What You Can Do From A Trimmer

do-it-yourself snow blower, drawings, ice drill, motor, bicycle with engine, cultivator, snowmobile

For everyday chores, outdoor activities or traveling, using a motor from a trimmer, many craftsmen can independently make different devices:

  • cultivators;
  • motorbikes;
  • snow scooters;
  • snow blowers.

What You Can Do From A Trimmer

Homemade products are much cheaper than factory analogues, but at the same time they are not inferior in power and efficiency. Using the necessary set of tools and a minimum of knowledge, you can achieve great results in the manufacture of motorcycles with your own hands. Such units are characterized by simplicity of design and minimal financial costs.

Snow blower

A snowplow is an aggregate that rakes snow and throws it to the sides. It works according to the screw and rotor principles.

Screw mechanisms carry out a 1-step fence of snow mass. The device is located in front of the unit, covered with a lid on the sides and top. In the process of rotation around its own axis, the auger captures, grinds snow and ice, crushes them into small fractions, transfers it inside the equipment to a throwing shovel, then to a discharge pipe. For freshly snowed snow, mechanisms with a smooth edge are suitable, for stale snow. with a gear.

In a rotor-type aggregate, snow cover is cleaned by a rotor. The nozzle is mounted on the drive shaft and works like a vacuum cleaner. The blades come forward, which greatly facilitates the capture of snow. In a homemade snow thrower from a trimmer, they are made of high-quality metal or durable plastic. The rotor creates increased centrifugal force. Snow is thrown, passing through the pipe, to a distance of 12 m.

Both electric motors and fuel motors are suitable for snowplows.

If the radius of action of the mechanism within the house, install an electric motor from the trimmer, while taking into account the waterproofing of the unit. When carrying out work in suburban areas, it is better to install a gasoline engine of small power.

At the preparatory stage for a snow trimmer with a do-it-yourself trimmer, drawings of parts and assemblies are developed according to a well-thought-out plan, technology and based on the availability of material and equipment. For assembly, a lawnmower scheme is used.

The necessary equipment for the manufacture of a home-made machine:

  1. Gasoline trimmer with direct boom and gear.
  2. 1.5 mm thick steel sheet or metal barrel.
  3. Milling cutter with teeth.
  4. Set of tools:
    • drill;
    • drill;
    • spanners.
    • Bulgarian.
    • Welding machine.

    First make a rotor:

    1. 4 rectangles of 25×10 cm are cut from a sheet of steel.
    2. One of the corners of the long side of the part is machined in the shape of a blade.

    The deflector is made of metal strips 30×15 cm, bent, welded edges 10 cm high. For the blade take a blank 30×40 cm, bend the edges to a height of 2 cm.

    In order to make a snow blower with your own hands from a trimmer, perform the following algorithm of actions:

    • from the bottom the barrels recede 15 cm, cut off in a circle;
    • at the bottom of the structure, a hole is drilled for the protrusion of the gearbox and 3 additional holes for fixing the shield;
    • on the side, make a square with a side of 10 cm to unload the snow mass;
    • 1/3 of the front of the structure is closed with a metal sheet so that the square hole is located in the center of the shutter;
    • the finished rotor blades are welded crosswise to the gas trimmer disk;
    • a deflector is mounted to the unit casing at the place of snow discharge and is welded;
    • attach a scapula from below;
    • mount the gearbox, fastening with bolts;
    • insert the rotor.

    During operation, use a welding machine. Thin metal welding is a complex process that only a professional can handle. Therefore, it is better to use the services of an experienced welder in the manufacture of some parts.

    Trimmer bike

    A homemade bike with a trimmer motor is a high-tech vehicle that differs from its simple counterparts in high riding speed, practicality and lower cost, thanks to the use of cheap equipment.

    The following fixtures are required for assembling a motorbike:

    • bike in working condition;
    • motor from trimmer;
    • chain;
    • tensioner;
    • star;
    • clamp;
    • cable;
    • fuse;
    • controller;
    • exhaust pipe;
    • sleeve, bolts, washers.

    Convert bike to bike:

    1. 2 rubber gaskets are attached to the rear wheel: the first is between the spokes, the second is behind them.
    2. The sprocket should fit the trimmer motor. It is inserted into the hub, which is located on the outside of the wheel. A crescent moon is attached to the inside.
    3. The engine is mounted on the trunk or behind the seat with a clamp bought or made of a steel plate with your own hands.
    4. Install the chain on the sprocket and power unit, adjust the tensioner. Instead of chains do not recommend the use of belts. Under the action of friction, they often become unusable, their service life is minimal.
    5. The gas handle and the engine are connected by a cable.
    6. Fasten the fuel tank and carburetor.
    7. The exhaust pipe is welded with a weld.

    Some craftsmen create a braking system and replace the standard tire tires with non-slip. After assembling all the nodes, the operation of the bicycle must be checked. The functionality of the mechanism and its own security will depend on this.

    Ice drill

    The ice drill from the trimmer is a low-power unit for lovers of winter fishing, characterized by low weight and convenient transportation. In order to save money on the purchase of new equipment and the forces necessary for manual drilling of ice, anglers make them from old trimmers. For this we need:

    • benzocosa;
    • factory or homemade drill;
    • improvised materials.

    It is difficult to make an ice drill at home. The parts to pay attention to are the screws and the base for the knives.

    To create augers, you need:

    1. Calculate the sizes of product segments.
    2. Prepare metal blanks, mark out, cut a sector, weld segments together. The result is a steel spring welded on one side.
    3. Stretch the spring for a given step on a special machine in order to boil the segments on the other side.
    4. Grab the flange and weld it to the pipe.
    5. Boil screw connections and paint.
    6. When choosing a screw rotation, the direction of rotation of the gas tool is taken into account.

    Conversion of the trimmer to a gas drill is suitable for units with a folding bar. The adapter for the connection is easiest to prepare.

    If necessary, increase the rigidity and stability of the mechanism make a strong frame for mounting the gearbox and motor.

    Motor drills. units for laying holes for installing wooden piles, laying the foundation, drilling wells. The principle of operation and the manufacturing method is similar.


    For motorized tillage, a do-it-yourself cultivator is made from a trimmer. Motor power should be at least 2 liters. with. When using an electric trimmer, it is necessary to stock up with an extension cord so that the production process occurs throughout the site.

    The main detail of the cultivator is the nozzle. As it fit rods of garden forks 10-15 cm long.

    The manufacture of the part is as follows:

    • first you need to flatten the teeth to a width of 1 cm;
    • sharpen cutting blades for mills on an emery wheel;
    • cut a ring with a diameter of 10 cm from a metal sheet using a jigsaw;
    • sand the workpiece;
    • weld 3 cutters to the steel circle at an equal distance from each other.

    If there is a reverse thread, the nozzle is screwed up, having previously welded the pipe with a nut.

    Snowmobile or snowmobile

    On the basis of the motor, the trimmer can be converted into a self-propelled gun for movement on snowy, flat terrain or a simple snow scooter (motorized sled) for steep descent from the mountain.

    Self-propelled gun. frame construction, including:

    The frame is made of welded spars, on which racks are welded from the corners of 30×30 cm and the cross member. A steel pipe with a diameter of 14 mm is taken as a drive shaft. Skis. steering and steering. The snowmobile is moved by a screw or chain drive.

    What else can be done from the trimmer

    A homemade scooter is a vehicle for moving over short distances along sidewalks and park paths. The mechanism has a speed of up to 40 km / h, because of the small size wheels it has low stability, it is not intended for heavy loads and cargo transportation.

    To assemble the product, an old scooter is suitable, which is mechanized:

    • stiffeners are installed using a square metal profile to strengthen the frame;
    • steady and wide wheels, for example, from a garden cart;
    • a gearbox is made to transmit power from the engine to the rear wheel with a chain drive;
    • install brake, gas handles and cables.

    A motorized scooter is a good technique, but it must be remembered that children should not be given such a “toy”.

    Do-it-yourself gasoline generator from trimmer (25 photos of making a video)

    A simple home-made gasoline generator for 220 V, made from a trimmer, a photo and a detailed description of the manufacture of a homemade product, as well as a video of tests.

    Gasoline generator. can be useful in the event of a power outage, at home, in the country, in the garage, or in the field. With it, you can organize backup power for lighting, charging the batteries of phones, video cameras and other equipment.

    The cost of a new gas generator is not affordable for everyone, but if you have an engine from a faulty brushcutter, you can make a home-made gas generator out of it.

    Materials needed:

    • Engine from a brushcutter.
    • Two pulleys.
    • Belt.
    • The generator from an electric lawn mower was used as a generator in this homemade product. Such an engine is able to work in the opposite direction. to generate electric current. You can use other electric motors, in each case you need to conduct tests.
    • Pieces of pipes or corner.

    Actually, there is nothing complicated in this design, you need to make a frame, fix the trimmer motor and generator on it, put the pulleys and put on the belt. Everything is shown in detail in the photo:

    We start the engine. By adjusting the idle speed, we set the output voltage at the generator output in the region of 220 V.

    We connect to the generator. a voltmeter and sockets.

    The result was a do-it-yourself homemade gas generator. The approximate power of the generator is approximately 300 watts. This is enough to connect several LED lamps, charge phones and a laptop.

    The manufacturing process of a homemade gasoline generator and its testing are shown in this video:

    Do it yourself scooter from an engine from a scythe (37 photos manufacturing description)

    Homemade mini scooter with a motor from a scythe, made by yourself, detailed photos and a description of the manufacture of homemade.

    From the engine from the trimmer, you can make a compact mini scooter, weighs homemade like a bicycle, while accelerating to 40 km / h.

    Used materials:

    • – engine from a brushcutter with a working volume of 0.33 l;
    • – chain transmission;
    • – gearbox from electric motor;
    • – brakes from the bike;
    • – throttle handle;
    • – wheels from a children’s bike;
    • – old bike for parts;
    • – profile pipes;
    • – round pipes;
    • – sheet metal.

    If you are interested in this homemade product, we suggest watching step-by-step photos from which you will learn how to make a scooter with your own hands.

    For his homemade work, the author used wheels from a children’s bike.

    Gasoline engine from trimmer.

    The engine from the brushcutter has high revs. To solve this problem, the author used a reduction gear from the electric motor.

    Next is the manufacturing process of the frame of the future scooter.

    The front fork and part of the frame are taken from an old bike.

    Making mounts for the engine.

    A gear wheel is installed on the gearbox, a chain transmission of torque is on the rear wheel.

    Video: What You Can Do From A Trimmer

    The brakes are taken from the bike.

    As a result, the author managed to build a home-made scooter with an engine from a scythe, the home-made one develops a maximum speed of about 40 km / h. Of course, there is no suspension here, so you can only ride it on a road with a flat surface.

    The homemade manufacturing process is also presented in this video:

    Do-it-yourself trimmer motor-drill

    The trimmer is a special tool. Its purpose is to fight weeds, shrub stalks and grass of lawns in places inaccessible to lawn mowers.
    Can Lawn Mower drill holes in various materials? Today we will consider one of the options for such an opportunity.
    The idea is to make a rigid frame into which the trimmer will be placed and equip the spindle with a standard chuck.

    Will need

    Technology for remaking trimmer in Lawn Mower

    Making a hard frame

    We mount the engine in the frame

    Verification in practice

    Pour gasoline into the tank and tighten the gas tank cap. We insert and fix the drill in the chuck.We start the engine and let it run without load. We drill a wooden massif. The unit easily copes with this task.
    The plastered brick wall easily succumbed. The drill even at medium engine speeds easily overcome the resistance of the brick. The most serious test is drilling holes in a profiled steel pipe. We pivot a series of points and start drilling. Metal also did not become an obstacle to our homemade work.

    See how you can make your trimmer quieter. https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/5146-samodelnyj-glushitel-dlja-motokosy.html. This revision will definitely appeal to your neighbors.

    Watch the video

    How to make a 220 V generator from a trimmer motor

    Will need


    Making a gasoline generator from a scythe engine

    Check in work

    We start the engine. By adjusting the idle speed, we set the output voltage at the generator output in the region of 220 V.We connect various loads. The voltage drop is not significant.I can’t say the power of the installation itself, but I think it’s quite possible to take 200-300 watts from it.

    Watch the video

    Do-it-yourself trimmer nozzle. Master Class. Video

    We offer the option of self-manufacturing a nozzle for a trimmer from simple (almost improvised) tools.


    • perforated metal plate (100 mm x 240 mm)
    • 2 hacksaw blades for metal
    • 4 screws and 4 nuts M5
    • 4 washers and 4 enlarged washers

    From a safety point of view, hacksaw blades should not be completely red-hot.

    Everything you need to make the nozzle

    The most difficult part in making the nozzle is to symmetrically mark and make holes for the knives and the trimmer shaft. That is why the finished perforated plate is chosen.


    Mark the base of the nozzle

    We cut off the excess and get a square of 100 mm x 100 mm. Now you need to slightly round the corners and drill a central hole under the trimmer shaft.

    Round corners and drill a center hole for the trimmer shaft

    We cut the metal sheets, measuring 8 cm from each end. We get 4 workpieces with ready-made holes.

    We cut canvases for metal

    These blanks need to be shaped like knives. To do this, we outline the cut line by eye (special accuracy is not required), we fasten all 4 workpieces together and grind the excess.

    We cut knives from blanks

    As a result, we get the knives of the same weight and size, they can be sharpened a little on one side. Now all the parts of the homemade nozzle for the trimmer are prepared, you can start assembling.

    Everything is ready for assembly

    We put a small washer on the screw and insert it into the corner hole. We put on a knife from above, placing the sharpened side in the direction of rotation of the trimmer shaft. Next comes a large washer and nut, which is not tightened so that the knife rotates freely. In the same way we attach the other 3 knives.

    The end of the screw must be riveted so that the nut does not fly off.

    The end of the screw needs to be riveted

    The nozzle is ready. It is installed with nuts to the ground and fixed in the same way as a three-blade knife, which comes complete with a trimmer. In a collision with a stone, the knives fold and go a little inside.

    This idea was suggested by our regular author of the video Tatyana (Tula region). You can see in more detail the whole process of manufacturing such a nozzle for a trimmer and find out some of the nuances by watching the video that she prepared.

    When working with a trimmer, it is important not to forget about safety precautions using any attachments, especially homemade ones.

    We suggest discussing this idea in the comments to the publication. Share your thoughts with us, as well as tell about your successful solutions.

    Homemade gas trimmer [step-by-step instructions from A to Z]

    The trimmer is not only an effective tool for mowing vegetation on the site, but also a good basis for the independent manufacture of various homemade products. On the basis of Lawn Mower you can make small-sized household and household appliances. The main thing is to choose the right power unit and study the procedure for assembly.

    What can be done from the trimmer?

    The main advantages of equipment assembled on the basis of a household trimmer are their small size and light weight, economy and low maintenance. Homemade brushcutters stand out by the simplicity of the device and the ease of self-repair. In addition, home-made devices can always be disassembled to reinstall the engine on the trimmer.

    Outboard motor

    The assembly of this device requires a strong welded frame, in the middle of which should be located a steel all-metal plate. A motor should be installed on it along with the ignition, clutch, gearbox and fuel tank from the trimmer. On top of the used power unit, you will need to install a casing that will protect the engine from splashing water and particles of small debris. For ventilation of the motor in the front wall of the casing, several through holes must be made.

    For operation, the outboard motor from the trimmer needs a propeller, which can be done independently. To do this, it is necessary to cut 3 or 4 identical pieces from steel and bend them in a spiral. After that, the screw must be installed on the shaft and connected to the gearbox.

    Trimmer snow blower

    To make a self-propelled snow thrower, the designer will need a powerful engine that can drive not only the screw mechanism, but also the unit itself. If the manufacturer wants to make a non-self-propelled snow blower, then for its assembly you can use a motor with a capacity of 2 to 4 liters. with.

    The main working body of this home-made Lawn Mower is the auger, which will absorb snow and throw it through the gutter in any desired direction. For the manufacture of the screw, identical plates cut from steel will be required, which must be welded to the shaft. After that, the shaft together with the blades must be installed in a bucket, which can be made from a tin barrel or an old gas cylinder.

    To move around the territory, the snow blower from the trimmer must be equipped with wheels located on the same axis behind the bucket. If you wish, you can equip a homemade headlight. this will allow you to use a snow blower from a trimmer at any time of the day.

    Motocosa drill

    Assembling this homemade trimmer with your own hands requires the use of a reliable reduction gear. Without this mechanism, all the power created by the motor will go to the working body of the device. This will cause the drill to move at a speed that will be much higher than required. As a result, homemade will lose its performance.

    Install the reduction gear between the power unit and the drill. This will provide a continuous connection of the two elements without loss in power of the internal combustion engine from the trimmer. In addition to the gearbox, homemade work must be equipped with reverse speed. this will allow you to remove the stuck working body from the ground or ice.

    It is necessary to fasten the engine to the device with the help of clamps, which must be connected to a metal platform. The installed motor must be firmly fixed in the structure. Bolts cannot be used for fastening, as increased vibration of the motor will lead to arbitrary unscrewing of the fasteners.

    Motorbike and trimmer scooter

    To make these vehicles from a trimmer engine, manufacturers will need sturdy frames that need to be welded from metal pipes, steel plates and screeds. They will make the design more reliable and stable.

    The motor on the motorbike from the trimmer needs to be mounted behind the rear wheel, at the place where the trunk is located. In the case of a motor scooter, the motor must be mounted in front of the rear wheel. This will make the unit more balanced and stable.

    For convenience, during active use on the handlebars of a motorbike or scooter, you need to take out the accelerator, throttle levers and the throttle switch button. With working mechanisms, the levers should be connected using cables.

    Finished homemade products will be able to transport 1-2 adults, reaching a speed of about 20-30 km / h.

    Homemade. outboard motor, snow blower, drill, scooter

    Homemade trimmer

    The old working Lawn Mower should not be thrown. If desired, it can be used to create interesting

    Homemade trimmer

    Almost every fisherman has a rubber inflatable boat at home. And of course, everyone wanted

    Homemade trimmer

    The trimmer is a reliable assistant to owners of garden or summer cottages. But few people know that

    Homemade trimmer

    Snow removal equipment is not cheap and not everyone can afford it. In order to

    Trimmer. garden equipment powered by an internal combustion engine. With the help of this tool they take care of garden and house territories.

    Gas mowers are in great demand, are available in the arsenal of amateur gardeners and professional landscapers. Therefore, do-it-yourself homemade trimmers are very relevant. In fact, having imagination and some skills in working with technology, you can create a very useful technique.

    What can be done from the trimmer?

    If you have at your disposal an old unnecessary trimmer in working condition, you can begin to manufacture one of the technical devices. It is worth using ready-made drawings and connecting your own imagination.

    Crafts that can be made from Lawn Mower:

    • Outboard motor. It is really possible to make it from the engine from the trimmer, it is enough to pre-prepare the necessary tools and parts. The finished device should not damage the swimming means, as well as be completely safe;
    • Snow blower. It can be made in many patterns. The simplest is to replace the knife with a homemade impeller. The productivity of homemade snow removal equipment depends on the number of blades;
    • Boer (Summer, Moto). A gasoline unit is much more complex and powerful than an electric one. This is a screw that connects to the drive of an installed motor. One-speed and two-speed drills make neat holes in the surface (you can drill ice and soil). This homemade brushcutter is very relevant. An ice drill for fishing enthusiasts is an expensive device, because the best option would be to remake the old unit. It is most difficult to fasten the working part with a trimmer, therefore it is worth using the recommendations of the craftsmen;
    • Chainsaw. You need to use the old models of devices from which all the elements are taken. The essence of home-made installation on a gasoline-powered motor saw;
    • The trimmer is great / scooter (motorbike). To create such a technique, you need to get a bicycle (you can old, but on the go), a engine from a chainsaw, a makeshift sprocket, an exhaust pipe, an arm, a fuel tank, a brake device on the rear wheel. The motor is mounted with a bracket on the frame. The design itself is not very complicated;
    • Snowmobile The engine of the scythe is placed on a structure with a track. The motor is of relatively low power, because the finished equipment can only carry light weight. This homemade product is suitable for a child.

    The list of homemade Lawn Mower is quite large. In fact, you can install the engine from the trimmer on various technical devices. It is important to first evaluate the power of the brushcutter, what tasks a ready-made home-made unit can handle.

    Bicycle with a trimmer motor. manufacture and assembly

    Modern trimmer. it is much more than just a garden tool. The high power of most motokos makes it possible to use them as a basis for assembling all kinds of homemade products, not the least of which is a bicycle with an engine from a trimmer. This self-propelled device is distinguished by the simplicity of the device, high traction parameters, as well as ease of maintenance. The relatively low fuel consumption of a moped makes it possible to overcome considerable distances on it, and the high suitability for repair allows you to independently eliminate almost any malfunction of a homemade product.

    Trimmer motorbike. what to look for before assembling?

    Before you start assembling a motorbike with your own hands from a gas brush, you will need to choose an engine that will become the basis of homemade work. It is the power of the internal combustion engine that directly affects the traction characteristics and the endurance of the device.

    In practice, homemade products equipped with engines from trimmers with a capacity of 3 liters or more have shown themselves best. with. and higher. Each such scooter with a motor is capable of transporting 1 adult with manual luggage, while having, at the same time, an additional supply of torque.

    It is strongly not recommended to assemble home-made products based on electric motors from trimmers. This is due to the low power reserve of such motors, as well as their instability in poor weather conditions. If there is no other way, and the manufacturer has only an electric motor at hand, then when installing the engine, special attention should be paid to protecting it from external factors: moisture, dust, debris. With further operation of the scooter with an electric motor from the trimmer, frequent breaks will be required to cool the engine. Otherwise, the engine will quickly fail.

    Having dealt with the motor, you need to go to the frame of the bike. It will need to be equipped with an additional platform on which the motor and fuel tank will be mounted. In this case, the latter should be located above the engine from the trimmer, so that the fuel comes to the power unit in a natural way.

    It is very important that home-made bikes with a trimmer motor are equipped with a convenient steering wheel, on the handles of which you can take out all the switches necessary for work. This will simplify the operation of homemade when traveling at high speed.

    How to make a moped with a motor from a scythe?

    Assembling homemade trimmer begins with the study of detailed drawings. The diagrams should indicate the dimensions of the parts used, as well as the sequence and methods of their installation in the general device of the moped.

    Next, you need to prepare equipment and parts.

    Their list includes:

    • motor with drive;
    • gearbox;
    • brake system;
    • apparatus for welding;
    • Bulgarian;
    • set of bolted connections;
    • set of wrenches and screwdrivers.

    The further procedure for assembling a homemade moped from a trimmer needs to be divided into several stages. Each of them must be treated with special responsibility, since not only the quality of the device depends on this, but also the safety of the operator during its operation.

    Drive assembly for a moped

    For self-propelled movement, the scooter must be equipped with a belt that receives torque from the engine and transfers it to the drive wheel.

    To assemble a high-quality drive for homemade work, the operator needs to use:

    • driven pulley. this unit in diameter should be slightly smaller from the wheel rim of the bicycle;
    • drive pulley. this element must be attached to the motor from the trimmer during assembly;
    • steel suspension. it will be used to mount the motor to the frame of a homemade moped.

    To assemble the drive, you also need to assemble the gearbox. After mounting the pulleys on the bicycle, the manufacturer will be able to install a belt with an appropriate length and width.

    Self-assembly engine

    After assembling and mounting the drive, the operator can proceed with the installation of the motor. For safety reasons, the engine from the scythe should be mounted on a moped with the help of an additional suspension made of metal. The fastener itself should resemble a frame welded from steel channels and corners.

    The shape and dimensions of the frame should correspond to the dimensions of the motor used. Fasteners can be attached to the bicycle frame in different ways. If in the future the motor will not be removed from the moped, then the ICE mount can be welded to the device. If in the future the motor will be removed for its subsequent installation back on the trimmer, then a couple of bolted connections will be suitable for attaching it to the moped.

    During the installation of the internal combustion engine from the trimmer to the moped, the need for further engine maintenance must be taken into account in advance. To make it easier for the operator to repair ICEs, the operator needs to leave free access to the most frequently replaced engine parts: an air filter, a cylinder and gaskets.

    Installation of the brake system.

    A home-made bike with an engine from a brushcutter must be equipped with a brake system. For its manufacture, you will need to use a pair of brake discs installed one at a time on the drive and driven wheels. To control the brakes, the discs with metal cables should be connected to the levers mounted on the handles of the standard handle.

    In addition to installing the brakes, the operator will also need to replace the standard rubber on the wheels of the moped. This affects not only the patency of a self-propelled bicycle, but also the safety of the owner when driving on the road.

    The rules of operation of a homemade moped

    To extend the life of a moped with a motor from a trimmer, its owner needs to adhere to a number of important rules.

    Their list includes:

    • timely replacement of consumables. if you do not change the air filter and other elements of the moped for a long time, its important mechanisms will begin to work under increased load. This will lead to a more complex breakdown of the homemade product:
    • use high-quality gasoline and engine oil for refueling. if low-quality gasoline is poured into the moped’s fuel tank, then the bike owner will quickly need to replace the engine’s CPG;
    • lubricate the gearbox used on time. this will prevent the mechanism from working under high loads;
    • mix gasoline and oil strictly in the proportions specified by the trimmer manufacturer. if you pour more oil than specified in the instructions, this will lead to the filling of the engine spark plug;
    • regularly check the condition of the fasteners. bolts that are not fully tightened can threaten not only the engine to fall, but also injury to the owner;
    • paint scratches and chips immediately after they appear on the frame. this will prevent further corrosion of the skeleton of the moped;
    • prevent the engine from overheating from the trimmer. with frequent use of the moped, you need to take breaks. over, if the bike is used in hot weather, then its motor must be allowed to cool down every 15 minutes of driving. If the street is cool and windy, then the number of breaks can be reduced to 1 time for every 25-30 minutes;
    • timely change the rubber on the wheels of the moped from the trimmer. in winter, tires with spikes must be installed on the homemade wheels. This will prevent wheel slippage and increase safety when using the bike.

    Also, the owner of a bicycle with a trimmer motor will need to monitor the weight of the cargo transported on a homemade product. If the luggage is too heavy, this can lead to overheating and serious damage to the engine, as well as other mechanisms of the device.

    Moped from a bicycle and trimmer

    Homemade moped made from a bicycle and trimmer: a detailed photo instruction, as well as a video of a moped test.

    An ordinary bicycle can be turned into an excellent moped, as an option, a trimmer (Lawn Mower) can be used as an engine. We offer you to see detailed photo instructions on how to make a moped out of a bicycle and trimmer.

    For his homemade work, the author used such a trimmer.

    In a Lawn Mower, a centrifugal clutch, that is, automatic and works depending on the speed, is very convenient. All we need to do is install on the shaft leading the sprocket.

    Made a mount for the driven star on the rear wheel of a moped.

    A drive star is mounted on the trimmer shaft.

    An engine mount is made from a corner.

    The engine control cable "gas" brought to the handle on the steering wheel.

    Here’s a moped from a bicycle and Lawn Mower you can do it yourself.

    And of course, we watch a video of testing a homemade moped from a trimmer.

    Homemade gas generator from a trimmer: photo and description of homemade

    A simple home-made gasoline generator made from a petrol engine engine.

    Hello everyone! I was lying around idle, the engine from the trimmer. I thought where to apply it, and so I decided to make myself a 12-volt gas generator. There is no electricity at the cottage, so such a homemade product will come in handy.

    The homemade design is simple, initially on the trimmer motor shaft, put the rotor and coils from the scooter engine.

    The makeshift generator worked, but the power was weak.

    In this embodiment, it is very difficult to make the rotor sit exactly on the shaft, but I do not have a lathe.

    Then he set up a tractor generator, it is self-excited and is perfect for this homemade product. This option has already turned out to be more powerful.

    I put a pulley on the trimmer motor shaft, made a belt drive to the tractor generator pulley. All this was installed on a frame welded from pieces of pipes and a corner.

    A homemade gas generator, useful, for example, in a country house, or in a garage where there is no electricity, it can be used to charge the car’s battery or to make backup lighting with LEDs. It should also be noted that all the materials I already had were in stock and I didn’t have to buy anything. So if you have a trimmer motor lying around, you can use it to make a homemade generator.