What is the Bulgarian consist of. What a carvings on a grinder

Why a grinder and how it works

Today, in everyday life, almost every home master has a grinder. Nevertheless, many do not know why it is so called, and what functions can perform this tool, in addition to the usual cutting. From this article you will learn the origin of the unusual name of the grinder, its device, and why it can be used.

The usual name. The Bulgarian. Is so common that few people remember why it is called that. This tool is correctly called an angle grinding machine (Ushm). Initially, it was intended for processing internal angles at the joints of two planes. The first copies of such cars entered the Soviet Union from the then friendly Bulgaria, where they were produced. According to the people characteristic of the people, a long and uncomfortable name tried to reduce. As a result, a new word has firmly entered everyday life. The Bulgarian. But the package indicates the correct name. An angle grinding machine.

Gradually, they began to call all power tools that look like a prototype. Although the difference between them is. For example, a grinder is often called A cut typewriter.

The external resemblance is undoubtedly present, but the cutting machine is equipped with a platform so that the incision is heading perpendicularly processed surface, which differs from the grinder.

Operations that can be performed using a grinder

Bulgarian is a multifunctional tool. The drive mechanism in it is an electric motor, which through the gearbox transfers the movement of the shaft with a replaceable nozzle fixed on it. The general view of the device is presented in the photo below.

On the market are models that differ in power and design:

Professional Big Bulgarian 230mm STERN AG230B

Powerful devices are powered by a three.Phase voltage of 380 V, and domestic voltage. From a single.Phase network 220 V. There are also low.Power battery models.

Corner grinding machine (Ushm) can be made with different materials the following The main types of work:

Ushm is designed to work with such materials:

Bulgarians are widespread both in everyday life and in industrial conditions. This is caused by their wide functionality, due to the following factors:

  • Large choice various nozzles from different materials to perform various operations;
  • Possibility fixed fixation using special fasteners;
  • Presence in some models additional pens and several speed modes.

In this case, you need to constantly remember that only special discs are used to process each material.

The device of corner grinding machines, component parts

Ushm design is relatively simple and technological, which made it possible to establish their production at many enterprises.

The corner grinding machine consists of the following parts:

Corps that is made from reinforced polymers. Such materials are characterized by high strength, resistance to wear and environmental effects. On the outer surface there is a button for turning on the tool with the latch. Some models have Windows closed with hatches to replace the drive brushes.

Electric motor, which is powerful from a household network or batteries. Ushm use drives that can provide high speed of the shaft. To cool the windings and other parts in the front of the axis, a fan is installed.

Single.Stage corner gearbox in a separate case made mainly from magnesium or aluminum alloys. Consists of conical gears, the shafts of which are installed on ball or sliding bearings. The interaction of details among themselves in the gearbox is provided by a body, which is filled with consistent grease.

Spindle consisting of a shaft with a metric carvings, a thick.Walled washer and a nut for fastening a cutting disk or other equipment. On the gearbox housing, usually from the opposite side, a button fixing the shaft in immobility is provided. This is necessary to dismantle and install a new equipment.

The removable handle has a thread, and it can be screwed into the gearbox body in one of the selected provisions. This is done for the convenience of holding the power tool in the process of performing different types of work.

The protective casing, closes part of the cutting disk and does not allow the sleepout of sparks that forms during operation to fly in all directions. The device protects the employee and surrounding objects from the products of the equipment of equipment and fragments of the material formed in the process of processing.

bulgarian, consist, carvings, grinder

The corner grinding machine is supplied to the consumer complete with the user manual and a special key to attach equipment. The latter is a steel strip with two pins, which exactly coincide with the holes of the fixing nut. In some cases, the manufacturer adds spare coal brushes to the delivery kit.

The principle of operation of Ushm

Ushm is driven by an electric engine, which is turned on by pressing the fixed button or switch. Food is carried out from the network, as well as from the built.In or removable battery. Mostly the tool is equipped with collector electric motors, the stator winding in which has a large inductive resistance. This circumstance can significantly reduce working currents.

Unfwinding, the shaft of the electric motor rotates the lead gear in the gearbox, which drives the driven, and thus transfers the effort to the spindle. The case of the mechanism is made of magnesium or aluminum alloys to improve heat transfer. The gearing between the gears is of two types: straight.Toothed and lobby (conical glisson systems). The second option is preferable because it provides greater reliability and helps to reduce noise.

On more expensive and complex models, a dissolving coupling is used, installed between the engine and the gearbox. The main function of this node preventing the reverse blow with a sudden stop of the disk due to jamming. This allows you to protect the operator from a possible injury and nodes of a grinder from breakdowns. On such Ushm, the spindle fixation button can be pressed until it is completely stopped.

The choice of a structural scheme, in which the plane is rotated by a cutting disk or brush parallel to the axis of the tool is explained quite simply. During the operation of the Ushm, a significant torque arises, striving to take the tool to the side. This effort is easily compensated by the operator, due to the optimal arrangement of the arms along and perpendicular to the axis.

Bulgarian choice tips

A grinder is an instrument that you can’t do without a home master. The scope of its application, as mentioned above, is huge. Thanks to a large number of nozzles, the Bulgarian acquires practically Universal properties.

For this device are significantly fluctuating. Additional functions built into the unit, as well as the power of its engine, affect the pricing. In addition, household USHM are much lower than for the same devices designed for professional use. In order not to overpay money for unnecessary, additional functions that are not very important for low.Power grinders, it is worth deciding where you are going to use the grinder, and for what purposes: for home or as a professional tool. And after that, stop your choice on a specific model of the device.

Bulgarian for home

If you need to cut off a bolt or hairpin in any mechanism, cut a small diameter pipe or dissolve a plastic sheet (thin metal), as well as perform other small work, then for these purposes a medium-sized household grinder is ideal. On average, the diameter of the disk (maximum) for such a grinder is 125 mm. By acquiring such a small Ushm, you can do all small work, including cutting, polishing and grinding.

For cutting thicker materials (brick, concrete), as well as more durable (ceramic tiles, thick metal), you can purchase semi.Professional models, with greater power and the ability to fix the equipment of large diameters in them.

Ushm for professional use

If you are engaged in construction at a professional level, then you will need a professional Ushm, which you just can not do without. For example, When building a house Sometimes you often have to use the capabilities of Ushm for various occasions. And wait until the household device has cooled, there is simply no time. In addition, domestic grinders when exceeding the standard in work and overheating often fail. Therefore, you will do the right thing if you spend money once and purchase a bell of the “pros” with which you will not have problems.

Professional Ushm have slightly larger sizes than domestic ones, allow you to perform various work all day, without pauses for rest, differ in high power and the ability to install a large diameter. 230 mm and above. In addition, these devices have many protection levels, which was mentioned above. Thanks to them, the risk of injury is significantly reduced.

Factors for choosing a device

When choosing a corner grinding machine, you should definitely concentrate your attention on the following features:

  • Application area.
  • The size of the pens.
  • The components of the power tool must be rubber.
  • The massiveness of the working circle.

Please note that angular grinding machines have different sizes of the circle and housing, and 2 is considered a large diameter.5 cm. A similar circle will cut the material of brick, pipes, slabs and everything else. The most acceptable circle for home use will be 1.3 cm. When conducting repair work, the optimal value will be 1.8 cm, and power can be in the range from 0.5 to 2.5 kW.

Characteristics of corner grinders

When choosing a power tool, it is necessary to pay attention to such characteristics as the diameter of the equipment, power, speed range, as well as the possibility of adjusting them.

Rotational speed

The most important parameter of the tool is the speed of rotation of the tier, depending directly on the diameter of the nozzles used. For domestic use, it is recommended to choose models of bells, in which the linear speed of rotation of the circle is 80 meters per second. At a higher speed use ordinary household nozzles It is not possible for a grinder, since the circle will simply collapse due to increased load. But at a lower speed of rotation, Rapid wear of the disks is noted, and it is often impossible to work with such a tool.

Power indicators

On sale you can find grinders, the power of which fluctuates in the range of 650-2700 watts. Power indicators will depend not only on the purpose of a particular tool, but also on the diameter of the discs used. For example, models that are designed for larger disks have a powerful drive that develops 2 thousand. W and more. Such equipment belongs to the category of professional, is equipped with reliable powerful drives and has the appropriate cost.

But domestic models of grinder, the diameter of the disk in which is usually 125-150 millimeters, have a power of at least 750 W. For use for domestic purposes, we can recommend choosing such angle grinders with a capacity of 750-1500 watts and remember that the more the circle and the disk you plan to use for work, the higher you should be The power of such a tool.

The diameter of the equipment

Before buying, you need to decide on the diameter of the equipment that will be used with the chosen grinder you have chosen. This diameter shows the maximum circle size for use with a specific grinder model.

In the event that you choose such a tool exclusively for working with lumber, then there will be enough equipment diameter of 125 or 150 millimeters. But if you plan to use an angle grinding machine for cutting curbs and other materials that have great depths, then you should choose a tool that has the maximum diameter of the equipment is 200 millimeters or more. Note that models with a diameter of equipment of more than 200 millimeters belong to professional and have the appropriate cost.

If you need to choose such a tool for use for domestic purposes, you should decide on the operating mode, as well as the work for which you purchase angular grinder. Household models of the Bulgarians are characterized by simplicity of design, with a power of 1000-1500 W and the size of equipment, which usually does not exceed 150-175 millimeters. Based on these two characteristics, you should choose angular grinding machines for the house.

The Making of a Sculpture

Professional Bulgarian models have the size of equipment of 200 millimeters or more, their power indicators exceed 2 thousand. Tue. The tool is equipped with protection against dust, vibration and is able to operate in the most rigid mode. Such a technique is durable, but it has a high cost, which is explained by the complexity of the design and the use of high.Tech filling.

Safety regulations

When working with the tool, the following security measures must be followed:

bulgarian, consist, carvings, grinder
  • Do not use equipment that does not correspond to the bell in size and has any damage.
  • Be sure to use gloves and protective glasses for the eyes.
  • When working with specific material, use only specialized types of equipment for it.
  • Place the network wire so as not to damage it.
  • Make sure that people are not in the plane of rotation of the disk.

Violation of simple security rules can lead to various injuries, and in some cases death as a result of damage by fragments of the disk of vital organs.

To decide on the choice of Ushm, it is necessary to imagine for which specific goals the tool needs and at what frequency it will be operated.

Given the average needs of home masters and their work, you can advise the network machine of a well.Known manufacturer with a circle diameter of 125 mm. As a rule, such a tool is suitable for most works. The for it are low, and there are plenty of offers from various manufacturers.

Electric circuit

Knowledge of the appointment of the main parts will not give a 100% positive result in repair. It is also necessary to understand and understand how the electrical circuit of the grinder is arranged and how the electric motor works. Two windings are involved in the diagram, which are sequentially connected through the power wire to the network with a voltage of 220 V and are not interconnected in the electrical circuit. The mechanically installed circuit breaker binds to the power button and disconnecting the grinder. Each of the windings is connected through contacts with graphite brushes. Through brushes, the windings are connected to the rotor collector.

It is also very important that the anchor has many windings, however, only two windings are connected to graphite brushes, and the failure most often occurs due to a rupture of the electric circuit. Diagnosis of the electrocope of the device is carried out by a special device. Tester. A portable measuring device is used not only in the repair of grinder, but also to check other electrical tools and devices.

The correct check should be made from the input power cable with the transition to the sequential elements. When checking conductivity, the multimeter switch is set to the minimum voltage.

Malfunction of the electocepe of the collector motor

Most often, breakdowns in the electrical circuit of the grinder occur for the following reasons:

  • Collector wear;
  • Breakdown button;
  • Wear of coal or graphite brushes;
  • Overheating and short circuit in the stator winding;
  • Overheating and burning of the rotor winding;
  • Damage to the power wire.

Such malfunctions are the most frequent, but there are other breakdowns associated with the break in the electric circuit.

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