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How to mow grass with a trimmer correctly

To cut lawns and hedges, clearing the territory from weeds and shrubs, as well as hay harvesting, special equipment is required. For these tasks, a hand braid or self.Propelled lawn mower is not always suitable, but an electric or gasoline trimmer will cope with work easily and will last more than one season. Owners of such devices need to know how to use a trimmer for grass to achieve the necessary results without unnecessary expenses and injuries.

Depending on the energy source for the engine, the trimmers are divided into gasoline and electric. The first type is equipped with a tank for fuel and lubrication, the second works from the mains or battery.

The design of the gasoline trimmer

All elements of the apparatus Fixed on a long metal rod. At its upper end there is a gas for gasoline, an internal combustion engine and a starter to start it. At the lower end is a spindle that spins counterclockwise. A coil with a trimmer line or sharp knives (wheels with teeth) of steel or plastic sits on it. Inside the bar, which is a half pipe, is a hard or flexible shaft, through which rotation from the engine to a working tool is transmitted.

In the middle of the bar there is a holder pen, which is a D-shaped or bifurcated, similar to a bicycle steering wheel. Asymmetric folding handles are very convenient (like a motorcycle company Husqarna). The trimmer buttons and control levers are located on the handle or rod. Engine, control elements and coil/disk are connected using a flexible cable. Rods are whole, collapsible and telescopic. The length of the last two types can be changed to set up to the growth of a particular person. Some models have mounts for waist belts. A disk or reel (bobbin) is covered with a shield to protect a person who mows grass.

Cutting tool.A coil, inside which the trimmer line (cord, string) with a diameter of 2-3 mm is wound. In some models, the trimmer line is wound with a margin, and with a light blow to the hard surface, it automatically moves out of the bobbin. In other trimmers, a segment of the cord is inserted into the coil, and the excess length is cut off on the acute edge of the casing.

In addition to trimmer line, some motos is included in the standard equipment Disc with sharp gear edges. The shape of the teeth can be different. For cutting branches and bushes, they use a nozzle-knife or cutter similar to a disc for a circular saw.

Basmer’s gasoline management

On the drive is a rotary regulator that pushes or covers the air damper. They are used to run the engine faster, for example, to warm it when it is cold outside. Other regulators are located on the holder or rod of the device:

  • Gas trigger. Controls the carburetor damper to change the amount of fuel entering the drive;
  • Button “stop”. Designed to break the ignition circuit, stops the engine;
  • Button to prevent uncontinished pressing on the gas trigger. Is under the stop.To.Stop button;
  • Stop for fixing the gas trigger. Without it, with long work, the motor.Skim lever will have to constantly hold a finger.

The design of the electric trimmer

In general terms, electrimmers look like benzocouses: a motor, a handle, a cutting element are attached to the bar.

The network device needs to be included in the outlet, so for kosba in large areas you will need an extension cord. Whereas the radius of the battery electrocos does not depend on the length of the wire, but the batteries must be charged and changed in time.

Instead of the starter, the power button on/off is used in electrimmers. On them, unlike gasoline analogues, it is impossible to adjust the number of rotation of the spindle rotation, so the control buttons on the device are much less.

Varieties of trimmers for lawns

There are trimmers that have engines from above and below. Where the engine is located below, is called a lower.Engine trimmer. On uneven surfaces it is best to use trimmers with the upper location of the motor. There will never be a short circuit from moisture if the motor is in the upper part of the device.

It is very convenient to use a trimmer. However, there are still some rules for using this country equipment, which must always be observed in work. Before you start using a trimmer, you need to check if there are stones, glass and other items on the site. When working, they can bounce and injure the operator.

The second rule is the installation of the cutting system. There are trimmers that are not very powerful. The grass is mowed in them with a trimmer line. But there are also such models whose engine power reaches one kilowatt. There are already installed knives. If large weeds are visible on the site, then you need to unscrew the nut on the mount and install a knife instead of a trimmer line.

Starting work, you need to protect the chapter with glasses, since even the absence of foreign objects does not guarantee security. Shards of grass may fly into the eyes. If the trimmer works from the network, then we include it in the outlet. Battery devices require battery charging. If there is a fastening on the shoulders, then we dress them.

The cutting mechanism on the trimmer rotates counterclockwise. Mowing grass is very simple: you need to move the device from right to left. If you mow a lot, then it is necessary to divide conditionally the area with squares and walk “on squares”. If the site has a slope, then you need to mow from below, moving up parallel to the slope.

Choose a suitable nozzle

In addition to its product, the manufacturer usually provides several mills (usually 3).

To work with soft grass as a cutting element, a trimmer line wound on the drum is used. Speed ​​of 9,000 revolutions per minute allows you to quickly process even a large lawn.

For more rough grass and thickets, one of the metal knives can be used, which differ among themselves by the number of cutting teeth.

For mowing thick shoots, reeds, young shrubs, a disk with 40 or 80 teeth is designed. Corn, dry weeds with thick stems, you can mow three- and four-lobed milling.

And in order to put beveled grass in the rolls, a knife with 8 blades is used and a special crest is attached to the braid itself.

And now more about how to install a cutter. The place of fastening of the cutter is called a gearbox. On it, first you need to fix the figure washer using a hexagonal key.

Then put on a knife, combining the holes in it with a protrusion of the puck. After that, you need to install the upper figure washer on the shaft and tighten everything with a nut.

Here you should pay attention to the fact that the thread on the shaft is left, so you need to tighten the nut (like screwing the mowing head) counterclockwise.

To squeeze the nut to the stop will help the key, which is also in the delivery kit. You can replace the cutter by doing all the operations in the reverse order.

Gasoline gas station refueling with butter

Before mowing grass with a benzo.Leggos, it is necessary to season the tool with fuel. As fuel, gasoline with butter is used. However, take into account that mixing gasoline with oil is needed only for two.Stroke engines. Four.Stroke engines operate on pure gasoline, since their design has a separate container. Oil crankcase. There are no 2-stroke gas crankcases in the design of the 2-stroke gasolimers, so you need to pour exclusively gasoline with butter in the tank.

As gasoline, it is recommended to use AI-92 brand fuel. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you need to read the instructions offered by the manufacturer. Often, most manufacturers recommend using the AI-92 brand fuel, and only some recommend filling AI-95.

Gasoline must be diluted with a small one in a proportion of 1 to 25. This means that 40 ml of two.Stroke oil must be added per 1 liter of gasoline. However, not everything is so unambiguous here. The proportion 1 to 25 is universal, but each tool model has its own values. These values ​​are also indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions. Details about how to properly dilute gasoline with butter into a benzoocos is described here. After breeding gasoline with butter, pour a full tank, and start work.

It is interesting! If a four.Stroke gasokos is refueling, then pure gasoline must be poured into the tank, and motor oil is added to the oil container to the maximum level.

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How to put a belt from a trimmer priority correctly

Features of engines for trimmers

Engine This is a heart heart. The duration and quality of work, which directly depends on it. Often, engines for trimmers are equipped with a single-cylinder with a two-stroke engine, the power of which is 0.5-3.3 kW. Usually, they are refueling it with an oil and ordinary gasoline AI-92. You cannot take another fuel, so as not to lead to overheating and the next breakdown of the motor.

Two.Stroke engines are capricious in maintenance, therefore, choosing a gasoline trimmer, inexperienced users are recommended a tool with a four.Stroke engine. It does not need a mixture for him, because oil and gasoline are poured into various departments in it. In addition, such engines are stronger and able to dig even thick shrubs of shrubs.

In any case, picking up the tool, it is worth determining what kind of vegetation to be removed by them. Because if you purchase a trimmer for lawn grass, you can safely dwell on two.Stroke engines, as they are easier and cheaper.

The placement of the internal combustion engine on the trimmers can be upper or lower:

  • Below the motor is located on electro- or battery trimmers. This design is more optimal balanced and vibrates less. But so trimmer You can not work with moisturized grass;
  • The motor is located on top on electronic and gasoline trimmers. For them, knives are suitable and more thick trimmer line. They have no troubles with a damp grass.

Exploring the device of a gasoline trimmer, and choosing a suitable model, you will probably want to suspend your own choice on the engines of European manufacturers and avoid Chinese, but this is unlikely to work out. To chagrin, many European manufacturers acquire engines specifically from the Chinese, because the cost of collecting them in China is significantly lower, therefore, in 90% of cases, such an engine will come across. But, despite this, they are all good and have a long warranty period.

Better.Famous offices producing engines:

Cromucorer for aligning lawns for a ruler

To align the lawn, you will need to supplement Motokos with such a device as bromocore. Structurally, the nozzle has much in common with the cutting disc trimmer, but with minor differences. The device consists of a protective casing, cutting part and guide wheel. The main purpose of the equipment is to align the lawn along the contour or separate it from flower beds, beds or fences.

Bromcores for benzokos has a mechanical regulator, according to which the depth of the knife insertion is set into the ground. The equipment is easy to operate, and it will come in handy for owners of private houses who like to take care of lawns, supporting not only their cleanliness, but also the order in the design.

The varieties of nozzles for mototrimmers designed to care for the garden and garden were considered above. The functionality of the gasoline braid loved by everyone does not end, and then the list of devices that will be useful for fishermen, builders and specialists of other professions is presented.

Methods of mowing grass

Most devices have a choice between the type of cutting element. The main is the trimmer line, but plastic or steel knives can go in the kit. Their presence depends on the type of power, the power of the device. The more types of cutting elements can be used, the wider the functionality of the trimmer. The tool can mow high grass, remove weeds, cut small trees.

Fields line is the easiest cutting tool that is equipped with all motorcycles. It is convenient to use in hard.To.Reach places: mowing grass next to the house, fence, flower bed, path. If the trimmer line breaks, it will not harm the tool, it can be easily replaced.

How to mow it correctly. How to mow grass with a hand.Mowing brace.

How to mow grass with a hand.Rack. Agronomu.Com

About the technique of mowing grass with a manual scythe: when to mow, how to mow grass correctly and tighten. Video: how to mow grass with a hand.Mowing brace. How to mow grass with a benzoca to mow grass with a trimmer mow the meadow mow hay to mow rye mowing grass photo

Pluses and minuses of the edge.Shaped machine compared to the trimmer for the lawn

A certain set of tools is required to care for the lawn so that your property looks beautiful and is kept in good condition. Lawn mowers and trimmers for lawns.These are two tools that you may ever need, but what is the difference between them?

We will consider the pros and cons of the edge.Bladed and trimmer tools, which tool is better for you and whether you need them.

Edger and Trimmer tools may seem like each other, but they have different functions. If you have a lot of property, like mine, you will probably use a trimmer much more often than a trimmed machine!

No matter how I want to make the edges of lawns and garden beds perfect with the help of a lawn mower, this simply does not have enough time. Although trimmers for strings. I can’t live without them!

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They are an ideal addition to the lawn mower. You can use them anywhere where the mower cannot work.

How To Adjust Or Tune The Carburetor On A Weedeater

Here is the difference between a cutting machine and a trimmer briefly. Edges for perfect edges. Trimmers are designed for cutting weeds or grass, to which the mitch cannot reach.

If you have ever been bombarded with nasty weeds that have flooded your garden, or you just have a high grass that is uncontrollably growing, you need to know which of these tools is best used in this situation.

The edge of the grinding machine and the trimmer. The difference

  • Bromcores for lawns created for perfect edges. They ideally determine the boundaries of your garden flower beds, paths and lawns.
  • String trimmers Designed for cutting weeds and herbs in places inaccessible to your lawn mower. To some extent, they can also make the edges (and for most of us this is quite enough), but you will not get this Perfectly cut border. Trimmers, as a rule, are much more universal than edge.Sized machines, and if you do not want to look like a knife cutting out oil, a trimmer for strings. Your choice.(Look at the best trimmers for strings here!)

Also known as the edge.Shaped machine, a lawn mower Designed for smooth trimming and determining the boundaries of your yard.

You use this tool at the edges to establish the difference between your lawn and a nearby sidewalk, access road or flower beds.

The grass has the habit of growing around the edges, which is why your yard looks dirty. Caps will use a vertical rotating knife to cut off this grass, which will eliminate these unnecessary boundaries.

You can have a manual. So and a motorized edge. But it is worth noting that manual edge.Grinding machines cost less than motorized.

Worx trimmer line demo

Manual edge.Shaped machines (Look at this!) mostly look like shovels, while Motorized edge.Shaped machines (for example, this amazing accumulative trim of Greenworks) is equipped with a rotating blade, which is driven into either gas, wired by electricity, or a battery.

The guide wheel can be found on most motorized cutting machines. This wheel allows you to roll the rubberized machine along the border that you cut.

Manual trimming machines require more effort compared to them and may not be suitable if you have a large yard.

Gas overlaid machines are usually the most powerful motorized cutting machines in the market. Especially 4-stroke, like this 79-cu motorblock Earthquake!

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Strong trimmers, better known as weeds or weeds, are usually used to cut grass and removing weeds in places inaccessible to your large lawn mower.These spots include areas around trees and buildings.

Inside the trimmer is a flexible trimmer line without fiber, which helps him cut grass in hard.To.Reach places. String trimmers can use gas, electricity or batteries for powering a horizontally rotating head.

The string trimmer will be an excellent assistant during the haircut of the lawn: he will process all those places that you could not get to, and your yard will look perfect.

Before choosing the right model, it is important how you will use your trimmer.

Gasoline trimmers (for example, this good 25-cubic remington) are the most severe options, but they provide greater power and cut more rigid and stubborn plants.

Battery or battery trimmers easier and more convenient, but consume less energy than gasoline and wired electric trimmers.

If your property is small, you do not need to worry that the battery trimmer will be discharged until the end of the work.

If you want to create a new border in your yard or save a certain border, you will need a lawn mower.

If you want to save the existing border of your yard or clean the areas of weeds and grass that the lawn mower cannot reach, you will need a trimmer.

After cutting the lawn you take out a trimmer and use it to cut grass along the edges and around obstacles so that your yard continues to look beautiful.

You can change the position of the trimmer vertically to use it to finish existing boundaries. However, if you already have a lawn mower, then this is not necessary.

When it comes to technical aspects of these tools, there are some things that should be paid to.

If you purchased a trimmer for strings and prefer to use gasoline, then you can purchase various types of trimmers with a gas drive.

The first is a 2-stroke trimmer, which requires a mixture of oil and gas, which means that you will need to select a separate container for supplying fuel for this trimmer.

Another type is a 4-stroke trimmer, which works only on gas, like a lawn mower. The oil is stored separately from gasoline in another engine tank.

Proper operation of a trimmer for grass

In every summer village, village, suburb and in the city itself you can see these devices: they work tirelessly, aligning the lawn grass, cleansing the space of squares and parks, gardens and gardens from thickets of burdock, wormwood and weeds. The noise and crackle from the trimmers are heard from the beginning of summer to autumn, until the growth of the grass is so much so that it will no longer need to trim it. The automatic braid deserved its popularity for the simplicity of the device and operation. It is easy for her to use, it is easy to care for, and in case of breakdown it is not possible to easily fix it without difficulty. The article will just tell you how to use a trimmer for grass correctly.

As with any other technique, in working with the trimmer there are rules. First you need to make sure that the main nodes and assemblies: screw, rods, handles and motor. If the device has not yet been assembled, then it should be correctly assembled according to the instructions.

Gasoline unit

In the case of a gasoline trimmer, it is necessary Check the gearbox for lubrication. Also, do not forget to add lubricants to the fuel tank, if the instruction manual is evidenced. As a rule, gas and oil are mixed in a ratio of 45 to 1, but these indicators may vary depending on the model and manufacturer, so you should carefully study all the technical requirements for the device. The fuel container must be filled on the very neck. If all technical fluids are flooded, then you can try to start the device. But it’s not worth mowing right away, it will be better to let the trimmer work without load so that the engine works to the flooded fuel. A few minutes will be enough, after which you can give the motorcycle full load.


With an electric trimmer, everything is much easier. After making sure that the gearbox has the required amount Litola, You can start work. No additional measures are required. Unless it is necessary to make sure that the carrying does not run on the path of mowing in order to avoid possible damage.

revolutions, trimmer, help

When the device itself is ready to work, you should make sure that there is nothing around that could interfere with the work. If possible, the estimated mowing area should be cleaned of snags, glass, stones and other solid objects that can damage a knife or trimmer line.

Depending on the upcoming work, you need to choose The nozzle on the trimmer: a screw-knife for weeds and hay, a trimmer line for lawn grass or a disk saw for shrubs. Mowing should be in the opposite direction from people, if possible, moving away from buildings and buildings. Do not get too close to the fence and other designs, since the trimmer line can catch on sharp edges, and the screw-knife will bend if it accidentally offends it a solid object.

The preparation of the device itself will not take much time, all modern models of devices are designed to facilitate and simplify their operation, starting to work in the shortest possible time.

How to choose a gasoline trimmer?

The tool has an unlimited mobility and a powerful engine that expands the tool for using the tool. Those who first decided to purchase a similar tool are interested in which is better to choose a gasoline trimmer

The first thing that is important to consider is the presence of a service center within the reach of the service and the ability to purchase spare parts

When choosing, pay attention to the following points:

  • Engine power;
  • Type of cutting tool;
  • Type of bar and handles;
  • Belt equipment;
  • Mowing width;
  • Volume of gas tank;
  • The number of additional nozzles.

Gasoline trimmer nozzles

The device is so universal that it can work in different positions. Garden gasoline trimmer can be equipped with the following nozzles:

  • Drill. Engine power creates a huge spinning moment in the drill.
  • Wheel wheels. Help reduce the friction of the tool about the surface, which facilitates the work and improves its quality. Gasoline gasoline self.Propelled vehicle is endowed with qualities that reduce the wear of parts.
  • Bitch. The work uses the principle of hacksaw. You can cut branches at a height of about 2.5 m.
  • Gardening scissors. Help to cut a hedge and curly bushes. The models have a different length of the bar.
  • Aerator of the lawn. Used to saturate the surface of the soil by air by piercing it. The destruction of crusts on the beds is destroyed in the same way.
  • Cultivator nozzle On a trimmer gasoline. Used for loosening soil.
  • Water pump. Helps to supply water or pump out liquid.
  • Brush and roller. Used to sweep the tracks and lawns.
  • Snowman. Helps remove snow from the selected surface.

Rating of gasoline trimmers

Among the variety of models, an inexperienced person can be confused and mistaken with the choice. To avoid this, you need not only to know the main characteristics, but also to be familiar with the most popular options. To date, the rating of the best models is as follows:

  • STIHL FS38. Super light model for cutting low grass. The gasoline trimmer is only with a trimmer line.
  • Patriot Pt 4555 ES. Used to cut high shoots. Needs prolonged running.
  • Huter GGT-2500S. Powerful model with low fuel consumption. You can ennoble bushes and small trees.
  • Al-ko 112387 FRS 4125. Characterizes with an effective anti.Vibration system and a wide range of use.
  • Echo SRM-2305SI. Universal model with small design.
  • Makita EBH341U. The gasoline trimmer is endowed with a four.Stroke engine and less vibration.
  • Husqvarna 323r. The easiest model. If desired, you can install a bush or a brush.
  • Oleo-Mac Sparta 25. Impressive dimensions with low engine power.
  • Solo 154. One of the most powerful professional options.
  • STIHL FS 490 C-EM K. The most powerful model.

Motokosa knives (trimmer)

When working with a motorcycle we can use a trimmer line. However, a real advantage (in addition to high engine power) is the ability to equip metal knives.

Various types of knives for trimmers are designed to cut different types of vegetation:

revolutions, trimmer, help
  • A knife with 8 or less teeth: grass and weeds;
  • A knife with 9-40 teeth: thick weeds and shrubs;
  • Knives-saws with more than 40 teeth: small trees and young seedlings;

When replacing a knife, be sure to use gloves.

Each knife indicates the size (diameter) of the landing hole in the center. This is usually 2.5 cm, but cases are different. Therefore, look in the operating manual, what size on your trimmer.

Principle of operation

If we consider the principle of work of the trimmer, then it looks like a manual braid. The difference is that it is equipped with an engine, with its help the cutting element is brought into rotation.

Producer companies produce the following models of mowers:

  • On which a gasoline engine is installed. Such garden tools have a fuel tank, this is their distinguishing feature.
  • Electric engine devices. These tools have less weight, because they do not have a fuel tank. But when choosing such models, you need to take into account that a power source needs their work to work.

All electric braids can be divided into those that work on batteries, and models connected to an electric network. Each species has its own characteristics, but they affect the power supply unit

If you do not take into account it, then the rest of the design are similar in different devices

If you take any model of the trimmer, then it consists of such elements as:

  • Motor;
  • Fuel tank (gasoline motorcycle has no);
  • Levers with which the mowing is controlled;
  • Knife for cutting grass;
  • Barbell;
  • A spool with a wound trimmer line, which is cutting grass;
  • Protective casing;
  • Conical gearbox.

The engine is placed near the mowing head, it can be installed from below or from above. Only those models that have a direct bar with a gearbox. If it is curved, then the indigenous bearing becomes a connecting element. It consists of 2 bushings.

As a cutting device, a trimmer line is used. It is easy to replace with steel knives and discs, they can be made of plastic or metal.

The choice of cutting element depends on how hard the grass will have to mow. Most often, a trimmer line is used, it is called the cord. There are products of various shapes on sale, among buyers a spiral and round is in demand.

The trimmer line is wound on the coil, it is inserted into the bobbin, while the 2 ends of the wire remain free. Когда двигатель косилки начинает работать, шпулька вращается, трава срезается свободными концами лески.

Spinning disk

The main purpose of the disk is a mowing of high and thick grass. He bites into it much more efficiently, so its performance in this case will be greater. In addition, mowing such grass, he does not mean it. It falls to the ground whole. It is for this reason, for example, for hay harvesting you need to work only a disk.

He will also effectively cope with the young shooting of the shrub if it comes across. As a rule, the trimmer line can not cope with this shoot.

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But when there are no high thickets, but it has already grown to such a height, when it already needs to be crushed, the disk will not help. He simply strokes low grass and almost does not mow. Many at this place recall about the wheeled lawn mower, on which a metal knife is also installed. After all, she knows how to cope with a relatively low lawn. Why is the trimmer not capable of doing this?

The thing is that the wheeled lawn mowers have bends that allow him to be a propeller. Due to this, during rotation in the decree, an air flow occurs from the ground up, thanks to which each blade of grass stretches and is easily lends itself to a blade.

When working with a trimmer, such a stream of air does not occur, which is why the disk mows poorly. You should also mention a certain danger. It lies in the fact that during work you can accidentally hurt a stone or another solid item. Because of this, a big return on the hands of the operator may occur, as well as a gearbox, not to mention the disk itself.

In addition, stone fragments can flush along an unpredictable trajectory. Therefore, before the kos, you need to make sure that there are no solid items on the site.

Types and use of knives for a trimmer

Knives significantly expand the scope of the use of trimmers. The cutting elements mow high grass, cope with shoots, thickets, shrubs. Electric trimmers, which are less productive compared to gasoline units, are equipped with plastic knives. But productive benzocouses are equipped with metal cutting elements.

On the execution of the cutting edges, products are divided into continuous, gears, perforated. The selection of the size and design of the knife depends on the goals of use, the features of the bar and engine performance.

Preparation of the fuel mixture

To provide the tool with productive operation, it is important to learn how to prepare the fuel mixture. If your trimmer is equipped with a 4-stroke engine, then with the preparation of combustible liquid you can not bother, since such units work on gasoline, and the oil is poured into a separate container. The fuel-oil mixture is used for flooding in trimmers with 2-stroke engines. To prepare it, you need only 2 components:

Mix the liquids in the ratio specified in the operation manual. It also contains information about what fuel and oil are recommended to use.

Important! In no case should you use a spent car oil. For gasoline trimmers, there are special lubricants of a special consistency and composition.

Prepare such an amount of fuel mixture so that you manage to develop in one cycle, because when stored the oil is precipitated, fuel loses its properties and becomes unsuitable for further use.

Recommendations for the extension of the service

In order to avoid situations with repairs, it is best to try to prevent them. To do this, you should FOCUS on such recommendations.

  • To extend the service life semi.Automatic coil, it should be pulled more often by hand. Try not to hit the ground.
  • You can not work everyday oblique time for a long time. In electric, this moment will be noticeable along the heated casing. But at first, you can not overload the engine and the gasoline analogue. The disk should be put only after the consumption of one volume of the tank.
  • Untimely cleaning can lead to excess moisture (the electric motor suffers) or clogging (loses power of the gasoline version).

If you approach technology with careful attitude, it will last much longer. And noting the signs of wear of the details, it is enough to change them in time, which will prevent more serious breakdown.