What is the electric trimmer for. The purpose of the fishing line

Choose a trimmer

Each owner of a summer cottage is late or early faces the need to clean the territory from excess vegetation. After all, about the need to clean the grass around flower beds and on the paths, getting rid of dry and small shrub is known to every summer resident. The task is clear. You can choose the means: sickle, braid, lawn mower, trimmer. Let us ignore manual methods, because of their low performance and archaic. If the relief of the site is not even. The lawn mowers will not fully cope with the task. Today we choose a trimmer. This is the most universal lawn care tool. He is able to cope with almost any type of vegetation on the site.

Motokosa or Trimmer. There is a difference?

Russian is rich in stable expressions. If there are incomprehensible words, then they will be replaced by understandable analogues. So with the trimmer it happened: they are used to calling a trimmer with an electric engine electric cosse, and with a gasoline.Motor. In general, the English verb “to trim”, from which the word “trimmer” comes from, means: cut, cut, trimmed. So the word “trimmer” is literally translated as “cutter”, “cutter”, “unequivator”, regardless of the type of engine installed. This is an engine (not important. With a gasoline or electric drive) with a shaft, a gearbox (or without it) and a mowing set. Motokos with a gasoline engine is also called a benzocosa. We will adhere to a simple division into gasoline and electric trimmers.

Is it worth it to seriously consider the battery models of trimmers?

Answer: Yes, it’s worth it. Today they fulfill their narrow, circle of tasks. Tomorrow. Behind the batteries the future. At the end of this material, after a review of gasoline and electric models, we will return to them in order to compare the possibilities of batteries.


In the meantime, we present in the form of circles a spectrum of capabilities (types of work) of gasoline, electric and battery models. Today the circle of gasoline trimmers are wider than others. Close and intersects with it by 80% spectrum of tasks of electrical. In battery models, the scope is already in total.

What to pay attention to when choosing an electric trimmer

The acquisition of an electric trimmer should be carried out taking into account the operating conditions of this technique. In order not to throw money away, it is necessary to take into account a number of parameters that will help you choose the right option for your purposes:

  • Power. If the trimmer is used only to care for the lawn, then you can choose models with a capacity of up to 1 kW: this will be enough to care for the grass on the lawn. Increasing engine power will certainly affect the weight of the device.
  • The location of the engine. It should be preferred to trimmers with the upper location of the engine, since if it is below, this reduces the life of the motor. The main causes of the breakdowns of trimmers with the lower engine location: problems with cooling, moisture and grass getting into the mechanism. Models with the upper engine mount have special shoulder belts that correctly distribute the load on the joints. Electrimmers with the lower engine mount, despite their shortcomings, have the most affordable price, which may be a determining factor when buying a device for infrequent use.
  • Type of control. If a maneuverable trimmer is required, which can easily process any inaccessible place, then you should give preference to the steering wheel D. Figurative shape. Powerful and expensive models have a cycling steering wheel.
  • Equipment. Electric trimmers have a cutting tool in the form of a trimmer line or knife: the trimmer line copes with a small shoot, but it is not able to cope with burdocks, shoots of shrubs. If the trimmer is equipped with a cutting knife, then this significantly expands the capabilities of this device, as this allows not only to cut the lawn, but also to ensure full.Fledged care for green plantations in the garden and garden.

What is a trimmer for?

In recent years, a real revolution has occurred in the world of personal hygiene and hair care. In the wake of this revolution, a real boom in the beards among men erupted, because there were devices for easy care for them. The name of these devices trimmers. They allow you to no longer resort to the help of barrels and often often change their image.

Nowadays, men rarely grow beards on the chest, as at the dawn of the 20th century. They prefer a more practical option with a clearly fixed length. Using a regular haircut machine in this case is not too convenient, since the size is too large, and there are some additional nuances. Therefore, men choose compact trimmers with many nozzles and a number of unique functions. This allows not only to maintain its beard in proper form, but also to give the desired form to the bacenbards and mustache.

Also trimmers from the EURO-Technika online store catalog.Com.UA is bought not only by men who want to grow a beautiful beard, but also simply want to find an easy solution of excessive hairyness in places such as the nose, ears and other parts of the body. Special nozzles allow you to easily get rid of hair in places where they are not needed, to do it quickly and conveniently. The simplest trimmers cost about 300 UAH. Models with additional nozzles, a more extended set of functions, LED indication and rechargeable batteries are more expensive-from 1,000 to 2,000 UAH. And even more.

Most models of electric trimmers have a body protected from contact with water, so after use they can be easily washed under running water. Depending on the price, scissors, a beard brush and several types of nozzles may include a trimmer. The length of the hair in different models can be adjusted in the range from 1 mm to several tens of mm. When choosing an electric trimmer, you need to decide for what purposes you need it and how often do you plan to use it. The price of trimmers changes accordingly.

How a trimmer works depending on the type of power

The second indicator according to which the division of machines is carried out to trim the vegetation on the face and body. Nutrition. There are also three categories: battery models, network and combined.

The absence of the cord makes the device autonomous, but requiring constant charging

Battery trimmers for men and women

This is an option for those who are often on travel, but want to maintain a stylish appearance.

Battery devices are able to work up to 50 minutes on full charge, which can be achieved on average in 9 hours.

Some manufacturers try to increase battery life (for example, BRAUN) and install paired batteries in devices. Others endow the device with a fast recharge function, especially when using lithium-ion power sources.

When choosing idle, it will be paid attention to the presence of an indicator of the degree of charge, which will allow you to control the operation of the device.

Network devices

Here the power source is a household electrical network, to which the device is attached through the cord. The almost unlimited working time can be considered a plus, and the disadvantage is the complete absence of autonomy. For greater comfort, it is recommended to choose devices, the length of the network cord of which is at least 1.8 m. It is also important that he can rotate around his axis.

There are models that are designed for eyebrow cutting. They have a unique noble nozzle

Combined models

Devices that can simultaneously work from a network or from a battery. The most convenient option that will ensure uninterrupted work at the right time.

There are also mini-trimmers on the market, for the power of which a conventional power element or appliances with food from a car cigarette lights is used. These are devices for quickly putting yourself in order during the trip, but not to obtain a professional and stylish appearance.

The number of haircut levels can be adjusted by a switch

Why do you need a trimmer for grass

A garden trimmer is called a manual motorized tool for cutting grass in small areas, up to 5 acres. This is a type of lawn mower, but in a more compact and mobile version. It is convenient to download the grass in places that are not available to the lawn mower: a trimmer:

  • Around trees and shrubs;
  • Near walls, fences and pillars;
  • Along the edges of the lawn and flower beds;
  • Along the paths and along the banks of water bodies;
  • In rocky areas;
  • Sites overgrown with high grass.

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The power of the trimmer is not designed to process large area. In addition, you will have to mow grass, holding the device on weight, which is rather tiring.

Grass trimmer device

electric, trimmer, purpose, fishing

The main components of the garden trimmer is a motor unit and a working unit with a cutting element, which are fixed on a long bar with a comfortable handle. A flexible or hard shaft is installed inside the bar for transmitting rotation from motor to cutting mechanism. The working head rotates at high speed, cutting the stems. It is half closed with a dense casing to protect against flying grass and dust. The protective casing should be durable and securely attached to the body. Often it is made of plastic. But the best option is a metal casing.

Depending on the energy source, a hand trimmer for grass is electric or gasoline.

Electric models are divided into network and battery. Network electric trimmers work from a regular outlet with a voltage of 220 V. In battery models, the engine receives energy from the battery. The gasoline trimmer works from the internal combustion engine. Therefore, in addition to the bar, a tank with gasoline is attached.

The trimmer line gives an even and neat cut of the grass. It allows you to come close to the edge of the border, a tree trunk or other obstacles to clean from weed grass. The thicker the fishing line, the easier it will cope with rough and dry stems. However, the low.Power engine will not be able to promote it to the desired speed, and the fishing line will not cut, but simply crush the grass. Therefore, its diameter should correspond to the power of the device:

  • For trimmers up to 500 W, a trimmer line with a diameter of 1.5 mm is suitable;
  • For models for 500-1000 watts-from 1.5 to 2.5 mm;
  • On trimmers with a capacity of more than 1000 watts, you can install coils with a 2.5-3.5 mm trimmer line, it will cope with perennial plants and even small bushes.
  • Round. Durable, but very noisy;
  • Curly. Well cut thick stems and create less noise;
  • Twisted. More often used for thin stems;
  • With a metal core. Strong and wear.Resistant, but expensive.

In the areas overgrown with storm, it is better to use a trimmer with a knife. Plastic or steel. Plastic products can be installed on trimmers of any power, but they are used only on a clean lawn without irregularities and bumps. In contact with solid objects, they break.

Trimmers with steel knives easily cope with tall and dense grass and even shrubs or young growth of trees.

In models with a removable design of the cutting mechanism, both options can be used.

Advice before buying

To determine which trimmer is suitable for you, evaluate all the conditions and parameters described above, then visit the stores and with the help of the filter, keep all the models that do not meet your requirements.

Take such a hack several times, Gradually removing most of the devices, then select from the most suitable the model that either liked more than others, or has some advantages.


Trimmers look very similar, but some can lie great in their hands, while others can be uncomfortable. Of course, when buying a device, ideally, you need to “try” on it. But most stores do not have a trading floor, so let’s pay attention to the key feature. And she is as follows: the bar can be straight or curved. It is more convenient to mow with a straight bar in even areas. But if you have a complex relief, take better curved.

There are not so many trimmers. If you do not have much room for storage or you often carry the device with you in the car, choose an option with a collapsible bar. For those who buy a trimmer for frequent and long.Term work, another important advice: specify if there is a belt in the configuration.

electric, trimmer, purpose, fishing

No matter how easy the model is, hands begin to get tired after the second mowed hundredth. The belt removes the load from the hands: it can have one strap (the most popular option), two or even represent a whole satchel, as is customary for professional models.

Trimmer power: what depends on it?

Lines or knife in the trimmer is spinning to high speeds, in which the grass and stems of weeds are cut off. The thicker the grass, the thicker the stems. The higher the load on the cutting tool. And, therefore, on the engine.

If the engine power is not enough, the speed of its rotation under load falls, while the cooling quality (it is usually air) will sharply decrease and overheating will occur. At best, the lock will work, and the device will turn off. But powerful motors will work without problems at the same speeds, so they can easily cope with dense thickets.

There is still an important point. Low-power models, firstly, will only work with fishing lines, with knives-they will not be able to. But restrictions will appear with fishing lines: thick ones will not work, because again they will create an additional load on the engine.

Which is better in different conditions?

We compiled a table in which we included grass of various types and described the effectiveness of each type of cutting tools:

Type of vegetation Field Knife Disk
Well.Groomed lawn grass Greatly injures (soaks) stems, because of which plants are sick for a long time Carefully cuts off the tops, plants almost do not get sick after mowing Tears and soaks the stems
Low multi.Traffic Cuts quickly, crushes well Cuts quickly, crushes well Cuts quickly, crushes poorly
High green multi.Veravier (hay harvesting) Strongly loads the motor, wear out quickly, greatly grinds the senage, effectively cuts the grass Minimally loads the engine, often gets confused, efficiency below the average Almost does not grind the senage, slightly loads the engine, if you do not put in the rolls, then soon the cut material begins to interfere with the work
High dry multi.Traffic Quickly wear out, efficiency depends on the shape and diameter Maximum efficiency Maximum efficiency
Vygravye Vytravye You can mow close to the trees without damaging their bark You can not mow close to the trees, the risk of damage to the knife or bark is high You can not mow close to the trees, a high probability of bark damage
Low grass on an uneven or rocky area Maximum efficiency, quick wear Cannot be used, there is a high probability of tool damage Cannot be used, there is a high probability of tool damage
High grass on an uneven or rocky area The greatest efficiency in rehabilitation, but cut off the upper part of the grass, but severe wear of the trimmer line Effectively cuts the upper and middle part of the grass, you can not finish, because the risk of tool damage is high Effectively cuts the upper and middle part of the grass, you can not finish, because the risk of tool damage is high
Mowing herbs with a shoot of trees or shrubs Can only be used if the shoots are not weeded (a maximum of 5 mm) Can be used if the thickness of the shoots does not exceed 8–10 mm Can be used if the thickness of the shoots does not exceed 20 mm

Trimmer. What is it and why it is needed? Choosing a trimmer for men

What is a trimmer and why do men need it with a beard? What is the difference between machines for cutting hair on the body from an electric trimmer? Tips for choosing the best.

Trimmer is, in fact, an electric razor with a function of cutting or trimming hair both on the face and on the body. Without a trimmer, it is almost impossible to grow a beard and take care of it. Male trimmers differ from female epilators primarily in that they have a special adjustable nozzle that allows you to set the desired hair cut length. Usually within the boundaries of 0.5 to 10 millimeters.

There are various models of trimmers. Starting from ordinary hair cutting machines, trimming beard and vegetation on the body, ending with trimmers for hair in the nose and ears. Most devices are multifunctional. Also, some models of conventional electrics can also act as trimmers for beard.

Pros and disadvantages of using a gasoline engine in a trimmer

The advantages of the gasoline engine are mass, the key among them is as follows:

How fishing line is made

  • Mobility. The tool is autonomous, it can work for them anywhere and as much as you like. The main thing is to have gasoline and motor oil for quick refueling in stock.
  • Power. Even an inexpensive gasoline trimmer in terms of performance exceeds the most powerful models with an electric engine. Therefore, if we are talking about the regular mowing of huge areas of high weed, then a trimmer will cope with this only with a gasoline engine.
  • Repair of the failed engine is possible and appropriate. The design of the gasoline engine in trimmers is extremely simple, and to purchase spare components will not be problems (sometimes spare parts are suitable even from chainsaws).

But the disadvantages of gasoline trimmers are also enough:

  • Weight. The gasoline engine weighs 2 to 3 times more than electric. Heavy motorcycle is difficult to perform neat mowing. Yes, and it will turn out to work continuously for only 30. 45 minutes, then the operator will definitely have to take a break and give the opportunity to relax his hands (even if the shoulder belt was used).
  • Engine starting. In motorcycles, the motor is launched using a hand starter, by analogy with chainsaws. And if it is cool enough outside, then the trimmer is not always possible to perform the first time (especially when the candle has not changed for a long time and was not cleansed from Nagar).
  • Maintenance. In gasoline trimmers, you have to serve a gearbox regularly, monitor the level of oil, clean the carburetor, candles and nozzles (if any). If at least one of the points the owner of the trimmer misses, then the tool will not last long.

Where to start the choice

First of all, decide on the tasks for which you need a trimmer. The main criteria is the area of ​​the processing site and the nature of the vegetation on it. For small areas with soft vegetation, there is enough power tool of small power. Cutting nozzle. Fishing line or polymer knives. For an area of ​​more than 10 acres, or areas where in addition to grass there are weeds with a thick stem, dry and shrubs, you need a more powerful trimmer, and as a cutting nozzle. A thick trimmer line or metal knives.

Electric trimmers are simple in circulation and the cheapest (from 1280 r.). They weigh little (from 2 kg), do not make noise and do not pollute the air. Power varies from 0.2 to 1.5 kW. Almost all models have adjusted the height of the handle and you can change the cutting head. Women and older people will cope with this tool.

On a model with a direct bar and a gearbox, you can put knives. The main drawback. The processing area is limited by the length of the cable and the extension cord, which can be accidentally cut. Trimmer is not battery, you need access to the mains. In order not to burn the electric motor, you need to alternate work and rest for 15 minutes.

A heavy cutting tool cannot be put on a low.Power model and a small number of revolutions, which means that you can’t mow thick weeds and dry. The cheap tool is less reliable and wear out faster. The scope of use. House and summer cottages up to 10 acres with grass and soft thin weeds.

Trimmer Electric Champion ET350. Reviews

I took this trimmer from the official store. Precisely, to be from their site. Very tasty price of this model. But if in truth, then of course why. The first thing, then some kind of squelch. It can be seen that the cheapest materials are used.

The trimmer was chosen very quickly, just arrived at the store and asked the consultant to show us options for a small site. We have only 5 acres, so there is practically nothing to mow there.

I live in the private sector, a plot of 8 acres is constantly overgrown, especially nettles and burdocks get. At first I thought to buy a trimmer on gasoline, but an electrician is cheaper. There are many sentences, like the functionality is the same, and the spread of in a large range, disadvantages are detected even by expensive models.

Hello ! He now has a name- yellow))) Buying a trimmer of gasoline was spontaneous, and as it turned out, very successful. We use almost three months, I can safely draw (with the help of my husband) conclusions:. It works on gasoline (there are on sale working from the network, the advantage of gasoline. The cord does not interfere.

When we have a question of buying a trimmer for mowing grass on a deposit site, my husband and I shoveled the entire Internet to search for suitable models with good reviews.

We bought this trimmer in the OVI store for a thousand rubles, we were looking for cheaper, since there is no lawn yet and there is no need to bring special beauty. There used to be trimmers and 500 rubles, but they were not available, so they took this.

Every gardener knows that he cannot do without a trimmer. The beds do not occupy the entire territory of the site, and if in May and June weeds can still be fought somehow manually, then in July you can safely throw away the white flag. The only real hope for trimmer.

I needed a trimmer for a summer residence, in addition to the lawnical mower, to process corners and edges along the fence and to mow small shoots of shrub. Went and on the advice of the seller took an electric Patriot et 1200. In general, I do not regret the purchase, although he died pretty quickly. But here it is possible my fault.

Trimmer Electric Uragan GTG 320. Bad experience. I do not recommend buying. Only true, briefly and clearly, with photos, all the pros and cons of!

The first sad experience in my cottage. Grass grows like yeast. Tired of weed, mowing, burning, mulching. She was not so much, I wanted to take a cheap trimmer and get rid of weeds for the summer.

Video on the topic

In the video video, the author demonstrates the device of the electrimmer during disassembly and repair:

An electric trimmer (electric cos) is an inexpensive and relatively convenient tool to care for house green areas with cultural or low wild grass.

Understanding its device and the principle of operation, you can more correctly use this type of trimmers, which will save you from injuries, and the device from premature failure.

What is a trimmer and what are the types of trimmers

The trimmer comes from the English word and means literally “put in order” or “trim”. The very first such tool appeared in 1972. He was invented by one businessman who sowed the lawn near his house and came up with how to cut the grass and not damage the trees. Soon the trimmer was used in production.

This is an indispensable garden tool for cutting lawns and accurate alignment of edges.

A trimmer can process places where it is difficult to get. Due to lightweight, they can work for a long time, without feeling fatigue in their hands. It is convenient in storage, does not take up much space. You can purchase it in special garden stores, where they will tell in detail what a trimmer is and will help make the right choice.

The device has a long handle, on one end of which the engine is located, and on the other. The cutting mechanism. Two types of trimmers are distinguished: gasoline and electric. To find out which trimmer is better, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each type.

What is an electric trimmer, it is easy to guess. It can work from the network, produces little noise, does not require fuel, is considered an environmentally friendly device, since it does not produce exhaust gases. But working with him in the rain or after rain is strictly prohibited so that there is no electric shock. In this case, the electric trimmer has small power. He should give him more often to avoid overheating, and the engine must constantly be fed or charged.

What is a gasoline trimmer, you can find out by studying the instructions carefully. This device works autonomously, only you need to refuel it with fuel. The gasoline trimmer has many nozzles, which expands its capabilities. At the same time, it is very noisy and has harmful exhausts. When choosing a gasoline trimmer, it should be noted that it needs a fuel supply and a good engine care. Which trimmer to choose, you decide.

Before starting the work of the mechanism, you need to read the instructions. If you follow the operating rules, then the tool will last a long time. After use, it is necessary to clean the trimmer and store it in a dry place where there is no dirt and dust.

Trimmers differ from each other with cutting heads. There may be a knife or fishing line at the end. There are also trimmers with a joint alternating use of a knife and fishing line. The handle is T-shaped and d-shaped. The T-shaped is used for noting in large spaces, and the D-shaped is very convenient for working in hard-to-reach places, in paths, near the bushes.

Trimmers of different types and sizes have found application in other areas of human activity. We examined above this device as a lawn mower. There is still a trimmer for shaving mustaches, beards and bikini area. Can be used as a chandelier regulator and ceiling. It also happens in the form of an electric capacitor, and it is also widely used in shipbuilding to raise the engine.

Now, knowing what a trimmer is, you can make the choice of one or another tool. First you need to decide why you need it, you plan to do the volume of work.

Features of electrocosyles

Electric trimmers for grass operate on network voltage in 220 V. The radius of the action of such devices is limited by the length of the cable. Autonomous devices are equipped with a battery. Such a technique can work without recharging 20-25 minutes. By the type of power, trimmers are divided into stationary and autonomous.

By the type of cutter, electric shoes with fishing line, knives and disks are distinguished. Share the structures by the location of the engine. It can be upper or lower.

Devices are distinguished in the class:

Rating of the best models of electric trimmers for grass for 3,000. 7,000 rubles

Zubrov ZTE-30-550

The domestic production model has a 550 watts engine. It has a lower location, so vibration is felt less. Please note that there is a rotary head with a edging video, which allows you to make a vertical cut. Thanks to this, you can carefully cut the grass around the flower beds and under the border. Speasing width here is 30 cm, which is enough to process the site of 6 acres.

The device rotates a coil with a frequency of up to 10,000 rpm. By the way, it can be adjusted by changing the force of pressing the start button. The electrimmer is equipped with an additional D-shaped handle under the second hand. It can be regulated in three positions, which allows you to set it in the plane required for the operator. The unit is equipped with a 1.6 mm thick trimmer line, but can also work with round and square strings with a cross section of up to 2.2 mm. In Russia, the Service Centers of the Brand of the Zubr is in almost every regional center, so it is not difficult to repair or planned maintenance if desired.

Patriot Elt 1000

In this electric trimmer, the engine has an upper location, so it is easier to conduct a working nozzle. Its power is 950 watts, which allows it to work comfortably with a fishing line of 2. 2.4 mm. By the way, it is a 2-mm fishing line 15 m long in the kit. In one pass, the unit allows you to bite a strip of 35 cm wide. Note that unlike devices with the lower engine location, there is not a straight bar, but curved, which increases the ease of maneuvering between flower beds. True, such a curved design does not allow the mower to accelerate faster than 7500 rpm.

An additional D-shaped handle can be adjusted in different positions for the convenience of mowing. The manufacturer equipped the model with an anti.Vibration system that slightly reduced the vibration transmitted to the hands. Thanks to this, even with prolonged work, the operator will not feel tingling in his palms. When buying this model, you get a guarantee of 1 year from the manufacturer (in addition to the guarantee provided by the seller).

Denzel TE-1400

A powerful electric trimmer from Denzel allows not only to mow the lawn and thick weed grass, but also to bake small shoots and even shrubs. In addition to a conventional spool with a trimmer line, a bush in the form of a lobed knife can be installed on the unit. By the way, the knife itself, as well as a coil with a trimmer line (2 mm thickness), comes in the kit. A trimmer can work with whole and cutting fishing fishing lines of different types of sections up to 2.4 mm thick. The width of the mowing string is 42 cm, and with a knife 23 cm.

The device is not equipped with a D-shaped, but a bicycle handle, so that both hands are involved in the maintenance of the mower from side to side. This location allows you to distribute the load so that only one hand does not constantly get tired. By the way, to facilitate the load, there is a shoulder belt here. Users note a good quality assembly quality. For example, a bicycle handle is attached to the bar not with a flimsy plastic, but a reliable metal bracket. At the end of the case there is a cord for a power cord, thanks to which a fork with an extension cord will not hang behind the trimmer.

Makita UR3502

The Japanese.Made electric mower is designed for mowing low and high grass, as well as for thick weeds and shrubs. 1000 W engine produces up to 6500 rpm. There is a motor braking system that stops it literally in seconds. Due to this, after the start button is turned off, you do not need to wait long until the cutting nozzle stops. At the same time, the width of the spin here is not the largest. 35 cm. Pay attention to the design of an additional handle. It has a special emphasis for the thigh, which facilitates the lead from side to side and reduces the load on the hands. The handle can change the position around the axis of the bar.

The plastic deck (casing) is equipped with special stationary knives, which cut off an excess trimmer line after it is released from the bobbin. On the housing is a lock button. On the one hand, it performs a protective function, as it avoids involuntary turning on, and on the other hand allows you to block the bunch button while working, so you don’t have to constantly brush your fingers on it. The cost of the unit is rather large, but the reason for this is the brand and high performance.