What is the Difference in Color Makita Tool

When choosing a power tool, many consumers do not always imagine what is the difference between a professional and a household tool? Often you have to see a drill of unknown origin with the proud inscription “Professional” at a price of 1000 rubles, and an unadorned drill from a brand company can cost up to five or more thousand rubles.

Special color coding sometimes helps to facilitate the choice. So, a professional tool from Bosch is produced in blue, green is used as a household one. But not all manufacturers do this, so let’s try to figure out what the difference is.

BOSCH professional screwdriver

What is the Difference in Color Makita Tool

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Household screwdriver BOSCH

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How to choose a professional power tool?

At first, a professional tool, whether it is a drill or a screwdriver, a saw or a planer, is intended for continuous professional use, i.e. for several hours daily, with occasional short breaks (mainly for the rest of the worker, not the tool).

An amateur power tool operates no more than 2 hours a day or twenty hours a month in the “twenty minutes of work. as much rest” mode.

Therefore, the first difference between a professional power tool is its high reliability and survivability, which are achieved by the best constructive study and high-quality materials. Where a sleeve tool or a plain bearing is installed in a household tool, a professional ball or roller bearing is installed, and also closed.

For professional tool cases, higher-quality plastic, often reinforced, is used. For metal parts, alloyed, heat-treated steels are used. In household power tools, as a rule, ordinary structural products without additional treatments.

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The lubrication system is also dramatically different. The closed bearing of one has been working for years without requiring care, while in the other, during intensive work, the lubricant flows out of overheating and the tool fails in a matter of weeks if you do not give it rest every 15 minutes.

For reliability, which means a long service life, a professional tool is equipped with a "Soft start" mode to reduce the inrush current when turned on. Equipped with automatic shut-off of brushes at their maximum wear, as well as automatic shut-off when overheating.

It has trip couplings in case of jamming of the working body (drill or saw blade). A professional tool has the best dust protection, primarily for the most vulnerable parts. motor windings and bearings.

Secondly, a professional tool designed for long continuous operation, has the best ergonomics. a convenient form of the case, non-slip handles, shock absorbers.

Thirdly, a professional tool is better suited to work at low temperatures. The network cable usually has a rubber outer sheath, unlike vinyl chloride on household ones.

Fourth, for "professionals" a wide range of nozzles, additional devices, usually developed by the same company and designed specifically for specific models, are produced. An example is the tools and accessories of Hilti, Bosch, Devolt, etc.

HILTI Professional Tool

DeWALT Professional Tools

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How to set priorities?

It is no secret that the price of a professional tool is higher than a similar household one, sometimes 3-4 times. So what to choose, on what to stop? Does it mean that in all cases the master-do-it-yourselfer, acquiring a household tool, is forced to throw it out inappropriately in a few months, and the professional will last for decades without any care, working several hours daily? Of course not.

If used wisely (do not drill high-strength concrete with a household drill for days on end, do not saw thick boards and chipboards with a household jigsaw, do not plan larch and painted boards with a low-power planer), observe the recommended regime, timely sharpening and replacing working tools, even a little-known firm household tool can last long years.

Expensive, highly reliable power tools from well-known brands like Hilti or Devolt also need care. Neglecting the manufacturer’s recommendations on the principle: the tool is highly reliable, can withstand everything without any care. is fraught with the breakdown of an expensive thing.