What is the rotation of the icebore for a screwdriver. The benefits of ice discovery with winter fishing

Iceoburi with a screwdriver: review of the best models

Fishing in winter is an entertaining process that many consider as a vacation. A separate part can highlight the drilling of holes in the ice. Now, in the world of technology, this is not a problem. Everything is solved by using a special tool. Namely, we will talk about a screwdriver with a nozzle-layer. Compared to ordinary drill, it is easier and more compact. And the drilling of holes with a screwdriver will be faster and physically less costly.

The choice of screwdriver for an ice ax for winter fishing depends on finance. To facilitate the process of drilling holes on the ice of the reservoir, it is recommended to dwell on a powerful and high.Quality model. Otherwise, the fishermen may not start to take it, because he could not get to the water. The proposed rating presents models of screwdrivers.

Makita DDF481RTE

This is a powerful screwdriver for ice discovery, more suitable for professional use. Therefore, it is so expensive. 27,000 rubles. Thanks to the solid power of the unit in 115 N m, it can be assumed that it will be enough for drilling holes for more than one season. The main thing in the process is caution, since the tool can get stuck in the ice and it is important not to dislocate at such moments. Two batteries are included in the kit, each with a capacity of up to 5 Ah and voltage indicator. 18 V.

Dewalt DCD791P2

Another drill for an ice ax from the company “Devolt”.

The unit is equipped with a bronnote engine with a maximum speed of 2000 per minute. The gearbox has a two.Speed mode. The reverse in rotation and stopper of the electric motor is possible. They can drill wooden surfaces, up to 40 mm thick and metal. The largest section of the shank is 13 mm. 15 modes for torque, which are installed automatically.

Makita DHP458RFE

This Japanese model is able to quickly make holes, which will be useful during home repair, as well as on winter fishing. Thanks to a strong aluminum case, they can drill many wells in ice, up to 1 meter thick. The screwdriver has a torque indicator of only 91 N m, and the battery capacity is 3 Ah, which is enough for autonomous operation. The cost of the tool is 30,000 rubles.

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls

Metabo 18 ″ is a screwdriver for ice axes from the German company Metabo with an unobtrusive design. Thanks to the dark green color of the case, the drill is immediately visible on snow-white ice. High efficiency of the unit allows you to do many holes.

It has a fast.And.Packed cartridge. This is a two.Speed mechanism that issues up to 1700 revolutions/minute. The maximum diameter of the drilled hole for wood and metal is 65 mm, the minimum is 13 mm. In addition to ordinary drilling, there is a pulse regime. Twisting indicator. Up to 110 nm. There is protection against overloads, backlight, starting starting.

The device works autonomously, is sold complete with two batteries with a capacity of 4 Ah. This power is enough for 30 holes. A tool with a convenient handle on the side, which simplifies its operation. But, for drilling holes on the ice, it is too heavy (without a drill, the weight is 2 kg).

Bosch GSR 18

As you asking how to choose a screwdriver for winter fishing? Compact model from Germany Bosch GSR 18. Although the tool is not particularly productive compared to professional devices, it is distinguished by high.Quality assembly and configuration.

A unit with two batteries, a case for transportation and a charger is sold. This battery drill for an ice ax is good with a twisting moment, which is 60 Nm. There is electronic protection on the battery. Thanks to the battery capacity (5 Ah), the device can work for a long time without charging. The disadvantage is that the device is weighted due to batteries. Fishermen also note that he hangs in a suitcase when carrying.

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The device has an ergonomically executed handle. Under the lines of the hand, which makes the use of a screwdriver extremely comfortable. Weighs 1.5 kg.

Zubble DAI-18-2-LIC4

This screwdriver is attractive by a budget value of 9,000 rubles, as well as excellent power. Torque 60 nm. This is enough to drill holes with a diameter of 100 mm. The device is equipped with two batteries, a capacity of 1.5 Ah by 18 V. This is enough for 20 holes.

Also pleases the smallness of the device. 1.7 kg. There is a carrier bag and charger. The presence of a flattened.Shaped battery blocks, so it is convenient to hide them on fishing.


This model is often preferred by fishermen due to low price. But, if you wish, drill too thick ice, problems may arise.

This is a device of Russian production. Differs with good shock power, which allows you to drill too thick ice.

Battering Drum-Survender Milwaukee C14 DD-22C

Small in size drill for an ice ax, ideal for use in small spaces. There is intellectual protection against overload, due to which the performance increases. The case is metal, so high.Strength and can last for a long time without breakdowns. Number of revolutions 450/1600 per minute, torque. 45 nm. The torque is installed in step mode.

What are the advantages of a homemade ice drift

Many fishermen who do not imagine their lives without fishing and good catch want to know the ice drift from a screwdriver. Winter is the best time to go fishing. However, an obstacle to the catch is a thick crust of ice, for piercing which you can use a regular drill to dig holes in the ground under the installation of columns. Only this hand tool requires not only physical strength, but also time. The automatic device from a screwdriver allows you to drill the hole in a matter of seconds, which is the first and main advantage of a home.Made.

The second advantage of homework is the possibility of its manufacture without additional costs. In addition, this does not need any special knowledge and skills. The main costs that are needed for the manufacture of homemade are the costs of electricity consumed by the welding machine during welding operations.

It is interesting! The cost of a factory manual collar for drilling ice is from 1 thousand rubles. The larger the number of turns on the screw, the correspondingly higher the price of the device. The number of turns on the device depends on the thickness of the drilled ice.

Getting to the manufacture of an independent device, you can save a decent amount of finance, as well as make the necessary length of drilling equipment. Before proceeding with the implementation of the idea, you must first pay the attention of the tool, that is, a screwdriver. This low.Power device must satisfy some requirements described in the next section.

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You fry anything here! ))) This is how it is possible?, I can’t imagine something like that picture. :)))

On the contrary, I thought that the second speed should be set. What’s the secret? Logically, the second twists faster than the first.

The first speed of the gearbox with a traction, on it you need to drill ice and do hard work. The second is to drill something.

This one is without a name Hemenberger, who was driving with Rinat yesterday. Shurik is good, powerful, but their Akki is worse than Nanway. Yesterday we were convinced of this. Nanwei Akk plows to the last, it does not go in defense, and this one began to leave after dinner. It seems there are no declared 6a or the difference in Voltage affects this way, but the Nanwei is really more powerful in all respects.

Tips are good, nothing stupid. The people are now stupid, they need to chew everything)). The cartridge blocking is on this screwdriver?

They are all about the same function. It is necessary to press the start and the electronic blocking of the cartridge will work, but this must be done at the first speed. While the backlight is on, the cartridge is blocked.

Good evening Timur, I wanted to ask what can be done, or how to prevent the automatic blocking of Shurik when drilling ice? The lock is triggered at load, I remove the battery, I put it back drilling back the norms. And so again and again, what can be done

Uncle Tolya, Salam. Bad battles came, protection on them is triggered, it is necessary more powerful. Here look. Https: // www.Youtube.COM/Watch?V = w4fjd3edqau

In fact, there is another problem, maybe the speed is the second, you need to put the first and check how it goes.

Salam Eric, mine is pretty bruise, but the situation is similar, as I understand it, the case is in the Akums, judging by the video that you threw off. We will try with another. Thanks for the info.And for the response

Frostfang Barioth Ice SnS (Perfect Rush) in Comparison to RAW DPS Build. Sns Math. MHW Iceborne

As I try another varik, I will throw off a vidosik. Once again, thank you very much, for the response.

Strange, well, there are no other reasons, something with the batteries most likely. And what a drill do you have? I presented a friend at NG “Heminberger”, in fact the same as “Kandu”, with 130 iceberg and battery 6a, Burit is already running. Of course, if you compare with Nanwei, then they have one difference, on the “nanwei” board there is another, more pumped than on ala heminbergers and hedgehogs with them, so Nanwei brings at the second speed, and does not go in defense. I would advise you to start with batteries, I must try to ease with another, if it leaves the same, then the shock is shoe.

I read somewhere that some Shuriks have a speed trigger. In the photo you have a second speed, not the first. First. The trigger must be translated until it stops back. Make an encryption on idle, then drill.

Radik, I don’t understand it myself, drill 150. You think because of the diameter of the problem can be? He brings quite briskly, at the beginning he brings well and at the end, by the end of the drilling of the hole, protection is triggered, I take AK, I put it again and I also finish it briskly. I can’t understand what the reason is.

Anatoly, Eric is right, you have the second speed. Put the trigger in the rear position and try to pass. The protection also works when the drill is biting, maybe the ice is double, maybe the knives are sowing.

I was accurately at the first, who did not understand what the problem, I decided to try at the second speed, so it is not possible to drill it on the second one at all begins to sausage (Shurik does not hold) at the beginning of the drilling of the hole.

We need to try to charge Akki, the charge indicator on the shurik itself is stars like breathing. Perhaps just Akki are sitting, I had that. 40 holes in the meter ice ejected, but shows all three strips (full charging)

Good drill, praise them, only I have fish so that 130 have not climbed into the hole for about fifteen years now. And the Chinese for a screw 150 is weak, IMHO

Radik, this kando needs to be watched, it may turn out to be just Nanwei. Look carefully, all the breeds on Hemirberger (there are 5 of them, probably) a 18 volt battery, the ampers can be different, 4 and 6, and the “kando” battery is 21V and at Nanwei 21V. Logically, they should have a more powerful fee. Nanwei definitely has a fee thicker than Hemirberger, fishermen say a lot about this, and there are not so many information on Kando, he recently appeared. The reviews on YouTube must be flipped through, maybe someone has already opened and measured the thickness of the board.

Stepan Sergeyevich, it may well be, I now stepped aside from the development of Chinese shuriks, as I acquired and friends, but I didn’t want to get upset that something has appeared cooler. Anatoly will charge the batteries. Try- write off. Maybe they were just in the snot discharged. I do not advise you to disassemble yet, because the level of ordination is different for everyone. The speed trigger flies out, the button, the nipple of the reverse button, begin to insert, twist the carcass in their hands, flies out the grooves, engine. And it begins:. “I put everything in the bag, please look” please “. Yes, and if it is nanway, then he has screws under the hexagon, which not every house has.

The drill from the company “Tonar ,, Shnek itself (assault) of the right rotation, the kit includes a screw, an adapter, a set of knives (spare), a rubber hammer.

Rating of the five best screwdrivers for ice discovery

No. 1 Makita DDF441RFE

Has a powerful engine, quickly clamping cartridge and reverse function. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery of 3 Ah with a capacity of 14.4 V. Its torque. 70 nm. Has an additional pen. The price of Makita DDF441RFE varies depending on the configuration. The average is approximately twenty thousand rubles. Producer warranty. 1 year.

No. 2 Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls

A completely tolerable model that has a number of advantages: a removable battery of 4-5.2 Ah with a voltage of 18 V, insignificant weight-2 kg, the most rigid torque-110 nm; Additional pen. The average price is about twelve thousand rubles. The only drawback is the shocking shock, which often causes some inconvenience when drilling ice.

No. 3 Makita 6337 DWDE

The best combination of price and quality. Nickel-metallogid battery with a voltage of 14.4 V. Capacity. 2.5 ah. The most hard torque is 65 nm. The screwdriver is unstressed. Charging time. 1 hour. Weight. 2.1 kg. It has an authorialist. The average price is about ten thousand rubles. There is a drawback. The absence of an additional pen. Not fatal, but still unpleasant.

No. 4 Bosch GSR 18 VE-EC 0 L-BOXX

The very name of Bosch, which produces this screwdriver, speaks of its quality. Unstressed. The most stringent torque is 75 nm. Reverse. Adjustable speed of rotation. Lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 18 in. Equipped with an additional pen. The average price is seventeen and a half thousand rubles.

No. 5 Zubyr DAI-18-2-LI KNM4

Excellent domestic screwdriver capable of competing with eminent foreign brands. The most hard torque is 60 nm. ELECTION-lithium-ion with a capacity of 1.5 Ah and a voltage of 18 V. An additional handle is not provided. Charging time. 1 h. A completely acceptable model, the average price of which is about ten thousand rubles.

Which adapter for a screwdriver is better to take

Adapter. A special device designed to dock the ice discovery axis with a screwdriver drive. It has an additional handle for the left hand for greater convenience and safety. This simple connecting element allows you to make an electric. The main thing is to correctly calculate the dimensions and diameter of all components.

  • Hexagonal/four.Sided half, which is located from Shurik (almost 2.6 cm).
  • Round shaft for ice drift (6.8 cm), in which there is a place for a bolt of fastening. Standard diameters of holes. 18 mm and 22 mm.

The adapter can not only be purchased in the store, but also manufactured independently. You will need a steel rod of the desired diameter and the help of a milling holder to turn one edge into a shank for fastening a screwdriver. And then it will be enough to make a hole for the adapter with the pipe of the collar.

Types of knives for ice discovery and their pros and cons of A faithful assistant and the first friend of any fisherman enthusiastically vighted is an ice ax. How practical and.

TOP-10 rating of the best screwdriver for ice ax

Placemodel Price
The best models with a torque from 40 to 60 N m
#one Bosch GSR 180-Li 2.0ach x2, case Find out the price
#2 Makita DDF485RF Li-Ion 3 A h 18 in x1, case Find out the price
#3 Metabo BS 14.4 10mm 2.0ah X2, CASE Find out the price
#4 Bosch GSB 18V-50 Li-Ion 2.0 a-h 18 in x2, l-Case Find out the price
#5 DeWALT DCD701D2 Li-Ion 2.0 A h 12 in x2, tstak case Find out the price
The best models with a torque of over 60 N m
#one DeWALT DCD777D2T Find out the price
#2 Makita DDF481RF Li-Ion 3.0 A h 18 in x1, case Find out the price
#3 DeWALT DCD791D2 Find out the price
#4 Makita DHP481RTE Find out the price
#5 Metabo BS 18 LTX BL I LIHD 3.5 A h 18 in x1, box Find out the price

The screwdriver acts as the Iceobur drive when drilling holes.

Reference! The use of the device can significantly accelerate the process of drilling ice, thereby facilitating this very time.Consuming process.

When choosing a screwdriver for ice discovery, the following should be taken into account:

  • Direction of rotation.All screwdrivers are designed for the maximum load in the right rotation. Too productive work in the reverse mode through the reverse can disable the cartridge and the coupling of the device. Respectively, and the drill must maintain the right rotation.
  • Torque.The minimum torque of the screwdriver for effective work with the ice discovery should be 40-60 N m. Models with a parameter above 60 N m are the most productive, but are an order of magnitude more expensive. However, not the most powerful screwdriver can be supplemented with a special reducing speed by an adapter with a built.In gear gearbox.
  • Foods of the device.The battery screwdriver, equipped with one nutrition element, will allow you to drill 10-20 holes depending on the thickness, complexity of ice, the quality of the drill blades. Models with two batteries cost more and weigh more, but provide better performance.
  • Equipment weight.This characteristic should be given special importance when choosing, because the screwdriver with ice bows on winter fishing will have to be much and often transferred from place to place. Powerful models with a capacious battery are the most difficult.
  • Additional accessories.The screwdriver is connected to the drill through a special adapter with a handle and a limiter. Typically, the tool is not equipped with such devices, for this reason it is worth finding out in advance by studying the description of the device, the moment. For carrying and storing screwdrivers in the kit, the case will not be superfluous.

Which drill is suitable for working with a screwdriver

Experienced users say unequivocally. With right rotation. This is due to the fact that all screwdrivers are designed precisely for standard drilling and twisting screws to the right. Yes, they also have a reverse mode, but the cartridge and internal coupling are not intended for large loads with left rotation.

This means that your drill should also be with right rotation, while some domestic stamps have a design against the clockwork. If you have just such a drill, then for a screwdriver you will need to either change it or overload an expensive electric tool in the return. Below we will tell you which screwdriver is better to choose for ice discovery.

Why do you need a screwdriver on winter fishing

In most cases, the term “winter fishing” is understood to mean the method of fishing in which the miner is located on the surface of the water.Protracted water, and the tackle is lowered into the water through the ice hole or a specially made hole for this.

Accordingly, one of the main devices, without which it is impossible to organize such a process, is a scrap (the so.Called foot) or an ice drift, and the last option is considered more preferable, since Allows:

  • Piercing a much more significant thickness of ice with lower costs of physical strength and time (specialists with ordinary drill in just a few minutes cope with the meter layer of ice, while the pedestic is suitable for an ice cover not more than 30 cm);
  • Create a hole in the form of a correct cylinder, avoiding chips and even more so dangerous for the life of a fisherman of cracks in ice;
  • Act relatively silent that fishing is of particular importance, because the noise, as you know, is capable of breaking fish, and all efforts will be in vain.

The simplest device of the drill is a columnar, that is, a knee.Shaped handle with a special cartridge for the clip of cutting tools, a drill (screw) and knives are spherical or straight. However, working with a similar device, although it is considered more easy, compared to ordinary crowbar, but still requires a rather great physical effort.

Did you know? At a temperature.40 ° C, the hardness of the ice is 6 units on the MOOS scale, at 0 ° C this indicator decreases to 1.5. For comparison, under normal conditions, some metals have the following hardness indicators: aluminum. 3, zinc and silver. 2.5, tin. 1.5.

In the cold, it is especially inconvenient to contact a manual tool, and if you consider that, having warmed up after a long and very intense torsion of the collar handle, the fisherman will have to stay for hours in the cold in complete motionlessness, is also fraught with the risk of a serious cold.

A screwdriver working from the battery is ideal for automation of the work of the drill. Using such a device, the tool performance increases significantly, and you can connect the drill with the ice discovery using a fairly simple adapter (adapter).

Fierce Shurovyrt and Shnek Ice Bur for winter fishing.

Shurik AEG BSB 18BL. Main characteristics: 140 nm torque. 550/2000 revolutions. Bearings in gears! Original Bestwill Motor TTI. Enhancing handle 35cm! Shock mode.Boer GIGANT. The main characteristics: two are perch, diameter 150mm, length 800mm, weight 3.4 kg. Stainless stainless steel knives.A brief summary of the review.Preparation for “fishing“. I am collecting an adapter from Shurik to a drill. To do this, I took two end tubular key 10×12 and 12×14 and hexagon for 12mm. Inserted dads into moms and cooked. To protect the skin of the screw under the ice, I took the cover from the saucer with a diameter of 160mm. Drilled a hole, put on a hexagon and fixed with a puck.About 12.16 hours before the start of the test, he laid completely charged batteries in a bag and buried it under the snow.By noon of the next day, the batteries swayed and measured the voltage: 5AC 19.9V, 6AC 19.8V.He began to twist. The first hole is about 40-50cm deep in 1.16 minutes. Not conveniently put an additional rkotka. Under the right hand. It is not convenient to put pressure on Shurik and on the ore of the left hand. I rearrange the handle on the left to crush the right.Intermediate: six holes about 40-50cm to half a category of 5Ah batter.At 04:05. Dop broke off. (cm.Photo) I was shy when installing tightly tightened. I got out and vomited. Not fatal. But unpleasant. Put the handle back. He tightened the outlets.Intermediate: Nine holes by 5Ach to 25% of the charge (one division on the battery). The battery began to sag with periodic snacks of the storm at great depths, before going out under the ice.I rearranged the battery, I try to twist the 6AC battery HD. After the second hole, the battery sat in the chamber 6ka HD twists at about the same speed. But, much more evenly, almost without reacting to the bite of the storm in the depths. Did not completely plant 6Ach. T.To. He himself was already pretty tired and stupidly did not have enough strength for another 15-20 holes.Review and conclusions.1) About the disadvantages of a screwdriver:2) a) a weak mount of the handle additional. Need to clamp as hard as possible!3) b) a very hard moment of transition of the gears of the gears from 1 to 2 and vice. Over, in 1 position there is no comfortable chamfer, it is inconvenient to take up the switch engine.Life Hak. How to facilitate gear switching. Disassembled and lubricated the switch button, dropped on each side.About the ice.Brogur screw for the Gigant Motobur. Characteristics. Two is heated, diameter 150mm, length 800mm, weight 3.4 kg. Stainless stainless steel knives.Why did I buy a gigant screw instead of an inForce ice discovery? I have long looked at the jack of information and was signed on it. At the time of purchase of Shurik, it cost 3300r. And they stopped carrying it and replaced with a giant for 2600r.A couple of words about the adapter from Shurik to the ice. I boiled a little crookedly. At 550 revolutions there is a tangible imbalance. And this mainly tires during work. It is necessary to rule somehow. Centr.About the knives of the screw made of high.Strength steel. The knives are cool, sharp. Two m6 bolts are fastened. Exhibited exactly.Question to connoisseurs: why sometimes the drill is poorly stabbed in the ice? Wipes briskly, cuts off a thin layer with fine chips. And sometimes it buries noticeably, like a spaDBOR drill. I have not yet understood why this is happening.About the clamp of the cartridge of the screwdriver, as holds. At first I often checked the puff of the cartridge. I was afraid that Bour would fall out. But then I was convinced that he was holding a dead grip.About the return of the charge to the battery after a short period. He came home and while disassembled things, noticed that 5Ach had returned 50% of the charge. I think that it was possible to drill a couple more holes. Therefore, I record 11 holes at its account with a depth of about 40-50cm or about 5m ice.Once again about the freezing of the battery, what threatens and how to charge cold batteries? As experience showed, the freezing of batteries does not noticeably affect their capacity. True, in fairness, it would be necessary to compare two identical batteries in the simultaneous test. Frozen and “warm”. But, I have two such identical ones yet.Summary: Great powerful Shurik for your money. Wipes very cheerfully, without any reservations. But, not without flaws (see above). I will still try the screw with other shuriks, if the opportunity arises, then I will compare the shuriki.

Blave for the ice discovery. Which one to choose in 2020.?

Hello! You like winter fishing, but you are tired of manually drilling holes? Life will be able to facilitate a battery screwdriver. You can easily fix the ice drift into it and inhabit 100-150 holes from one charge, depending on the thickness of the ice. True, not every model is suitable for this work. About what characteristics should have a screwdriver in order to confidently cope with drilling, and it will be discussed in this article. Read it to the end, since below will be represented by specific high.Quality models that can withstand the required load, but having the lowest price. This article is regularly updated, so it always has relevant information.

I work as a sales consultant for a power tool, so I am well oriented in the assortment. In addition, I myself sometimes go to winter fishing, so I can imagine the conditions in which a screwdriver will have to work. In general, having estimated these conditions, having experienced some models and talking with other fishermen, I realized which a screwdriver for ice discovery to choose so that he would honor this matter. Let’s proceed to the description of the required characteristics.

Advantages and disadvantages of the battery ice block

Human laziness is a powerful driving force of technical progress. Fishermen have long been working on the mechanization of manual labor, which is used on a frozen pond. Someone came up with interesting options with a drill drive from a chainsaw, and someone came up with the idea of ​​using a battery screwdriver to drill holes. As it turned out, it is not so difficult to finalize ordinary ice drift so that it can be connected with a screwdriver. It is enough to make a simple adapter, the thickness of which would be comparable to the cartridge of the power tool. Some manufacturers of fishing accessories already offer the consumer tools equipped with an adapter. The result is a drill with a set of useful properties.

  • In the presence of a suitable screwdriver suitable for the technical characteristics, you can finalize manual ice drift on your own.
  • An electric tool is more convenient in transportation and easier to operate than motorized analogues. In addition, it is easier for them to work faster.
  • Broke with a screwdriver works silently, which is very important on fishing.

With all the obvious advantages of the battery ice block, the weaknesses are also revealed on the frozen pond. One. The main problem for any battery is a low temperature. This is explained by the simple law of chemistry, which states that when the temperature is reduced, the reaction between substances slows down. And if the device copes with its mission to the mark of.10 ° C, then with stronger frost you have to hide the battery in the inner s. 2. A home.Made tool does not work well, which uses domestic ice drift with rotation counterclockwise. After several revolutions, the cartridge weakens its “grip” and there is a slip in the adapter. Important! It is necessary to constantly monitor the strength of the connection in the cartridge, t. To. In the cold, you can quickly disable a screwdriver.

Production from a screwdriver

To assemble such a device is necessary Use the battery power tool, since the connection to the power grid on fishing will be difficult. The screwdriver should have good strength, resistance to blows and other loads to which it will be subjected to.

It is better to use a device with a screw screw for the manufacture of ice discovery with your own hands. Not all of them can be suitable for creating a design with a screwdriver, for example, some domestic devices are designed for rotation in one direction with the untwisting of the cartridge nut, which must be constantly tightened.

Almost all foreign products are made with a design adapted to connect the power tool. For such designs, special adapters are sold in many stores, and some options have a replaceable cutting part. A screwdriver can connect without an adapter to such a shift head.

Advantages of automatic iceviation

All lovers of winter fishing are well aware of how difficult it is to make holes and constantly move from place to place. Therefore, most fishermen at the first opportunity acquire improved structures or collect them on their own. This is due The following advantages:

The assembled device will save strength and accelerate the process of drilling holes, which is of great importance in cold weather, especially taking into account the large thickness of the ice.

The choice of a suitable screwdriver

The standard device has the form of a huge drill, which makes rotational movements thanks to the connected electric or fuel apparatus. Having stopped your attention at the power tool, you need to know which a screwdriver for ice discovery to choose. Depending on different parameters. The power tool must be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Power. The voltage in the device should be from 18 V, but the best choice will be the device, the voltage of which is 36 V. The more powerful the device, the faster it can cope with ice;
  • Rotational speed. The minimum value should be from 50 to 70 nm, and the best value will be 80. 90 nm;
  • The quality of the power tool. It is better to choose reliable scorchings of well.Known manufacturers;
  • Models with an additional handle, in order to avoid traumation of the hands during drilling. The handle can be made independently.

The further choice will depend on the type of built.In battery in a screwdriver.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. A Land of Eternal Ice

Choosing a battery for a tool

If you choose a weak battery or very sensitive to cold, then the device can quickly fail and turn into a device useless for fishing. Experienced fishermen They prefer these types of battery:

  • Lithium.Ionic.Sensitive to severe cold, but quickly charge and have a little weight. There are models that are designed for operation during frost, but despite this, they quickly lose the capacity in the cold;
  • Nickel.Cadmium.Are resistant to cold, but in comparison with other types they have great weight;
  • Nickel-metall-hydride-have average weight and frost resistance indicators, are the best option for a home-made electro-posterobur.

For greater effectiveness, it is best to take two batteries for fishing. While one battery is installed and works, the other is warm.

Adaptation of a screwdriver to ice discovery

To connect a screwdriver with an ice discovery and the transmission of torque, use Metal adapter. Such an adapter can be purchased in the market or manufactured independently. The length of the cylinder should be about 18 mm, and the diameter of the cylindrical part is greater than that of the hexagon. Thus, emphasis will be formed.

The adapter for the icebore for a screwdriver is made of steel. For a reliable connection of the screwdriver and a drill, the adapter is made with a hexagonal head, with which it is attached in the cartridge of the power tool. The clip is better to carry out with the key. The opposite side is attached to the ice discovery with a bolt or corkscrew finger for this in the cylindrical part there is a hole that should coincide with the hole on the icebreaker pipe.

Ice Bour with a large screw to use together with a screwdriver is inappropriate, as there will be a significant increase in the load on the tool. Instead of a locking finger or bolt, you can install an additional handle.

Units for the best upgrade

To collect an ice ax You can apply not only a powerful screwdriver. The use of other tools is also allowed:

The option with a chainsaw is difficult in design and does not work from the battery, but it is quite possible to technically assemble such a device.

The choice of power tools

For improving the device You can also use a gaykowert. It has the following advantages over a screwdriver:

The adapter for the Gaikovert must be made independently or buy ready.Made options. In stores, adapters for a gaykowert are very rare.

Making ice discovery with your own hands

Sometimes, there is no way to buy a ready.Made ice drift, so many fishermen use different schemes and tips on how to make an ice drift with their own hands.

Ice Bour consists of several parts:

The following details will be required to assemble a simple manual drill:

  • Steel pipe of small diameter for the manufacture of the base;
  • Steel plates for the manufacture of a screw by heating and flexion in a certain form;
  • Steel knives;
  • Welding machine;
  • Grinder;
  • Dye.

To carry out some work may require the help of a specialist and the availability of a lathe. The connection of the plates is made by welding, after which the seams must be cleaned with a grinder. At the last stage, the device must be painted to prevent the destruction of the metal as a result of corrosion.

Battery for ice discovery

It is obvious that it will be necessary to choose only from models working on the battery, since there will be no access to the network on the network. In this regard, it is worth noting three options for a screwdriver:

  • LI-Ion type element. Such batteries quickly charge and have a small mass. But they have a serious drawback. Intolerance to severe frosts.
  • Nickel-Cadmium battery. In this case, the situation is reverse. The battery is able to withstand temperatures up to.150 ºC, but its mass significantly weights the boat.
  • Nickel-metallogid elements. If you need an average of the mass of ice drift for a screwdriver, which is not planned to be used regularly, then this option is suitable. It weighs less compared to the previous battery and does not cause any special problems in the cold.

If we summarize in this part, then, according to the totality of characteristics and based on the experience of experienced fishermen, nickel-cadmium batteries should still be called the best solution. Despite the large weight, such batteries provide the highest degree of reliability in conditions of cold. And this is a key advantage for the fisherman in the winter period.

Adapter for ice discovery

The adapter is an intermediate element connecting the screwdriver to the drill. Without it, automatically automatic ice ax does not work. Typically, the adapter consists of two parts: a tetrahedral or hexagonal rod with a diameter of at least 2.5 cm (for a screwdriver) and on the back of a wider round shaft with a hole for the mounting bolt (for a screw). Today, such adapters are sold in fishing stores, they cost about 10, but if there is a piece of thick.Walled pipe and a metal rod in the garage, then you can try to make the adapter yourself. The main thing is that the center of rotation of both parts coincides, otherwise the ice ax will “dance”, and not to drill.

Before focusing on specific models, it is worth mentioning attempts by some fishermen to equip an ice ax with other devices, electric and not only. Gaykortes, drills and even chainsaws are used. Technically, this is possible, but it is extremely difficult. This is especially true for saw. Therefore, it will be better to stop at a screwdriver.

So, a screwdriver for an ice ax, which one to choose? The fishermen tried many options, but not all of them withstand this test with dignity. In practice, only some models have shown themselves well. We list them and give them a brief description:

  • Hitachi DS18DSFL. A well.Balanced tool with a convenient rubberized handle. Voltage. 18 in. Works on a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1.5 a/h (in the kit two). Weighs only 1.7 kg, so even with prolonged use the hand does not get tired. For transportation, a case is provided. A little lack of power, 41 nm for drilling holes is small. The fishermen who have to drill the holes in the dark, note that the backlight would not have prevented this screwdriver.
  • Makita 8434DWFE. Compact, fairly light screwdriver weighing 2.5 kg. Works on nickel-metallogid batteries with a capacity of 3 a/h. With Voltage 14.4 V, it has a maximum torque equal to 70 nm. The pluses also include the high strength of the case, the fast.Packed cartridge and the presence of the side handle.
  • Bosch GSR18-2-LI Plus-a professional tool with the best ratio of “performance/price”. Has a system of protection of the electric motor from overloads, which ensures the durability of the device. Weight-1.1 kg, type of battery-Li-Ion, capacity-2.0 a/h, voltage-18 V, maximum torque-63 nm. Equipped with a flashlight for illumination of the working area.

These models are not very expensive and not the most powerful, but with the drilling of several dozen holes, they cope perfectly. With proper operation and proper care, more than one season will last.

Rating of the best models of screwdrivers for ice

This rating is designed to facilitate the chosen of a reliable assistant to the winter wizard. It included 18-volt tools, with the necessary torments, durable and wear-resistant elements and nodes of the mechanism.


Dewalt DCD996P2. Powerful screwdriver with a maximum torque of 95 Nm. Rotation speed up to 2000 revolutions per minute. Two batteries with a capacity of 5 Ah included. Mass. 2.1 kg.

Dewalt DCD791D2. Professional screwdriver. Reliable, strong, multifunctional. Twisting the moment. 70 nm, battery capacity. 2 ah, working power. 460 watts, mass. 1.7 kg. The kit includes a spare battery.

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Metabo BS 18 LTX Impulse Set. The most powerful screwdriver in the ranking. Torque. 110 nm, rotation speed. 1700 revolutions per minute. Battery-lithium-ion capacity of 4 ah. Weight. 2.3 kg. The gearbox body is made of casting aluminum.

Metabo BS 18 L BL. A semi.Professional model with a torque of up to 60 nm. It is equipped with two batteries with a capacity of 4 Ah. Together with the battery weighs 3.9 kg.

Makita 8391DWAE. Battery screwdriver with two 18-volt nickel-cadmium batteries with a capacity of 1.9 Ah. Weighs 2 kg. Maximum torque. 60 nm.

Makita DF457DWE. 18-volt screwdriver with two lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 1.5 Ah. Torque up to 60 nm, adjusted in a wide range.

Note! After transferring the production of tools to China and Hungary, the quality of the screwdrivers Makita decreased.

Bosch Professional GSB 18V-60. Professional model with a torque of 60 nm. Two capacious lithium-ion batteries for 5 Ah includes. Battery mass. 1.7 kg.

Bosch GSR 18V-85. A powerful hardy tool with a torque of 85 Nm. Basic equipment. Without charger and batteries. We’ll have to buy separately. The speed of rotation is regulated in a wide range, reaches 2100 revolutions per minute. Mass. 2.2 kg.

Budget models

Ryobi R18idbl-0. Inexpensive amateur “Shurik” with a capacious battery of 4 ah. The spare battery will have to buy separately. Torque. 60 Nm. Mass. 1.1 kg.

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Zubble DAI-18-2-LIC4. Amateur budget instrument of domestic production. Torque of a screwdriver. 60 nm. Two lithium-ion batteries contained a capacity of 1.5 ah. The speed of rotation is regulated, up to 1800 rpm. Mass with the battery. 1.65 kg.

Practical recommendations

In order for the icebreaker equipped with a screwdriver for a long time, it is necessary to comply with the elementary rules of operation, care and storage. With a careless attitude, you can disable any high.Quality tool, battery or break the adapter.

Where to keep the battery in the cold

Batteries, especially lithium-ionic ones, are afraid of a long stay on severe cold. To extend the device life and prevent fast discharge, you need to store it in warmth. The simplest solution is to put the battery in the inner of the winter jacket.

To warn from random falls or blows, special protective packaging is provided. It can be a small plastic case or holster. They can be fixed in the chest area under the jacket, providing careful and warm storage of the battery.

How to care for an electric ice block

The drill with a screwdriver will serve as faith and truth, without failures and breakdowns, for a long time, if you carefully care for it:

  • You can not throw it on the ice or in the snow.
  • After drilling the holes, the battery must be hidden in heat.
  • At the end of winter, it is recommended to conduct maintenance of the tool, replacing the lubricant and checking the main components of the mechanism with wear.
  • The adapter after fishing must be wiped dry, in order to avoid metal corrosion.

Transport ice drift should be disassembled with a screwdriver. The screw is taken in the case separately from the tool and adapter.


Nikolai “I tried the idea of ​​using a screwdriver, but did not appreciate. Because he took the usual Bosh on 18 V, when drilling on thick ice, he does not stand for a long time even taking into account the presence of a spare battery. On ice up to 10 cm. There is a meaning, but manually, if it is not wet in time also. As for me, this is an option for lazy fishermen “.

Dmitry “I improved my Barnaul and satisfied. True, I use this modernization when the car is on the go, otherwise in the hands to the river to drag far from the river. I bought an adapter. I took it with a rubber pen. Conveniently. The only thing is that the batteries from the screwdriver store in a special insulated case. Because if they freeze, then all efforts are in vain “.

Evgeny “I am a builder, so having bought a new Makita for work, an old Rostec decided to add to the ice discovery. I did not bother with the adapter. I just bought. I am satisfied. A good thing for winter fishing in a new pond. When you need to drill a bunch of holes to detect a flock of fish. Such modernization of the ice.Unit with a screwdriver greatly facilitates the task of the fisherman in harsh winter conditions to look for fishing places, reduces the training time, leaving more for fishing and enjoying the process ”.