What kind of lubricant to use for the hammer drill gearbox

Gearbox grease

Here, a special lubricant is used, which should be called so. gear lubricant. It can be either under the brands under which the perfs themselves are produced. Makita, Bosch, AEG, etc. But it can also be produced by a company that deals with this type of product, for example, Ravenol, Shell, Xado, etc.

Some people use simple lithol or salidol for these purposes. But in comparison with special lubricating products, they dry faster, and they do not eliminate friction as much as necessary.

How and with what to lubricate the gearbox and the chuck of the perforator?

Welcome to my site! This article will focus on lubricating a rock drill. The operation of this tool requires more than simple care. Be sure to periodically lubricate the gearbox and chuck.

In this case, the gearbox, of course, comes already lubricated from the factory. But over time, the lubricant leaks somewhere, dries somewhere. In addition, it is only intended to reduce friction, not to eliminate it. Therefore, one way or another, and the parts still rub against each other, due to which fine metal dust is gradually formed, which remains in the lubricant.

As a result of this mixing of metal and lubricant, the properties of the latter are gradually lost and wear of parts is accelerated.

Inexpensive Chinese rock drills can be poorly lubricated at the factory. Experienced masters of service centers recommend that after buying even a new such device, immediately disassemble and grease it.

The cartridge is dry from the factory. Here, in fact, not the cartridge itself is completely smeared, but only that place of it that comes into contact with the drill, since it is in it that strong friction occurs, without reducing which both the cartridge itself and the drill shank can be damaged.

So, below we will consider how and how to lubricate these elements. The SDS rotary hammer with a horizontal engine will be considered, since it is it that is used by home craftsmen in the overwhelming majority of cases, and the article is mainly written for them.

Lubricate the gearbox

You will need to disassemble the tool body. Follow the points:

  • Disassemble the cartridge. To do this, first remove the rubber ring. Then use a screwdriver to pry and remove the retaining ring. Next, the outer casing of the cartridge is carefully removed, and then the pressure ring, ball and spring are removed.
  • Now unplug the mode switch. This is done differently depending on the model. At the end of the article, I gave a number of links to videos that describe how he is filmed on a particular model. If your unit is not among them, then you can look at any similar one to understand the principle. And then, I think, it will not be difficult for you to disconnect it at your own.
  • Free the collector from the brushes. To do this, unscrew the rear housing cover and remove the brushes.
  • Unscrew the self-tapping screws that pull the body longitudinally and separate it.
  • Take out the gearbox together with the motor armature.

What I use to replace the factory grease in ALL polishers!!

Now thoroughly rinse the gearbox itself, as well as the inside of its housing. Flushing can be carried out, for example, with gasoline.

After that, the most critical parts are first smeared. And then the entire gearbox is completely enveloped in grease.

Well, it remains to collect everything in reverse order.

How to lubricate a punch

Different types of lubricants are used to lubricate the gearbox and drill chuck.

Drill lubricant

Everything is exactly the same here. Special greases for this purpose are called. for drills. And they are also usually produced by the same firms that make rotary hammers.

In the absence of a special lubricant, you can use graphite. But it does not remove heat from the shank so well, and this is important, since sometimes during prolonged operation the shank sometimes flattens, which is why it is difficult to extract it later.

Lubricate the chuck and drill shank

This operation is very simple, so its description will be rather short.

We just take the drilling lubricant and add it directly to the chuck. Another option involves applying it to the shank and then installing it into the socket of the cartridge. But no one forbids combining these two methods for reliability.

It is necessary to ensure that the grease is constantly present and, as necessary, add a new one. If this procedure is neglected, the shank will overheat, which will either tear it off the rest of the drill or flatten it. So don’t be lazy and add.

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That’s all there is to know about the chuck and shank.

As promised, I attach at the end of the link to the video with detaching the switch:

This is all the information I have on the lubrication of the hammer drill. I hope it was clear and accessible. On this I say goodbye. until we meet again!

DIY service

Every hammer drill owner should have a stock for tool lubrication. If the device is still under warranty, it is better to use the services of service centers for this purpose, especially in the absence of special holes and the need to disassemble the tool for lubrication.

Rotary hammer lubricants

Lubricant for rock drills from different companies should perform the functions assigned to it. First of all, it envelops the parts of the mechanism, thereby preventing them from rubbing against each other. Thus, the useful life of the tool is increased.

Additional lubrication functions are:

  • Lubricants often include additives to prevent corrosion;
  • Washing function. In the process of working with a perforator, a lot of dust is formed, its small particles settle on the mechanism, preventing its proper operation and provoking breakdowns. The lubricant allows dust to be collected while keeping it in suspension. When a lot of dirt accumulates, the grease is replaced.

Punch formulations are synthetic, mineral and semi-synthetic. The most accessible are mineral types based on oil. But they lose their function too quickly. frequent replacement is required.

How to lubricate the rotary hammer reducer

It is recommended to use liquid oil formulations for the gearbox. They are poured in a volume corresponding to the instructions into a special hole in the perforator body. Oil envelops the part. It is insulated internally with existing covers and bolts.

When the tool is in operation, oil evenly covers its parts. piston, crank and others. The most popular oil producers are Bosch and Makita. The most popular lubrication products from these manufacturers are lubricants and oils. They are recommended to be used during the first assembly and then during the repair of the hammer drill.

Lack of lubrication for rock drills is the main cause of tool breakage

Timely lubrication of the rock drill helps to extend its life and makes operation more efficient. To obtain the expected result from lubrication, when selecting, it is important to take into account both the lubricant and the technical characteristics of the device itself.

How to lubricate a punch

The punch must be lubricated strictly in accordance with the instructions:

  • Remove residues of dust and dirt;
  • Before disassembling the tool, remember the location of its parts;
  • Immediately after completion of work, it is forbidden to lubricate, you need to wait a while. Otherwise, cold oil will provoke problems in the future due to contact with heated elements;
  • After removing the gearbox and borax, they are washed with gasoline and dried. It is better to purchase branded lubricants designed for specific models. The hammer drill will repel moisture. the risk of corrosion is minimized;
  • After completing the procedure, the parts are carefully assembled. With proper lubrication, the tool is completely ready for use.

What lubricant to use for a hammer drill

It is recommended to apply the compound before each attachment of the drill to the chuck. First, the shank is cleaned and wiped with oil, then the agent is applied into the grooves of the nozzle with a thin layer. It is better to read the instructions beforehand in order to understand how to assemble and disassemble it without damaging the structural elements or disrupting their functions.

The subsequent operation of the device depends on the amount of lubricant. In case of errors in calculating the ratio, the equipment may warm up, which will provoke its breakdown. Therefore, first you need to read in the instructions whether the selected tool is suitable for a particular situation. Drill oils tend to be thick.

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lubricant, hammer, drill, gearbox

Before lubricating the drill, the device is washed and blown out, then wiped dry and a layer of the agent is applied. Do not lubricate parts that do not need to slide or damage the tool. One of these structural elements is a transmission clutch.

How and why to lubricate the hammer drill gearbox

When lubricating the gearbox, make sure that there is sufficient oil. Lack of composition can cause the hammer to overheat and break. But you should not overdo it either, since excess will provoke a slowdown in the speed of the drill and drill, and this will worsen the operation of the device as a whole.

So, without special lubrication, the hammer drill will wear out quickly. Having studied the instructions, it is important to choose the right composition. It always contains a list of recommended lubricants. Without this, the device will not function correctly and will quickly fail.

Lubricant selection

A versatile and relatively inexpensive lubricant that can be used in most modern rock drill models is diesel oil. Compounds based on graphite are actively and successfully used to lubricate rock drills. Such compositions, in particular, are used to lubricate open-type worm gears.

Litol-24 is also actively used as an inexpensive lubricant for structural elements of perforating devices. Meanwhile, such a lubricating composition can cause overheating and braking of rubbing parts, in addition, its action is short-lived.

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Why do the elements of the hammer drill need lubrication?

Lubricant, including that used for a perforator, is a viscous substance, the use of which is necessary to reduce the coefficient of friction between structural elements of a mechanical device moving relative to each other. Thus, the lubricant only reduces friction, but does not completely eliminate it, therefore the lubricating composition is gradually saturated with wear products of rubbing parts. metal dust. As a result, not only does the viscosity of the lubricating composition change, but it itself becomes the cause of more intensive wear of the equipment.

It should be noted right away that it is the viscosity that is the most important parameter to be guided by when choosing a lubricating composition of a certain type.

Over time, the grease becomes dirty and loses its properties

How to choose the right lubricant for a specific rock drill model? First of all, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer, which necessarily indicates both the required type of lubricant composition and the frequency of its replacement. It is especially important to focus on such recommendations, while the warranty period for the hammer drill has not yet expired. Otherwise, in the event of a device breakdown, you will not be able to take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty obligations.

Many owners of rotary hammers after the expiration of the warranty period begin to use not proprietary formulations for lubrication, but their cheaper counterparts. lithol or solidol. Of course, such lubricants are not able to harm the structural elements of the perforator, but when using them, it should be borne in mind that they should be replaced much more often.

Gearbox and Rock Drill Bits Lubrication: Proper Tool Care

Rotary hammer lubrication extends the life of the hammer drill and makes it more efficient to use. In order for the effect of the lubricant to bring the expected results, when choosing it, one should take into account not only the characteristics of the lubricant, but also the technical parameters of the device for which it is planned to be used. When choosing how to lubricate a hammer drill, one must also bear in mind the fact that different parts of such equipment need different types of lubricant.

Correct Lubrication of the Rotary Hammer Gearbox

lubricant, hammer, drill, gearbox

There is an opinion that the presence of grease on the moving elements of the perforator allows you to postpone its replacement for a long time. Meanwhile, this opinion is fundamentally mistaken, and in order to change it, it is enough to get acquainted with the principle by which lubricants work.

Equipment overheating reasons

Many home craftsmen have a question about how to use a hammer drill so that the housing of its gearbox does not overheat. First of all, you should find out the reason for the excessive heating. One of these reasons may be too much grease in the inner part of the gearbox, which also negatively affects the performance of the device.

The reason for the intensive heating of the perforator gearbox may be that an insufficient amount of lubricant is supplied to its internal parts. This can happen when the hammer drill is used for too long in chiseling mode.

Through this hole in the punch body, grease is periodically added during operation.

Another common cause of device overheating is clogged holes that supply cooling air to the hammer drill motor. In such cases, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the rock drill from dust and put it in the normal drilling mode for a while. When operating in this gentle mode for about half an hour, the temperature of the gearbox housing should decrease.

With proper care of the technical condition of the rock drill and adherence to all recommendations for its use, the gearbox housing must not overheat under any operating conditions.

Taking proper care of your hammer drill

A hammer drill is a hybrid of two types of equipment used to create holes in different materials. Unlike the classic hammer drill, this drill has some design flaws, which makes its maintenance more difficult and not very convenient. Such disadvantages, in particular, include:

  • lack of a special container into which the lubricating composition is poured;
  • the complexity of servicing the cartridge due to the peculiarities of its structure.

The main care of a drill with the functions of a hammer drill is that after each use of the drill of such equipment (including the tail part), it is necessary to clean well of drilling waste, and before inserting such a tool into the drill, a small amount should be applied to its shank. lubricants (ordinary grease can be used). Excessive lubricant on the shank will not harm the tool itself and the equipment being used, but may adversely affect the appearance of the surface you are drilling, as excess lubricant will spray out from the rotating chuck.

As a rule, drills with the functions of a perforator are purchased for domestic use, since their price is quite affordable, and they do quite well with their functions when performing simple repairs around the house. Despite the fact that these power tools have the features mentioned above, maintenance of the rotary hammer drill is not time-consuming or problematic even for inexperienced users.

Gearbox lubrication

The perforator gearbox is the most complex structural unit of the device, so it requires special attention. It is not so difficult to lubricate the perforator gearbox, but self-assembly of a pre-disassembled unit can cause serious difficulties. If the rotary hammer is still under warranty, then with the question of lubricating its gearbox, it is best to contact a specialized workshop that provides warranty service for such equipment.

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A detailed diagram of the device of your punch will help you understand the mechanism and correctly assemble the tool

If the hammer drill you own is not covered by any warranty or the warranty period for your equipment has already expired, and the authorized service center is far enough away, you can lubricate the gearbox yourself, observing the maximum accuracy and care. To do this, you need:

  • a set of locksmith tools with which you will assemble and disassemble the perforator gearbox;
  • clean rags;
  • the composition itself for performing the lubrication.

“Native” grease for the Makita P-08361 reducer. Refills upon initial tool assembly and is recommended for maintenance

It is better if the lubricant is a proprietary product specially designed for equipment of a certain brand. So, it can be grease for a Makita rotary hammer or grease for a Bosch rotary hammer. If you do not have a branded lubricant, but you cannot buy it, you can also use inexpensive domestic lubricants.

It is very important that you have the instructions for the hammer drill you are going to lubricate. Naturally, if you are the owner of a Makita or Bosch hammer drill, this should be an instruction manual for the equipment of these particular brands.

All parts of the gearbox must be completely cleaned of old grease.

Having carefully studied the instructions for the hammer drill, you can start the procedure for lubricating its gearbox.

  • Before disassembling, the punch should be well cleaned of dust.
  • When disassembling the gearbox, it is advisable to immediately remember how the elements of its design are located in it. It should be borne in mind that it is not recommended to disassemble and lubricate the gearbox immediately after using the hammer drill. This is explained by the fact that the still hot parts of the gearbox, when cold lubricating composition gets on them, can lose their physical characteristics.
  • After all components of the gearbox have been removed from its housing, they should be thoroughly washed with gasoline or spindle oil and wiped dry.
  • The inside of the gearbox housing must also be rinsed, wiped (as far as possible) and allowed to dry completely.
  • When disassembling the rotary hammer gearbox, you can pay attention to the fact that there is no lubrication on some elements of its design. It only means that such parts do not need lubrication and there is no need to apply it to them.
  • As mentioned above, it is better to use a proprietary lubricant for the gearbox of a drill or hammer drill, which has a number of advantages. In particular, branded lubricants retain their original characteristics much longer, so they can be used much less frequently. In addition, the proprietary lubricant composition has such an important quality as water resistance, so it effectively protects the metal parts of the rock drill from moisture and, accordingly, from corrosion. As a good alternative to branded lubricants for a hammer drill or drill gearbox, you can use Metabo oil, the cost of which is quite affordable.
  • After lubrication of all elements, the gearbox must be carefully assembled, observing the reverse sequence.

The care of the hammer drill includes not only the lubrication of its gearbox, but also the application of a lubricating compound to the shank of the used drill.

Before performing this procedure, the tool shank should be thoroughly cleaned. After that, a special lubricant for rock drill drills or ordinary lithol is usually applied. In addition, if an open-type cartridge is installed on the hammer drills, it is advisable, after wiping it, to process its oil seal, which will provide more reliable protection of the inside of the device from dust.

A Few Recommendations for Lubricating the Rotary Hammer

The question of how often the rock drill should be lubricated is often asked by users of such equipment. There can be no unequivocal answer to this question, since the regularity of lubrication depends on the intensity of use of the hammer drill, as well as on what loads the equipment perceives. In addition, you must pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations, which must be indicated in the technical passport, as well as whether the warranty period for the device you are using has expired.

The hidden surfaces of the gearbox parts must be lubricated before assembling the mechanisms

The question of how to lubricate a perforator of one of the modern models is much easier to answer, since the majority of such devices already have a special container in their equipment, into which you just need to fill in the lubricating composition by unscrewing the drain cap and draining the old grease. Before filling with new grease, the level of which should not exceed the reference mark, it is better to blow out the container using any suitable compressor, and then rinse with spindle oil or regular gasoline.