What trimmer to mow high grass. Speasing width

How to mow high grass correctly?

Mow the grass It is necessary from right to left, since the cutting part of the trimmer rotates counterclockwise. The technique of mowing high grass. High grass should mow In both directions of movement: from right to left and left to right. Counter movements Swim the grass in two gunses and allow you to cope even with very high weeds.

If fresh grass, then the answer is unequivocal. Choose a trimmer line. Trimmer line is a thin nylon thread. It is also called a cord, string or wire. The braid head inside has a spool (bobin), on which this wire is wound.

trimmer, high, grass, speasing, width

What shape to choose a trimmer line?

Which trimmer line to choose for a trimmer, given the variety of forms of its section? Consider which form for what type of work is suitable:

  • Round solid. The most popular form that can be mowed, both thin grass and thick. In terms of durability, it is not inferior to other types, in some cases it is consumed even more slowly than pentagonal or square. It is also cheaper than the rest (with the same section). However, she copes worse with thick weed and noisy in work. Although if you work with a gasoline trimmer, then the noise of the trimmer line does not play a special role, since its engine is noisy louder. A round continuous string is suitable for you if you most often mowing soft grass or lawn. Of the inexpensive, you can take Siat Professional 1.6 mm thick.
  • Round twisted (twisted rope). She mows as well as continuous, but less noisy. However, ceteris paribus is consumed a little faster and much worse tolerates clashes with stones and other solid objects. It should be bought for electric trimmers. Bosch F016800431 is a bright representative of such a twisted nozzle.
  • Triangle. Here are three sharp edges that are better than a round nozzle cope with thick stems. The triangle can less often can be found on sale, and it costs a little more than a round trimmer line for a trimmer. Which is better? It all depends on the degree of overgrowing of your site. If you mow regularly, it is better round, and if you arrive in the fall and spring to a summer cottage, it is better to take a triangle. From thin triangles we can advise Archimedes.
  • Solid and twisted square. The square string copes much better with thick weed and fine shoots than a round or triangle, however, it costs more. In terms of consumption, a continuous square is superior to twisted, but it is more noisy (for electric trimmers it matters). For infrequent mowing, you can take an inexpensive Chinese square, twisted attachment Elitech 0809.006200.
  • Pentagon (star). The star is the most popular “faceted” trimmer line to combat shrubs and small shoots. Also, unlike square and round, it more carefully cuts fresh grass, so it does not dry (it means the remaining stems). However, in a collision with stones, it breaks faster than round or square. The pentagonal nozzle should be bought only if you have a perfectly even area without stones and garbage. Then the consumption will be minimal, and the quality of the mowing is at a height. Of the inexpensive, we found the Huter S20. This is a German brand, but make a nozzle in Sweden.
  • Hexagon. A hexagon is the best trimmer line for a trimmer, if you need to mow dry grass. Of course, if the plot is thick, then we would advise you to take a mill better, but if the vegetation is small, then the hexagon will cope better. In principle, it has the same properties as the star, but it costs a little more (with equal section in the line of one brand).

Summing up, we note that for regular mowing grass (at least once every two weeks) it is best to take a round continuous or twisted nozzle. If the site is thick weed, then a square or hexagon is suitable. And for the lower drying of the lawn, it will be better to be a star.

What material to take the disk from?

Disks for trimmers are made of these materials:

Plastic. Plastic knives are designed for mowing of dry or tall weed grass such as burdock or nettles. In comparison with metal, they have a low weight, so they can be put on low.Power models. In particular, we note that electric domestic trimmers can only work with plastic ones (we do not recommend that heavy metal disks). However, you can’t download branches with them, since the knives will break about the first tree.

Steel. Only gasoline trimmers can work with steel disks. Unlike plastic, metal nozzles do a good job of any kind of grass, shrub and shoots of trees. In contact with a solid surface, the blow is extinguished with a coupling. It is also worth noting that special nozzles with winning tips are used to cut grass on rocky soil (only not as thick as on a circle for ushm).

So still buy: plastic or steel? If you have an electric trimmer, then without options. Only a plastic disk. But motokos can work with both material, so you should pay attention to the type of mowing grass. If there are at least a little overgrown, then it is better to take a steel disk.

When is the best to mow grass?

Mow It is necessary when the grass has grown above the three centimeters, even if the mowing schedule is violated. Sow the strip along the entire site now mow in the opposite direction. The choice of mower depends on many factors.

For ordinary lawn grass, an electric mower with an engine power up to 700 W is also suitable (cut width up to 30 cm). And the lawn with shrubs and weeds will require the presence of an engine in a trimmer no less than 1200 W (cut width from 30 cm).

Type of cutting element

There are only two of them: a metal knife and a trimmer line.

Field. The most popular option. Promoted to high speed, the trimmer line perfectly cuts grass and stems.

In the process of kosba, it is gradually consumed, so it is better to buy a new one and wrap it on the reel. Fishing lines can be of different sections and different diameters. The more powerful the trimmer, the more with a thicker trimmer line it can work.

Knife good for hard work, it is reliable and durable. But there are shortcomings: the metal does not cut soft grass, but cuts down, besides it is easy to damage it on a stone or other hard objects (foundation, columns of the fence).

Of course, it is heavy, so the trimmer must have a large power supply to spin the knife to the desired speeds.

Which knife is better to mow high grass?

To mow the grass, as well as weeds or shrubs, use 2, 3 or 4-lobed knife:-two-toothed knife It is used to mow Young and hard grass Three.Toothed knife In order to download hard grass, Storms and weeds Four.Toothed knife to mow grass, as well as grassy shoots.

Field Definitely it is better, If the task is to get rid of thickets Herbs The obstacles that will come across are not terrible Field. If you are sure that the knife does not stumble upon grass, That is safe mow You can disk.

Which knife is better to mow high grass?

To mow the grass, as well as weeds or shrubs, use 2, 3 or 4-lobed knife:-two-toothed knife It is used to mow Young and hard grass Three.Toothed knife In order to download hard grass, Storms and weeds Four.Toothed knife to mow grass, as well as grassy shoots.

Field Definitely it is better, If the task is to get rid of thickets Herbs The obstacles that will come across are not terrible Field. If you are sure that the knife does not stumble upon grass, That is safe mow You can disk.

Is it possible to mow grass on hay trimmer?

For kosba grass on hay ordinary motorcycles or trimmer Not suitable. It should be noted that they do not lie the grass in the roll, but cut it and crushes it in the process in the process in the “dust”. First of all, these units are designed to care for lawns, and not for harvesting feed rabbits.

The hexagon is the best Field for a trimmer, if necessary mow Dry grass. Of course, if the plot is thick, then we would advise you to take it is better cutter, but if the vegetation is small, then the hexagon will cope it is better.

Important rules for haircuts of the WAU Gazon with a battery trimmer

Before the haircut, remove everything superfluous from the lawn: wires, toys, tools, hoses, branches, stones. This will avoid injury during the mowing. Use fan rake, at the same time collect dry grass.

  • Before cutting virgin territories, remove all large weeds.
  • Do not mow on a sunny day. This will create additional stress for the grass. The best period for work is the morning of a cloudy dry day or evening. During the daytime heat, the cut ends of the grass will dry quickly and turn yellow. Choose a calm day for the mowing, because the easier herbs are difficult to shave exactly. After rain it is better not to mow: moisture worsens the cut, and wet grass sticks to the trimmer.
  • In the spring, during the period of active growth of herbs, cut the lawn about 1-2 times a week (depends on how the grass grows quickly). In the summer, reduce the frequency to once every one and a half weeks. In the fall, you can cut even less often. Every 2 weeks.
  • The young lawn is cut when it grows to 8-10 cm, while the cut length should be low, not higher than 1.5-2 cm. In the first 2 years, it is not recommended to mow more than 2 cm at a time. Support classic lawns at a height of 3-4 cm, not higher than 7 cm. Functional and sports lawn (for children’s games and picnics)-4-7 cm.
  • In hot weather, do not remove the mowed grass at once. The mulch will serve as a top dressing and protect the lawn from drying out. In wet weather and the season of pouring rains, remove vegetable garbage immediately to prevent the development of diseases.

To get an even grass cover, change the direction of the trimmer movement: first cut the lawn along, then across.

Complete with the Kärcher Ltr 36-33 Battle Set trimmer, a coil with trimmer line, plant protection, an additional handle, shoulder belt, a replaced battery and battery platform 36 V are supplied.

What trimmer to take for kosba hard grass?

As you know, there are two types of trimmeters: forest and saw (with a disk, like a circular). Naturally, I will take the second, because it is constantly required to mow hard, hard grass, where the shoots of trees often come across. Which trimmer is better to take?

The only question is for those who really fumble in the topic. Or who has experience using saw trimmers (knife). Ideally, you need a collapsible one (so that you could leave it easily in the car).

In general, they easily and cheerfully change the disk to the head with a trimmer line. I, with my “zenith”, I pumped all my centuries.Old thickets with a disk, and now the grass was grass.

There are such, yes. But I think I don’t need a trimmer line at all. Among the grass, this sometimes comes across that tin and you can’t see in the grass. So the knife is definitely. No forests. I will not mow the lawn.

Andrey, you need to read reviews about trimmers on the websites of online stores. I prefer the store “All tools”. There are a lot of reviews about various tools and detailed characteristics. At one time, I worked as a gasoline trimmer “Khuskvarna”. Great device! But the price bites. Therefore, he took an electric. Offhand I can say that you need to take a trimmer with a hard drive shaft.

I have 2 trimmers. One is “Champion” (China), with rich equipment-a head with a trimmer line, 2 knives-2 and 3 petals. The stack is straight, detachable, convenient when transporting in a car. Powerful but bulky. Almost everything is easily molested with knives-grass, weeds, thickets of shrub (not very thick), unnecessary raspberries At the same time, a grid-shirt and a neighbor’s enameled pan, lying in the grass. Therefore, the second trimmer is small, calm, with a curved bar and an ordinary head with a trimmer line. These machines are enough to restore order on the site and near it.

I have the same rigid grass, overgrown sea buckthorn, plums. I am moving gooseberries. I bought forest trimmers. But I use the trimmer line. And I advise you. Vibration from the saw, it is quickly stupid, warming, there are many problems with it. A good powerful trimmer.1.1, 2 kW. Yes a forest 2.5 millimeters. It mows everything without vibration and problems. Something like this. Good luck.

Champion. Trimmers of good quality, but the power is moved, in my opinion. And the rest of China is not bad if you apply hands. I call them Soviet, powerful, but I need to apply hands. And the Champion is more European, the quality is good, but in comparison with others it seems that the power is slightly less than 1 kW. Such is my experience.

For weeds, a disk of type Multi is suitable, according to the classification of Khuskvarna. This is a three-four-beam star with long relatively narrow rays.

Chop hard vegetation up to wooden shoots up to 2 cm in diameter. It is not very suitable for haying, because it gives a lot of small cuts and wounds soft grass.

Thinking over the answers in this topic, he came to the conclusion that it was necessary to take universal. To put a trimmer line for the grass, and for the old, wood is overgrown with a disk. A disk.

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Any benzokos (it is a “powerful trimmer) by default is equipped with a head for trimmer line and a knife. The knives, however, have craft companies and models.

Naturally, the trimmer should be powerful, with a straight bar and a bicycle handle. I am very pleased with the Japanese Echo, in reliability he leaves far and Calm and Khuskvarna, but it costs noticeably more.

What is suitable for a small site?

The main problem faced by the owners of small sections is that they have to choose between the purchase of a quick, but productive tool, and the extremely ineffective use of this tool.

After all, a small area can be quickly romocated with any available equipment, including lining braids or an electric trimmer, the main thing is not to leave the plot for a long time unattended so that the vegetation does not have time to grow strongly.

Therefore, any equipment is well suited for mowing grass in a small area, which means that its availability is the main factor when choosing.

Battery trimmers

Battery models are light, comfortable. Suitable for ladies, old people, children. Power and charge are enough for work on a personal area. The main disadvantage is the battery life: it is enough for 30-90 minutes of mowing. Charging takes several hours.


Electronic trimmers do not pollute the environment, do not emit much noise, ordinary services, are well managed with the fulfillment of the intended goals, are a good addition to the main lawnapers, they can work in inaccessible places.

How to choose a trimmer

When choosing a reliable trimmer, which on 100 % will cope with its tasks and last more than one season, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

Power. Device with an indicator 300 Tue can only cut soft short grass. To combat Buryan, stronger models will be required.

The width of the cut. Indicates the maximum diameter of the weeds, which can be captured in one pass. The bigger, the better.

Weight. Difficult scythe is difficult to work, but it has maximum performance.

trimmer, high, grass, speasing, width

The location of the engine. Upper. Much more practical (balances the design of the trimmer) and safer.

Cutting equipment. The plastic trimmer line cuts thin vegetation, and the metal knife copes with the hard trunks of the weeds and even the shrubs.

TOP registration of devices

Number Model Weight Nutrition Speasing width average cost
one Bosch Art 26 SL Weeu 06008a5100 one.8 kg Electric, network 26 cm 2600 p
2 Al-ko GTE 450 Comfort 2.8 kg Electric, network 28 cm 5600 p
3 GreenWorks G24LT30MK2 3.13 kg Electric, battery 30 cm 9000 p
4 Krüger ETK-2000 5 kg Electric, network 38 cm 6000 p
5 Huter GGT-1900S 7 kg Petrol 42 cm 8500 p

The optimal length of the blades depends on the type of mowing lawn. For example, the ground lawn in our climate is cut to 1-2 cm like in Europe. We have such a lawn quickly dry out or will be tough. The optimal mowing height is 3-4 cm.

You need to mow a decorative lawn up to 4-7 cm, the same applies to the functional lawn-designed for picnics and mobile rest.

During drought and severe heat, the grass is left a little longer to protect the soil from drying out.

Rating of the best gasoline trimmers

Making a choice of which trimmers it is better to buy in order to save your favorite 20 acres of weed grass and dry, summer residents prefer to give preference to gasoline models. Most models in the rating are everyday, but there was a place for one professional device.

Model Power, W) Engine appliance Engine volume (cm 3) Cutting element Weight, kg) Average price in Russia (rub.)
Echo SRM-350ES 1100 Two.Stroke 34.3 Field / knife 6.78 36 100
Makita EM2500U 730 Two.Stroke 24.5 Field / knife 4.5 15 985
Patriot Pt 443 The One 1800 Two.Stroke 43 Field / knife 6.Eight 6 490
Huter GGT-1500S 1500 Two.Stroke 39.2 Field / knife 7 8 790
Stiga SBC 243 D 1250 Two.Stroke 42.7 Field eight.2 14 490

Echo SRM-350ES

The best professional trimmer for grass from all presented in our ranking. The model was created for long.Term intensive work, so it is suitable for experienced mowers.

  • The price that can be an obstacle to buying a model in the household.
  • The weight, because of which not every summer resident will manage with a benzotrimer.
  • It is inconvenient to transport in a passenger car.

Makita EM2500U

A trimmer with a bicycle handle copes well with regular maintenance of a large open area.

  • Small braid weight compared to other gasoline models.
  • The instrument is focused on the mowing of the head and a gear knife.
  • U-shaped handle, accelerating the processing of large areas.
  • Hard shaft.
  • Not enough capacity of the fuel tank. You have to often refuel a benzotrimer.
  • Great gasoline consumption.
  • A complete coil leaves much to be desired.

Patriot Pt 443 The One

The gas trimmer of the domestic class easily starts, effectively chopped meadow grass and dense thickets of weeds, shrubs, other hard greenery.

  • Fast engine starting is provided by Easy Start branded technology.
  • The coil is equipped with a semi.Automatic supply of wire.
  • Fuel pumping pump.
  • A whole rod that increases the reliability of the device.

Huter GGT-1500S

Trimmer with a trimmer line and a knife will become a good assistant in the personal territory. Despite the affordable price, this is a productive model that will cope with the tasks of unprofessional users.

  • Clear bar: it is convenient to transport and store the tool.
  • Bicycle handle is suitable for large areas.
  • The fuel tank is translucent: you can track how much the mixture is left.

Stiga SBC 243 D

Gas trimmer absolutely deservedly entered the top of the best trimmers due to its high power and high.Quality assembly. This is a reliable model that will be suitable for households and short professional work.

How to choose a lawn mower

For large lawns from 2 acres with a leveled surface and without a slope, wheeled spots are best suited. If you are a farmer or owner of a huge site, then you can go broke to a raider, similar to a multifunctional mini-tractor.

The most busy or, conversely, the most lazy summer residents can buy a mower-robot with automatic independent recharge and built-in alarm against theft.

Rice. 7. In such a Smart assistant there is a navigation system for compiling a site map, and obstacle recognition sensors, and the possibility of programming. All this pleasure will cost about 85 thousand rubles.

There are mechanical lawn mowers that do not require gasoline, or electricity, and silently working only on the muscular strength of a person that pushes the device forward and thereby drive knives into action. But this is only for a regular haircut of a very well.Groomed small lawn with low soft grass. The for them are comparable with for electric lawners, are found on sale and without a box for collecting grass, and with the possibility of installing it. The knives of such a braid should always be perfectly sharpened, otherwise the grass will be crumpled, not mole.

Battery lawmakers appeared relatively recently and are solely suitable for cutting dry grass. Wet grass will require a very frequent battery recharging.

Rice. Nine. One charge will be enough to work from 1.5 to 5 hours, the price varies from 12 to 30 thousand rubles, depending on the battery capacity.

However, the most common lawn mowers are electric and gasoline. It has already been written about the pros and cons of these two types at the very beginning, it remains only to understand by what main parameters they should be chosen. The most important indicators are the width of the mowing and engine power, which directly depends on it. Over, the winding of the engine of the electric coser should be copper, and not aluminum, and the power. The more, the better, from 1 kW and above. The gasoline lawn mowers will have enough motor power at 6-7 liters.With.

Rice.Ten. We are enough for us for a plot of 12 acres with an area of ​​a mowing area of ​​approximately 5-6 acres with a power of 1.2 kW, it works all day.

Rice. Eleven. There are many obstacles to detour, but they are located linear, not chaotic.

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The gasoline lawn mower can be selected with both front and rear.Wheel drive. The first type can turn around without disconnecting the motor in place, but the latter should turn off the wheeled drive to make a turn, but they do not skid, and they do not need to be pushed when the grass collector is full or heavy due to wet grass. The engine is usually placed four.Stroke, they are easier to operate, albeit a little less powerful than two.Stroke.

Rice. 12. A gasoline lawn mower with a four.Stroke engine with a capacity of 2.6 kW can easily burn 8 acres!

The grass box is soft tissue and hard plastic. We used both options, I did not notice much difference, except that with a fabric box it is easier to control the mowing on uneven surfaces, it does not jump off the base. The plastic box is easier to empty, but this is not a very significant advantage. Without a box, take a mower illogical, collecting grass is very tiring. The size of the box choose the average. You have to run a small one more often to empty compost, and the large one with almost complete filling weighs significantly, it is hard to push the mower. The height of the cut of grass is adjustable for almost everyone on modern lawn mowers, but when buying, pay attention to it anyway, because it is very convenient. If you leave the cottage for a long time, it is better to cut the grass shorter. Wheels should be wide and stable. It is better if they are attached to the corps not with screws that can easily slip with too hard work and get lost in the grass. The best option is the front turning wheels, with such it is more convenient to unfold. The case should be made of solid quality plastic. Our first mower was German, no small pebbles were terrible for her. Our second mower, Made in China, received minor damage already in the second week of operation. The function of mulching and scattering the finished mulch seemed to me unnecessary. If the grass is at least a little wet, then it will be lost in lumps, and the lawn can get sick. When visiting the store, it is advisable to “try on” the handle: it is necessary that it be ergonomic in form for you. Well, if the handle can be folded, it is convenient for storage and transportation.

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Rice. Thirteen. Speasing width of about 32-35 cm is quite enough for a small lawn up to 5 acres.

A knife is installed on the engine shaft, it should be wide, sharp and steel, not aluminum. It should be periodically tightened, so it should be fixed reliably, the fastening should in no case fly. Look in the store how the knife is attached, and at the same time the height of the case, inside which he walks, because the knife also creates an air flow that raises the grass and drives it into the grass collector. The higher the case, the more powerful the flow will be.

For electric lawns begins at 2.5 thousand rubles and end somewhere around 16-17 thousand, the service life is limited only to accuracy of operation and reaches 10-12 years. Gasoline is more expensive, from 6 to 70 thousand, although they are more powerful, they require knowledge in maintenance. If you know how to change candles, butter and know how to fill in gasoline correctly, then the service life of a gasoline lawn mower will be the same as the electric, or even more.

Video on the topic

We bring to your attention a video review of some models suitable for mowing high grass, in particular, Procraft GT2300:

Electric trimmers are poorly suitable for mowing high grass due to insufficient engine power and design features.

If there is nothing to replace them, and the overgrown area must be cleaned of vegetation, then the most powerful models equipped with a straight shaft and a variety of cutting tools are suitable for this.