What is Better Metabo Or Bosch

In any environment, professionals often argue about which brand is better. For photographers, this, of course, is the eternal confrontation between Nikon and Canon, for smartphone owners. Apple with its iOS and Samsung with Android, etc.

Builders and finishers also do not stand aside, and quite often discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various brands of tools. But if you compare. then compare the best representatives, because we will turn to the results of the survey on the site. As of May 2017, in a survey on the preferred brand of construction tools, 31% of users voted for Makita, and 23% for Bosch. So we will choose the leader from these two brands and try to solve the question of which is better. Bosch or Makita.

Brand Overview


What is Better Metabo Or Bosch

Bosch (or rather, Robert Bosch GmbH) is a group of German companies that specializes in the production of high-tech equipment in various fields. The company was founded in 1886 and was originally engaged in electrical engineering and precision mechanics. It is not surprising that starting in the 1890s (the start of the electrification of Germany), Bosch’s business began to grow rapidly, occupying new market niches, including those related to the design and manufacture of power tools.

The presence in the company of its own engineering department did a good job of expanding the market of household and professional tools. It was under the Bosch brand that such devices as an electric jigsaw, rotary hammer, variable grinder, cordless rotary hammer, etc. were first produced. This also includes the SDS-Plus drill attachment system. it was developed and first introduced by German engineers.

In general, Bosch power tools fully comply with our ideas about German quality standards. it is reliable and durable, so the purchase should be considered as a fairly long-term investment.


Makita Corporation (Japan) was founded a little later. in 1915, and initially focused on the manufacture of generators and electric motors. In 1958, the first line for the production of power tools was launched: under the Makita brand, the first electric planer was released, which at that time had no analogues.

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Today, the company produces more than 1000 brands of tools of 350 different types. Technological capacities are partially transferred outside Japan and are located in Great Britain, Romania and Germany as well.

Key Comparison

Professional and household lines

For a correct comparison, Bosch and Makita should figure out which line of tools these corporations produce.

  • "Blue Series". professional equipment. Actually, this is the very Bosch, which is characterized by high power, long life and safety margin.
  • Green Series is a power tool for domestic use. Due to restrictions on power and functionality, as well as the use of less durable materials, the manufacturer seriously reduces the cost of products. But their safety margin also suffers. in any case, compared with the professional lineup.

Sometimes in the “green series” models are produced that are then planned to be introduced to the professional market. Therefore, the household segment often serves as a “testing ground” for new products.

  • It produces only a professional instrument under its own brand, therefore it should be compared only with the Bosch “blue series”. The operational parameters of the products are at the highest level, so there are almost no significant claims from the masters.
  • In the 90s, Makita Corporation attempted to launch a line of household power tools under the Maktec brand. Products turned out to be cheaper, but significantly inferior to professional counterparts in both power and reliability.

Cost and other factors

  • Power. In principle, it is equivalent for both brands (with an equal level of energy consumption). In rare cases, Bosch is superior to Makita in certain parameters (for example, concrete performance).
  • Ergonomics. Here Makita is in a better position in the first place. because of the smaller mass of tools. With prolonged use, this plus becomes quite significant.
  • Resource. Bosch with its German quality is noticeably better. Despite the fact that Makita has well-established control over production in different countries, the overall level of reliability of tools is still somewhat lower.
  • Functionality. This parameter can be evaluated in two ways: Bosch is the first to have new features, while Makita has a great way to “bring it to mind”. but with a significant time delay.
  • Prices. Bosch on average costs a bit more (if we talk about tools of a comparable class). On the other hand, the difference is usually not so significant, and it can be compensated by finding a point of sale with a more democratic pricing policy.

Instead of a conclusion

Probably, it will not be possible to answer unequivocally the question “Which is better. Bosch or Makita”: both brands produce high-quality, reliable and functional tools that rightfully occupy leading positions in this market segment. So, choosing between Bosch and Makita, we choose not between good and bad, but between good. and also good, but a little different.