What kind of oil to fill in a single-axle tractor Honda engine

G-MOTION 4T 10W-30

Lubricating fluid for all-season use, produced in Germany, is designed for four-stroke engines of motoblocks, cultivators, snow blowers, mini-tractors and other small-sized equipment. It has thermal-oxidative stability, lubricates rubbing parts well, reduces technical wear, prevents the formation of corrosion and harmful deposits. Ensures efficient operation of the power plant under all operating conditions.

Choosing the best oil for a walk-behind tractor and cultivator

Having a cultivator with a Chinese or American engine, or a single-axle tractor with a Honda engine, you need to remember that the duration of the motor unit’s operation is influenced not only by the timeliness of troubleshooting, but also by the quality of the oil used, as well as the regularity of its replacement. The difference is that an incorrectly selected mixture or improper lubrication of parts in friction zones leads to increased carbon formation, an increase in the consumption of fuels and lubricants and a quick breakdown of the motor.

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Lubricants for four-stroke engines of motor vehicles are produced in a fairly wide range: from budget to more expensive ones. To choose the right product, you need to focus on the labeling and parameters that indicate its main criteria. So, the marking “S” classifies the group of lubricants provided for gasoline engines, and the letter “C”. for diesel.

A number of automotive lubricants also meet all the requirements for motor lubricants for motor-blocks Neva, Scout, Crosser, Patriot, Salyut, Zubr, Favorit, Dobrynya and other models equipped with a four-stroke air-cooled engine. To the question: “Is it possible to add automotive oil to a uniaxial tractor?” experts answer. “yes, only when using different grades of liquid, different consumption rates and the degree of carbon deposits can be observed”. But they do not recommend pouring transmission fluid into the motor-block motor, explaining this by the fact that this type of substance is not intended to work in the range of high speeds and high temperatures. If the transmission is poured into a single-cylinder engine, then it will begin to burn intensively, precipitate, clog the ducts and the air filter, which can lead to serious damage.

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Choosing the best oil for a 4-stroke engine of a walk-behind tractor and cultivator

Air-cooled four-stroke engines need to be lubricated periodically. And this must be done with materials whose quality meets the requirements that we will talk about. And at the end of this article we will make a rating of the best oils.

Owners of technicians prefer to use oil with the SAE mark, which must be filled into the engine at an air temperature of at least 5 ° C. It contains a multifunctional additive package with anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.

This fluid well protects the friction parts of the engine from wear and overheating, ensures its cleanliness and increases the service life. SAE lubricants are manufactured with different base types, which have an impact on their market value.

The SCOUT 10W40 oil also has exceptional lubricating characteristics, which has won a high reputation among domestic owners of motoblocks. It can be called a full-fledged analogue of SAE 30. It is comparable to it in quality, but more affordable. Such oil in a 4-liter container costs 1,520 rubles, which, in terms of 1 liter, is only 380 rubles.

Husqvarna SAE30

This oil product, produced by a Swedish company, contains additives, thanks to which it has an anti-carbon, anti-wear, anti-corrosion effect. Provides stable lubrication of parts, contributing to a longer engine life. Effectively works at a plus temperature range of 5-30 o С.

Motor oil SCOUT 10W40

Semi-synthetic oil SCOUT 10W40 is one of the most demanded lubricants used for motoblocks, mini-tractors and other means of small-scale mechanization. It is produced on the basis of mineral, synthetic petroleum products and is a detergent, that is, it contains detergents and dispersants. Therefore, it fully complies with the technical requirements. This grade of grease is all-season and can be used at temperatures from 25 ° C to 40 ° C without reducing its properties.

Premium Bison 10W-30

All-season semi-synthetic liquid of the Russian brand, designed for lubrication of four-stroke gasoline engines and diesel engines. It has improved resistance to oxidation at high temperatures, has a viscosity that meets the SAE 10W-30 standard. It can be effectively used in the temperature range 25 ° C. 50 ° C.

Premium Inforce 11-04-03

All-season oil (made in Russia) on a semi-synthetic basis with a multifunctional additive package providing anti-corrosion, extreme pressure and anti-wear properties. Prevents the formation of carbon deposits, reduces engine noise, effectively protects its moving parts from wear. Can be used at temperatures from 20 ° C to 30 ° C.


Summer mineral lubricant (made in Russia), containing various additives with dispersant, antioxidant, anticorrosive properties. It forms a strong oil film that remains on the surface of parts for a long time. Provides reliable protection of the engine against wear and increases its resistance to high mechanical stress.

Engine for Honda GX 200 motoblocks.Technical specifications, instructions

The Honda GX 200 engine is one of the most popular models that manufacturers of walk-behind tractors and cultivators install on their equipment. GX. a series of professional general-purpose gasoline engines specially designed for long and trouble-free operation in particularly harsh conditions.

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The GX 200 engine is suitable for a wide range of Spectra heavy duty applications such as construction equipment, cultivators, generators, welders, pumps and other industrial equipment.

A wide range of Honda engines, with a monoblock design and smooth running, ideally combine quality, reliability and efficiency. With many years of experience in the production of hundreds of thousands of motorcycles, cars and universal engines, Honda Corporation has deservedly won a leading position in its class in the world market.

These versatile overhead valves meet the highest requirements for versatile combustion engines. Here are some important reasons for the reliable control, ease of use and versatility of this Honda engine family.

OHV design improves combustion efficiency

Easy starting thanks to automatic decompression system and comfortable recoil starter handle

High quality materials and special components that guarantee reliability and durability

The engine meets the strictest global environmental standards

The official site of Honda in Russia https://www.Honda.co.ru from this site you can go to dealers in Russia:

The official site of the general purpose engine manufacturer Honda in Russia Honda-engines-eu.com/ru. the site provides mainly technical support and contains a lot of technical information.

Official distributor of Honda engines in Russia http://g-p-e.ru/. assistance in finding dealers for service and repair.

Engine for motoblocks Honda GX 200- technical specifications, instructions, oil

Honda GX-200 Engine Specifications

Power output and torque plot of the Honda GX 200 versus rpm

Spark plug. recommended types BPR6ES (NGK) W20EPR-U (DENSO) Inspect the spark plug, replace it if the electrodes are worn or the insulator is cracked. The gap should be mm. Bend the side electrode if necessary.

Engine oil for Honda GX 200 engine

Use Honda 4-Stroke Engine Oil or an equivalent high detergent, premium engine oil that is certified to or superior to US carmaker requirements for SG, SF / CC, CD oils per accepted engine oil classification. The belonging of engine oils to classes SG, SF / CC, CD will be indicated by these letter designations on the container. Honda recommends the use of oils type SF or SG (API SERVICE category) (see user manual)

It is recommended to run the engine with an SAE 10W-30 engine oil that is suitable for all ambient temperatures. Engine oils with different viscosities shown in the table may be used provided that the average air temperature in your area does not exceed the specified temperature range.

Do not overfill the engine with engine oil. Check the oil level on a horizontal engine.

Fill the gearbox with the same engine oil as recommended for the engine itself. Fill in oil up to the upper maximum

marks on the dipstick (gearbox with gear ratio 1/2 and centrifugal clutch). Gearbox with gear ratio 1/2 (without centrifugal clutch) and gearbox with gear ratio 1/6 are lubricated with engine oil in the engine crankcase.

Maintenance intervals for Honda GX 200 engines

Engine oil and gear oil filling#sparyman

Honda GX 200 engine modifications

There are many different modifications for this engine from Honda to meet the needs of any user. Varieties take into account the following parameters:

other differences (fuel filter, air filter, muffler, charging coil, control unit, etc.)

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Decoding of modifications of Honda GX engines using the example of GX 160

Possible engine malfunctions

Operating instructions for the Honda GX 200 engine

Specifications. dimensions, types of shafts and gearboxes, air filter, carburetor. gx200.pdf

Increase OIL capacity on Small Engines, run cooler, last longer 6

Download GX 120-160-200 user manual

What kind of oil to pour into the box of the Motor Sich walk-behind tractor?

The volume of transmission oil in the MB Motor Sich transmission is 4.3 liters. I personally, poured into the gearbox of the Motor Sich walk-behind tractor, fully synthetic transmission oil Castrol SYNTRANS Z LONG LIFE 75W-80 API GL-4, which immediately positively affected the clarity of the clutch and transmission.

Best Answer: What kind of oil to fill in a Honda uniaxial tractor?

It is recommended to run the engine with an SAE 10W-30 engine oil that is suitable for all ambient temperatures.

What kind of oil can be poured into a four-stroke engine?

For 4-stroke motors of walk-behind tractors, cultivators and other garden equipment, oil products with the Sae-30 marking, which have a high viscosity and are intended for summer use, are excellent. They can be produced on a mineral or synthetic base and contain various additives.

What kind of oil to pour into the engine of the walk-behind tractor?

  • 5w30, 5w40. all-season, which can be poured into motor vehicles at an ambient temperature of at least 25 ° C;
  • 10w30, 10w40. with anti-corrosion properties;
  • 15w40, 20w40. designed for filling into the engine at a temperature of 45 ° C and above;
  • 0w30, 0w40. created for winter use;

What kind of oil to fill in a single-axle tractor Belarus 09n?

Oil for motoblock MTZ Belarus 08N-09N

Name of assembly units Name and designation of brands of fuels and lubricants
Engine oil crankcase SAE 10W-30 Also
Transmission Summer (above plus 5 ° С)
Motor oils: M-10V2 or M-10G2 GOST 8581 Motor oil M-bz / 10V GOST 10541
In winter (below plus 5 ° С)

Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil. Which Type For Your Car Engine

What kind of oil to pour into the box of the mtz 09 walk-behind tractor?

from., preparing to replace MTZ-09N), it is worth using diesel oil. Here you need to look at what season, because there is both winter and summer. What if you have a single-axle gasoline tractor (for example, MTZ Belarus 09-N), but there are no instructions? Then SAE 30 will do or you can purchase 5w30 or 10w30.

Is it possible to pour car oil into a uniaxial tractor?

To the question: “Is it possible to add automotive oil to a uniaxial tractor?” experts answer. “Yes, only when using different grades of liquid, different consumption rates and the degree of carbon deposits can be observed”.

What type of oil to pour into the engine of a Honda walk-behind tractor?

Manufacturers of TM Honda recommend using multigrade SAE 10W-30 oil.