What kind of oil to lubricate the saw chain. A little about the lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw

What oil should be poured into the electric saw

For most owners of electric saws, it is not a big secret that the oil used to lubricate the electric saw circuit is one of the main consumables. However, at the same time, not everyone pays due attention to the quality of the lubricant. And completely in vain, since it is on how well this product will lubricate the working surface of the chain that will depend on its further operation. Therefore, before pouring oil into the electric saw, it is necessary to pay attention to its technical characteristics.

The oil for electric saws is used as a lubricant for the circuit to level the arising friction forces and reduce the level of heat generation. As a result, the Rapid and uninterrupted operation of the cutting canvas is achieved. Sometimes it happens that at some stages of cutting you have to make additional efforts to obtain the required cut, and this directly indicates an insufficient amount of lubrication or its not very good quality. In this case, it is recommended to immediately check the oil level in the tank or simply grease the chain to complete the current work.

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About this oil is not in the know. I use the German Bio Sage- Kettenoil. It is not the cheapest, but really high.Quality.

I have a spent turbine and transformer oil. You can fill it?Who knows?The topic is still alive?

If you saw all day, you can pour I-40, and another new. Working and well, nafig. It stinks, then everything is black, the pump oil can circulate, if not filtered. Yes, and all sawdust is in this development, all this is then absorbed into the ground.

If you cut several cubes for yourself, then buy 1-2 lines of 2-3 € per liter of good proper oil, not such a large waste.

Specialist. Mostly mineral oil oil, there are even biodegradable oils. It is sticky and stretches like snot. Recommended not to save. It also depends on the saw, on normal saws the pump spin only when the chain moves, and not constantly. You can also reduce the feed. Correct oil and is consumed correctly. On Khusuke 550xp, I had enough oil gas station for 1.5-2 gas station gas stations. And at two gas stations you can cut a lot.

PS A tire is killed from improper operation, a dull or not properly sharpened chain. And the chains are only new, and then a little, if the asterisk is not killed.

We understand species

When choosing a lubricant, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Basic (synthetics, mineral, semi.Synthetics).
  • Environmental friendliness.
  • The toxicity of the exhaust.
  • Washing properties.
  • Wear.
  • Superiority of rings.
  • The degree of smoke formation.

If you do not plan often and actively use the saw, there is no particular difference on which basis to use the oil. The technique is so high quality that it will be more likely to break in decades due to the general wear of details than from the use of the wrong oil.

By the way, if the active operation of the saw is assumed, it is important that the shaft rotates with a constant frequency. The service life of the tool directly depends on the stability of the shaft. The less the frequency changes, the longer the technique will work.

And a synthetic.Based lubricant are designed precisely for technology, which works on an industrial scale.

If you use mineral water for a long time, you can not switch to synthetics. If the equipment operates on a mineral water for more than 100 motorized hours, a large layer of soot will have time to form in the crankcase. Synthetic oil will destroy the soil and its dumped fragments can damage the saw cylinder.

Since a person is forced to work next to a chainsaw, she should produce a minimum of harmful substances. The lower the smoke formation of oil, the better for you.

Oil for lubrication of the chain of chainsaws: what proportions, how to dilute and how much to pour

For owners of private houses and summer cottages, a chainsaw is an indispensable technique. With its help, you can quickly and easily perform various work. Cut firewood, construction of wooden structures and pruning of old trees. In order for such a technique to serve for a long time and it is necessary to correctly observe the rules of operation of the chainsaw.

One of these rules is the preparation of the fuel mixture for the chain. How to do this correctly and what kind of fuel should we try to find out in our article.

Oil for lubrication of chains of chainsaws

The chainsaw has two tanks, gasoline is poured into one of them, and in the other oil to lubricate the technique chain. The durability, the serviceability of the chainsaw will depend on the quality and composition of the oil, as well as the fuel. Often in technology stores The finished oil from the manufacturers of chainsaws is offered, It is intended for such a purpose. The finished product is suitable for work at low temperatures and does not pollute the environment.

Finished oil can be replaced by others, the main thing is that it is not worked out. Representatives of manufacturers of equipment recommend buying branded oil or preparing a mixture based on the operating instructions. If the instructions do not have a specific type of oil, then you can buy a two.Stroke oil, which is sold in a specialized store. Two.Stroke oil can be of two types:

Experts advise using synthetic oil for chainsaws, but at a price it is always more expensive. The main advantage of this type of lubricant is that During the operation of equipment in the cylinder, so does not form, And this extends the life of the equipment.

If mineral oil has been used for 100 working hours, then it is better to continue to use it, because in the process of work it could accumulate. The synthetic product has the ability to clean and remove the deferred layer from the cylinder walls, and this will lead to damage to the technique.

How to make a mixture for lubrication of a chain correctly

If we use the “native” oil for the chainsaw, then the desired proportion is indicated on the package, usually 1:50 to gasoline. When another product is used, then Better to dilute the mixture 1:40, In other words, it is necessary to divide 1 liter of oil into 40 and add the result to add 1 liter of gasoline.

For self-preparation of the mixture, you need to use gasoline A-92 and A-95, if the octane number is lower, then this can lead to engine breakdown. If gasoline has stood in a canister or other container for a long time, it is already considered unimportant and loses its properties. Poor fuel chainsaws will not be able to work powerfully and efficiently.

Experts advise choosing most chainsaws that are used in our regions, having a class API-TB and API-TC, intended for two.Stroke engines. Do not save on ingredients, but buy high.Quality oils from well.Known manufacturers and accurately observe the proportions for the preparation of the mixture.

Electric Chainsaw Maintenance, Cleaning, Lubrication How To

If you add more oil to the mixture, this will lead to the formation of a carbon felted in candles and pistons. Excess gasoline will contribute to the appearance of bully on the pistons and the Rapid failure of the chainsaw engine. Before preparing the mixture, you need to carefully read the instructions on this model of the technique.

Ready.Made mixtures It is not recommended to store for a long time, a maximum of 1 month, you can not save it in open form or in the sun. The water or dust that enters the mixture can lead to a carburetor breakdown, since the installed filter cannot completely clean the fuel.

Fuel mixture capacity

Before starting the creation of fuel, the question arises. What to mix the proportions of oil and gasoline? Specialized stores have canisters with measured divisions, as well as two holes. They need to separately pour gasoline and oil in them, then tighten the lids and mix everything thoroughly, tilting the canister.

You can use simpler containers that are always at hand, for example, plastic bottles or glass, but statistical electricity occurs in such objects. Be sure to make sure that dust or moisture, solid particles do not get into the container, if all the proportions are observed, then you need to mix everything well.

When The mixture is finally ready, it can be poured into the tank, gently without developing fuel and so that it is not filled to the end. Depending on the use of the chainsaws, it is necessary to either fully use the entire lubricant or drain it into the container and then pour it again as necessary, but no later than 30 days later.

It is good to use various additives recommended by manufacturers of equipment so that fuel is better. A lot is sold on the sale of additives and you can choose the right for your chainsaw.

The operation of the chain lubrication system, types of oils

It is necessary to periodically check the oil level in the tank and the operation of the lubricant system. If a look at a rotating chain with a lighting surface, then, in the presence of oil spray, the system works normally and is correctly configured. If the cutting headset quickly heats up, then this indicates a minimum level of lubricant in the chain, so it can get pinched during operation.

There are a lot of types of oils, they can be different in price, environmentally friendly, sold in different capacities in volume. You can consider several options for products.

  • Budget option.Nanothek standard, you can work with it at a temperature of up to.20 ° C, premium nanothek up to.30 ° C. Also, this category includes a product from Encor, with a capacity of 1 liter.
  • Mineral oils with bio console. Makita Biotop, STIHL Bio Plus.
  • Oils recommended by the manufacturers of chainsaws. Makita Biotop, Makita, Oregon.
  • In large volumes containers-Encor oil 3-5 liters, STIHL 5 liters, Oregon 5 and 25 liters.


The main task of creating a mixture for lubricating the chain is the uninterrupted operation of the engine, the complete combustion of fuel, so that in the end smoke, soot or bully can not form. Compliance with the necessary proportions, proper operation and high.Quality ingredients will help to use a chainsaw for various business works as long as possible.

What oils can be used

Leading manufacturers of chainsaws recommend using their own manufacturing materials in their technique. However, often these oils are several times more expensive than simpler from third.Party manufacturers.

Note If you doubt the choice of lubrication, then in this case, the best solution would be to purchase lubricants from the manufacturer of the equipment.

But what to do if for some reason the purchase of expensive original oil is impossible? Here, the owners of the chainsaws resort to different options. Consider in general terms each of the possible lubricants for saw chains.

Original oils

Often. This is the best choice in terms of operational qualities, but not prices. In addition to optimal lubricants, today manufacturers seek to make these lubricants biodegradable (based on rapeseed bases), which almost does not harm the environment and human health.

STIHL chain oil for the chain of the chainsaw is just referring to biodegradable products. The only significant minus is the price.


Special oils for the chain of the chainsaws from third.Party manufacturers. Also a good choice. Are much cheaper than branded lubricants, but are often almost not inferior in working qualities.

Cheap industrial oil

The most common option here is the domestic product marked I-20 or I-20A. One of the cheapest options. This industrial oil can be poured into a chain to lubricate the chain and not be afraid of negative consequences.

Lubrication has good properties regarding the conditions of the saw headset and can reliably protect the chain and other elements of the headset from wear.

In terms of working qualities, it loses a little to the original. But the price can be several times lower relative to specialized products. Therefore, this option is used by many owners of chainsaws of any brands and models.

In conditions of heat, it is recommended to control the lubrication level after the production of half the gas tank during the feast.

Due to the very low viscosity, industrial oil is quickly consumed. There are cases when industrial lubricants were produced faster than the fuel tank fell out.

How to Lubricate Chainsaw Chains

New motor or transmission lubricants

Not entirely justified choice in economic terms. Suitable in cases where the saw is rarely used, and there is no point in buying a canister of a special lubricant separately.

These oils contain a huge number of additives unnecessary and useless to work, which will only pollute the processed lumber and the environment.

Which oil is better to use for a chain video

Here you also need to take into account viscous indicators. The intensity of oil supply to the chain of the chainsaw can decrease greatly with a temperature increase in viscosity.

Thick lubricants in winter conditions can lose their fluidity and ineffectively protect the chain and working surfaces of the tire from wear.

In the case of motor oils during operation in winter, it is recommended to use small options. In general, lubricants for ICE can be used in saws.

Wheelled oils

Use to lubricate the chain of the chainships that have worked out oils is the most unsuccessful idea of ​​all possible.

Firstly, the specifics of the work of the chainsaw implies the creation of oil fog in the production zone, which spreads to the surrounding nature and is partially inhaled by man.

And the development is recognized by carcinogen and is generally extremely toxic. Therefore, in many countries, entire industries have been created for processing the engine and transmission oils that have served their term, and unauthorized drain on the environment is punishable by serious fines.

Secondly, the lubricant quality of working out is extremely low. They are enough with an interference for the average load modes. If you saw a thick log or solid wood, a chain and the rest of the saw set will suffer up to irreversible destruction.

Answering the question of how to replace chain oil for a chainsaw, if you buy the original too much, you can answer this: almost any oil with a suitable viscosity. But not by working out. It is better to pour in a chain lubricant, specially created products for this.

How and when to pour lubrication in a tank? Here the answer is simple: pour it every time when refueling gasoline to a mark on the neck.

Why does oil flow from a chainsaw?

Each owner of a chainsaw must be ready for a problem in which oil for a circuit follows from the tool. The reason for this breakdown lies in the violation of the tightness of the site in which the pump and the oil pump hose are connected.

If oil from a chainsaw flows, then the first thing to do is to disassemble it. After that, the following actions must be performed:

  • Check the hose. If it is torn, then replace it;
  • Make sure the oil filter is working, clean it if necessary;
  • Check for clogging channels of oil supply, if necessary, blow them with compressed air.

In most cases, all these malfunctions caused by the use of low.Quality oil. In other cases, breakdowns can be the result of inaccurate handling of the tool.

Selecting a suitable lubrication of electric saws

If there are no special instructions and recommendations in the technical documentation, then the products of reliable companies should be used. Such materials have high quality and meet the requirements. Typically, manufacturers recommend the brands of lubricants corresponding to the brands of the tool itself, they are the most suitable. However, their cost is also high, it will also have to take into account. The correct selection of lubricant for electric saws is the key to obtaining the required result of the work and preserve the device.

As an example of an inexpensive and quality product, you can cite the brand Champion. It is suitable for work in various temperature conditions. On sale you can find packages of 3 and 10 liters. Apply it easy and convenient. Another famous brand is the Husqvarna brand. This oil is very effective. Its cost is also moderate.

Forest Plus and Bio Plus also produce material for lubricating the chain electric saw. The latter also differs in that when it enters the soil, it decomposes quickly. Under suitable conditions, the shelf life of these materials is 3 years. However, you can use them at an air temperature not lower than.15 ° C.

kind, lubricate, chain, little

Sunth plus brand oil is suitable for use for sufficiently severe frosts, up to.25 ° C. It is made on a synthetic basis. Even high loads during the operation of equipment tolerates well. This brand is one of the best.

Do not trust artisanal products, the price of which is very low. They are not only ineffective, but can even cause serious harm to the tool. This also applies to the developed product. It pollutes the electric saw and mechanism.

Recommendations of manufacturers of chain electric saws

What types of lubricants are recommended to use manufacturers? STIHL, Ryobi, Makita, Husqvarna branded tool tools, manufacturers recommend lubricating it with special chain oils. The specialists of Oregon, the main manufacturer of accessories and components for chain saws, adhere to the same position. It is clear that special chain oils mean lubrication of brands STIHL, Ryobi, then everywhere.

At the level of intuition and common sense, it is natural to assume that the best oil for the saw of brand N is the lubricant of the brand n. It is actually. With the exception of one, there is a lot of meanings, the name of which is the price. All lubricants recommended by manufacturers have undoubted advantages:

The main competitor of all these advantages is only one of the above. Brand oil for electric saws costs in the range of 300-700 rubles per liter. And this is not all the main thing. Biodegradable oils have a tendency to natural polymerization. This means that the lubricant at the end of working with the tool should be merged from the tank. The oil wire system should be washed from lubrication residues. Otherwise, there remains the risk of clogging the system for feeding polymerization products.


Well, now I hope you understand why the oil specially designed for this should be used to lubricate the chain. And if you are also worried about nature, you can use its special variety, which decomposes after use, since it is made not from oil, but from plant material.

This is all I wanted to say on this issue. Thank you for your attention and see you in other articles on the site.

Lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw. Which oil is used for calm (STIHL), how to lubricate and how to replace the chain for Huskvarn

To date, such an instrument as chainsaws honorably holds due place in our work. After all, judge for yourself how to do without it, for example, in a summer cottage, when you need to cut a dry branch or make a billet of firewood for the winter? To date, there are a huge number of various models of this tool (see. The rating of the best chainsaws), from simple for household needs to professional “giants” that are used for cutting a huge scale of trees. Yes, the choice is significant, and as they say: there is where to accelerate where. But choose and buy a tool is half the age, so you also need to know how to care for it correctly. In this article you can find answers to questions regarding the lubrication of the saw chain. The best lubricants will be presented here, which is better to use, and in general what they are needed for. But let’s in order. So, let’s get down.

Now we will “plunge” into the very core of this tool, so that at least in general terms you can imagine what your “assistant” consists of in order to be able to determine the malfunction of a particular part in the case of problems with the chainsaw. In fact, this kind of tool can be attributed with all responsibility to the mechanisms of the classical direction that work by using the internal combustion engine.

Without exaggeration, we can say that this type of tool is the simplest of all other mechanisms, since the saw does not have a gearbox and is equipped with an ordinary two.Stroke engine that has one cylinder and working on gasoline. The main advantage of the chainsaw is that it is arranged quite simply, which helps to increase reliability, as well as trouble.Free work in difficult and difficult conditions. Next, we will consider the design of the saw in more detail, so:

  • Engine;
  • Clutch clutch;
  • Ignition system;
  • Carburetor (see. Carburetor setup);
  • Fuel system (see. The ratio of gasoline and oil);
  • Air purification system;
  • Starter;
  • Chain (see. How to sharpen a chain with your own hands);
  • Tire;
  • Chain brake;
  • Chain tension mechanism;
  • The chain lubrication system.

This is necessary for that so that your tool has been served for many years to you, Since during the operation of the spare part, the chainsaws produce a movement that should be smooth, smooth, so as not to damage the nearby spare parts.

So, as everyone knows that the friction force violates the surface, and here, if you do not lubricate the chainsaw, spare parts will simply be quickly worn out and the tool will come out of the fret. You need it? I don’t think. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your chainsaw, so that it “has the strength” to serve you for many years.

Chain lubrication

Almost all chainsaws are delivered with instructions for operation. Such a guide indicates that in all cases you need to fill in oil for a chain with a high adhesive effect.

Adhesive oil is required for the circuit for the following reasons:

  • At the time of operation of the device, the circuit moves at high speed. If you use oil with a low adhesion, then during operation it will be scattered by inertia. You can check this yourself, for which it is enough to add the usual lubricant to the surface and add gas.
  • Oil should have high lubricants. With a high speed of movement of the tire, it can be heavily heated, due to which the metal used in manufacture becomes soft and less wear.Resistant.

It is worth considering the moment that with prolonged use of a chainsaw, a large amount of oil is required, since it quickly wipes from the surface of the tire. The production of substances for lubrication of the chain is engaged in a variety of companies.

ELECTILLE Lubrication System: Work principle

Modern models of electric saws are most often equipped with special systems that automatically supply oil to the cutting tool. The old options for such units needed manual lubrication. Use oil for this purpose that has certain technical characteristics and viscosity indicator.

The oil is poured into a special tank, from which after a certain time it is pushed out by an oil pump. The supply mechanism should provide a sufficient amount to lubricate the electric saw circuit in order to prevent the increase in friction that causes overheating.

Cheap chainsaw chain oil

When an increase in the number of engine speeds occurs, the oil pump begins to work. The gear is launched on the main shaft. The system increases in the system. The oil begins to move to the bus to the place of its contact with the saw card. There is a groove. It is at it that the channel supplying oil is directed. This longitudinal groove is necessary so that the lubricant can be supplied to the tire, regardless of the level of voltage of the mechanism. The position of the tire in the process does not matter, the lubricant, due to the presence of a groove, will come to it constantly and evenly. On the links of the chain itself there is a hole or its own groove, from where the grease is distributed over its entire length. If the motor increases speed speed, then pumping material for lubrication also occurs faster. Therefore, fill the lubricant into the electric saw only when the engine is turned off.

Manufacturers of adhesive oils

Almost all manufacturers of chainsaws are engaged in production and consumables for them, explaining this by the fact that these products are as suitable for use together with their saws. How true this is not information, but based on the experience of the operation and repair of chainsaws, it can be noted that there are no significant differences in the service life of parts or at least visible wear.

But the fact is a fact, manufacturers recommend and it is impossible to hide it. So, back to the manufacturers, and start with the popular brand Shtil.

Adhesive oils STIHL

The company’s website presents the following adhesive oils designed for various operation temperatures and having a good lubricant:

  • Forestplus adhesion. Recommended for operation at temperatures up to. 15 ° C, shelf life subject to storage conditions 3 years. Supplied in a liter or five.Liter container;
  • Bioplus. Its feature is a plant base, which allows it to quickly decompose when it enters the soil. It is used to minus 15, delivered in three, five and single.Liter containers;
  • The latest Synthplus oil is characterized by the ability to maintain working characteristics at a temperature of minus 25 ° C.

We also recommend reading an interesting article about all the oil oils.

Husqvarna oils

The company offers its customers Husqvarna Bio Advanced oil for operation in ordinary and extreme conditions. Oil is made of plant components and is safe for the environment, delivered in a liter and five.Liter container.

As an economical solution, the company has Vegoil oil, according to the manufacturer, its consumption compared with others is reduced by 40%. Supplied in a liter container.

The company also makes a lubricant for bearings, which recommends for lubrication of bearings of the leading star and sprockets on the saw bus.

We recommend reading an interesting article about all Khuskvarna oils.

Echo 290 EVL Oiling of the chain issue

You can also get acquainted with some oil oils by watching the video below, in it the seller of a large network of tools, Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the use of adhesive oils of various manufacturers.

Other manufacturers

Less common manufacturers of adhesive oils designed specifically for lubricating saw chains, but are popular with chainsaw owners, this is:

  • Carver;
  • Adhesive Champion, sold in containers up to 10 liters, which is convenient for use in forestry;
  • Makita Biotop;
  • Caliber;
  • Fubag;
  • Oregon;
  • Makita.

Why lubricate the chainsaws?

The most popular tool for those who often do household chores on their own is a chainsaw. With the help of the device, you can perform different work, but at the same time, it is very important to provide the saw chains for good care so that it can be in working condition for a long time. A special role in the issue of a sawing is played by chains oil. You should not use the first lubricant that caught, and it is better to use lubricants that will fully satisfy the principles of the tool and match the saw model.

Modern chainsaws are equipped with a special lubrication system for saw. Over, the developers pay considerable attention to this issue to make the tool competitive. The operating instructions contain a whole paragraph dedicated to this area. At the same time, approach the issue of choosing a suitable composition to lubricate individual details of the tool as close as possible, since there are a lot of erroneous opinions and misunderstandings from users.

What should be oil and how to lubricate the chain

Absolutely every chainsaw is equipped with a carburetor two.Stroke engine, as well as in its Arsenal there are two tanks. The first that is intended for gasoline, and the second is used for oil. The main distinguishing side that the oil, designed specifically for such engines, is directly, is that you need to systematically add oil to gasoline. And this must be treated very seriously, since your negligence can lead to a breakdown of the tool.

In addition, it should withstand the low temperature without hardening, for example, such a feature is noticeable when it is necessary to carry out work in the fall or winter.

Vasic oil for the chain of the chainsaw should be optimal for the quality of the tool. In addition, it should interfere with the formation of plaque on the spark plugs during the operation of the chainsaw. To fully ensure the cleanliness of the engine, as well as to “protect” the mobile parts from wear as much as possible.

kind, lubricate, chain, little

TOP-5 popular oils for lubrication of the chain of chainsaw

Rating of grades of oils for the lubrication of the chain of the chain. Five leading world brands:

  • Ökoplus XS 68. Biodegradable, for saw chains made on the basis of vegetable oil. Complies with German biodegradability standards, forestry and manipulations with forestry.
  • Liquu Moly Sude-Ketten Oil 100-high-quality mineral chain oil, has excellent adhesive properties and can be used both at high and low temperatures.
  • STIHL BIOPLUS. For processing high.Speed circuits. Used on high.Power chainsaws operating in harsh conditions.
  • Vegeil Husqvarna. On a plant basis, as environmentally friendly and biodegradable as possible.
  • Oregon. All chain oils of the latest generation are made on the basis of high molecular weight compounds, retain the chain and tire from wear, protect against corrosion.

The oil does not enter the chain, what are the reasons

It is not always possible to immediately see that the oil is not supplied to the chain of the chainship. Signs of lack of lubrication:

  • The level in the tank does not decrease;
  • The cut goes with difficulty, accompanied by the smell of a burning tree;
  • Oil droplets do not fly off the tip of the tire of the chainsaw.

Having discovered a malfunction of the oil system, it is necessary to establish its cause. There are few of them. Clogs, a break of the hose or a malfunction of the oil pump.

Most often clogged with dirt and sawdust channel oil drodics. Air purge or cleaning with thin wire is enough to eliminate the malfunction. The oil tank has its own internal filter. When using normal oil, its clogging is unlikely, and when pouring it, it is quite possible. We’ll have to clean.

It may be damaged or the oil hose is completely cut off. You can temporarily seer the damaged place, but it will be more reliable to replace with a new.

And the most serious problem is the breakdown of the oil pump. The reasons can be different. The teeth of the worm gear have worn out, the plunger and others were jammed. Removing the pump and replacing the damaged part yourself will not be easy. Reliable and easier to contact the service center.