What You Can Do From A Chainsaw Chain

Homemade chainsaw is an interesting topic for craftsmen and craftsmen. Using this device, running on gasoline, you can create a variety of units that are useful for home use and not only. The main thing is to have some skills and let your imagination fly.

What You Can Do From A Chainsaw Chain

Hand-made crafts from a chainsaw

The basis of any homemade chainsaw device is its use as a drive. Such homemade gasoline saws are used:

  • in cutting stone and metal materials;
  • in pumping out water;
  • in well drilling;
  • in snow removal;
  • while riding and even flying.

What can be made from a chainsaw? A question that worries many craftsmen.

Homemade devices assembled from a gasoline saw are divided into 2 types:

  • simple in design. This includes, for example, an angle grinder, a winch, etc.;
  • more complex in design. This group includes: power-saw bench, snowmobile, power plant, etc.

One of the units made with one’s own hand may be a chainsaw generator. It is especially useful for summer houses and plots where there is no centralized power supply. A well-known simplest design is a gas generator, assembled from a chainsaw and an electric motor of an old washing machine.

Using the engine from the saw, you can build a device similar to an angle grinder. A chainsaw from a chainsaw can be used for cutting metal, wood, concrete, tiles, for cutting and grinding.

A cultivator can be made from a saw, the operation of which is based on the fact that the motor, rotating a pair of gears, transfers the increased traction force to the drive wheel. A chainsaw cultivator can handle small areas.

Is it possible to build a trencher from a gas saw? Probably yes. But it is clear that possible technologies are complex, and the idea itself is not so rational. With all this, it is difficult enough to find a good guide for the manufacture of such a unit.

Masters can independently construct a motor-drill from a chainsaw. the so-called gas drill. The following components are used to assemble this device:

  1. Engines from the saw.
  2. Gearboxes.
  3. Boers.
  4. Metal pipes.

Such a motor drill is used for earthwork (create recesses with the desired diameter and depth in order to strengthen the supporting structure of any structure).

To simplify the work of the fisherman in the winter when drilling ice can also make a homemade device based on a chainsaw. ice drill. To build such an aggregate, you will need a number of tools and materials.

Using a gas saw, you can build a compressor. To do this, you must have good knowledge, including engineering graphics, because such an craft is quite complicated.

Some craftsmen are interested in the question of how to make a snowmobile from a chainsaw. For the construction of snowmobile transport, the following main parts and materials are required:

  • frame;
  • engine (with a power equal to at least 5 hp);
  • caterpillars
  • steering gear (bicycle parts will also fit);
  • runners for movement.

Need to develop and depreciation. You should also consider some other nuances in the design of such a snowmobile.

The motor pump is essentially the same pump, only running on a gasoline or diesel engine. Therefore, the motor pump can also be assembled from a chainsaw. The unit consists of a centrifugal pump having a support, which serves for securing with a saw, and a wheel, which drives the pump turbines (pulley).

Video: What You Can Do From A Chainsaw Chain

How to make a pump from a gas saw and a vane pump with your own hands is very clearly shown in the next video.

Other home-made inventions are described in more detail below.

do-it-yourself tiller from a chainsaw

For the construction of this device, a gas saw engine and a 2-stage chain transmission are used. A frame with a structure located on it can be welded from a metal profile (32×32). The motor with the gearbox is attached to the transverse corners of the upper frame. The fuel tank is mounted on a support from the corner 15×15.

Do-it-yourself chainsaw from a chainsaw

For such a home-made sawmill, a metal frame is used, to which a saw is attached. Workpieces can be guided along the track. There are different variations of the sawmills. To design a unit for longitudinal cutting, an adapter is required, which is attached to the tire, and a guide, which sets the direction of its movement. The guide is mounted on the board, which is attached directly to the log. Using this sawmill, logs can be divided into several parts (2. 4).

Hand chainsaw

Kart is a small car that does not have a suspension and is able to quickly develop decent speed. Such a car without a body consists of the following main components:

  1. Steering system.
  2. Brake system.
  3. Engine.
  4. Chassis.

Homemade cards often use a chainsaw engine. Before assembling the card, the engine must be prepared (remove all unnecessary parts: tanks, chains, etc.). The teeth of the chain saw sprocket grind, giving the sprocket the desired size. The following is the installation of the engine mount.

Do-it-yourself karting from a chainsaw and other materials is relatively cheap and fun. Although the process of assembling the card is quite complicated and requires certain skills.

You can also build a buggy from a chainsaw.

Chainsaw ATV

Home-made karting has design stages very similar to an ATV. Using a chainsaw engine, you can build a children’s ATV. This will require a gearbox or an intermediate shaft to increase traction and torque. Among other things, the children’s ATV has some other assembly features in comparison with the manufacture of the card.

Homemade snow blower

Snow blower is a snow cleansing device that can be built on the basis of a chainsaw with a capacity of more than 3 kW. Many craftsmen do not use wheels, but install the simplest skids from the sled. A particularly important part in the creation of such an aggregate is the installation of a screw assembly driven by a gear pair and chain. In the manufacture of the blades using rubber, in the construction of the intake device. steel. A sewer pipe made of plastic, mounted on a fence, can serve as a snow thrower.

Great with a chainsaw motor

On the bike you can install the engine from a chainsaw. On such a bicycle you can accelerate to 50 km / h, and sometimes even higher. In order to design this transport, a chainsaw engine with a power of 1.5 to 2 hp is needed. This is enough to develop a speed of 30. 40 km / h. It is clear that you need the capacity used as a gas tank, you can not do without wires and a switch to connect the engine ignition, etc.

A bike from a chainsaw consumes a minimum amount of fuel.

How to make a motor for a bicycle from a chainsaw, various masters on the Internet tell in detail.

Homemade Winch

In a home-made winch, a gasoline-saw motor can be used, on the power of which the traction force of the entire unit depends. In addition, a chainsaw winch is equipped with:

Scooter with chainsaw motor

A chainsaw motor can also be installed on a homemade scooter. The engine needs to be prepared: the saw bar and chain must be removed. Other constituent parts remain intact. The saved motor housing makes it easier to attach to the scooter platform.

Crafts from a chainsaw can be very different. They are assistants in the household, helping to save the budget. However, to create a secure device, you must have certain skills and knowledge. Therefore, it is important that the home-made products were really made by craftsmen.