July 3, 2019

What Is The Size Of The Dog Sabachi Booth


Height. The minimum height of the booth is the height of the dog at the withers plus 10-15 cm. It is also worth considering the height of the mat or litter. This is enough to allow the dog to walk in the booth, tilting his head and sitting in it, without touching the ceiling. Our booth height – 75 cm.

Width. The width is made up of the width of the tambour and the width of the berth. The width of the berth is the distance from the tailbone to the tip of the nose plus 10 cm. We have 90 cm. The width of the platform is 45-60 cm. Depending on the size of the dog. The total width of our booth is -140 cm.

Depth. The depth should be such that the dog could lie on its side, stretching out its paws. For measurements, we force the dog to lie on its side, and measure the distance from the withers to the tips of the paws. We add 5-10 cm. We receive depth of the box. In our booth, the depth is 65 cm.

What Is The Size Of The Dog Sabachi Booth


Frame The frame of the booth is made of pine bars 50×50 (40×40) mm and 50×25 (40×25) mm.

Internal lining. The best option for plating is wooden paneling (eco-friendly, breathing, warm). You can sheathe the walls with plywood (preferably waterproof). At the place of junction of plywood to the floor, due to the accumulation of moisture plywood can be stratified. It is necessary to provide protection in the form of a plinth or board around the perimeter.

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Exterior plating. The outer skin shall perform the function of protection against precipitation and blowing. The lining of the wall panel or the house block looks beautiful. You can sheathe plastic eurolining. The cheapest option DVP colored waterproof paint. Metal sheathing is undesirable.

Insulation. As insulation, sawdust, foam plastic or mineral wool are commonly used. On environmental friendliness you can arrange them in the following order: sawdust, mineral wool, foam plastic. On heat protection: polyfoam, mineral wool, sawdust. We used everything that was left from the repair of the house – mineral wool and polystyrene. Polyfoam insulated the floor and the lower parts of the walls, minvatoy everything else.

Ceiling roof. The roof is folding, the frame is made of 50×25 mm bar. The bottom is sheathed with 6mm plywood, the top is 6mm plywood (10mm is better) or a solid board. The ceiling-roof is attached with hinges to the rear wall. The roof is made flat without a slope so that the dog can lie comfortably on it. The roof is not provided, as the booth will be under a canopy.

Floor. The floor is made of solid board. The best option is grooved flooring. In the floor there should be no slots and holes in which the dog’s claw can get stuck. We used a used board 30mm.

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