What grease to lay in a perforator. Additional recommendations

How to lubricate a perforator correctly

The grease of the perforator is given an important place among other procedures related to periodic maintenance of this tool. This prophylactic measure should be executed through the time specified in the instructions for using the time. Timely replacement of lubrication reduces friction in the nodes of the device, slows down the wear of the parts, thereby extending its service life. It should be borne in mind that the old lubricant must be removed when introducing a new. The grease for the perforator is produced by different manufacturers. Over, for its individual nodes, its various types are intended.

In order to properly serve the perforator, you need to know what parts to lubricate in it, and with what frequency. This mechanism has a rather complicated device. It consists of the following main nodes:

  • Building with vibration protection;
  • An electric motor with a vertical or horizontal arrangement;
  • Piston system;
  • Cartridge;
  • Gearboxes made in the form of a case (crankcase), inside of which there are worm, conical, cylindrical gears;
  • Safety coupling designed to stop rotation (when jamming the nozzle during operation) of the cartridge;
  • Working nozzle (drill, shoulder blades, chisels, crowns or peaks).

The schematician device of the perforator is presented in the photo below.

grease, perforator, additional, recommendations

Gearbox. This is a knot responsible for regulating the speed of the working nozzle. Its closed performance is designed to protect the parts placed inside from dust, dirt and possible mechanical damage. During the operation of the tool, the gears experience significant loads, while the friction between them increases significantly. This leads to an increase in the pace of their wear.

As a rule, in various models of tools, the gearbox goes lubricated from the factory. But when working, the metal of parts is destroyed. As a result, metal dust is formed, which, mixing with grease, leads to an increase in friction force (therefore to acceleration of wear). The timely replacement of the lubricant helps to slow down the destruction process.

In addition to the transmission mechanism, it should be treated with lubricants cartridge and seat inserted change of nozzle. The first is supplied dry. Only a section in contact directly with the tail of the nozzle is smeared in it: in this place, severe friction occurs during the operation of the tool. If it is not reduced, then this leads to increased wear of the cartridge, up to severe damage. Also The tail of the nozzle It is quickly erased and can be deformed under the influence of shock forces with a strong warm.Up, which is caused by friction.

Than to lubricate the punch

Different types of lubricants are used to lubricate the gearbox and a cartridge with drill.

Lubrication for the gearbox

A special lubricant is used here, which should be called. Gearbox. It can be like under the brands under which the Perfs themselves are produced. Makita, Bosch, Aeg, etc.D. But it can also be released by a company that is engaged in this type of product, for example, Ravenol, Shell, XADO, etc.

Some use simple lilet or salutol for these purposes. But compared to special lubricating products, they dry faster, and they do not eliminate friction as it should.

Lubrication for drills

Everything is exactly the same here. Special lubricants for this purpose are called. For drills. And are also usually produced by the same firms that do punch.

For lack of special lubrication, you can use graphite. But it does not so well remove the heat from the shank, but this is important, since sometimes with prolonged work the shank happens and is flattened, which is why it is difficult to extract later.

Grease for the perforator: why you need to lubricate the tool

Perforators need to be periodically lubricated, which allows not only to extend the life of the tool, but also to make its use more efficient. To extend the service life of the perforator, regular preventive measures should be carried out. One of the fundamental preventive measures is its lubrication. But before resorting to it, it is necessary to find out the features of these actions.

What details need lubrication

Lubricant is called viscous material, the main purpose of which is to reduce the coefficient of friction in the rubbing details. It is important to note that the lubricant does not completely eliminate the friction process, but only reduces it. During the operation of the perforator, the lubricants accumulate the products of wear of the rubbing parts. These wear products are metal dust and shavings. If such lubricants do not remove from working surfaces in a timely manner, this will lead to the speedy wear of the parts and assemblies of the product.

It follows that it is important not only to lubricate the working elements of the tool in a timely manner, but also to clean them of outdated lubrication. When disassembling, many masters see that lubricants are still enough, so they are in no hurry to perform its replacement.

The main details of the perforator, which are without fail, need to control and replace lubrication, include:

  • Gearbox. This is the most important knot consisting of their set of gears. Lack of lubrication on gears will lead to accelerated wear of teeth.
  • Cartridge. To eliminate the jamming of the working nozzles in the cartoon cartridge, it should be regularly lubricated.
  • Boer. Precisely, the shanks of the drills and other nozzles need lubrication. The tailings need to be lubricated, since during work they experience heavy loads. To exclude the overheating of the drill, as well as its destruction, it is necessary to periodically perform lubricants.

For lubrication of the above components of the tool under consideration, special materials are used. Some masters resort to the use of lithol or solidol, although many believe that this is wrong. It is permitted to apply such materials for a perforator, but it is worthwhile to understand that conducting preventive work will be required more often.

How to lubricate the punch gearbox

Lubricate the punch gearbox using a special material, which is called, gear lubricant. Such lubricant for the punch reducer is produced both under the brands of well.Known brands of products, and under the usual names, for example, XADO, Shell, Ravenol. What grease for the perforator to apply, it all depends on finance. Special lubricants are much more effective than a solidol or lithol.

How to tell NLGI 0 grease from NLGI 2

It is important to know! The main thing when lubricating the gearbox is so that the procedure is performed regularly, which will significantly extend the service life of the perforator.

Typically, for each model of the product, the manufacturer in the instructions indicates the recommended lubricant. You can lubricate the punch gearbox with your own hands, since the procedure is not particularly difficult, and does not require much time. Replacing the reducer lubrication, performed at home, requires disassembly of the device, so not only new lubricants, but also a screwdriver will be required.

Fungus in Kern-Paillard SWITAR 25mm 1:1.4 H16RX

The sequence of lubrication of the gearbox with disassembly of the perforator looks as follows:

  • Before disassembling the product, it should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dust.
  • If the tool was used recently, then you need to wait a few hours while it cools down.
  • After removing the cover cover of the perforator, a visual inspection should be performed. Lack of lubrication on gears will say that prevention should be carried out much more often.
  • Extract all parts of the gearbox from the body, and then carry out their thorough washing in kerosene or gasoline. After that, they need to wipe them dry. All recovered elements must be remembered where and how they were located.
  • After that, you can proceed to the lubrication of the structural elements of the gearbox. Some models of perforators in the design of the gearbox have special oil containers. The presence of such a container is indicated in the instructions, where there is also information about the location of the hatch for filling the oil. Initially, all elements are lubricated separately, and then the entire gearbox should be checked for the presence of lubrication, and where it is not enough. Add.
  • Before installing the gearbox in place, it is necessary to wipe the housing with a dry cloth, thereby removing metal particles and dust.

What grease for the gearbox to choose, it has already been stipulated above. In any case, it should be understood that the more expensive the tool, the better the lubricant should be used. After installing the gearbox in place, you should assemble the tool and check its performance.

Монтаж натяжного потолка. Все этапы Переделка хрущевки. От А до Я.# 33

It is important to know! It is not recommended to apply new grease if the old one is not removed, since this will only negatively affect the work of the product.

Than and how to lubricate the cartridge and drill

After the main element of the tool is processed, you should proceed with the lubrication of the cartridge and drill. The cartridge is an important part of the tool, which over time of operation not only wears out, but also clogs. A large amount of dust accumulates inside the cartridge, as a result of which it may arise when working. These clogs accelerate the wear of the part, so it is important to perform regular cleaning and lubrication of the product. The grease of the perforator cartridge is carried out by special substances, which are often indicated in the operating instructions.

To carry out preventive work, the cartridge should be disassembled, then remove particles of dust and other substances, and then it is necessary to rinse it in kerosene or solvent. After that, you need to apply the appropriate lubricant, and then assemble the cartridge in the sequence of reverse disassembly.

It is important to know! Often lubrication of the cartridge is carried out together with the gearbox.

A grease for drills of the perforator also uses a special. Typically, similar lubricants are used for cartridges and shanks of the drill. The principle of processing the drill is to apply the material to its tail. This processing is recommended to be performed before each installation of the drill. Lubricated is such a drill that has an appropriate substance on the shank in the seam.

The grease of the perforator inside: how often you need to lubricate

Experts recommend updating the lubricant on the details every 12 months with the average operation of the device. At high load, update the composition every 6-9 months.

What lubricant is recommended to use for each perforator model usually indicated in the instructions for the use of the tool. Until the warranty period has come out to use only certified compositions, otherwise the service center in the event of a breakdown will refuse to fulfill its warranty obligations.

But since the cost of branded compositions is high, later many owners of such tools switch to budget options. As a universal lubricant, you can use oil for diesel engines. Wide popularity was also gained by graphite.Based compounds.

What oil can still be poured into a punch? You can replace a special lubricant with solidol or lithol. The composition called “Litol-24” is especially popular.

How to lubricate a punch

The main purpose of the perforator is to drill, hammer and drill various surfaces. As a rule, most of the materials with which this tool has a tendency to ardent. Small particles, falling on internal parts, clog the device. It should be borne in mind that the elements are in motion, during which they are in contact with each other, which means that their abrasion may begin. To maintain the performance of the tool, it is necessary to clean it in a timely manner. Only with this departure it is possible to extend the service life as much as possible, avoid an ambulance and expensive repairs.

There are general rules for all types of perforators.

How to lubricate the punch gearbox

  • So, to lubricate the gearbox, it is most often advised to use compositions in the form of liquid oil, which is poured in a certain dose into the tool body (into specially designed holes). Such oil fills the gearbox body and is reliably isolated inside with the installed covers on holes or bolts. During operation, parts are evenly covered with this tool. The most popular manufacturers of oil for lubricating gearboxes are Bosch and Makita firms.
  • An example is two popular types of manufacturers data that are used in the initial assembly or during the repair of the tool:
  • Lubrication “Makita P-08361” 30 ml, approximate cost 100 rubles.;
  • Bosch 1615430005 oil 45 ml, price is about 300 rubles.

How to lubricate a drill drill

  • The grease for drills of the perforator is used to reduce the wear of the nozzles, and also extends the operational period of the perforator (including by reducing the number of dust penetrating into the dust). Lubricants are applied before each insertion of the drill into the cartridge, for this, the nozzles of the nozzle are lubricated with a small amount. Before carrying out this operation for the first time, you need to carefully read the instructions for the tool. This is necessary in order to understand how to correctly disassemble/assemble a perforator without damaging its elements and achieve proper operation.
  • The amount of lubrication and its quality depends on how the power tool will function. If the ratio is incorrectly selected, overheating of the device and even failure are possible. Therefore, before applying one or another lubricant, it is worth checking if there is a given manufacturer and the type of fund in the recommendations in the instructions for the operating of the perforator. The most common compounds for the grease of drills are also produced by Bosch and Makita trademarks, only funds have a thicker consistency.
  • When starting to lubricate, it is necessary to rinse and blow the tool, wipe it dry and only then apply a new layer of protective equipment. Those details that do not need sliding should not be lubricated, since this can only damage the punch. Such elements include, for example, the gear council.

How to lubricate a punch cartridge

  • Also, the composition should be applied to interchangeable nozzles for drill in the form of a cartridge. The amount of substance should be the same as indicated in the instructions. From its overabundance or deficiency, the tool may fail.

Choosing the type of lubricant does not make problems, there are clear recommendations in the instructions, if they are not available, then you can choose almost any funds from trusted manufacturers.

Frecking for a perforator: types of oil and independent maintenance

Timely grease of the perforator helps to extend its life, makes operation more efficiently. To obtain the expected result from lubrication during selection, it is important to consider both lubricants and the technical characteristics of the device itself.

Important! The selection of lubrication is carried out taking into account the fact that different parts of the tool need different types of lubricants.

Lubrication for perforators of different companies should perform the functions assigned to it. First of all, she envelops the details of the mechanism, thereby preventing their friction against each other. Thus, the useful life of the tool is increasing.

Additional lubrication functions are:

  • Lubricants often include additives to prevent corrosion;
  • Washing function. In the process of working with a perforator, a lot of dust is formed, its small particles settled on the mechanism, preventing it from proper operation and provoking breakdowns. Lubrication allows you to collect dust, preserving their balanced condition. When a lot of dirt accumulates, the lubricant is replaced.

Compounds for the perforator are synthetic, mineral and semi.Synthetic. Mineral views based on oil are considered the most affordable. But they lose their function too quickly. Frequent replacement is required.

How to lubricate the punch gearbox

For the gearbox, it is recommended to use the compositions of liquid oils. They are poured into a special opening of the perforator body in the corresponding instruction. The oil envelops the part. It is isolated inside with the help of available lids and bolts.

When the tool is working, the oil evenly covers its parts. A piston, a crooked and others. The most popular oil manufacturers are Bosch and Makita. The most popular types of lubrication products in these manufacturers are lubricants and oils. They are recommended to be used during the first assembly and then when repairing a perforator.

Important! There are also plastic compositions for gearboxes on sale. They are produced in the form of a cream. When applying them, it should be borne in mind that not every model is compatible with a means of such a consistency.

It is recommended to apply the composition before each attachment of the drill to the cartridge. First, the shank is cleaned and wiped with oil, then the product is applied to the nozzle grooves with a thin layer. It is better to first read the instructions to understand how to collect and disassemble it without damaging the structural elements and without violating their functions.

Before lubricating the drill, the device is washed and blown, then wiped dry and apply a layer of the product. Details that do not need to glide should not be lubricated, otherwise you can damage the tool. One of these structural elements is the gear council.

DIY service

Each owner of the perforator should have a composition for lubricating the tool. If the device is still under warranty, it is better to use the services of service centers for this purpose, especially in the absence of special holes and the need to disassemble the tool for lubrication.

How to lubricate a punch

Lubricate the perforator strictly in accordance with the instructions:

  • Clean from the remains of dust and dirt;
  • Before disassembling the tool, the location of its parts should be remembered;
  • Immediately after completion, it is forbidden to lubricate, you need to wait a while. Otherwise, cold oil will provoke problems in the future due to the hit on the heated elements;
  • After extracting the gearbox and drill, they are washed with gasoline and dried. It is better to purchase branded lubricants designed for specific models. The perforator will repel moisture. The risk of corrosion is minimized;
  • After the procedure is completed, the parts are gently collected. With proper lubricants, the tool is completely ready for operation.

How and why lubricate the punch gearbox

When lubricating the gearbox, you need to ensure that the oil is in sufficient quantities. The lack of composition can cause a punch and breakdown overheating. But one should not overdate, since the excess will provoke a slowdown in the speed of the drill and drill, and this will worsen the operation of the device as a whole.

So, without a special lubricant, the punch will wear quickly. Having studied the instructions, it is important to choose the right composition. It always provides a list of recommended lubricants. Without this, the device will not function correctly and will quickly fail.

What parts in the perforator are lubricated

For proper maintenance of the perforator, it is necessary to know what details in it must be lubricated. At the same time, it is very important to consider the frequency of lubrication. This mechanism has a rather complex device. We list the main nodes:

Reducer is a node that is responsible for adjusting the speed of the working nozzle. Its closed performance has its purpose: to protect the parts placed inside from dust, dirt and mechanical damage, which are also possible.

IMPORTANT! When the tool works, gears are subject to large loads. In this case, the friction between them increases significantly. This leads to the fact that the pace of their wear is increased.

Usually in various models of tools, a gearbox is already greased from the factory. However, when the device works, the metal of each part is destroyed. This leads to the formation of metal dust, which, when mixed with grease, leads to the fact that friction forces increase. So, wear is accelerated and.

How to slow down the destructive process? Carry out timely replacement of lubricating material.

Be sure to keep in mind that often inexpensive models are originally lubricated very badly. It also happens that they are lubricated with low.Quality material. They need to be smeared again. And immediately after I made a purchase.

Not only the transmission mechanism, but also the cartridge, but also the seat of the interchangeable nozzle, are subject to lubricant. The transmission mechanism is supplied with unexplored. It will need to smear only the area that is in contact directly with the tail of the nozzle. After all, in this place, when the tool works, severe friction occurs.

IMPORTANT! If it does not reduce it, then this cartridge will begin to wear out quickly. And this will follow severe damage. The tail of the nozzle is also quickly erased. It is gradually deformed, because with severe warming up due to friction, shock forces affect it.

The rating of the best lubricants for perforators for 2022

Samples for cartridges and drills

This sample is one of the best that are presented in the lower price segment. It is extremely simply applied to the shank of the drill and added to the inner cartridge part. Further, its distribution is easily carried out on the surface, which makes the protection of parts more reliable. The product is supplied in comfortable tubes of 60 grams, it has an economical spending. Recommended store value. 150 rubles.

The best grease for the punch gearbox

To reduce wear of gears and bearings, manufacturers produce lubricants with another composition, designed for high temperatures, repulsion of water and dropability. Next, consider the best lubricants that are already tested by users and received positive reviews.

grease, perforator, additional, recommendations

Makita P-08361

Development from Makita, designed for jackhams and powerful perforators with SDS-MAX cartridge system. Consistent lubricant is available in a traditional red-white tube containing 30 g of substance. The composition of the lubricant, the company holds a secret, so it is difficult to choose an analogue at a more affordable price.

  • Easily applied to the gear.
  • Black color helps to follow well which areas have already been processed.
  • Liquid consistency promotes flow even in hard.To.Reach areas.
  • A compact tube does not take up much space in the suitcase.
  • There are not enough capacities of 30 ml for a long time-one or two service.
  • It is inconvenient to unscrew the lid. Slides in the hands.
  • Not suitable for perforators who do not have an oil seal between the gearbox and the rotor (starting).
  • Cannot be applied to the gearboxes of high.Speed light perforators.

Conclusion. This is a great lubricant for punch reducers that use the pneumatic shock mechanism with the piston system. The substance withstands high vibration and always remains on the gears.

“Ultra” (50 g) Vfavto ET.110005

TOP-3 continues the lubricant from the domestic manufacturer. The goods are produced in the package, from where it has to be squeezed out on the gear. The weight of the container is 50 g. Suitable lubricant for gear gearboxes and hypoid gears. Designed for garbage divert and obstacle to overheating. At the top of the package there is a slot for a suspension.

  • Good adhesion to metal gears.
  • The optimal consistency for application is moderately liquid and quite viscous.
  • Attractive price.
  • The mechanism quickly distributes the substance between the teeth.
  • Dark color helps to visually control the coating area with material.
  • Has a caustic, unpleasant odor.
  • If you put more norms, then squeezed out from all the cracks.
  • Unknown packaging for storage and application.
  • Enough for refueling in two gearboxes.

Hammer drill stopped turning on / Bosch GBH 2-20 doesn’t turn on / Tool repairing

Conclusion. This lubricant is suitable not only for two gears, but even for a number of planetary transmission. Due to increased fluidity, the product penetrates between the disks deeply and completely envelops all the rubbing details.

“Ultra” (200 g) Vfavto

Completes this category of rating again goods from Ultra, but with another composition. Lubrication is designed for gear gears and planetary transfers operating at high speeds. The silhouette of a grinder is even engraved on the front of the packaging, but it also suits the perforators. In its development, innovative methods were used. A substance is produced in a tub 200 g, which is enough for a long time. The composition has a dark color and is easily distributed through the metal.

  • Special additives to reduce wear.
  • Well protects against overheating at high speeds.
  • Compatible with all types of gear gearboxes.
  • Big tube 200 g is enough for a long time.
  • The semi.Liquid consistency provides penetration into remote corners.
  • It is convenient to squeeze directly from the tube.
  • No slot for hanging the tube.
  • Slippery lid.
  • Immediately you need to give a relatively large amount.
  • Poorly compatible with “heavy” low.Speed perforators.

Conclusion. This lubricant is designed for a high speed tool. Perfect for light class punch at the spindle rotation speed of 1500-2000 rpm. In addition to a lubricant, the product helps to reduce noise.

Lubrication for the perforator which is better?

Frecking for a perforator: types, choice of choice, best brands

Each man at least once in his life had to deal with working tools. One of these tools is a perforator. If you are on this article, then I think you should not explain what it is.

In order for the perforator to work longer and more efficiently, it must be lubricated with special lubricants.

But their choice should be treated carefully. It was to make the right decision that this article was created, in which the reviews of other people on the Internet were analyzed on various resources

Let’s start with what exactly needs to be lubricated in the perforator.

The main part of the work tool is produced by drills and crowns. The operating instructions indicate that it is the shank of the drill that needs to be lubricated before use with special means. The more often the lubricant will be made, the longer the punch will last. Otherwise, the tool will quickly overheat and fail. Since due to severe friction, the entire tool is heated. And also grease helps to protect the punch from the entry of dust and dirt.

Before lubricating the grooves of the drill, you need to wipe them with a napkin to remove dust and dirt. A small amount of special tools, approximately 1-2 grams for lubrication. When the work by the perforator is completed, you need to wipe the storm of the storm with a napkin so that they do not dirty anything in the future.

Also, for the dynamic operation of the working tool, it is necessary to lubricate the cartridge.

This is done so that there is no severe friction. And friction, as already mentioned earlier, leads to overheating of the perforator, and to disable it.

Well, the last thing that also needs to be lubricated in a perforator is a gearbox.

All this is done for the same purpose. For less friction, and dust and dirt do not get on the tool. The gearbox is two types:

A gearbox with separate execution from the shock group. There is its own lubricant for the shock node, and the gearbox plays the role of the rotation of the equipment;

A gearbox with a single rating of ratchet type. Lubricant for gearboxes and a shock unit is the same.

You need to remember that the grease for the drill and for the gearbox is different things!

And here we go to the most important thing. The choice of a lubricant. In order to choose, you must first understand the differences of the same funds from others.

The grease for drills of the perforator usually comes with the perforator itself. This is a thick tool that is designed specifically for working with this tool. But when it ends, it is not necessary to buy exactly the same. The main thing is that the inscription “Designed for drill” is on the lubricant.

For the lubrication of the gearbox, they advise using special products, such as, for example, nigroll, lilet, Salidol and others. But in fact, it is better not to use them. It is best to use the tool that is produced for tools that work in difficult conditions. And here, too, it is also not necessary to buy a means of the same brand as the punch itself.

Hit was even easier to choose a lubricant, we offer you a list of properties that should have a lubricant for the gearbox:

High adhesion, that is, strong adhesion of lubrication;

High temperature of the formation of drops.

At the end, we would like to make our own list of the best lubricants based on opinions and reviews of people from various Internet resources of the Internet.

The history of the development of technology

Than 150 years have passed since the moment, in the distant 1851, a manual punch began to be used for the first time in the work. It was made for the needs of the mining industry and did not have the variety of modes that modern models now have. However, even then he significantly improved the work of workers. No wonder the presented type of tool is widely used among masters of various specializations.

Since that time, the tool has been subjected to significant design changes. One thing remains unchanged. The need for proper care. The perforator device is quite complicated. Some of its details can wear out quickly.

To prevent this from happening, the grease for the perforator must have a number of qualities. With the development of the submitted power tools, its additional materials were also improved. To understand how to choose a lubricant, you need to consider the structural features of the equipment.

Freak for the cartridor’s cartridge

The perforator cartridge requires the same care as the gearbox. Work with constant dust leads to the fact that a lot of dirt accumulates in the cartridge, the details are spinning with difficulty. A technical inspection with grease in order to avoid breakdowns should not be carried out when the tool stops working, but much more often.

In order to lubricate the perforator cartridge with your own hands, select the grease that the manufacturer is recommended or from trusted manufacturers of the same type. Naturally, we disassemble the cartridge according to the instructions, wipe all the details dry and grease them with the selected grease.

We disassemble the cartoras cartridge

It must be remembered that the lack of lubrication and its excess on the work of the tool do not affect the best way. Everything should be in moderation.

With lubrication, lubricate those details that need this and which should have slipping. Naturally, such details as, for example, a gear coupling, do not need to lubricate.

When buying lubricants, you need to know that the lubricant for the tips of the cutting tool, for example, is completely not suitable for lubrication of nodes and vice versa.

The choice of lubrication

The choice of lubricants is not easy, because the for a tube or a jar of one container for different manufacturers may differ ten times.

Leading manufacturers such as Bosh, Makita, Black Decker produce lubricants designed for different types of equipment under their brand. Such compositions are expensive, but guaranteed is suitable for extending the service life of high.Performance equipment.

So, for perforators and jack hammers working under particularly high loads, Bosh release “transmission grease”. A separate type is made for shock drones, electric scissors and other less loaded devices. There is a Bosh line and a grease for drill punch drills.

So, the lubricant for perforators of Intercommay has very worthy performance characteristics, but it is noticeably cheaper.

If you know the composition of the corporate product, then it can be selected analogue of the monitoring of motor oils for diesel engines, graphite lubricants.

The most affordable grease for the perforator is the old familiar lititol-24.

With large volumes of work and intensive loads, it is better to use the composition recommended by the manufacturer. If the volume of work and their intensity are limited, then it is quite possible to do with inexpensive analogues. At the same time, you will have to check the presence of lubricants more often.

When to change grease in a grinder

The frequency of the replacement of the lubricant depends on how often and at what loads they operate the tool. As a rule, this period is about a year. In the case of intensive operation with frequent overheating, the frequency of replacement is reduced to six months, sometimes more often.

After removing the lid, you can see two conical shocking gears: a large and small gear. Small gear is anchored and drives a large gear. Large, in turn, is planted on a secondary shaft, to which a cutting or grinding disk is attached.

Properties of consistent gear lubricants

The standard characteristics of thick oil oils for the punch reducer are not suitable. Close parameters have only compounds for automobile CV joints.

Some properties are generally unique, since the gearbox mechanism not only works under large variable loads. When the shock mechanism is operating, spontaneous squeezing of the lubricant from the contact zone.

Requirements for the composition

  • Adhesion should be so high that with any load between the details there remains an oil film.
  • A high water resistance indicator is required. Perforators can work in conditions of high humidity. When cooling, reduced pressure occurs in the gearbox, atmospheric air together with fluid vapor is sucked in.
  • When water hits, the emulsion should not form.
  • Since the gearbox heats up greatly during operation, the lubricant lifts from the temperature. In this case, the basic properties should be restored after cooling. The heated composition should also not lose the main antifriction parameters.
  • High dropproof temperature is required. Otherwise, the rotating gear under the influence of centrifugal forces will dump the grease from the surface of the teeth.
  • Small cement (stone) dust enters the gearbox. The composition of the lubricant is selected so that the abrasive particles are connected and removed from the intensive friction zone. When using good oil, dirt is always on the walls of the gearbox, and not inside the gears.
  • Since the gearbox body is made of aluminum alloys, and gears and bearings made of alloy steel, anti.Corrosion properties should be equally suitable for both metals.

The same properties (with the exception of the temperature of the drip and indicators of adhesion) should be present in liquid compositions. In the airtight crankcase of the gearbox, adhesion of grease is not required: liquid oil during operation constantly washes all parts of the mechanism.

How to lubricate the gearbox correctly

After choosing the type and manufacturer of the oil, you can start regulatory procedures. To work with liquid high.Temperature lubricant, most modern tools are equipped with special oils. For infusion of oil, a hole with a lid was installed, the location of which is indicated in the documentation.

The whole process of replacing liquid oil can be divided into stages:

  • Removing the cap. The removal scheme is indicated in the instructions.
  • Dragging the remains of the development. If the old oil is too dirty, the punch gearbox should be washed with a special solution.
  • Blowing the mechanism compressed air.
  • Fill a new lubricant. The amount of oil must comply with the recommendations specified in the instructions, and not exceed the level of the control mark.
  • Closing the pouring opening with a protective lid.

Когда заливного отверстия нет и нужно использовать консистентную смазку с разбором механизма, стоит обратиться в сервисный центр.

Independent oil replacement with the analysis of the gearbox should be performed according to the instructions and special tools. Before work, you need to prepare:

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Studying the instructions attached by the manufacturer of the perforator to understand the device of the perforator.
  • Cleaning the body from pollution, dust of the remains of the old oil.
  • Parsing the cartridge:
  • First you need to remove the rubber and locking rings with a screwdriver;
  • The casing is removed;
  • A clamping ring is removed;
  • Filmed spring and balls.
  • Next, the mode switch is removed. Such manipulation should be carried out strictly according to the instructions, since each model is performed in different ways.
  • With the help of a key and a screwdriver, the back of the case is disassembled. This is necessary to disconnect the brush from the collector.
  • The front of the case is removed.
  • The gearbox is taken out.
  • Taking a piece of fabric, you need to moisten it with gasoline and wipe it out and the inside of the body.
  • Let the details dry and then wipe them with a clean rag.
  • It is necessary to completely lubricate the gears and other elements of the gearbox so that the lubricant covers the whole gearbox with a thick layer.
  • Assembly of a perforator.

A few more recommendations on the grease of the perforator

The question of how often the perforator lubrication should be performed, users of such equipment occur quite often. There can be no unequivocal answer to this question, since the regularity of the lubrication depends on the intensity of using the perforator, as well as on what loads the equipment perceives. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturer, necessarily indicated in the technical passport, as well as whether the warranty period has ended for the device you use.

Hidden surfaces of the parts of the gearbox must be lubricated before assembling mechanisms

To the question of how to lubricate the perforator of one of modern models, it is much easier to answer, since the advantageous majority of these devices already have a special container in their equipment, in which you just need to fill the lubricant, unscrewing the drain cover and drain the old lubricant. Before pouring a new lubricant, the level of which should not exceed the control mark, it is better to blow the container using any compressor suitable for this, and then rinse using spindle oil or ordinary gasoline.