What power in kWs is a drill.

How to choose an electric drill for the home correctly: types and types, characteristics, parameters and their values

How to choose an electric drill for the home, which electric drill to choose for homework is not an idle question. Indeed, the drill is designed to drill holes and other operations where rotation is required. After all, a modern tool and equipment for it performs many other technological operations where rotation is required:

  • Making technological recesses for installing furniture fittings.
  • Grinding.
  • Kneading plaster mixtures.
  • Mixing colors.
  • Cleaning surfaces.
  • Sharpening of the tool.
  • Rotation of blanks in lathes.
  • Cutting soft materials.
  • Using as an electric motor in nozzles to receive a jigsaw, rubbish, milling cutter from a drill.

Today we will consider various characteristics of this tool to help you determine the parameters necessary for you for your needs.

What are the drills

Drill (German. Drillholder). a portable tool with manual, electric or pneumatic drive designed to drill holes.

The main question that arises after the decision on the purchase is accepted: “How much drill for the house will cost?””

The answer depends on the purpose of the tool, the intensity of use, the volume of upcoming work.

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Residents of apartments, to hang paintings and cosmetic repair, we recommend buying an amateur electrical appliance.

Important! The life cycle of household drilling devices is 70 hours of operation. After the development of the resource, the restoration of the device is economically impractical. it is more profitable to buy a new tool.

If it is planned to build a house or cottage, overhaul of the dwelling with the replacement of the tiles, cladding of the walls, the manufacture of a new sewer should choose an electric drill of a professional purpose.

The difference in the price of everyday and professional tools is significant to acquire an expensive drill for house needs.

Special purpose drills are included in a professional tool: Peorator, mixer, corner drill models.


A powerful tool for drilling holes in brick and concrete structures. A distinctive feature. a shock mode of drilling or deterrence, which can be selected by a switch. The cartridge is able to withstand the shock load. For infrequent drilling holes with a diameter of up to 10 mm, the shock electric drill is enough.


Models with a capacity of over 650 watts are structurally adapted to knead construction solutions. for this, engines are used resistant to overheating when working at low speeds. Facilitate the use of one or two handles, installed in a special way.

Corner drill

The device works in hard.to.reach, narrow places. Buying is beneficial for constant work in this mode. For infrequent use, angular nozzles are used.

The shock drill of which company to buy

Many companies are engaged in the production of drifts today. Some have been known on the market for many decades, having gained trust around the world. Others only recently began to produce such equipment. How to choose among all this diversity of the manufacturer who can be trusted? We list several of the most famous companies. having purchased their products, you definitely will not have to regret.


  • Bosch is an unconditional leader among the drifts in the world market. German quality in total with a rich assortment and ease of work make the purchase of such a model a good choice for a professional and amateur. However, you will have to pay for quality. a convenient and reliable drill is not cheap.
  • Dewalt is another serious player in the electrical tools market. All products can be recognized by a characteristic color scheme-yellow-black. High.quality components in total with high reliability make these products a good acquisition for many years.
  • Metabo is a brand whose owners are primarily focusing on the simplicity and safety of operation. Needless to say, the tool is in great demand. official outpoints are more than a hundred countries of the world.
  • Makita is the most famous and in demand in our country by the Japanese brand. All products are conveniently used and has a quite affordable cost. If you need an inexpensive shock drill, then it is worth choosing a choice on this brand.
  • Hitachi is also a Japanese company that is almost not inferior in popularity Makita. for drills are quite affordable, while the company is taking serious emphasis on constant research and continuous improvement of product quality.

So, the choice of firms is quite large. By acquiring a drill from any of these manufacturers, you will not regret the decision made.

Let us dwell on the last form of the drill in more detail.

The appointment of a low.cost drill

These models are also called unstressed or low.speed devices. What is the unit for? It is used when there is no need to use devices with a large number of engine speeds. Equipped with low.power electric power engines. The function of the construction mixer is as follows:

  • Mixing bulk components for the preparation of the solution.
  • Thread cutting at low speed and high power.
  • The collapse of the pipes. The process allows you to insert one pipe into another. For work, special roller nozzles are needed.
  • Making holes with large diameter.

Drill Mixer can be used to perform a huge amount of work. At the same time, the products are not heated, which makes it possible to operate without a break for a long time.

Recommendations for choosing a type of cartridge

In the case of an electric drill, the cartridge is a part of the tool that fixes the drill. There are fast.sounding and key cartridges. In the case of the key to fix the drill, it is necessary to use a special key. Quick.packed cartridges of using additional devices do not require.

Among the advantages of fast.packed cartridges include a faster and lighter procedure for replacing the drill. If you purchase a low.power power tool and use it to drill holes in “soft” materials, a fast.packed cartridge will give you the opportunity to save a little time. If the acquired tool has an average or high power and it will be used to perform a wide variety of tasks, it is better to choose a more reliable key cartridge.

So which drill to choose?

Types of drills: a. spoon, b. centr, c. snail.shaped, g. screw with conical sharpening, d. screw.shaped twisted, e is a screw.shaped screw, w. sorcerer, s. universal (sliding).

Thus, the first thing you need to do in the process of choosing a power tool is to understand the modes and stages of work. Driles with declared capacity from 250 to 1500 W are presented on the modern market. This allows both a novice master and a professional worker to choose the most optimal model for his case.

For frequent use, high.power professional drill is best suited. But in the case of any tool, you need to withstand the schedule of work and rest recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you can simply lose the electric motor.

For infrequent use at home, you can buy a small and medium.power drill. Such a power tool can operate no more than 3-4 hours a day and no more than 15-20 minutes in a row. The same time he needs to rest.

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To expand the ability of the tool, buy additional drill. When buying them, pay attention to the diameter of the cartridge. Be sure to consider the maximum permissible drilling diameter specifically for your drill.

Thus, the power, although one of the most significant parameters of the drill, is far from the only characteristic that should be taken into account. Only an integrated approach to the process of choosing a power tool will allow you to purchase a model that can fully cope with all the tasks assigned to it. Good choice!

Shocky and unstressed low.speed drills

In classic electric drones, the rotational motion of the motor rotor is transformed into the progressive rotation of the drill through pneumatic or mechanical shock servomechanism. The first type is considered more effective in terms of working effectiveness, so it is used for most of the most common samples of this equipment. Ball sharing bearing or crooked-shaped node transform the rotation of the motor rotor into an accelerated reciprocating movement of the piston in the airtight cylinder. The large ram transfers the movement of the piston by means of compression in the air between them and makes a blow to the back side of the brisk, which is connected to the moving spindle, where the cartridge is installed with the drilled in it.

The return of the energy strike back becomes quite insignificant due to the large weight of the tool itself and due to the small effort to the clamp, which is attached to the operator, as well as due to the presence of a free longitudinal storm stroke in the cartridge. Special SDS cartridges are used to mount the drill. Among other things, such a device is equipped with a variety of mechanisms that are responsible for comfort and safety of operation. Spring-culach or friction coupling blocks the cartridge when jaming the drill, while the operator remains protected from the return of the return and is simultaneously protected from overload of the motor. Existing systems responsible for the extinguishing of vibration can reduce it qualitatively, making the operation of the electrodegroe not only convenient, but also harmless to the health of the operator. For these purposes, rubber gaskets or spring shock absorbers are used.

In low.speed models, the shock mechanism is more simple. He has two rates, one is constantly motionless, and the second turns simultaneously with the spindle. With simple drilling, both rates are stripped by a stoppage and do not come into contact. The bastard is removed to turn on the shock work mode, therefore, when pressure on the tool, the rates are adhered with wedge.shaped teeth. As a result, a cartridge with a spindle get an additional linear movement several millimeters forward by slipping of the wedge.shaped teeth of the rates. A similar principle of achieving shock rotation of the drill will require the application of extraordinary muscular efforts from the operator. This method is distinguished by high devices, which will certainly lead to the rapid fatigue of the employee. At the same time, prolonged work in this mode will lead to deformation of the teeth of the rates, which will negatively affect the efficiency of work in general. From this it is clear that a low.speed drill is not recommended for a long time to use in shock mode.

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It is worth noting that far from so often it will be necessary to use the stress mode for working with brick, stone or concrete. However, the accuracy of execution will always be needed. But it is easy to provide unstressed tools, which are characterized by a small mass and more convenient in work.

Selection of a drill with low speed

First, it is necessary to decide on the complexity and volume of upcoming work. In lightweight mechanisms with a capacity of 0.7 to 1 kW, there is everything necessary for the production of small work on decoration. But for major repairs, especially during construction from zero, you will already need powerful drills with a capacity of 1.5 kW. However, for most construction work, it is possible to use a universal drill mixer at quiet speeds. Their modern models have a special microelectronic system in their design, which will provide:

  • Comfort of the work process;
  • Safety of the employee himself and others;
  • Flexibility of adjustment for any task;
  • Increased service life.

Когда принято решение приобрести именно низкоборотистую дрель, то следует уделить внимание подбору для нее многофункциональных насадок. Almost all modern models of drones are equipped with spindles with unified carvings. Thus, it is possible to talk about the interchangeability of nozzles, regardless of the equipment manufacturer. Additionally, you should pay attention to the presence of a coupling tool with a mechanism that allows you not to use the key. Both the drill and the meshka for such a drill are also not difficult to choose, thanks to the uniformity of some functional mechanisms in the design.

Selection of a low.speed drill for a beam

According to generally accepted installations, the drill electric motor, with which the beam is drunk, should be quite powerful. This property should allow you to work with holes of large diameter and increased depth. Naturally, to make holes with the above characteristics, a high.cost drill is almost not suitable. It is worth proceeding from the following average parameters: to break through a pine board with a spiral drill with a diameter of 2.5 centimeters, it should be inserted into a drill with a capacity of at least 0.8 kW.

It is preferable to use a tool that can work at several speeds. For example, to build a house “from scratch”, you will need a drill with a capacity of at least 1.3 kW. Professionals advise using models with a gearbox on three steps. If the equipment is powered from a stationary network, and the work is carried out in cold weather, it is better to use an electric shield with a thickest winding as possible. it is considered more reliable.

Popular to the manufacturer

As the review of the tools present at the test segment shows, the Zubyr brand is very popular. This brand, although it originates, is the assembly of tools in China. However, this fact does not say poor quality, and users are increasingly confirming the convenience and comfort of working with these tools.