What You Can Do From a Burnt Angle Grinder

What You Can Do From a Burnt Angle Grinder

angle grinder is perfect for use on a stationary machine and as a more accurate tool, and as a motor with a gearbox for all kinds of homemade products. An angle grinder is very often used for construction, repair, and installation tasks. An angle grinder is advantageous in that the number of options for its use increases with the number of nozzles used.

Cutting machine / stand of angle grinder

Cutting disc machines are very often used in the field of metal processing, mechanical engineering, furniture manufacturing, and in the woodworking sector. This equipment is also suitable for households. it is used as a very convenient tool to perform various work in the garage and workshop.

It is convenient to perform a variety of tasks on a cutting machine:
divide the metal profile into segments of the desired length;
cut sheet metal;
make the same type of workpiece in large quantities in a short time;
cut ceramic tiles;
cut parts at any angle, get cuts of the desired length and depth.

Homemade wood trimmer

With the help of a face saw, the summer resident will greatly simplify his life. A saw of this type is offered in all construction supermarkets, but a branded crosscut is a very expensive pleasure.

In order not to buy such a tool, it can be assembled with a broach, using improvised material and old tools that almost every owner has in his arsenal. Now we will see how you can assemble a home-made miter saw with your own hands. An example of making a trimming machine can be seen here.

How to independently make a circular from an angle grinder

From time to time, a tool such as a circular saw is required in the home workshop. However, for these infrequent tasks, buying a saw is unprofitable. In this case, it is recommended to make a circular saw driven by an angle grinder. This option is much cheaper than buying a factory saw to work with it for a couple of hours. You can see an example of such a homemade product here.

Homemade Lawn Mower

Instead of a new lawn mower, it’s quite possible to assemble a model with your own hands. for this you need an angle grinder and straight arms.

Such a lawn mower is less powerful and with small dimensions. In most cases, special fishing lines are installed on it instead of knives to cut grass. this is shown in the photo. The mower from the angle grinder is convenient in that the tool can be easily removed and used for its intended purpose. How to make a lawn mower from an angle grinder is described here.

Electric bike driven by angle grinder

Today we will consider how to assemble a full-fledged electric bike with our own hands, using an angle grinder as a drive.

The author of this design is Alexander Kryukov. He, together with a company of like-minded people, assembled this model of a bicycle with his own hands from a grinding machine and improvised materials. You can read about this bike here.

Homemade Electric Cultivator

Those involved in agriculture, as a rule, have in their arsenal such a technique as a cultivator. With the help of this equipment it is possible to process the soil and at the same time not to turn out large layers of the earth, not to violate its fertile layer. The only and significant drawback of such an apparatus is its price. Because of this, farmers in our country often use a manual or electric cultivator, which is made with their own hands from an angle grinder.

Angle grinder milling machine

Do-it-yourself shtroborez from the angle grinder

An angle grinder can be used for tasks such as cutting cuts in the wall. These are cuts for laying wiring, pipes, and other elements. If we take a stock angle grinder for such work, it is very difficult to control the immersion depth of the disc. To solve this problem, a special frame can be made.

Such a frame is made in the form of a sole with an emphasis, with the help of which the tool can be moved along the wall with uniform depth. Thus, the strobe of the required depth will be learned. To make such a chipper, you need to remember such details as a protective cover and a special dust collector. For the latter, a bag can serve, but it will be more convenient to connect a hose from a vacuum cleaner.

Hello. Yesterday I made the simplest curvimeter and I want to share with you the technology of its manufacture.

Periodically, it becomes necessary to measure the length of the curve line. For example, when working with a pipe bender, or in the manufacture of decorative elements ("curls") for cold forging, the material must be cut to a certain length to make the part. And how to find out that length? ))) So you have to figure it out approximately, cut off with a margin, and then, after manufacturing, cut off and throw away the excess. So the idea arose to acquire a curvimeter.

The network has a lot of descriptions of the simplest such device, which does not even have any scale. The essence of his work is that the impeller does not rotate freely on the axis, but is screwed onto the axis by means of a thread. The master turns the wheel all the way, and then rolls it along the curved line on the sketch of the part. In this case, the wheel is turned on the thread for a certain number of revolutions. It is enough to turn the device over and roll it with a wheel all the way along the ruler, or tape measure. at the point at which it will be wrapped again until it stops and the readings should be read. This will be the length of our curve line.

Here is a curvimeter and I decided to collect. I decided, I decided, but all hands did not reach. And so, being at my construction site, I decided to make a garden bench from the remains of building materials. I drew a sketch. And again, before using the pipe bender, it would be nice to know the length of a section of a profile pipe so as not to cut too much. I thought. Yes, and decided to first collect a curvimeter. Construction is, of course, not a workshop, but there was everything necessary. Yes, and the device is something primitive. you can and it "on the knee" collect.)))))

So what I needed:

1. Clamping nut from angle grinder.
2. The handle from it is the same.
3. Trim stud M14.
4. Nut M14 (2 pcs.)
5. Scrap metal strip 25 to 4 mm.

I have long decided to use a nut from "Angle Grinder". This is a finished wheel with a thread inside! I also decided to take the handle "grinder". there is no sense in something yourself "handshake"if there are ready-made solutions! In addition, I have enough of this good. in the workshop there is a box with the remains of a power tool! Periodically, these residues act as "donors", But. Nuts and handles do not break (in the angle grinder, the rotor and gearbox usually fail), so there are a lot of them. So that, "with a black sheep. even a shred of wool!" )))))

But this box is in the workshop. I’m at a construction site. And therefore, without further ado, I dismantled one of my grinders!

As you know, on the spindles of all grinders, the thread is the same. M14. Therefore, it is necessary to use a stud with such a thread as the axis. I used this pin in the manufacture of the carriage and vice of my cutting machine, so I had trimmings.

For the manufacture of the bracket, in which the pin axis will be mounted, I used a strip of 25 mm, a piece of which I found in my "scrap metal".

Video: What You Can Do From a Burnt Angle Grinder

I worked all the same step drill. (A convenient thing, I tell you. And you can drill a huge diameter with a household drill, and you won’t break it, no matter how hard you try!)))). True, there are drawbacks. the material is not thicker than 5mm, and difficulties in sharpening.

Next, I cut off the angle grinder, and rounded the other, using the emery-petal wheel. He gave a more finished look, so to speak:

All. You can start assembling.
Initially, I thought just to weld the stud to the bracket. "To drip" on both sides, that’s all. But, in the assembly process, I drew attention to the fact that for a full course my curvimeter goes a little more than three meters. (Accidentally like that "round" happened))). Therefore, I decided to fix the stud in the bracket with nuts. Then it will be possible to adjust the full stroke length accurately! It is unlikely that I will ever measure something longer than 3m, but. but what if?! ))). Let this option be. you roll it all the way, turn it over, and roll on, knowing that you turned it exactly at three meters.

On each side it was necessary to screw on two nuts. one inside the bracket, and the second to clamp on the outside.
The design was very cumbersome (M14 nuts are not very small))). And I decided to just cut two nuts in half. (I don’t know what affected more. the bulkiness of the design, or the fact that I had only three available. One was not enough!))))

.Since, as I already said, I did not have a vise close either, so I decided to use a hairpin. He screwed the nut a little bit, a couple of turns and locked it second. Then I marked it halfway, using the eye as a vernier caliper, and the nail as a thickness gauge)))):

All. The curvimeter is ready;

STOP. Not ready yet. Need to paint! I disassembled it, sprayed it with a spray can, pre-heating the metal with a hairdryer (It dries very quickly).

Now ready:

Stop. Again "cant". The name of the site with an error wrote.
Okay, redo it.)))))

True, I didn’t start to do that bench that evening.)))). I played with a curvimeter.)))). Nothing! There will be another day off.
. I will add, two days later. Thanks for the advice in the comments. Here is a short video review:

Do-it-yourself angle grinder cutting machine will increase work safety and improve cut quality

Most home craftsmen use an angle grinder just like a cutting tool. Some will agree later that the main thing that gaming slots own is an angle grinder, mobility. then it is also not a drawback.

Tool weight, vibration, gyroscopic effect (especially on discs with a diameter of more than 150 mm) do not contribute to the accuracy of the cut.

What remains to do to our client the advantages of self-made cutting machine in this case video

Benefits cutting machine from angle grinder

As necessary, routinely cut pieces of an old water pipe for garter cucumbers. accuracy is not a fundamental issue. In the case when you need a clear cutting of the material for welding any structure. a tolerance of 3-5 mm will be critical.

The subsequent problem is compliance with the perpendicularity of the cut. Reaching a straight strip at an angle of 90 degrees to the axis of the workpiece while holding an angle grinder on your hands is actually unrealistic. The same goes for cuts at fixed angles. When skewed, abrasive discs are often destroyed, fragments to be injured.

When you cut a lot of workpieces. after 2-3 hours of work, you generally will not have the strength to hold the tool in your hands, you don’t have to talk about accuracy here.

Sawing wood blanks is a separate issue. Carefully about the disc for an angle grinder on wood is not about how you can cut wood with them here. Using special disks, which have the option of working safely on wood, you won’t achieve a high-quality cut. And the correct circular saws installed on the angle grinder are mortally unsafe for the master holding the tool on his hands.

There are factory versions of machines that fix an angle grinder that do not turn work on cutting workpieces into a non-dangerous, not clear occupation. But such devices are quite expensive, and are not always universal. Simply put, finding an instance that is perfect for your angle grinder is a tough job.

There is only one way out to do DIY cutting machine

What elements must be foreseen in the design:

    Strong not languid bed. The best option is a reliable fastening of the structure to a stable workbench;

Stand for rocker arm fits strictly perpendicular to the table.

  • Swinging bracket (rocker), which is made taking into account the design features of your angle grinder;
  • Comfortable handle. a grip that provides non-hazardous movement of angle grinders vertically;
  • If the angle grinder can be fixed in such a way that you can use the standard handle. this is the most reliable option.

    A spring that will return the tool to its original position after the end of the cut;

    The correct option is a tensile spring, with a return stroke of less than 2 25% of the stroke of the gearbox axis of the angle grinder.

    Mandatory with the introduction of any disk, for example, abrasive as it is also called iron circular. An open work sector is not expected to be oriented towards the operator.

    Read the same

    A device that will fix the workpiece;

    If you need accuracy, as it is also called, you need to cut completely uniform workpieces. you need to use markings in increments of up to 1 mm. For this purpose, an iron ruler connected to a stop is suitable for you.

    Trigger device not emergency shutdown.

    In addition, after fixing the angle grinder on the bracket, it may become inaccessible. Therefore, the start key on the angle grinder is set to the “ON” position, the regulator (if any) sets the required speed, and the machine starts with a separate starting device.

    What can be done from a burned angle grinder USM cool adapt alteration

    a good idea, but rather complicated in design, pulled a pulley, it turned out he was there unnecessary there for the lamella

    Really cool, home-made universal machine from an old burned-out angle grinder, with your own hands.

    Really cool, homemade universal machine from an old burned-out grinders with their hands. This video shows how from

    Homemade launcher

    We will dwell on this component in more detail. There is a good old version of the PNV 30-U start button.

    The principle of operation is as follows. to start the device, it is necessary to press the “start” button with effort. To turn off. just lightly touch the stop button, which is located above the start key. For emergency shutdown very comfortable and safe.

    There are modern interpretations. The principle of operation is the same. the shutdown button is more accessible than the start button.

    The safest way to turn on Angle Grinder on the detachable machine. not fixed pedal. The control is done with the foot, both hands are free at the time of starting. In case of emergency, we simply remove the foot from the pedal. the instrument is de-energized.

    Of course, this raises the price of the design, but safety issues have no monetary value.

    A lot of designs were invented, using different materials. wood, textolite, metal profile. In our opinion, the most successful in terms of safety and accuracy is a home-made machine made of profiled steel pipe.

    How to make a machine from an angle grinder?

    Let us consider in stages the manufacturing process of one of the successful instances. The design is quite complex from a technical point of view, but at the same time its versatility and functionality exceed the characteristics of factory copies.

    A design feature is the ability to adjust the offset angle grinder along the guide. For this, a pair of old shock absorbers from the car is used.

    Since shock absorbers cannot be used as a supporting structure (walls are too thin), durable brackets are made from a suitable pipe.

    All billets were purchased at the scrap collection point, that is, practically free of charge.

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    We cut the structural elements according to a preliminary drawing using an angle grinder, for which the machine is going to.

    The structure is welded using a semi-automatic welding machine, which is either in your home workshop or in the garage of a neighbor.

    After installing all the main components, it is necessary to carry out tests. Measure the cutting angles, and finally fit the structural elements to each other.
    Then all parts of the machine must be painted.

    For easier axle travel, when securing the studs between the washers, cages are laid from ball bearings of a suitable diameter. Thus, it is possible to tighten the fastening nuts tightly, without play. and the rocker arm movement will remain easy, and will not wedge.

    The main metal structure is ready. On the bed, you can see the guides for the movable sawing table. Departure Angle Grinder on the axis of the shock absorbers is fixed with a threaded rod and two nuts. This is necessary when installing angle grinders of different sizes.

    Under the body of each of the angle grinders, personal mounting brackets are made, which, when changing the tool, are mounted on the movable beam.

    The guides for fixing the workpieces are made for a direct cut (90 degrees) and oblique (45 degrees).

    During operation, the machine is screwed to a workbench for stability, although its own weight is sufficient for most jobs. Rigidity and reliability are enough to install a circular disk on a tree. The quality of the cut is not worse than that of a stationary circular saw.

    The starting device is as follows. A separate box has a power outlet and a 15 amp push-button switch. The emergency shutdown button has a larger diameter compared to the on button embedded in the housing.

    Power is always turned on for the angle grinder, after installing and fixing it on the bracket, the power cable is plugged into the socket of the starting device, and control is transferred to its buttons.
    We reviewed general manufacturing principles. cutting machine of Angle Grinder. What will be your option. decide for yourself.

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