What to pour into a motor block engine. Replacement of motor oil in a walkbehind tractor

Oil for a walk.Behind tractor: which is better to pour and how to change?

The acquisition of a walk.Behind tractor is a rather serious step that should be prepared in advance. For the durable operation of the unit, it is necessary to carry out timely preventive work, if necessary to replace the parts and, of course, change the oil.

When buying a new walk.Behind tract in the kit, accompanying documents are necessarily in the kit, in which there are special sections with recommendations for proper care and operation. The names of oils ideally suitable for the unit are also indicated there.

First of all, you should deal with the basic functions of oil fluids. The liquids perform the following actions:

During the operation of the walk.Behind tractor in an air.Cooled engine, the oil fluid begins to burn, accordingly, burnt particles remain on the cylinder. That is why the formation of a smoky exhaust occurs. In addition, tarry deposits are the strongest pollutant for the rest of the walk.Behind tractor, due to which the lubrication of parts is complicated.

For the correct choice of oil fluid, it should be remembered that each individual composition is intended for a certain season and climatic temperature.

  • Summer A variety of oil fluid is used exclusively in the warm season. Has a high viscosity level. There is no letter designation.
  • Winter Varieties of oils are used during the cold. Have a low viscosity level. The letter designation is W, which means “winter” in translation from English. This variety includes oils with SAE 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W.
  • A variety of all.Season oils In the modern world, it is more popular. Their versatility allows you to pour liquid into the engine at any time of the year. It is these lubricants that have a special pointer in the general classification: 5W-30, 10W-40.

In addition to seasonality, oils are divided by composition. They are:

In addition, all oils differ in operational requirements of a 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine.

The price of the issue, of course, is high, but the reaction of the unit is in the long period of its service.

Oil for a walk.Behind tractor

Buying a walk.Behind tractor, you want to be sure that it will last a long time, carefully and effectively performing all the functions assigned to it. Undoubtedly, the quality of the unit is a very important aspect when choosing a walk.Behind tractor. However, it is worth remembering that timely and correct maintenance of the mechanism is the key to its durability and performance. No device will serve you the right service if you do not take care of it, changing the consumables in time, tightening the necessary nuts, checking the oil level.

Any owner of a walk.Behind tractor was wondering about oil replacement for a walk.Behind tractor. I would like to do this according to all the instructions so that the further work of the unit takes place without failures and problems. So, in our article we will tell you which oil needs to be used and how to change oil in a walk.Behind tractor.

To begin with, consider 3 main questions about the oil for a diesel walk.Behind tractor with a water cooling system:

1) how to fill and check the oil level in the engine crankcase

2) how to fill and check the oil level in the gearbox crankcase

3) how to pour oil into an air filter.

Oil pouring or checking the oil level in the engine crankcase

First of all, it is necessary to install a walk.Behind tractor on a flat horizontal surface. Next, it is necessary to clean the surface around the neck for filling the oil into the engine crankcase (in the figure below you see where it is located).

After that-unscrew the cork-voltage of the neck for filling the oil and with the help of a watering can pour the required amount of oil. With the help of a measured probe, you can control its level. To do this, wipe the dry probe, insert a plug in the pouring neck without twisting it on the thread, remove the plug and make sure that the oil level is between the Minimum and Maximum marks. In the figure below you will see how to work with the probe correctly.

Please note: if you check the oil level in the walk.Behind tractor on a preheated engine or gearbox, you must maintain a pause for several minutes after stopping. So the oil drains back into the crankcase cavity, and the check will show the correct result.

Oil pouring or checking the oil level in the gearbox crankcase

Having installed a walk.Behind tractor on an even horizontal surface, clean the gearbox body near the plastic plug of the pouring opening located under the steering wheel mount, and near the control opening bolt located on the right side of the gearbox.

Next, weaken the bolt of the control opening. In the event that the oil begins to flow from the hole, then its level is normal. If the oil does not flow, then its level is not enough. In this case, unscrew the bolt of the control opening, open the plastic cover of the gearbox of the gearbox and, using a corner funnel or a flexible hose, fill the oil into the gearbox until it flows out of the control opening. Now tightly tighten the cork of the control opening, close the lid of the filler hole and wipe the oil tackle from the gearbox body.

To fill the oil filter oil bath, unscrew the filter lid nuts, remove the filter element from the pallet, pour 100-150 motor oil into the pallet (according to the level of the oil bathtub), install the filter element back with sealing elastic bands and filter lid, the filter lid, Fix it with a barashka nut

Please note that you can not run the engine without an installed air filter, as well as with a filter without the required amount of oil. This will inevitably lead the accelerated wear of the device!

According to the factory standard, in the engine of the walk.Behind tractor and in the air filter, oil for diesel four.Stroke water.Cooled engines is used. When replacing with another type of lubricant, it must be borne in mind that the oil should have the specifics of SG, SF or higher. Choose motor oil in accordance with the viscous-temperature characteristic by SAE. Depending on the ambient temperature, it is allowed to use 5W-30, 10W-30, 15W-40 or oil with a wider temperature range. To determine the most correct type of oil, study the pattern located below.

To reduce the wear of mechanical gears and prevent the appearance of scrapers on the friction surfaces into the gearbox, transmission oils TAP-15, TAD-17 or similar to them are poured, for example, TM series oils according to GOST 17479.2–85. In the case of operation of the walk.Behind tractor in the cold season, it is necessary to use winter or all.Season transmission oils.

Now let’s talk about the general principles and the rules for changing the oil for the walk.Behind tractor and checking its level.

For the first time, the need to change oil for a walk.Behind tractor occurs after five hours of operation. This rule cannot be neglected, because after assembling the unit in its motor, various garbage, dust, small foreign bodies, which, getting into the oil, can contribute to the jamming of the engine immediately after the start of its work. This will definitely lead to engine failures, which can be avoided, guided by the following rule: we change the oil several times after five hours of operation of the walk.Behind tractor, and then several times after 10 hours of operation. So you can prevent the motor failure, and clean it from various contaminants.

After this so.Called, running in the walk.Behind tractor, oil should be changed as indicated in the instructions for the unit. As a rule, this is done 25-50 hours after the start of the device. Well, if you do not have instructions or it does not indicate what to do, then you can independently determine this moment yourself. Pay attention to the color of the oil. If the oil is black. Urgently change it and try not to bring it to such a state anymore. Also take into account the operating conditions of the walk.Behind tractor.

In order for the replacement of oil in the walk.Behind tractor to occur most correctly and efficiently, the motor must be warmed up. Do not forget to prepare the container where you will merge the served oil. Now let’s look at how to perform this procedure.

A walk.Behind tractor with a warmed engine needs to be slightly tilt and set up a container to it. Then you need to unscrew the drain plug at the motor and drain all the oil into the tank prepared for this. After that, you need to tighten the cork and pour new oil into the engine. It happens that the motor is not equipped with a drain plug. In this case, the oil must be drained through the pouring hole.

What types of lubrication should be used?

There are two types of lubricants for motoblocks:

In this regard, it is necessary to fill in precisely the kind that the manufacturer recommends, taking into account the number of clocks of a certain brand of the walk.Behind tractor. Synthetic and semi.Synthetic oils of perfectly suitable for use in motoblock engines have become most widespread in recent years. In specialized stores, the buyer in the assortment offers various types of foreign and domestic production.

Oil for a walk.Behind tractor: for engine, gearbox, transmission

Many newly.Minted owners of motoblocks are interested in issues related to the use of oils for agricultural machine. Let’s look at which compounds are suitable for lubrication of one or other motoblock mechanisms, and how to use them for stable operation and extend the operating time of the unit.

Oil replacement in a walk.Behind engineer engine

The working resource of the engine of the agricultural unit depends not only on the quality of its components and assemblies, but also on how correct and how often you will change motor oil. Adhering to the recommendations of the manufacturer, you can extend the service life of the unit and protect it from typical breakdowns.

It is necessary to replace the lubricant in the walk.Behind tractor pre.Heating the aggregate motor. To change the oil in the engine engine, you need to act in the following order:

  • First set the unit in a horizontal position. Holes for pouring and draining the oil are always located on the left side of the engine motor. The oil remaining inside the motor must be drained through the drain hole, which is closed with a conical plug that has a thread. If the cork is twisted too much, then it can be unscrewed with a long screwdriver;
  • Put a wide container under the drain hole with a volume of at least 2 liters, and slowly unscrew the cork. Finally removed it, wait 10 minutes until the lubricant completely merges from the engine engine;
  • After that, tighten the plug of the drain hole, and start filling the new engine oil. It is best if you choose 10W40 oil on a synthetic or mineral basis as a new composition. Its volume should be equal to the number of previously drained oil.

If you only purchased a motorcycle block, then change the lubricant in its motor, you need a field of the first 5 hours of operation of the unit. The fact is that after the assembly of new motoblocks, small garbage remaining inside the engine enters the oil, which leads to jamming of the engine and the appearance of small breakdowns. In order for the motor of the new unit to be completely cleansed, it will need to be replaced by the oil three more. 2 times after 5 hours of operation, and the third. After 10 hours.

Is it possible to pour car engine oil into a walk.Behind tractor?

This issue is very relevant, especially among beginner farmers. Many of them use automobile motor oil, believing that there is absolutely no difference between it and the composition for filling the motor unit motor.

Actually apply car oil. Big error. The fact is that such a tool does not have the characteristics that are needed for the good operation of the walk.Behind tractor. The result of this is the accelerated wear of the cylinders and the piston group of the motor, which leads to a breakdown of the walk.Behind tractor and the need to completely replace its engine.

To prevent this, you should use specialized motor oil for a walk.Behind tractor, the composition of which is fully complies with the requirements of the agricultural machine. For pouring into the motor, you can use a 2-stroke or 4-stroke oil-it all depends on the type of motoblock engine.

The manufacturer of the lubricant is also of great importance. The compositions from popular brands have proven themselves best in practice: Shell, Mobile, Castrol and Liqui Moly. They work equally well in the production of Briggs Stratton, Subaru and other famous companies. The third important factor is the seasonality of motor oil. It depends on this characteristic at what temperatures the composition begins to lose its most important properties. In order not to lose, we advise you to choose oil for the all.Season motoblock.It does not lose its characteristics at temperatures in the range from.25 to 40 ° C.

Do you need to add oil to gasoline for a walk.Behind tractor?

To find out whether to dilute gasoline for a walk.Behind tractor, you need to study the instructions for its operation. It indicates what type of engine the unit is equipped- 2- or 4-stroke.

If the walk-behind tractor is equipped with a 2-stroke engine, then the fuel mixture for it must consist of gasoline and oil. In the process of preparing the mixture, follow the exact proportion specified by the manufacturer in the operating manual. At the same time, the fuel for a walk-behind engine with a 4-stroke engine does not need to mix with oil, since all 4 strokes of such engines work on a pure fuel.

It should be remembered that the motoblocks in which the diesel is poured do not need to prepare the fuel mixture. The fact is that all diesel engines are among 4-stroke engines and work on pure fuel.

Oil for a diesel motor block. Features of choice

When choosing motor oil for a diesel motor block, you should be guided by the instructions in the operating instructions. However, if the management of the use was lost, then you will have to study the compositions available on the market more carefully.

Motor oils for diesel engines are classified into the following categories. The special marking indicated on the container with grease will help to determine the type and compliance of the composition for a particular walk.Behind box:

  • API CJ-4-Compounds with such a marking are designed specifically for walk-behind engines, with a capacity of 10 liters. With. And more. The composition of these lubricants has increased viscosity, which guarantees good operation of all elements of the aggregate motor;
  • API CI-4-these oils should be used for engines equipped with different types of injection and boost. Such oils have good dispersing characteristics and high resistance to thermal oxidation;
  • API CH-4-lubricants with this marking fully comply with all modern requirements and quality standards. Among the advantages of these compositions, the ability to fill them in diesel engines operating on fuel should be distinguished, the percentage of sulfur in which exceeds 0.5 %;
  • API CA. Compositions of this type are optimally suitable in cases where diesel fuel contains a small amount of sulfur. Oils with such a marking protect the engine of the walk.Behind tractor from the formation of harmful deposits on its walls;
  • API CB. The use of oils of this oil can reduce the risk of corrosion of motor block bearings;
  • API CC. Such oils will be the best option for a motor equipped with a turbocharger, but does not have a supercharger. These compounds help motor blocks withstand long loads and work properly in severe conditions;
  • API CF-2-oils of this group show themselves well when used in walk-behind engines, which amenable to strong loads.
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Which is better to choose?

As mentioned earlier, there are several types for motoblock oils. It is necessary to use the liquid that the manufacturer of the unit advises. For this it is enough to carefully study the marking of the device and read the instructions.

In addition, each individual type of oil is divided into several types of chemical composition. In most cases, manufacturers try to make units with the possibility of using the most common types of oils-synthetic, mineral, as well as semi-synthetics, for example, Mannol Molibden Benzin 10W40 or SAE 10W-30.

It is worth noting that in this lubricant there is a friction modifier that creates a solid film on the inner surface of the parts. This significantly reduces the speed of wear of the walk.Behind tractor.

Another marking that we must not forget about is the designation of the properties of the operation of oils. She also has several varieties. For example, category C is used for 4-stroke engines on a diesel base, and category S on gasoline.

From these data, you can derive a certain result. Given the engine varieties, a high level of demand is aimed at all.Season oils with 5W30 and 5W40 markings. From anti.Corrosion oils, 10W30, 10W40 are popular.

Transmission oil for a walk.Behind tractor

When choosing a transmission oil, the first thing you should pay attention to is the recommendations of the manufacturer of the walk.Behind tractor. Each of the brands involved in the manufacture of agricultural machinery uses mechanisms of different design. Accordingly, the latter need oils of different compositions. In order to prevent mistakes when choosing transmission oil, we recommend that we study a table, which contains the recommendations of the most famous manufacturers of motoblocks.

Motobobok manufacturer Transmission oil
Neva MB-1 TAP-158, TAD-17 and other compounds corresponding to GOST 23652-79
Neva MB-2 TM-5 oils, TEP-15, as well as compositions corresponding to the classifications of the SAE90 GI-2 and SAE90 GI-5
Bison The use of transmission oil TAP 15 will be optimal
Centaur Transmission oils TAD-17I, TEP-15, TAP-15V, TSL-14
Honda Best of all, 80w90 oil has proven itself
Cascade Transmission oils corresponding to GOST 23552-79, or MS-20 aviation oils

In addition to properly selected transmission oil, an important role for extending the life of a walk.Behind tractor also plays the frequency of its replacement. Here, as in the case of the choice of the composition, you should pay attention to the advice of the manufacturer of the walk.Behind tractor. In the table below, you can study the frequency of oil change for the most popular brands of motoblocks.

Motobobok brand Manufacturer’s recommendations
Neva MB-1 and MB-2 Changing transmission oil is required at least 1 time in 100 hours of working with a walk.Behind tractor
Bison The first oil change is carried out after 50 hours of operation of the walk.Behind tractor in moderate mode. All subsequent replacements are made every 200 hours of operation of the unit.
Centaur Transmission oil must be changed after every 75 hours of operation of the walk.Behind tractor
Honda Oil change should be done after every 100 hours of working with a walk.Behind tractor
Cascade It is best to change the transmission oil every 150 hours of operation of the walk.Behind

The difference in the frequency of the replacement of transmission oil for motor blocks of various brands is due not only to the design features of the units, but also by their condition. After all, if the motorcycle block has a slight breakdown, then the transmission oil in it will lose its characteristics much faster than in the case of a completely serviceable unit. Be sure to keep in mind this, and eliminate all the available breakdowns immediately after their detection.

Which is better to choose?

As mentioned earlier, there are several types for motoblock oils. It is necessary to use the liquid that the manufacturer of the unit advises. For this it is enough to carefully study the marking of the device and read the instructions.

In addition, each individual type of oil is divided into several types of chemical composition. In most cases, manufacturers try to make units with the possibility of using the most common types of oils. Synthetic, mineral, as well as Semi-synthetics, for example, Mannol Molibden Benzin 10W40 or SAE 10W-30.

It is worth noting that in this lubricant there is a friction modifier that creates a solid film on the inner surface of the parts. This significantly reduces the speed of wear of the walk.Behind tractor.

Another marking that we must not forget about is the designation of the properties of the operation of oils. She also has several varieties. For example, Category C is used for 4-stroke engines on a diesel base, and category S on gasoline.

From these data, you can derive a certain result. Given the type of engine, A high level of demand is aimed at all.Season oils with 5W30 and 5W40 markings. From anti.Corrosion oils, 10W30, 10W40 are popular.

Functions of motor oil

With each technique, including with motoblocks, there is a passport and instruction in the kit for sale. Manufacturers always in the instructions recommend those types of oil that will allow you to serve the technique for a long time and not break.

Wide selection of oils for a walk.Behind tractor

You need to know that during the operation of the walk.Behind tractor, motor oil performs 4 functions at once:

When operating an air cooler engine engine, the lubricants will burn and remains on a hot cylinder, after which a smoky exhaust is formed. Deposition of tarry substances radically affects the pollution of some details And their lubrication is complicated.

With oil, it is recommended to use anti.Acidic drugs that clean the motor from dirty deposits. Correctly selected oil for a walk.Behind tract according to the SAE classification is the key to durability.

For example, when using a lubricant type SAE 10W30 at a temperature of 5 ° C and higher, its consumption will be much higher and there will be a high probability of engine breakdown. Summer lubricants are undesirable to pour at air temperatures below 5 ° C. This use leads to a difficult to launch the engine and damage to the cylinder mirror.

One.1 Classification of oil varieties according to the degree of viscosity

It is customary to classify the degree of viscosity of the varieties of motor oil according to SAE (Society of Automobile Industry Engineers).

High.Quality flushing oil MPa. 2

  • Summer varieties. Oils belonging to this category, are used in the summer, have high viscosity and without a letter designation. These include: SAE 20, 30, 40, 50, 60.
  • Winter varieties. These oils are used in the winter and have small viscosity. The letter designation of this variety W (Winter). These include: SAE 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W.
  • All.Season varieties are the most popular at present, as they are used both in summer and winter. They are indicated by a double combination: 5W-30, 10W-40.
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In addition to differences in lubricants by seasonal signs, They are divided by composition into two types:

All the oils are still divided into grease for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Typically, 4-clock-cooled engines are installed on the walk-behind tracts. In such engines, only 4 strokes must be poured.

Checking the oil level with the probe in the oil.Packed opening

The air cooling engine during operation heats up more than the water cooling engine under the same operating conditions. Therefore, pouring fluid should have low evaporation and high thermo.Acidic stability. Also modern oils must have environmental safety, t.E. The amount of smoke and toxicity of exhaust gases is controlled.

Since waste is often simply burned in boilers or steam generators, they should not contain components that form toxic compounds when burning. In a motor-cultivator that works on gasoline, and has no instructions, it is better to pour the 4-stroke oil of the 5W30 or SAE30 brand.

In winter, winter or transmission oil, for example 0W40, will be preferable. But you will have to pay for such quality. It is not worth saving on this, because high.Quality oil affects less engine wear and its durability.

Oil in the fuel mixture

For the normal operation of 2 stroke engines, part of the oil will need to be added to the fuel, preparing the so-called fuel mixture.

In this case, you need to clearly adhere to a certain proportion (part of the oil in 4 parts of gasoline). Non.Compliance with such a proportion will cause frequent breakdowns and engine instability.

4-stroke engines do not need such a mixture and they are filled only with pure fuel without adding oil. Diesel engines also do not need to add oil to gasoline, otherwise they can quickly fail.

The application of the above recommendations will make it possible to replace the lubricant in the unit in a timely manner, which will thereby maintain its mechanism in a working position and significantly save funds for its repair.

We hope our review. Is it possible to fill in car engine oil into the motor? Was useful for you. We ask you to leave your user reviews in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below which lubricant fluid do you use.

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Motor oils for motoblocks. Types and characteristics

The modern motoblock consists of many mechanisms, for good and well.Coordinated work of which requires lubricant. Not only the durability of the elements of the unit depends on the quality and properties of the latter, but also the effectiveness of its application in one or other conditions.

The motor is not in vain called the “heart” of the motorcycle unit. It is on the state of the first, in many ways, the performance of the unit depends. The engine, in turn, will not be able to work without properly selected engine oil.

The latter performs several important functions at once:

  • Cools the engine of the motor block at strong loads;
  • Lubricates the rubbing parts of the motor;
  • Cleanses the internal cavities of the engine from blockages;
  • Seals the fuel mixture, making it better.

In the process of operation of the air.Cooled motor, the lubricant material used evaporates and accumulates on the surface of the hot cylinder. As a result of this, the oil, along with the fuel, turns into smoky exhaust gases. All fuel combustion products collected on the details of the motor unit significantly complicate their lubricant. In order to prevent this, many manufacturing companies are advised to use special antioxidants along with lubrication, the task of which is to clean the engine parts from harmful deposits.

All engine oils are divided by SAE.

The following lubricants are distinguished on the market:

  • Summer oils. These products are intended for use mainly in the summer period. They have high viscosity, and there is no letter marking on their packaging. These compositions include SAE 20, SAE 30, SAE 40;
  • Winter oils. Materials of this type are used to lubricate motoblock engines for the winter period. They have a characteristic low viscosity and the presence of the letter W in the marking, which is deciphered as “Winter”. The winter oils include the compounds SAE 0W, SAE 10W, SAE 20W;
  • All.Season oils. These compounds are of the highest demand. They are universal, as they can be successfully used, both in winter and in the summer. Their packaging shows a double marking. These oils include 5W-30 and 10W-40 compositions.

To choose oil for a walk.Behind tractor, you should also consider its composition.

How To properly change the engine oil in your Yanmar YT2 series tractor!

Manufacturers produce lubricants for engines with such compositions:

You can also find oils on the market, both for 2-stroke and directly for 4-stroke engines. Most modern motoblocks are equipped with 4-stroke engines with built-in air cooling systems. Exclusively 4-stroke oil should be poured into such motors.

The motor with forced air cooling during operation is heated significantly more than an active water.Cooled engine. In this regard, the oil in a walk.Behind tractor with such a cooling system should have high thermo.Oxidative stability and rather low evaporation. In addition, the oil used to lubricate the engine must certainly comply with the well.Known modern requirements of environmental friendliness, in other words, show the permissible level of toxicity of ejected exhaust gases and smoke.

What oil is poured into the engine of the walk.Behind tractor

So that the walk.Behind tractor has been working flawlessly for a long time, it must be properly maintained and operated. Oil is a key factor that provides engine operation. What oil to fill in the engine of the walk.Behind tractor will try to understand this site page.

The most correct recommendation for the selection of oil will be the recommendation of the engine manufacturer for a walk.Behind tractor. Therefore, we will get acquainted with the instructions for the operation of the main manufacturers of engines to the motor blocks and give excerpts from the instructions.

The choice of motor oil, like any other type of oil, depends on the two main parameters. The operational category and the viscosity class.

Classification of oil varietiesClassification of the API by operating categories (American Oil Institute). See in more detail here

Classification of oil varieties by viscosityClassification SAE (Society of automotive and transport engineers). Look more here

Winter. With the letter W (Winter). Oils that satisfy these categories are low and used in winter. SAE 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W

Summer. Without letter designation. Oils that satisfy these categories are high.Skinned and are used in the summer. SAE 20, 30, 40, 50, 60.

All.Season. Currently, universal oils that are used in winter and summer are most widely used.

Such oils are indicated by a combination of winter and summer row: 5W-30, 10W-40

In winter, use oil with a smaller numerical value of SAE (less viscous), and in summer. Oil with a large value (more viscous).

Oil with several viscosity indicators has comprehensive stability in the conditions of seasonal and temperature changes. For example, SAE 10W-30 type oil is suitable for use as an all-season. At low temperatures, it is equivalent to Equivalent SAE 10W, and in the process has the same lubricating properties as SAE 30.

Motoblock engines recommended by manufacturers.

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Motobobok engine brand Meta oil recommended by the manufacturer
summer winter Operational class
Robin Subaru (Subaru) SAE 10W-30-in a temperate climate SAE 5W-30-in cold regions Car engine oil; class se or higher(recommended SG, SH or SJ)
Honda (Honda) SAE 10W-30 class oil is recommended at any temperature. If you want to use seasonal oil, then choose oil with a suitable viscosity coefficient based on the average temperature in your region SG, SF.
Lifan (Lifan) SAE-30 SAE-10W-30-all-season
Briggs Stratton (Brigs) When working at temperatures below 0 ° C, Briggs Stratton recommends the use of synthetic oil. If you do not have synthetic oil, then you can use the non-intensive oil Briggs Stratton 10W-30 Article 998208 Note: synthetic oil corresponding to the certification sign ILSAC GF-2, API and the service symbol of the API with the inscription “SJ/CF Energy Conserving” and higher, can be used at any temperatures. Replacement of synthetic oil according to the usual graphics.Air.Cooled engines heat up faster than automobile engines.The use of non-intensive thickened oil (5W-30, 10W-30, and t.D.) at temperatures above 4 ° C will lead to high oil consumption. In the case of using such oil, the level of oil should be checked more often. SF, SG, SH, SJ or higher
DM-1-01(OJSC Kaluga engine) M63/12gone or m53/10gone GOST 10541-78, oil corresponding to the requirements of the API: SF; SG; SH and SAE: 10W30; 15w30
DM-1K Instructions from OJSC “Red October” M10gi, M12Gi TU 38.10148-85 M63/12gone or m53/10gone GOST 10541-78,
Cascade MB-6 Motor oil M-5Z/10G1, M-6Z/12G1 GOST 10541-78 (it is allowed to use motor oils for carburetor engines according to the SAE classification in accordance with the recommendations for use at various ambient temperatures. Mixing mineral and synthetic oils is not allowed. )
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The engines of these brands are installed on almost all motoblocks that are currently released such as Neva, MTZ, Salyut, Cascade, Oka, Ugra, virgin lands, Tarpan, Agate, Favorite, MKM and many others.

Motors of such well.Known companies are tested and tested in these oils, therefore, the result of operation in accordance with the recommendations of manufacturers will be the best. The use of the engine oil of the specified variety and viscosity significantly extends the life of the engine and increases its performance. The use of insufficient or excessive amounts of oil can lead to serious problems, including engine jamming.

Manufacturers recommend Do not use oil with additives and for 2 stroke engines, since it does not contain enough lubricant, which reduces the service life of the engine.

In gasoline engines of wide application, only motor oils of classes SE, SF, SG should be used.

Categories of motor oils for gasoline engineth

SA For use in conditions of low mechanical stresses, when additives are not required
SB For use in the middle range of mechanical stresses. It has weak oxidation, stable lubricating properties, protects the engines from wear and prevents and prevents the corrosion of bearings.
SC For use in gasoline engines produced in the period 1964-1967.G. And not equipped with PCV system. Minimizes the formation of deposits in a wide temperature range, as well as wear and corrosion of the engine.
SD For use in gasoline engines produced in the period 1968-1971.G., equipped with PCV system. Compared to the SC category, it better reduces the formation of deposits in a wide temperature range, wear and corrosion of the engine.
Se For use in gasoline engines produced after 1972. Compared to the SD category, it better prevents the formation of deposits in a wide temperature range, reduces the wear and corrosion of the engine.
SF For use in gasoline engines produced after 1980. Compared to the SE category, it better prevents the formation of deposits in a wide temperature range, reduces the wear and corrosion of the engine.
SG Appeared in 1988. In its characteristics, it is comparable to Category SF oil and is characterized by additional quality improvements.
SH The highest category of motor oils introduced since 1992.

What type of oil is it worth pouring into the motor of the motor.Cultivator

Many disputes are being conducted, what specific oil should be poured into the engine of the home motor.Cultivator (walk.Behind tractor). Someone is sure that his views are faithful, others deny them, but there are only the only thing to resolve such discussions-a guide to the unit created by the manufacturer of products. Any manufacturer in it prescribes a specific volume of poured oil, the measurement method of this volume, including the type of oil that can be used.

What are the similarity of all their positions is that the lubricant should be intended specifically for the engine. 2 types of oils can be distinguished-oils for 2-stroke engines and oils for 4-stroke. Both samples are used for motor cultivators in accordance with what specific motor is mounted in the model. For the most part, motor cultivators are equipped with 4-stroke engines, however, to install the type of motor, you need to familiarize yourself with the labeling of the manufacturer.

The use of oils is distributed according to the seasonality of the operation of the motor.Cultivator. So, individual modifications can be used in the winter season. Due to the thickening of natural elements that are susceptible to lowering temperature, semi.Synthetic lubricants cannot, along with minerals, are used in winter. However, the same oils are safely used in the summer season and thoroughly protect the technique.

Thus, the lubricant is used not only in the form of lubrication for the components of the motor, but also serves as an environment that perfectly restrains the soon produced during the combustion of fuel, and metal particles that occur during the wear of the components. Just for this reason, the lion’s lodge of oils has a thick, viscous structure. To find out what kind of oil is needed precisely by your technique, carefully study the operating manual for the motor cultivator. The manufacturer indicates what specific oil needs to be poured into the engine or gearbox, so it is recommended to follow these tips.

Oil replacement in the gearbox step step

The gearbox is located at the bottom of the walk.Behind tractor in the center and sets the axis with cutters or wheels. Equipped with two traffic jams: the upper oil wide for the bay, and the bottom for draining, most often in the form of a short bolt.

On the image of the details of the chain gearbox, which should rotate in the lubricant:

  • A container for collecting waste oil is selected at least 2 liters. Set up under the drain plug.
  • The drain plug opens with a suitable key. Since it is located “upside down”, it is also unscrewed the opposite, clockwise if you look from above.
  • The development begins to drain, the upper cork is unscrewed, which accelerates the process. It takes 5-10 minutes to the drain.
  • Twist the drain plug.

Often use a hose with a funnel dressed on it, you can make a cut plastic bottle if the neck diameter is suitable:

  • The end of the hose is inserted into the pouring hole.
  • Pour oil into the funnel. The filling procedure also takes several minutes.
  • There is no probe indicating the oil level in the gearbox. It is controlled along the lower edge of the hole (with a horizontal location of the cork). As soon as he begins to flow out of the hole, the gearbox is full.
  • The upper cork is twisted.

You can clearly see the whole process in the following video:

Replacement in the engine of the walk.Behind tractor

Oil replacement in an air.Cooled engine is like the above scheme for the gearbox, but at the same time, has some differences:

  • Oil is drained from a heated engine. On cold, it remains viscous, sticking to the details and does not drain completely;
  • The wheel opposite of the drain plug is slightly lifted for better and complete runoff;
  • The oil capacity in the crankcase is slightly less than in the gearbox, from 1.1 l to 1.5 l. It is also specified according to the instructions.

On the image of a motor block with a lid removed and the part of the crankcase, requiring lubrication:

Subaru motor block

The basic engine in all models of the Subaru motoblocks. Robin Subaru. It is very sensitive to poor.Quality products, so it is better to buy funds for maintenance from trusted manufacturers. In a temperate climate, Subaru specialists recommend using 10W-30 brand. In conditions of cold climate, the most optimal brand will be 5W-30. Operational class (API) should be higher than SD (SE, SG, etc.D.).

How to Break-in Brand-New Engine Oil Analysis

The unit of the same name is equipped with a gasoline engine that is cooled by air (t. Zv. Convection cooling). In connection with this particularity, engineers recommend:

  • Use synthetic oil ILSAC GF-2 “SJ/CF Energy Conversing”. It is suitable in any temperature range.
  • If the above brand is absent, and the device is forced to work at negative temperatures, you need to use Briggs Stratton 10W-30 corporate oil.
  • Operational class according to the API: SF, SG, SH and above.

Note: when using a 5W-30 brand and higher in a warm climate, oil consumption will increase several times. That is why manufacturers need to check its level much more often in order to avoid unwilling problems.

How to pour oil into a gearbox?

The frequency of the substitution of transmission fluid will depend. But, as a rule, replacement is carried out every 100 hours of operation of the equipment. In certain cases, a more common replacement may be required. Every 50 hours. If the walk-behind tractor is new, then the first oil replacement after it should be made after 25-50 hours.

Regular replacement of transmission fluid is required not only because it recommends the manufacturer, but also for a number of other reasons.

The transmission fluid as a result of this becomes thicker. This leads to the fact that the motorcycle block begins to work unstable. In some cases, a breakdown of the gearbox may occur.

A new lubricant poured helps to prevent such troubles and avoid repair. Replacing the transmission fluid is much cheaper than replacing the gearbox.

If you want your technique to serve for a long time and right, do not neglect the timely oil change.