What oil to fill in a single axle tractor Salyut


Ponomarev Vladimir, Volgograd region

“At first I worked for a long time with a Neva MK-100 power tiller, before that there was a Mole, even Soviet. It was good enough for 10 acres. When I rented the land I bought the Salut 5 BS6 with a Brigs. On the field is good, but on a heavy dirt road with a cart I had a lot of trouble with it. Over the winter, converted a singleaxle tractor into a mini-tractor. something from the kit bought, mostly using parts of an old fire pump. Now on uphill traction is excellent, even with a load, the distance is not an obstacle at all.”

“Maybe someone has an old single axle tractor rusting away, so it’s up to you. Anyone with a little understanding of mechanics and having a desire can remake a tractor from a power tiller, it is quite in force. I personally used a complete conversion kit, time was running out. Now I decided to make a Salyut-100 (Chinese LIFAN 6.5 hp) cross-country vehicle. changed the wheel on a wide, the rubber from the off-road took. Of course, a singleaxle tractor with a water-cooled diesel would work better, but I think the Salyut would also work fine.”

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Thanks to the attached implements the functionality of Salyut power tillers can be greatly expanded and the work is much easier.

The main types of additional equipment are:

  • Adapter. is a special device with a seat that allows you to work and control the device while sitting.
  • Mower. makes quick mowing or making hay. Both rotary and segment mowers are suitable for Salyut power tillers.
  • Potato digger. It enables the harvesting of crops quickly and without much effort, without damaging the tubers.
  • Potato planter. Used for the fastest possible planting of the crop. Especially useful on large plots.
  • Weed whackers. are devices that perch and help control weeds. The main thing is to set the angle of operation correctly.
  • Shovel blade, which is used to remove snow or any debris from the site.

Как пашет мотоблок “Салют 100”.

How much mix to pour

The amount of liquid that is poured into the mechanism depends directly on a number of factors, viz:

  • The volume, which is set directly by the manufacturer;
  • recommendations regarding the amount of oil;
  • design features of the mechanism;
  • The amount of liquid drained from the device.
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Considering all these nuances, you can choose the optimal value at which the device will work best. As a rule, about two liters of transmission fluid are poured into this part of the motoblock. To determine a reliable amount of this component, you can take a wire length of 70 centimeters, and then bend it and stick it in the mechanism. As a result, it should be no less than 30 centimeters (this is considered the norm). If the indicator is less, you need to refill the liquid.

Important! If you service the unit, you must fill to capacity otherwise parts like the gearbox will wear out quickly.

How to change the oil in a power tiller

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Experts strongly advise to fill new oil in a singleaxle tractor every 100-150 hours of operation of the device. Replacement is a simple process, so you do not need to possess certain skills. The main thing is to know the algorithm of actions and strictly follow it:

  • Place the body of the machine horizontally.
  • Use a sturdy screwdriver to remove the drain plug from the tank.
  • Drain the tank contents into a separate container of 2 litres or more. On average, this process takes 15 minutes.
  • Use the same screwdriver to screw the oil drain plug tight.
  • Carefully pour the oil into the single axle tractor. If there is a gearbox, first of all pour in the gearbox. If there is no gearbox, the fluid should be poured directly into the gearbox. Remember that the poured mortar should not run down on the edges. Important: It is highly recommended not to exceed the mark set in the box.
  • Do not forget to cover the hole designed for pouring oil into the single axle tractor.