What wood band saw to choose

Top 10 best band saws

Enkor Corvet 34 ENK-90340

The tool with two speeds, which occupies one of the leading positions in Yandex.Four stars rating in the Market. Designed to work with wood, has an angle of inclination up to 45 degrees and power equal to 800 watts. Cutting parameters: width. 180 mm, height. 2 240 mm. Judging by customer reviews, Enkor Corvette 34 is suitable for either home use or small production. With large volumes of such a device will not cope, as evidenced by the budget Some complain about the quality of cutting, this problem is solved by buying a high-quality blade that can increase productivity.

Makita LB1200F

Pretty compact model for woodworking, ranked second in the list with 4 stars rating. Suitable for home and semi-professional use. Power. 900 W, the angle of inclination of the table. 45 degrees. You can perform shape cutting, processing of beams and boards. Runs in two speed modes with 220 V. Belt speed is 800 meters per minute. Design allows for the connection of an industrial vacuum cleaner to get rid of sawdust. Medium

From the merits of the model it is necessary to allocate quality of assembling, design, presence of four saws in the complete set, low noise level. During the use the buyers found disadvantages. poor fastening of the conveyor stop, heavy weight, vibration at high speeds.

Enkor Corvet 422

Machine with asynchronous motor is suitable for working with metal, plastic and wood. Has a power of 550 watts and 3 speeds. Cutting. 45/90 degrees. The belt moves at a speed of 50 meters per minute. Medium

as the owners of this tool testify, the main advantage of this tool is the price, and it is the price that is most often the main motive for purchase. Also worth noting is the compact size and small weight, which allows you to easily move the equipment. The disadvantages, unfortunately, are more. The original blade is not durable, it lasts only for 50 passes, and it is not easy to buy a new one, often it is available only on order. The speed leaves much to be desired, it is extremely difficult to make a straight cut, the build quality is unsatisfactory.

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Metabo BAS 318 Precision WNB

A band saw machine rated 4 stars. Designed for wood and plastic processing. Has a power of 900 watts, 2 speed modes angle of inclination up to 45 degrees. 220V voltage. Cutting height is 170 mm, width of the working area is 307 mm. Induction motor. Speed of the band. 880 meters per minute. The machine is well made: the slot is made of cast iron, parts are made of metal. Low noise level during operation, the working table is backlit. It is easy to move the saw thanks to the wheels on the base of the body, and thanks to the impressive weight it does not shake when working with large workpieces. The reviews about it are positive, during the operation of serious deficiencies are not revealed.

Zubr ZPL-305

Multifunctional tool for working with wood, plastic and metal. Rating Yandex.Marketa. 4 stars. Suitable for all types of sawing. Operates on 220 V. The size of the working surface is 495×390 cm. Has the power of 75 W, angle of inclination up to 45 degrees. The belt moves at a speed of 13.2 meters per second. Total weight of the machine is 59 kg. Medium

A good tool for home use, useful for home improvement and for craftsmen. Not powerful enough for professional use, moreover, buyers note the high noise level, a slight backlash, low cutting accuracy.

Record Power BS350S

Designed for wood and plastic. Equipped with wheels for easy transportation and supporting legs for stability during operation. Has 2 speed modes, working angle from 0 to 45 degrees, power. 1.1 kW. Operates with a voltage of 220 V. The belt is fed with the speed of 380 meters per minute. It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner to remove the production waste from the working area. The noise level during operation is no more than 75 dB. The weight of the machine is impressive. 102 kg. Medium

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Customers say that over time, the turntable fails, the guides do not move in parallel, and sometimes it is difficult to buy replacement belts. But all these disadvantages can be corrected. Otherwise, the machine is powerful, quiet in operation, copes well with bar processing and makes cuts of different types.


Most affordable model in the list with a 4-star rating. Medium The machine is designed for woodworking. Runs on 220 V. The band moves at a speed of 840 meters per minute, the angle of inclination up to 45 degrees, the machine power. 250 watts. Working surface. 185×98 cm. Weight of only 7 kg. Very compact, lightweight and handy tool for field work.

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What you really should be looking for in a band saw for woodworking

Suitable for home use and simple operations. Dust extraction function, table is stable and can be locked at different angles for easier cutting. Vibration level is generally not a problem, but can be secured if necessary. Among the disadvantages. low power, small working area and the ability to make blanks only from wood.

Metabo BAS 261 Precision

Rating 4 stars. Has a power of 400 watts, 328×335 cm work surface, the table tilts at a 45 degree angle. Strong vibration is absent, the clarity of the cut is high. The table is made of cast iron and illuminated by LEDs. Possibility to connect the vacuum cleaner. Canvas included. Medium

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Of the disadvantages found by users, it is worth noting the inconvenient adjustment of the table and ruler, the lack of 6-sided tool in the set. Accurate, straight cuts, wood flows easily through the blades.

RedVerg RD-BS 152

Stationary band saw for cutting wood. Operates with 220 V, has an average power of 375 W. Belt length of almost 2 meters. The weight of the machine is only 39 kg, medium

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This machine is suitable for domestic and hobby applications and is powerful enough for moderate loads. According to customer reviews, makes smooth and clear cuts, stable, despite its low weight. Easy to adjust and set up. Good budget model for private use.

Zubr ZPL-350-190

Domestic machinery with a 4 star rating. Works with wood, has one speed and 350W power. The required voltage. 220 V. Table size 29×29 cm, the angle of inclination. 45 degrees. The belt moves at 882 meters per minute. The weight of the machine is 17 kg, medium

The tool is suitable for home use, compact, easy to carry. It is true that many buyers after a few months after purchase have complained about incorrect operation and failure of the equipment for various reasons.


This model may not be the best solution for home, as it has a stationary design, rather large size, weighs 15 kg. But for a garage or utility room, it is best suited. It is designed for sawing metal workpieces with a maximum diameter of 105 mm. The high price of the model is explained by its improved characteristics. electronic control, a powerful motor that can withstand intensive loads for a long time. The band speed is adjustable, and a workpiece can be securely clamped by a quick-clamping vice with adjustable jaws.

Saw cuts materials without lubrication, with a locking handle for easy operation. The sheet steel base that ensures the necessary rigidity is also an advantage. Users often mention in their reviews the perfect build quality, very good materials and reliable construction. They do not have any serious complaints about the work of the tool. This model is optimal for people who often work with metal, want to spend a minimum of time and effort.