What is the best line section for a grass trimmer

Choosing a grass trimmer cord

Working surface of the grass trimmer, which takes upon itself all the main load, its cutting part, is the cord. So, the material, diameter and profile of the filament determines whether the grass trimmer cuts the grass successfully, what kind of vegetation it can handle, and in the end. how fast you can get the job done and how much filament you use.


the correct choice of filament depends on the specification of your grass trimmer, because the power of the brushcutter is directly related to the filament diameter and the right filament profile can help you do a better job.

Naturally, as your space and vegetation density increase, you need a stronger mower and a tougher, stronger, thicker and “sharper” trimmer line. The following is an overview of the main features that affect the cutting power and durability of trimmer cords.

Cord profile

You’ve probably seen twisted or ribbed cords or cords with serifs. Combined with all sorts of colors, they are a joy to behold. But different cord profiles are not just for looks, they affect HOW the grass trimmer cuts the crop effectively.The most common types of cords: Round, Twisted, Square, 5-point star, 6-point star For better understanding we divide the cords into two categories: 1. Round and Twisted 2. With cutting edges. all other Round cords can be found more often than other profiles. This standard profile is used in a variety of cords. But it tends to tear off grass, not cut it, more often than other cord profiles. Round cord obviously lacks cutting edges. Twisted is an improved form of the standard Round. The twisted shape produces smaller cutting edges than the Round cord. Square 5-point star 5-point cutting edge profiles are “sharper. Their edges allow successfully “shredding” grass and weeds. Toothed cord has sharp spikes along the edges, making a trimmer line similar to a saw or kitchen knife. Cordwood cutting surface receives more cutting power and therefore more capability

It should be noted that the use of a cord, which has a high cutting edge power, can sometimes have unpleasant consequences. A larger number of cutting edges make a cord “grab” more vegetation (than with round or twisted profiles). Such a “grip” can actually pull the grass trimmer down to the ground. so the user needs to be prepared for resistance

Tip from a Champion engineer

Some manufacturers make cords with six, seven, even eight edges. The idea is that more edges increase the cutting area.It is always better to try several variants and choose the one that works well in your case.

Which shape is better

Also, do not forget about the shape of the line. it affects the cost and efficiency of work. Let’s talk about the main cross-sectional shapes:

  • Circle. the most common, easy to make and therefore cheap line for trimmer. Great for mowing thin, young grass. However, it makes a lot of noise, which is unlikely to please either the user of the grass trimmer or other people around. As a result, manufacturers have produced a round line with a twisted section. it’s slightly more expensive, mows much more quietly, but is consumed faster.
  • Polygon or square is more effective than round. Due to the sharp corners, even quite thick grass will be cut in no time. A square trimmer line is slightly more expensive than a round line, thus being a good compromise between cost, comfort and efficiency.
  • A twisted square or a star-shaped cutter boasts the highest mowing speed, and even dry or hard grass is not a problem. the sharp edges can easily dispose of it. The noise level is comparatively low, but the cost of this line is the highest. This discourages some potential buyers. In fact, the “star” line is quite worth its cost when mowing tough grass, saving a lot of time for the user.

In addition, you can see on sale a line for trimmer with different sections, but with special serrations. They increase efficiency, but at the same time they make the material more expensive.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to figure out the cross section. After remembering these simple rules, you can easily decide which line for grass trimmer will be the best choice for you.

Which material is better?

Another important indicator by which you can judge the durability and quality of the line. the material used in the manufacture.

In general, in most cases a good line for trimmer is made of nylon. polyamide or polypropylene. It is inexpensive, lightweight and hardwearing. Unfortunately, many manufacturers manage to cheat here as well by adding polypropylene to nylon. Of course, they officially state that this is done solely to reduce the cost of consumable material. In reality, the price is only slightly reduced, but the service life is quite noticeable. Such a line for a trimmer wears out much faster, and overheating during prolonged work can ruin it in the shortest possible time. Therefore, if possible, the best choice is a nylon line for the trimmer. Its price is quite affordable, and its service life is much longer than that of its cheaper counterparts.

Never use wire or metal rope instead of fishing line. High rotation speed combined with the hardness of the metal can cause them to cut through protective gear and even shoes, causing serious injury to the user.

But this is not the end of the choice. Two-component fishing line for trimmers is also available on the market. Most often this applies to materials of increased cross-section. from three millimeters and more. A regular nylon trimmer line has a steel or graphite rod. While working with such a trimmer one must be especially careful, the aerodynamic properties of the fishing line are improved dramatically. now the thickest and hardest stems, and even thin twigs will be cut at lightning speed.

In addition, you can see on sale special reinforced lines for trimmers, in which grains of steel are distributed throughout the volume of nylon. The main advantage of such material is very high wear resistance and durability. It costs much more than ordinary nylon, or, all the more so, its polyethylene analogue. But the service life is also much longer. Therefore, there is no need to regret wasted money. one skein is enough for several years of work on the garden plot.

Twisted square and pentagon

This line for trimmer is more expensive than previously considered variants, but the performance of grass trimmer when using it increases many times. The most effective at cutting the grass shows line for a trimmer in the form of a star. a pentagon.

Mowing grass with a pentagonal line is much faster, but there is one small peculiarity: this trimmer line spoils faster if it touches rocks. It is recommended to mow with a trimmer with such a line only on a flat area, without a large number of stones, stumps, hard objects.

line for trimmer of large and small cross-section and when to use steel discs

If the line for the trimmer will not match the power of the power unit, then it is fraught with the development of the following consequences:

  • If you use a thin cord on a powerful gasoline trimmer, the material will wear out quickly, reducing the performance and efficiency of the tool
  • If you put on a low-power electric grass trimmer fishing line for the trimmer with a cross section of 2.6-3 mm. the performance will decrease, there will be a constant winding of the cord on the spool, and the load on the motor will increase, which will cause its accelerated wear

A fishing line made of such material as nylon is used. It offers high reliability and also has good cutting properties. Why should I use fishing line on my trimmer, when I can use metal disks?? This is the question many craftsmen ask themselves.

  • Cord or fishing line for the trimmer on the tool is used when mowing vegetation in an area where there are various obstacles. rocks, poles, benches, trees, etc.п. Flexible tooling only wears out quicker when it encounters these obstacles, but the tool’s motor is not overloaded
  • Metal discs. their purpose is to cope with all kinds of difficulties in the field. They efficiently mow dense and thick-stemmed vegetation. When encountering obstacles the teeth are blunted quickly and the power unit is overloaded

Knowing the difference between steel discs and cord, it is not difficult to decide which is better to buy. A line for trimmers is available in 15-meter rolls in stores. On the trimmer spool can be wound from 4-5 meters of fishing line, which depends on its diameter. To save money, you can buy lines for trimmer for grass trimmer in coils, where its metrage is 250 meters.

This is interesting!Choosing a cord on a lawnmower, you need to check the date of manufacture. This is done to exclude the possibility of buying outdated material. After all, nylon tends to shrivel and lose its original parameters. If the line for the trimmer has been stored for a long time, it is not necessary to dispose of it, and soaking in water or grease will help to return it to its former technical properties.

For the effective operation of lawnmowers, you need to pay off quality filaments of proven brands. There are quite a few manufacturers, the lines of which are popular due to their many advantages:

  • “Oregon”. a global manufacturer of various accessories for garden equipment. The lines are produced for both domestic and professional use. There is a wide range of lawn mower threads of high quality.
  • “Husqvarna” is a well-known gardening equipment brand with a lot of experience, which produces all kinds of lines for lawn mowers.Filaments are specially classified by color according to their diameter. The manufacturer has also patented a sewn-thread treatment that makes the threads stronger and more elastic.
  • “Champion” is a relatively young manufacturer that has established itself in the market with quality gardening equipment. Produces grass trimmer lines of all kinds with high wear resistance and durability. There are yellow and red series of threads with different sectional shape.
  • “Dolmar” is a popular manufacturer that has been producing various garden products for more than half a century. Grass trimmer filaments are characterized by high technical characteristics. You can buy a fishing line of this company to work on well-maintained lawns, and for cutting neglected grass.

line for trimmer for grass trimmer “Champion”

Properly selected fishing line for grass trimmer will allow you to cut not only soft grass, but also hard dead wood without much effort.

Filament thickness

Taking into account that grass trimmers have different power and purpose, manufacturers try to recommend different thickness of line for different trimmer models.

For small electric devices, designed for the care of small areas of the lawn, the main buyers of which are housewives, and elderly people, manufacturers recommend a line diameter of 1.4 to 2.4 mm for trimmers.

For electric scythes and medium-power gasoline trimmers, which are needed for the care of fairly large areas, manufacturers recommend a line for trimmer from 2.4 mm to 3 mm.

Professional machines that can work for hours in a row, mow grass on areas with difficult terrain, with bushes and dry grass Recommended line for trimmer thickness of 3. 3.2 mm.


Italian manufacturer has been producing trimmers and trimmer equipment for over 20 years. wide range of choice, users can choose model with different power, diameter and wire section.

  • Implementation of new technologies.
  • High quality equipment.
  • Wide assortment.
  • Affordable price.
  • trimmer line is wear-resistant, strong and lightweight.
  • Low noise level when working.

The most in demand is the line for trimmer with a star section.


American manufacturer is the world’s leading developer of lines for grass trimmer. For the convenience of differentiating between products, it is colored in different colors. This is one of the main advantages of a large number of products.

  • Reels are available as a small winding and in coils.
  • Quality wire.
  • Use of various models.
  • Particularly durable series are designed for any vegetation, even for thorny bushes.
  • Variety of profiles, diameters and components is distinguished by color.

In Russia the most popular lines are square and polygonal. They make the highest quality even mowing of the lawn.


Chinese company, despite its youth, has already conquered the market through optimal price-quality ratio. Raw materials for the products are delivered from other countries: India, USA, France. The company produces the technique and the proprietary cords.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Consumers estimate that the quality of the line is the best among budget models.
  • Coils are available in various winding lengths.
  • Models are equipped with a special blade for cutting.
  • For convenience the different color coating of the fishing line is made.
  • Wear-resistant core consists of two layers of material, has a twisted structure.


The famous Swedish company has been producing gardening equipment for over 400 years. World success is due to the high quality of the products. line for trimmers is available as a set with trimmers and separately from them.

  • Wide product range.
  • Coils and reels of different spools.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • trimmer line is compatible with all trimmer heads.
  • Special shape prevents fracture, cracking of the ends and their melting when heated.
  • Many choices of silent line.


Young German company from Germany has been supplying its products to the Russian market for only 15 years. Production itself is located in China, which reduces the cost of production. Line for trimmer is available in coils, spools and coils, different colors for easy choice.

  • Affordable cost of fishing line.
  • Different winding length.
  • Particularly strong cord with a steel core is available.
  • There is a system of quality control.


The ranking of the best also includes a domestic trimmer line manufacturer. The company manufactures three basic series of cords: star, ellipse and square. Also available with a particularly strong heptagonal trimmer line. Reels are available in coils ranging from 15 to 114 meters.

  • Low cost.
  • Quality cutting of grass.
  • The trimmer line is coated with heat-resistant material for protection against heat.
  • Choice of colors.
  • Low noise level during operation.

Speaking about the manufacturers of garden equipment, we can not forget the Japanese company Echo. It is engaged in the production of light agricultural equipment and fishing line for it. Company offers several lines of its products. It differs in color, different shapes and thickness.

  • Mows all kinds of plants.
  • According to industry reviews, is of excellent quality.
  • Universal use.
  • Resistant to kinks and abrasion.
  • Comes in convenient coils and coils from 10 m.
  • Not commonly available in stores, as it sells out quickly.
  • The line for the trimmer with a thicker section unwinds more slowly.
  • Has a high cost.


Different materials can be used in the production process of trimmer lines. The classic is nylon, the basis of which is polypropylene and polyamide.

Among the features of nylon are:

  • high durability. However, in order to preserve this feature, proper storage conditions are essential. It is not recommended to leave the material in the sun or keep it in a room with low temperatures;
  • ease. This quality makes it possible to develop high speeds using the inertia of the grass trimmer head’s rotation;
  • resistance to mechanical stress. The material has a long service life, and damage to the cords is only possible if they encounter very hard obstacles in their path;
  • low price. Consumable material, so it is advantageous that manufacturers set low for the line for trimmer.

Additional materials are not uncommon and sometimes the manufacturer decides to use cheaper polyethylene. The disadvantage of this solution is that such material wears out quickly, so it is recommended to give preference when choosing a line that is made of original nylon. it will cost more.

Thick lines, whose cord diameter lies between 2.6 and 3.3 millimeters are made from graphite and steel rods. In this case, the manufacturer receives a two-component cord, due to which it is possible to strengthen the strength and increase the durability of the material. High-cross-section wire lasts longer than standard, thin line.

Finally, you can find cords with metal particles in them in stores. With the help of these additives, it is possible to increase the efficiency of cutting the grass, and, therefore, provide a faster mowing of the area with the grass trimmer.

Bosch F016800431 3.5 mm

Grass trimmer line model that allows you to keep track of your line consumption and provides a simple procedure for replacing faulty material.

A good option for mowing weeds, tough grass and wild growth, as the trimmer line has high strength characteristics. Set includes 10 pieces of line of high tenacity, 37 cm each.

This is a 3.5 meter coiled line for trimmers and can be used in medium- and high-powered gasoline-powered trimmers.

Best compatibility of this variant with Bosch trimmers AFS 23-37. This eliminates the hassle of setting up and operating the line. The strips are packed in a compact blister for easy storage.

The package has a tip for hanging, which allows to keep the product in hand, in full view, hanging it on the hook.

  • 3.5 mm line section.
  • Section shape. round.
  • Length of line: 37 cm each.
  • Number of pieces. 10 pieces.
  • Total length. 370 cm.
  • Optional. suitable for AFS 23-37.
  • High strength characteristics;
  • Easy to use due to the cut;
  • handles its task well
  • slow fraying.

DDE Classic line 2 mm 63 m

Trimmer line for trimmers, made of thermoplastic copolymer, which is produced by one of the leading companies, BASF.

Three basic characteristics. It’s a round trimmer line that has the best aerodynamics, prevents unnecessary power consumption of the grass trimmer due to the fact that air resistance is reduced.

Cutting ability is rated highly by customers, the trimmer line can handle small weeds and a small amount of dead wood.

High ratings and durability of this line. The upper part is made of elastic plastic that stretches well, while the inner part is more rigid and protects the trimmer line from breaking.

DDE Classic line has several great advantages.

Polyamide, from which the trimmer line is made, is not only elastic but also heat-resistant, it withstands active use at high revolutions. trimmer line does not bind in trimmer head and has reduced vibration, resulting in lower noise level.

  • Line cross section. 2 mm.
  • Section shape. round.
  • Slicing/threading length. none.
  • Number of pieces. comes in one coil.
  • Overall length 63mm.
  • Additionally. it is sold with a handy spool.
  • does not stick and unwinds easily;
  • length to cost ratio;
  • elastic, does not tear;
  • handles thick grass stems.

Husqvarna T25 M10 (5784461-01)

Trimmer line, which is sold with a semi-automatic head and can be used with trimmers that have a straight shaft and a volume of 25 to 55 cc.

This is a reel with a sturdy line that is enclosed in a plastic case.

Able to cut any kind of grass, not afraid of cuttings, but in moderate quantity.

The line for the trimmer is fed either manually by the user when the grass trimmer motor is not activated, or automatically after activating the device.

In this case, the button is pressed, which is installed at the bottom of the head.

Open eyelet makes it easy to feed the line, it is not sintered in the head and is very economical.

Designed for long life and Husqvarna quality.

  • Line cross section. 2.4 mm.
  • The cross-sectional shape is round.
  • No. of segments. comes in a single coil.
  • Extra. sold with bobbin.
  • easy mounting on grass trimmer;
  • Does not tear or chip
  • easy line release;
  • durable plastic reel; spool is made of plastic.

Important things to know when working with fishing line?

For the tool to serve you for a long time, you need to know some peculiarities of its device, storage and maintenance:

  • The grass trimmer head should be parallel to the ground when working, so that the trimmer line does not hit the ground and rocks. It is desirable not to touch hard objects, curbs, fences.
  • Electric grass trimmers are the most sensitive to moisture, so you can’t operate them in rain and wet weather.
  • After finishing work, you need to thoroughly clean all parts of the mechanism from dirt, grass, wipe all wires and fishing line for the trimmer, so that the next time you start everything will function well.

Tips from experienced owners

How often do you have to change your grass trimmer line?

To ensure that your tool will serve you for a long time and malfunction as seldom as possible, use the advice of experienced gardeners.

  • Carefully read the technical data sheet of your product to use the correct line diameter and cross section for your trimmer.
  • Different cords are used for different grass.
  • Excessively thin fishing line will wear and tear faster, reducing the overall performance of the unit.
  • Too thick a core also makes the work inefficient, as the load on the motor increases, which can not withstand and burn out.

Tips from experienced owners

How often do you have to change your grass trimmer fishing line?

In order for the tool to serve you for a long time and break down as rarely as possible, apply the tips of experienced gardeners.

  • Carefully read the technical data sheet of your product to use fishing line for your trimmer with the right diameter and cross section.
  • Different cords are used for different grass.
  • An excessively thin string will wear and tear faster, which reduces the performance of the device as a whole.
  • Too thick a strand also makes the work inefficient, as the load on the engine increases, which can not withstand and burn out.

Thus, it is possible to summarize all of the above and note the following important factors in choosing a line for a grass trimmer.

  • When buying line for your trimmer, take a good look at its thickness, composition, and cross-sectional shape. Buy exactly the model you need for your device.
  • Pay attention to the best manufacturers. Getting a cheap product, you run the risk of buying a low-quality product.
  • Carefully care for the fishing line, wipe it down after work, clean sap, grass and dirt so it lasts as long as possible.

A clean and well-maintained lawn shows the diligence of the owner. Therefore, by following all the tips outlined above, you will be able to buy exactly the line for the trimmer, which will last you a long time and will be reliable and of high quality.