. Shows impressive possibilities, excellent result of drilling, twisting and twisting fasteners.

Designed using Heavy Duty technology, which implies the use of new power standards, performance and reliability.

Thanks to it and a bronnial two.Speed engine, the tool is great for working with any types of bases. Both soft and solid.

Particularly well established in the drilling of metal structures.

  • The diameter of the cartridge. 0.8-10 mm;
  • Torque-30 nm;
  • The diameter of the holes on the tree is 20 mm, metal. 10 mm;
  • AKB system-Bosch Pro-Mix 12 V;
  • Battery capacity. 2 A h, voltage. 12 V;
  • Included 2 batteries, charging, case.
  • Reverse regime;
  • Safety coupling;
  • Overload protection system;
  • Magnificent power;
  • Qualitative results of work;
  • Bright backlight.

Dewalt DCD791D2

Battery screwdriver with an unstressed drill, fast.Fastened cartridge. Operates on the DeWALT 20V Max system with lithium-ion technology.

A two.Speed engine is created using Brushless technology, which increases the efficiency and performance of the tool.

The metal gearbox is qualitatively protected from dust and moisture, intensive loads, mechanical damage.

Increased torque with 15 positions allows you to work with the hardest materials. Thanks to compactness and lightness, the tool can be used in limited space.

  • The diameter of the cartridge. 1.5-13 mm;
  • Twisting the moment-70 nm;
  • The diameter of the holes on the tree is 40 mm, metal. 13 mm;
  • The battery capacity. 2 A h, voltage. 18 V, recharge time. 1 hour;
  • The case includes, two batteries, charging;
  • Dimensions. 17.5×20.3 cm;
  • Weight. 1.5 kg.
  • Intellectual switch;
  • Ease;
  • Reliable grip;
  • High performance;
  • Endurance;
  • High moment;
  • Backlight.

Which is better. Makita, Bosch or Metabo?

All three brands are considered leaders in the production of power tools, and there are both home use devices and professional devices in the ruler.

Speaking briefly, the devices of all these companies are quite worthy.

Who Makes The Best Professional Screwdriver?

The German brand Bosch came up with many useful varieties of power tools, like a punch, and pays high attention to the quality of the products.

Makita screwdrivers are considered optimal in terms of price/quality ratio, and Metabo provides a three.Year guarantee for all its products.