What is Better than Benzo or Electric Braid

What to buy for mowing grass, a gas trimmer or an electric scythe, what is better, and how to make a choice in an abundance of offers. Consider the principle of operation of the trimmer, design features, as well as the pros and cons of this gardening equipment.

If grass grows on your plot, then sooner or later, you will face the decision to choose and buy benzo or electric braids, simply a trimmer.

Garden trimmer is used for mowing grass in relatively small areas, it is indispensable for mowing in hard to reach places (around trees, flower beds, as well as in rough terrain).

What is Better than Benzo or Electric Braid

Trimmers are divided into two varieties, electric and gasoline with an internal combustion engine.

Let’s look at each type of trimmer in order, and try to weigh the pros and cons.

lawn mowing (lawn mowing)

lawn mowing. the name speaks for itself, gasoline. mean engine.

Petrol trimmers consist of the engine itself, the rod, and the lower cutting part, which includes the gearbox, drum with fishing line and protective cover.


All lawn mowers are equipped with a two-stroke high-speed internal combustion engine, power from 0.65 kW to 3 kW, engine displacement can vary from 28 cm3 to 54 cm3.

The engine cylinder can be chrome plated, which positively affects the engine resource. The clutch and starter, carburetor and fuel tank for the fuel mixture are attached to the engine housing.


The bar of lawn mowers can be straight or curved (for high-performance models, the shaft is straight, a metal rod passes to the gearbox inside the shaft, and a metal cable is located in the curved shaft, which transmits torque to the fishing line head), the bar can also differ in length and shape of handles.

Too short a rod usually happens with low-powered trimmers, it is not convenient, since it creates a large load on the back of a person of average height (you have to work hard).

The bar can be either detachable or whole, fixing the handles and the belt plays a big role when working with a trimmer, long handles and a convenient belt will be a big plus when choosing lawn mowers.

Lower part (working)

The lower part consists of a gearbox (if the bar is straight), a head, and a casing.

The gas trimmer head may have different nozzles and grip widths.

For example, a trimmer with a not very powerful 0.650 kW engine will have a permitted fishing line thickness of up to 2 mm. with a mowed surface width of 38 cm, but not be able to install metal knives.

A lawnmower with a larger capacity, from 1 kW with a maximum cord thickness of 2.5 mm. and a working width of 45 cm., has the ability to install metal knives.

lawn mowers with a capacity of more than 2 kW can have a saw blade in their kit for metal knives, which can be used to saw shrubs.

Advantages of Lawn Mowing

    Mobility (you can take and work anywhere)

  • Power (a powerful gasoline engine will help to cope even with bushes)
  • Cons of lawn mowers

      Very noisy instrument.

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    A gasoline engine is more complex, whimsical and expensive to maintain compared to an electric one.

    Many will not consider this a minus, but still, the lawn mowing is not environmentally friendly.

    Higher price than an electric trimmer.

    Electric braid

    Electric braids are divided into two types, their main difference is the location of the electric motor.

    One view, where the electric motor is located at the bottom of the trimmer and is connected directly to the head on which the cutting line is mounted, and the other type of electric scythe looks similar to a gas trimmer, but only with the difference that an electric motor is located instead of the internal combustion engine.

    The option of an electric braid where the engine is located in the lower part is not widespread.

    Such trimmers are quite low-power and are used for small and short-term work on cutting grass, for example: mow around a flower bed, or paths.

    The lower engine location is not the best constructive solution, the trimmer can not be used with strong dew, as the electric motor located in the lower part may suffer from water.

    Also, you need to be careful, as if careless handling, particles of dust and grass may get into the ventilation openings of the engine.

    Devices with a motor in the lower part are rechargeable and operate on a battery charged from the mains supply, and ordinary ones working on a direct line from the network. The power of the battery trimmers has a plug from 1.35 to 1.6 ampere hours (which allows an average of 30 minutes to work without interruption), electric braids with a lower drive working from the mains have a power of 0.245 kW to 0.6 kW.

    The mowing width of such a braid varies from 26 to 30 cm. The thickness of the fishing line used does not exceed 1.6 mm.

    Electric braids with an overhead electric motor are the most popular.

    Between themselves they differ in engine power, long and rod shape, hand holder, and options for execution: fishing line knife or only fishing line.


    The power of the electric motor is in the range from 0.650 kW to 1.3 kW., Some models are equipped with engines with a soft start motor, this function will prevent from sudden shocks and will make work smoother, and the automatic power control system will adjust the engine speed of your electric braid depending on whether you are mowing heavy and tall grass or just leveling a freshly trimmed lawn.
    Also, some models are equipped with a system that protects the engine from overheating.


    When buying electric braids, you need to know that the bar can have several types, detachable and one-piece, as well as curved or straight.

    A detachable rod may be convenient for frequent transportation of the trimmer, and a curved rod may seem more convenient to someone than a straight one.
    The direct boom has a gearbox in the lower part and is usually mounted on high-performance electric scythes.
    It is also worth paying attention to the handles, they can be very short or have a sufficient length for convenient holding the trimmer.

    Bottom part

    The lower part of the electric braid is no different from the device of a scythe with a gasoline engine.
    The working width and thickness of the fishing line is proportional to the power of the electric motor, the width of mowing of the fishing line is from 26 cm to 45 cm, the thickness of the fishing line is from 1.6 mm to 2.5 mm, the installation of a knife is possible on some models.

    The advantages of electric braids

      Not the high cost of the simplest models

    Quieter operation (compared to the gasoline counterpart)

    Cons of electric braids

      Not mobile (connected by a long power cable)

  • Work with an electric braid must be carried out with care so as not to damage the electrical wire
  • What to look for when buying benzo or electric braids

    If you turned your eyes to the lawn mower, an indisputable plus for choosing a particular model can be such nuances as:

      chromed engine cylinder (longer service life)

    additional starter spring (provides easier engine start).

    The thickness of the fishing line allowed for use indicates the performance of the trimmer, the thicker the fishing line, the less it will wear out.

    The ability to install a knife will allow you to mow coarse grass and young shoots.

  • Do not be lazy, put on a trimmer, try on it, make movements as if you were mowing it, if benzo or an electric braid does not seem convenient for you, try another model with a different weight, or maybe it does not fit you in height and you need another long rods.