What You Can Do With a Screwdriver

Winter fishing is an exciting event. Therefore, many amateurs and professionals can not deny themselves the pleasure of going on strong river ice to capture the trophy. In this case, you can’t do without ice drill. Manual varieties of this technique require a fairly high cost of effort and time. Therefore, today there are many mechanized varieties of such equipment on sale.

The cost of a purchased ice drill with an electric drive will be expensive. It is unprofitable for those who go out on winter fishing no more than 2-3 times a season to spend family budget funds on the purchase of such equipment. Therefore, such an instrument as an ice drill with a screwdriver was invented. How to do it yourself with your own hands will help sort out the advice of experienced fishermen.

Automation Benefits

Do-it-yourself automated ice drill from a screwdriver has a number of advantages. Experienced craftsmen argue that such a device can also be made from a chainsaw. However, the presented method will be much simpler. It does not require special knowledge.

What You Can Do With a Screwdriver

The advantages of the chosen approach are primarily the ease of implementation. It does not take much time to create such a product yourself.

The next advantage of an automated ice drill with a screwdriver is savings. Indeed, the cost of acquiring special equipment is far from affordable for everyone. A screwdriver will be able to come in handy in subsequent household chores.

The quality of drilling at the same time with a homemade device does not differ from purchased models. That is why the presented method is so popular among experienced fishermen.

Constituent elements

To create the presented device, you need to prepare a few details. First of all, you need a screwdriver. over, this technique must be a battery type. In a reservoir, as you know, there are no outlets.

Next, you need to purchase a manual ice drill. It is better if it is a domestic tool. Swedish models are also suitable for such purposes. The last element is an ice drill adapter for a screwdriver.

Adapter for domestic ice drill

An adapter for an ice drill for a screwdriver can be made independently. If the tool, which is available, is of domestic production, such parts cannot be found for sale under it.

If possible, you can take a mora nozzle for a template. Taking into account its design features, it is quite possible to create a home-made adapter.

The right side of the nozzle almost always looks like a hexagon 50-60 mm long and 12 mm in diameter. For the left side, it will be necessary to take into account the design features of the auger shank.

If the above characteristics are true for the equipment, the adapter can be made of an L-shaped hex key. Short parts are cut from it. Then, on one side, a hole is made for fastening the screw. It will need to make a thread.

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Characteristics of a screwdriver

In order for the presented device to perform the functions assigned to it, it is necessary to select a sufficiently powerful screwdriver. Equipment batteries should be at least 18-36 V. It is these characteristics that determine the duration of the equipment and the load it can withstand. The more powerful the battery, the easier drilling is.

Torque should not be less than 40-80 Nm. The gear for an ice drill driven by a screwdriver must withstand heavy loads. This indicator indicates the permissible hardness of the material with which the presented equipment will have to work. Therefore, the higher the torque, the better.

The battery capacity should be at least 2.5 Ah. It is better if this characteristic is 4 Ah. It shows how long the equipment can work without recharging.

Battery type

Pay special attention to the battery when choosing a screwdriver for an ice drill. Which type of equipment is better to get, expert advice will help you figure it out. There are three main types of batteries.

The first type includes lithium-ion species. They weigh quite a bit, which is important in the field, and also charge quickly. However, their significant disadvantage is poor performance at low temperatures. over, the cost of such devices is quite high.

Nickel-cadmium batteries have proven themselves better. They are not afraid of frost even at 15 ° C. They weigh a lot, but it is immaterial. After all, they will work even in severe frost.

Another type of battery is the nickel-metal hydride type. It tolerates frost well and weighs less than the previous type of battery. But this is the rarest kind of battery.

User reviews

Among domestic screwdrivers, the equipment of Interskol company should be noted. Such equipment (of sufficient power) can be purchased at a price of about 6-6.5 thousand rubles.

Of foreign brands, quality screwdrivers, according to users, are Hitachi (about 11-12 thousand rubles) DeWALT (approximately 16-17 thousand rubles) and Makita (cost reaches 22 thousand rubles). Their price is quite high, but these are high-quality devices that will come in handy during repairs or other business operations.

Expert Reviews

When creating an ice drill with a screwdriver, you should pay attention to a few expert tips. They claim that nickel-cadmium battery devices have proven themselves best. It will not lose its power at low temperatures. It must be properly charged. Lithium-ion batteries cannot withstand extreme cold conditions.

Experts also do not advise saving on the equipment presented. Otherwise, all the work will need to be done manually. In the conditions of the reservoir, it was found that a quality screwdriver with a nickel-cadmium battery is able to drill from 10 to 60 holes. This indicator is highly dependent on the weather, as well as the degree of freezing of water. A powerful tool is able to create more holes.

Some more recommendations

In order for the ice drill with a screwdriver to work for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to some tips of experienced fishermen. In conditions of a frozen reservoir, shock and equipment loads cannot be avoided. Therefore, when buying, be sure to pay attention to the quality and even the appearance of the screwdriver. It must be durable, lie well in the hand.

To extend the battery life during drilling, experienced fishermen recommend keeping it in your pocket in warm clothing. Only if necessary, it is taken out and operated during the drilling process. It is better to take 2 batteries with you right away. One must be kept warm (in your pocket) while the second is working.

Having familiarized yourself with how to choose the components, create and operate an ice drill with a screwdriver, you can make a high-quality, reliable device. This will significantly save the family budget. The acquired screwdriver can be used for other business purposes.