July 18, 2019

What To Lay The Dog In The Booth The Most Frequently Used Litter And Their Characteristics

If you decide to settle a dog in a booth on the street, you should remember about the climatic features of our country. Not all breeds are suitable for keeping out of the house and even dogs adapted for harsh winters are insulated for the winter. Special attention should be paid to the question: “What will the dog sleep on?” – this is really important. This article describes the materials that are most often used as dog bedding and some of the nuances associated with them. However, so that you do not choose as a heater, one thing to remember is that the bedding in the booth should not be wet. Dogs with undercoat well experienced severe frosts, but the dampness and drafts can badly affect the health of the animal.

Each of them has its own characteristics, positive and negative sides, which will be discussed below.

Despite the fact that there is a certain likelihood that parasites will start in hay, quite a lot of people prefer to lay hay as a bedding for a dog, since along with straw it is an ecological material that retains heat well and has a pleasant smell. Preparing a bedding of hay for a dog, it is important not to overdry it. Do not forget to occasionally splash up the hay so that it does not break. To reduce the risk of infection by parasites, it is recommended to regularly change the litter, as well as add herbs of anti-parasitic properties, for example: wormwood, thyme, sage.


Mattresses and other fabric bedding

Laying a mattress or something similar is not very practical, it quickly gets wet and requires regular drying and ventilation. So if your choice fell on such a litter, you will often have to climb into the booth in order to keep it in the right state. In addition, most owners complain that their pets are pulling the fabric out of their home and tearing it to shreds.

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Shavings and sawdust

What To Lay The Dog In The Booth The Most Frequently Used Litter And Their Characteristics

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