What is the difference between electric trimmers for grass for grass. Decide on the engine type

Trimmer for grass electric grass. rating of the best models of the subtleties of choice

Electric trimmer for grass. an indispensable device for working in the country and on the territory of a country house. Agree, to mow vegetation with an ordinary oblique is quite problematic and difficult. And why, if there are a large number of models of modern trimmers on sale, with which the process of mowing grass will be easy and pleasant?

A variety of models of electric trimmers in stores can put buyers into a dead end. By what criteria to choose a trimmer for grass, which model will better cope with the task? Finding answers to all these questions alone is extremely difficult. Therefore, before buying a particular model, it is worth weighing all the pros and against the purchase.

In the article we will tell you how to choose a trimmer for grass for grass, a rating of the best models, we will figure out what parameters of the device should pay attention. We will provide information about the technical characteristics and options of each model. The rating of popular trimmers uses by us will help you decide on the choice of a suitable device.

TOP-10 trimmers for grass

Trimmer for grass electric Bosch Art 30

Functional, reliable trimmer for grass with adjusting the length of the bar

Easy and convenient to manage a trimmer ethletric for grass. The tool mophes the grass, and, even, small shrubs. And even a child can work with him. Trimmer for grass has a high level of security.

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Two types of fishing line of different thicknesses are used as cutting elements: to cut the lawn and mowing wild grass in the garden or in the garden.

Built.in bobbin prevents the line of fishing line when replacing. The tool is equipped with a comfortable handle with an adjustment option and rollers for working in different positions.

The tool is suitable for working in a small suburban area. He easily mowns the grass both on a flat and relief area. Among other things, the compact dimensions of the device will not create problems with finding a place to store.

  • low noise
  • High level of security
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Poster grass and small shrubs up to 1 cm in diameter

Trimmer for grass electric diold GRE-1.7

High.performance trimmer for grass with a powerful engine for mowing grass and dryness

Simple and convenient to use trimmer for grass with high.power engine. The speed of rotation of the trimmer knife for grass is up to 8500 revolutions per minute.

The upper location of the engine and T-shaped bicycle handle provide comfortable operation. The tool is equipped with a shoulder belt to reduce the load on the operator’s back.

The key features of the model are high power and a long time. The ability to use fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm increases the efficiency of herbs mowing by 1.5 times. If necessary, a fishing line for a trimmer can be changed to a blade.

This powerful and convenient apparatus with a low noise level is suitable for use in small household and summer cottages. Despite the weight and power indicators, the trimmer is easy to control. Elektokos is designed to work in large territories (20-60 acres), the model mophes even high grass and weeds.

  • High power electric motor
  • Low level of vibration and noise
  • high speed of rotation of the knife
  • Having a belt for convenient balancing
  • Convenient T-shaped pen

Trimmer for grass electric makita ur3000

Light, compact model of a trimmer for grass with an ergonomic structure

The electric trimmer for the grass is designed to remove vegetation in small personal plots. The device engine operates at high speeds (up to 9000 rpm.), which allows you to quickly and without much effort to get rid of grass even in areas with a complex relief.

The tool has an ergonomic design. The weight of the model is only 2.6 kg, so even a fragile woman can easily cope with an electric shock. The built.in head with a fishing line makes speeds up to 180 degrees, which allows you to mow grass even in the most inaccessible places. The blocking function from random launch guarantees the safe operation of the device.

  • type. portable;
  • power. 450 watts;
  • mowing width 30 cm;
  • The cutting element. a two.stranded head with a fishing line (1.6 mm);
  • The bar is curved.

This model is chosen by the owners of country houses and personal plots. Thanks to convenient configuration and easy weight, the tool does not cause any discomfort in operation, and the ability to adjust the length of the bar helps to configure the device individually for the user.

  • a light weight
  • Blocking from random launch
  • powerful engine operating at high speeds
  • Spections wild plants with thick stems
  • low noise

Trimmer for grass Electric Einhell GC-Set 4530 SET

Elekhogos for mowing vegetation in areas with complex relief

A trimmer for grass with an electric motor is designed for mowing grass in small areas. The tool easily copes with its task. The device mophes thick grass along the fences, around bushes, flower beds and other areas with complex relief.

A rotating fishing line for a trimmer carefully cuts the grass no worse than a lawn mower. Adjustable handle provides comfort during operation. The motor head has the ability to rotate 180 degrees and bend at an angle in four different positions. The built.in limiter protects garden flowers from damage.

Well suitable for working in areas with severe relief. Low weight and adjustable telescopic handle largely facilitate the operation of the operator.

  • Powerful engine
  • Lack of vibration
  • adjustable engine head
  • engine tilt in four positions
  • Available cost

Trimmer for grass electric Denzel TE-1200

Powerful and functional trimmer for grass for a summer cottage

The grass trimmer is designed for cleaning grass and small weeds in areas with a pronounced relief. The tool copes with its task even in the most difficult areas. Thanks to compact sizes, it does not occupy a lot of free space in the utility room.

The continuous functioning of the device is provided by the semi.automatic system for the release of fishing line. The model has two elements for cutting grass. a fishing line for a trimmer and a disk for hard vegetation. Arched pen and shoulder belt provide the operator with comfortable work.

Easy to use the tool mows grass, he can cope even with young shoots of trees. Trimmer for grass is a worthy example of price and quality ratio.

Trimmer for grass electric Huter Get-1500SL

High.performance and powerful trimmer Eletric for herbs for mowing thick grass

A worthy apparatus that definitely deserves attention. A powerful air.cooled engine is installed in the trimmer. The device is equipped with a stiff cutting fishing line with a diameter of 2.4 mm and a disk for mowing dense vegetation.

The rod of the device is equipped with the Start button and an auxiliary handle for comfortable work with the tool. A special casing protects the operator from small waste particles and the remains of mowed grass. The device is equipped with an arched handle and belt for comfortable operation.

  • type. portable;
  • power. 1500 watts;
  • Speasing width. 42 cm;
  • Cutting elements. a fishing line for a trimmer (2.4 mm) and 3 lobe disk;
  • The bar is straight.

When buying an inexpensive garden trimmer for grass, it should be understood that you save primarily on the technical characteristics of the model. the power of the motor, performance, maximum load, and so on. In addition, budget devices do not have additional functions and do not differ in durability.

We present a rating of electric trimmers that are designed to perform small work on a garden plot, for example, mowing a small grass, trim the lawn or remove dry vegetation.

5 Huter Get-400

The rating opens the Huter Get-400 model, which is characterized by a simple device and low weight.

Elektokos is ideal for regular care for a small lawn or flower bed to cut growing young grass. Compact dimensions and small weight of 3 kg simplify its use, and the convenient location of all components helps to mow grass in hard.to.reach areas where other tools do not reach.

Garden trimmer for grass is equipped with a small and rather quiet engine with a power of 400 watts, the cutting element is represented by a nylon fishing line. To work, the device requires a standard electric socket in a summer cottage. The design of the device provides two handles: one longitudinal, located in the rear of the case, the second D-shaped, for the convenience of users can be fixed at any level. The engine is located in the lower part of the device, so its vibrations are practically not felt during operation.

Users choose the HUTER GET-400 Electric Coast for its lightness, maneuverability, ease of use and affordable price.

4 BlackDecker GL360SB

The next position of our rating is an electric trimmer for the grass BlackDecker GL360SB, designed for mowing grass.

Elektokos has an ergonomic design and bright coloring. 360 W engine is located in the lower part of the case. The device can reach a speed of 11500 rpm, while weighs very little. only 1.6 kg. It is safe to work with a trimmer thanks to a protective bracket, which covers a cutting element represented by a 1.5 mm fishing line with a thickness.

The BlackDecker GL360SB model is effective in small areas overgrown with grass. A feature of the device is a unique fastening of the head of the trimmer for grass without using a thread. The supply of fishing line occurs by pressing the head on the ground, while it is not required to stop the work.

Garden trimmer for grass is equipped with a D-shaped handle, bar and electric drives in the form of a cable. During operation, the device creates a noise level of 96 dB. In one approach of an electric kernel, a small area of ​​a 30 cm width can be treated.

Users in their reviews note the compactness and low weight of the device, ease of use, ergonomic design, efficiency and safety of use.

3 GreenWorks 2103707 650W, 33 cm

On the third line is a garden trimmer for grass from Greenworks, designed for use in a small site.

Model 2103707 is designed for mowing and trimming grass and other soft vegetation. The engine is located at the bottom of the device, its power is 650 W, and the cutting head rotates at a speed of 7400 rpm. For safe operation, the design of a trimmer for the grass is equipped with a fuse from unplanned inclusion and a protective cover covering the cutting part.

GreenWorks electric coser do not need special care. The width of the banded grass is 33 cm, during the work of the fishing line for a trimmer is automatically supplied, there is a cross.cutting function, you can also adjust the slope of the cutting part. all this helps to work on lawns with different relief and thick vegetation. The handle with adjustable height helps to process hard.to.reach areas. The device is easy to use and transferred due to a small weight of 2.7 kg.

According to numerous user reviews, this power tool is convenient to use, helps to care for lawns with soft grass, maneuverable and light.

  • Simplicity of use.
  • Maneuverability.
  • Works on lawns with different relief.
  • The function of the edge cutter.
  • The length of the handle and the slope of the cutting part are regulated.

2 Huter Get-1200SL

The second line is occupied by a garden trimmer for Huter Get-1200SL grass. It is a powerful electric cos, designed to care for lawns, flower beds and a personal plot.

Due to its design, the device easily copes with the haircut of vegetation in hard.to.reach areas. along the fences, between the beds, under benches, around trees and garden buildings. The collapsible bar allows you to easily add and transport a trimmer for grass, the weight of which is 5.5 kg.

The GET-1200SL model is quite quiet, a 1200 W engine is located on top, so it is protected from dust, dirt and cut grass. The device works from the electric network. As a cutting tool, a garden trimmer for grass uses a fishing line for a trimmer, it perfectly cuts the grass, without damaging the shoots of shrubs. To remove more rough vegetation from the site, you can install a knife. The area of ​​the cutting element is protected by a casing.

According to numerous reviews, the Huter Get-1200SL garden trimmer copes with its task of mowing the grass, it is powerful, removes vegetation in hard-to-reach places, is easy to use.

  • Powerful.
  • High quality plastic parts.
  • Reliability.
  • The upper location of the engine.
  • Clear design.
  • Copes with any vegetation.

1 Bosch Easygrasscut 26 (0.600.8C1.J00)

The first place among inexpensive garden trimmers is the device from Bosch, designed to work in small areas.

Elektokosa has a semi.automatic fishing system, therefore, there is no need to manually configure the work of the tool. The power of the motor is relatively small. only 280 watts. The width of the beveled strip is 26 cm. Due to the low weight of the tool (1.9 kg), it can be operated for a long time without fatigue and discomfort. Metal casing protects the operator from chips and dirt. It is convenient to control the garden trimmer thanks to a straight rod with a D-shaped handle. The bar is a collapsible design, so it is easy to transport and store an electric car.

In this subcategory, models of electric trimmers fell, which are a cross between household tools and professional. These devices are equipped with additional options, and also have the highest quality layout. Their capacity and performance are much higher than that of budget models.

Trammers for middle grass grass are ideal for use for household purposes. processing of extensive areas with complex relief, mowing of high grass and stems of shrubs.

5 Stavr TE-1700R

Opens a rating of instruments of the average price segment electric trimmer for grass from the company Stavr.

The TE-1700R model has an impressive capacity of 1700 watts. This indicator is responsible for the performance of the device, which is designed to work in hard.to.reach areas: along the fence, between benches, around trees. The engine is located on top, thanks to this, using a trimmer for grass, you can process grass immediately after the rain.

The device has an U-shaped handle, its height can be adjusted. There is also a shoulder belt that greatly simplifies the operation of a garden trimmer for grass.

As cutting elements, the TE-1700R model uses a metal knife and a fishing line for a trimmer. The width of the processed strip using fishing line is quite large. 42 cm. Thanks to this, you can mow a large area, spending a minimum of effort. Also contributes to comfortable work the low weight of the tool. 6.8 kg.

Users choose this model of a trimmer for grass for functionality, high performance and comfort when using.

4 Huter Get-1700b

At the fourth position is another garden trimmer for grass from the German company Huter.

The GET-1700B model is designed to mow grass and trim flower flower beds, lawns, garden plots. The trimmer for grass has high performance, its engine with 1700 watts has air cooling. The kit includes a three.lobed metal knife, which copes with thick vegetation perfectly.

Garden trimmer for grass has the following features:

  • The engine starts smoothly.
  • You can adjust the width of the mowing strip.
  • Ergonomic handles provide comfort in the work.
  • Detaless bar.
  • Small engine weight.
  • In the work, you can use both a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife.
  • Modern design.
  • The kit has a coil and a disk.

The cutting elements of the trimmer for the grass are protected by a special casing. For more comfortable work, you can use a shoulder belt.

According to numerous reviews, the Huter Get-1700B electrician works almost silently, perfectly copes with thick grass and branches of shrubs, is easy to use.

3 Denzel TE-1400

The three leaders have a garden trimmer for grass from Denzel.

The TE-1400 model (96612) has compact dimensions and high performance. The cutting part rotates at a speed of 7500 rpm. The engine is on top, its power is 1400 watts. The width of the beveled strip is impressive. 42 cm, which is about one and a half times more than analogues of the same cost. At the same time, the device works from the electric network. The trimmer for grass has the function of cutting a bitch and stems of shrubs of various thicknesses.

Electrics is equipped with an U-shaped handle, a straight bar and a handle, which can be folded and adjust to its height. The kit has shoulder belts that remove the load from the user’s hands. Therefore, you can operate the tool for a long time in comfortable conditions. As cutting elements, you can use a nylon fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of 2 mm and a metal knife, which are securely closed with a large protective casing. The mass of a garden trimmer for grass is 6 kg.

Users choose this device for extended equipment, convenient design, high performance and safety of use.

  • Convenient design.
  • Well mowing grass and shrubs.
  • High power.
  • Large protective casing.
  • High performance.
  • Optimum width of the mowing strip.

2 Makita UR3000

The second line is occupied by an electric garden trimmer for grass from the Japanese company Makita, thanks to which, care for the lawn turns into a simple and pleasant procedure.

The UR3000 model is equipped with a D-shaped handle, the length of which can be adjusted. 450 W engine has a lower location. Garden trimmer for grass operates from an electric network, for connecting in the kit there is a cable. The noise level of the working device reaches 96 dB.

The cutting head can make up to 9,000 revolutions per minute, while cutting off the grass of any length and thickness. A trimmer for grass can cut both a fishing line with a thickness of 1.6 mm and a metal knife designed to remove shrubs and hard weeds from a section. Complete with the device are protective glasses and belt that provide simplicity and safety of operation. The mass of the electric cos is 2.6 kg.

Users in their reviews note the lightness and maneuverability of the device, reliable operation, expanded equipment, good performance. Negative moments include wrapping of mowed grass to the details of the trimmer for the grass.

  • Light.
  • Quality assembly.
  • Belt and glasses are included.
  • Adjusting the length of the bar.
  • Copes with any grass and branches of shrubs.

1 Hyundai GC 1400

The leader among the instruments of the average price segment is the trimmer for grass from Hyundai, which helps to care for a personal plot.

The GC 1400 model is designed to mow vegetation in places inaccessible to other devices. around flower beds, along the fence, between the beds. The trimmer motor for the grass is on top, its power is 1400 W, and the cutting head rotates at a speed of 7500 rpm. Such parameters allow you to cope even with high grass. At the same time, the tool can easily mow low grass, like low.power devices. To do this, it is enough to reduce the power and revolution of rotation. The grass trimmer has a control panel that is located on the handle.

Electric or gasoline trimmer for grass?

Now let’s talk about different types, weigh all the pros and cons. We will immediately say that we will talk about the batteries even lower, and in this case we consider simply electric and gasoline. Often they choose precisely between these two options and, as it usually happens, in each case there are both their advantages and disadvantages. Well, what is more significant for you, you will understand by reading this section until the end.


They are called “Elektokos”. Have an electric motor, power from the network using an extension cord. For very, very rare exceptions, these are domestic models of small power. The engine can be either from below and from above. The upper location is better, since this allows even wet grass to mow, with a low location it will not be safe. The bar can be either straight and curved, telescopic are found, which facilitates their transportation.

Electric trimmers for grass have several very significant advantages: they are easier, if you compare them with gasoline, easy to maintain, do not require fuel, and also differ in silence. Of course, when working, they make sounds when you mow grass, but if we talk about the noise of the engine, then gasoline, in this case, they can’t go into any comparison, they are much louder.

But there are also disadvantages. It will not work without electricity, no light. grass will grow. The cords that are included usually have a small length, so the use of the extension cord will be required, and its length will depend on the size of your site. Also, electric trimmers for grass are not intended for very long work. they overheat and they need breaks (operating rules are different and depend on the model, this must be read about this in the documents).


As often happens in cases with any other equipment, the advantages of one turn into the minuses of the other and vice versa. Gasoline trimmers for grass are characterized by greater power, so they are much better suitable for mowing hard grass and for working with large areas. For example, when harvesting hay, few will use electric trimmers for grass, simply because they do not have the right performance.

The gasoline engine guarantees mobility: you do not need to stretch the wires, there is no need for electricity, and the operating time is limited by the volume of the fuel tank, which can always be seasoned. They can be used in any weather, even in the rain, respectively, you can calmly mow wet grass.

There are disadvantages. Firstly, they are more noisy. Secondly, they weigh much more (the engine itself is heavier, plus a fuel tank). Thirdly, they require maintenance, they need to not only be refueled, but also pour oil, monitor the wear of the nodes. Their cost is also higher. It is for all these reasons that in ordinary summer cottages, you can see gasoline trimmers for grass very rarely.

At first glance, it may seem that there is no sense in buying a gasoline trimmer for grass at all if it is needed for your six or ten acres. In principle, this is true, but with one reservation: only if it is planned to be used only for mowing grass. The thing is that some models have a change of nozzles, so they turn into a universal tool and can be a snowman, cultivator, etc.D.

If we summarize the difference between electric and gasoline models, we can draw a simple conclusion: for mowing grass on a small area, there is no sense to buy gasoline large, except that there are serious reasons like the lack of electricity.


As the name implies, this type of electric trimmers is powered by the battery. Immediately note the important: many models are sold without a battery, which must then be bought separately. Always pay attention to the package when buying, so as not to be in a situation where you brought a trimmer for grass to the cottage, unpacked it, but there is no battery. Accordingly, battery trimmers for grass will be more expensive than ordinary electric.

The main plus. there is no need for an extension cord, and if the electricity is turned off, and the battery will be charged, we can work. Cons: heavier than electric (due to the battery), the operating time is limited. Regarding the time of work, everything is simple: the larger the battery capacity, the longer it is (but it also depends on the power of the electric motor). This value rarely exceeds one hour. By the way, do not forget that the batteries are degraded over time (you can read more in this article) and lose their properties. That is, the battery life will be reduced and periodically it will be necessary to replace the battery.

Thus, the batteries for grass should be bought only when there is no way to connect to the mains, and intensive use is not supposed. To perform mowing in large volumes, they are not suitable, except to buy several batteries and change them during work, but it will be more expensive than gasoline models that are more powerful. Also, batteries for grass are characterized by small power and are suitable only for thin grass, but with large thickets of thick.nisted vegetation, problems can arise.

How to choose the best trimmer for grass?

Above we have already decided on the type of engine and power. In fact, we almost have no doubt that most readers will make a choice in favor of electric trimmers with power from the network (Electros). Objectively speaking, this is really the best option that wins the analogues with ordinary household use. But it is not enough to decide on the type of trimmer for grass, you need to pay attention to its characteristics. Everything is not very difficult here, because there are quite few important parameters.

Weight can be as an important indicator or not. It all depends on the physical capabilities of a person, as well as on the area that needs to be mowed. For example, if a weight of 8-9 kilograms, it is obvious that for most women or the elderly it will be difficult. But it will be difficult for a healthy man, if you have to work with him all day. In this case, we cannot give recommendations, push off from our capabilities and tasks. The lightest models weigh about 2 kilograms.

Power affects performance and can fluctuate from 200-250 to 3000 watts and above. Of course, the more powerful the trimmer for the grass, the more expensive it is, but at the same time it can cope with most plants and even mow the bushes (when using knives). Power indirectly affects the time of continuous operation: models with a large indicator can work without overheating much longer (which applies only to electric trimmers).

Since most buy a trimmer for grass for a summer cottage, the power in the region of 400-600 watts will be more than enough for mowing ordinary grass. Well, if you need to mow dense and thick grass, if the area of ​​the site is large, then it is worth looking towards the models more powerful.

We wrote about the location of the engine above, but did not note a rather important fact: if the engine has a lower location, then such a trimmer for the grass will be more maneuverable, and it is easier to keep it easier. But, recall, it will not be possible to mow wet grass.

The cutting elements can be different, in household models it is most often a fishing line for a trimmer of different diameters or wire. Metal or disk knives are used with powerful models, they are suitable for hard grass, they can even work with bushes. Trimmer fishing line. consumables, like plastic knives.

The pen can be of different shapes, most often there are three options:

  • J-shaped, which is kept as if they work with an ordinary scythe;
  • U, t-shaped-hold about like a bicycle steering wheel, with two hands. It will be inconvenient to hold with one hand, since it will swing and you will need to make efforts so that the trimmer for the grass is stable;
  • P, D-shaped is very common, you can keep it with one hand. A convenient type of handle, which allows you to easily change the spatial position of the trimmer for grass and without much effort.

If you simplify the issue of choice as much as possible, then for giving you can buy almost any trimmer for grass. But for comfortable work, you need to pay attention to weight, ergonomics, power. With unsuccessful choice, mowing grass can turn into a little torture.

Determine the type of fishing line

There are three types for the cord: manual, semi.automatic and automatic. The refueling of the string in all is carried out manually, but the feed during operation occurs in the same way.

In manual, you need to turn off the trimmer for the grass, release the fixing screw on the coil and stretch the ends of the fishing line with your hands. This is very inconvenient, so such a mechanism is used only in the simplest and most budget models.

The semi.automatic process is much easier. It is enough right during the mowing to lightly hit the ground with a reel to press the button and release the required amount of cord. This option is optimal and is well.deserved popularity.

With automatic coils, nothing needs to be done at all: the fishing line for the trimmer is independently served when the engine speed is reduced. This mechanism is more complicated, less reliable, and much more expensive.

Fortunately, the coil is easy to change to another, regardless of the type of original. And most likely, you will have to do this, if not immediately after the purchase, then after some time. Because often the quality of a complete part leaves much to be desired.

Check the location of the engine

The design of a braid for grass involves two options for the location of the motor: from below and from above. The lower is found on low.power trimmers and is considered less convenient and reliable. Moisture can get into the engine, and ventilation holes are often clogged with grass, which leads to the risk of overheating. Also, due to the need to keep the tool on weight faster you get tired.

The braids for grass with the upper location are deprived of these shortcomings. They are more balanced due to the displacement of the center of gravity to the operator’s body. In addition, they are not afraid of moisture: you can mow grass after rain or on dew early in the morning, while there is no heat.

How to choose an electric trimmer for grass for giving

An electric trimmer for grass is a universal tool that is indispensable in caring for a garden area, designed for mowing grass in the territory, even in the most inaccessible places that cannot be reached using a lawn mower.

Trammers for the grass are perfectly coping with green vegetation under bushes, shops, near fences, walls and large trees, where the filigree accuracy of the haircut of grass is needed. near young seedlings who cannot be damaged. Including with an electrimmer, it becomes possible for a mowing a crossed landscape, with earthen hillocks, pits and ditches.

As a rule, when choosing the right tool, the following questions are faced with the buyer:

Как правильно выбрать триммер элетрический для травы, чтобы он был максимально прост и удобен в использовании?

Какой инструмент обладает лучшими техническими характеристиками и оптимальной ценой?

Now we will talk about this and answer all important questions so that you can make the right choice in favor of the most suitable model.

Из чего состоит триммер элетрический для травы?

Network and battery electrimmers consist of an engine, rod, control elements, handles, shaft, protective casing, cutting part. There are models with a collapsible bar and it is convenient to transport them in the trunk of a car. A simple design and ease of use make this tool as convenient as possible, indispensable in caring for a garden area, lawns and lawns.

Чем электротриммеры лучше своих бензиновых аналогов?

Electric trimmers for grass have a wide list of capabilities, as well as features that, in solving certain problems, make them better than gasoline.

Electrics are easier, more compact, with a low noise background compared to gasoline analogues. Low noise allows you to mow grass in the early morning and evening hours, without violating the rest of their households, without attracting the attention and angry views of the neighbors.

Such a tool is convenient to use, does not require additional equipment and consumables: replacement of oil or spark plugs, fuel refueling, air filter cleaning. There is also no need for frequent maintenance of this garden technique.

Какой триммер для травы выбрать, аккумуляторный или сетевой?

Energy source is necessary for the electrimmer to work. Network models are connected to a 220 in outlet in. For such an instrument, you need to immediately purchase an extension cord, which will allow you to get to any corners in the territory. You can mow grass without interruptions, as much time as it takes.

Network extension cords significantly expand the radius of the work by the trimmer and help solve any adjusted adjacent problems.

Battery models need to be recharged. But have their own plus, the area of ​​their activity is not limited to the length of the cable.

триммеры для травы с мотором в верхней и нижней части конструкции, в чём разница?

The tool with a motor in the upper part, as a rule, has a higher power and allows you to cope with thick grass, shrubs and will be able to work with a significant load. If the motor is located in the lower part of the model, then the tool is not intended for intensive work with complex and highly overgrown landscapes. Also, low.power trimmers cannot be mowed along the morning dew and after the rain.

триммеры для травы с прямой и изогнутой штангой, какой лучше?

The tool with a straight line, as a rule, is more durable and reliable to use. In such models, torque is transmitted to a trimmer head using a steel shaft. This significantly increases the degree of its effectiveness and wear resistance.

In electric trimmers with a curved bar, rotation on a reel with a fishing line or other cutting surface is supplied through a metal cable. Such a tool is well suited for mowing young grass on an even area.

триммеры для травы какой мощности самые оптимальные для работы на различных участках?

When choosing an electrimmer, it is primarily necessary to determine for yourself what kind of problems you want to solve with its help. When the future front of the work has already been planned, in the process of selecting the most suitable trimmer for grass, attention should be paid precisely to the power of its engine.

The power of electrimmers affects the speed of the cutting part and mowing of grass. TMK stores represent trimmers for grass with a capacity of up to 500 watts, which are perfect for flower beds and trimming herbal cover near trees. Typically, such trimmers for grass are most effective in small areas up to two acres. These models have a motor in the lower part of the bar, have a lightweight, simple, practical and most convenient for women and elderly people.

Trammers for grass with a capacity of 500 to 1200 watts, mainly with a curved bar, do perfectly well with grass and young shrubs. Such a tool is suitable for working in areas of about six acres.

Power tools with a capacity of over 1,500 watts, with its characteristics are not inferior to gasoline analogues. Such trimmers for the grass have an upper location of the engine, allow you to mow with a thick fishing line and disks with a small number of teeth, are designed for long.term work on a large territory.

Я буду косить траву на небольшом участке раз в месяц, какой триммер для травы мне выбрать?

If a trimmer for the grass is needed in a small section for the bevel of grass along the house paths and caring for the lawn, no more than once a month, then the optimal solution would be to purchase a model of low power with a curved rod. This will help to take care of the site and avoid unnecessary costs of acquiring equipment.

Если я буду косить траву каждую неделю на большой территории, какой триммер для травы мне подойдёт?


Universal gasoline trimmer for grass for giving. Equipped with a straight rod and a two.handed handle for convenience of mowing. The handles are rubbed, and this provides a reliable grip: you can not worry that the trimmer for the grass will slip out of hands. Easy to operate thanks to the control elements built into the handle. The model provides for the possibility of adjusting the height of the handle using a screw.

The lawn mower is very good for cutting lawns and trimming on a land plot. And in combination with the appropriate cutting tool, it is also effectively used to mow poked grass, reeds and nettles. Reliable, it comes with fishing line and a metal knife. The two.stroke engine is practical and easy to maintain. Tank holds 0.33 liters of fuel mixture. Power 750 W is enough for domestic use. Weight relatively small. 5.1 kg.

Huter GGT-1900S

The gasoline trimmer for grass is equipped with a 2-tact engine with a capacity of 1900 watts. Designed for cutting grass, thick shoots and shrubs on a garden area or adjoining territory. When mowing grass with fishing line, the width of the capture is 42 cm. The bicycle handle makes a retention of a trimmer for the grass more comfortable, especially when the consideration of significant areas. Electronic ignition simplifies the launch of the tool.

Thanks to the collapsible rod, the trimmer for grass is convenient to store and transport in the trunk of a car. No tools will be needed for its assembly. The trimmer for grass is equipped with a translucent fuel tank with a volume of 0.7 liters for the convenience of tracking fuel consumption.

Review of popular models

The best-selling gasoline motorcycle models during the next three years in online stores were as follows:

A 4-stroke engine is installed with a capacity of 1.44 liters.With. Directly hard shaft, T-shaped handle (conveniently control with two hands). A very powerful model (there are no analogues with an electric motor yet), in 1 hour of work you can put in order 10. 15 acres of the overgrown area. But only a knife is included, a bobbin for a fishing line for a trimmer is sold separately. The minus of working with a knife is not a very wide coverage of a rounded strip.

The model belongs to the budget price category. 2-stroke engine, 2.4 liters.With. (but in practice it turns out to be less productive than the above Makita). The kit includes a bobbin, the option of installing knives is provided. The rod is collapsible (disassembled in the form of a braid for grass is placed in any trunk). Average

Belongs to the average price category. The declared capacity is 0.8 liters.With., The engine is two.stroke. The key feature of the model is the use of forged components in the engine, from which they are extremely rare. The manufacturer, by the way, gives a guarantee of 2 years to Motokos. Holder. 2 pens, the bar is not collapsible, the transfer of effort through the hard shaft. Supernay trimmer for grass, albeit low power. Average

Gas vs Battery Powered String Trimmers for a Lawn Care Business

Miniature gasoline braid for grass with an engine of 0.63 liters.With. Hard shaft, double handle for holding, a disk is included in the kit. Due to the small weight, it is very convenient to work with it, it turns out well and the mowing of the lawn. All buyers of this model note supernarial gasoline consumption, lack of vibrations during operation. Average

According to many buyers. the best option in the middle price category. 4-stroke motor for 2 l.With. For hay harvesting, it is suitable optimally due to wide coverage of the mowing strip, as well as due to a powerful engine. There is a disk in the kit, the bobbin is also available. Ground for 2 handles, transmission of effort through a hard shaft.

Lawn mowing of a budget price segment. But, despite the low

At one time, this lawn mower was the best sold in the budget price segment. Power. about 4.2 l.With. in the maximum load, transfer of effort through the cable, 2 handles for holding. But the main feature: a knife, a bobbin, and even a reel with a fishing line are included in the kit. But the quality of all accessories is medium-native, so to speak. But

Pros and cons of electric trimmers

According to the majority, electrical trimmers for grass are the best option for caring for a personal plot not exceeding 5-7 hundredths of an area.

Lawn Care 101: Using a Trimmer

The key advantages of such motos over gasoline are as follows:

  • The weight. The electric motor weighs much less, so it is much more convenient to work with such a trimmer. He is mobile, suitable for mowing narrow paths and those places where an ordinary lawn mower will not pass.
  • Maintenance. During the operation of electric trimmers, about 1. 2 times a year, you only need to change the lubricant in the gearbox (if a hard shaft). 1 time in 2 years, it may be necessary to replace the sequins of the electric motor, but it is better to entrust such a procedure to specialists (it will cost inexpensively).
  • Economical. Electricity is a cheaper source of energy than gasoline. If an hour of operation of an electric motorcycle will cost 3-4 rubles, then gasoline. 50. 60 (depending on power and load).
  • It is cheaper. The electric motor has a simpler design, from which the price is lower.

And from the disadvantages it is worth highlighting:

  • Low reliability. The electric lawn mower does not tolerate critical loads (like any other tool with an electric motor).
  • Low power. To care for the personal plot, the mowing of the lawn is a great option. But buying an electric trimmer for grass to buy hay or harvesting a garden of 15. 20 acres is clearly not worth. Things are even worse with battery trimmers, the power of which sometimes reaches only 200. 300 watts.
  • Dependence on the outlet. This is relevant for trimmers connecting to the outlet and those who work from the battery. The latter in autonomous mode operate only 30. 60 minutes (Makita for its trimmers produces high.capacity batteries, but the tool also works with them no more than 90 minutes from one charge).

Trimmer for grass for grass: rating of the best models 2022

Trimmer for grass for grass is a garden technique that is used to haircut grass. The device is distinguished by the convenience of use and allows you to quickly put the site in order, including in hard.to.reach places. The market presents a large number of these devices of different types with different functionality. The rating of the best models and expert advice will help to choose a high.quality trimmer for grass for grass.

When buying a device, you should focus on such criteria.

View of the shaft

In the handle of the device, a shaft is installed, which is of two types:


Battery. these devices function from their own battery. Thanks to this, they can be used, regardless of the location of the outlet. This suggests that the area of ​​the site is not limited. The device has a lightweight, which indicates the convenience of its use.

Helps to quickly get rid of grass even in hard.to.reach places of the site. Disadvantage of models. dependence on the battery charge. At the same time, even a capacious battery will not be able to provide a long time for operation of the device.

For this reason, it is best to have several batteries for processing areas with a significant area. Another minus is small power. Therefore, the care of the territory will take more time compared to devices of other types.

Network models operating from electricity. Consequently, their operation requires a socket, which significantly reduces the capabilities of the device and limits the area of ​​the processed area with the length of the cable. Advantages. high power, environmental friendliness, light weight.


Devices that work, respectively, on a gasoline engine. Thanks to this, they can be used, regardless of electricity. They are highly powerful. This suggests that devices can even cope with hard branches and help to quickly process large territory without overheating. In addition, the devices are allowed to operate even in the rain or in the morning, when the grass lies on the grass.

The disadvantages of gasoline devices are an impressive weight, the complexity of service, harmful exhaust exhausts in the atmosphere, so you can use them only in the respirator. These models are mainly used by professionals to care for lawns in parks, squares, etc.D.

There are two types of gasoline devices:

  • With a two.stroke engine. Such devices are characterized by simplicity of operation, maintainability, high power. Disadvantage. you need to make special fuel, mixing gasoline and oil in certain proportions, and drain it after each use. Other shortcomings. a significant exhaust of harmful vapors, noisy work.
  • With a four.stroke engine. Devices with such a motor, unlike the previous option, do not work so noisy. In addition, products have separate tanks for gasoline and oil, so you do not need to cook fuel yourself. Cons. complex service, big price.

Type of cutting part

Manufacturers offer devices users with the following types of cutting part:

  • A coil with a bobbin with a fishing line, the diameter of which is 1.5-3.5 mm. For dense weeds, it is best to choose devices with the maximum fishing line size.
  • Three.beam knife. This element is made of metal. Can even cut off the branches of the bushes. Installed on gasoline devices.
  • Disk knives. They also help to cut off even branches of shrubs.
  • Plastic knife. Helps to get rid of only soft small grass.


The productivity of the device depends on this indicator. Different types of products have different power. Manufacturers offer models to users with an indicator from 250 to 3500 watts. When choosing a device according to this criterion, it is important to take into account the purpose of its use.

So, for cutting grass in a small area, a device is suitable, with a capacity of up to 500 watts. However, such a model will not cope with hard weeds and will quickly heat up. For thick grass, it is best to use devices with a capacity of 500-1500 watts. For trimming bushes and professionals, devices with an indicator of 1.5-3.5 kW are suitable.

The smaller the mass of the device, the easier it is to use it. However, light weight devices are low in power. This should be taken into account when choosing a technique.

Type of the handle

Two types of bar are distinguished:

  • Straight. Here weight falls on the cutting part, which helps to get rid of even dense weeds.
  • Curved. Ergonomic handle that ensures the convenience of using the product. Such a handle can be whole and collapsible. Differs in maneuverability, which allows you to process areas even in hard.to.reach places. The latter option is distinguished by the convenience of transportation, storage.

Advantages and disadvantages

To ensure a flat cut of grass, the device must be kept in an even position for a long time, which provides a strong load on the mower’s hand.

The rating is based on the opinions of experts and the popularity of devices from users by them. It includes stationary and autonomous devices.

Bosch Art 26 SL

Economic class model with good technical characteristics. The power of the engine Bosch Art 26 SL is designed for mowing grass in small areas with a complex relief. Cut width. 26 cm. Cutting element. a fishing line for a trimmer. Engine power. 280 watts. Average weight Bosch Art 26 SL assembly 2.25 kg.

  • Low cost.
  • The presence of an automatic launch system Semi-Auto Feed.
  • High quality cut quality.
  • Reliable design of the cutting mechanism.

Huter Get-600

Economic class model. The average is intended for summer cottages. Grass cut width. 32 cm. Engine power 600 watts. Cutting element. a fishing line for a trimmer. It is easily replaced by a pressure coil. Huter Get-600 copes well with low grass. The weight of the product assembly 2.3 kg.

The disadvantages of the Huter Get-600 model have not been detected.

Daewoo Datr 450E

The average model with an engine located at the bottom of the device. Weight in the collection. 1.48 kg. grass cut width. 22.8 cm. Daewoo Datr 450E cannot be used to mow grass in wet areas. This is the main drawback of the trimmer for the grass. Telescopic rod allows you to adjust the length of the holder. The maximum turnover of the device is 1200 about./min.

Igor g. review:

Easy, silent model. Very convenient to adjust in length.

Interskol MKE-30/500

The model is equipped with a disobedient telescopic collapsible bar with a mobile handle. Interskol Power MKE-30/500 has a capacity of 500 W. The width of the cut of grass 30 cm. The speed of rotation of the cutting head is 9500 about./min. Cutting tool. a fishing line for a trimmer. Weight assembly 2 kg. Average

  • Low noise and vibration during operation.
  • Good balancing.
  • The presence of a cable holder in the design.
  • Compactness.
  • Small weight.

The main drawback is low power.

Denzel TE-1200

Stationary electric coser with engine power 1200 watts. Grass cut width 38 cm. The weight of the product assembly is 4.7 kg. Denzel TE-1200 is equipped with a portable belt. The speed of rotation of the cutting element 7000 about./min. Average

Disadvantage. limited radius of action.

GreenWorks 1200W GST1246

The average model is distinguished by a reliable, good quality cutting part. Trimmer for grass easily copes with thick weed stems. Trimmer fishing line has an automatic supply. The width of the cut is 41 cm. The design is equipped with a system of protection against random inclusion. Model weight 4.5 kg. Engine power 1200 W.

The main drawback is a high noise level during operation.

Stavr TE-1700R

The average model has a very quiet job. Engine power 1700 watts. Rotation frequency 10,000 about./min. Weight 6 kg. The width of the cut of grass is 23 cm. The weight of the product assembly 8 kg.

Alexander Sh. review:

Great quality of the mowing. When installing knives, it is able to cope with the branches of shrubs having a thickness of 5 mm.