What is Better Benzo Or Trimmer

Mowing the lawn is a major part of caring for it.

Arranging a lawn on a site is half the battle. To keep the grass well-groomed and beautiful, it will be necessary to mow it regularly, using a trimmer. a modern scythe for the lawn. High-quality top dressing plus watering and mowing will allow you to enjoy a neat, self-made lawn throughout the whole season.

We will talk about how to use the trimmer for mowing, as well as the types of modern braids for lawns. Based on the information received, it will be easier for you to make the right choice and answer the question of which trimmer to choose for the garden.

Trimmer working principle

The trimmer design is simple and straightforward, if not more primitive. As a rule, this is a rod with a handle and a cutting mechanism at the bottom. The tool works due to the engine, the location of which can also be very different. During operation, the trimmer head begins to rotate, while the fishing line tucked into it cuts the grass.

The location of the engine in modern braids depends on their type. If it is a lawn mowing, then, as a rule, the engine can be found in its upper part. If this is a trimmer, then the engine is often located at the bottom of the unit. Some models are equipped with balance wheels in the process of mowing grass.

In operation, the trimmer is convenient and practical. You need to hold it tightly in your hands, performing arched movements in front of you, like how you could do it with a normal braid. The heavier the trimmer, the more difficult it will be to mow large areas.

Process factors will also be influenced by factors such as:

  • mass of braids;
  • engine power;
  • dyer growth;
  • diameter of fishing line.

A good option is braids equipped with special belts and curved handles for easy operation. However, most often this configuration is typical for lawn mowing. Trimmers are therefore quite low in weight, so they can be used to mow plots of very different sizes.

The optimal diameter of the fishing line for the trimmer should be from 1 to 2 mm, whereas, for a lawn mowers, the indicators increase by 1.5 rad. In addition, you can purchase special knives, which can not be avoided when mowing heavily neglected areas. Thin fishing line is suitable for mowing ordinary lawn grass, and thick line for weeds.

Make sure that the line does not touch hard objects during the mowing process. Even accidental contact with trees or stones will lead to premature abrasion and reduction of the length of the fishing line and, as a result, pauses in the work necessary to lengthen it. Better to choose trimmers equipped with protective brackets.

Features of the choice of a modern braid: what you need to know

Choosing a trimmer is worth several key indicators.

Before we talk about the intricacies of working with each type of trimmer, we dwell on the general requirements for the tool.
The most important thing is to determine for yourself the width of the grip. As a rule, it is from 20 cm to 50 cm. The indicators will depend on the area of ​​the lawn.

In order for the fishing line to be used with maximum efficiency, it is better to select trimmers with limiters, thanks to which it will be possible not only to reduce the consumption of the fishing line, but also to insure shrubs and trees from possible damage during mowing.
Consideration should be given to the tooling. It is better if the kit will include nozzles that can expand its functionality.

As for the power of the scythe, here you should pay attention to the location of the motor. The most powerful models have a motor in the upper part, while the weaker ones have a motor in the lower part.

A good choice is a scythe with security systems, which can become a guarantee that the tool will not burn out and will not break when the knife is jammed.

Trimmer and lawn mower: is there a difference?

Unlike a lawn mower. a tool actively used for mowing grass, the trimmer is more maneuverable and compact. It is considered suitable for mowing the lawn in small areas, as well as in areas where the mower cannot get. The trimmer can be used to mow grass in areas with any level of inclination. The tool is easy to use and unpretentious in maintenance. After mowing, the line is cleaned of grass, lengthened to the desired mark. Spit can be transported by car, motorcycle and even bicycle, which can not be said about the traditional lawn mower.

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If we talk about the downsides, the main one is the low power of the tool and the lack of a grass collection. In the process of mowing the grass pollutes the site. However, lawnmowers also have disadvantages, which are too noisy and clog the air with exhaust fumes. That is why the owners of small and medium-sized areas are very eager to use a trimmer, choosing the right model and tooling for themselves.

Types of trimmers for the intended purpose

If you have a summer cottage and an average salary, it is better to choose a household trimmer.

What is Better Benzo Or Trimmer

By purpose, modern braids are divided into:

Naturally, professional ones will be indispensable for caring for large areas: parks, squares in cities and suburbs. Powerful trimmers equipped with modern engines can bring not only grass, but also young trees and shrubs to the desired form. Compared to professional, universal trimmers are less powerful. Their main advantage is the ability to work with the most neglected areas for a long period. The disadvantage of universal modern braids is the high price.

To care for a small lawn in the country, you can use a household trimmer. The tool is much cheaper and lighter than the models described above and cannot work for a long time, but it will be a great helper for cleaning the site and leveling the lawn.

Gas trimmer: pros and cons

Available trimmers of various trim levels, including gasoline and electric. Which one to choose? Many are sure that there is no better gas mower. Perhaps this is true. But, the tool is too expensive, which means, as an alternative, you can consider an electric mower, the price of which is about 3-4 times lower. What are the differences between a gasoline spit and an electric one? About it below.

Benzo braid can be equipped with a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. The first option "takes" mixed fuel, gasoline and oil in one tank. The second trimmer option is more productive, since the oil and power in it are in different compartments. The two-stroke trimmer works louder than the four-stroke. Additionally, gas trimmers can be equipped with nozzles and knives for different types of grass and even snow.

A chainsaw has both advantages and disadvantages. The obvious advantages include the mobility of the tool, which can be attributed to any distance from the mains without getting confused in wires and cables. The perfect trimmer extends its scope. Such tools are an order of magnitude more powerful than electric ones, they can easily cut even thick herbs and knots, including in hard-to-reach places. You can work with such a scythe in any weather, including rain or fog.

Now, with regard to the minuses, and they also have benzo-braids. The first is weight. Compared to electric ones, such tools are an order of magnitude heavier, which means that with continuous mowing this is a serious burden on the hands. Secondly, the benzo-braid needs special care with regular cleaning of the drum, in addition, it requires high-quality fuel to work. Fourth, during operation, the trimmer is very noisy, pollutes the air. And finally, a significant minus is the high cost, which exceeds the cost of trimmers several times.

Electric trimmer: advantages and disadvantages

The peculiarity of this tool is that it works from the network using a cable. The obvious advantages of the tool include light weight, environmental friendliness, affordable cost and ease of care. Such braids work almost without noise, do not require refueling.

As for the shortcomings, they are as follows. Trimmers are limited by the cable length, so it is not always possible to process remote areas. The oblique must not be operated during rain or fog, as there is a risk of short circuit. If we compare the electric braid with gasoline, then it is less functional, more often it fails.

Which trimmer to choose, working on the network or on gasoline. you decide. The main thing is to decide on the scope of work. If you plan to process a large area often and often, then it is better to opt for a lawn mowing. If your plot is modest in size, the grass is soft and neat, then an ordinary electro-braid is quite suitable for caring for it.

Cordless Trimmers: Features

The cordless trimmer is perfect for a small area where one charge of the braid is enough for cleaning.

This tool is a variation on the theme of electric. That’s just for work, he needs not a power supply, but a rechargeable battery. Compared to the electric braid, the trimmer is more mobile, practical and maneuverable. This is its main advantage. The minus of the tool is the limited duration of the capacity and level of charge.

Summing up, we note that you need to choose a trimmer, taking into account a number of indicators, including the duration of work, power, quality of mowing. In addition, before buying a tool, experts recommend paying attention to the following points:

  1. the estimated amount of work with the calculation of the load and power of the tool;
  2. the area of ​​the plot and the location of the power grid in relation to it;
  3. grass height;
  4. tool weight.

If possible, before buying a braid, you need to try it in practice, feel how comfortable it is to hold the tool, whether your hands get tired, what effect the braid makes on the site. A little testing of models of several trimmer options and needs analysis will make the right choice.