What oil in the saw Greenworks. Worker Tikhona, Lugonia and Nononoshchka with whom…

DREAL WASTRAL BACHOUTER G-MAX 40V GreenWorks GD40CS18-for giving, and for going, and for fishing.

The choice of chain battery saws is a rather difficult task. First of all, you need to understand that many underestimate the battery tool, especially such as chain saws, peorators, etc.D., saying that a serious tool cannot be a battery. In principle, there is a share of truth in this, because at the moment there is no battery tool to compare in power with gasoline or electric. At the same time, the battery tool definitely occupies its niche of autonomous and environmentally friendly tools.

Today’s review is dedicated to the GreenWorks GD40CS18 chain battery.


  • Type: Battery of the chain saw;
  • Type of battery: Li-Ion;
  • Engine type: brilliant;
  • Battery voltage, V: 40;
  • The nominal speed of the chain, m/s: 20
  • Tire length: 16 ” / 40 cm;
  • Chain step, inch: 3/8 ”;
  • Tire length, cm: 40;
  • The capacity of the oil tank, l: 0.18;
  • Noise level 95 dB;
  • Engine location: transversely;
  • Comparable in power with a network saw: 1.5 kW;
  • Weight: 3.81 kg.

The chain battery saw GreenWorks GD40CS18 is supplied in a small cardboard box. The box is very informative, contains information about the manufacturer, the name of the model and the image of the device. It also contains brief information about the device.

Inside the box is a set of delivery, which includes:

It was somewhat surprised that there were no sealing elements inside the box that ensured the reliability of fixing the device, but, in fairness, it was worth saying that the saw was tightly clamped by the exact selection of the overall dimensions of the box.

Attention should be paid to the fact that the battery and charger are bought separately.

The charger and battery is supplied in separate cardboard boxes made in proprietary color scheme. On the boxes you can find basic information about the devices and their image, as well as the name of the manufacturer and a specific model.

Inside the box with a charger are located:

Inside the box with a battery is:

GreenWorks GD40CS40 40V Operating Instruction Institution Online. Page 10

Instructions GreenWorks GD40CS40 40V for device a battery saw contains pages in Russian.

File size: 214.89 KB. Consists of 12 p.

You can download PDF file of this instruction: download pdf

To increase the tension of the circuit, rotate the adjusting handle of the tension device

chains (pos. 13) clockwise and often check the tension of the chain. To reduce the tension

circuits, rotate the adjusting handle of the chain tension device (pos. 13) against the sentry

arrows and often check the tension of the chain.

The tension of the chain is correct when the gap between the cutter in the chain and the bus is in

Pull the chain in the middle of the lower side of the tire down (in the direction from the tire) and measure

The distance between the tire and the cutters of the chain.

Tighten the handle of the tights of the sprocket cover (pos. 15), turning it clockwise.

Put the saw on a flat and even surface to adjust the circuit.

Make sure that you have the necessary spare tires and a chain, as recommended earlier in the section

Unscrew the handle of the tightening of the sprocket cover (pos. 15), turning it counterclockwise to

when the star lid is freed (pos. fourteen).

Remove the stars lid. Remove the tire and saw chain from the device.

To replace the tire of the new part, unscrew the nut of the protective cap, install the protective

cap to the new tire and tighten the nut.

Install a new chain in the right direction, as shown in the rice. 7 on the tire, and make sure that

The drive links are aligned in the groove of the tire

Attach the tire to the chain saw and wrap the chain around the drive star, as shown in rice. 3.

Install the sprocket cover in place (pos. 14), tighten the lid of the sprocket and tighten the handle (pos. fifteen).

Perform operations indicated earlier in the section “Closure adjustment”

Unscrew and remove the cap (pos. 6) from the oil tank.

Pour oil into an oil tank and check the oil level sensor (pos. 7). Make sure that dirt

does not get into the oil tank while filling the oil.

Install an oil cap in place and tighten it.

One full oil tank will allow you to use a saw for 20-40 minutes.

Before moving the chain saw, it is always necessary to extract a battery from a chain saw and

shift the chain cover to the tire and chain. If you need to perform several cuts with a chain saw, between

The cover of the guide tire Cm. rice. one

The chain cover should be filled on the chain and tire as soon as the sawing is finished, as well as

every time the device should be moved.

Sharpening the saw chain Cm. rice. 16. 21

When the chain is difficult to enter the tree, it must be sharpened by performing the following operations:

Fix the tire in a vice so that the chain can slide.

Fix the file in the file of the file and bring it to the cutter at an angle of 35 °.

Process with a file only by direct stroke until all the worn parts of the cutting

Count the number of movements attached to the rezak for a guide, and process a file

All other cutters, making the same number of movements.

If the depth limiter is somewhat from the template after sharpening, restore it

level. Use a flat file.

Finally twist the depth limiter.

Note: It is recommended that deep or important sharpening be performed by a service employee,

which uses an electric sharpening device.

Maintenance of the guide tire

After completion of work, it is necessary to clean the groove and oil ducts using

GreenWorks GD40CS40 Battery Drink (Art. 20077). review

This feedback for those who love and can saw not only in a figurative, but also in the most literal sense: firewood, branches, boards and everything that can still be required)) for irrepressible female curiosity and extensive economic needs, I can handle man with a saw, a hacksaw, a two.armed, a gas.beam, a end saw, grinder and, of course, an electrician. Therefore, when GreenWorks GD40SC40 was curious in the company’s battery.

Saw purchased in the fall of 2019. In one of GreenWorks branded stores assembly with a 2ah battery and a charger for it (I can’t find a check).

With a minimum necessary for the work of the bauls ~ 20.000,-

(There are batteries for 2, 4 and 6 a/h. We have the weakest, t.to. I drank more for pampering than for serious work).

Frankly, we have long looked at Greenworks brand products, captivating with its environmental friendliness and vigorous green color, but did not know where to start. The demonstration of the saw in the store helped with the choice)))

The purpose of the GD40CS40 model:

GreenWorks 40 Volt (ModGD40CS40) chain saw. The semi.professional chain saw, which is perfect for the full.fledged conduct of the country farm.

Packaging and characteristics

Packed well, instructions and so on.


Voltage: 40V

The type of motor is shameless

Tire length: 40 cm

Chain Speed: 11 m/s

Chain Gauge: 0.43 cm

Testing The Worst Chainsaw on AMAZON

Chain Pitch: 0.95 cm

The volume of oils.Bachka: 200 ml

Oil supply: automatic

Chain brake: electric

Circuit tension regulator: there is

Vibration level 2.5 m/s2

Opening hours (2 am.h.) 30 minutes

Opening hours (4 am.h.) 60 min

Before starting work, the saw must be assembled, the battery is charged, seasoned with oil. Remove the protective casing from the blades, adjust the tension of the chain.

There is also a marking and a lot of warning icons at the goal itself:

By noise, 99DB is indicated on the icon, that in terms of tables it is comparable to the noise of the chainsaw, but in reality quieter, t.e. I drank still quiet. It is better to cut with glasses, t.to. The protective screen pushes only hands.

Turning on: power button, then squeeze the launch fuse.

With a 2-3 minute simple power, it automatically turns off.

As you can see, I drank a pure right handrail.

For clarity, I will show the volume of the battery sawn on one charge:

Pure working time here 20-25 mines taking into account the low load. But in general, this is 1-1.5 hours of unhurried saw and analysis. It is convenient that there is a charge indicator on the saw and battery itself.

In short: I saw good, but I wouldn’t take it into the forest.

  • Light in weight
  • Quiet (in a joke we call her saw ahead)
  • does not smell of gasoline and does not require its presence
  • light inclusive (do not pull anything)
  • does not require a tool to adjust
  • The operating time is highly dependent on the load
  • Sensitive to a change in the inclination of the blade = great risk of the clamp when cutting the log. If you saw it, it is better to cut a well.fixed log on a flat surface.
  • For the lid of the oil tank, a rope cable was made instead of a hard plastic. After the oil is refueling, you have to stumble it back)

In general, for me GreenWorks GD40CS40. This is a purely household entertainment-sedimentary saw for a pleasant cut of unexplored thrush when you want not to deaf and not breathe in gasoline. I can quickly saw off the thin branch manual, and to clear the path/clearing during the quadrosopolis of the chainsaw will be more reliable.

I recommend GreenWorks GD40SC40 for garden purposes of medium complexity: branches, dried trees, neat, non-tailed thrush.

How to determine the ratio of gasoline and oil

The fuel mixture used in 2 strokes is prepared from a certain amount of oil and gasoline. The latter must have an octane number not lower than 90 and be unearthly. AI-92 brand is best suited for these purposes.

It is not recommended to use gasoline with octane number 95, since it contains many different additives that harm two.stroke engines.

To prepare the mixture, it is necessary to use only motor oil from well.known manufacturers. The lubricant should be intended for high.speed engines having an air cooling system. This component, designed for low.speed engines (moped, motorcycle, snowmobile), is prohibited to use.

When preparing the mixture, it is necessary to strictly observe the proportion of gasoline and oil. As a rule, this is 1:50, that is, you need to take 100 ml of oil and dilute it in 5 liters of gasoline. This rule changes a little if the engine or piston system is new, and running is required. In this case, the Benzin oil ratio can be 1:40. For running-in, you will need 2-3 full refueling of the unit with a fuel mixture with this ratio. If you dilute the fuel mixture in a proportion of 1:30, then the carpet is inevitably formed on the piston and inside the cylinder, which, as already mentioned, leads to a breakdown of the entire crooked-shaped mechanism.

Below is a table that helps to quickly determine the ratio of gasoline-oil, if you need to prepare a large amount of fuel mixture.

Fuel mixture preparation rules

It is necessary to dilute gasoline with butter in containers resistant to oil products (canister of plastic or metal). Use plastic bottles of water, juice or milk for these purposes is not recommended, since food plastic decomposes under the influence of gasoline. Due to this process, the fuel mixture will change its properties, and what effect on the engine it will have, it is difficult to predict.

The combustible mixture for the chainsaw is just preparing.

  • Take the required amount of lubricant and pour it into the prepared container. Pour all prepared gasoline into a container with butter, and half the required amount will be enough.
  • Singing a bit of the container, wait for the complete dissolution of the lubricant in gasoline.
  • Now you can pour the remaining gasoline, mixing it well with the mixture in the container. This is where the preparation of the fuel mixture for the chainsaw ends.

Before each gas station refueling, the combustible mixture must be shaken. Also, do not forget to tighten the lid of the tank with fuel well, otherwise this will lead to the impoverishment of the mixture and the failure of the engine.

The finished fuel mixture is better to use immediately. Therefore, it needs to be prepared in such quantities that it is enough for the estimated volume of work. If the mixture remains, then it is impossible to store it for more than 1-1.5 months. During this time, she will lose a significant part of her lubricants.

Popular brands

You can purchase a means of the same brand. For example, many users know oil for Makita electric saws. Although there are other manufacturers that make compositions of optimal quality. A review of the most popular looks like this.

Forest Plus

This is one of the best compositions in its adhesive properties. Stored long enough. can be used for 3 years from the date of production. But it should be understood that you can work with this tool only at favorable temperatures. not lower.15Os.


Patriot electric saw oil is valued for high quality and affordable price. The mineral composition contains improved additives, which allows you to work in the temperature range from.25 to 45 degrees. The shelf life is 1 year from the date of production. You need to store away from sunlight in a dry place.

Bio Plus

Another high.quality oil for the electric saw circuit, which can be used at a temperature not lower than.15Os. Has a plant composition, therefore it has environmental safety. In addition, it costs inexpensively, often used as a more affordable alternative to expensive synthetic composition.

Synth Plus

This oil for an electric stove in composition belongs to the group of synthetic. An indispensable tool for those cases when you have to work at temperatures before.25OS. Tolerates even strong loads during operation.


Good composition that reduces friction in the places of contact of the star and with a chain. Significantly increases the resource of the service, reduces the risks of wear. Differs in very high quality, as evidenced by numerous customer reviews. At the same time, you can buy oil for Makita electric saws at an affordable price. Although it costs somewhat more expensive than minerals, it differs in a good composition and shelf life up to 5 years from the date of production.


This oil is used to lubricate the saw chain in situations when you have to work in frosty conditions. Differs in good adhesive properties and affordable price. It is produced in cans of a convenient volume of 3 and 10 liters.


Along with makita saw oil, the Husqvarna brand can be distinguished. This is one of the best compositions in terms of price and quality. Differs in a small consumption, while lubrication is very effective.

Is it possible to use motor oil

As a rule, quality compositions are used to lubricate. For example, oil for the chain chain Makita and other brands discussed above is suitable. In this regard, the question arises of how applicable the engine oil.

In many cases, the motor and transmission composition can be used. They are used to lubricate specifically those models, in the instructions of which there is a corresponding mark. But strictly speaking this is not the best option. It is better to use branded products, high.quality synthetic oils.

The lubrication of the electric saw chain involves the use of a high.quality composition, which will increase the service life of the mechanism. If you plan to work at low temperatures, it is better to buy synthetic agents. If the work is underway under normal conditions, mineral and semi.synthetic compositions are suitable, which are cheaper. At the same time, it is better to choose popular brands, since in other cases there is a risk to face low.quality means.

Popular brand lubrication brands

Many manufacturers produce saws for saws. Among the current proposals are little.known and not too popular. If a lubricant is needed for the electric saw circuit, then you should pay attention to the most popular compositions:

Name of a lubricant general description
Forest Plus Oil is in demand. The composition has excellent adhesion. You can use the product at temperatures up to.15 degrees. Retains its properties up to three years.
Bio Plus It is made on a plant basis. When penetrating the soil, begins to decompose. Can be used at temperatures from.15 degrees.
Sunth Plus It is made on the basis of synthetics. Serious loads are easily taken out. Suitable for operation at temperatures up to.25 degrees.
Champion A unique product suitable for operation at a very low temperature. Implemented in containers of 3 and 10 liters. It differs in low cost.
Husqvarna Popular composition. It differs in low cost. Gives good results.

From the presented lubricants, you can easily choose a suitable product. It is important to consider at what temperature the electric saw in the future will be operated.

What kind of oil is poured into a chain electric saw

What oil should be poured into an electric saw

The effectiveness of the chain saw largely depends on how easy and free the chain moves. To improve this indicator, lubrication is used. In addition, the engine itself requires a chain saw if it is gasoline.


It is much easier to determine which oil is used for electric saws if you know what functions it performs. Chain lubricant provides a smooth move of the chain, which directly affects the efficiency of the saw. The lack of lubrication is fraught with the following negative consequences:

  • Increased engine load. As a result, its overheating and accelerated wear.
  • Increase the load on the employee. The deterioration of the direct functionality of the saw leads to the fact that the user must make more efforts to see any object.
  • Accelerated wear of the chain. Lack of lubrication also accelerates the process of erasing the teeth of the chain, promotes oxidation and other negative factors.
  • Increase the risk of incidents. This item is a direct consequence of the previous one, since the wear.out chain can break, jump and otherwise force you to be nervous.

How to lubricate?

Modern models of electric saws have a special purge mechanism, which begins when the saw begins. His task. Provide the portioned oil supply to the special tank circuit. Accordingly, the oil is poured into the tank.

How to choose a power saw, chain oil, sharpen the chain and where to buy it?

A simple and at the same time such a tool that often raises questions: what.

Which oil for a chain is better to use, the choice of chain oil for saw and chainsaw

Select and use a chainsaw / chainsaw for a chainsaw.

In old or cheap models, a mandatory mechanism may be absent at all. In this case, the oil is periodically applied manually to the chain using a syringe or special oil.

The type of system (forced or manual) does not particularly affect which oil is used to lubricate the chain saw.

The choice of oil

Think about which oil you need to pour into an electric saw:


It comes complete with a saw or is sold with the inscription “Chain Oil”. Its specialization is manifested in the presence of additives that reduce the likelihood of oil insurance from the circuit during operation.

Chain oil, in most cases, is made from the components of the plant and is considered environmentally friendly.

There are branded oils (produced by sawmills) and third.party. What oil is poured into a chain saw, it doesn’t matter, because they are approximately the same in terms of properties, except that branded names are more expensive.

Please note that a lubricant based on plant material can settle on a chain and in a lubricant system. To eliminate such residues, it is necessary to rinse the system with the following oils.

Motor and transmission oil

This option (with the exception of mineral types) can be used in the absence of specialized oils.

Refined vegetable oil

One.time use is allowed provided that the system is fully designed and subsequently washed. It is not recommended to use vegetable oil if the lubricant system covers not only the circuit, but also the engine cylinders.

The engine oil used

The last option, when there are not even vegetables at hand. Due to the high pollution of the waste oil, the lubrication system is quickly clogged, which worsens its work. In addition, the appearance of your saw can change beyond recognition.

The main components of the lubricant system

Usually, the oil enters the power lubrication system of the electric saw from a special tank, where it is periodically poured. From there it is pushed out by a powerful oil pump, doing this through certain temporary intervals sufficient to spend the previous injection. The main task of the oil mechanism is to prevent the occurrence of situations when the lubrication on the chain becomes enough, and as a result, the appearance of a severe overheating of the cutting part is possible due to sharply increased friction forces. As a result, the chain may swell and fail. Therefore, the oil needs to be constantly monitored. Typically, the lubricant system of the electric saw consists of the following components:

  • oil tank for lubricating the chain;
  • special filter for oil;
  • The oil pipeline, which is a small rubber hose that serves to supply oil from the tank;
  • an oil pump, providing pumping material from the tank to the cutting mechanism;
  • A special gear with which the force is transferred to the pump from the engine of an electric saw.

The tire could also be added to this list, since it has special openings for oil supply.

The principle of operation of the chain lubrication system

As already mentioned, the main link in the lubrication system is the pump. It works as follows. With an increase in the speed of the gear engine, which is located on the main shaft, the process of operating the pump begins by transmitting. At this moment, the pressure in the oil supply system is growing, and it begins its movement in the direction of the tire. This movement ends where the saw card is in contact with the tire, in the very place where the longitudinal groove is located, to which the oil channel itself is directed and directed by the tire. This groove is required to supply lubrication to the tire at any level of tension of the chain mechanism, t.e. Regardless of the position of the tire during the operation of the power supply, the groove will ensure the receipt of grease on it. The next link is the chain itself. Its links have its own separate groove or hole through which the material is distributed along the length of the chain.

Automatic lubrication system of the electric saw chain

In case of increasing engine speed, the lubrication speed also increases. Therefore, it is recommended to pour oil into the electric saw only when the engine is turned off.

Many modern electric saw models, for example, Makita have built.in pumps with additional control adjustment, with which you can adjust the amount of grease supplied. In old modifications of saw, this possibility is usually absent. There, the oil supply is carried out in a constant and unchanged regime or, as in the very first models, the user has to lubricate the chain manually. Those who are the owner of outdated specimens need to know how to properly lubricate the chain mechanism manually. This is completely easy:

These actions should be carried out periodically as lubrication is spent on the chain.


GreenWorks GD40CS15 battery.free chain saw is originally supplied in a disassembled state. Separately carcass of saws, tire and chain.

The main block is made of light.resistant lighting plastic, while several black linings are provided on the housing. The device has a classic design. On the rear there is a launch unit equipped with a button-guide and trigger trigger. The handle is equipped with corrugated rubber overlays that provide a reliable grip of the device.

The lower base is flat, due to which the chain saw case is perfect on a flat horizontal surface. There are also icon with safety requirements at the lower surface.

On one of the side surfaces is a black, glossy plastic lining, which is attached to the saw case with two nuts with washers. There is also a plastic chipper with small spikes.

On the opposite side of the handle, which smoothly passes to the upper surface of the case, is also located a tank for oil, not equipped with a measured scale.

When looking at the device on top, we see a battery compartment and a plastic handle, which, by the way, is made of a rather soft and pleasant to the touch of the material. Near the handle is the handle of the plastic chain brake.

A small amount of ventilation holes is located on the device housing to remove excess heat from the body.

Before proceeding with the operation of the device, it is necessary to install a chain with a tire on a saw carcass body. For this, a plastic lining is removed, which is attached with two nuts.

Attention should be paid to the fact that the tire housing is made of metal, has a length of 15 ”(350 mm), on the tire housing, the oil supply holes are provided and for the tension of the chain. Complete saw chain from Oregon.

The saw chain is installed in the tire so that the links of the chain fall into the guide groove. On the saw case there is an image informing the user, how to correctly install a chain on the tire. Teeth should be directed towards the rotation of the chain. Next, the chain is installed on the asterisk. The tire is installed in special studs located on the device case, while it is important to make sure that the opening for tensioning the chain on the tire is combined with a bolt. If everything is done correctly, you can put the casing in place, and slightly tighten the nuts.

After the device is assembled and the nuts are slightly borrowed, it is necessary to remove the chain brake and make several full revolutions of the chain in both directions, thereby making sure that the teeth hit the groove on the tire. Next, it is necessary to carry out the tension of the circuit, rotating clockwise the adjusting screw until the “belly” disappears. Next, you should make a few more revolutions and re.tighten the chain. This is where the process of tension of the chain is over. Now you should pour oil, install the battery and start work.

The battery housing is made of plastic, similar to the one from which the chain saw case is made. The case is painted in a lightning-black color, it provides for special rubber linings that allow you to reliably hold the battery, if necessary.

On the front surface of the battery, a four.position indicator of the battery charge level is provided. To activate it, you need to press a special button located just above the indicators. The indication panel is very informative and is able to display information about the status of the battery charge in the following form: 10% / 45% / 70% / 100%.

For reliable fixation of the battery when charging or when used with the tool, a special lock is provided, with a spring.loaded latch.

On the lateral surfaces there is information that this battery belongs to the 40V max line, capacity 2.0 a.h.

On the manufacturer’s website you can find information that the battery consists of cells, the manufacturer of which is the Japanese company Panasonic. over, the battery is equipped with a control board that provides a uniform charge and the category of cells, and a special chip will protect the devices from a recharge and overheating. The total declared amount of charging cycles can reach 1,500, which is approximately equal to seven years of operation, and the charge of charging battery with a capacity of 2 A.h is 60 minutes.

At work

As mentioned earlier, the GreenWorks GD40CS15 chain saw is primarily designed for short work on a personal plot, or on a campaign, it is not intended for long.term work, for example, for the sawing of a large number of firewood.

It should be remembered that the chain saw is a tool requiring increased attention and strict observance of safety precautions. It is very important to keep the tool correctly and not allow it to hang freely.

Can Bar & Chain Oil be used as Motor Oil? Let’s find out!

Several tests were produced to assess the quality of the GreenWorks GD40CS15 battery saw.

Cut the old (rotten) logs of birch trees that have laid in open areas for several years. The teeth of the saw entered the wood as in oil, not faced with difficulties on their way. A log with a diameter of 150 mm was sawed in a matter of seconds. There is nothing surprising in this, the rotten tree is perfectly sawn with a hand saw, but in everyday life such tasks are periodically found, in this regard, this test was performed.

Next, a cut of a dry beam 100×100 mm was carried out. Everything has also passed here without any difficulties. A chain saw easily sawed a dry tree, not meeting difficulties on its path. In order to saw off part of the beam, it took a little more than two seconds.

Old apple logs also succumbed to chain saw. So, the diameter of which was approximately 150-160 mm sawdoil sawed in 5 seconds.

Log, the diameter of which in various places ranged from 330 to 400 mm. In order to cut it, it took about 30 seconds. It was felt that work with this material was given a little more complicated, but there were no special difficulties.

Unexpectedly for the author, it became possible to test the device in more difficult (for saw) conditions. This happened due to the fact that after a hurricane a lot of trees of various lengths and thicknesses were covered on the highway. Dawed with a fully charged battery was in the car of the car. This fact made it possible not only to test the endurance device in real conditions, thanks to the GreenWorks GD40CS15 chain saw, it turned out to be in place, without waiting for the arrival of the Ministry of Emergencies. When clearing the road on the path of GreenWorks GD40CS15, both large branches and trees trunks were found. In the course of the work, about 6 trunks were sawn, with a diameter of 200-300 mm, about 20 branches with a diameter of 50-100 mm were sawn down. The saw perfectly coped with the task and, upon completion of the work, the battery charge level was at the level of 20%.

I would like to note that the saw without much effort was bombing into the wood, during operation, a reserve of power was felt.

Testing the GreenWorks GD60CS40 battery chain saw

Any chain saw, including GreenWorks GD60CS40, is an instrument of increased injury, requiring careful maintenance of safety and increased attention during operation. When working with the tool, you must properly hold it in your hands: with your right hand it is necessary to hold the saw by the back hand so that the index finger can easily reach the trigger. Left hand, grip from above, you must hold the saw by the front handle. The observance of all precautions, which are described in sufficient detail in the operating instructions, is certainly required.

Before starting operation, it is necessary to pour specialized oil into the tank (despite the fact that many users say that any engine oil can be poured into the tank, we would recommend using specialized, specially designed for chain saws). After the oil is flooded, you can install a charged battery in the battery compartment, until clicking, after which the device is completely ready to work. To launch the saw, remove the chain brake, press the guide button, after which the launch trigger is pressed.

First of all, I would like to note that a complete tire 40 cm long with a 3/8.inch chain step, provides a user with a fairly high degree of comfort when working with a tool. The automatic lubrication system of the tire and circuit provides a smooth range of the chain and simplicity of operation. It is also important to note that the GreenWorks GD60CS40 battery saw is equipped with a two.stage launch system, due to which the accidental inclusion of the device is practically excluded. over, the saw is equipped with a brake of the link chain.

The first test was 100×100 mm. In this mode, a low load is carried out on the saw and a time was measured, spent on 10 cuts. It took about 30 seconds to perform this operation. The cut was carried out continuously, while no special efforts to the saw from the user were sent. Then the testing continued, and it concerned the time of autonomous work. After 50 cuts were made, the remaining battery capacity of the remaining capacity was carried out. The battery charge was reduced by ¼, which allows us to conclude that a fully charged battery should be enough for about 190-220 cuts (this applies to a timber 100×100 mm).

Further, the device was tested in more real conditions.

The garden has long been required to remove the old apple tree, the diameter of the trunk of which was about 300 mm. It was with this material that Greenworks GD60CS40 field tests were held, and I want to say that the battery saw coped with the task perfectly. The battery was not just enough to completely cut the whole tree, at the end of the work there was about half, despite the fact that the apple tree was a very hard material for work, especially since the tree was slightly dried up. In general, for the domestic needs of this device, enough.

We can say that the chain battery saw GreenWorks GD60CS40 equipped with a 4 Ach battery has quite decent autonomy, if for some reason the battery life is not enough, you can always purchase an additional battery, or a larger battery of a larger capacity. Greenworks G60B4, which is equipped with a LED charge indicator, was responsible for the autonomy of work in our case, and is made by an improved lithium-ion technology.

The undoubtedly above test is almost ideal for working with a saw, rarely, when in real conditions you are faced with a situation where you need to saw the beam. In most cases, we are talking about cutting logs, branches, etc.D. When working in such conditions, the load on the saw grows, which entails greater current consumption, and, as a result, a higher charge of battery charge.

During the testing, the noise level published by the GreenWorks GD60CS40 chain battery was made when idling. Measurements were carried out using the domestic noise meter NKTech NK-D2 (30-130 dB). The measurement result showed that the noise level is in the range from 98.5 to 105.3 DBA.


  • Build quality;
  • Quite compact overall dimensions;
  • Excellent autonomy;
  • The ability to purchase batteries of various containers;
  • The speed of rotation of the chain reaches 20 m/s;
  • Digipro brown.free engine;
  • Lack of exhaust gases when working with the device;
  • Compatibility with all batteries of the GreenWorks Pro line 60 Volt Lithium Max;
  • Two.stage launch system;
  • Built.in system of brake brakes;
  • Lack of exhaust gases during operation;
  • Low noise and small vibration during operation;
  • The service is more economical than a gasoline tool;
  • There is no effect of spontaneous discharge in the battery;
  • LED charge indicator in the battery;
  • Branded warranty from the manufacturer for 3 years.

GreenWorks GD60CS40 battery.free chain saw is not just an excellent, environmentally friendly tool. This is a device with excellent power characteristics, fast speed and economical (for battery) mode of operation. Of course, there is still no point in comparing gasoline and battery saws in power, comparison needs to be made complex, and here, it should be noted that the battery saws look very worthy, and GreenWorks GD60CS40 is a very worthy representative of this type of saw. First of all, this is a low noise level during operation, the lack of exhaust, unpleasant odor, etc.D. It is safe to say that if you are not engaged in cutting logs, etc.P. at a professional level, and your everyday tasks are cutting a three-three-three-three-three-trip logs, then GreenWorks GD60CS40 will be the right choice. over, you can always purchase an additional battery, and taking into account the fact that the batteries will be conscience with any tool of the GreenWorks Pro line “60 Volt Lithium Max”, you can think about the purchase of a lawn mower, a snowman or something else. In general, GreenWorks GD60CS40 is a great choice for household and semi.professional tasks. This chain saw is great for cutting knots, cutting logs, rolling trees on a personal plot.