What is the difference between a petrol cutter and a trimmer

Difference between brushcutter and trimmer

In the summer season, one of the urgent tasks is the fight against excess vegetation that spoils the appearance of personal plots, lawns and parks. In this regard, special equipment is used. Its varieties are brushcutters and trimmers. Each of these tools has its own characteristics, which lead to certain advantages and disadvantages.

Appearance of devices

Before comparing the two options for garden equipment, let’s pay attention to their sample samples. This is a brushcutter:

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And here is the trimmer:

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So, two devices perform the same function. the ennobling of the territory. And the difference between brushcutters and trimmers lies in their technical capabilities, design features and direct purpose.

The brushcutter is a more powerful unit. It usually runs on gasoline. This device can be in continuous operation for a long time, which is especially important when it is required to process large areas. The motokosa copes not only with thin grass, but also with weeds, shrubs, trees making their way.

But where it is necessary to correct hard-to-reach areas, for example, the spaces between closely planted shrubs, it is preferable to wield a trimmer. This tool will evenly cut soft grass in a small area and create a clear edge of the lawn. It should be borne in mind that long continuous work does not have the best effect on such devices, and if you need to mow a lot of grass, this should be done in several approaches.

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Trimmers most often use battery or electrical energy. Their cutting part is traditionally a fishing line. The handle of this type of aggregate is usually closed, D-shaped. Meanwhile, in a brushcutter, it looks like a bicycle handlebar. it makes it easier to control a heavier tool than a trimmer. On this equipment, the cutting element, in addition to the line, can be a knife or a disc.

What’s the difference between a brushcutter and a trimmer yet? The fact that the first device is louder, while the second produces much less noise. Generally speaking, the trimmer is more suitable for home use. A brushcutter is an indispensable tool in the hands of those who are professionally engaged in the processing of various territories.


Technical features

Let’s look at some of the characteristics of each mowing device. So, the trimmer has a simpler device. It can be powered by electricity, gasoline, or battery power. The same energy sources are found in lawn mowers, however, with more power, these units can function longer without interruption.

The trimmer cuts the stems of the plants with a blade or line. On some models, the cutting element is a disc. Lawn mowers are equipped with a double-sided rotating knife or blade system. At the same time, the cutting height of the grass in modern devices can be adjusted.

The difference between a trimmer and a lawn mower is its light weight. At the same time, there are models of fairly heavy, powerful trimmers that are used to combat large weeds, very tough grass, and so on. Nevertheless, any trimmer is a portable device, which cannot be said about a lawn mower.


Trimmer. portable motorized tool for cutting grassy areas.


Lawnmower. a motorized device on wheels designed for cutting grass.

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Collecting herbs

Trimmers are not equipped with a grass catcher, and therefore, after using the tool, it is necessary to remove the cut vegetation from the area. Using the lawnmower, you can choose whether the mowed grass will fit in a special compartment (most models are equipped with it) or it will lie directly on the lawn when crushed.

Difference between trimmer and lawn mower

An area with neatly trimmed grass always looks very well-groomed. To maintain the area in this state, a trimmer or lawn mower is used. Each of these devices has its own characteristics and is designed to perform specific tasks.

  • Definition
  • Comparison
  • Technical features
  • Collecting herbs
  • Scope of application

Scope of application

With the help of the trimmer, thanks to its compact elongated design, it is convenient to work in spaces between closely growing plantings, overgrown areas under benches, along curbs and around flower beds. In areas with tall grass or uneven surfaces, it is also advisable to use a trimmer.

A lawnmower with limited maneuverability is more suited to beautifying large, level surfaces. In this case, the grass will be cut rather quickly, and the person operating the machine will spend much less effort than when performing the same work with a trimmer.

Knowing what is the difference between a trimmer and a lawn mower, you can decide which device is right for you. And if funds allow, it is convenient to have both at your disposal: a lawn mower for general processing of the territory and a trimmer that helps to correct the grass cover in the remaining hard-to-reach places.

additional characteristics

Rod type

The bar can be straight or curved. Straight designs are common in professional and farm appliances. They transfer all the weight to the trimmer head to cut tough grass.

Curved bars are more ergonomic. Their maneuverability allows you to handle difficult, inaccessible areas. Another plus is the ability to spend less effort working with the trimmer, so it is more comfortable to hold it in your hands. The bar can be solid and collapsible. The latter is convenient for storage and transportation in transport.

Cutting element type

Most trimmers come with a spool with a line wrapped around it. This is the main cutting element. The diameter of the fishing line is different. from 1 to 3.5 mm. The higher the value, the higher the trimmer’s ability to handle dense grass. There are two options for feeding the line: semi-automatic, in which the spool is pressed to the ground to unwind the new line, and automatic, when no effort is required from the operator. It’s just that every time the engine is turned on, the line is fed instead of the used one.

The metal three-beam knife copes with the thickest and toughest thickets and is installed, as a rule, on gasoline brushcutters.

Circular knives will fix small branches and shrubs.

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The plastic knife-like fishing line is a consumable item. It is flexible, durable and will not break when faced with tough grass or stray stone.

Handle shape

The D or P-shaped handle looks like a loop. It is convenient for cutting tall bushes and is gripped from above.

The T or U-shape of the handle resembles the handlebars of a bicycle and is held in a similar manner. This handle gives the tool the maneuverability, since two hands can be used. She is supplied by weighty models.

J-grip wraps around like mowing grass with a regular scythe.

The weight

Weight is an important indicator if you are purchasing a trimmer for a person who is unable to support both the weight and vibration of a working tool. The difference in weight between the models is significant. from 2 to 9.1 kg.

What is the difference

The trimmer and brushcutter are tools that are very similar in appearance. over, many manufacturers classify the brushcutter as one of the trimmer varieties. Nevertheless, these are fundamentally different devices with many significant differences. The main ones are:

  • Cutting elements. Knives-discs or a cord are installed in the brushcutter, the trimmer is equipped with a fishing line.
  • Appointment. The trimmer is designed for cutting grass, small vegetation and thin bushes, while the brushcutter has a more serious task. it easily copes with dense vegetation, shrubs and young trees.
  • Power and performance. The trimmer operates on battery or electrical power, so it does not have a lot of power and can only serve a small area. The brushcutter is equipped with a gasoline engine, therefore it is much more powerful, can work longer and serve a large area.
  • Weight and ease of use. The trimmer is light. its weight is only about 3 kg, which allows a person of any gender and age to use it for a long time. The standard weight of the brushcutter is at least 7 kg, so it is much harder to use.

As a result, it turns out that both of these tools are very different and are suitable for different tasks. The trimmer is a lightweight, low-power and purely household appliance, suitable for simple tasks and capable of treating small areas. The brushcutter is a more serious tool, it is characterized by high power and productivity, it can handle large areas with dense vegetation.

Gas cutter or trimmer: choosing a mowing tool

What are the recommendations for caring for a trimmer or benzokos

It is advisable to regularly clean the working surfaces of the tool and mechanical parts exposed to contamination. As a preventive measure, it is allowed to close the open parts of the device when using it in humid conditions of morning dew or in dry weather in case of strong dust.

Parts may only be covered for a short time and should be opened to cool down to prevent the engine from overheating due to lack of ventilation.

You should also remember about timely replacement of filter elements in the engine. Modern models are equipped with filters to protect the fuel system from contamination; some users will only become aware of their existence when there is a problem with the piston system. Timely replacement of filters will save money that can be spent on system repairs.

What cutting tool is used in trimmers

Almost all trimmers (both gasoline and electric) are equipped with two types of cutting tools.

Initially, steel plates or discs were used as knives for them, sometimes similar to a circular saw. They are convenient for mowing tall grass, thickets of weeds, burdocks, hogweed, and destroying small bushes. But their capabilities are limited by the fact that when the blades come into contact with stones or soil, they can break, in addition, small stones are scattered with fragments almost at the speed of a bullet.

Therefore, along with metal knives, a line (cord) is also used, rotating at a speed of 6-11 thousand rpm. With such revolutions, it turns into a tightly stretched string, easily cutting through solid stems of plants, and small branches of shrubs. Both light trimmers and professional trimmers are equipped with such a head.

The line is useful where the cutting element cannot avoid contact with soil, stones, bricks or metal structures. Smoothly bypassing any obstacle, it cuts off all vegetation around, with minimal damage to itself.

For more “serious” vegetation, knives are used. The more powerful the trimmer, the heavier the rig you can put on it. To get rid of burdocks, reeds and hogweed, use plastic solid knives or knives with movable blades. Steel knives can handle young growth, and steel blades can handle thin bushes.

How Motokos Differs From Petrol Mowers

Brushcutter or trimmer? Now you will not surprise anyone with the “import” word “trimmer”. But are we always fully aware of its meaning? And do we all represent their abilities? Some

Now you will not surprise anyone with the “import” word “trimmer”. But are we always fully aware of its meaning? And do we all represent their abilities?

Some believe that the trimmer. it is a scythe with an electronic engine. A scythe with an internal combustion engine is called a brushcutter. There is no big mistake in this, there are only incorrectness. The British verb “to trim”, from which the word “trimmer” comes, means in Russian: cut, trim, trim. It means the word “trimmer” practically translates as “trimmer”, “cutter”, “trimmer”, regardless of the type of installed motor. In the native Russian language, such tools can be called a completely understandable and small word. brushcutter. Brushcutters cut the grass with the help of fast rotating cord “bristles” of the line or special plastic or metal circular knives. It is clear that the more powerful the scythe, the thicker and thicker grass it can mow. And its performance will be higher.

Electric trimmers are available in two types: bottom-engine or top-engine. The first ones are lighter, but less powerful (250-550 W) and can be recommended for mowing soft lawn grass in the mode: 10-15 minutes work and the same subsequent break to avoid overheating and engine failure. Working on wet grass is not recommended. Due to the small width of the cut, the area processed by them is not large. 0.5-2 hundred parts.

What is the key difference between gasoline and electric models

The electric trimmer is lighter, more compact and easier to maintain than a gasoline mower, and also requires no fuel. With such a tool, you can process a plot of up to 10 acres. It remains to choose between battery and network model.

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The disadvantage of a petrol trimmer is its weight. If the weight of the most powerful electric trimmer does not exceed 5-6 kg, then the weight of gasoline models can reach 10-11 kg. Heavy weight makes trimmer difficult to work with.

When choosing between an electric and a gasoline trimmer, it is advisable to be guided by the following rule. If you have to work with the trimmer within a radius of 30-50 m from the power source, then it is better to choose a high-quality electric trimmer for giving, otherwise choose the right gasoline trimmer.

A significant drawback of the battery model is that such a trimmer can work for only 20–40 minutes on a single charge. Then it needs to be recharged for several hours.

Advantages and disadvantages of brushcutters

A brushcutter is a serious and expensive tool, so it is also important to study all its pros and cons before buying.

Among the advantages are the following:

  • lack of wire, mobility and independence from the power grid. runs on gasoline;
  • high power. copes with dense thickets, shrubs, trees;
  • productivity. works for a long time, serves a large area.

The disadvantages include the following features of the tool:

  • heavy weight. working with it requires a lot of energy;
  • exhaust gases that a person working with him inhales;
  • the need for constant refueling;
  • high noise level.

A brushcutter is a powerful and productive tool, but these advantages counterbalance significant disadvantages that not every gardener will want to put up with.

What is the difference between a motor scooter and a petrol cutter

The line is useful where the cutting element cannot avoid contact with soil, stones, bricks or metal structures. Smoothly bypassing any obstacle, it cuts off all the vegetation around, with minimal damage to itself.

Often, low power electric mower trimmers are equipped with a nylon line reel. Its two ends protrude outward from the closed coil body. they are the cutting elements. Less often, and only on more powerful models, it is possible to install steel knives instead of a nylon cord. The downside of the line as a cutting element is a high degree of wear.

What is the difference between a petrol cutter and a trimmer? : If you are a real summer resident, then on a suburban area you have not only beds, but also a full-fledged lawn. It is quite difficult to look after him if you do not have special equipment available.

The power of the petrol cutter engine can be in the range from 0.8 to 7.8 horsepower. Professional tools are the most powerful.

Trimmers, both gasoline and electric, are designed to care for a plot in the courtyard of a private house, in the country or in the front garden of a high-rise building.
Brush cutters are intended for the care of adjacent territories of a large area, including in solving problems in the field of housing and communal services, when you do not need to get a lawn with an ideal texture. They are distinguished by their high productivity and power, they are able to cope with dense vegetation, weeds, shrubs and young growth of trees.

This class of motor mowers allows you to remove from the sites not only green grass, but also powerful thickets of coarse weeds, bush and tree shoots. Also, household mowers can be used to harvest hay for pets in a backyard.

The brushcutter differs from the trimmer in its purpose, therefore, in its functions, which determines certain features in the technical and operational parameters.

Manufacturers are constantly striving to surprise with something. offering very unusual options for the most discerning buyers.

This is its key difference from the brushcutter, which stands out primarily for its significantly higher performance.

Manufacturers are constantly striving to surprise with something. offering very unusual options for the most discerning buyers.

To better understand the meaning of the word and the purpose of the unit itself, you can draw an analogy with a trimmer, which is used by a hairdresser during a haircut to trim hair at the temples, back of the head, that is, in those places where it is already inconvenient to work with scissors.

Most of the owners of country houses are trying to make the lawn in front of their house look as beautiful as possible. In this regard, the market of specialized equipment is constantly replenished with new, supposedly more productive and efficient models, for the manufacture of which numerous domestic and foreign companies are responsible.

Boom type. The mowing unit can be equipped with a straight or curved boom. On straight bar models, the motor is connected to the trimmer head via a rotating shaft. In devices with a curved bar, the connection is made by means of a steel cable.

Households are used in households, for the improvement of small areas. Average working time. 6 hours per week.

For smooth operation of the device, a mixture of gasoline and oil should be prepared, the last of which should be specially designed for two-stroke engines.

As a rule, these are structurally simple low-power devices equipped with an electric motor. There are battery models and models with a gasoline engine.

Petrol trimmer (Benzotrimmer)

The gasoline trimmer is the most powerful trimmer type and is suitable for tackling tough weeds and shrubs. This type of brushcutter is usually equipped with knives, in contrast to an electric trimmer, in which the cutting device is a line. The benzotrimmer is autonomous in operation. This is an important aspect, given the fact that you may need to mow the grass in hard-to-reach areas, as well as in places where it is difficult to find a power source. But, there are also disadvantages. The first, and most significant, is the price, which is noticeably higher than the electrical counterparts. There is also a second disadvantage. gasoline trimmers do not tolerate moisture, that is, you cannot cut the grass immediately after rain. Consumers also highlight other disadvantages, such as high noise levels and environmental damage (spent fuel emissions), so you should pay attention to whether the trimmer is equipped with a device to reduce harmful emissions. We also note the need for constant maintenance of the engine. But, perhaps, the main drawback is that you constantly need to have a supply of gasoline, which, before refueling the tool, is mixed with oil in certain proportions.

What is the difference between a trimmer and a petrol cutter

Even if you have a gasoline lawn mower, you still cannot do without a trimmer, only with the help of this technique you can process hard-to-reach areas of your backyard.

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How to Select the Right Trimmer or Brushcutter

Trimmer or brushcutter

The trimmer, or as it is sometimes called, the brushcutter, is a manual version of the lawn mower. But the applications for lawn mowers and trimmers are very different. The trimmer is a tool for cutting grass in small areas, areas with uneven surfaces or with complex geometric patterns. It can also be used on areas of a lawn with tall grass where a conventional lawnmower would be difficult to handle. This tool is also suitable for creative solutions: it can create interesting patterns on the lawn. From a practical point of view, the trimmer is very convenient and easy to use: for example, they simply cut the grass around flower beds or trees, under a bench or near a fence. The pluses also include the small weight of the tool and the great ability to control the haircut.

Note that trimmers do not have a grass-catcher, and therefore, there is a need to clean the area after cutting. But, nevertheless, this tool is much safer than a lawn mower.

Today, the scope of application of trimmers is not limited only to mowing lawns, as additional attachments are produced for these tools: cultivators, attachments for cleaning snow and for trimming bushes.

So, you have decided that you need to mow a lawn of a small area and have opted for a trimmer. The next step is to determine the type of engine. Distinguish between petrol and electric trimmers.

Electric trimmer

The electric trimmer is a less powerful machine than the benzotrimmer. This tool depends on the power source, so the degree of its maneuverability will be determined by the length of the wire and the presence of a place on the treated area where it can be connected. Note that when working with trimmers of this type, it will be necessary to take breaks in work, since the electric trimmer quickly overheats, and without time for cooling, it may soon fail. But, of course, there are undeniable advantages, such as: low noise level, which allows you to work without special headphones, and environmental friendliness. In electric trimmers, the main cutting element is a line that rotates and cuts the grass. The line can be replaced by yourself.

A lawnmower is indispensable for keeping large lawns in top condition, and has the advantage over a trimmer in that much less effort is required. Most of these machines have a grass collector, which solves the problem of cleaning the area after mowing the lawn. Let’s take into account the power of this machine, which ensures uninterrupted operation for a long time. An important aspect is the price of this tool, which is much higher than the price of trimmers, but, at the same time, lawn mowers have much more functionality.

The most reliable manufacturers

Cutting mechanism. a steel or plastic knife, fishing line, steel disc is used as a cutting set in models of garden petrol trimmers. The line is ideal for cutting green soft grass, knives and discs can be used as brush cutters.

The gasoline trimmer is a portable autonomous gardening equipment designed for cutting grass in open relief areas and in hard-to-reach places (near paths, around trees, etc.). The design of the brushcutter includes a power gasoline unit, drive mechanisms, a cutting attachment and a control system.

It has a reasonable price and high power, but it constantly needs to be refueled with gasoline and oil, it works loudly and produces exhaust gases. In addition, petrol trimmers are quite massive, heavy and require certain skills to start.

What are the trimmers and what is better to choose the pros and cons

When choosing between an electric and a gasoline trimmer, it is advisable to be guided by the following rule. If you have to work with the trimmer within a radius of 30-50 m from the power source, then it is better to choose a high-quality electric trimmer for giving, otherwise choose the right gasoline trimmer.
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Correct Way To Mix Gas and Oil For a ChainSaw, WeedEater etc – Video

Works that are carried out by motorcycle trimmers: mowing grass around the beds, on garden paths, along fences, around flower beds, etc.

The trimmer, or as it is sometimes called, the brushcutter, is a manual version of the lawn mower. But the areas of application of the lawn mower and trimmer differ significantly.

Brushcutter and trimmer. what is the difference?

Both of these tools are used to remove excess grass and clean up your garden plot. However, there is a difference, and there is a difference between a trimmer and a brushcutter. A brushcutter is a tool that easily carries heavy loads and therefore serves to remove small branches of trees, shrubs and tough grass. This powerful device is most often used for professional lawn care. over, its working capacity is up to 8 hours a day.

At that time the trimmer. this is the device for which light loads are shown. This means that it can only be used to mow grass and small areas. The duration of the trimmer operation without interruption should not exceed 1.5-2 hours. Due to its small size, it is allowed to use the tool in hard-to-reach places, where the overall brushcutter cannot cope.

The difference also applies to the type of engine. The trimmer is equipped with an electric motor that is powered by a home network or battery. When, as a powerful brushcutter, it is set in motion by the operation of an internal combustion engine, which means that it requires fuel. gasoline.

What is the difference between a trimmer and a brushcutter?

The trend towards a well-groomed lawn has long been adopted by our gardeners and has become a part of our everyday life. Some people decide to purchase specialized tools to help keep the site clean. These include a trimmer and brushcutter. Almost identical tools make no difference to the layman. But we will tell you how the trimmer differs from the brushcutter.

How to choose a trimmer or brushcutter?

Thinking before buying which is better. trimmer or brushcutter, take into account your own needs first. If all you need to do is tidy up your small front lawn, it doesn’t make sense to spend on an expensive brushcutter. If your task is to clear a large area not only of coarse grass, but also bushes, the trimmer in this situation will be powerless.