What Oil To Pour Into The Stihl Saw

Carburetor STIHL MS-180

The STIHL MS-180 carburetor is equipped with one idle adjustment screw. The full load jet is not adjustable, that is, it cannot be changed.

You need to know the basic rules for adjusting the idle speed:

1) check the air filter, if necessary, change it;

2) check the spark arresting grille, if necessary, change or clean it. Then you can turn on the engine and then warm it up.

Oil supply repair. What to fill with oil for chainsaw Stihl 180 (stihl 180)

  1. Spend some money on the original oil. Stihl HP 2-stroke oil costs a little more, but cleaning is even more expensive.
  2. High-quality fuel can also be poured into Mobile 1, and a three-phase one is suitable for lubrication, in no case do not fill the workings.
  3. From inexpensive options, mineral oil 15-40, in winter 10-30. You can M8, for example, or M10.

Remember your personal safety when working with your chainsaw.

Remember that the quality of the oil being poured affects the operation of the chainsaw. Poor quality oil can cause ineffective tool performance and adversely affect tool parts.

To ensure that the STIHL MS 180 oil pump delivers oil without difficulty, periodically check and clean the pump. Thus, the oil supply process will be normal.

STIHL MS 180 oil supply repair

The owners of this model of the tool should be prepared for the fact that they may be faced with such an unpleasant moment as a leak of oil to lubricate the chain. Oil can leak out while working with the tool and even when it just lies without action.

What is the reason for this phenomenon? The fact is that oil leaks due to leakage in the area where the hose from the oil tank and pump is connected.

In order to solve the STIHL MS 180 oil supply problem, it is advisable to disassemble the device.

Solution to the problem:

  1. Check the hose, if it is damaged, then replace it with another one. Or try to degrease the hose and rinse and put on a sealant, it should work.
  2. Check the filter oil for breakage, clean it (if you filled in the waste)
  3. There may also be a clogged zapune, which creates a vacuum in the fuel tank and affects the fuel supply. The problem may be in the adjustment of the carburetor and the channels may be clogged, well, or the air filter, you need to thoroughly clean the filter and carburetor channels.

In general, the problem is mainly due to poor oil.

It is not recommended to pour oil into a chainsaw that is not intended!

Construction and Dacha in plain language Proportions of fuel mixture preparation

Very often people ask the question, how much oil per liter of gasoline is considered the norm. It is easy to answer it, because the instructions for any Stihl chainsaw, as well as on the additive package, indicate that when using original Stihl products, the proportions of oil and gasoline should be 1:50. This means that for one liter of fuel, it is necessary to add 20 ml of the additive.

What oil to choose for the chain

BioPlus is the best choice for chain lubrication and should be chosen by those who use chainsaw from time to time. The optimum price and quality of BioPlus have made it the most popular chain oil in the Stihl range.

It is also worth remembering that BioPlus does not harm the environment, since it is made on a plant basis and decomposes in the shortest possible time, which is also important when working with a chainsaw on your own site.

BioPlus chain oil overview

BioPlus is plant-based, which allows it to decompose in the shortest possible time when it gets into the soil. It is this property that has been awarded the European environmental safety mark. According to the official information on the manufacturer’s website, BioPlus has been tested according to OECD 301 B.

What Oil To Pour Into The Stihl Saw

For maximum convenience of consumers, it is packaged in 4 types of containers, these are:

  1. Liter bottle.
  2. Canister with a capacity of three liters.
  3. Five liter canister.
  4. Plastic twenty liter canister for those who use a chainsaw on a daily basis and use a lot of lubricants.

BioPlus price may vary depending on the region of sale.

BioPlus has a shelf life of four years. Brown color.


SynthPlus is a semi-synthetic oil that retains its properties even under the most severe conditions. It is capable of maintaining performance at minus 25 degrees. SynthPlus mixes well with BioPlus, making it easy to switch from one oil type to another.

SynthPlus has a long shelf life, which, if properly stored, reaches seven years. SynthPlus oil color, brown.

Stihl SynthPlus is packaged in containers of the same capacity as BioPlus.

How to tell fake Stihl oil

Attackers do not miss the opportunity to make money selling fake products of a well-known brand. Stihl oil is no exception. The most common counterfeit Stihl HP is due to its highest sales volumes of the entire Stihl line of lubricants.

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In order to distinguish a fake from the original, the Stihl company has issued a special brochure on which it has recorded all the main differences between the original and the fake.

Also, we invite you to look, in which, using a specific example, it is shown how a package of high-quality Stihl oil should look like and how to distinguish a fake.

Stihl HP Ultra Review

Unlike conventional Stihl HP oil, HP Ultra is designed for high engine loads during operation and is recommended for use on professional chainsaws. This oil is synthetic. In order for consumers not to confuse diluted fuel, it has a green color, respectively, a ready-made mixture of gasoline with Stihl HP Ultra also has a greenish tint.

There are only two packages of this oil. This is Stihl HP Ultra 100 ml and 1 liter with dispenser.

The cost of Stihl HP Ultra is almost twice the price of Stihl HP and for this reason it is less popular in our country.

The Stihl HP Ultra has a four-year shelf life.

Helpful hints:

  1. Sometimes it is better to pour a little oil than to regret it. If you give a little more oil than indicated in the instructions, then nothing terrible will happen. The formation of carbon deposits is possible in cases of a large amount of oil and if the indicated proportions are not observed;
  2. It is better to store the finished mixture for a month and no more, because for some reason it will lose its qualities;
  3. Correct shutdown. It is imperative to use or drain the contents of the tank, this way you can extend the work of rubber and plastic seals;
  4. You should not use oil intended for mopeds for your chainsaw, because it is designed for low revs.

The correct operation of your technique is entirely up to you. First, do not disdain the manufacturers’ signs or, in extreme cases, the instructions on the oil packaging. This will help avoid unpleasant situations. The neighbor does not always know what is the best way to do it. The cheapness of oil and gasoline is not an indicator of high quality, because a breakdown of a tool can be much more expensive (about 80% of the cost of a chainsaw) than the money saved on the fuel mixture.

Fuel mixture

To properly prepare fuel, you need a list of additional tools:

  1. A plastic or metal container for diluting the substance;
  2. Measuring bottle for gasoline;
  3. Dispenser;
  4. Syringe;
  5. A watering can for filling the tank of a chainsaw.

Some manufacturers, such as Stihl, immediately make measuring containers for more convenient measurement of the fuel mixture.

Different manufacturers produce oils in different shades. The manufacturer HP produces a red liquid. Oil of a green hue is a premium synthetic segment. For your Husqvarna chainsaw, you need to use the correct brand of oil. It is of high cost, good quality, and is green or blue.

To mix the components, you will need the aforementioned additional accessories. Also on sale you can find special canisters with two holes for oil and gasoline. Everything is very simple here, pour in the ingredients, tighten the lid tightly and mix by tilting the container. Glass and plastic bottles can be used.

Water or dust must not enter the fuel mixture.

Good to know

Procurement of fuel must be carried out counting on 3 refueling. After all, storing a large volume of fuel can negatively affect the operation of the chainsaw. The mixture can behave in different ways, as it will be influenced by many factors. As a result, your household unit can get serious damage, which will entail financial costs.

Sometimes even the capacity can affect the quality of the liquid. Plastic and glass react with gasoline, which can create a sudden fire hazard.

The finished liquid cannot be stored for more than a month, because the oxidation process takes place. After working with the chainsaw, use up the remaining fuel, turn off the engine and remove the remaining fuel mixture.

Fuel consumption

One of the most important questions that arises from the owners of the saw tool, because everyone wants to know what to count on.

The volume of almost all tanks is approximately 500 ml. If the power of the chainsaw is 2 kW, then the consumption of the fuel mixture will be approximately 1.2 liters per hour of operation. Simply put, such a tool will be able to work at maximum speed for half an hour without interruption. If the chainsaw is not as powerful, then it will have a smaller tank volume. This allows the user to independently control the fuel consumption.

Over time, the user will learn to service his tool without any help. The main task will be to preserve the economic unit in good working order, using high-quality fuel mixtures. Observe safety rules when preparing flammable liquids. This will help to preserve the instrument and not harm yourself and the environment.

What gasoline should be poured into a chainsaw

Hello! Glad to see you again, dear readers and subscribers of Andrey Noak’s Blog. Everyone who has a chainsaw at home already knows exactly what kind of gasoline and how to fill it. But to those who just want to buy such a unit, the article will seem entertaining.

The chainsaw is one of the most convenient and versatile household units. Prepare a fuel mixture before use. But for the unit to work correctly, you must follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations. Each model is different, so what kind of gasoline should you put in your chainsaw?

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Under the brand

For modern brands, for example, Husqvarna, Partner, Makita, Echo, Stihl, AI-92 gasoline is suitable. Today, just a colossal number of people complain about premature failure of chainsaws due to poor gasoline. Therefore, some experts recommend pouring AI-95 into such chainsaws. At the same time, a good AI-95 can burn a piston, and again a number of people have found a compromise and mix AI-95 with AI-92. In general, it all depends on the quality of gasoline and ultimately you decide.

For domestic instruments, Ural, Druzhba, it is recommended to take AI-80 gasoline. It is very important that fuel consumption is kept to a minimum.

Chainsaw Oil to Gasoline Ratio

To find out how much oil to pour into gasoline for a chainsaw (as well as for any other two-stroke technique: trimmer, motor-drill, etc.), you need to see the correct proportion in the instructions for the saw or on the packaging. Usually, when using the native version, the proportion is 1:50. If another type is used, it is recommended to mix it in a ratio of 1:40. That is, for example, with a ratio of 1:50, we divide 1 liter by 50 and get 0.02 liters, which is the amount that needs to be added to 1 liter of gasoline. That is, pour 20 ml into 1 liter of gasoline.

The proportions of gasoline and oil for the chainsaw must be observed with great accuracy, therefore, to determine the required amount, I advise you to use a regular medical syringe of 20-25 ml. In addition, there are special packages with a dispenser, as well as containers for mixing. The latter allow you to measure as the required amount of both mixed products.

When using a syringe or a package with a dispenser, you need to have a container for which you can accurately measure the required amount of gasoline.

So, after adding the required amount of oil to gasoline, simply shake the container in which they are mixed, and the whole fuel mixture is ready.

You should not stock up on the mixture for future use, as it has a limited shelf life. Usually the shelf life after mixing should not exceed one month, but some service centers recommend generally storing the finished fuel mixture for no more than 3 days.

What kind of oil to pour into gasoline for a chainsaw?

A special oil for two-stroke engines is used to prepare the fuel mixture. There are a great many of them today. However, manufacturers themselves, especially serious ones such as Stihl or Husqvarna, always write which oil to mix with gasoline for their chainsaws. They are produced under the same brand, so, for example, Stihl oil is suitable for Stihl saws, and Husqvarna for Husqvarna.

At the same time, representatives of manufacturers declare that they do not know how the chainsaw will work with other oils, but they can definitely guarantee the correct operation of their equipment when the fuel mixture for it is prepared on the basis of the product that they indicate in the operating instructions. By the way, if a malfunction occurs in the piston group during the warranty period, you may be refused free repair if it turns out that you added something other than what the manufacturer indicates.

Masters from the services with whom I had to communicate, praise all the same Stihl and Husqvarna oils.

Mineral or synthetic oil, which is better to add to gasoline

Two-stroke oils can be mineral or synthetic. As in the case of a car, synthetics are always more expensive here than mineral water. Its most important advantage is that no carbon deposits form inside the chainsaw cylinder when used. This extends its service life. Thus, if you want the saw to last as long as possible, fill in synthetics.

True, it is worth noting that if you have already used mineral water for a long time (at least 100 hours), then you cannot use synthetics. This is due to the fact that synthetic oil, possessing cleaning properties, will wash away the carbon layer accumulated on them from the cylinder walls, and its falling off pieces can lead to damage. Therefore, if you have been using AL-KO for a long time, then use it.

Chainsaw oil

Hello! In this article, I will guide you on how to use your chainsaw oil. The information presented here is based both on my personal experience of using saws, and on the experience associated with the fact that I am a sales consultant for this technique, this is both communication with buyers and with service masters. Plus there will be a theory where without it.

What oil to use to lubricate the chainsaw chain

Now let’s move on to chain lubrication. To lubricate the chain, you must use special adhesive lubricants specifically designed for this. You can, of course, fill in other types of oils, for example, transmission or engine oils, but they will not lubricate the bar and chain as effectively as a special adhesive oil does for lubricating the chain.

This is due to the fact that the special lubricant contains adhesive substances that make it stick to the chain. Due to this, it does not fly out as much when the chain rotates, as other types of it do. Therefore, the bar and chain wear less and last longer.

If you drop a good adhesive on your thumb and forefinger, connect them, and then spread them apart, you can see how it stretches between them. Other types can’t do that.

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Density is an important characteristic. Do not take too liquid lubricant, as it is quickly consumed. Stihl chain lubricant is the longest-lasting lubricant in my experience, as well as the customers I have talked to about this topic.

It is also worth noting that if you care about nature, then you can use oil to lubricate the chain, which subsequently decomposes without harming the environment. It is produced on a plant basis. The price, of course, will be higher.

Pour chain oil into a special tank right up to the neck. It is recommended to top up when refueling the saw with a fuel mixture, since, usually, when a full tank of the fuel mixture is generated, there is still some chain lubrication. But if you do not top it up, then it will be used up before the fuel runs out.

That’s all. I hope you found it interesting and learned something new for yourself. Use only special oils for gasoline and chain lubrication and your chainsaw will last you its full life.

Read more articles on my site. Bye and see you soon!

Fuel mixture: the proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw

The chainsaw engine is the heart of the tool, so it is very important to use a properly prepared fuel mixture.

Chainsaw fuel mixture prepared from two compound oil and gasoline. Chainsaws are equipped with two-stroke engines, so oil is not added to the lubrication system (like a four-stroke engine), but directly to gasoline. In this case, it is very important to observe the correct proportions of the ingredients, of course, in no case try to work on pure gasoline, because in this way you will very quickly kill the chainsaw.

If we talk about what kind of gasoline to pour into the chainsaw, then it will be optimal to use fuel with an octane number A-95, in this case, fuel savings can turn out to be deplorable. Often European manufacturers indicate that it is possible to use A-90 or A-92 gasoline, but in post-Soviet countries the quality of gasoline is inferior to that of Europe, so in our realities it is better to use higher quality gasoline.

As for the proportions of petrol-oil mixture, then everything is simple: you need to follow the instructions for the tool. All manufacturers of chainsaws indicate the required ratio in the instruction manual or in the passport of the tool, in addition, the proportions for refueling the chainsaw may differ depending on the model of the chain saw. As a rule, the proportion of oil and gasoline to a chainsaw of famous manufacturers is a ratio of 1:40 or 1:50, which means 1 part of oil for, for example, 40 parts of gasoline. Now arithmetic 1 liter of gasoline = 1000 ml of gasoline, divide by 40 and we get 25ml of oil. If you follow the same steps for the ratio 1:50, then we get 20 ml of oil per 1 liter of gasoline. As for budget chainsaws made in China, the situation is slightly different. The ratio of gasoline to chainsaw oil made in China 1:25, that is, divide 1000 ml of gasoline by 25, we get 40 ml of oil. The thing is that in branded chainsaws, a solid assembly and the distance between pistons and cylinders in the engine is much less than that of Chinese chainsaws, therefore the required amount of oil differs almost twice.

Use a conventional medical syringe with sufficient volume to measure the correct amount of oil.

Another subtlety Fill a dry gasoline can with gasoline first, then oil. The procedure, on the contrary, is fraught with a low quality fuel mixture, because the oil is more dense, it will stick to the bottom of the canister, what a good mixing there is.

Be sure to prepare the fuel mixture in a canister and pour ready-made special fuel into the gas tank! Never cook or mix it directly in the fuel tank of your chainsaw!

If you figured out the question of how to breed gasoline for a chainsaw, then on storage conditions and shelf life of the fuel mixture it is worth saying a few words. It is best and easiest to prepare a petrol-oil mixture for 1 liter of gasoline, it is recommended to do this immediately before working with the tool. Chainsaw fuel tanks have a volume of 0.3 to 1 liter. In the conditions of domestic use, the entire volume of the prepared combustible mixture is rarely used in one session, so the remainder can be saved until the next session. It is necessary to store the fuel mixture in a special canister for gasoline, in a dry, dark place. It is optimal to count that the shelf life of the finished mixture will be 7-10 days. The fact is that the oil on the market now is not synthetic, but organic, that is, natural. After 10 days, all lubricating properties are lost, gasoline simply eats up the oil. Naturally, it is no longer possible to use such fuel, this can cause breakdown and failure of the chainsaw.

At the end of the work, it is necessary to drain the fuel mixture, start the chainsaw, the tool will stall (so that the saw has a dry carburetor) and now you can leave it until the next operation.

Dispose of unsuitable fuel mixture.