What Oil Is Poured Into A Chainsaw

Chainsaws are a popular tool for those who have to do numerous household chores on their own. They can be used for different purposes. to harvest firewood, cut dry branches But in order for the device to last as long as possible, you need to properly care for it, correctly choosing different compositions. A special role is played by oil for chainsaw chains, which is selected depending on the operating principles of the tool and its characteristics.

What to consider?

What Oil Is Poured Into A Chainsaw

Grease the saw chain with due care. First of all, you should choose a special oil that will not harm the oil pump. In addition, this will ensure the quality of the self-lubrication system. The chain requires proper storage, that is, immersion in oil, and in case of wear you should not try to reanimate the old chain. it is easier to replace it. How to choose oil for chainsaw chains so that it is safe and meets all the requirements?

Types and composition

Select a specific oil, depending on where and how the chainsaw is operated. Mineral compounds are suitable for the summer and warm season. In other cases, it is better to use synthetic or semi-synthetic oils. If it is necessary to lubricate the chain, do not use used oils, which will lead to clogging of the fuel system, and then serious damage to the tool.

Chainsaw chain oil must be thoroughly cleaned so that it is properly and accurately lubricated. If low-quality compounds are used, there will be no contact between the saw elements and the tire, sparks will appear, and subsequently the movable parts of the saw will wear out.

How to choose?

Each chainsaw has a carbureted two-stroke engine and two tanks: in one, gasoline is poured, in the second. oil. When choosing a composition for lubrication, zoning plays an important role. it should be minimal. Another important indicator is resistance to low temperatures: the oil should not freeze with a strong minus, which will ensure the quality of the entire tool.

For lubrication, it is advisable to use adhesive oil for chainsaw chains containing special substances, due to which the composition adheres well to the chain. High-quality oil will remain on the chain during its rotation, and the chain itself will be more reliable in operation.

Another important indicator of lubrication is density: if the composition is liquid, it will be consumed in larger quantities. In order not to harm the environment when using a chainsaw, it is important to use vegetable-based oil. its waste will decompose in the natural environment.

Which oil for the chainsaw chain to choose, because modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of options? Among the specialized manufacturers, brands such as Divinol, Bio-Kettenol, Ravenol, VegOil, Mobil, Castrol, Shell can be noted. Consider the features of their products in more detail.


This brand offers to evaluate the lubricant for high quality chains, which is characterized by good adhesive and lubricating abilities, due to which the lubrication is performed efficiently, and the chain links and joints are reliably protected from wear. The optimal combination of viscosity and temperature characteristics is the key to the fact that this oil can be used in any season and at any temperature.

Divinol offers a variety of chainsaw oil. Which one to use? Zweitaktoel FF attracts attention with its economical consumption, combination with any fuel, anti-aging fuel mixture and excellent protection against corrosion. In addition, this oil can be used at any temperature. Divinol Kettenol and Divinol Kettenol Bio can be used to lubricate chains and chainsaws. Using these formulations, chain links and joints can be reliably protected against wear while ensuring economical oil consumption. High-quality organic oils of this brand provide excellent lubrication and adhesive properties, so their use is not only simple, but also environmentally friendly.

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What oil to lubricate the chainsaw chains to choose? Many note the composition of the brand Ravenol. So, Ravenol Saegekettenoel S 85 is a special mineral oil, created in Germany from high quality base oil with the addition of a number of additives. It is suitable for lubricating the saw chain, it has good grip and lubricating properties. Thanks to special additives, the oil remains on the chain even at high revolutions of the saw, and the chain itself becomes more reliable in operation. Provides oil and reliable protection against corrosion, even if the work is carried out in not the most favorable conditions. Thanks to the use of this composition, you can:

  • reduce vibration of the saw chain;
  • reliably protect it from corrosion;
  • cool the circuit due to good thermal conductivity;
  • quickly and cleanly cut any wood species.

Stihl bioplus

Probably every user is hearing about Stihl brand products. The eco-friendly Stihl chainsaw oil is effective and based on herbal ingredients. Chain oil is of high quality, which can be appreciated in any climatic conditions. Due to its environmental friendliness, Stihl products have always been popular with customers. Of particular note is the Stihl BioPlus Chain Lubricant, which is formulated to process high-speed chains. It is different:

  • resistance to oiling;
  • excellent adhesion due to special additives;
  • excellent protection for cutting headsets;
  • excellent fluidity, which is maintained even at low temperatures;
  • resistance to oxidation.

The most important thing is that the oil is absolutely safe for the environment, as it decomposes naturally.

Semi-synthetic oil Stihl

Stihl chainsaw chain oil is an environmentally friendly lubricant as it is made from high quality primary raffinates. The oil contains no impurities that can pollute the environment. You can use this tool in any climatic conditions, and it will behave equally efficiently even at low temperatures. Stihl chain oil provides reliable wear protection for chain chains. You can purchase this composition in different volumes. it depends on the characteristics of the chainsaw and the degree of load on it.


The products of this brand also do not need extra ideas, since it has established itself only on the best side. Vegeil Husqvarna chain lubricating oil, which is created on a vegetable basis, is notable for its good lubricating properties and high environmental friendliness. The oil is economical, biodegradable, has a low viscosity, even when operating at low temperatures. Due to the excellent performance characteristics, oils of this brand are considered one of the best.


Which oil should I use to lubricate the chainsaw chain and how to choose one so that it can be used at any time of the year? The Oregon brand offers formulations that are suitable for all types of tools. Stability of viscosity is a guarantee that the oil is suitable for operation at any time of the year. The composition includes refined mineral oils, to which additives are added. A feature of Oregon formulations is their manufacture based on high molecular weight compounds. The distinctive features of the oil include:

  • protection of the guide bar and chain from overheating;
  • vibration reduction;
  • prevention of corrosion due to the formation of an oil film.

Thanks to special adhesive additives, this oil gains great stickiness and viscosity, therefore, even at high speeds, it will not be sprayed and will remain on the chain and tire. Thanks to the regular use of oil, it is possible to reduce the load on the cutting headset, and indeed on the entire mechanism of the chainsaw. Special additives reduce the energy consumption of the saw, increasing the efficiency of the sawing process. The main thing is that when using these funds tarry deposits are not formed.


This oil has such a specific composition that it is completely biodegradable, but remains safe from the point of view of exposure to harmful substances. Due to the combination of vegetable oils with high-quality additives, the chain is lubricated more efficiently, it is reliably protected from wear under any operating conditions. Due to the good adhesive and lubricating ability, lubrication is carried out as conveniently and optimally as possible, and the composition can be operated in frosts up to 30 degrees.