What Oil is Pouring into a Patriot Trimmer

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The topic of this article is oil in the UAZ rear axle. I think you already guessed from the title what the article was about, so there is no usual overview for our site.

We agree on the shore that it makes no sense to do graduation on cars, that is, the bridge of the loaf, hunter and Patriot is no different. SPICER is installed from the factory today. Accordingly, there is no difference which UAZ and which bridge.

What Oil is Pouring into a Patriot Trimmer

Oil recommendations are valid for all UAZs of all years of production. The classics of the genre are synthetics semisynthetics and mineral water. It would seem. pour what is more expensive and change according to the instructions and there will be happiness. but it’s not so simple. The choice of oil in the rear axle, in the case of UAZ, is not obvious.

Checking the oil level in the crankcase of final drives

The fact is that oil of one viscosity characteristic is very different in price depending on the type. And now why it’s hard to choose. if you often go to the forest and how else with UAZomi you constantly storm puddles and swamps, bridges will inevitably get water through the air vents. Water in oil is guaranteed his death. and the operation of the bridge on a cocktail of oil and water will not add to his health. Therefore, if you operate an UAZ only in summer on trophy raids it is cheaper to pour mineral water and change it at the first suspicion of water!

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In winter, synthetics are definitely driving, due to greater temperature stability. Actually, my gasoline consumption fell from 18 to 17 liters after I changed the oil in the bridges and the box for synthetics!

"Simple" oil in LSD

Do not consider this oil. The fact is that this is a regular mineral water with added additives, in fact it is the same mineral water, but more expensive. If you want to pay for the work of marketers. semi-synthetics is your choice, but it does not make sense for a car. it thickens like a mineral water in winter, and in summer there is no difference. We agreed. in the summer, if we constantly knead mud, mineral water and change more often, in winter synthetics.

Oil in the rear axle UAZ, how much to pour, which one to choose?

If you ride around the city year-round and use the UAZ as a zhopovozku, it is better to completely switch to synthetics. There is no point in considering semisynthetics. Nigrol is the remainder of the waste from direct distillation of oil mixed with asphalt tar!

So colleagues UAZovody. And the import additives have long ended, and what is now sold under this brand is unknown even to those who pour this oil.

The differential design of the UAZ is not well thought out, and the gears have a large slip coefficient, and pouring poor-quality oil is therefore unacceptable! On nigrol, the bridge will conquer very quickly, on TAD. how lucky!

The plant recommends pouring oil with viscosity into the bridge, according to SAE, 85w. The manufacturer is not important!

Change the oil on time and do not get on the left burned oil. In any case, the same oil is poured into the front and rear axles, so when changing the oil in the axles, I always took 3 liters.

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