July 23, 2019

What Should Be A Dog House

What should be dog house on the plot?

Considering this construction, from the utilitarian point of view, of course, it is cozy and comfortable, according to the dimensions of the four-legged tenant.

Today we will try to look at doghouse through the eyes of a creative designer who is able to find non-standard solutions for completely ordinary things.

Perhaps the most popular material for building dog apartments is wood. Chuck the frame of the timber and sheathe it with wooden clapboard is quite accessible to anyone who knows how to hold a hacksaw and hammer in his hands, and another thing is to create an individual project worthy of realization.

What Should Be A Dog House

How do you, for example, the version of the cottage with a viewing platform for a shaggy pet? Excellent point of observation of the surrounding properties and a comfortable place to relax!

To the aesthetes and true perfectionists, who adhere to the unity of style in their subordinate area, we offer to evaluate design projects that cannot be called a language by booths. Rather, the master’s house in miniature under the roof of tiles and sheathed with siding.

What Should Be A Dog House

Well, and the owner of a solid wooden house is simply a sin not to carve for a faithful friend and guard a stylish copy of his household. Immediately obvious – who is the boss, and who went out for a walk.

Against the background of a stone fence or retaining wall, a house for a shepherd dog of similar material will look very organic. Serious dog – decent housing rank!

What Should Be A Dog House

Doghouse can be not only a functional structure, but also an original decoration of the site. If you are familiar with such a term as “green roof”, and you have long wanted to show your creative abilities in non-standard gardening, by all means take this opportunity.

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What Should Be A Dog House

Details on how this is done, you can read here, but there is also a more simplified, so to speak, seasonal option, like a “bill of lading” blooming roof. To do this, you can use a modular container planted with them picky ground cover plants. In general, for those who want to distinguish themselves in the field of landscape design, the optimal solution for the design of the booth is always there.

Proponents of minimalism and simply ideological creatives will surely like the work of the improvised material, for which they don’t need to go far. In the course are empty bottles, old plastic containers and remnants of building materials.

What Should Be A Dog House

By the way, if at your dacha, on occasion, an extra well-ring or an old cracked barrel was “lying around” – all this can be applied for its intended purpose.

For those who prefer to keep their beloved pet in the house, we offer several ideas for decorating a dog’s place directly in the home interior.

What Should Be A Dog House

Most dog lovers will not let them lie – our smaller brothers prefer to be in close proximity to the owner, therefore, with a certain ingenuity, you can equip cozy places of dislocation for small breeds even in an old nightstand.

For larger dogs, the similarity of a booth and even an open-air cage is best located in the entrance area of ​​the house – in the hallway, under the flight of stairs, in the niches of the walls or by making a separate entrance to the pantry or closet.

What Should Be A Dog House

On this, our review of the latest trends in country architecture in the construction of dog kennels will be considered complete. We wish you inspiration and creative realization, and your tails – a comfortable solution to the housing issue!

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