What is the difference between a line for a trimmer for grass trimmer

How to choose a line for a trimmer for grass trimmer (brushcutter) Husqvarna?

In order to choose a trimmer line for grass trimmer, first of all we need to decide on the type of trimmer head we have, as this will determine what type of line we choose.

Trimmer cord by diameter:

  • 1.6 mm. used mainly in electric trimmers and battery-powered scythes up to 0.7 kW.
  • 2,0 mm. used in electric trimmers with power over 1 kW and chain saws with power up to 0,9 kW.
  • 2.4 mm. designed for medium power brushcutters up to 1.4 kW. The most popular are strands of this diameter with a twisted section or round strands.
  • 2.7 mm. designed to equip semi-professional brushcutter.
  • 3.0 mm. used for powerful professional trimmers.
  • 3.3 mm. used only on professional models of electric and gasoline trimmers of higher power. This trimmer line is round in cross-section and sold in large coils.

Circular line for trimmer

Husqvarna Round trimmer strands

A trimmer line with a round section is very durable, therefore, it will last for a long time. At the same time, its cutting power is much lower than that of other lines. If we use a cordless grass trimmer, it is important to pay attention to the fact that when rotating a round shaped trimmer line makes a distinctive sound. You can get rid of such a sound if you make an acoustic groove on the line. If the grass trimmer gasoline engine, then there is nothing to worry about, because the sound of the drive itself will override the sound coming from the fishing line.

Husqvarna Round cord is available in Husqvarna Round line of trimmer lines in coils and reels.

Basic parameters

The main determinant values are the composition and diameter of the yarn. Material greatly affects durability. It is made of nylon, because it is considered the most wear-resistant working material. Now there are also aluminum products. they are even more effective.

And to determine the approximate diameter is possible by the type of engine. Electric grass trimmers with a power of 1 kW will require products with a thickness of 2 mm, less than 500 watts. not thicker than 1.6 mm.

Benchwheel trimmers use 2.4-3 mm cords, brushcutters. 3.2 mm. It turns out that the more powerful the grass trimmer, the bigger the equipment. Watch out for this.

Grass trimmer line diameter and performance

So, we have understood the shape of the line, and now we need to talk about the size, or rather the diameter. The smallest line diameter for grass trimmer is 1.3 mm. You have to admit that you can’t mow burdocks with such a line, you need something more powerful. The largest trimmer line diameter is 4 mm. However, it is not possible to install such fishing line for the trimmer in any reel, the holes will not allow to install the line in the reel.

So, what trimmer line diameter to choose?? Here everything is very simple, and in the passport to each trimmer the manufacturer indicates the diameter of the line. So, to increase the productivity of your trimmer for grass, put a line with a few more diameters.

Thus, it will be possible to increase the efficiency of motorized equipment. Do not forget about safety precautions, because a grass trimmer with a larger line diameter cut well, but its shaft starts to vibrate a lot because of this. So you have to be extra careful when you cut the grass.

Loop diameter

The choice of cord diameter follows a simple logic: the thicker and more dense the vegetation, the larger the cord diameter should be. Higher diameter gives more cutting power, but also means better survivability in thick grass, weeds, dead wood and other foliage.

For medium work. easy work Grass mowing 1,5. 2 mm
For medium work. heavy work Mowing grass and small weeds 2 to 3 mm
For heavy work Mowing grass, small and large weeds ≥ 3 mm

Each grass trimmer or trimmer head is usually designed for a certain range of cord diameters, so it’s a good idea to check the user manual before getting a new cord.

Tip from a Champion Engineer

Cord material

Trimmer cords are most often made of nylon, but many manufacturers depart from this standard in pursuit of greater strength or cutting power.

How manufacturers combine materials? Some cords are made from reinforced nylon composites. for extra strength, tear resistance. In the composition of nylon is often added to strengthen it. for example, aluminum.

What is the best line for a trimmer??

There is no definite answer to this question. Round types are universal, while star-shaped cord is not suitable for everyone. Experienced workers say: the right choice of filament will increase productivity, saving a quarter of the time it takes to clean the yard.

You need to consider the category of device for which you plan to buy a cutting tool. It is believed that twisted is best suited for beveling to all trimmers (except for gasoline-powered. they should give cord with metal in the center). Curled lines cut through grass more easily than smooth lines.

The thinner the filaments, the easier the bevel, but their durability is less, they tear or wear out quickly. And thick ones overload the device, spoil the lawn, as they crumple the greenery.

If you do not like the twisted, then take the rounded or that line for the trimmer, which you think is better. Many people recommend a proprietary line, invented by the same company as the weed trimmer.

Thickness of filament (cord)

You can find out the right thickness by looking at the specifications of the grass trimmer or by reading the inscriptions on the universal bobbin. Filament diameters from 1.2 to 4mm are used most often. There is a different line diameter for each individual model of grass trimmer. The fact is that if the thread is thinner than you need, then you increase the wear and tear of the engine, due to the increased number of revolutions of the shaft. If it is, on the contrary, too thick, it will increase the resistance to rotation, and the engine will start to overheat and eventually fail. To determine the exact diameter of the filament is best guided by the type of engine trimmer for grass. Thus, it turns out the following:

  • For an electric grass trimmer with a bottom-mounted “engine” of less than 500 watts will need a thread thickness of 1.3 mm. If you do not find one, you can use a thicker line for the trimmer at 1.6 mm, but no more.
  • For an electric top-mounted grass trimmer with about 1 kW, choose a filament diameter of 2 mm.

It does not matter what type of shaft the electric grass trimmer has, bent or straight (allows you to install the blades).

Tip! If the tool is originally installed a line for the trimmer with a diameter of 1.6 mm, then you can put a thread of 2 mm, this will not affect the operation of the engine.

If we are talking about a gasoline model, in this situation, you must necessarily determine which shaft the mower has. For the bent one, most often 2 mm thick fishing line is used. But on the tool with a straight shaft, a fishing line is installed for the grass trimmer 3 mm or 2,4-2,5. The thickest line for a trimmer is usually put on more powerful tools (from 1.3 kW).

If we talk about what line for the trimmer better copes with young grass or perennial dead wood, you can conditionally divide the cord into the following categories:

  • 1.2 to 1.6mm trimmer line. This is the thinnest thread that is used to trim your lawn.
  • 2 to 2.4 will allow you to cut both young grass and tougher grass. Suitable for occasional use.
  • Thread from 3 to 3.2 mm will allow you to mow grass and thick stems of weeds or dead wood if you rarely go out of town.

Less common is a 4mm grass trimmer fishing line. This is due to the fact that rarely do you have to deal with such serious overgrowth. However, if you are the owner of a powerful gasoline “mower” and have not appeared on the dacha for several years, then the line for the trimmer for 4 mm will be the best option.

Sectional shape

There is a wide range of cords with different cross sections, depending on which grass trimmer can mow which kind of grass:

  • Cords with a circular cross-section are the most popular, and such lines are cheaper than others, from 68 (12 m). They cut fresh grass well, but perform poorly on overgrown grass and bushes. The disadvantage of such a cord is quite a strong noise, which resembles the rumble of a running engine of a car.
  • Twisted cord makes less noise, but is not very durable. Therefore, such a line for the trimmer will be suitable only for thin young grass, for which you constantly take care of. These trimmer lines cost from 100.
  • Square, rectangular, or starred line for trimmer allows you to mow the lawn more evenly with a low noise level. True, such products also cannot boast of durability. The cost of such a cord is about 147 for 12 meters.
  • Serrated cord with sharp edges is used for large weeds in neglected areas. A trimmer line will not make a lot of noise, and thanks to its enhanced aerodynamic properties, it will give the mower extra power. This cord is suitable for a powerful grass trimmer. The serrated cord is considered durable and reliable.
  • Two-piece trimmer line with an inner core with a round section is considered the strongest of all. Thanks to a core made of a different material, the cord can mow even small bushes. However, such a line for trimmer is suitable only for gasoline trimmers. Because of the high cost (from 250) of such a cord, it is not reasonable to use it every day.

The composition of the line

The composition of your line determines how long it will last. Most often yarns are made of nylon. This material is slower to wear and is characterized by high performance in conditions of high temperature and heavy loads. The duration of work also has no effect on the properties of nylon.

Coaxial lines are considered the strongest. It can be identified by its thick core, which allows these lines to last longer than nylon lines. This line for trimmer is difficult to cut with a knife, and during mowing it makes minimum noise.

The most expensive line for the trimmer is the one that contains aluminum, or rather, its inclusions. Such cord has appeared on the market relatively recently, but it is already safe to say that it is the most durable.

What trimmer lines are made of

The raw material for the production of lines for grass trimmer is nylon (polypropylene or polyamide). a strong, lightweight, wear-resistant and inexpensive material. To cut production costs, some manufacturers add polyethylene, which wears out faster and is less resistant to overheating. This is one of the key differences between cheap and expensive strings of the same kind.

Graphite or steel core is added to trimmer line with thick cross-section (3 mm and more), which multiplies the efficiency of cutting any kind of grass. The metal base improves the aerodynamic properties of the line, so it cuts the stems better. There is also a reinforced line for trimmer, where steel particles are evenly distributed throughout the string. Adding metal fractions gives the line extra strength and wear resistance. Two-component string is more expensive than conventional nylon, but it is mainly purchased for specialized street improvement work, such as utilities.

What is the best line for a trimmer?

Sawdust for trimmers is currently produced by many companies, both world-famous and nameless. It’s still better to trust the first. Of course, this leads to higher costs. But you can be sure of a high quality product. If you buy cheap material from a no-name manufacturer, you can buy both a quality product and a useless one. So, it’s always a lottery. It is much easier and more pleasant to cooperate with major manufacturers who have proved the quality of their products and value their reputation.

Let’s list a few of the most famous companies, whose fishing line for trimmer can be seen in many specialized stores:

  • Champion produces a lot of lines of different kinds, from budget nylon to two-component cord. Yes, the cheap products of the firm Champion can not be called. But if you are really interested in the best line for a trimmer that can last as long as possible, then you should opt for this one.
  • Echo is a company that is ready to offer an excellent trimmer line for your trimmer, both in terms of price and quality. The shape of the cross-section and diameter vary, but in general the price and quality are quite consistent.
  • Husqvarna is a rather expensive manufacturer, but the quality leaves no doubt. After all, the material is not made in China or Vietnam, but in Europe.
  • Rezer offers the most budget-friendly line for trimmers in a variety of diameters, sizes and colors. If you’re strapped for cash, this is your choice.
  • Siat is a serious manufacturer from Italy, which produces quite expensive (but not exorbitant) and very high quality products. The choice for serious users who know that you have to pay good money for a good thing.

This brings our article to a close. Now you know enough about lines for trimmers to make the right choice, which will not have to regret.

The main mistakes when choosing a fishing line

The main mistake buyers of trimmer lines make is destroying the packaging. It indicates the information on what tool is used with this line. Problems may arise in this regard:

  • The choice of line that does not match the engine power of the grass trimmer. Improperly selected cord leads to its wear and tear or overloading the unit.
  • Incorrect diameter. The opening in the trimmer through which the string is fed varies in width. So if you buy the wrong line for your trimmer, you simply won’t be able to tuck it in.
  • Inaccurate selection of section shape. Different conditions require different line types. If their shape is not right, it will reduce the quality of cutting and reduce its service life.

For cultivated lawns with soft grass, do not use twisted, polyhedral or shaped grass trimmer strings. Such lines can easily handle cutting, but the cost in this case is unjustified because there is a round cord, which is cheaper and perfectly mows fresh grass cover.

Oregon grass trimmer fishing line

For the effective operation of lawn mowers, you need to pay off quality strings of proven brands. There are quite a few manufacturers whose lines are popular because of their many advantages:

  • “Oregon is a global manufacturer of various accessories for gardening equipment. The lines are produced for both domestic and professional use. Produces a wide range of high quality lines for lawn mowers.
  • “Husqvarna” is a well-known gardening equipment brand with a lot of experience, which produces all kinds of lawn mower lines.Threads have a specific color classification depending on their diameter. The manufacturer has also patented a sewn-in filament treatment, which makes them stronger and more elastic.
  • “Champion is a relatively young manufacturer, which has established itself in the market with quality gardening equipment. Grass trimmer lines of all kinds with high wear resistance and durability. There is a yellow and red series of strings with different cross-sectional shapes.
  • “Dolmar is a popular manufacturer that has been producing various gardening products for more than half a century. The grass trimmer lines for grass trimmers are characterized by high technical characteristics. You can buy lines of this company for working on well-maintained lawns, as well as for cutting neglected grass.

line for trimmer for grass trimmer “Champion”

The right line for grass trimmer allows to cut not only soft grass, but also hard and dry grass without much effort.

What’s the best way to cut the grass?

Before you start choosing accessories for your garden tool, you need to answer the question “what kind of grass it will mow”? If it is fresh, the choice is clear. trimmer fishing line is ideal for this kind of work.

The line for the trimmer is a filament, which is made of nylon. The grass is mowed with the help of 2 line tips that rotate at high speed. The higher the rotation speed, the more efficient the tool.

Mowing width can be between 40 and 50 cm. How fast you can get the job done depends on this property. The wider the cutting width, the faster the lawn will be mowed.

When working with a garden tool, it should be positioned so that the stringline is parallel to the grass. The mowing head should not be pressed too close to the ground. This will lead to increased load on the engine, which, in turn, may cause its failure.

The product can be used to cut any grass, regardless of its height. It is excellent for both low and very high grass. It is worth noting the fact that the same cannot be said of a lawn mower. In addition, a string mower will do an excellent job of cutting grass in places where a lawn mower does not pass.

The wire is ideal for mowing grass in the garden. It is not capable of damaging trees in any way. Grass trimmer line slides gently over trunks without damaging the crown.

A line for a trimmer is one of the best options for cutting grass, which will be later made into hay. However, it is worth noting that it will not cope with stiff and dense grass. To mow this kind of vegetation, it is necessary to install a knife.

How to choose

Grass trimmers for cutting grass, working on gasoline or electricity, are very popular, and there is nothing surprising. They allow you to quickly and easily clear large areas from overgrown grass, which can not fail to please gardeners and owners of private houses. However, it is impossible to say that using these devices the gardener will not encounter any difficulties. Over time, the trimmer line tends to thin and tear. Trying to replace it, the gardener is faced with a rather difficult choice. He has to decide on the choice of the company, the material from which it is made, the shape and many other parameters, and it is not so easy to do.

When buying, the first thing to look at is the material it is made of. It must be plastic, otherwise the product will often break.

  • Nylon.
  • made of nylon mixed with aluminum, graphite.
  • Nylon with the addition of a steel rod.
  • coaxial strands.

The most common is a nylon line for a trimmer. The material used for its manufacture is quite low cost and perfectly withstands. However, it is not possible to say that it is the most durable. For example, the coaxial thread has a much higher strength, which means that it will last longer. Also, you can not ignore the cost of the product. Take into account the fact that in the manufacture of cheap items polyethylene is used. No need to talk about the high strength of this material. It wears out quickly and therefore needs to be replaced more often.

If the gardener plans to cut not only grass, but also bushes, he should make a choice in favor of a model with a steel rod. They have a high resistance to wear and last for quite a long time.

Section shape

Several types of fishing line are distinguished by the shape of the section:

  • Round. Used for mowing any kind of vegetation.
  • Star and square. Great for dealing with coarse grass.
  • Twisted cord. Ideal for continuous work.

Round costs less than the others. It’s great for cutting thin, loose grass. Its negative characteristic can be called that it makes too much noise during work. The circular model with a cross section can solve this problem, but its price will be much higher.

Polygon or square. The model is able to cut not only thin, but also quite thick grass. Its price is not much higher than a round. This suggests that such a line for the trimmer is an excellent compromise between price and efficiency.

Twisted square and sprocket. Such a line for a trimmer is characterized by a high speed of cutting the grass. It can handle both fresh and dry or hard vegetation. Of course, its price is quite high, but in this case it is worth paying more. This trimmer line will help the gardener cut the grass on the property quickly and efficiently.

Modern manufacturers offer their buyers lines with special serrations. They make the work efficiency much higher, but also increase the cost of the material.

Line diameter

Product may have different diameters. As a rule, this indicator varies from 1.3 mm to 5 mm. lines with a small diameter are suitable for trimmers with a weak motor. They will not put additional strain on it.

For electric-powered trimmers, you should choose lines with a diameter of 2.4 mm, and their motor power should be 1.4 kW.

For professional garden equipment, lines with a diameter of 2.7 to 5 mm.

Line thickness

Choosing a line for a trimmer, you can not ignore its thickness. If a line is too thick or too thin, it will quickly wear out the motor.

Armed with this information, every gardener will be able to choose the line for the trimmer that suits his or her needs.

How to store fishing line for a trimmer?

Choosing a fishing line is an important process. But it is also important to learn how to store it correctly. Otherwise, it is possible to lead to deterioration of the equipment, as a result of which the line for the trimmer will quickly wear out, and it will be necessary to change it.

Of course, those who buy a coil of fishing line with a length of 15 meters are unlikely to ask the question of storage, but in cases where it is a question of buying a coil of 250-500 meters, this point should be dealt with.

If you do not observe the storage conditions of the cord, you can lead to the following consequences:

  • line for the trimmer will lose its original properties, quickly worn out;
  • The performance of the device and the quality of work will decrease;
  • the string will tear quickly, making it necessary to insert the string into the grass trimmer more often.

All the consequences can not be called pleasant, so it is worth to figure out how to ensure effective storage of the material and, if possible, prolong the service life.

Rules for storing the line

  • When the spring and summer seasons will pass and the need to use the trimmer for grass will disappear, it is necessary to carefully pack the equipment in polyethylene. Additionally, it is recommended to impregnate the strings with grease or glycerin. After you should put the line for the trimmer in the package in a dark place, where the temperature does not fall below 5 degrees Celsius. It is also possible to store the trimmer line in the refrigerator.
  • It is not recommended to store the material on radiators or radiators. Excessive heat can damage the technical properties of the line. Cord should be kept out of the sunlight. To avoid them getting on the material, you can pack the line for the trimmer in black polyethylene or use airtight containers instead of a bag.
  • When grass-growing season starts again, take out the package, rewind the correct amount of line and wipe off the grease. Only then can the line be loaded into the reel.

trimmer fishing line or discs?

In stores, it is not uncommon to see trimmer models that use metal discs instead of fishing line. There is an explanation for this:

  • cord with fishing line are in demand in cases when it comes to mowing grass and vegetation in the territory where there are various obstacles in the form of stones, poles or the same fence. With the help of flexible accessories it is possible to avoid collisions with obstacles during work and to reduce the load on the tool;
  • metal discs are designed for mowing grass in the field, as well as in large parks, squares. They perfectly cope with dense vegetation, as well as with grass, which has thick stems.

A disadvantage of circular saw blades is that the teeth wear out quickly if they encounter obstacles, which means they have to be replaced. In addition, such an accident leads to increased load on the power unit.

A popular option for grass trimmer lines is a round cord of small thickness. This line for trimmer will effectively cope with mowing the lawn, as well as help to eliminate unwanted vegetation on the site and even trim old branches of trees, shrubs.