What power should be an electric screwdriver for an ice screw

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Makita DDF441RFE

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It has a powerful motor, fast chuck and reversing function. Equipped with a 3 Ah lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 14.4 V. Its torque is 70 Nm. Has an additional handle. Manufacturer’s warranty. 1 year.

Requirements for the parameters of an electric screwdriver

The choice of a screwdriver for an ice screw is based on the tasks facing it, namely, to work well and for a long time:

  • First of all, when choosing a screwdriver, you need to pay attention to its power. It should be at least 18 V. If finances allow, then it is better to opt for models with a voltage of 36 V, since the more powerful the instrument, the easier it will be able to cope with thick ice.
  • The second important indicator is torque. The principle “the more the better” also works here. The minimum indicators for the right choice are 50-70 Nm, but if there is an opportunity to acquire a more advanced model (80-90 Nm), then you should not deny yourself this pleasure. After all, the higher the torque, the easier the drilling process itself will be. Such an ice screw will be able to cope with even the driest and thickest ice.
  • One of the main requirements for a screwdriver is reliability and durability. As a result, it is better to give preference to proven brands of domestic and foreign manufacturers who have already managed to prove themselves from the best side.
  • In order to avoid wringing of the brushes, an additional handle should be located on the screwdriver, thanks to which the ice screw can be held with both hands. This will protect your limbs from unnecessary injuries that can ruin the fishing experience.

Next, you have to decide what kind of battery you need so that after a few minutes your screwdriver does not turn into an unnecessary unit, uselessly dragged around the reservoir. Basically, anglers choose three types of batteries:

  • Li-Ion batteries. They charge quickly, are lightweight, but do not tolerate severe frosts. However, the latest models of lithium-ion batteries are designed for use at low temperatures, but they still have to be removed and periodically hidden in the bosom;
  • Nickel cadmium batteries. They are highly frost-resistant, but heavily make the ice screw heavier;
  • Nickel metal hydride battery. The most optimal battery for a screwdriver, representing a cross between the above batteries.

As practice has shown, most often anglers prefer nickel-cadmium batteries. Despite their weight, they cope with the main duty of a good ice screw. to break through any ice, regardless of severe frosts. And this, you see, is an important factor in winter fishing.

Battery capacity is not in the last place when choosing a screwdriver. It should not be less than 2.5-3 Ah in order to have time to drill several dozen holes before the battery is completely discharged.

Adapter for an ice screw for a screwdriver

An adapter is a must for any ice screw. He will play the role of a connecting element between the screwdriver and the working drill directly. Using an adapter, you can convert a conventional manual ice drill into an electric one, correctly calculating the dimensions and diameter of all components.

An adapter for an electric screwdriver for an ice screw consists of two halves:

  • Hexagonal or four-sided from the side of the screwdriver (about 2.6 cm);
  • A round shaft for a drill (about 6.8 cm), in which a hole has been drilled for the fastening bolt. Standard fit diameters. 18 mm or 22 mm.

If desired, each angler can make an adapter himself, choosing a steel rod of a suitable diameter for it and asking the milling machine to grind one edge into a shank for attaching to a screwdriver. All that remains is to drill a hole to fix the adapter with the ice screw tube.

How to choose an electric screwdriver for an ice screw

If on the first ice, when its thickness has not yet become too critical, you can still get by with an ice drill, then when the thickness of the ice shell increases, the angler will no longer be able to do without the help of an ice screw.

And its best alternative for people who do not particularly like to carry bulky and heavy manual or motorized drills will be a regular screwdriver. But the first question that a fisherman faces is which screwdriver to choose for an ice screw?

Makita 6337 DWDE

The best combination of price and quality. Nickel-metal hydride battery with a voltage of 14.4 V. Capacity. 2.5 Ah. The maximum hard torque is 65 Nm. Impactless screwdriver. Charging time is 1 hour. Weight. 2.1 kg. Possesses auto-reverse. Average There is also a drawback. the lack of an additional handle. Not fatal, but still unpleasant.

Bosch GSR 18 VE-EC 0 L-BOXX

The very name of the company Bosch, which produces this screwdriver, speaks of its quality. Unstressed. Maximum hard torque. 75 Nm. Reverse. Adjustable speed. Lithium-ion battery, 18 V. Equipped with an additional handle. Average

Rating of the five best screwdrivers for an ice screw

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls

Quite a tolerable model with a number of advantages: a removable battery 4-5.2 Ah with a voltage of 18 V, light weight. 2 kg, the most rigid torque. 110 Nm; additional handle. Average The only drawback is the impact screwdriver, which often causes some inconvenience when drilling ice.

Required performance

an electric screwdriver for ice fishing must have a high power and be rechargeable, since there is no way to connect to the mains on ice.

The optimal battery capacity is 2.5-3 A / h.

Torque (ratio of soft to hard tightening). 40/80 Nm.

Ice augers of such brands are perfect for modernization:

  • Tonar;
  • Mora;
  • Tornado;
  • Barnaul;
  • Rapala;
  • Ise Arctic (namely Micro, VIKING models).

Next, consider how to choose an electric screwdriver for an ice screw among well-known brands that are on sale.

It is difficult to argue with the fact that much of the success of drilling will depend on the chosen drill with an adapter. Nevertheless, it is worth considering the characteristics of the auger. After all, it is this element that will complement the electric screwdriver for the ice screw. How to choose a screw First of all, you should pay attention to the metal.

Stainless steels and cast iron are popular today. Further, it is worth taking into account the standard size and shape. the quality and convenience in the process of drilling the ice cover also depend on these parameters.

In any case, the choice of each component for the future ice screw should be made based on the general requirements for the device and in advance assessing the possibility of further assembly of the structure.

The mere sight of an ice screw immediately reminds me of winter, and many fishing enthusiasts are already looking impatiently at the thermometer columns, sorting through the memory of last year’s winter fishing. Yes, it’s time to get ready, and get out of the closet accessories for winter fishing, one of which is an ice screw for holes.

All winter fishing enthusiasts know firsthand how much labor and effort it takes to drill holes in meter ice, and sometimes they have to drill a dozen or more in a day. So how do you make this hard work easier?

In fact, there is nothing new and tricky in this device, there are many articles on this topic where it is described in detail how to make an ice screw with your own hands, but we are interested in an ice screw with an electric screwdriver.

For turning it with your hands is, of course, very useful, but in this case it is not advisable, since the pleasure of catching fish does not consist in boring holes. I have no doubt that the choice will fall on an ice drill equipped with an electric screwdriver.

So, what we need to make our dream come true is to drill a hole quickly and efficiently, without making any special efforts:

  • Ice screw. homemade or purchased.
  • electric screwdriver. powerful enough.
  • Adapter. an adapter connecting an electric screwdriver with an ice screw into a single mechanism and reliably transmitting torque.

So what kind of electric screwdriver for an ice screw we need to choose in order to punch a hole in a short period of time and at the same time not even sweat

Naturally, a household electric screwdriver with a voltage of 12V is not very suitable for such work, since it simply does not have enough torque, which should be in the range of 50. 80 Nm. The choice must be stopped on an 18-volt electric screwdriver or its more professional 36-volt relative.

Since the temperature rarely rises above zero in winter, and even not in all regions, the battery bears a great responsibility in terms of survivability in the cold.

  • nickel metal hydride (Ni-Mh);
  • Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd);
  • Lithium-ion (Li-Ion).

The most common are lithium-ion, which have indisputable advantages such as increased capacity, low self-discharge and are not whimsical in maintenance, and nevertheless the operating temperature range is worse than that of nickel-cadmium from 20 to 60 Recommended operating temperature 20.

While nickel-cadmium is more resistant to low temperatures, the operating range is from 50 to 40. Also, the advantages include the ability to store in a discharged state, which cannot be said about lithium-ion. And this is already a serious application to choose from.

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The nickel-metal hydride battery has a lot of advantages, such as lower weight, increased energy consumption, small “memory effect”, but at a temperature of 10 it will quickly discharge, which will greatly upset its owner who is aiming to drill more than a dozen holes.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the capacity of the batteries so that it is not enough for one or two holes, but for a couple of dozen and this capacity starts from 2.5 ampere hours, preferably 3 Ah.

However, an important nuance should be taken into account.

Domestic ice drills, as a rule, have a direction of rotation that coincides with the direction of untwisting the chuck of an electric screwdriver, therefore, during drilling, you will most likely unscrew the chuck.

Adapter for an ice screw for a screwdriver

An adapter is a must for any ice screw. He will play the role of a connecting element between the screwdriver and the working drill directly. Using an adapter, you can convert a conventional manual ice drill into an electric one, correctly calculating the dimensions and diameter of all components.

An adapter for an electric screwdriver for an ice screw consists of two halves:

  • Hexagonal or four-sided from the side of the screwdriver (about 2.6 cm);
  • A round shaft for a drill (about 6.8 cm), in which a hole has been drilled for the fastening bolt. Standard fit diameters. 18 mm or 22 mm.

If desired, each angler can make an adapter himself, choosing a steel rod of a suitable diameter for it and asking the milling machine to grind one edge into a shank for attaching to a screwdriver. All that remains is to drill a hole to fix the adapter with the ice screw tube.

Assembling the ice screw

At the stage of final assembly, there should be three main elements at your disposal. These include the auger itself, an electric screwdriver and an adapter. It is best to use components from the same company. In particular, purchase a drill in one set with an adapter, and then connect the device to the drill.

If you have to deal with different designs, then it is initially desirable to purchase models with hinged joints. This configuration expands the options for assembling an ice screw from an electric screwdriver.

This element has two parts. a shank for a drill and a hex for a drill. Usually, all possible alterations involve the inclusion of an L-shaped hex key in the design, which is selected strictly for the required dimensions.

Comparing the hybrid design, which includes auger and drill, with automatic ice screws and modifications from a chainsaw, it can be assumed that there are many disadvantages of such a device. And yet, experienced fishermen, not only for the sake of economy, prefer an electric screwdriver for an ice screw.

Which option to choose in terms of power and standard size is decided in each case individually. It is only important not to forget about the minimum indicators of power and torque.

However, experienced users note other advantages. first of all, ease of assembly, functionality, reliability and ample opportunities for improvements.

Details and principle of operation of the improved device

To assemble the upgraded tool you will need:

  • manual ice screw;
  • adapter (adapter);
  • electric screwdriver (cordless).

By turning on the power button, the fisherman does not need to exert much effort the drill itself will drill the hole. It is important to just control the direction. The optimal hole diameter is from 10 cm.

Despite the popularity of the electric screwdriver among winter fishing enthusiasts, there are those who are sure that the screwdriver will be the best addition.

  • the body is much more powerful;
  • the adapter is made by hand;
  • greater rotating range.

But these opinions are more subjective. After all, the principle and structure of the devices are similar. Usability is another matter. Therefore, to each his own. We will consider the option of selecting an electric screwdriver for an ice screw and further installation of parts.

General points

To create holes, only an electric drill is suitable. not any engine can withstand increased loads. The battery should be taken at least 18 V. as much as possible. Only rechargeable models are suitable for winter fishing. The torque is maximum, about 60-80 Nm, with a capacity of 3.5 to 4 Ah. You can choose models with 2 Ah with a pair of batteries, to get started, you will need to charge both. Always look at the quality of the plastic. it has to withstand significant loads.

In recent years, a universal tool has become increasingly used, which is a cross between a construction electric screwdriver with an ice screw. The connection of screwdrivers with augers is an original solution that allows you to obtain an automated multifunctional device for drilling a block of ice of a given thickness, of any structural type, without extra effort. The market offers anglers drills that are already adapted for screwdrivers. The disadvantage of the solution is the impressive price.

Some craftsmen have learned how to create and design automated types of ice augers from simple domestic models. Appropriate knowledge and skills will be required. it is not enough just to cut off the handle, you need to understand how to connect the auger with an electric tool, know the rules for choosing the latter (a low-power model will not cope with solving current problems).

Automated electric ice augers have a number of advantages over manual models. The main ones:

  • Saving time resources. you need to search for passive fish for a long time, creating a whole set of holes. With an ordinary hand drill, it will take you hours, the process may not be successful.
  • Simplicity. to hold the operating unit in an upright position, a slight effort is enough, there will be no physical overstrain.
  • Ample opportunities. the modernized ice auger will cope with all types of ice, including dense, dry.
  • Low noise. as a result of the blows of the foot on the clean, not snow-covered surface of the reservoir, a loud ECHO will go. These sounds scare the fish away, and it does not go under the hole. The automated device works quickly and quietly.
  • Versatility. the electric screwdriver can be removed and used in everyday life for its intended purpose.

Last but not least, having advanced fishing equipment is cool. Competitors who hammer with a paw the old fashioned way will look at you with envy.

Tips and useful information for selection and operation

On ice fishing, an ice screw is just as necessary as a baited rod. Today there are no problems with such equipment, since the market offers many specialized automatic drills.

Nevertheless, the cost of such devices makes a considerable part of anglers turn to alternative and, as a rule, cheaper options for such devices. Experts in winter fishing recommend immediately focusing on an electric screwdriver for an ice screw.

Which one to choose is the main question, since there are several criteria for evaluating a suitable device. But the choice of the base for the drill is not enough either. You also need to know the assembly technique for such inventory and other nuances.

As in the case of any other tool, it will be useful to estimate at least the average complexity of the upcoming ice work. Approximate data will allow you to make a more accurate choice.

If it is supposed to work with a universal device, then two main indicators should be taken into account. power and torque, which an electric screwdriver for an ice screw will have. Which device to choose in terms of performance. in this matter it is worth starting from the voltage. The power must be at least 18V.

This parameter varies on average from 50 to 70 Nm. This value will determine the rotational speed of the auger. Again, the higher the torque, the easier the drilling task will be.

Using the adapter, the electric screwdriver is connected to the working part of the device, that is, to the drill. In principle, with the help of such an adapter, you can make a full-fledged power tool from any auger intended for manual use. The main thing is to correctly match the sizes of these components.

The adapter is equipped with a special shaft on the drill side and a hex head for an electric screwdriver. The parameters can be as follows: the length of the shaft is 6.8 cm, and the gap from the attachment to the end face is 2.6 cm.

Nevertheless, avid fishermen note that the convenience of handling the device comes to the fore in the work, and the power of an electric screwdriver in most cases is enough with excess.

Obviously, you will only have to choose from models that run on a battery, since there will be no access to the network while fishing. In this regard, it is worth noting three options for batteries for an electric screwdriver:

  • Li-Ion cell. These batteries charge quickly and are lightweight. But they also have a serious drawback. intolerance to severe frosts.
  • Nickel cadmium battery. In this case, the situation is reversed. The battery can withstand temperatures up to 150 ºC, but its weight significantly weighs the drill.
  • Nickel-metal hydride elements. If you need a medium-weight ice screw for an electric screwdriver, which you do not plan to use regularly, then this option will do. It weighs less than the previous battery and does not pose any particular problems in the cold.

To summarize in this part, then according to the totality of characteristics and based on the experience of experienced fishermen, nickel-cadmium batteries should still be called the optimal solution. Despite their heavy weight, these batteries provide the highest degree of reliability in cold conditions. a key advantage for the angler in winter.

Which electric screwdriver is best for an ice screw: 6 reliable models

Winter ice fishing is both active outdoor recreation and a serious hobby that requires skills and good equipment. Along with fishing rods and a tackle box, an ice drill is needed. An electric screwdriver will make it easier to drill holes.

Many winter fishing enthusiasts pay attention to more advanced anglers who use unusual devices for drilling holes, which allow using an electric screwdriver to significantly speed up the ice drilling process. Thus, two tasks are solved at once: facilitating the very laborious process of drilling and increasing productivity in this matter. But which electric screwdriver to choose for drilling ice?

Seasoned fishermen often treat such innovations with fair criticism. real winter fishing is a kind of sport for men of all ages. Try it, walk 1-2 km in full ammunition along a frozen reservoir or river to a suitable fishing point, and then work your hands and body decently, manually storm 5-10 holes. This is a really decent load for the body.

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But, sometimes it is drilling that becomes too burdensome, especially for the elderly, when fishing has to do more than 10 holes to find fish. And if the ice rises over 600 mm or has water layers, then the task becomes difficult even for very high-quality drills. The question is how to choose an electric screwdriver for an ice screw?

That is why (and of course, for those who do not really want to sweat in the icy wind), many users began to use automation using an electric screwdriver. But not everything is as easy with these autonomous electric assistants as it seems. Here are just a few of the features that light drilling enthusiasts have to face.

Bison DAI-18-2-Li KNM4

This electric screwdriver attracts, first of all, by its low price. less than 9,000 rubles and a fairly high power. its torque is 60 Nm. This should be enough for drilling with a drill with a screw 100-110 mm in diameter. The set includes two Li-Ion 18 V batteries with a capacity of 1.5 Ah. They should be enough for 15-20 holes. The small case with the charger is easy to use, and if desired, it can be protected with thermal insulation. The machine is compact and lightweight. only 1.7 kg. What is very important. the battery packs are flat here and it is very convenient to hide them under a jacket while fishing.

What power should be an electric screwdriver

Experts have found by practical tests that the minimum power of an electric screwdriver for use with an ice screw should be more than 60 Nm. Because most of these tools for standard use and with a reasonable price of 2,000-5,000 rubles have a torque of about 15-45 Nm, it becomes clear that this pleasure will not be cheap. According to preliminary estimates, screwdrivers with a torque of 60-110 Nm cost from 8,000 to 35,000 rubles. In addition, such a powerful device will weigh a lot. 2-3 kg, including the battery. This allows you to understand which electric screwdriver is best for an ice screw.

But for inexpensive screwdrivers, manufacturers have made a kind of solution. an adapter with a built-in gear reducer, which reduces the output speed, thereby reducing the load on the electric screwdriver itself. This way you can save on the purchase of an expensive power tool if you already have a less powerful model. But the adapter itself with a built-in gearbox costs about 5,000 rubles.

Makita DHP458RFE

This model differs from the 481RTE version in its ability to hammer very quickly, which will be very useful for home repairs, but not for fishing. Despite a similar price to it. about 20,000 rubles, this electric screwdriver has a significantly lower torque value. 91 Nm, and the battery capacity is only 3 Ah.

electric screwdriver for ice screw: rating of the best models

Our selection includes screwdrivers that have the right torque and very reliable and durable mechanics. If you already have an inexpensive, relatively powerful electric screwdriver for home use at home, then it makes no sense to buy another one separately for fishing. it is best to try an adapter with a gearbox. Perhaps it will be the best electric screwdriver for an ice screw. The rating of the models presented below will allow you to choose which cordless electric screwdriver for an ice screw is better and has an acceptable price.

How many batteries do you need

Most users of such devices use 2 batteries for one day fishing. As a rule, one fully charged battery is enough for 10-20 holes, but it all depends on the thickness and complexity of the ice, as well as the quality of the blades of the drill. It is very important that both batteries are kept warm when fishing, for example under clothing. This will avoid excessive cooling and loss of capacity. And wearing a pair of heavy battery packs under your clothes is terribly uncomfortable. The electric screwdriver itself does not need heat, but it is worth considering that after prolonged cooling in frosty air, this tool is then placed in a heated machine, where the inner parts are instantly covered with condensation, which is dangerous for electronics.

Important: when buying such an expensive tool, pay attention to the battery manufacturing time. They must be fresh. Discard batteries that are 2 or 3 years old as they will there is a high probability of irreplaceable loss of their capacity.

Makita DDF481RTE

This electric screwdriver is focused on professional use, which is why such a high Power of 115 Nm gives reason to hope that it will be enough for many many deep holes. Protect your main hand from dislocation when biting a drill in ice. The set comes with 2 batteries, each with a capacity of 5 Ah and a voltage of 18 V.

TOP-10 best models rating

What power should be an electric screwdriver

The minimum performance indicators of the equipment for combination with an ice ax must exceed 60 Nm. The average cost of the equipment is 8-35 thousand rubles, the weight with the battery is 3 kg.

In some low-cost options, there is a gear reducer adapter that is used to reduce the output speed and reduce the load on the device. When choosing such equipment, you can save on expensive power tools. The adapter together with the built-in gearbox will cost 5 thousand rubles.

Rating of the best screwdrivers for winter fishing. requirements and characteristics

Newbies to ice fishing are wondering which electric screwdriver is best for an ice screw and how it helps in speeding up the drilling process. The device allows you to solve several problems: to facilitate labor-intensive processes and increase productivity. Before buying equipment, you need to study all the disadvantages and advantages.

Which drill is suitable for working with an electric screwdriver

Experienced fishermen prefer to buy a product with right-hand rotation. The choice is related to the drilling standard of the screwdriver, despite the presence of a reverse, the unit is not designed for heavy loads with the opposite action.

Top 8 Best Electric Screwdriver for Electricians

Important! When searching, you need to determine in which direction the electric drill rotates. Reversing an expensive tool will quickly disable it.

Experienced users prefer to take rechargeable devices from well-known manufacturers from different countries:

  • AER (AEG);
  • DeWALT (DeWALT);
  • Metabo (Metabo);
  • Tonar;
  • Milwaukee (Milwaukee) and others.

It is unprofitable to twist ice by hand in winter, especially when it is thick. Instead of fishing, you get a good sports load without the expected result. Easier to buy equipment with batteries and enjoy fishing.

Features of drills with screwdriving function

Average cost screwdrivers

The list includes devices with a price of up to 20 thousand rubles. Which electric screwdriver you can choose for fishing:

  • Bosch GSR 18V-60. the company’s products are known for their durability, quality and performance. They can be used at home and on the street, they have deservedly gained popularity among fans of ice sports. The equipment shows a low percentage of noise and vibration during use. Depending on the working material, the rotation speed can be adjusted, and if the drill gets jammed, the motor lock is automatically activated. Comfortable handle prevents slipping from hands while drilling. Batteries operate at temperatures up to 20 degrees. The disadvantages of the device include the lack of a secondary handle.
  • Denzel BLDL-IB 18-02. the equipment is equipped with a brushless motor with an increased resource. The device has additional illumination of the workspace, charge indication, protection against discharge or overcharge. The device is equipped with a speed controller and an electric brake. The device with a reinforced structure is sold with 2 batteries, a suitcase and a charger, other additional accessories.
  • DeWALT DCD709S2T is a Chinese device of high quality and reliable, used for various tasks. The brushless motor prevents overheating, the maximum number of revolutions is 1650 units per minute. The disadvantages of the device are considered a small battery capacity of 1.5 Ah, the absence of a secondary handle and an overpriced.
  • RYOBI R18PD7-0 is a modern device with an improved motor, built-in computer, electronically controlled clutch. The equipment has a power-on lock key, the capacity is 85 Nm. There is no battery and charger included, they are purchased separately. Additional accessories to the device are represented by a drilling depth limiter and a second handle.
  • Drill DeWALT DCD791D2. with a power of 70 Nm, optimal for combination with power drills. Lightweight and small in size, the device is easy to carry, standard additions are included: 2 batteries, a charger and a case. The brushless motor guarantees good performance, does not cause overheating. The equipment provides additional lighting.

Important! Medium-priced devices are sold more often than cheap and expensive counterparts. Professionals and amateurs prefer to choose modern equipment that meets safety criteria, certain parameters.

How many batteries do you need

Most fishermen use 2 batteries for a one day procedure. Sometimes one battery is enough for 10 or 20 holes, but performance indicators depend on:

  • the thickness of the ice;
  • its quality features;
  • blade indicators.

During fishing, the batteries should be kept in a warm place to avoid cooling and reduce the charge capacity. The screw gun does not need heat, but after a long stay in the cold and being placed in a warm car, the parts are instantly covered with condensation. Moisture is the first enemy of electronics.

Important! Before purchasing batteries, check their expiration date. If the power supply was manufactured 2-3 years ago, then there is a risk of irreparable loss of its capacity.

Expensive units

Which electric screwdriver for an ice screw of this category is better: products with a cost of more than 20 thousand rubles. are selected for quality characteristics. A feature of the devices is considered to be high performance and power indicators. You can choose the right one according to the place in the ranking of the best selling.

  • Bosch GSR 18 VE-EC L-Boxx is a professional tool with two speed modes, brushless motor and electronic overload protection. It takes 45 minutes to fully charge the battery. The device is characterized by a long service life, no heating during long-term use, high wear resistance, small size. Cons of the equipment include an unreliable second grip and price.
  • KRÜGER KD-18Li is a reliable and durable German unit that works in domestic and outdoor conditions. There is a secondary illumination on the case, which helps in low light, the weight of the device does not exceed 2.1 kg. The product has a rubberized grip that prevents the equipment from slipping out during use and dampens vibration. The set consists of 2 nutrients, charger, user manual and storage case.
  • Makita DHP451RFE. the equipment takes into account all standards and requirements, the design is made of safe and durable materials. The device weighs 2.2 kg, the batteries are designed for 3 Ah, the rotation speed is 80 Nm. The device can be used in the cold season for fishing, with an ice thickness of up to 1 m. The present brake system is responsible for the timely stop of the engine, and the secondary handle increases the level of safety. There are three modes for torque control, the choice depends on the working material.
  • Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls is a professional device with a strong battery, high torque of 110 Nm, ideal for low temperature operation. The set consists of three nutrients, a case, and a charge. The device has a side handle to help hold it and ensure safety, the design provides for overload protection. The disadvantages include a lot of weight.
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Important! When looking for expensive equipment, it is necessary to focus on the permissible operating temperature, weight, safety. Quality products have wear protection, engine stop protection mechanisms.

Which adapter for an electric screwdriver is better to take

A special device is designed to connect the drill axis and the screwdriver drive. The adapter has an additional handle for the left hand to drill more conveniently and safely. Do not forget about the stopper, which helps to prevent the tool from falling into the hole with a large diameter when exiting the chuck.

Important! The description of the equipment indicates the possibility of combining the equipment. Not all adapters can be built into the electric drill, they may not work for some versions.

electric screwdriver for ice screw. which one to choose in 2020.?

Hello everyone! Do you love ice fishing but tired of manually drilling holes? A cordless electric screwdriver can make your life easier. You can easily fix an ice screw into it and drill 100-150 holes with one charge, depending on the thickness of the ice. True, not every model is suitable for this job. What characteristics an electric screwdriver must have in order to confidently cope with drilling will be discussed in this article. Read it to the end, as below will be presented specific high-quality models that can withstand the required load, but have the lowest price. This article is regularly updated, so it is always up to date.

I work as a sales assistant for a power tool, so I am well versed in the range. In addition, I myself sometimes go ice fishing, so I can imagine in what conditions a screwdriver will have to work. In general, having estimated these conditions, tested some models and talked with other fishermen, I figured out how to choose an electric screwdriver for an ice screw so that he would cope with this business with honor. Let’s start describing the required characteristics.

Characteristics for working in cold conditions

This point is closely related to the previous one, since it is again about the battery capacity, which becomes less at low temperatures. Therefore, this condition again requires the purchase of an electric screwdriver with a large-capacity battery.

Also at this point it should be said about the types of batteries. There are three of them:

  • lithium ion
  • nickel-cadmium
  • nickel metal hydride

Best Screwdriver Brand? Let’s find out! Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita, Ryobi, Bosch, Pink Power, Metabo

It is believed that nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries do better than lithium-ion batteries in the cold. However, my tests show that modern lithium-ion batteries do well in freezing temperatures as well.

But even if it turns out that your lithium-ion batteries refuse to work in a cold state, they can simply be kept warm. “And where to get heat on winter fishing?”. you ask. And I will answer: you yourself are the source of heat. Make additional internal s for batteries in your jacket, sheepskin coat (or whatever you go fishing in). Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, so keeping them there is convenient. When you need to drill the next hole, you take out the battery. When you sit down to fish. remove.

And the next point on this point is that nickel-cadmium batteries have a capacity of no more than 2 Ah, and nickel-metal hydride batteries no more than 2.5 Ah. Lithium-ion ones can also have 5 Ah. Proceeding from the fact that we need to have more than 3 Ah, we discard the nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride types aside, especially since they gradually cease to be produced as morally obsolete.

So, having considered the three main factors that will affect the operation of an electric screwdriver in winter fishing conditions, we found out that we need a professional non-impact electric screwdriver with a torque of at least 60 Nm, lithium-ion batteries from 3 Ah and an additional handle included.

Which models meet these requirements?

Required characteristics of an electric screwdriver for ice fishing

Think about it and imagine what difficulties you will face when operating an electric screwdriver on a frozen body of water? After a bit of thinking, the following three factors come to mind:

  • Huge pressure
  • Long battery life
  • Cold

To work confidently in such conditions, it must meet certain requirements. Let’s consider these requirements depending on each factor separately.

Heavy Duty Performance

Agree that rotating a drill in ice requires quite a lot of effort from an electric screwdriver. My tests have shown that a unit with a torque of at least 60 Nm can cope with such work. The same figure is confirmed by other fishermen who are already drilling holes with an electric screwdriver. Therefore, when buying, you need to build on this value.

But in this place we must make the following reservation: not all screwdrivers, which will have a torque of more than 60 Nm, will suit us. Among them there are those in which a large torque is achieved due to the impact mechanism. It is good for screwing nuts and bolts, but absolutely useless when drilling ice. Therefore, for ice fishing, models that achieve high torque due to impact are not suitable.

I note that there is another percussion mechanism designed to simplify drilling in bricks and other stone materials. its presence will not have any negative effect on the use of an electric screwdriver with an ice screw.

Heavy loads also require an electric screwdriver to be of a professional grade, since only then can it last for a long time. Professional tools are made by the following manufacturers:

  • AEG
  • Bosch (blue)
  • DeWALT
  • Makita
  • Metabo

The household class will not work, therefore we do not consider all sorts of bison, calibers, encores and other Chinese.

If you have drilled by hand before, you may remember how you sometimes got wedged during this process. Now imagine what happens if a wedge occurs while drilling with an electric screwdriver. your hands can easily be twisted. To protect yourself from this, it is necessary that the electric screwdriver has an additional handle in the kit, which is installed on the back side of the main one. This way you can confidently hold the device by grasping it from both sides. This will keep your hands intact.

Let’s summarize this part as follows: a large load requires a professional shockless electric screwdriver with a torque of 60 Nm. And for convenience and safety, an additional handle is also needed in the kit. We figured out the factor of heavy load, let’s move on to the need for prolonged work without recharging.

Features for long battery life

On the pond, no one will let you down, so the operating time of the electric screwdriver will depend on the amount of the stored charge. The charge reserve is equal to the battery capacity and is measured in ampere-hours. I think you understand that for drilling ice on winter fishing, it is better to purchase an electric screwdriver with an increased battery capacity, and this is at least 3 Ah. And you need to have at least two of them. Although, as I already wrote, we need a professional-grade device, and they are always equipped with at least two batteries.

By purchasing an electric screwdriver with a 3 Ah battery, you can drill at least 100 holes, and if at 5 Ah, then 150-170. Although this indicator, as mentioned above, also depends on the thickness of the ice.

Thus, when buying, we give preference to devices with the most capacious batteries possible. Now is the time to move on to a factor like cold.

Choosing the brand and model of the electric screwdriver

One of the most popular models in 2020. is AEG BS18C2BL LI-402C. It has a solid 65 Nm torque and 4 Ah batteries. One of the main features is that it is also brushless, which means that the service life of its motor will be much longer than that of its brush counterparts. There is also an extended 6-year warranty upon purchase at Vseinstrumenty.ru. To get it, you just need to register the electric screwdriver on the aeg-powertools.eu website. It’s done for free.

The Makita DDF458RFE electric screwdriver, which has 91 Nm, is also popular, but the batteries are less capacious here. 3 Ah. As you can see, AEG wins in terms of capacity, but Makita’s torque is much higher.

With 5Ah batteries, there is an AEG BSB18CBLLI-502C electric screwdriver. This is essentially the same brushless machine from AEG that was discussed above, but with more capacious batteries, thanks to which you will get a little more holes with it.

If the above models seem expensive to you, but you nevertheless do not want to give up the idea of ​​drilling ice with an electric screwdriver, then spit on everything that I wrote above about the battery capacity and an additional handle, and get yourself, for example, such a device: Bosch GSR 18-2-LI Plus Professional. Yes, with it you will only drill about 50-70 holes, since the capacity of its batteries is only 2 Ah. Also, it will have to be held tighter, since there is no additional handle. But it costs one and a half to two times cheaper. Therefore, those who are not so active on winter fishing can do with them.

Well, I think this is where the article can be ended. Hope I helped you with your choice. Read also my other articles on this site! Until next time and happy shopping!