What oil to fill in the motor cultivator tarpan

Tarpan TMZ MK-03 single axle tractor. instruction on how to use the power tiller

Rural life imposes a certain mark not only on the man himself, but also on the kind of activity in which he is engaged. Living in the countryside, it’s almost impossible to do without a personal vegetable garden, where you can grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and, of course, potatoes.

However, in order for this to be possible, it is necessary to make an annual preliminary preparation of the soil, i.e.е. Plowing and cultivating it so that the crop can grow normally.

Previously plowing was a rather labor-intensive process, with the use of manual labor and primitive tools, but over time, the process has been greatly simplified. This is made possible by the partial automation of the whole process through the use of special equipment such as a single axle tractor.

With the help of this device you can perform practically the whole complex of agricultural works, which makes it practically irreplaceable for every farmer and dacha owner. In our country are popular with a variety of brands of power tillers, both domestic and foreign.

The value of the first is a relatively low cost and good performance indicators. These criteria fully meet the single-axle tractor Tarpan, which is a brainchild of Tulamashzavod production association.

About the manufacturer

Tulamashzavod is a large association of various companies, headed by a joint stock company with a number of subsidiaries.

The main field of activity of these companies is to provide the defense industry with various products, as well as manufacture of various products for household needs. Territorially the company is located on the site of a former Baizurovsky plant, established in 1879.

It specialized in the production of a variety of cast-iron and copper products.

In 1912 the plant became a part of the Imperial Tula Armory.

OOO “Tulamash-Tarpan”, which is a subsidiary company of Tulamashzavod, specializes in the manufacture of small-sized agricultural machinery in our country.

The company has quite a wide representation in regions and near abroad countries. about 70 dealer centers. Such a wide distribution allows Tarpan technique to increase its sales every year, as well as to popularize it in other countries.

The Tarpan motorcycle is a real Russian product that combines unconditional quality performance and affordability.

For more information about Tulamashzavod, see

Operating Instructions

the Tarpan single axle tractor, the instructions for which will be reviewed below, has a very interesting feature. it can be easily dismantled into two component parts for more convenient transportation.

Hand pump sprayer. a device for plant care, for sprinkling plants with water and watering. Hand pump sprayer. irreplaceable in the garden.

On the streets of modern cities no one is surprised by a variety of snowplowing equipment. Follow this link to read all about the Champion 656.

Today more and more consumers are buying such an indispensable and important agricultural tool as a lawnmower. Here’s all about the most popular MTD lawnmower models.

One part of it includes the power unit, which consists of the power unit, fuel system and controls. The second part is a gear unit, consisting of a gearbox, gearbox, wheel or tiller, and two brackets. rear and front.

Changing the oil in the gearbox

On different internet forums a lot of people ask how to change the oil in a Tarpan mower? To begin with, you need to drain the oil into a dish, and then pour it into the gearbox to the optimum value (350 ml). At the same time, pouring new oil, as well as draining the old one, is carried out through a hole with a plug.

It is recommended to drain the oil immediately after completing all work, when the oil has not yet had time to cool.

Many people are also interested in the question. what oil to pour into the gearbox of a Tarpan power tiller? According to the instructions, it is necessary to use SAE 90 oil for the gearbox.

Features of Tarpan cultivators

Russian Tarpan motocultivators are optimal for farmers who own areas with no more than 15 acres of land. This machine deserved recognition due to its reliable engine and high-quality construction. Most models are equipped with American BriggsStratton engines, rated at 5 to 6 liters. с. The main features of the units include:

  • The worm type gearbox is practically eternal;
  • A quality transmission that gives you the ability to travel at multiple speeds;
  • Plowing depth is from 16 to 25 cm.;
  • Band width varies from 25-100 cm.;
  • Improved coupling due to more reliable plugs;
  • Possibility to use a lot of different attachments.

Service peculiarities and operation manual

Let’s take as the basis the rules of operation from the manual ≪ТМЗ-МК 03≫.

Change oil in gearbox

Drainage of oil immediately after operation facilitates the procedure.

We use TAAD-17I GOST 23652-79 oil. Can be replaced by gear oils SAE 90, SAE 75W/90, API GL-4, GL-5 categories 0.35 liters.

Tarpan MK-03-02 WM168FB≫ motor cultivator

  • Change oil in the gearbox after the first 5 hours of operation.
  • Every 5 hours or every day check tightness of joints of engine parts for oil and fuel leakage.
  • Change oil in gearbox every 100 hours or every year.
  • To check the oil level in the gearbox, pour it into a measuring jug and add 0.35 l of oil.
  • the gearbox is drained and filled with oil through the same hole, which is sealed with a plug.

Replace oil seals

During the warranty period please contact the service center or the manufacturer to have the damage repaired.

After the warranty period in the service center the oil seal will be replaced without any problems. But you can do this yourself.

The oil seal must be replaced if oil leaks from the gearbox.

The first 12 hours are the first 12 hours of the cultivator running-in period

To replace the stuffing box packing yourself:

  • Clean the gearbox and drain the oil;
  • Turn the gearbox with the bolts upside down and open the housing;
  • mark the position of the shaft with the gears in relation to the housing with a marker so that the shaft will fit correctly after the repair;
  • Remove the packing gland with cover from the shaft;
  • Carefully remove the oil seal, which is tight in the cover, with a blunt screwdriver or similar tool without damaging the cover;
  • put the new oil seal on the cover so that it is in place, put the old one on top of it and tap it with a hammer.

The new one should fit all the way in. If there is still a gap, this must be corrected.

Replace the second oil seal in the same way. Then lubricate the gearbox halves with sealing compound and join them again according to the marks you made earlier with the highlighter.

Running-in and start-up of the ≪Tarpan cultivator

During the first 12 hours the running-in period. Do not operate the machine at full throttle for this period. It is better to go over the same area several times.

Before starting, check oil level, whether gasoline has been filled and whether the power unit and actuator unit are securely connected.

The clutch lever is loose at first, and the shift knob is in the neutral position.

Check the oil level before starting the machine

  • move the throttle control lever to the 1/4 turn position;
  • Pull the handle of the cord slowly until you feel resistance;
  • Pull the starter rope quickly and release it slowly without jerking.

Reverse the throttle lever to the ≪MIN≫ position when starting and warm up the engine. You can start working.

Stopping the engine

Release control lever to stop engine. It will return to the idle position by the return spring. Push the lever all the way down and the engine stops.

≪Tarpan≫ cultivator attachments

Different brands of attachments are interchangeable.


≪Strun mower for ≪Tarpan assemblies is designed for cutting grass up to 20 cm. The mower blade works well in open areas and hard-to-reach places. Rotary mower is no less popular. Attached rake easily collects hay and uses it for its intended purpose.

Snow blowers

Snowplow attachment to the harvester ≪Tarpan≫ can be combined with machines of other brands. There is an independent snow blower ≪Tarpan SNU, which is controlled manually by levers. Removes snow up to 25 cm in height. Working width up to 1 meter.

For cultivator ≪Tarpan≫ there are many attachments

The snow blower can be equipped with a brush, blade, blades. Can throw snow up to 5 meters to the side.

Shovel blade

Dumping shovel for cultivator ≪Tarpan≫ simply rake debris, level the site, clear snow. Blade pivot is adjustable.

Frame with wheels

Cultivator can be easily moved with transportation wheels attached to the frame.


Hooks attach implements to the cultivator. They can be rotary or U-shaped. The swivel shovel allows for easy maneuvering.

Harrow and potato separator for ≪Tarpan cultivator

The potato planting canopy looks like a large conical funnel into which the planting material is placed.

The most popular potato harvester is the screen one. It grabs the root crops along with the soil and, rattling, sifts through the contents, leaving the potatoes on the soil surface.

Reversible plow

A reversible plow is used for plowing fallow land and heavy soils. It is attached to the back of the machine.

Hillers for soil

Tiller blades ≪Tarpan≫ are available as single-row and disc ones. fixed without a coupling.

Tillage tools for ripping and plowing

Active rotary burrs for loosening the soil are delivered with the ≪Tarpan cultivator. There are also so called ≪goosefoot≫ cutters that till the ground instead of the plow. They are available as an option or are made by craftsmen.

Sometimes it may be necessary to improve the equipment when using the cultivator


It’s hard to imagine hard tillage without the tines. The set comes in 2 pieces.

Specifications and prices

The Tarpan single axle tractor, whose technical specifications will be reviewed below, was put into production in 1991. Every year the factory specialists improve the main characteristics of the model wishing to make the machine more competitive among power tillers.

However, in 1995 it was decided to stop the production of Tarpan power tillers because it was considered unprofitable. However, thanks to the enthusiasm of some specialists, the new Tarpan with a foreign engine BriggsStratton received rather flattering reviews, which led to the mass production of the model.

Since 1997, a new era of Tarpan motor blocks begins, due to the annual increase in the rate of production and competitiveness of this brand.

Model range of Tarpan motor blocks is not very wide, including several models that will be discussed below.

Tarpan 07 single axle tractor, as well as Huter, Profi, LANDER, Champion motor blocks is quite a multifunctional device designed for plowing the land.

In addition, using the attached equipment, this single-axle tractor can perform the most diverse set of works: ditching, transporting various loads, mowing lawns, etc.д.

  • type of engine used. 4-stroke, carburetor type;
  • Number of cylinders. 1;
  • engine capacity. 160 cm3;
  • power rating. 6 liters.с.;
  • start type. manual;
  • length of the tractor. 1400 mm;
  • Moto-block width. 560 mm;
  • height of the walking tractor. 1090 mm;
  • Total weight. 67 kg;
  • working width. about 70 cm;
  • Tillage depth. 20 cm;
  • Fuel consumption. 1.1 liter per 1 hour of work;
  • capacity of the tank with fuel. 1,1 l;
  • Type of clutch. belt-type;
  • gearbox type. pinion.

TMZ MB 07 01

single axle tractor Tarpan TMZ MB 07 01 is the most oversized unit in the family of Tarpan engine blocks. Unlike other models, this single axle tractor can be attached to the snowplow.


single axle tractor Tarpan TMZ MK 03 is one of the most common models in its class. Engine for Tarpan engine can be very different (this information is specified in the model name, after the serial number).

In particular, it can be equipped with American BriggsStratton (BS) or Japanese Honda engine.

In addition, wanting to reduce the cost of the walking tractor, the manufacturer began to equip the Tarpan with the Chinese Champion G160VK engine, which has a capacity of 5.5 horsepower.

  • type of motor used. 4-stroke, gasoline engine;
  • Gasoline brand. AI-92;
  • number of cylinders. 1;
  • engine volume. 160 cm3;
  • power indicator. 5,5 l.с.;
  • start type. manual;
  • length of the walking tractor. 780 mm;
  • Width of the walking tractor is 700 mm;
  • height of the walking tractor. 750 mm;
  • Total weight. 45 kg;
  • working width. about 70 cm; power indicator. 5,5 l;
  • ripping depth. 20 cm;
  • fuel consumption. 1,1 l per 1 hour of work
  • fuel tank capacity. 1,1 l;
  • type of clutch. V-belt;
  • gearbox type. gear-type.

This single-axle tractor Tarpan, will be the best purchase for owners of small vegetable gardens. Quite small size of the device does not allow to install the whole list of attachments, so you need to take this fact into account when buying.

Tarpan single-axle tractor, the description of which we have just reviewed, allows you to combine with it a variety of attachments. This fact greatly expands the scope of the unit, allowing it to compete with many foreign models of power tillers.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tarpan cultivators

The Tarpan cultivator has more than 25 years of history. The first models of the family of units were not very reliable, so they wanted to abandon their production. However, over time, the manufacturer began to introduce more advanced technology, so that the design of the models is constantly being improved. Modern representatives with a Honda engine are distinguished by their high reliability. They are equipped with a virtually eternal worm-type gearbox. The powerful motor is also able to please customers. In the current set Tarpan cultivator is available with engines, 5.5 and 6 liters. с.

Among the main advantages of the machine are:

  • The presence of an automatic centrifugal clutch, which allows you to unfold the cultivator into 2 parts, so that it was easier to transport;
  • Excellent combination of imported engines and durable domestic “iron” allows you to handle even heavy soils;
  • Good working speed. the cultivator can plow up to 10 acres in 5 hours;
  • The unit requires minimal maintenance and adjustments, it is easy to manage;
  • The cultivator is lightweight, so it can be turned by itself;
  • Perfectly sharpened reliable cutters;
  • The vertical motor is easy and quick to remove;
  • A wide range of attachments can be used.

In addition to all the advantages, cultivator Tarpan has some drawbacks. Firstly, the manufacturer has not provided reverse travel, due to what it is very inconvenient to use the model on small and abundantly planted seedbeds. Second, my thumb gets tired quickly from constantly pushing the throttle lever. Third, the cutters quickly reel in weeds because they are positioned at right angles. Fourthly, it is inconvenient to change the engine oil. you need to constantly remove the clutch and unscrew the nuts.

Installation of an attachment for the ≪Tarpan cultivator

Different brands of attachments are interchangeable.


Mower set ≪Strunna≫ for Tarpan machines is designed for mowing the grass up to 20 cm. Mower blade successfully copes with open areas and hard-to-reach places. The rotary mower is no less popular. Attached rake makes it easy to collect hay and use it for its intended purpose.

Snow blowers

≪Tarpan snow blower attachment for other brands. There is an independent snow blower ≪Tarpan SNU≫, which is operated manually by levers. Clears snow up to 25 cm in height. Working width. 1 meter.

Many attachments for the ≪Tarpan≫ cultivator

Snowplow can be equipped with a brush, dozer blade, blades. Capable of throwing snow up to 5 meters to the side.

Shovel blade

Dumping shovel for cultivator ≪Tarpan≫ simply rakes trash, levels an area, clears snow. Blade rotation is adjustable.

Frame with wheels

Transport wheels attached to the frame make it easy to move the cultivator.


Couplings for attaching implements to the cultivator. They can be rotary or U-shaped. Pivoting allows you to maneuver at work.

Potato harvester and potato planter for ≪Tarpan≫ cultivator

Canopy for planting potatoes looks like a big cone-shaped funnel in which the planting material is put.

Potato shovel is the most popular. It captures the root crops together with the soil and, rattling, sifts through the contents, leaving the potatoes on the surface of the soil.

Reversible plough

For plowing virgin land and heavy soils, a reversible plow is used. It is attached at the back of the machine.

Hillers for soil

Hillers for ≪Tarpan≫tiller can be one-row or disc. Mounted without a hitch.

Cutters for ripping and plowing

Active rotary tools for ripping the soil are included into the set with the Tulamp cultivator. There are also so-called ≪goose feet≫. cutters that work the ground instead of the plow. They are purchased additionally or made by craftsmen.

When using a cultivator, it may sometimes be necessary to refine the equipment


It’s hard to imagine hard tillage without tines. The kit comes with 2 pieces.

Review of the range of Tarpan power tillers

Tulamashzavod offers its customers not only power tillers but also cultivators. Don’t confuse the two.

Cultivators are designed for milling soil only; they do not have any hitch or PTO.

Tarpan power tillers are machines of wide application, which can drive additional attachments (we will talk about them below).

Tarpan 07 01 single axle tractor

This single-axle tractor stands out for its ease of operation. It is equipped with a Briggs and Stratton four-stroke gasoline engine with 5.5 horsepower.

Tarpan MB 07-01 single-axle tractor

Tarpan 07 01 single-axle tractor can perform a wide range of agricultural activities on small and medium-sized plots: tilling, mowing grass, removing snow and leaves, transporting goods, etc.д.


Power 6,5 л.с.
Working width 70 cm
Weight 75 kg
Reverse there is
Engine BriggsStratton
Class of power tiller Lightweight
Engine manufacturer BriggsStratton (USA)
Engine type gasoline, four-stroke
Number of cylinders 1
Engine volume 208 cu.m.see
Volume of the oil sump 0,6 л
Engine oil type SAE 30, SAE 10W-30
Fuel tank volume 3,6 л
Type of fuel Gasoline AI-92
Type of cooling Air
Working depth 20 cm
Diameter of the burrs 32 cm
Gearbox gear
Oil volume in gearbox 1,1 л
Speed 2-forward/1-backward
Manufacturer Russia, TulMashZavod
Warranty 1 year

Disadvantages of Tarpan cultivators

The disadvantage of the described technique is the lack of reverse. Because of this, the cultivator can be uncomfortable to use in areas where everything is planted. It is worth noting and uncomfortable location of the gas lever. You have to use your right thumb to push it in, which makes your hand get tired quickly.

Another disadvantage is the right angle of the cutter. This causes them to wind the grass around and press it into the soil. On sites with an abundance of grass, you have to constantly clean the cutters, interrupting the work.

It is also worth noting that it is inconvenient to change the oil in “Tarpan” motocultivators. It is connected with the fact that to carry out such actions one should first remove the clutch, and then unscrew a few nuts which are located on the frame. Owners of such equipment should remember not to keep it tilted for a long time, as oil begins to leak onto the air filter.

Model range, specifications

The family of main models of power tillers is based on the basic design of “TMZ-MK-03”. They have a similar layout, but different power packs. The main parameters of the cultivators are given below.

Name Value
Engine, power, l. с. Kohler (XT775) 5,5; Briggs Stratton (675EXi) 6; “Tarpan” (173) 5
Fuel consumption per hour, l 1,1
Weight, kg 45
Productivity, ha/h 0,06
Milling tool diameter, mm 320
Operating temperature range, °C 5-40
Number of gears (forward/reverse) 1/-
Price, 22500. 25000

Earlier modifications of the farming machines were manufactured with the engine Briggs 675EXi. In later models, they were replaced by their Japanese counterparts.

The plant, except simple machines, also produces a separate line of equipment. “TMZ-MK-03-02”. The difference from the main series is the horizontal positioning of the power unit and the variable speed box that allows you to move forward and backward. This layout greatly facilitated the cultivation of the land in limited areas.

Name Value
Engine, power, l. с. Briggs Stratton (RS950) 6,5
Fuel consumption per hour, l 1,1
Weight, kg 55
Mowing capacity, ha/h 0,06
Cutter diameter, mm 320
Operating temperature range, °C 5. 40
Number of gears (forward/reverse) 1/1
Price, 25750

Review: Tarpan TMZ-MK-03 single axle tractor. Reliable domestic power tiller for not big amount of works

Here I will talk about how to prepare a tarpan motocultivator to work after buying it, how to run-in, what to fuel, how to serve, in general, all that is necessary to do with it, so let’s go, the first thing you should do when buying is to twist cutters now they are installed correctly,

At the factory they are all concave inward from the package, it is necessary to twist 2 cutters from one side to the other. Next, you need to adjust the throttle cable if the store did not do it to you, more details in the video below. Before adjusting the throttle, check the oil level, because the factory may not or overfill the oil level is checked by the upper hole on the dipstick.

The peculiarity of the cultivator during storage and work is that the engine is not quite as usual installed on tillers, here, as on lawnmowers, so you must exclude the tilt forward on the candle, in the side to the right or left, the service position can be declined back, that is, there is no oil drainage hole, it drains by tilting the cultivator back, to make it easier you can disconnect the engine from the gearbox, this requires a key for 17.Oil should be changed after the first five hours of operation, this running-in, and then once a season is desirable to do on hot, you started there a couple of minutes he worked heated up, just worked not at idle and then you can change, oil or a special syringe pump out, or just turning back, I draw attention that when the engine there are divergent pads, do not give a smooth gas, gas and forward, then let go, If you don’t press it smoothly, there are pads between the gearbox and the engine, like in the car brake mechanism, and if they diverge smoothly, they will stuff the mirror and it may slip, which is undesirable in work and if you stuff the mirror, the clutch drum will stop performing its functions, you should also watch the air filter, which should be inspected periodically, every few hours of work, in case it can not be cleaned replace with a new one.Gasoline fill only 92, and 95 for garden equipment is not suitable, if you ignorantly tilted forward and you have a problem with starting the engine, you must unscrew the plug and pump the engine, the cylinder will come out the oil, as when tilting forward oil gets into the cylinder, if the side in the muffler, if the other side, then the air filter so again I repeat the need to respect the verticality of the engine during storage and transportation and work, maximum allowed slight deviation back, or roll over when the engine. The gearbox is a worm one, quite reliable. Running-in is the work of the cultivator, as he should work, or it on milling, or okuchivanie, for it is no problem, the main thing that the idle is NOT WORKING, at idle operation is allowed no more than 15-20 seconds, then it is better to muffle if any problems. No problems with start-up, just pull the lever gently until resistance is felt and then pull sharply, then muffle the engine by pulling the throttle grip down. See everything in the video below.

Instructions for use

Read the owner’s manual to set up and start the machine for the first time. The unit is delivered in a disassembled form, in the process of assembly it is necessary to connect the wheels and the control handle. After assembly, you can do the first startup, and do a running-in.

First run

Break-in time recommendations vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Eight hours is considered sufficient time for the Tarpan.

Lightweight power tillers can run for 40-60 minutes without interruption, after which the engine should be allowed to cool down and then continue working.

During the break-in period, the engine should run at 2/3rds of its maximum capacity. Do not cut virgin land during this period, because the engine and gearbox of the trimmer must adapt to the load. After the running-in period, you can work with the single-axle tractor to its full capacity.


The engine oil and fuel recommendations of the machine manufacturer must be followed; otherwise the engine will stop working, choke, and use up its life faster.

SAE 30 oil

Engine oil: air-cooled four-stroke. SAE30/SAE5W-30. Gearbox oil: SAE 90, SAE 75W/90 (API GL-4, GL-5). Gasoline: AI-92 (93, 95).

The higher the quality of fuel and oil, the less often you need to change fuel and oil filters.

The filter should be changed after 50 engine hours, i.e. once every half a year. If you use your power tiller only occasionally, change filters as necessary.

Main malfunctions and remedies

If the engine won’t start, check the gas level in the tank, the condition of the spark plug. Run single-axle tractor on level ground, fully assembled.

In the table below you can see the main faults of gasoline motor blocks with four-stroke engines.

Main malfunctions and remedy

If the single-axle tractor is under warranty and the problem is not solved by yourself, contact a service center.

How much oil to fill in the reducing gear of a single axle tractor?

Each single-axle tractor has a gearbox. They also use gear oil, which is changed regularly. Today there are machines that don’t need oil changes. To replace it, it is necessary to use the following transmission formulas. This will prolong the life of the unit. The gearbox of the Neva MB-2 power tiller requires TEP-15 gear lubricant. The parking brake is not used for driving under the influence of alcohol.5˚С. For winter time they fill up with TM-5. It will hold up to.25˚С. Volume. 2,2 l.

TAD-17I or TAP-15B must be prepared for the Neva MB-1. Volume of lubricant. 1 liter. Salut 5 and Belarus 08H-09H use M-10B2 and M-10G2 in warm weather. In winter time. M-8G2. In Oka MB-1D1 you fill up transmission TAD-17I or TAP-15V. The gearbox of a Celina MB power tiller is factory filled. No need for relubrication. Tarpan is filled with TAD-17I or its analogues. Favorite is MS-20 or TAD-17I aviation oil.

Vario requires 80W90 every two years. The best oil for the Patriot Garden unit is 85W90. Recommended compound for Zubr gearbox. TAP-15.

A few words about replacement timing. First change in Favorit gearbox after 25 hours of operation. Change oil every 250 hours thereafter. The best time to change is when the engine is hot. You drain the hot oil through the oil drain plug and fill in fresh oil through the oil fill plug.

In Celina machines the oil in the gearbox is changed for the first time after 50 hours of operation and then every 200 hours thereafter. Ugra and Oka are filled daily with a small amount. Complete oil change after 100 hours of operation.