What You Can Do From A Bulgarian: Homemade From A Bulgarian Do It Yourself

What You Can Do From A Bulgarian: Homemade From A Bulgarian Do It Yourself

The grinder is perfect for use on a stationary machine and as a more accurate tool, and as an engine with a gearbox for all kinds of homemade products. A grinder is very often used for construction, repair, installation tasks. The Bulgarian is advantageous in that the number of options for its use increases with the number of nozzles used.

Grinder Cutting Machine / Stand

Cutting disc machines are very often used in the field of metal processing, mechanical engineering, furniture manufacturing, and in the woodworking sector. This equipment is also suitable for households. it is used as a very convenient tool to perform various work in the garage and workshop.

It is convenient to perform a variety of tasks on a cutting machine:
divide the metal profile into segments of the desired length;
cut sheet metal;
make the same type of workpiece in large quantities in a short time;
cut ceramic tiles;
cut parts at any angle, get cuts of the desired length and depth.

Homemade wood trimmer

With the help of a face saw, the summer resident will greatly simplify his life. A saw of this type is offered in all construction supermarkets, but a branded crosscut is a very expensive pleasure.

In order not to buy such a tool, it can be assembled with a broach, using improvised material and old tools that almost every owner has in his arsenal. Now we will see how you can assemble a home-made miter saw with your own hands. An example of making a trimming machine can be seen here.

How to make a circular from a grinder yourself

From time to time, a tool such as a circular saw is required in the home workshop. However, for these infrequent tasks, buying a saw is unprofitable. In this case, it is recommended to make a circular saw driven by a grinder. This option is much cheaper compared to buying a factory saw to work with it for a couple of hours. You can see an example of such a homemade product here.

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Homemade Lawn Mower

Instead of a new lawn mower, it’s quite possible to assemble a model with your own hands. for this you need a grinder and straight arms.

Such a lawn mower is less powerful and with small dimensions. In most cases, special fishing lines are installed on it instead of knives to cut grass. this is shown in the photo. The mower from the grinder is convenient in that the tool can be easily removed and used for its intended purpose. How to make a lawn mower from a grinder is described here.

Electric bike driven by a grinder

Today we will consider how to assemble a full-fledged electric bike with our own hands, using a grinder as a drive.

The author of this design is Alexander Kryukov. He, together with a company of like-minded people, assembled this model of a bicycle with his own hands from a grinding machine and improvised materials. You can read about this bike here.

Homemade Electric Cultivator

Those involved in agriculture, as a rule, have such a technique as a cultivator in their arsenal. With the help of this equipment it is possible to process the soil and at the same time not to turn out large layers of the earth, not to violate its fertile layer. The only and significant drawback of such an apparatus is its price. Because of this, farmers in our country often use a manual or electric cultivator, which is made with their own hands from a grinder.

Bulgarian milling cutter

Do-it-yourself shtroborez from the grinder

A grinder can be used for tasks such as cutting cuts in the wall. These are cuts for laying wiring, pipes, and other elements. If you take a stock grinder for such work, it is very difficult to control the depth of immersion of the disc. To solve this problem, a special frame can be made.

Such a frame is made in the form of a sole with an emphasis, with the help of which the tool can be moved along the wall with uniform depth. Thus, the strobe will learn the desired depth. To make such a chipper, you need to remember such details as a protective cover and a special dust collector. For the latter, a bag can serve, however, it will be more convenient to connect a hose from a vacuum cleaner.