What nozzle to mow grass with a trimmer. Motokosa knives (trimmer)

How to mow high grass with a trimmer

Each device for cutting grass has its advantages and disadvantages. Based on the needs, you should choose the one whose advantages will be large in this situation.

The advantages and disadvantages of the lawn trimmer:

  • Compactness. Compared to the lawn mower has a much smaller size.
  • Mobility. Trimmer is easy to use and can be used on small lawns.
  • Is indispensable in hard.To.Reach places.
  • Can be used in areas with uneven relief.
  • Does not require special care after work. It is enough to clean the device from the remnants of the grass and check the trimmer line.
  • Convenient during transportation.
  • Pricing attractiveness. Trimmer is cheaper than a lawn mower.
  • The device has small power.
  • When cutting, the grass is scattered along the lawn. After work, it is necessary to collect mowed grass.
  • Can pull out poorly rooted blades with roots.
  • There is a ban on mowing wet grass.
  • Work is accompanied by great noise.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the lawn mower:

  • The quality of the haircut is even and neat, 30–40 cm wide.
  • Does not pull the grass with the root.
  • The operation of the device is practically celebrated.
  • Equipped with a grass collector, so there is no need to collect mowed grass after work after work.
  • The use of the device does not require special skills and large physical exertion.
  • Suitable for work only on medium and large lawns.
  • Used on a young lawn with not very high grass.
  • Productive in even areas and on slopes of not more than 10 ° degrees.

Start of the trimmer CALIBER BK-1000. How to start a BK-1000 trimmer.

It is better to buy a gasoline trimmer to care for a lawn at a summer cottage. It will allow a haircut of vegetation with different thickness of the stem. If the lawn is uniform in the country, then the purchase of an electric braid with a capacity of 1 kW will be sufficient. Before acquisition, the conditions for storing the device and its transportation should be considered.

Did you know? The first invented garden trimmer was designed to remove weeds around the trees. His uniqueness was that as a result of work, the trees bark was not damaged.

For sites with wild vegetation, it is better to use a metal knife as a cutting tool. It is necessary to select the device based on the work that it will regularly perform. Excess power significantly increases the weight of the trimmer and fuel consumption. Disadvantage. Leads to poorly performed work and even a breakdown of the tool.

Is it possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer?

Use an electric lawn mower or trimmer For mowing moist Herbs or work in raw weather is categorically not recommended. Moisture entering the device can lead to a short circuit. There is a high risk of current flow.

nozzle, grass, trimmer, knives

The hexagon is the best Field for a trimmer, if necessary mow Dry grass. Of course, if the plot is thick, then we would advise you to take it is better cutter, but if the vegetation is small, then the hexagon will cope it is better.

How to use a trimmer

Tips on how to mow grass

  • Mowing grass when it is not very large. This will allow you to cope with work much easier and faster than if you mow a strongly overgrown lawn or yard. A large mass of grass, weeds, plants and trimmer will be hard to grind. In addition, a lot of chopped grass will lie on the surface, which must either be cleaned, or wait until it dries, or while it becomes compost, which is not very beautiful and can cause various diseases of the grass.
  • Avoid mowing not grass, but fences, stones, bricksor any other hard objects, as this will greatly accelerate the wear of the trimmer line and it will require its more common replacement.
  • Some will have to wear an orthopedic corset(although it may seem stupid). Back support allows you to maintain performance longer and feel more comfortable.

Warning how to use a trimmer

Trimmer, like a twitching of branches, a chainsaw or a garden tractor, is unreasonable for what it is not intended for.

Keep the trimmer away from yourself so as not to cut off your fingers or leg.

Do not mow a trimmer in water or wet grass. If you have an electric trimmer, you can hit you electric shock. If you have a gasoline trimmer, you can pollute water and grass with fuel and exhaust gases.

You will need things to mow grass

  • Trousers. Preferably strong working jeans without holes. You can mow grass somewhere, so if your legs are not protected, soon you will feel how several thousand ants crawl along your legs and bite you. Sometimes a weed can scratch to the blood or stuck strongly, thrown back on the mower.
  • Gloves. Brushing, leather, it does not matter. If you mowed grass without gloves, then by the end of the kota you will not be able to move even a little finger without pain. The weight of the grass through the trimmer presses in his arms and abrasions and scuffs will appear on their hands if they were not in protecting gloves.
  • Protective glasses. You cannot mow grass with your eyes closed, because small pieces of grass fly in the face. One good hitting your eyes will convince you that protective glasses are mandatory. This applies to one of the main rules how to use a trimmer.
  • Have enough drinking water at hand. Even if you think it will not be hot, think again. You need to mow grass with a vibrating trimmer for a long time.
  • Have Spare trimmer line or a seasoned trimmer head to replace if it ends.
  • If you have an electric trimmer, you must have Additional extension cord. If you have a gasoline trimmer, you must have Fuel supply.
  • Rake, to rake mowed grass or weeds.
  • Headdress, If you work in the sun.
  • High boots (pants are better to tuck in boots).
  • If you plan to work at dusk or later, make sure that you have insect spray and lantern.

How to mow grass with a lawn mowing?

Grass should be cut off in parallel stripes. In this case, with each haircut, it is recommended to change the direction lawn mowers, to lawn did not look like a “washing board”. If a lawn located on an uneven area, the grass on the slope must be cut at an angle to the direction to the slope.

The time of continuous operation of the benzokosa is indicated in the instructions of the trimmer. On average, Kosim is 15-20 minutes, after which we mock a trimmer and let it cool for 3-5 minutes. Also, weather conditions provide for the duration of continuous work.

Direction of rotation

Considering further how to properly mow a trimmer with a trimmer line, it is worth paying attention to specific techniques that will help to achieve an ideal result. Most often people make a mistake, not paying attention to the direction of rotation. Just like a disc drop throws sawdust, Trimmer throws garbage. If it rotates counterclockwise, then pushes out the developed material on the left side and cuts on the right side.

Therefore, if you are moving along the path or along the curb, hold on to the right side and install the tool head so that it can cut and push the grass to the left. If you go the opposite way, then the garbage will begin to block the way to the trimmer.


When choosing a high.Quality trimmer line for a trimmer, you need to pay attention to the technical parameters of the product. For productive operation of the garden tool, the thickness of the trimmer line, its strength and the shape of the section of the string are taken into account

Classification in diameter

For lawn mowers on sale there are fishing lines with a diameter of 1.2 to 4 mm. Dense threads are used infrequently. Basically, a cord with a thickness of not more than 3.2 mm is seasoned in a trimmer.

The assortment of the forest for a trimmer is very wide

For each type of technique for mowing grass, there is its own thickness of the trimmer line. If you use the thread thinner than it relies on a certain model, then the shaft speed will increase, which can lead to a decrease in the functional qualities of the mechanism. A too thick string, tucked in a trimmer, slows down rotation and often causes engine malfunction.

Therefore, for each class of the trimmer, there are a certain diameter of the trimmer line:

  • Thin thread. 1.2. 1.6 mm. Such a string is designed for regular lawns processing. It is usually used in electric trimmers with low power. 500W. Well cuts young grass.
  • Middle diameter trimmer line.2.2.4 mm. They use the cord, both for gasoline trimmers and for devices operating from electricity. With the help of such a trimmer line, you can mow not only juicy, but also dry hard lawn grass.
  • Thick cord. 3. 3.2 mm. The thread is attached to powerful devices for haircuts of plants with thick stems and dry.

2 mm diameter thread is used for gasoline trimmers with bent shaft. For models with a direct design of a mowing mowing mobile mechanism, thicker cords are usually suitable. 2.4. 3 mm.

4 mm trimmer line can be installed in a lawn mower with a very powerful engine. Most often, it is used to eliminate the thickets of weeds with thick and hard rods.

You can choose the thread for the trimmer of the required thickness according to the operational instructions attached to the apparatus.

Classification in the form of section

Trimmer fishing lines make various types of cross section. The most relevant is the round shape of the thread. They are universal and inexpensive.

Each form of the cross.Section of the trimmer line has its own purpose, as well as advantages and disadvantages:

  • Round thread. Trimmer line can be of different thicknesses and therefore is used to cut any kind of herbal vegetation. With a small consumption, it can withstand significant loads. The lack of a round thread is a high level of noise in the process of work and the inability to cut off the overwhelmed shrubs.
  • Twisted cord. Using this form of cross.Sectional, you can dig the grass of different stiffness, including gross dry. The trimmer line is very durable and works silently. But it can only be used for certain types of lawn mowers. Also a twisted cord is relatively expensive.
  • The trimmer line is multifaceted. The thread can have from three to six faces. Used for powerful devices. Easily copes with thickets of dryness and shrubs with strong hard branches. The only negative is the high consumption of the product.
  • The cord is figured. The thread can withstand heavy loads. Cuts the grass of any density and density, including branches of shrubs.A special coil is needed for such a trimmer line. It is used infrequently due to the high cost.

For regular lawn care, round threads are mainly used. All other products with various sections are used only in thickened areas, where it is necessary to make more efforts to cleanse it.

For regular lawn care, round threads are mainly used

Classification by structure

An important criterion for choosing a thread for a trimmer is its structure. The duration of the service life depends on the qualities and type of material. Three types of trimmer line are produced:

  • Nylon. The most common type of thread for lawn mowers. She is elastic and light. The material has high wear resistance and does not deteriorate from temperature changes. The profitability of the use of trimmer line is justified by a small cost and productivity.
  • Coaxial. Elastic thread inside which is a strong core. Such a trimmer line has high wear resistance and withstands the largest loads. It is considered the most expensive and strongest.
  • With aluminum interspersed. With the help of such a trimmer line, you can dragging rude thickets of weeds, it contains small fragments of aluminum, which give it high strength.

Nylon thread is the most popular among users. Aluminum and coaxial trimmer line are mainly used to cut strong branches and dense thickets using a high.Power trimmer

Principle of operation

If we consider the principle of work of the trimmer, then it looks like a manual braid. The difference is that it is equipped with an engine, with its help the cutting element is brought into rotation.

Producer companies produce the following models of mowers:

  • On which a gasoline engine is installed. Such garden tools have a fuel tank, this is their distinguishing feature.
  • Electric engine devices. These tools have less weight, because they do not have a fuel tank. But when choosing such models, you need to take into account that a power source needs their work to work.

All electric braids can be divided into those that work on batteries, and models connected to an electric network. Each species has its own characteristics, but they affect the power supply unit

If you do not take into account it, then the rest of the design are similar in different devices

If you take any model of the trimmer, then it consists of such elements as:

  • Motor;
  • Fuel tank (gasoline motorcycle has no);
  • Levers with which the mowing is controlled;
  • Knife for cutting grass;
  • Barbell;
  • A spool with a wound trimmer line, which is cutting grass;
  • Protective casing;
  • Conical gearbox.

The engine is placed near the mowing head, it can be installed from below or from above. Only those models that have a direct bar with a gearbox. If it is curved, then the indigenous bearing becomes a connecting element. It consists of 2 bushings.

As a cutting device, a trimmer line is used. It is easy to replace with steel knives and discs, they can be made of plastic or metal.

The choice of cutting element depends on how hard the grass will have to mow. Most often, a trimmer line is used, it is called the cord. There are products of various shapes on sale, among buyers a spiral and round is in demand.

The trimmer line is wound on the coil, it is inserted into the bobbin, while the 2 ends of the wire remain free. Когда двигатель косилки начинает работать, шпулька вращается, трава срезается свободными концами лески.

Protective equipment when working with a motorcycle (trimmer)

Tip: This article does not replace the instructions given in the guide for the use and safety precautions. Always read the product management before use and observe safety precautions.

For safe work with a motorcycle (trimmer) you will need:

НАСАДКА НА триммер для травы ДЛЯ ТРАВЫ с Алиэкспресс. Насадка для мотокосы

  • Helmet;
  • Headphones;
  • Eye protection (mesh shield or glasses, but it is better to use both);
  • Long durable pants (the legs are in the immediate vicinity of the knife or trimmer line, so they must be protected);
  • Shoes with a non.Slip sole (preferably with a steel nose);
  • Soft gloves (to protect and absorb vibration);

How easy it is to wind a trimmer line on a trimmer head

  • Manual. To do this, you need to stop working, remove the key lid and set the desired length. The process is simple, but it does not add speed to the kin.
  • Semi.Automatic feed. With this method, new tips are exhibited independently. To serve them, you only need to slightly hit the ground with a head on the ground. The anchor mechanism is triggered, and again you can mow. This option is a win.Win. You do not need to stop the engine, stop the mowing, and the feed is strictly regulated, therefore. Economical.
  • Full machine. A very convenient way. You simply reduce the momentum, and the ends of the cord are replaced by new. The system takes care of this on its own. The speed of work is greatly increased. But there is a small minus. A large trimmer line consumption. You cannot control it.

When the thread is over, you need to wind a new. Refueling methods also differ. There are two types. Manual and fast.Fast.

nozzle, grass, trimmer, knives
  • Unscrew the mowing head. Open the lid. There are latches on the sides for this.
  • Remove the coil, as a rule, information is applied on it, what diameter, in which hole you need to plow. An arrow is also drawn, indicating which direction you need to wind.
  • Inside the coil, in the middle there is a side. On it. A groove for the threading of the loop.
  • We measure the length of the wire. Web users advise cutting off 3-4 meters, no more. Since too tight the winding is ineffective. Remember also that the thicker the trimmer line, the less it needs to be wound.
  • The cut cord is folded twice. They spread the loop, fix the bracket. The coil is kept by the spring from themselves. They are wound manually counterclockwise. You need to do it tightly and evenly. One thread lies in the lower part of the coil, the other in the upper. The turns should not interspers.
  • The tips are inserted into the holes and exhibited out. Twist the coil. And head to place. Correct the ends, knocking on the ground.

Sometimes the coil provides for winding two separate pieces. This is visible when open the coil. In the middle she has a high ledge, and the holes for fixing are two. The method, in principle, is the same, but we divide the thread into two parts, fix the brackets in the coil and wound.

The rapidly-riverbed method is better, it differs both speed and comfort. You do not need to disassemble the coil. It is enough to tie the loop into a special hole and crank the mechanism. He himself wraps a trimmer line on a bobbin. It remains only to adjust the ends.

The material was prepared in conjunction with experts of the online store “Snova”.

Насадка воздуходувка на мотокосу (триммер). Blower for motokosa (trimmer).

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The better to mow high grass?

Mow the grass It is necessary from right to left, since the cutting part of the trimmer rotates counterclockwise. The technique of mowing high grass. High grass should mow In both directions of movement: from right to left and left to right. Counter movements Swim the grass in two gunses and allow you to cope even with very high weeds.

To mow the grass, as well as weeds or shrubs, use 2, 3 or 4-lobed knife:-two-toothed knife It is used to mow Young and hard grass Three.Toothed knife In order to download hard grass, Storms and weeds Four.Toothed knife to mow grass, as well as grassy shoots.

Which knife is better to mow high grass?

To mow the grass, as well as weeds or shrubs, use 2, 3 or 4-lobed knife:-two-toothed knife It is used to mow Young and hard grass Three.Toothed knife In order to download hard grass, Storms and weeds Four.Toothed knife to mow grass, as well as grassy shoots.

The hexagon is the best Field for a trimmer, if necessary mow Dry grass. Of course, if the plot is thick, then we would advise you to take it is better cutter, but if the vegetation is small, then the hexagon will cope it is better.

How to choose

Consider various situations in which this or that trimmer is suitable:

  • In a small summer cottage, it is necessary to periodically bite the grass. You can safely take an electric model with a capacity of about 0.3 kV and 6000-6500 rpm. Fishing thickness. Up to 2 mm. Type of mount. Belt. Such a trimmer is quite to cope with his work and will cost inexpensively.
  • Care for a large site (near schools, gardens, etc.D.). Definitely it should be a battery of 0.7 kV and 7000 rpm. Batteries should have a supply of at least 3 a/h. Fishing thickness-2-2.3 mm. Type of fastening. Satchel.
  • An uneven and non.Borely area with garbage, stones and other obstacles and densely vegetation. Trimmer type. Depending on access to the mains. Power. At least 0.7 kV, revolutions. 7500 and above. Field thickness. 2.7 mm (minimum). Type of fastening. Satchel.
  • Large area with a flat surface. Trimer type. Battery. Cutting element. Metal knives. Power. More than 0.7 kV. Revolutions. 9000 and above. Field thickness. 2.4 mm. Type of fastening. Satchel.

First, you should decide on the purpose of the tool and carefully consider where and in what conditions it will be applied. In any case, preference should be given to more powerful models if the volume of work is significant. For small one.Time works with a lawn, you can choose the simplest and cheapest models.

TOP of the best plastic models

A convenient option that is suitable for any trimmers. There are three plastic knives, which are durable and cut soft grass and weeds well. With proper care and span, the product will last a long period. The product is practically not felt and does not load the engine that the advantage. It is possible to be damaged by them if you do not follow the safety rules. The mounting of cutting elements is standard, if desired, they can be removed without problems and cleaned of vegetation.

How much time can be mowed with a gas station?

The time of continuous operation of the benzokosa is indicated in the instructions of the trimmer. On average, Kosim is 15-20 minutes, after which we mock a trimmer and let it cool for 3-5 minutes. Also, weather conditions provide for the duration of continuous work.

Grass should be cut off in parallel stripes. In this case, with each haircut, it is recommended to change the direction lawn mowers, to lawn did not look like a “washing board”. If a lawn located on an uneven area, the grass on the slope must be cut at an angle to the direction to the slope.


If the trimmer engine quickly heats up and after 5-7 minutes literally boiling water, whether this means that the nozzle cannot cope with its work?

Perhaps the reason is that the nozzle is not able to remove powerful thickets of weeds, which leads to an increase in the load. But boiling of a gasoline trimmer can also be caused by the absence of oil in gasoline. Check if the correct concentrations and proportions are selected before refueling the tank.

Ask the seller who will help make the right choice. Not always the power of the simplest garden trimmer is enough for the full operation of the cultivator nozzle.

As you get dark. If you use quite often and process more than 10 acres per week, then it is better to drag them every 10-12 days using special equipment.


Everything that is needed for the manufacture of the nozzle

The most difficult thing to make the nozzle is to mark and make holes under the knives and trimmer shaft symmetrically. That is why the finished perforated plate is selected.

From the life of robots

Home robots-blankets are no longer surprising among housewives, but with lawnmands of a similar design the situation is much more difficult: such a machine will cost noticeably more than a vacuum cleaner, and its design is more difficult, since it is related to the conditions of work outside the room.

nozzle, grass, trimmer, knives

Gardena R50LI lawn-bore It has a simple and intuitive menu that allows you to easily program Smart equipment for optimal work, rotary knives make it safe of it.

Gardena R50LI lawn-bore

On a plot properly prepared, Robot gazonocosel moves confidently, and when hitting any obstacle leaves back and bypasses it. Having reached the edge of the lawn, the unit turns and rolls in the opposite direction. It may seem to the uninitiated observer that the “turtle” sees and feels the surrounding environment and knows exactly when to start work, and when to return to recharge to the base.

Husqvarna Automower 320 lawn cuts the grass day and night, both in clear weather and in the rain. Independently determines when it is necessary to return to the station for recharging and after a full charge of the battery returns to work.

Husqvarna Automower 320 lawn In fact The device works according to a specific program, which is set by a person. Some parameters are originally determined by the manufacturer, the other owner chooses to his taste from the possible and proposed options. Each model has its own set of settings and its own features of their installation.

The most common tasks: Opening hours, turning angle when hitting an obstacle and an effort height. The possibilities of artificial intelligence are determined by the price of the robot. The budget machine will understand only the border of the site and feel obstacles. You lay and fix with pegs A special cable around the perimeter of the lawn. It is he who will see the robot.

Advanced and expensive models have Grass sensors. This means that, without feeling the lawn under him (for example, having been on a paved path), the robot will turn around and go in the opposite direction. In even more complex models, there are sensors that can recognize the already mowed area. Such a useful option allows the system to choose a rational path, without passing the same places twice.

As for batteries, then in the simplest models charging batteries are performed manually: they are simply included in the network. The advanced robot itself finds the charger, connects to it and, after charging, goes to work again. And there are the most modern models additionally equipped with solar panels.

IMOW robot gazonocosel. The VIKING Mi 632 P model runs out the lawns fully automatically and bypasses obstacles in accordance with the given trajectory Flaw, Still not overcome by robotics, it is that automation does not exclude completely manual labor. Small objects and stones can still fall under the case and damage knives, so the cleanliness of the lawn and the absence of foreign objects on it is the main requirement for the processed territory, which the owners of the site should take into account.