What trimmer for grass to choose electric or gasoline

How to choose a grass trimmer for grass that will not let you down

Power, type of power, cutting elements, as well as other parameters that you should pay attention to.

Modern mowers are divided into two types: electric and gasoline. At the heart of the first is an electric motor, which is powered from the mains or built-in battery. Secondly, there is an internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline.


The easiest and most affordable are corded grass trimmers for grass. They do not require regular maintenance and are ready to work immediately after purchase. Such models can boast environmental friendliness and low noise level. Although, unlike other types of trimmers, electric trimmers are always tied to a power outlet, and their range is limited to the length of the cable. Suitable for not very dense grass and small areas.

Cordless grass trimmers are an upgraded version of corded trimmers. They are lighter and fully mobile and self-contained. But they cost twice or three times as much. Plus, the battery has to be recharged.


Grass trimmers with this engine are more expensive than corded electric ones, but cheaper than battery-powered ones. These models are the most practical, productive, and adapted to high loads. They are self-contained, can easily handle dense grass, weeds, and even shrubs. Such mowers are rather noisy, need periodic maintenance and need to be prepared before working.

Most trimmers are equipped with a two-stroke engine that is fueled by a mixture of gasoline and oil. Less common are models with a four-stroke internal combustion engine, which have a separate lubrication system and run on pure gasoline. They make less noise and vibrate less, but are heavier and more expensive.

Figure out the horsepower

Regardless of engine type, grass trimmers are available with power from 300 to 3,000 watts. When choosing should be guided by the anticipated amount of work, the type of vegetation and the size of the area. Insufficient power will result in poor performance and will not allow you to mow thick bushes, and excessive will lead to the overspending of fuel, not to mention the high cost of the tool.

Low-power grass trimmers up to 600 watts are good for mowing small lawns, edging garden paths, and cleaning hard-to-reach places after mowing grass with a lawnmower. As a rule, these are electric models that use only a trimmer line as a tool.

The power range of 650 to 1,200 watts is the middle ground. They will cope with both the thin grass, and with weeds with coarse stems. In this category, you can find more expensive electric versions of trimmers and basic gasoline variants. Both are usually equipped with either spools of line or knives.

For really large areas and dense thickets, there are grass trimmers from 1,500 watts and up. Such tools have in their arsenal a line for the trimmer, knives of different configuration and will allow to easily mow tall or dry grass, as well as bushes and even small branches of trees. Such productive machines are usually always gasoline-powered.

Internal Features

Most often, gasoline trimmers are powered by two-stroke internal combustion gasoline engines that require gasoline mixed with mineral or synthetic oil to operate. Two-stroke engines need the correct ratio of gasoline and oil, so before using it is important to carefully study the instructions to his model of gasoline trimmer. convenient and silent models are grass trimmers with four-stroke engines, in which gasoline and oil are poured into separate containers, mixing inside the unit.

The combustion engine is located on top of every petrol-powered trimmer.

For areas with coarse vegetation, you need to choose a powerful gasoline grass trimmer, whose power will allow you to use it as a lopper, cultivator, and even a snowblower. There are two types of drive that rotate the cutting unit of the Gasoline Trimmer, a steel cable and a straight shaft with a gearbox. It is desirable to choose a unit with a straight shaft, as it is more reliable than a rope in terms of mechanical strength.

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Gasoline grass trimmers: pros and cons

Lawn mower. a multifunctional device, which has recently enjoyed great popularity. Copes with its tasks by means of a special head with a fishing line. Equipped with a combustion engine, additionally equipped with plastic discs or metal blades.

  • easy operation and maintenance. The internal structure and principle of operation does not present any special difficulties. everyone can figure it out;
  • reliability. Gasoline grass trimmer can work “without sleep or rest” for 24 hours. At the same time, it will not heat up and can guarantee the perfect performance of its duties in all conditions;
  • high performance. The enviable power makes it possible to mow the lawn even in hard-to-reach places as quickly as possible and very qualitatively;
  • easy movement around the site. Gasoline grass trimmers do not depend on a power outlet, which means you get complete freedom of movement.
  • the noise you make when working. Lawn trimmers vibrate and make noise, which of course is not to everyone’s liking;
  • nature pollution. A fuel-powered machine produces exhaust fumes that pollute the environment during operation;
  • Expensive. Gasoline grass trimmers are expensive, which is explained by the high performance and technical characteristics.

In general, such machines have earned numerous positive reviews.

Those who are not afraid of the price choose them. However, their “rivals”, electric grass trimmers, also have many advantages.

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Gasoline grass trimmers: pros and cons

Lawnmower. a multifunctional device, which has recently enjoyed great popularity. Can cope with its tasks by means of a special head with a fishing line. Equipped with a combustion engine, optionally equipped with plastic discs or metal blades.

  • easy operation and maintenance. The internal structure and principle of operation is not particularly difficult. everyone can figure it out;
  • reliability. Gasoline grass trimmer can work “without sleep or rest” for 24 hours. At the same time, it will not heat up and can guarantee the perfect performance of its duties in all conditions;
  • high performance. The enviable power makes it possible to mow the lawn even in hard-to-reach places as quickly as possible and very qualitatively;
  • easy movement on the site. Gasoline grass trimmer does not depend on a power outlet, which means you get complete freedom of movement.
  • operating noise. lawn mowers vibrate and make noise, which, of course, is not to everyone’s liking;
  • environmental pollution. The unit, which runs on fuel, in the process of operation produces exhaust gases that pollute the environment;
  • expensive. Gasoline grass trimmers are expensive, which is due to the high performance and technical characteristics.

In general, such machines have earned numerous positive reviews.

Those who are not afraid of the price, choose them. But their “rivals”, the electric grass trimmers, also have many advantages.

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Features of electric scythes

Lightweight and compact electric grass mower uses as a power source, obtained through a mains cable or from a built-in battery. There are budget models of small power. from 250 watts. But the most popular segment of sales are electric mowers from 800 watts, more powerful, with the motor located in the upper part of the construction.

The design of the boom also matters. Straight metal versions are used in electric mowers with blades. But most of the models presented in stores are designed to work with cord.

Among the pluses of electric scythes can be noted:

  • low weight of the equipment. there is no heavy load on the back and arms;
  • versatility. can be used by older people, teenagers;
  • affordable ;
  • easy start without any extra gimmicks;
  • low noise level. no need for protective devices in the form of headphones;
  • the absence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere;
  • low vibration load, safe for health;
  • no special storage requirements;
  • Cordless models do not require independence from electrical outlets.

There are enough disadvantages, too. It is worth considering that electric mains-powered mowers require the use of extension cords, access to a socket. They can not be used after rain or in the morning (after dew): there is a danger of short circuits. Low power significantly limits the range of possibilities for electric mowers on the site. their destiny is removal of thin stems of grassy plants.

One more serious disadvantage. weaker construction of machinery, it is much more likely to break, and the vulnerable node can become both the motor and the boom. Cordless products are much more massive, weighing up to 4.5 kg and requiring a special shoulder strap.

Electric trimmers are difficult to mow areas with differences in elevation. they simply can’t handle the task.

Gasoline grass trimmer. which one to choose?

What to look for when choosing a gasoline trimmer for the grass? The decision will depend on the tasks facing you:

All brushcutters are divided by engine type into two-stroke and four-stroke.

The first ones are unpretentious and simple to arrange, but require preparation of special fuel mixture, have high noise level and produce large amount of exhaust gases. Of these models, Husqvarna 323 R, Ryobi RBC31SESO, Patriot PT 3055, Partner Colibri II S are particularly popular.

The two-stroke engines are hard to maintain but do not require mixing and are quieter, more fuel-efficient, and have low wear-and-tear on the engine’s internal components. Among them it is worth noting Makita EBH341U, Patriot PT 3155 T, Caiman VSP255S-EH025. Two-stroke engines are more common, so it makes sense to opt for them, especially if you consider that the type of motor does not affect the performance of the tool in any way.

The next thing you should pay attention to is the shape of the boom.

Straight line is characteristic of professional models with high power, with the ability to withstand heavy loads. This is due to the use of a steel shaft for transmitting torque from the motor to the cutting tool. Al-ko FRS 4125, Ryobi RBC31SESO, Hitachi CG 40 EY. T (CG40EY-T), Kalibr BK-1900.

There is a steel wire instead of the shaft in the bent boom. Such a device, as a rule, is used for household and some semi-professional mowers. They are not required to be especially rugged and stable, and the intensity of use of such models is not too great. Among such trimmers are particularly successful STIHL FS 45, Interskol MKB-43/33, Elitech T 1000 RK.

Next, it makes sense to assess the characteristics of the tool, namely its power.

From this indicator will directly depend on the performance of the brushcutter, its ability to work with a certain type of equipment, the ability to mow different grass, weeds or even bushes.

In our store you can always buy models with fantastic power: STIHL FS 550 K, Echo SRM-4605, Husqvarna 343 F. These machines can cut even small undergrowth and are used for clearing wild vegetation in the forest. They come at a high price, but the value they offer in return is worth it. This is the choice of true professionals.

The more modest amount of work required to perform the work and the softer the vegetation on the site, the less power you need trimmer for the grass and, accordingly, it will be cheaper.

As for the price, it depends, as always, on the brand.

But there are quite well-known brands, which offer excellent quality products and very affordable prices. For example, Husqvarna 128 L, Ryobi RBC430SBD, Elitech T 1250 V, Champion T284.

Another important characteristic for evaluating a particular model is the volume of the fuel tank.

It depends on its size, the time of uninterrupted work. You have, for example, three times a day to make the petrol-oil mix, or all six times a day. As you understand yourself, the difference in the time spent is quite significant. Here are the most optimal examples with a capacity of about 1 liter, such as Hitachi CG40EYA (TP). That adds not so much to the overall weight and you have a pretty long working time between refills.

But there are models with a very small tank. As a rule, they either belong to the domestic class, or are designed for a small amount of work with a significant load. For example, the STIHL FS 450, Partner BC 433B are perfect for clearing a small clearing of undergrowth.

Next, we look at the cutting equipment available for use.

Usually if we buy a lawn mower of high power and high capacity, we expect that with such a tool we can mow almost anything. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the availability of steel blades and discs in a particular model. After all, such equipment is, as they say, “the main striking force”, allowing the trimmer to cut small bushes and easily deal with the dense thickets of tall grass. It also makes it easy to quickly cut hay or simply clear large areas of vegetation.

So it is desirable that the tool you choose can work both with a fishing line and a metal or plastic blade. Examples of such models are Patriot T 535 Pro, Husqvarna 327 RX.

The next step is to choose a handle.

Working with a brushcutter is usually a very long job, so the handles have to be very user friendly and have to provide a good grip on the brushcutter.

The best handle in this regard is a T-handle. It allows you to most accurately mimic the movements of an ordinary non-motorized grasshopper when working large areas and reliably hold and guide the tool with two hands. Patriot PT 3355, Echo SRM-22GES, Kalibr BK-1400 have such a handle.

You can also find J- and D-handles. They are more typical for semi-professional and amateur models, such as Elitech T 1000 RK, Husqvarna 128 RJ, Kalibr BK-1900.

Special mention should be made of unusual gasoline grass trimmers for professional work. backpack trimmers for grass. Their feature is the location of the engine separately from the boom in a special bag, which is attached to the shoulders of workers. It communicates with the cutting tool through a flexible shaft. Examples of such models are STIHL FR 450, Patriot T 552 Pro Plus.

When selecting your tool, always have a clear idea of what you need it for. Then you won’t have to complain that the grass trimmer you bought isn’t powerful enough or that it’s lying idle and isn’t working for the money you invested in it.

How to choose a trimmer for grass by weight

When choosing a trimmer remember to work for quite a long time, so the less is its weight, the longer you can hold the unit in your hands. Also do not forget that the fuel tank of the grass trimmer is empty, and after a full load, the weight of the mower will increase by 0.5 to 1.5 kg, depending on the volume of the tank. As a rule, manufacturers tend to underestimate weight in technical specifications and give “dry” weight without mowing systems, belts, fuel, etc.д.

It is desirable to clean regularly the working surfaces of the tool and mechanical parts that are open to contamination. As a preventive measure, it is allowed to cover the open parts of the device when using it in wet conditions of morning dew or in dry weather in case of heavy dusting.

Parts can only be covered for a short time and should be opened to cool down, so as not to allow the motor to heat up beyond its intended use due to lack of ventilation.

It should also be remembered about the timely replacement of the filter elements in the motor. Modern models are equipped with filters to protect the fuel system from contamination, some users learn of their existence only when there is a problem with the piston system. Timely replacement of filters will save money that could be spent to repair the system.

Choosing a cordless grass trimmer

Well, first of all, this type of trimmers excludes the main disadvantages of electric grass trimmers. electric dependence and the need to use power extension cords.

Buying this type of trimmer for grass, you can mow not too dense grass thickets, even in the absence of electricity.

It is noteworthy that these grass trimmers have the lowest vibration and noise level of all types.

Among the disadvantages of such a tool, many owners allocate low-power, a short period of use on a single charge and a long time to recharge the batteries.

All battery-powered models have a bottom-mounted motor and use only a trimmer line as a cutting element, in the vast majority of cases. Small motor power allows to trim only small areas of thin-stemmed vegetation.

Working time of the grass trimmer on one battery is approximately 20-40 minutes, depending on intensity of use, and the period of its recharging can reach a day or more. Therefore, such models are suitable if the amount of work on your site is small and the frequency of grass trimmer use does not exceed one time in two or three days.

The choice of this type is justified if you plan to mow the grass not often and in minimal quantities.

lawnmowers. Choice in favor of power

Chainsaws are a large group of trimmers, characterized by the greatest power, high performance, mobility and versatility.

According to the type of the main working unit. internal combustion engines are distinguished:

  • Two-stroke. require the use of a special gasoline-oil fuel mixture, have a high noise level, the exhaust gases contain a large amount of harmful substances;
  • Four-stroke engines. gasoline and oil are filled separately, it is not necessary to mix them, less wear of internal assemblies, they are less noisy, more economical in fuel consumption.

As a rule, the engine is located in the upper part of the tool.

But, some manufacturers offer models with separate engine, located in a special bag behind the mowing man’s back.

at a purchase you can meet models with both straight and curved shaft. As we mentioned earlier, a straight shaft with a gearbox is more reliable and preferred in the selection of. Usually models with this boom are used for treatment of difficult terrain, cutting dense thickets of thick-stemmed vegetation and even small bushes. Instances with a curved shaft are designed to work on flat landscapes.

Significant advantages

The high engine power makes these grass mowers worth buying if you need to do a lot of work, such as haymaking. It is also a good choice for professional lawn and garden maintenance.

The working time of such a tool will be limited only by the volume of its fuel tank.

Although still experts recommend alternating continuous periods of operation with breaks to let the engine cool down a bit. It considerably extends the depreciation period of the brushcutter.

On petrol mowers, as well as on electric ones, you can find several types of handles connected to the boom. For heavier gasoline copies it is better to choose T-shaped ones. They largely allow you to simulate the movement of a conventional scythe and control the stroke of the tool with two hands. D- and J-handles are also commonly used.

Gasoline grass trimmers all-weather. It is possible to use them in cloudy weather with high humidity and fog, for mowing wet grass after rain or in the dew.

The versatility of this tool lies in the possibility of attaching different attachments to many models. Such manipulation, subject to the purchase of additional equipment will allow you to get at its disposal not only the trimmer for grass, but also cultivator, snowthrower, shrub cutter and much more.

Minor disadvantages

As the disadvantages, you can specify only a few facts.

Gasoline models have more weight than electric or battery models. Therefore, you should take care that the copy that you purchased was equipped with a convenient shoulder strap for suspension and fixation of the lawnmower at the required level.

As already mentioned, the size of the gas tank affects the time of continuous work, but at the same time, increasing its size, lead to an increase in the total weight of the model. The presence of exhaust gases from fuel combustion makes them more harmful to the environment than electric and battery-powered counterparts, but global manufacturers are constantly working, introducing new systems into their models to reduce this negative impact.

Gasoline trimmer for grass. most often the lot of professionals. Haymaking, private lawn care, shaping shrubbery and flowerbeds, clearing grassy “dead wood,” working in public parks and gardens, and more.


Equipped with an electric motor, runs from the mains. The engine can be located above or below on the boom. The upper location is more convenient, such devices have more power, you can mow wet grass, work in rainy weather.

  • The device operates from the mains, in which case there is no need to fill up with petrol and oil.
  • Weighs less than gasoline models.
  • Turns on by pushing a button.
  • Ecological device, does not emit harmful exhaust gases.
  • Noise level of these devices is lower.
  • There is a wide range of models.
  • Are cheaper than gasoline trimmers.
  • Additional attachments can be purchased (for trimming bushes, cutting under trees).
  • Dependence on electricity and cord length. During work, extension cords must be used.
  • Unable to remove grass in remote areas.
  • Engine power is less than that of gasoline models. Such grass trimmer will not mow thick grass stems.
  • It can overheat in prolonged operation.
  • If the cutting element is a line for the trimmer, it must be replaced when the spool runs out.
  • If the motor is located at the bottom, you can not mow wet grass. Can’t work in the rain.


These models run on gasoline, which is poured into a special tank. you also need to fill up with oil to keep all the parts of the mechanism working.

Types of engines

  • Two-stroke. Such models cost less. Requires a certain amount of oil to be added to gasoline for operation. Engine design is simple. The quality of gasoline and oil does not affect its operation. Less power than four-stroke engines.
  • Four-stroke. These models cost more. Gasoline and oil are filled into separate containers, making the job easier. No need to measure out the right amount of oil to add to the gasoline. Unlike two-stroke models, the engine design is complex, as the device is more powerful. If the mower breaks down, it will be hard to fix it yourself. Gardeners prefer models with this engine.
  • Gasoline models are more powerful than electric models;
  • Lasts longer;
  • Do not depend on electricity;
  • Do not have a cord;
  • These models can be carried to any place and mow the grass in remote places, even outside the cottage area.
  • Requires the filling of gasoline and oil;
  • The noise level is higher;
  • Exhaust fumes are emitted;
  • Gasoline grass trimmer is heavier than the electric;
  • You can mow the grass without frequent interruptions;
  • expensive than electric models.

Grass trimmer power

Most of the trimmers available on the market have power from 300 W to 2.5 kW. On the power directly depends on the performance of the device. the more it is, the faster you can cope with the work and overcome more extensive thickets. It is important to remember that powerful trimmers for grass weighs a lot (up to 10 kg) and to hold such a load on your hands for a long time will be difficult.With regard to specific parameters, it is usually enough trimmers power of 500 to 1700 watts for plots of up to 10 acres.

Grass and bushes can be cut with a variety of attachments.

    – the easiest and most common option. A thick line for the trimmer (up to 2.5 mm in diameter) is fixed in a special rotating head (it is correctly called “spool”), which, quickly turning around its axis, cuts the grass. Grass trimmer lines shorten over time and must be retightened. Filament and bobbin diameter depends on the particular model of grass trimmer. A line for a trimmer is a consumable item often found on gasoline-powered or very powerful electric trimmers. They are good with bushes, weeds in neglected areas, very productive similar in design to circular saw blades. In addition to grass, they are good for cutting thick bushes designed for working dense grass. like trimmer blades, wear out over time and need to be replaced.

Important settings

Track width

In addition to power, grass trimmers differ from each other and the width of the track. It depends on the diameter of line head. The larger it is, the larger the area can be mowed in one trip. Therefore, grass trimmers with large track width are better to buy for mowing large areas. Small-head grass trimmers help trim grass in hard-to-reach places, near flowers, fences, etc.д.

Volume of the divgatel and fuel tank

The engine volume of grass trimmer lawnmower also directly affects its capacity. The larger the volume, the more power and the higher the fuel consumption. Domestic grass trimmers tend to have a capacity of up to 1 L.с. Between 1.5 and 2 liters.с. is the power of universal and semi-professional trimmers. than 2 liters. с. have professional models, which can be seen, for example, in the hands of workers of municipal services.The fuel tank capacity of trimmers, as a rule, does not exceed 1.5 liters. Often manufacturers specifically select the capacity of the tank so that the time of continuous operation of the unit did not exceed the established limits and the mechanisms are not overloaded.

Weight of the grass trimmer

Another important parameter, which depends on how quickly you get tired. Electric models are always lighter than gasoline models. So, the heaviest electric mower is unlikely to weigh more than 6 kg. By the way, among electric trimmers, the lightest models are those with the lower location of the engine.Weight of gasoline trimmers is much more. it can reach 10-15 kg. But such figures are typical for very powerful devices.

line diameter

Each grass trimmer has its own. The most common diameters lie in the range of 1.5-2.5 mm.