What You Can Do From Parma Saws

Today, neither a home foreman nor a professional can manage to work without a power tool, of which there are a lot on sale. Among others. saw, which should be selected by you according to several criteria. Among them are the following:

  • engine position;
  • motor power;
  • automatic lubrication function.

Main types: description of the Parma M-6 model

Parma M-6 saw costs 3000 rubles. and is equipment used for pruning shrubs and gardening. Through the window you can control the amount of grease, the presence of which provides an increase in the resource of the tire, drive sprocket and chain.

What You Can Do From Parma Saws

The weight of the device is 3 kg, which guarantees not particularly tiring work. It is important to pay attention to the start lock, which can be activated with one click. This eliminates the accidental launch of the tool. The equipment has a hook for attaching a network cable, which is very practical. A safety shield is located on the front handle, it significantly reduces the possibility of operator’s hand contacting the chain.

Model reviews

saw "Parma M-6", according to customers, has a compact size and low weight. This equipment variant is environmentally friendly, as well as low noise during operation. Buyers emphasize that this ensures a comfortable work. Saw maintenance is greatly simplified thanks to automatic lubrication. Power in 1100 watts is enough to solve problems in the garden.

Technical characteristics of the Parma M-6 model

saw “Parma M-6” has a tire, the length of which is 30 cm, and as for the oil tank, it fits 11 ml. The chain pitch is 3/8 inch and the groove width is 1.3 mm. Chain rotation speed. 6 m per second. The device operates from a network with a voltage of 220 V. The links in the equipment are 45, and the engine is located transversely. You may also be interested in a tire length of 12 inches.

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User’s manual

Parma saws, the operating instructions of which are attached to the products, should be used with due regard for safety measures. They state that before the first and each subsequent start-up, it is imperative to check the cable and plug for damage. If any were found, then do not use a saw, you need to contact the specialists of the service center.

Description of a chain saw of the Parma M-2 brand

This model of equipment costs the consumer 4100 rubles. It is characterized by reliability and safety, equipped with a powerful 2000 W motor. The manufacturer took care of the balance, which ensures minimal fatigue of the user. Permanent lubrication guarantees increased tire life. If you do not want to allow an accidental start of the tool, you should use the lock button. The weight of the tool is 5.2 kg. The saw is complemented by a plastic tire cover.

Consumer Reviews

The above-described chain saw “Parma”, according to users, allows you to control the level of lubrication due to the presence of a built-in window. Lubricants are supplied economically, this process can be regulated, reducing the cost of their acquisition.

Experienced users claim that replacing the snap is quite simple, you just need to unscrew the two nuts using the wrench that comes with the kit. Consumers consider the advantages of low weight, the presence of a gear stop, excellent balance and equipped equipment with a new generation clutch. The latter factor suggests that the load on the motor is significantly reduced, which is especially important when the circuit stops.

Technical characteristics of the Parma M-2 model

The Parma saw tire has a length of 16 inches, and as for the groove, its width is 1.3 mm. In this tool, the engine is transverse, the chain pitch is 3/8 inch. The chain rotates at a speed of 13.6 m per second.

Description of a chain saw of the Parma M-3 brand

This equipment costs 6,000 rubles. and is a tool that is very easy to handle. It can be used for wood processing. The model has a fairly powerful engine for 2200 watts, it is located longitudinally. The manufacturer has provided for a system that ensures a quick stop of the circuit. In the kit there is a tire, the length of which is 18 inches, with its help it will be possible to carry out almost any work on the farm. But the presence of a metal gear stop guarantees a more accurate sawing. The weight of the equipment is 7.5 kg.


On sale you can also find a chain saw of the brand "Parma M-4", the cost of which is considered average compared to the above options and is 4500 rubles. This equipment guarantees safe use, has an emergency stop system and blocks the accidental press of the Start button. The tire has a length of 16 inches, and light weight and balance contribute to tireless and comfortable operation.