What Oil Does Honda Tiller

In stock tiller in the personal economy, few can be surprised, because this technical device has been known since Soviet times. Thanks to him, it became possible fast and high-quality cultivation of the soil, which used to take quite a long time, and also took a lot of effort.

However, in order for your tiller, as they say, to serve you faithfully, regularly plowing the earth and performing its other functions, you need to properly exploit it.

In particular, you need to know how much oil to fill in the tiller gearbox so that it works in the optimal mode, and its parts are not erased due to the lack of the necessary lubrication.

What Oil Does Honda Tiller

In principle, all the necessary information, as a rule, is indicated in the operating instructions for the specific model of the tiller, which directly indicates the brands and grades of recommended oils.

However, there are times when Tiller purchased from hand, or in another way, but the point is that such tilleries are delivered mainly without any instructions.

A person may be at a loss, not knowing which oil is poured into the tiller’s gearbox, so it will be useful for him to know about its main types, as well as how to fill it into the tiller.


The gearbox is a special device, included in the design of any tiller. It is this part that is responsible for the conversion and transmission of the torque that is generated from mechanical gears. In fact, the gearbox drives the tiller, making it work.

The service life of the entire tiller, as well as its normal functioning, will depend on its quality, as well as on the correct lubrication of its components.

For more information about the gearbox, see the video:

Depending on the model of the tiller, whether it is Cayman, Patriot Ural, Patriot, Texas, Foreman or some other, gearboxes may differ from each other in some design features. Conditionally gearboxes can be divided into several types:

  • Angular gears. Such units are quite effective, allow you to dock the engine and transmission.
  • Gear reducers. In this case, the transmission of the gearbox acts as a kind of intermediary between the engine and the wheel base of the tiller.
  • Reducing gears. These units achieve an increase in power indicators, reducing the total number of revolutions. Such gearboxes are most preferable, because in their design there is an air cooling system that allows you to work at maximum loads.
  • Reverse gears. The main advantage of such gearboxes is the ability to reverse the tiller. However, units equipped with this type of gearbox do not show high performance and speeds.

Regardless of which gearbox is used in the design of the tiller, they are all consist practically of the same components:

  • shaft;
  • gear housing;
  • flange and its fastening;
  • V-belt pulley (or chain);
  • ball bearing;
  • stars
  • drain plug;
  • steel washer and nut;
  • input shaft.

These components traditionally form the gear unit itself. From how good they will be lubricated, their performance will depend and service life.

Otherwise, with insufficient lubrication, the parts will wear out a lot, because they come into contact with each other during operation, and the resulting friction negatively affects their surface.

What kind of oil is poured

Many people are interested in. what oil to fill in the gearbox tiller? To answer this question, several factors must be taken into account, the main of which is the manufacturer’s recommendation regarding the type of oil.

One must also be guided by the price without buying very cheap fluids, because they are unlikely to be of proper quality.

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Video: What Oil Does Honda Tiller

In general, oils can be various types:

  • SAE. These types of oils very well cope with sudden changes in temperature, so they can be used year-round.
  • The selection process is as follows: you need to look at the figure that is in front of the letter W. a lower value will indicate that the oil is very well adapted specifically to low temperatures (the smallest. 0W). If the letter W is not on the label, then this oil is suitable for the summer period.
  • API In this case, the letters in the markings will indicate the type of engine. gasoline or diesel. Accordingly, a certain letter will say that the oil is suitable for gasoline units, and the other for diesel ones.
  • The numbers will talk about the kind of engine, those. number 4. means the oil must be used for a 4-stroke engine, etc. The EC value is the degree of energy conservation, i.e. the higher the value, the better the oil.
  • ASEA. The largest number in the labeling will indicate that the oil can function in very difficult conditions.
  • GOST 17479, 1-85. These indicators characterize the degree of viscosity of the oil. As a rule, after this parameter, alphanumeric values ​​are written, and their absence indicates that the oil is universal.

Transmission oils for filling in gasoline and diesel tiller

As for the gearbox, you need to use it to refuel gear oils. For example, a semisynthetic oil ZIC 10W40, designed for gasoline and diesel tillers, is a good choice. API metric. SM / CF, ACEA. A3 / B3, A3 / B4, C3.

As a rule, it is sold in 4 liter containers, the cost of which is in the range of 890-950 rubles.

Another worthy oil is Super T-3 85W-90 from Gazpromneft. Its technical data will be as follows:

  • API metric. GL-5;
  • degree of viscosity. 85W90;
  • temperature index of yield loss –280C;
  • flash point. 2170C;
  • package length. 270 mm;
  • packaging width. 130 mm;
  • packing height. 240 mm.

This gear oil is also supplied in 4 liter containers, the cost of which is approximately 600 rubles.

This is not the whole list of oils that can be poured into the tiller gearbox. In principle, anyone who is familiar with the basic parameters of the oil, can independently determine what is needed for his tiller.

How much to fill?

Another important point is the amount of oil needed. Before answering the question. how much oil should be poured into the tiller gearbox, for example Crosser, Viking, Forza, Sadko, Don, Huter, Pro, Plowman, Champion, Carver, you must first check oil level in the gearbox. To do this, you need to perform certain actions:

  • It is necessary to place the tiller on a flat surface so that its wings are strictly parallel to this surface.
  • We take a wire or rod about 70 cm long, which will act as an oil dipstick.
  • We bend the makeshift probe in an arc.
  • We insert the resulting dipstick into the filler hole to the very end, i.e. all the way. After that we pull it back.

If the wire is 30 cm in oil, then this is the best indicator, i.e. no need to add oil. If a little less, then it is necessary to top up within the given values.

If the gearbox is generally dry, then at least two liters of gear oil will be needed.

How to fill oil in a tiller gearbox

Before adding new oil to the gearbox, drain old fluid. It is in this way that oil is changed in the salute tiller gearbox, a video of which can be found on the Internet, as well as other tiller models.

The algorithm of actions, in this case, will be as follows:

  • the tiller needs to be installed on some hill so that oil can be easily drained from the gearbox.
  • There are two plugs on the gearbox. a drain plug, which is located at the bottom of the gearbox, and a plug that closes the hole for oil loading. First we unscrew the filler plug, which is located on top of the tiller body (at the gearbox).
  • We take a sufficiently capacious container (an old bottle from transmission oil is suitable), after which we substitute it under the drain plug of the gearbox.
  • Neatly unscrew the drain plug, after which the oil will begin to flow into our containers. After waiting until the oil finally drains, we screw the drain plug back. Then tighten with a spanner wrench of a suitable diameter until it stops.
  • We insert a funnel into the filling hole. Then we take a suitable gear oil in order to fill the gearbox.
  • Filling the gearbox to the optimum level, screw the plug back. This cork is equipped with a special probe, and its length is about 10 cm. After we have filled in the oil, we need to check its level. To do this, we twist this probe plug, after which we again unscrew and check.
  • If the oil is at the tip of this dipstick, then no more topping up.

As a rule, the oil change procedure needs to be done every 100 hours of operation of the tiller. In some cases, this procedure must be performed every 50 hours.

In other words, the frequency of oil change depends on the model of the tiller, so all the necessary information is in the accompanying documentation for the tiller.


Periodic oil change in gearbox is crucial not only because it is recommended by the manufacturer, but also for a number of other reasons. In particular, during the operation of the tiller, foreign metal particles are formed in the oil that is in the gearbox.

They arise from friction and contact of the components of the tiller, which crumble little by little, and all this metal crumb falls into the oil. Thus, the oil begins to thicken, which leads to unstable operation of the tiller, and in the future, to failure of the gearbox.

That is why, timely replacement of oil in the gearbox is a necessary preventive measure to avoid future repairs.

Indeed, it is much more logical to spend an amount within one thousand rubles for the purchase of gear oil than to spend much more money for expensive repairs or a complete replacement of the gearbox.

Very popular are homemade tiller trailers that can be made with one’s own hand.

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